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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38574

Chapter 38574 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Abstracts., 1990:
Proceedings of the Autumn Symposium on Aquaculture, 90

Amos, CL.; Collins, M., 1990:
Proceedings of the Canadian continental shelf seabed symposium C2S3

McGuirk, SM., 1990:
Proceedings of the Eight Annual Veterinary Medical Forum

Hoshi, M.; Yamashita, O., 1990:
Proceedings of the Fifth International Congress of Invertebrate Reproduction held in Nagoya, Japan on July 23-28, 1989

Borjas, G. .; Ruiz, G.A.olfo .; Chalukian, S. .; Komar, O. ., 1997:
Proceedings of the First Congress and Second General Assembly of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 23-27 June 1997 Memoria del Primer Congreso y Segunda Asamblea General de la Sociedad Mesoamericana para la Biologia y la Conservacion, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 23-27 Junio 1997

Burch, JB.; Naranjo-Garcia, E.; Cruz-Reyes, A., 1990:
Proceedings of the First International Congress on Medical and Applied Malacology

Direktorat Jenderal Perlindungan Hutan dan Pelestarian Alam Direktorat Jenderal Perlindungan Hutan dan Pelestarian Alam.; Asian Wetland Bureau-Indonesia Direktorat Jenderal Perlindungan Hutan dan Pelestarian Alam., 1994:
Proceedings of the First Symposium on Indonesian otters Prosiding Simposium Pertama Mengenai Berang-Berang di Indonesia

von Tscharner, C.; Halliwell, REW., 1990 :
Proceedings of the First World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, Dijon, France 27-30 September 1989

Heldmaier, G.; Zissler, D., 1997:
Proceedings of the German Zoological Society - their changing history and new developments Die Verhandlungen der Deutschen Zoologischen Gesellschaft - ihre wechselvolle Geschichte und ihr neues Gewand

Abstracts., 1995:
Proceedings of the German Zoological Society 88th meeting in Kaiserslautern, June 5 to 10, 1995 88 Jahresversammlung vom 5 bis 10 Juni 1995 in Kaiserslautern

Abstracts., 1996:
Proceedings of the German Zoological Society 89th meeting in Oldenburg, May 27 to June 1, 1996 89 Jahresversammlung vom 27 Mai bis 1 Juni 1996 in Oldenburg

Molnar, V.; Molnar, Z.; Dobrosi, D., 1999:
Proceedings of the I Conference on the Bat Conservation in Hungary Sarrod, 29th November 1997 Az I Magyar Denevervedelmi Konferencia Sarrod, 1997 november 29 kiadvanya

Camacho, M., 2000:
Proceedings of the II Scientific Meeting of Biology Students, Bogota, October 2000 Memorias II Encuentro Cientifico de Estudiantes de Biologia, Bogota, octubre de 2000

Hameau, P., 2006:
Proceedings of the International Meeting Animal paintings and engravings from form to signs Animals in Post-Paleolithic representations in the western Mediterranean 16th-18th July 2005 Carces, Chateauvert, Mazaugues, Tourves, Le Val Actes du Colloque International Animaux peints et graves de la forme au signe Le bestiaire dans les expressions graphiques post-paleolithiques en Mediterrannee occidentale 16-18 juillet 2005 Carces, Chateauvert, Mazaugues, Tourves, Le Val

Lecocq, Y. .; Swift, J. .; Birkan, M. ., 1997:
Proceedings of the International Seminar Hunting and Protected Areas in Europe European Parliament, Brussels, 19/06/1996 Actes du Seminaire International Chasse et Zones Protegees en Europe Parlement Europeen, Bruxelles, 19/06/1996

Otieno, LH.; Saini, RK., 1990:
Proceedings of the International Study Workshop on Tsetse Population and Behaviour 6-10 August 1989

Prigioni, C.; Meriggi, A.; Merli, E., 2005:
Proceedings of the Italian Theriology Association new perspectives on theriological research, Arezzo 10-12 November 2005 Atti v Congresso dellAssociazione Teriologica Italiana Nuove prospettive della ricerca teriologica, Arezzo 10-12 Novembre 2005

Anonymous., 1998:
Proceedings of the Italian national entomology meeting Maratea, 21-26 June 1998 Supplement A Proceedings of the National Entomology Academy, report for the year XLVI, 1998 Atti XVIII congresso nazionale italiano di entomologia Maratea, 21-26 giugno 1998 Supplemento A Atti dellAccademia Nazionale di Entomologia Rendiconti anno XLVI, 1998

Rohlf, FJ.; Brookstein, FL., 1990:
Proceedings of the Michigan morphometrics workshop

Singh, JP., 1990:
Proceedings of the National Symposium of Indian Studies on Chrysomeloidea, March 1989

Anonymous., 1990:
Proceedings of the Ninety-fourth Annual Meeting of the United States Animal Health Association, Denver, Colorado, October 6-12, 1990

Zuniga Rodriguez, T. .; Perez Altamirano, R. ., 1998:
Proceedings of the Second Congress and Third General Assembly of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation, Managua, Nicaragua, 6-10 July 1998 Memorias del 2 Congreso y 3 Asamblea General de la Sociedad Mesoamericana para la Biologia y la Conservacion, Managua, Nicaragua 6-10 Julio, 1998

L.L.euff, J.; Cavin, L., 1998:
Proceedings of the Second European Workshop of Vertebrate Palaeontology, Esperaza Quillan, 6-10 May 1997 Actes du Deuxieme Congres Europeen de Paleontologie des Vertebres, Esperaza et Quillan, 6-10 mai 1997

Abstracts., 1990:
Proceedings of the Seventy seventh Session of the Indian Science Congress Cochin 1990 Part 3 Advance abstracts

Abstracts., 1990:
Proceedings of the Seventy seventh Session of the Indian Science Congress Cochin, 1990 Part 4 Containing late papers, discussions, list of members list of index

Anonymous., 1990:
Proceedings of the Seventy-seventh Indian Science Congress Cochin 1990 Part 1 Official matters

Healy, WM.; Healy, GB., 1990:
Proceedings of the Sixth National Wild Turkey Symposium, 26th February - 1 March 1990, Charleston, South Carolina

Abstracts., 1990:
Proceedings of the Sixty-first Annual Meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan October 3-5, 1990, Niigata

Pendleton, BG.; LeFranc, M N.; Jr.; Millsap, BA.; Krahe, DL.; Madsen, MA.; Knighton, MA., 1990:
Proceedings of the Southeast Raptor Management Symposium and Workshop 14-16 September 1988 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia

Linden, H.; Hario, M., 1990:
Proceedings of the Symposium on the Seals in the Baltic and Eurasian Lakes, June 5-8, 1984, Savonlinna, Finland Part 2 Seals in Eurasian Lakes

Wells, FE.; Walker, DI.; Kirkman, H.; Lethbridge, R., 1990:
Proceedings of the Third International Marine Biological Workshop The marine flora and fauna of Albany, Western Australia Volume 1

Anonymous., 1994:
Proceedings of the Third Turkish National Congress of Biological Control 25-28 January 1994 Turkiye 3 Biyolojik Mucadele Kongresi Bildirileri 25-28 Ocak 1994

d'Elbee, J.; Prouzet, P., 2001:
Proceedings of the VIIth International Symposium on Oceanography of the Bay of Biscay Oceanographie du golfe de Gascogne VIIe colloque international Biarritz, 4-6 avril 2000

Agnese, Jean Francois ., 1995:
Proceedings of the Workshop on Biodiversity and Aquaculture, Abidjan 21/25 November 1994 Comptes rendus de lAtelier Biodiversite et Aquaculture, Abidjan 21/25 novembre 1994

Abstracts., 2005:
Proceedings of the XIII Italian Ornithology Meeting, Varallo Sesia Vercelli, 29th September - 2nd October 2005 Atti XIII Convegno italiano di Ornitologia, Varallo Sesia Vercelli, 29 settembre - 2 ottobre 2005

Anonymous., 2006:
Proceedings of the XXXVII Meeting of the Italian Marine Biology Society, Grosseto 5-10 June 2006 Atti del XXXVII Congresso della Societa Italiana di Biologia Marina, Grosseto 5-10 Giugno 2006

Relini, G.; Ferrara, G.; Massaro, E.; Moschella, P., 1998:
Proceedings of the conference Research on Fishery and Aquaculture within the framework of Law 41/82 Rome 15-16 December 1998 Atti della conferenza Le ricerche sulla pesca e sullacquacoltura nellambito della legge 41/82 Roma 15-16 Dicembre 1998

Anonymous., 1995:
Proceedings of the conference present knowledges on the mechanisms of the olfactive communication in the animal 15 March 1994 Actes de la table ronde du 15 mars 1994 connaissances actuelles sur les mecanismes de la communication olfactive chez lanimal

Feral, J.P. .; Boucher, G. ., 1997:
Proceedings of the congress of the French Marine Diversity Network 18-20 novembre 1996, MNHN, Paris Biodiversity in dispersive environments Actes du colloque Resultats/Prospective du Reseau Diversite Marine 18-20 novembre 1996, MNHN, Paris Biodiversite en milieu dispersif

Dondini, G. .; Papalini, O. .; Vergari, S. ., 1999:
Proceedings of the first Italian bat congress CastellAzzara Grosseto, March 28-29 1998 Atti del 1o Convegno Italiano sui Chirotteri CastellAzzara Grosseto, 28-29 marzo 1998

Giacoma, Cristina., 2000:
Proceedings of the first National Congress of the Societas Herpetologica Italica Turin, 2-6 October 1996 Atti I Congresso Nazionale della Societas Herpetologica Italica Torino, 2-6 Ottobre 1996

Popay, A J. ., 1990:
Proceedings of the forty third New Zealand Weed and Pest Control Conference, Pacific Park Hotel, Dunedin, August 14 - 16, 1990

Cristofolini, G.; Minelli, A., 1998:
Proceedings of the national colloquium on systematic cladistics Verona, 6th-7th February 1998 Atti I Colloquio Nazionale di Sistematica Cladistica Verona, 6-7 febbraio 1998

Montes Barquin, R.; Lasheras Corruchaga, J.A.tonio ., 2005:
Proceedings of the scientific meeting Cantabrian neanderthals, state of the question Held at the Museo de Altimira, 20-22 October 2004 Actas de la Reunion Cientifica Neandertales Cantabricos, estado de la cuestion Celebrada en el Museo de Altamira los dias 20-22 de Octubre de 2004 Actas de la Reunion Cientifica Neandertales Cantabricos, estado de la cuestion Celebrada en el Museo de Altamira los dias 20-22 de Octubre de 2004 Actas de la Reunion Cientifica Neandertales Cantabricos, e

Eversole, A. ., 1990:
Proceedings of the special symposium reproductive biology of molluscs Presented at the 82nd Annual Meeting National Shellfisheries Association Williamsburg, Virginia April 1-5, 1990

Ramade, F. .; Salvat, B. .; Jouanin, C. .; Erard, C. ., 2004:
Proceedings of the symposium Importance of research in protected areas from foundation to management, covened by the SNPN in Guadeloupe, 5-7 June 2002 Importance de la recherche dans les aires protegees des fondements a la gestion Actes du colloque organise en Guadeloupe par la Societe Nationale de Protection de la Nature et dAcclimatation de France 5-7 juin 2002

Chahal, SS.; Sokhi, SS.; Gupta, VK.; Thakur, RP.; Grewal, RK., 1990:
Proceedings of the symposium on Recent Trends in Plant Pathological Research held on 13-14 October, 1989 at UHF, Solan HP

Low, L.L. ., 1990:
Proceedings of the symposium on application of stock assessment techniques to gadids

Del Valle, A.; Morales Rodas, R., 1999:
Proceedings of the third congress and fourth general assembly of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation, Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion, 4th-9th July 1999 Memorias de III congreso y IV asamblea general de la Scoiedad Mesoamericana Para la Biologia y la Conservacion, Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion, 4-9 julio 1999

Hofmann, Reinhold R. ., 1999:
Proceedings report on the 39th International Symposium on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals from 12th to 16th May 1999 in Vienna/Austria Verhandlungsbericht des 39 Internationalen Symposiums uber die Erkrankungen der Zoo- und Wildtiere vom 12 Mai bis 16 Mai 1999 in Wien/Osterreich

Cecca, Fabrizio ., 1995:
Proceedings, 3rd workshop on Early Cretaceous cephalopods Atti del 3o workshop sui cefalopodi del Cretaceo inferiore

Gogala, M.; Sivec, I., 1990:
Proceedings 3rd International Meeting on Rhynchota Fauna of Balkan and Adjacent Regions, Piran, 288 - 191989

Farina, R.A.; Vizcaino, S.F.; Malabarba, C., 2004:
Proceedings I Latin American Vertebrate Palaeontology Meeting organised by the Chilean Palaeontology Society SPACH, Santiago de Chile, 29th to 31st October 2002 Actas I Congreso Latinoamericano de Palaeontologia de Vertebrados organizado por la Sociedad Paleontologica de Chile SPACH, Santiago de Chile, 29 al 31 de octubre de 2002

Richard, G. ., 2005:
Proceedings Third International Congress of European Societies of Malacology XVth SEM Congress, XIIIth SFM Congress, VIIth SIM Congress, IInd IPM Congress Molluscs in contemporary research molluscs as bioindicators molluscs and their resource potential La Rochelle 24-27 June 2003, University Pole sciences et technologie Actes III eme Congres International des Societes Europeennes de Malacologie XVeme Congres de la Societe Espagnole de Malacologie XIIIeme Congres de la Soci

Ounais, N.; Theron, D., 2001:
Proceedings Fifth International Aquarium Congress, Monaco - November 20-25, 2000 Actes Cinquieme Congres International des Aquariums, Monaco - Novembre 20-25, 2000

Dietl, G., 1990:
Procerites progracialis Cox Arkell und andere Ammoniten aus dem basalen Mittel-Bathonium Mittl, Jura der Zollernalb, Schwab Alb, SW Deutschland

Gruendel, Joachim., 2000:
Procerithiidae Gastropoda from the Lias and Dogger of Germany and Poland Procerithiidae Gastropoda aus dem Lias und Dogger Deutschlands und Polens

Altmoos, M.; Durka, W., 1998:
Process conservation in recultivated mining landscapes - a nature conservation strategy for the southern area of Leipzig Prozessschutz in Bergbaufolgelandschaften Eine Naturschutzstrategie am Beispiel des Sudraumes Leipzig

Buttschardt, Tillmann K., 1998:
Process conservation in urban areas? - an anthropocentric viewpoint Prozessschutz in Siedlungsraumen? Eine Diskussion aus anthropozentrischer Sicht

Kuhn, Joachim., 2001:
Process conservation versus use and maintenance problems of dragonfly conservation in bogs of the southern German prealpine district Prozessschutz versus Nutzung und Pflege Probleme des Libellenschutzes in Mooren des sueddeutschen Alpenvorlandes

Jankowski, A.V., 1961:
Process of conjugation in a rare brackish water ciliate, Paramecium woodruffi

Del Moral, J.; Mejias, A.; Corrales, D., 1998:
Process of determination, in the Spanish south-west, of infection times owing to Mayetiola destructor Say on wheat Procedimiento para la determinacion de los momentos de infestacion del trigo por Mayetiola destructor Say en el sudoeste de Espana

Vinogradov, GA., 2000:
Processes of ionic regulation in freshwater fishes and invertebrates

Medvedev, Z.A., 1953:
Processes of regeneration and change of nucleic acids in the organism

Perri, T., 1942:
Processi correlativi di determinazione e diacorescimento dellabbozzo lentogeno neglianfibianuri Experienze su Bufo vulgaris, Bufo viridis, Rana esculenta, Rana agilis

Perez-Cordon, G.; Rosales-Lombardo, M.; Jose; Sanchez-Moreno, M., 2005:
Processing of fecal samples for study of Cryptosporidium sp by PCR Procesamiento de muestras fecales en el estudio de Cryptosporidium sp mediante PCR

Mustaparta, H.; Almaas, TJ., 1990:
Processing of pheromone information from receptor cells to antennal lobe neurons in Heliothis moths

Vauclair, J., 1990:
Processus cognitifs elabores etude des representations mentales chez le babouin

Mamaev, Y.L.; Okhotina, M.V., 1968:
Prochoanotaenia spasskii, sp

Drugmand, D., 2003:
Procirrus iti sp n, the most western species of central Africa Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederinae Procirrus iti sp n, la plus occidentale des especes dAfrique centrale Coleoptera Staphylinidae Paederinae

Cuppen, J.G M., 2006:
Procraerus tibialis Coleoptera Elateridae, a new click beetle for The Netherlands Procraerus tibialis Coleoptera Elateridae, een nieuwe kniptor voor Nederland

Torres, Vladimir Stolzenberg., 2001:
Procta associated to Vriesea sp Bromeliales, Bromeliaceae, II five new taxa of testacean amoebae Protoctista Rhizopoda, Testacealobosea Procta associada a Vriesea sp Bromeliales, Bromeliaceae, II cinco novos taxa de amebas testaceas Protoctista Rhizopoda, Testacealobosea

Torres, Vladimir Stolzenberg., 2000:
Procta associated to Vriesea sp Bromeliaceae three new taxa of testacean amoebae Protoctista Rhizopoda, Testacealobosea Procta em associacao com Vriesea sp Bromeliaceae tres novos taxa de amebas testaceas Protoctista Rhizopoda, Testacealobosea

Teodorescu, I., 1967:
Proctotrupidae Hymenoptera-Proctotrupoidea species new for the Roumanian fauna

Algarra, A.; Ros, P.; Segade, C.; Ventura, D.; Pujade, J., 1997:
Proctotrupidae with simple claws captured in Santa Coloma, Andorra Hymenoptera Proctotrupidae Proctotrupidae de unas simples capturados en Santa Coloma, Andorra Hymnopetra Prototrupidae

Masner, Lubomir., 2006:
Proctotrupoidea and Platygastroidea Proctotrupoidea y Platygastroidea

Gonzales-Bustamante, Luis., 1997:
Prodiplosis longifila infesting pods of pallar in Peru Prodiplosis longifila infestando vainas del pallar en Lima

Salaun, M.; Boucher, J. le Pennec, M., 1990:
Prodissoconch shell characteristics as indicators of larval growth and viability in Pecten maximus Linnaeus, 1758

Penchinat, Ch., 1870:
Prodrome a lhistoire malacologique de la France Des Parmacelles et des Daudebardies francaises

Giard.; Bonnier., 1890:
Prodrome dune Monographie des Epicarides du Golfe de Naples

Salvadori, T., 1880:
Prodromus Ornithologiae Papuasiae et Moluccarum

Adelung, N.N., 1906:
Prodromus Orthopterorum gub Tobolsk

Embacher, Gernot., 1998:
Prodromus of Salzburg Macrolepidoptera - supplements and corrections 2 Insecta Lepidoptera Prodromus der Grossschmetterlingsfauna des Landes Salzburg - Erganzungen und Korrekturen 2 Insecta Lepidoptera

in den Bosch, Herman AJ., 1998:
Prodromus of a list of amphibians and reptiles of Lebanon Amphibia; Reptilia Prodromus einer Liste der Amphibien und Reptilien Libanons Prodromus Amphibiorum et Reptiliorum Phoeniciae Amphibia; Reptilia

Grigorieva, A.D., 1962:
Productidae of the Kasanian stage of the Russian Platform and their environmental conditions

Makeeva, AP.; Belova, NV., 1975:
Production and amount of sperm in artificial breeding of herbivorous fish

Sepulcre, MP.; Garcia-Castillo, J.; Pelegrin, P.; Mulero, V.; Meseguer, J., 2002:
Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies specific to gilthead seabream Sparus auratus Linnaeus, 1758 phagocytes Produccion y caracterizacion de anticuerpos monoclonales especificos de los fagocitos de dorada Sparus auratus Linnaeus, 1758

Malhotra, YR.; Seema Langer., 1990:
Production and fate of ephippium of Moina macrocopa in relation to temperature variation

Saad, A.; Billard, R., 1995:
Production and management of spermatozoa in the European catfish Silurus glanis Production et gestion des spematozoides chez le poisson-chat europeen Silurus glanis

Gardarsson, A.; Einarsson, A., 1997:
Production and numbers of some diving ducks at Myvatn, Iceland Vidkoma og fjoldi nokkurra Myvatnsanda

Bove, Patricio Hernaez., 2001:
Production and reproductive output in Petrolisthes granulosus Decapoda, Anomura, Porcellanidae in different localities in the northern zone of Chile A comparison latitudinal Produccion y rendimiento reproductivo en Petrolisthes granulosus Decapoda, Anomura, Porcellanidae en diferentes localidades del norte de Chile Una comparacion latitudinal

Fonteles-Filho,; Sobral Guimaraes, M.S.corro., 1999:
Production cycles and carrying capacity of spiny lobsters Panulirus spp, stocks on the continental shelf of Ceara State, Brazil Ciclos de producao e capacidade de carga dos estoques de lagostas do genero Panulirus na plataforma continental do Estado do Ceara, Brasil

Awaiss, A.; Kestemont, P., 1997:
Production dynamic and nutritive quality of the freshwater rotifer Brachionus calyciflorus Dynamique de production et qualite nutritive du rotifere deau douce Brachionus calyciflorus

Pereira, O.M.rtins.; Hilberath, R.C.lia.; Ansarah, P.R.drigues Alves.; Galvao, M.S.ntos Nunes., 2003:
Production estimate of Mytella falcata and M guyanensis in natural beds of Ilha Comprida Estuary Sao Paulo, Brasil Estimativa da producao de Mytella falcata e de M guyanensis em bancos naturais do Estuario de Ilha Comprida - SP - Brasil

Molina, J P.A.; Moino Junior, A.; Cavalcanti, RS., 2004:
Production in vivo of entomopathogenic nematodes in different host insects Producao in vivo de nematioides entomopatogenicos em diferentes insetos hospedeiros

Kamshilov, M.M., 1958:
Production of Calanus finmarchicus Gunner in the littoral of the Eastern Murman

Camino, N.B.; Reboredo, G.R., 1996:
Production of Strelkovimermis spiculatus Poinar and Camino, 1986 Nematoda Mermithidae Produccion de Strelkovimermis spiculatus Poinar y Camino, 1986 Nematoda Mermithidae

E.H.rti, A.; Saghi, M.; Molina, J-AE.; Teller, G., 2001:
Production of a rhizogenic substance with an effect similar to that of indol acetic acid by the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris Production dune substance rhizogene a effet similaire a celul de lacide indole acetique par le ver de terre Lumbricus terrestris

Pauc, P.; Buffetaut, E., 1998:
Production of circular beads from egg shells of dinosaurs Reproduction de perles circulaires en coquilles doeufs de dinosaures

Del Bianco Rossi-Wongtschowski, Carmen Lucia., 2006:
Production of demersal fish in the south east region Producao de Peixes Demersais na Regio Sudeste

L.V.n Ty.; Hoang Nghia Son.; Nguyen Van Hanh.; Nguyen Huu Duc.; Bui Xuan Nguyen., 2003:
Production of embryos of an endangered species Bos gaurus by the xenogenic nuclear transfer into the ooplast of the domestic cow for preservation of this animal in Vietnam Bluoc dau nghien cuu tao phoi de nhan ban bo tot Bos gaurus bang ky thuat cay nhan lam co so cho viec bao ve loai dong vat quy hiem nay cua Vietnam

Chevin, Henri., 2002:
Production of fertile hybrids between Timarcha normanna Reiche and Timarcha goettingensis L Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Obtention dhybrides fertiles entre Timarcha normanna Reiche et Timarcha goettingensis L Col Chrysomelidae

Watanabe, WO.; Clark, JH.; Dunham, JB.; Wicklund, RI.; Olla, BL., 1990:
Production of fingerling Florida red tilapia Tilapia hornorum x T mossambica in floating marine cages

Cannas, A.; Lecca, E.; Lenti, G., 2003:
Production of juveniles of Mugil cephalus L used to restock Sardinian coastal lagoons Produzione di avannotti di Mugil cephalus L per il ripopolamento di lagune sarde

Glos, Maike F., 2005:
Production of models of the anemone Heteractis magnifica in 11 scale Herstellung von Modellen der Anemone Heteractis magnifica im Massstab 11

Gitelzon, GI.; Tugai, VA.; Zakharchenko, AM., 1990:
Production of obelin, a Ca2+-activated photoprotein, from Obelia longissima and its application for registration of the Ca2+ outflux from the fragmented sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscles

Proenca, LA.; Schmit, F.; Tamanaha, MS.; Guimaraes, S.; Rorig, L., 1999:
Production of okadaic acid, a diarrhetic toxin, by Dinophysis acuminata in Santa Catarina Producao de acido okadaico, uma toxina diarreica, por Dinophysis acuminata em Santa Catarina

Sushchenya, LM.; Semenchenko, VP.; Semenyuk, GA.; Trubetskova, IL., 1990:
Production of planktonic Crustacea and environmental factors

E.H.rti, A.; Saghi, M.; Molina, J-AE.; Teller, G., 2001:
Production of rhizogenic indolic compounds by the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris Production de composes indoliques rhizogenes par le ver de terre Lumbricus terrestris

Matsumoto, S.; Kasai, Z., 1990:
Production of soil organic matter by earthworm Pheretima communissima

Babitzki, V.A., 1968:
Production of some species of Cladocera in the literal of the various lakes

Zaika, VE.; Makarova, NP., 1990:
Production of the Black Sea zoobenthos

Lima Filho, M.; Favero, S. de Lima, G., 2001:
Production of the Mediterranean flour moth, Anagasta kuehniella Zeller Lepidoptera Pyralidae, on an artificial diet containing corn meal Producao de Anagasta kuehniella Zeller Lepidoptera Pyralidae com a utilizacao de fuba de milho na dieta artificial

Pereira, C.D.; Lomonaco, C., 2003:
Production of winged morphs in colonies of Brevicoryne brassicae L Hemiptera Aphididae induced by the parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae McIntosh Hymenoptera Aphidiidae and some behavioral aspects of the interaction between these species Producao de Formas Aladas em Colonias de Brevicoryne brassicae L Hemiptera Aphididae por Inducao do Parasitoide Diaeretiella rapae McIntosh Hymenoptera Aphidiidae e Alguns Aspectos Comportamentais da Interacao Destas Especies

Solimini, A.G.; Carchini, G., 2004:
Production of zoobenthos in the upper and median reach of the Aniene River Italy La produzione degli invertebrati bentonici nellalto e medio corso del Fiume Aniene

Akhmedov, I.A., 1977:
Production of zooplankton in the Mingechaurskoi Reservoir

Scardi, M.; Casola, E.; Dell'Aquila, M.; Lanera, P.; Maccaroni, A.; Mamone, R.; Plastina, N.; Rampacci, M.; Valiante, LM.; Vinci, D.; Casolaro, R.;, P.; D.N.zzo, F., 1998:
Production oriented modeling of a coastal lagoon Modellizzazione a scopi produttivi di uno stagno costiero salmastro

Joanen, T.; McNease, L.; Ashley, JD., 1990:
Production volume and trends in the USA

Jeuniaux, C.; Thome, J-P., 1990:
Production, extraction et utilisation technologique de la chitine a part de communautes marines

Zijlstra, JJ.; Baars, MA., 1990:
Productivity and fisheries potential of the Banda Sea ecosystem

Betancur, M.J.lliet; Martinez, I., 2001:
Productivity and oxygenation of the Panama Basin, Colombian Pacific, during the Late Pleistoceno-Holocene records of benthic foraminifera Productividad y oxigenacion en la Cuenca de Panama, Pacifico Colombiano, durante el Pleistoceno tardio-Holoceno el registro de los Foraminiferos Bentonicos

Mistri, M.; Rossi, R., 2000:
Productivity estimates in monitoring programs the Sacca di Goro example Stime di produttivita secondaria in indagini di monitoraggio un esempio nella sacca di Goro

de Brito, M.; Forattini, O.P.ulo, 2004:
Productivity of Aedes albopictus breeding containers in Paraiba Valley, Brazil Produtividade de criadouros de Aedes albopictus no Vale do Paraiba, SP, Brasil

de Heij, Maaike., 2000:
Productivity of a pond Productiviteit van een plas

Nekrasova, M.; Ya., 1968:
Productivity of benthos in the Azov Sea and Tagamrog Bay in the period of the regulation of flow of river Don

Forattini, O.P.ulo.; Kakitani, I.; Mureb Sallum, de Rezende, L., 1997:
Productivity of container-breeding Aedes albopictus in an urban environment Produtividade de criadouro de Aedes albopictus em ambiente urbano

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