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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38573

Chapter 38573 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Borutzki, E.V., 1952:
Priority in quantitative investigations of benthos

Nipkow, M., 2005:
Priority species for bird conservation in Germany Priortaere Arten fuer den Vogelschutz in Deutschland

Vargas-Contreras, J.A.; Escalona-Segura, G.; Arroyo-Cabrales, J.; Calderon-Mandujano, R.; Rene; Interian-Sosa, L.; Reyna-Hurtado, R., 2005:
Priority species of terrestrial vertebrates in Calakmul, Campeche Especies prioritarias de vertebrados terrestres en Calakmul, Campeche

Fonin, VD., 1990:
Prismocyathidae of the Lower Cambrian of Tuva

Vekhov, NV., 1990:
Pristicephalus josephinae Grube Anostraca, Chirocephalidae from floodlands tundra lakes of the relict part of the north-eastern area of the USSR European territory

Werning, Heiko., 2002:
Pristidactylus torquatus Philippi, 1861 The Chilean iguana Pristidactylus torquatus Philippi, 1861 Chile-Grosskopfleguan

Schikora, Hans-Bert., 1997:
Pristine ombrotrophic bog sites of the Zehlaubruch Kaliningrad region extreme habitat for terrestrial spiders Arachnida Araneae? Wachsende Regenmoorflachen im Zehlaubruch Kaliningrad-Region Extremlebensraum fur epigaische Spinnen Arachnida Araneae?

Aguilera P., A.; Arnold, U.; Celis R., L., 2001:
Pristionchus sp Rhabditida Diplogasteridae, parasitic nematode associated with white worm Coleoptera Scarabaeidae in the Araucania IX region Pristionchus sp Rhabditida Diplogasteridae, nematodo parasito asociado a gusanos blancos Coleoptera Scarabaeidae en la IX Region de la Araucania

Litvinchuk, LN., 1990:
Pristiphora erichsonii Hartig of larch cultivations in the steppe zones of Western Siberia

Lacourt, Jean., 1998:
Pristiphora listoni, a new species for the French Alps Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae Pristiphora listoni, nouvelle espece des Alpes francaises Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae

Dominguez-Jimenez, I.; Llanderal-Cazares, C.; Nieto-Hernandez, R., 2000:
Pristomerus spinator Fabricius Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae, a parasite of the potato tuber moth Pristomerus spinator Fabricius Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae, un parasitoide de la palomilla de la papa

Leptien, Rolf., 2001:
Pristurus The day geckos of Oman Pristurus Die Taggeckos des Oman

Ehrlich, Christian., 2004:
Private ape care Private Affenhaltung?

Noronha, D.; Vicente, J.J.lio; Pereira, L.C.; Muniz, 2004:
Private collections incorporated to the Helminthological Collection of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute CHIOC I Collection of the Pasteur Institute of Sao Paulo Colecoes particulares incorporadas a Colecao Helmintologica do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz CHIOC I Colecao do Instituto Pasteur de Sao Paulo

Schweppe-Kraft, B., 2006:
Private conservation financing Need and opportunities Private Naturschutzfinanzierung Bedarf und Chancen

Bergeal, Michel., 1998:
Private entomological correspondence 4 A letter from Doctor Normand Correspondances entomologiques privees 4 Une lettre du Docteur Normand

Bergeal, M., 1997 :
Private entomological correspondences Correspondances entomologiques privees

Rios U., Gilberto., 1997:
Private initiative and its impact on cracid conservation La iniciativa privada y su impacto en la conservacion de cracidos

Belopolskaya, M.M.; Bychowskaya-Pavlovskaya, I.E., 1953:
Proacetabulorchis dogieli spec nov belonging to the family Dicrocoeliidae, new parasite of bird liver

Peigne, S., 1999:
Proailurus, one of the oldest Felidae Carnivora from Eurasia systematics and evolution Proailurus, lun des plus anciens Felidae Carnivora dEurasie systematique et evolution

Brantner, Karl., 1998:
Proales wernecki - gall building in Vaucheria Proales wernecki - Gallenbildung in Vaucheria

Kaiser, Isabel., 2005:
Proasellus coxalis Isopoda, Crustacea - found in Bavaria Proasellus coxalis Isopoda, Crustacea - in Bayern gefunden

Klippel, S.; Costa, P.A.; Olavo, G.; Martins, A.S.; Peres, M.B., 2005:
Probabilistic yield-per-recruit model and exploitation status of yellowtail snapper Ocyurus chrysurus Bloch, 1791 Perciformes, Lutjanidae at the eastern coast of Brazil, between Salvador 13S and Sao Tome Cape 22S Modelo probabilistico de rendimento por recruta e o estado de explotacao da Guaiuba Ocyurus chrysurus Bloch, 1791 Perciformes, Lutjanidae na costa central do Brasil, entre Salvador 13S e o Cabo de Sao Tome 22S

Costa, M.G.; Barbosa, J.C.; Yamamoto, P.T., 2006:
Probability distribution of Orthezia praelonga Douglas Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha Orthezildae in citrus Distribuicao de probabilidade de ocorrencia de Orthezia praelonga Douglas Hemiptera Sternorrhyncha Ortheziidae na cultura de citros

Mandelli Junior, J.; Campos, E.C.rdozo. dos Santos, R.A.aro. da Camara, Casari., 1996:
Probability of occurrence of the freshwater sardinha Triportheus angulatus angulatus Spix Osteichthyes, Characidae in Ibitinga Reservoir 2146S - 4859W, Medium Tiete River, Sao Paulo State, with preliminary informations of fishery interest Probabilidade de ocorrencia da sardinha de agua doce Triportheus angulatus angulatus Spix Osteichthyes, Characidae na represa de Ibitinga 2146S - 4859W, Medio Tiete, Sao Paulo, com i

Altenburg, Ruud GM., 2006:
Probable Heuglins gulls Kandidaat Heuglins Meeuwen in Amsterdam

Muzzatti, M.; Velatta, F., 1998:
Probable breeding of little crake, Porzana parva, at Lake Trasimeno central Italy Probabile nidificazione di schiribilla, Porzana parva, al Lago Trasimeno Perugia

Hayo, Lothar., 2000:
Probable breeding of river warbler Locustella fluviatilis near Saarlouis Brutverdacht fuer den Schlagschwirl Locustella fluviatilis bei Saarlouis

Gustin, M.; Minelli, F.; Campani, M., 1996:
Probable breeding of the Sardinian warbler Sylvia melanocephala in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia Probabile nidificazione di occhiocotto Sylvia melanocephala nelle province di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Kunstmuller, I., 1996:
Probable breeding of the black kite Milvus migrans in the Czech-Moravian Highlands Pravdepodobne hnizdeni lunaka hnedeho Milvus migrans na Ceskomoravske vysocine

Elias, G.; Patacho, D., 1998:
Probable breeding of the chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita in Portugal Nidificacao provavel da Felosa-comum Phylloscopus collybita em Portugal

Nekrasova, MYa., 1972:
Probable changes in the feeding basis of benthophage fish in the Azov Sea

Cabrera, R.; Suarez-Ognio, L., 2002:
Probable emergence of anisakiosis by Anisakis physeteris larvae during phenomenon El Nino 1997-98 in Peruvian coast Probable emergencia de anisakiosis por larvas de Anisakis physeteris durante el fenomeno El Nino 1997-98 en la Costa Peruana

Sonehara, I., 1990:
Probable establishment of Aeschna mixta soneharai at a small garden-pond

Uhl, Hans., 1998:
Probable hybridization between whinchat Saxicola rubetra and stonechat S torquata in the Kremsauen, Upper Austria, in 1994 Eine vermutliche Mischbrut von Braun- Saxicola rubetra und Schwarzkehlchen S torquata in den oberosterreichischen Kremsauen 1994

Schwartz, B., 1926:
Probable identity of Oesophagostomum longicaudum and O dentatum

Fraticelli, F.; Sarrocco, S., 2001:
Probable nesting of coal tit Parus ater in Rome Probabile nidificazione delal Cincia mora Parus ater nella citta di Roma

Doupal, L.; Maton, K., 2002:
Probable nesting of lesser redpoll Carduelis flammea on Olomouc region Pravdepodobne hnizdeni cecetky zimni Carduelis flammea na Olomoucku

Vallejos, V.; Vargas, R.; Osman, L.; Vera, C.; Torres, D., 2003:
Probable repercussions of environmental conditions recorded in 2002/2003 on the population of the Antarctic fur seal Arctocephalus gazella at Cape Shirreff Probables repercusiones de las condiciones ambientales registradas en la temporada 2002/2003 sobre la poblacion del lobo fino antartico, Arctocephalus gazella, en cabo Shirreff

Harka, A.; Biro, P., 1990:
Probable sources of biased estimates of growth in wels Silurus glanis L using fin rays

Chavatte, JM.; Chiron, F.; Chabaud, A.; Landau I,, 2007:
Probable speciations by host-vector fidelisation 14 species of Plasmodium from magpies Fidelisation du couple hote-vecteur facteur probable de speciation 14 especes de Plasmodium de la pie

Henry, J.-Louis.; Lefebvre, B.; Chauvin, D., 1997:
Probable thermal stratification of the marine waters on the Gondwanan margin Armorican Massif during the Ordovician Llanvirn palaeogeographical implications Stratification thermique probable des eaux marines sur la marge gondwanienne Massif Armoricain pendant lOrdovicien Llanvirn implications paleogeographiques

Ferus, D., 2003:
Probable tree breeding of the swift Apus apus at Berlin city edge Vermutliche Baumbrut der Mauerseglers Apus apus in Berliner Stadtrandlage

van Manen, Willem., 2001:
Probable tree nesting of the swift Apus apus in the Bory Stobrawskie coniferous forest in 2001 Prawdopodobne gniazdowanie jerzyka Apus apus w dziuplach na terenie Borow Stobrawskich

Wassink, A.; Ebels, E.B., 2005:
Probably Ehrenbergs redstart Waarschijnlijke Oosterse Gekraagde Roodstaart op Texel

Schawaller, Wolfgang., 2001:
Probaticus kalavriticus n sp, the first representative of the subgenus Helopotrichus Reitter, 1922, from Greece Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Probaticus kalavriticus n sp, der erste Vertreter der Untergattung Helopotrichus Reitter, 1922, aus Griechenland Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Nauwerck, A.; Mugidde, R.; Ritterbusch, B., 1990:
Probefischungen mit Multimaschennatzen und Mageninhaltsuntersuchungen an Seelauben Chalcalburnus chalcoides mento im Mondsee, August 1988

Gabrys, B.; Chorazyczewska, J., 1998:
Probing behaviour of the cabbage aphid Brevicoryne brassicae L on host and non-host plants Zachowanie sie mszycy kapuscianej Brevicoryne brassicae L podczas rozpoczynania zerowania na roslinach zywicielskich i niezywicielskich

Jedlicka, L.; Jedlickova, J., 2000:
Problem of Chrysoperla carnea group in Slovakia Neuroptera Chrysopidae Problem skupiny Chrysoperla carnea na Slovensku Neuroptera Chrysopidae

Bykova, N.K., 1960:
Problem of cyclical phylogenetical development of Foraminifera

Chodukin, N.I., 1957:
Problem of leishmaniases in USSR Trans, of Scient

Chodukin, N.I., 1957:
Problem of leishmaniases in USSR Regional Pathology Trudy Scient

Pidoplichko, I.H.; Molyavko, G.I., 1965:
Problem of paleogeographic territory of Ukraine during Neogene and Anthropogene in the light of study of fossil organisms Prirodnaya Obst

Dadlez, R.; Kopik, J., 1963:
Problem of the Rhaetic in western Poland in the light of the profile at Ksiaz Wielkopolski

Cheremisinova, E.A., 1960:
Problem of the age of marine ice age boundary deposits of the R Mghe, Leningrad province

Keller, B.M., 1959:
Problem of the late Cambrian

Mozgovoy, A.A.; Rishikov, K.M., 1950:
Problem of the origin of the Baikal seal in connection with helminthological studies

Koshtoyantz, H.S., 1956:
Problem of transmission of the nervous stimuli and neurohumoral relations, on XX International Congress of Physiology

Medvedev, Z.A., 1955:
Problem on specificity reproduction in proteins at their biosynthesis

Solomon, S.; Davidson, I.; Watson, D., 1990:
Problem solving in taphonomy Archaeological and palaeontological studies from Europe, Africa and Oceania

Fleischhacker, Jorg., 1997:
Problem-free rearing of the rufous-bellied niltava Niltava sundara Problemlose Niltava-Zucht Niltava sundara

Cuadra, P.; Maes, J-M., 1990:
Problemas asociados al muestreo de Dalbulus maidis Delong Wolcott en maiz en Nicaragua

Garcia, L.; Manez, M.; Amat, JA., 1990:
Problemas de identificacion Las fochas comun y cornuda

Cabas, GC., 1990:
Problemas de identificacion Las tres polluelas pintoja, chica y bastarda

Petri, S., 1990:
Problemas relativos as extincoes de organismos

Roessel, D.; Koelle, P.; Hoffmann, R., 2003:
Problematic breeding of fish Qualzuchten bei Fischen

Tobler, Michi., 2002:
Problematic care of Pseudotropheus Tropheops sp Olive Problematische Pflege von Pseudotropheus Tropheops sp Olive

Calderoni, A.; Mosello, R. de Bernardi, R., 1997:
Problematic interpretations of some processes during oligotrophication of Lago Maggiore in the decade 1988-1997 Interpretazioni problematiche di alcuni processi nella fase di oligotrofizzazione del Lago Maggiore nel decennio 1988-1997

Sedlak, W., 1967:
Problematical Cambrian fauna of Ccelenterata found on the southern slope of the lysa Mts

Goreeka, T.; Gunia, T., 1964:
Probleme de lage des caleaires a crinoides de Chehnik Basse Silesie

Petter, JJ., 1990:
Problemes lies a la conservation des Primates

Knauer, J., 1964:
Problemes systematiques des calpionellides

Raabe, Z., 1961:
Problems and methods in investigations of Ureeolariidae Ciliata, Peritricha in aquatic animals

Zimmermann, F.; Gelbrecht, J.; Beutler, H., 2002:
Problems and perspectives of nature conservation Probleme und Perspektiven des Natuschutzes

Rudran, R., 1990:
Problems and prospects for wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka

Dogiel, V.A., 1954:
Problems and prospects in parasitological investi-gations of fishes in southern rivers in connection with the reconstruction of fishories Protozoa

Kistowski, Mariusz., 2001:
Problems and prospects of nature protection in times of total development sustainability Problemy i perspektywy ochrony przyrody w dobie totalnego rownowazenia rozwoju

Adam, Ralph., 2001:
Problems and solution proposals for the protection of important habitats The history of protection of the basalt quarry of Eitorf/Stein Probleme und Loesungsvorschlaege bei der Unterschutzstellung wertvoller Lebensraeume - die Geschichte der Unterschutzstellung des Basalteinbruchs Eitorf/Stein

Maeder, A.; Cherix, D., 2001:
Problems arising from Formica paralugubris a new red wood ant species Problemes poses par Formica paralugubris une nouvelle espece de fourmis des bois

Leyvraz, Jacqueline., 1997 :
Problems associated with hibernation Reflections on a lecture given by Dr Willy Haffeli on 27101995 Problemes lies a lhibernation Reflets de la conference du Dr Willy Haffeli du 27101995

Manzii, S.F., 1953:
Problems concerned with the evolution of the carpus in mammals

Raskatov, G.I., 1954:
Problems concerning Quaternary fauna, flora and paleolithic of eastern Carpathians, Pre-Carpnthians and Trans-Carpathians

Golubev, V.A., 1964:
Problems concerning the Carboniferous deposits of the territories of the Kristallichesk massive and Tyasmin river basin

Golubev, V.A., 1965:
Problems concerning the Carboniferous deposits of the territories of the Kristallichesk massive and the Tyasmin river basin

Repina, LI., 1975:
Problems concerning the evolution of the family Protolenidae Siberia

Baulina, M.N., 1963:
Problems concerning the systematic position of Staffella sphaerica Abich

Sanz, Juan Jose., 2001:
Problems for nest boxes for insectivorous woodland birds Problemas detectados en las cajas-nido para aves insectivoras forestales

Brodsky, K.A.; Vinogradov, M.E., 1958:
Problems for the plankton investigations of the first voyage of the Comprehensive Antarctic Expedition and the suitability for study of the plankton of the regions traversed

Spaans, AL., 1990:
Problems in assessing trends in breeding populations of scarlet ibis Eudocimus ruber and other ciconiiform birds

Polyakova, O.I.; Soprunov, F.F., 1963:
Problems in biochemistry of helminths

Negrobov, V.P., 1968:
Problems in coordination of works on the development of cray-fish fishery in the Volga Basin

Dathe, Holger H., 1997:
Problems in dealing with the biological diversity and its extreme case, the insects Probleme des Umgangs mit der biologischen Vielfalt und deren Extremfall, den Insekten

Roberts, TJ., 1990:
Problems in developing a national wildlife policy and in creating effective national parks and sanctuaries in Pakistan

Lubyanov, I.P., 1965:
Problems in ecology of molluscs in the Dnepro-Dzerzhinsk and Dneper water-reservoir

D.Renzi, Miquel., 1996:
Problems in morphological evolution adaptation and internat constraints Problematica de la evolucion morfologica adaptation y limitaciones internas

Balagurova, M.V., 1968:
Problems in reconstruction of ichthyofauna in the Syamozer group of water reservoirs

Pequeno, G.; Saez, S.B., 2005:
Problems in the amount of cephalic cirri patches in fishes of genus Calliclinus Gill 1860 Osteichthyes, Labrisomidae Problema en el numero de parches de cirros nucales en peces del genero Calliclinus Gill 1860 Osteichthyes, Labrisomidae

Rodriguez de los Santos, Manuel., 1999:
Problems in the application of Cites to Andalusia the confiscation of animals Casi diez mil animales confiscados entre 1986 y 1995 en Andalucia por comercio ilegal

Low, Rosemary., 1996:
Problems in the breeding of parrots Probleme bei der Zucht von Papageien

Lundie-Jenkins, Geoff., 2004:
Problems in the conservation of small kangaroo species Probleme im Naturschutz der kleinen Kaenguruarten

Barabash-Nikiforov, I.I.; Shaposhnikov, L.V., 1976:
Problems in the conservation of the Russian desman

Woodward, FR., 1990:
Problems in the control of exploitation of freshwater mussels, with particular reference to Margaritifera

Shornikov, EI., 1972:
Problems in the ecology of the Black Sea and Azov Sea ostracods

Frey, Hans., 1999:
Problems in the execution of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITES illustrated by means of some examples Probleme beim Vollzug des Washingtoner Artenschultzabkommens WAA an Hand einiger Fallbeispiele

Arcos, J.M.nuel.; Torrent, J., 1998:
Problems in the identification of a first winter odd gull Problemes en la identificacio duna gavina de primer hivern

Pilack, Michael., 1999:
Problems in the keeping of Central American cichlids Probleme bei der Haltung mittelamerikanischer Cichliden

Mineev, VN., 1971:
Problems in the protection and regulation of marine mammal stocks

Shaposhnikov, LV., 1974:
Problems in the protection of Ondatra zibethica

Meinhold, Hans., 2005:
Problems in the restoration of an old bird mount by example of the peregrin falcon Falco peregrinus Working report presented at the 26th International Working Day of the VDP from 93-1431987 in Hamburg University museum Probleme bei der Restaurierung alter Vogelpraeparate am Beispiel eines Wanderfalkenpraeparates Falco peregrinus Arbeitsbericht zum Vortrag zur 26 Internationalen Arbeitstagung des VDP e V vom 93-1431987 im Museum der Universitaet Hamburg

Keim, Albert., 1996:
Problems in the scaling of the grazing pressure from the fish stock upon the zooplankton Probleme bei der Skalierung des Frassdruckes vom Fischbestand auf das Zooplankton

Dorfman, V.A., 1955:
Problems in the stimulation of the egg cell

Walsberg, GE., 1990:
Problems inhibiting energetic analyses of migration

Grozdanic, S., 1950:
Problems of Darwinism

Eser, U.; Potthast, T., 1997:
Problems of assessments in ecology and nature conservation from an ethical perspective Bewertungsproblem und Normbegriff in Oekologie und Naturschutz aus wissenschaftsethischer Perspektive

Petrella, S., 2002:
Problems of biodiversity conservation the impact of allochthonous species Problematiche di conservazione della biodiversita limpatto delle specie alloctone

Viktorov, G.A., 1971:
Problems of biological control of pests

Thust, R.; Thiele, A., 1999:
Problems of biotope management in meadowland areas Zu Problemen der Biotoppflege im Grunlandbereich

Galkin, AK.; Dubinina, EV., 2002:
Problems of cestodology II scientific works

Galkin, AK.; Dubinina, EV., 1998:
Problems of cestodology scientific works

Jakucewicz, Henryk., 1996:
Problems of conservation and management of fish resources in water reservoirs placed under legal protection Problemy ochrony i uzytkowania zasobow rybnych w zbiornikach wodnych objetych szczegolna ochrona prawna

Gianaroli, M.; Lanzi, A.; Fontana, R., 1999:
Problems of conservation of the European pond turtle in Modena The case of the Villa Sorra park Problemi di conservazione delle testuggini palustri nel modenese Il caso del parco di Villa Sorra

Zalkind, S.; Ya.; Yurovskaya, G.B., 1970:
Problems of differentiation and determination of cells cultured within the organism

Gunther, Rainer., 1998:
Problems of differentiation and taxonomic evaluation of new forms of the western Palaearctic waterfrog group Amphibia Anura Ranidae Probleme der Abgrenzung und taxonomischen Bewertung von neuen Formen der westpalaarktischen Wasserfrosch-Gruppe Amphibia Anura Ranidae

Peters, Stefan., 2001:
Problems of early bird evolution 1 The topic of feathers Probleme der fruehen Vogelevolution 1 Die Sache mit den Federn

Izrael, Y.A. ., 2003:
Problems of ecological monitoring and ecosystem modelling Volume XIX

Razumov, S.A., 1959:
Problems of ecological physiology

Medvedev, GS., 1998:
Problems of entomology in Russia Volume 1

Medvedev, GS., 1998:
Problems of entomology in Russia Volume 2

Kryukov, AP.; Yakimenko, LV., 2003:
Problems of evolution Vol V

Bessmertraya, R.E., 1968:
Problems of feeding larvae of Grass carp

Sinner, Karl Friedrich., 1999:
Problems of forest protection in national parks Forstschutzprobleme in Nationalparken

Milyutin, L.I. ., 1988:
Problems of forest reestablishment in the taiga zone of the USSR abstracts and short papers from an All-Union Conference, Krasnoyarsk, 13-15 September 1988

Rodionova, L.Z. ., 1968:
Problems of functional morphology and embryology of insects

Gorokhov, VV., 1990:
Problems of gelminths ecology

Md-Zain, BM.; Ng, BM.; Idris, AB., 2003:
Problems of genetic sampling bottle spoilage by long-tailed macaques Macaca fascicularis Persampelan sumber genetik serangga penyelesaian terhadap gangguan kehadiran Macaca fascicularis

Shumny, VK.; Ruvinsky, AO., 1991:
Problems of genetics and theory of evolution collected scientific works

Sarycheva, T.G., 1959:
Problems of genus concept for Productids

Arnold, L.V., 1956:
Problems of heredity and development of new forms in I V Michurins works and their development in Soviet biology

Kakhnenka, S.V.; Baravik, E.A.; Garavaya, S.L., 1959:
Problems of icathyophthiriosis in eels

Viktorov, G.A., 1967:
Problems of insect population dynamics taking as an example Eurygaster integnceps Institut Morphologii Zhivotryk im A N Severtsova

Ramenskii, S.E. ., 1988:
Problems of mammal population dynamics

NSosso, Dominique., 1996:
Problems of management of the African elephant in Conkouati nature reserve at Kouilou Congo Problematique de gestion de lelephant dAfrique dans la reserve de faune de Conkouati, au Kouilou Congo

Won wa Musiti, Bihini., 1996:
Problems of management of the elephant and considerations on the forests of Central Africa Problematique de gestion de lelephant et perspectives des forets dAfrique Centrale

Adamczewski, Stanislaw F., 1992:
Problems of migration of butterflies philogenetic and etologic conditions of migrations of butterflies and their configuration in the biotope of different bioms Zagadnienia migratyzmu u motyli filogenetyczne i etologiczne uwarunkowania wedrowek motyli i ich ukszaltowanie w srodowisku roznych biomow

Timoshenko, Y.K., 1970:
Problems of national utilization of thestocks of Phoca caspica

Kolyushev, I I. ., 1969:
Problems of nature conservation in the Carpathians

Ramos Sanchez, Antonio Jacobo., 1996:
Problems of nesting slender-billed gulls Larus genei in south Alicante in 1995 Problemas en la reproduccion de la gaviota picofina Larus genei en el sur de Alicante durante 1995

Zaitzev, A.V., 1955:
Problems of neuro-secretory activity of the ganglion cells of hypothalamic nuclei in pike and carp in connection with the occurrence of seasonal gonadotrope function of hypophysis

Kucheruk, V.V., 1965:
Problems of paleogenesis of natural pest foci with reference to the history of the rodent fauna

Moshkovski, S.D., 1945:
Problems of parasitology in the works of Metchnikov in relation to his doctrine of immunity

Nikolaev, A.M., 1970:
Problems of protection and dispersing of Sea otters on the Kuril group of islands

Maciantowicz, M., 2002:
Problems of protection and maintenance of the genetic pool of isolated populations of European pond turtle Emys orbicularis L Problemy ochrony i zachowania puli genowej izolowanych populacji zolwia blotnego Emys orbicularis

Liana, Anna., 2000:
Problems of protection of orthopterans and other orthopteroid taxa Blattodea, Dermaptera, Mantodea in Poland Problemy ochrony prostoskrzydlych Orthoptera i innych grup ortopteroidalnych Blattodea, Dermaptera, Mantodea w Polsce

Nicolaev, A.M., 1970:
Problems of rational utilization of KurilSea otter livestock

Ljunggren, L.; Sandstrom, A.; Johansson, G.; Sundblad, G.; Karas, P., 2005:
Problems of recruitment in Baltic Sea fish stocks Rekryteringsproblem hos Ostersjons kustfiskbestand

Bel'kovich, VM.; Gurevich, VS., 1971:
Problems of removal from the habitat and long term upkeep of dolphins in captivity

Schwarz, SS., 1973:
Problems of species and new methods of systematics

Arnoldi, L.V., 1956:
Problems of succession and form in the works of I V Michurin, and their development in the Soviet biology

Kipriyanova, F.V., 1961:
Problems of the Eocene paleogeography of the southern Trans-Urals

Wang, Y.L., 1963:
Problems of the Sinian-Cambrian Boundary of North China

Harmata, W.; Walasz, K., 1976:
Problems of the animal world on the shores of the Black Sea in Bulgaria

Kamaletdinov, MA.; Yakhimovich, VL., 1988:
Problems of the biostratigraphy, palaeomagnetism and tectonics of the Caenozoic of the pre-Urals region

Jesu, R.; Emanueli, L.; Schimmenti, G.; Mamone, A.; Arillo, A.; Salvidio, S.; Cresta, P.; Doria, G.; Lamagni, L., 2000:
Problems of the conservation of the parsley frog Pelodytes punctatus Daudin, 1802 in Liguria Problematiche di conservazione del pelodite punteggiato Pelodytes punctatus Daudin, 1802 in Liguria

Winkelmann, Herbert., 2001:
Problems of the current status of Hyperini Coleoptera, Curculionidae of Italy and description of a new species Donus osellai sp n from north Italy 1 Contribution to the knowledge of Italian Hyperinae/Hyperini Probleme bei der aktuellen Bearbeitung der Hyperini Coleoptera, Curculionidae Italiens und Beschreibung der neuen Art Donus osellai sp n aus Norditalien 1 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Hyperinae/Hyperini Italiens

Bogolyubski, S.N., 1960:
Problems of the individual development of domestic animals

Calverte, C., 2006:
Problems of the management of the wild rabbit Los problemas de la gestion del conejo silvestre

Lemoine, Guillaume., 1999:
Problems of the natterjack in the Marchand Dune nature reserve Prolematique de gestion du crapaud calamite dans la reserve naturelle de la dune Marchand

Shaposhnikov, L.K., 1957:
Problems of the nature preservation

Rozanov, AYu., 1972:
Problems of the stage divisions of the Lower Cambrian

Fomina, E.V., 1960:
Problems of the upper and lower Tulsk complex Foraminifera in distinguishing Carboniferous facies of the Tulsk horizon in the lower Moscow basin

Kucharzyk, S.; Predki, R., 1998:
Problems of valorisation and monitoring in the Protection Plan of the Bieszczady National Park Problemy waloryzacji i monitoringu w planie ochrony Bieszczadzkiego Parku Narodowego

Nakauchi, M.; Kamamura, K., 1990:
Problems on the asexual reproduction of ascidians

Dragoli, A.L., 1969:
Problems on the interconnection between variations of the Black Sea mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Lam

Matsubayashi, H., 1958:
Problems on the parasitological and immunological diagnosis of Toxoplasma infections

Kobayashi, S., 1990:
Problems on the species diversity on islands a review of the immigration-extinction equilibrium

Stepanov, D.L., 1957:
Problems regarding the border between the Carboniferous and Permian in the light of modern data

Wittig, Walter., 2007:
Problems with bullfinches Northern bullfinch, Beavans bullfinch and the brown bullfinch Part 1 Probleme mit Gimpeln Japangimpel, Maskengimpel, Nepalgimpel Teil 1

Thaler, Franz., 1994:
Problems with coccidiosis in Chloris ambigua Probleme mit Kokzidiose beim Schwarzkopfgrunling Chloris ambigua

Herremans, M., 2005:
Problems with counting migrants revisited 25 years later influence of terrain and counters Trektelproblemen 25 jaar later invloeden van landschap en tellers

Kummerfeld, Norbert., 1998:
Problems with different methods of marking birds and results of clinical and radiological controls of intraosseous implanted transponders Probleme bei der Kennzeichnung von Vogeln und erste Erfahrungen mit intraossar implantierten Transpondern

Stagl, Wolfgang Gregor., 1999:
Problems with newly occurring vertebrates Probleme mit neu auftauchenden Wirbeltieren

Schiejok, Herbert., 1997:
Problems with scolopendrids Probleme mit Scolopendern

Llopis Dell, A.; Frey, H., 1995:
Problems with the breeding in captivity of bearded vultures Problemas de la cria en cautividad del quebrantahuesos

Backbier, LAM.; Gubbels, EJ., 1997:
Problems with the protection of mammals in Limburg Netherlands Probleme mit dem Schutz von Saugetieren in Limburg Niederlande

Naggatz, Hartmut., 1997:
Problems with the red cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis Probleme mit dem Roten Kardinal Cardinalis cardinalis

Klugkist, Henrich., 2000:
Problems with the selection of sites for Annex-II-species in Bremen the example of the fishes migrating species and species living in ditches Problematik der Gebietsauswahl fuer Anhang-II-Arten in Bremen am Beispiel der Fische wandernde Arten und Grabenfische

Fortelius, M., 1990:
Problems with using fossil teeth to estimate body size of extinct mammals

Fraticelli, F.; Petrella, S., 2000:
Problems with winter surveys of Mediterranean bird community Problematiche nel rilevamento delle comunita ornitiche svernanti in ambiente mediterraneo

Myers, RL.; Ewel, JJ., 1990:
Problems, prospects, and strategies for conservation

Zakharov, YuD.; Onoprienko, YuI., 1987:
Problemy biostratigrafii Permi i Triasa Vostoka SSSR Proekt No 203 Permo-Triasovye sobytiya v vostochnoi chasti Teticheskoi oblasti i ikh mezhkontinentalnaya korrelyatsiya Mezhdunarodnoi programmy geologicheskoi korrelyatsii Sbornik nauchnykh trudov Problems of the Permian and Triassic biostratigraphy of east USSR Project No 203 Permo-Triassic events of East Tethys region and their intercontinental correlation of the International Geological Correlation Programme Collected papers

Alvarez-Leon, R.; Alvarez-Barrera, J.E.; Sepulveda-Cardenas, S., 2001:
Probopyrus pandalicola Packard, 1879 Isopoda Epicaridea Bopyridae in the Colombian Caribbean Probopyrus pandalicola Packard, 1879 Isopoda Epicaridea Bopyridae en el Caribe Colombiano

Geraads, D.; Metz-Muller, F., 1999:
Proboscidea Mammalia from the late Pliocene of Ahl al Oughlam Casablanca, Morocco Proboscidea Mammalia du Pliocene final dAhl al Oughlam Casablanca, Maroc

Rousselieres, France. , 2004:
Proboscidea from Marseilles Basin Les proboscidiens du bassin de Marseille Bouches-du-Rhone, France

Silva-Barcenas, Angel., 1987:
Proboscidea material housed in the Geology Institute museum an evaluation El material de Proboscidea alojado en el museo del Instituto de Geologia una evaluacion

Jerez, viviane., 1995:
Procalus silvai, n sp description and interaction with Schinus patagonicus Chrysomelidae - Alticinae Procalus silvai, n sp descripcion e interaccion con Schinus patagonicus Chrysomelidae - Alticinae

Ramallo, G., 2005:
Procamallanus Spirocamallanus hilarii Vaz y Pereira, 1934 Nematoda, Camallanidae parasite of freshwater fishes of the north of Argentina Procamallanus Spirocamallanus hilarii Vaz Pereira, 1934 Nematoda, Camallanidae, pardsito de peces dulceacufcolas del norte de Argentina

Fitzpatrick, J.F.; Jr., 1990:
Procambarus Pennides vioscai paynei, a new subspecies of crawfish from the east of the Mississippi River Decapoda, Cambaridae

Campos, M.R., 2005:
Procambarus Scapulicambarus clarkii Girard, 1852 Crustacea Decapoda Cambaridae A crayfish not native to Colombia Procambarus Scapulicambarus clarkii Girard, 1852, Crustacea Decapoda Cambaridae Una langostilla no nativa en Colombia

Cano, E.; Jimenez, A.; Ocete, M.E.vira, 2003:
Procambarus clarkii Girard, 1852 Decapoda, Cambaridae an economical important species in Guadalquivir river marshes Spain Procambarus clarkii Girard, 1852 Decapoda, Cambaridae especie de importancia economica en las marismas del bajo Guadalquivir Espana

Moyon, X., 2003:
Procambarus clarkii in the swamp of Brivet Bassin Loire Atlantique Synthesis of observations made since its introduction, statements and hypothesis Procambarus clarkii dans les marais du Bassin Brivet Loire Atlantique Synthese des observations depuis son introduction, constats et hypotheses

Werner, Uwe., 2006:
Procambarus clarkii available in many colours The Louisiana crayfish Procambarus clarkii In mehreren Farben verfuegbar Der Louisiana-Sumpfkrebs

Bayer, Ralph., 1999:
Procatopus nototaenia A problematic fish Procatopus nototaenia Ein Leuchtaugenfisch macht Schwierigkeiten

Kozlov, MV.; Zvereva, EL., 1991:
Procedural recommendations on the use of separate groups of Lepidoptera and Diptera for the bioindication of levels of sulphur and fluorine air pollution

Pivovarova, E.P., 1964:
Procedure for counting white hares on game farms and its ecological basis

Clemens, T.; Hartwig, E., 2004:
Procedure for dealing with oiled seabirds Zum Umgang mit veroelt aufgefundenen Seevoegeln

Fernandez, Doris., 2003:
Procedure to prepare microscopical observation slides for all mollusc groups Proceso para preparar laminas fijas para cualquier molusco

Oyarzun, C. .; Melendez, R. ., 2002:
Proceeding of the IV Symposium-Workshop of Chilean Association of Ichthyology Procedimiento de la IV Simposio-Taller de Asociacion Chilena de Ictiologia

Anonymous., 1990:
Proceeding of the Symposium on Aquaculture, June 90

Ricard, J., 2003:
Proceeding of the colloquium organized by the Institute Jacques-Monod and supported by the French Academy of Sciences, held at the Institut Jacques-Monod Paris on 11 and 12 June 2002 Compte rendu du colloque organise par lInstitut Jacques-Monod et parraine par lAcademie des Sciences, qui sest tenu a lInstitut Jacques-Monod les 11 et 12 juin 2002

Prigioni, Claudio ., 1995:
Proceedings 2 Italian Symposium on Carnivores Biology and conservation of mustelids Atti 2 Simposio Italiano sui Carnivori Biologia e conservazione dei mustelidi

Gayet, M., 2004:
Proceedings Second ichthyology meeting in France, RIF 2003 Comptes-Rendus/Proceedings Deuxiemes Rencontres de lIchtyologie en France, RIF 2003

Nowell, WR.; Ghormley, PB.; Sandoval, LM.; Forgnone, KL., 1990:
Proceedings and papers of the Fifty-seventh Annual Conference of the California Mosquito and Vector Control Association, Inc January 29 thru February 1, 1989 Held at Stouffer Concourse Hotel Los Angeles, California

Anonymous., 2004:
Proceedings from the 2nd National Meeting of Geological Patrimony at Beit el Hikma, Tunisia, 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th April 2003 Actes du 2eme Colloque National du Patrimoine geologique Beit el Hikma, Tunis les 24, 25, 26 et 27 Avril 2003

Anonymous., 1990:
Proceedings from the Eighty-seventh Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Academy of Science, Inc, March 30-31, 1990, at High Point College, High Point, NC

Anonymous., 2004:
Proceedings from the Italian National Entomology meeting, Catania, 10-15 June 2002 Vol I Atti XIX Congresso Nazionale Italiano di Entomologia, Catania, 10-15 giugno 2002 Vol I

Anonymous., 2004:
Proceedings from the XIX Italian National Entomology meeting, Catania, 10-15 June 2002 Vol II Atti XIX Congresso Nazionale Italiano di Entomologia, Catania, 10-15 Giugno 2002 Vol II

Anonymous., 1996:
Proceedings of 22th French ornithology symposium Paris, 25-26 March 1995 Actes du 22eme Francophone dornithologie Paris, 25-26 mars 1995

Zhadin, V.I., 1959:
Proceedings of 6th Conference on problems of the biology of inland waters 1957

Anonymous., 2000:
Proceedings of BORC Committee for Brazilian Ornithological Records Deliberacoes do CBRO

Monegatti, P. .; Pelosio, G. ., 1997:
Proceedings of Convention 13 Parma, 10-13 September 1996 Proceeding of 13 Convegno Parma 10-13 settembre 1996

Anonymous., 1999:
Proceedings of National 24th and Interregional 38th French Ornithology Symposium Lyon-Bron, 21-22 November 1998 Actes du Colloque National 24eme et Interregional 38eme Francophone dOrnithologie, Lyon-Bron, 21 et 22 Novembre 1998

Ando, H.; Friedlander, M., 1990:
Proceedings of The First International Workshop on Lower Lepidoptera

Anonymous., 1997:
Proceedings of a symposium on relationship between biodiversity and environmental stability held by the Danish Centre for Conservation Biology in Copenhagen, April 24-25th 1995

Reiter, RJ.; Lukaszyk, A., 1990:
Proceedings of an International Workshop on Sites of Action and Effects of Pineal Hormones, held near Poznan, Poland, September 28-30, 1989

Anonymous., 1999:
Proceedings of symposium Feeding Ecology of Heterotrophic and Mixotrophic Dinoflagellates, held at Flagstaff, Arizona, August 7, 1998

Kiponen, S.; Lehtinen, PT.; Rinne, V., 1990:
Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of Arachnology, Turku, Finland, 7-12 August 1989

Marboutin, E. .; Berthos, J.-Claude ., 1997:
Proceedings of the 12th lagomorph workshop Actes du 12e atelier international sur les lagomorphes Clermont-Ferrand, 8-11 juillet 1996

Kukk, Toomas ., 1994:
Proceedings of the 17 Estonian naturalists congress nature of Soomaa National Park Tipu, June 11-12, 1994 17 Eesti looduseuurijate paeva ettekannete kokkuvotted Soomaa Rahvuspargi Loodus Tipu, 11-12 juuni 1994

Hendry, CI.; McGladdery, SE., 2001:
Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting of the Aquaculture Association of Canada, Moncton, NB, 28-31 May 2000 Actes de la 17e Reunion Annuelle de lAssociation Aquacole du Canada, Moncton, NB, le 28-31 mai, 2000

Geiger, HJ.; Wilbur, RL., 1990:
Proceedings of the 1990 Alaska Stock Separation Workshop Anchorage, Alaska February 14-16, 1990

Havet, P. .; Taran, E. .; Berthos, J.C. ., 1998:
Proceedings of the 23rd congress of the International Union of Game Biologists IUGB Lyons 1-6 September 1997 International conference Wildlife management and land use in open landscapes Actes du 23e congres de lUnion Internationale des Biologistes du Gibier UIBG Lyon 1-6 Septembre 1997 Conference internationale Gestion de la faune sauvage et usages de lespace dans les paysages ouverts

Anonymous., 2001:
Proceedings of the 25th French Ornithology Symposium 2nd Norman Ornithology Symposum Caen, 18-19 March 2000 Actes du Colloque National 25eme et Normand 2eme Francophone dOrnithologie Caen, 18-19 Mars 2000

Dejonghe, Jean-Francois., 2002:
Proceedings of the 26th French Ornithology Symposium Actes du 26eme Colloque Francophone dOrnithologie

Muller, Yves., 2003:
Proceedings of the 27th French Ornithology Symposium Strasbourg 28-29 September 2002 Actes du 27eme Colloque Francophone dOrnithologie Strasbourg 28-29 septembre 2002

Fonseca E., A.C.; Cortes N., J., 1999:
Proceedings of the 28th meeting, Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean AMLC San Jose, Costa Rica 21-25 July 1997 Memorias de la 28ava reunion, Asociacion de Laboratorios Marinos del Caribe ALMC San Jose, Costa Rica 21-25 Julio 1997

Anonymous., 1999:
Proceedings of the 29 Congress of the Italian Society of Marine Biology, Ustica, Exhibition Centre of the Nautical Marine Reserve, 15-20 July 1998 Atti del 29 Congresso della Societa Italiana di Biologia Marina, Ustica, Centro Mostra della Riserva Nautica Marina, 15-20 giugno 1998

Anonymous., 2005:
Proceedings of the 29th French Ornithology Symposium Actes du 29eme Colloque Francophone dOrnithologie 13/14 Novembre 2004 Ecole dIngenieurs ICAM, Nantes

Cortes N., J.; Fonseca E., A.C., 2000:
Proceedings of the 29th meeting, Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean ALMC Memorias de la 29ava Reunion de la Asociacion de los Laboratorios Marinos del Caribe ALMC

Abstracts., 1990:
Proceedings of the 35th Annual Meeting of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, April 20, 1991, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona

Baldi, A. .; Szep, T. .; Moskat, C. ., 1998:
Proceedings of the 4th Scientific Meeting of the BirdLife Hungary, Nyiregyhaza, 1995 A Magyar Madartani es Termeszetvedelmi Egyesulet 4 Tudomanyos Ulesenek kotete Nyiregyhaza, 1995

Baldi, A.; Lengyel, S.; Lovei, G., 2000:
Proceedings of the 5th Scientific Meeting of the BirdLife Hungary, Budapest, 1999 A Magyar Madartani es Termeszetvedelmi Egyesulet 5 Tudomanyos Ulesenek kotete Budapest, 1999

Associazione Alessandro Ghigi Associazione Alessandro Ghigi., 1991:
Proceedings of the 6th National Congress of the Alessandro Ghigi Association for Vertebrate Biology Turin 22-24 June 1989 Atti del 6 Convegno Nazionale dellAssociazione Alessandro Ghigi per la Biologia dei Vertebrati Torino 22-24 giugno 1989

Pandolfi, M. .; Foschi, U.F.scolo ., 1995:
Proceedings of the 7th National Congress of Ornithology in Urbino 23-26 September 1993 Atti del VII convegno nazionale di ornitologia Urbino 23-26 settembre 1993

Greco, N.; Inserra, R.; Evans, K.; Troccoli, A., 2005:
Proceedings of the 8th congress of the Italian Society of Nematology Atti dellVIII Congresso della Societa Italiana di Nematologia

Philippe, M.; Argant, A.; Argant, J., 2004:
Proceedings of the 9th International Cave Bear Symposium Entremont-le-Vieux Savoie, France 25-27 september 2003 Actes du 9eme Symposium international sur lours des cavernes Entrement-le-Vieux Savoie, France 25-27 septembre 2003

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