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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38562

Chapter 38562 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

D.C.nha, U.S.; Vendramim, J.D.; Rocha, W.C.; Vieira, P.C., 2005:
Potential of Trichilia pallida Swartz Meliaceae as a source of substances with insecticidal activity against the tomato leafminer Tuta absoluta Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Potencial de Trichilia pallida Swartz Meliaceae Como Fonte de Substancias com Atividade Inseticida Sobre a Traga-do-Tomateiro, Tuta absoluta Meyrick Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Zava, B.; Russo, G.; Sicilia, A.; Violani, C., 2001:
Potential of breeding sites of Discoglossus pictus of the Conca dOro area Palermo Potenziamento dei siti riproduttivi di Discoglossus pictus nellarea della Conca dOro Palermo

Davie, PS.; Hall, I., 1990:
Potential of dorsal and anal spines and otoliths for assessing the age structure of the recreational catch of striped marlin

Mallet-Rodrigues, Francisco., 2001:
Potential of germination of Ficus microcarpa seeds, with rufous-bellied thrush, Turdus rufiventris, as a dispersor Potencial de germinacao de sementes de Ficus microcarpa tendo o sabia-laranjeira, Turdus rufiventris, como dispersor

Garcia,; Micieli, M.V., 1999:
Potential of microsporidia Microspora for mosquito control Potencial de los microsporidios Microspora para el control de mosquitos Diptera Culicidae en la Argentina

Al-Kirshi, A.-Gabbar.; Reichmuth, C.; Bochow, H., 1997:
Potential of the larval parasitoid Laelius pedatus for the control of the khapra beetle Trogoderma granarium Everts in grain Eignung des Larvalparasitoiden Laelius pedatus Say Hymenoptera, Bethylidae zur Bekampfung des Khaprakafers Trogoderma granarium Everts Coleoptera, Dermestidae in Getreide

Steidle, J.L.M.; Gantert, C.; Prozell, S.; Schoeller, M., 2006:
Potential of the parasitic wasp Lariophagus distinguendus Foerster Hymenoptera Pteromalidae to control the tobacco beetle Lasioderma serricorne F Coleoptera Anobiidae Potential der Lagererzwespe Lariophagus distinguendus zur Bekaempfung des Tabakkaefers Lasioderma serricorne

Macedo, J.F.; Martins, R.P., 1998:
Potential of the weed Waltheria americana Sterculiaceae for integrated management of pests and pollinators visits of bees and wasps Potencial da erva daninha Waltheria americana Sterculiaceae no manejo integrado de pragas e polinizadores visitas de abelhas e vespas

Konstantinov, K.G., 1955:
Potential possibilities of feeding fish according to morphological analysis mainly with Percidae

Mukankomeje, R.; Micha, J-C.; Descy, J-P.; Frank, V., 1996:
Potential production of an introduced species Protopterus aethiopicus Heckel, 1871 based on ecosystem Lake Muhazi Rwanda modelling Production potentielle dune espece introduite Protopterus aethiopicus Heckel, 1871 basee sur la modelisation de lecosysteme du lac Muhazi Rwanda

Morato, R.G.; Barnabe, RC., 2002:
Potential reproductive techniques for the conservation of the jaguar Potencial de tecnicas reproductivas para la conservacion del jaguar

Keller, C.M.; Scallan, J.T., 1999:
Potential roadside biases due to habitat changes along breeding bird survey routes

Diagana, CH.; Ould Messaoud, B.; Diawara, Y., 2001:
Potential use of Geographical Information Systems as an aid to waterbird management in Diawling national park Mauritania Potentiel dutilisation des Systemes dInformation Geographique comme aide a la gestion des oiseaux deau au Parc National du Diawling Mauritanie

Berovides Alvarez, Vicente., 2001:
Potential use of the Cuban iguana Cyclura nubila Usos potenciales de la iguana cubana Cyclura nubila

Doutoum Abdesalam, A.; Delafosse, A.; Elsen, P.; Amsler-Delafosse, S., 2003:
Potential vectors of Trypanosoma evansi in camels in eastern Chad Vecteurs potentiels de Trypanosoma evansi chez le dromadaire au Tchad oriental

Ensaf, A.; Bouree, P.; Callard, P., 2006:
Potentialities of Termitaria coronata Thaxter, 1920 Deuteromycetes, Termitariales for biological control against termites Isoptera Potentialites de Termitaria coronata Thaxter, 1920 Deuteromycetes, Termitariales pour la lutte biologique contre les termites Isoptera

Polat, S.; Olgunoglu, M.; Percin; Aka, A. (Akiz).; Koray, T., 2006:
Potentially harmful phytoplankton species distributed in the northeastern Mediterranean coastal waters Iskenderun Bay Kuzeydogu Akdeniz Kiyisal Sularinda Iskenderun Korfezi Dagilim Gosteren Potansiyel Zararli Fitoplankton Turleri

Bjerg, Martin., 2000:
Potentially new species of butterflies for Denmark In neighbouring countries there are many species of butterflies which are good to know Potentielle nye danske dagsommerfuglearter I vore nabolande findes flere arter af dagsommerfugle, det er klogt at kende

Irrera, GP.; Gugliandolo, C., 2004:
Potentially pathogenic vibrios and zooplanktonic organisms Vibrioni potenzialmente patogeni ed organismi zooplanctonici

Billard, C.; Chretiennot-Dinet, M.-Josephe., 1997:
Potentially toxic species Especes potentiellement toxiques

Henle, Klaus., 1996:
Potentials and limitations of causal inferences on declines in the herpetofauna from mapping data illustrated by a long-term mapping example Moglichkeiten und Grenzen der Analyse von Ursachen des Artenruckgangs aus herpetofaunistischen Kartierungsdaten am Beispiel einer langjahrigen Erfassung

Buechs, W., 2006:
Potentials and limits of an ecologicalisation of agriculture - scientific approaches and practical experiences Moeglichkeiten und Grenzen der Oekologisierung der Landwirtschaft -wissenschaftliche Grundlagen und Praktische Erfahrungen - Beitraege aus dem Arbeitskreis Agraroekologie

Gil-Santana, H.R.; Costa, L.A., 2005:
Pothea furtadoi sp nov Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Reduviidae, Ectrichodiinae from Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais, Brazil Pothea furtadoi sp nov Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Reduvildae, Ectrichodlinae de Mato Grosso e Minas Gerais, Brasil

Thiemicke, E.; Thiemicke, L., 1998:
Potomotyphlus kaupii from Venezuela Potomotyphlus kaupii aus Venezuela

Top-Jensen, M.; Trolle, L., 2004:
Poul Andersen - a fairly unknown lepidopterologist Poul Andersen - en helt ukendt lepidopterolog

Olsen, Bjorn., 2005:
Poultry influenza - a fairer name for avian influenza Fjaderfainfluensa - ett mera rattvisande namn pa fagelinfluensan

Mothiron, P., 1990:
Pour un observatoire des lepidopteres en Ile-de-France

Simon, G., 1990:
Pourquoi les reintroductions?

Descimon, H., 1990:
Pourquoi y-a-t-il moins de papillons aujhourdhui?

Perez de-Gregorio, J.J.aquim.; Rondos, M.; Munoz, J., 2002:
Powellinia pierreti matritensis Vaquez, 1905 new species from the Catalonia fauna Lepidoptera Noctuidae Powellinia pierreti matritensis Vazquez, 1905, noctuid nou per a la fauna catalana Lepidoptera Noctuidae

Paatsch, Ulrich., 1998:
Power and powerlessness of the evaluator The example of Wilhelmshaven National Park Centre Das Wattenmeerhaus Macht und Ohnmacht des Evaluators Das Beispiel Nationalparkzentrum Wilhelmshaven Das Wattenmeerhaus

Haitz, Gustav., 1995:
Power lines bird protection measures proposed by the German power generating industry Vogelschutz an Freileitungen aus der Sicht der deutschen Energieversorgungsunternehmen

Querouil, Sophie., 2003:
Powers and limitation of the molecular approach for the study of biogeography and speciation examples in tropical African mammals Interets et limites de lapproche moleculaire pour aborder la biogeographie et la speciation lexemple de quelques Mammiferes dafrique tropicale

Schaubergen, Rudolf., 2002:
Practical advice The truth on how important or sensible the overwintering of hedgehogs is Aus der Beratungspraxis Ins rechte Licht gerueckt Wie notwendig oder sinnvoll ist das Ueberwintern von Igeln?

Levesque, F.; Harte, MK., 1994:
Practical application of hydroacoustic sensing in rivers the case study of the Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L spawning run as investigated by dual-beam echosounding in the Moisie River, Quebec Application de lhydroacoustique en milieu fluvial exemple de letude de la montaison du saumon Atlantique Salmo salar L par sondage a double faisceau dans la riviere Moisie, Quebec

Soprunov, F.F.; Tendetnik, Y.Y., 1959:
Practical application of predatory fungi for controlling some soil helminths

Jansman, H.A.; Muskens, G.J.M., 2002:
Practical application of telemetry in ecological fauna studies Praktische toepassingen van telemetrie in het dierecologisch onderzoek

Joyner, KL., 1990:
Practical approaches to diagnostics in avian medicine

Mensah, GA.; Schwarzenberg, A.; Stier, C-H.; Kangni, T.; Gall, CF., 1997:
Practical aspects of grass-cutter Thryonomys swinderianus breeding 6 Preventive measures against insufficient incisor wear Aspects pratiques en elevage daulacodes Thryonomys swinderianus 6 Mesures preventives contre la mauvaise usure des incisives

Jeppsson, N.; Olofsson, P.; Flyckt, G., 2002:
Practical bird conservation work A small example of the activities of the Nedre Helgeans Ornithological Station Report no 26 from Nedre Helgeans Ornithological Station Praktiskt fagelskyddsarbete Ett axplock fran verksamheten vid Nedre Helgeans Fagelstation Meddelande nr 26 fran Nedre Helgeans Fagelstation

Klasa, Anna., 1998:
Practical conservation of the herpetofauna in the Ojcow National Park Praktyczna ochrona plazow w Ojcowskim Parku Narodowym

Drumont, Alain., 1997:
Practical corner 1 The use of ethyl acetate for the collection and conservation of Coleoptera Le coin pratique 1 De lutilisation de lacetate dethyle pour la recolte et la conservation des coleopteres

Vingerhoedt, Eric., 1999:
Practical corner 2 Digital imaging for publication Le coin pratique 2 L image numerique pour la publication

Ivanov, A.V.; Poliansky, G.I.; Sirelkov, A.A., 1958:
Practical course of zoology of invertebrates, 2nd ed Part 1

Debris, Jean-Pierre., 2005:
Practical determination of Kimmeridgian and Cretaceous Nautilidae of Havre Haute-Normandie Determination pratique des nautiles kimmeridgiens et cretaces de la region du Havre Haute-Normandie

Seifert, Gerhard., 1995:
Practical entomology 3rd revised edition Entomologisches Praktikum 3 neuarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage

Martin-Piera, Fermin., 2000:
Practical estimations of biodiversity using higher-rank insect taxa Estimaciones practicas de biodiversidad utilizando taxones de alto rango en insectos

Proy, Christian., 2000:
Practical experiences in the breeding of the green cockroach Panchlora nivea and the white woodlouse Trichorhina tomentosa and their application as food for animals Praktische Erfahrungen bei der Zucht der Gruenen Schabe Panchlora nivea und der Weissen Assel Trichorhina tomentosa sowie ihrer Verwendung als Futtertiere

Jori, F.; Noel, J.M.rie., 1996:
Practical guide to the rearing of aulacodes in Gabon Franco-Gabonese project of game rearing Guide pratique d elevage d aulacodes au Gabon Projet Franco-Gabonais d elevage de gibier

Papadopol, M., 1971:
Practical indications regarding aquariums

Happ, Norbert., 1998:
Practical information on game biology Wildbiologische Information fur die Praxis

Lindigkeit, Henning J., 2004:
Practical information obserations on the heating related to phasmid breeding Aus ser Praxis Bermerkungen zur Beheizung von Phasmidenzuchten

Brichetti, P.; Gariboldi, A., 1997:
Practical manual of ornithology Manuale pratico di ornitologia

Nazarov, BB., 1988:
Practical manual on microfauna of USSR Vol 2 Paleozoic Radiolaria

Vol, Fabian., 1998:
Practical methods concerning the identification of Theraphosidae from exuvie analysis Quelques methodes pratiques concernant la determination des theraphosides a partir des exuvies

Reisenberger, H.; Krehan, H., 1993:
Practical pest control trial against the Norway Spruce sawfly Pachynematus montanus Praxisorientierter Bekampfungsversuch gegen die Fichtengebirgsblattwespe Pachynematus montanus

Iburg, U., 2000:
Practical problems concerning the criminal law of prevention of cruelty to animals Praktische Probleme im Tierschutzstrafrecht

Dorschner, Johann., 1996:
Practical protection of local hedgehog populations Praktischer Schutz von lokalen Igelpopulationen

Dedet, J.-Pierre.; Vignes, R., 1996 :
Practical realization of a data base the CIPA project Realisation pratique dune base de donnees le projet CIPA

Wagener, Martin., 1998:
Practical recommendations for studies of breeding biology of the common tern Sterna hirundo Praktische Hinweise fur brutbiologische Untersuchungen an der Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo

Fradkova, LI., 2000:
Practical recommendations on investigations of Karelian ecosystems

Schmitt, B.; Schmitt, S., 1999:
Practical sea-water aquarium Das praktische Meerwasseraquarium

Livental, V.E., 1952:
Practical significance of the diagram of mortality in fossil study

Straka, Klaus., 2004:
Practical tip DIY construction of a breeding chamber for phasmids and other invertebrates Praxistipp Eigenbau eines Zuchtschrankes fuer Phasmiden und Sonstige Wirbellose

Bunte, R.; Kuo-Sell, H-L.; Sell, P., 1990:
Pradation von Frankliniella occidentalis Thysanoptera Thripidae durch die Raubwanzen Anthocoris nemorum und Anthocoris gallarum-ulmi Heteroptera Anthocoridae

Hentz, J.L.urent.; Bourcie, C., 2002:
Prade lake 33 Ornithological summary 1983-1998 Le lac de la Prade 33 Synthese ornithologique 1983-1998

Elias, J.; Frank, S., 2005:
Pradhan striped barb comments on the systematics and care of Barbus fasciatus pradhani Pradhans Gluehkohlenbarbe Anmerkungen zur Systematik sowie zur Pflege und Zucht von Barbus fasciatus pradhani

Navazo, M.; Diez, J.; Carlos.; Torres, T.; Colina, A.; Ortiz, J.E., 2005:
Prado Vargas cave A site of the Middle Paleolithic in the south of the Cantabrian Cordillera La Cueva de Prado Vargas Un Yacimiento del Paleolitico Medio en el sur de la Cordillera Cantabrica

Fernandes, F.; Rolan, E., 1993:
Pradoxa nomen novum for Paradoxon Fernandes y Rolan 1990 Pradoxa nomen novum para Paradoxon Fernandes y Rolan 1990

Schroeder, R.; Clavel, B.; Cherchi, A.; Charollais, J., 1999:
Praedictyorbitolina busnardoi n sp Foraminiferida and evolution of the Praedictyorbitolina - Dictyorbitolina line Upper Hauterivian - Lower Barremian Praedictyorbitolina busnardoi n sp Foraminiferida et evolution de la lignee Praedictyorbitolina - Dictyorbitolina Hauterivien superieur - Barremien basal

Eitschberger, U.; Zolotuhin, V.V., 1999:
Praephilotes anthracias Christoph, 1877 - a new lepidopteran genus and species for Europe Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Praephilotes antracias Christoph, 1877 - eine neue Tagfalter-Gattung und -Art fur Europa Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Manzii, S.F., 1951:
Praepollex in mammals in light of evolution of their extremities

Kokes, O., 1975:
Prague wildlife of the past

Janssen, RB., 1977:
Prairie falcon in Aitkin County

Gogala, M., 2006:
Praise for Herr Dr Jan Carnelutti Laudatio fuer Herrn Dr Jan Carnelutti

Berkos, P., 1910:
Praktische Zoologie Lief I Der Frosch 3-te verb u verm Aufl

Berkos, P., 1910:
Praktische Zoologie Lief I Der Frosch 3-te verb u verm Auflage

Klauer, GJ., 1990:
Pranatale Differenzierung der spezialisierten haarlosen Schnauzenhaut Rhinarium von Tupaia belangeri

Van der Straeten, E.; Lecompte, E.; Denys, C., 2003:
Praomys petteri a new species of African Muridae Mammalia, Rodentia Praomys petteri une nouvelle espece des Muridae africains Mammalia, Rodentia

Schlisio, W.; Lafrenz, M., 1990:
Praparative Darstellung lebender Eier von Schistosoma mansoni

Steinwarz, D., 1990:
Prasenz und Preferenz der Kafer in einem Mosaik unterschiedlich bearbeiteter Grunflachen

Esmenjaud, D.; Voisin, R.; Minot, JC. de Guiran, G., 1990:
Pratylenchoides laticauda sur menthe poivree dans les Alpes du Sud densites de population dans differentes successions culturales et aptidude dhote de trois sous-especes de menthe

Reich, Mike., 2001:
Pravuscucumis deeckei paragen et parasp nov Echinodermata Holothuroidea from the Turonian of the Baltic Sea area Pravuscucumis deeckei paragen et parasp nov Echinodermata Holothuroidea aus dem Turonium des Ostseegebietes

Hayashi, K-I., 1990:
Prawns, shrimps and lobsters from Japan 56 Family Stylodactylidae - genus Neostylodactylus

Dorneles, A.L.nhares; Quadros, F. do Canto; Jantsch,; Corseuil, E., 2005:
Praying mantids Insecta, Mantodea registered in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Mantodeos Insecta, Mantodea registrados no Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Ehrmann, Reinhard., 2001:
Praying mantises Mantodea An overview Part 1 phylogeny, systematics, morphology and reproduction Gottesanbeterinnen Mantodea Eine Uebersicht Teil 1 Stammesgeschichte, Systematik, Koerperbau, Fortpflanzung

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2000:
Praying mantises of the genus Empusa Kudlanky rodu Empusa

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Praying mantises Kudlanky

Schmolzer, Karl., 1999:
Pre and interglacial elements in the acarid fauna of the Alps Pra- und interglaziale Elemente in der Acarofauna der Alpen

Almaca, Carlos., 2002:
Pre-Linnean zoology of Brazil A zoologia pre-lineana no Brasil

Zavidova, A.G., 1956:
Pre-Palaeozoic and Palaeozoi deposits of the Moldavian Republic

Zavidova, A.Y., 1956:
Pre-Paleozoic and Paleozoic deposits of the Moldavian Republic

Zubtsov, Y.I.; Zubtsova, Y.I., 1963:
Pre-cambrian granite and the Lower Palaeozoic of Central Tien Shan

Eva, AN., 1980:
Pre-cyclical chamber arrangement in the foraminiferal genus Polylepidina Vaughan, 1924 Pre-cyclical chamber arrangement in the foraminiferal genus Polylepidina Vaughan, 1924

Maurel, M.-Christine.; Brun, B., 2000:
Pre-darwinian selection and adaptation at the origins of life Selection et adaptation pre-darwiniennes aux origines de la vie

Gittins, C.; Chartier, M.P.; Ghermandi, L.; Guthmann, N., 2003:
Pre-dispersal seed predation in Fabiana imbricata Solanaceae a north-western Patagonian shrub Predacion predispersiva de semillas de Fabiana imbricata Solanaceae, un arbusto del noroeste de la Patagonia

L.Guyader, H., 2005:
Pre-evolutionary classifications and phylogenetic classification Les classifications pre-evolutionnistes et la classification phylogenetique

Ueckermann, E., 1993:
Pre-historic red deer antlers from North Rhine-Westphalia Prahistorische Rothirschgeweihe aus Nordrhein-Westfalen

Brazner, J.C.; Etges, W.J., 1993:
Pre-mating isolation is determined by larval rearing substrates in cactophilic drosophila mojavensis 2 effects of larval substrates on time to copulation, mate choice and mating propensity

Potokar, Maja., 2000:
Pre-migratory dispersion of barn swallow Hirundo rustica in Slovenia Predselitvena disperzija kmecke lastovke Hirundo rustica v Sloveniji

Libois, R.; Jadoul, G., 1996:
Pre-migratory movements and migration route of a juvenil back stork Ciconia nigra Deplacements premigratoires et itineraire de migration dune cigogne noire Ciconia nigra juvenile suivie par telemetrie satellitaire

Vazquez, A.; Vazquez, J., 2000:
Pre-nuptial migration of waders at the Salats i Muntanyans del Tarragones Migracio prenupcial de limicoles als Salats i Muntanyans del Tarragones

Farronato, Ivan., 1999:
Pre-reproductive moult in the chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita tristis in Vicenza province Muta pre-riproduttiva del lui siberiano Phylloscopus collybita tristis in provincia di Vicenza

Vereshchagin, N.K., 1953:
Pre-served remains of upper Pleistocene animals and plants at the settlement Karmalka in the South of Tatar Republic

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations., 2002:
Pre-survey Meeting to Plan the Year 2000 Survey with the R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Gulf of Guinea Benin, Togo, Ghana and Cote dIvoire, Tema, Ghana, 26 August 2000 Reunion de Preparation et de Planification de la Campagne 2000 avec le N/R Dr Fridtjof Nansen dans la Region Occidentale du Golfe de Guinee Benin, Togo, Ghana et Cote dIvoire, Tema, Ghana, 26 aout 2000

L.Guyader, Herve., 1996:
Preadaptation and molecular biology a move towards a renewal of the concept? Preadaptation et biologie moleculaire vers un renouveau du concept?

Dethier, M.; Baugnee, J.-Yves., 2000:
Preamble to the list of Heteroptera of Belgium Preambule a la liste des heteropteres de Belgique

Dommanget, Jean-Louis., 2006:
Preamble to the tribute to Rene Martin Preambule a lhommage a Rene Martin

Kaaber, Svend., 2004:
Preben Lindholm Holst 4 June 1936 - 1 June 2004 Preben Lindholm Holst 4 juni 1936 - 1 juni 2004

Cayeux, L., 1895:
Precambrian Sponges

Pothe de Baldis, E.D.; Baldis, B.A.; Cuomo, J., 1983:
Precambrian fossils of the Sierras Bayas Formation Olavarria and their intercontinental importance Los fosiles precambricos de la Formacion Sierras Bayas Olavarria y su importancia intercontinental

Yankaouskas, T V. ., 1989:
Precambrian microfossils of the USSR

Prasad, B.; Maithy, PK.; Gopendra Kumar.; Raina, BK., 1990:
Precambrian-Cambrian acritarchs from the Blaini-Krol-Tal sequence of Mussoorie Syncline, Garhwal Lesser Himalaya, India

Cermeli, M.; Valles, P.M.rales.; Godoy, F.; Romero, R.; Cardenas, O., 2002:
Precence of the hibiscus pink mealybug Maconellicoccus hirsutus Green Hemiptera Pseudococcidae in Venezuela Presencia de la cochinilla rosada de la cayena Maconellicoccus hirsutus Green Hemiptera Pseudococcidae en Venezuela

Schmitz, Claudia., 2001:
Precious Peruvian objects of the Eduard Gaffron Collection Presents of the ancestors Construction and reality of a culture Peruanische Kostbarkeiten aus der Sammlung Eduard Gaffron Geschenke der Ahnen Konstruktion und Wirklichkeit einer Kultur

Zhang Jaiju.; Xiong Tieyi.; Luo Mingshu., 1990:
Precious and rare birds

Goncalves, N.M.M.; Veiga, LA., 1995:
Precipitin test in the identification of blood meals of Stomoxys calcitrans L, stable fly, caught on Parana, poultry ranches Identificacao da origem do sangue sugado por Stomoxys calcitrans L, mosca dos estabulos, capturadas em aviarios do Parana pelo teste de precipitina

Gevondyan, S.A., 1953:
Precipitin-reaction in vitro of the living larvae during Muelleriosis of sheep

Grasse, P-P., 1977:
Precis de zoologie vertebres 2 Reproduction, biologie, evolution et systematique Oiseaux et mammiferes

Roy, Roger., 2004:
Precise details on the genus Mythomantis Giglio-Tos and redescription of its two species Dictyoptera, Mantidae Precisions sur le genre Mythomantis Giglio-Tos et redescription de ses deux especes Dictyoptera, Mantidae

Sedlak, Jiri., 2003:
Precisely why are there aquarium fish on our postage stamps? Proc prave akvarijni ryby na nasich znamkach?

Gatica, C.; Alarcon, C.; Cubillos, L., 2003:
Precision in estimates for length frequency distribution of jack mackerel, Trachurus symmetricus Precision en los estimados de distribucion de frecuencias de tallas de jurel, Trachurus symmetricus

Gomy, Yves., 1996:
Precision in the distribution of Gnathoncus suturifer Reitter, 1896 Col Histeridae Precision sur la repartition de Gnathoncus suturifer Reitter, 1896 Col Histeridae