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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38577

Chapter 38577 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pelz, H.-Joachim.; Sturhan, D., 1996:
Prospects for biological control of rodents using nematodes Aussichten einer biologischen Bekampfung von Nagetieren mit Nematoden

Geller, M.; Kh., 1962:
Prospects for enriching the valuable game fauna in the Far North Problemy zoologicheskikh issledovanii v Sibiri Knigoizdat Gorno-Altaisk

McKillup, SC.; Bailey, PT., 1990:
Prospects for the biological control of the introduced millipede, Ommatoiulus moreletii Lucas Julidae, in South Australia

Piliev, SA., 1975:
Prospects for the development of fish farm ponds in the Abkhaz ASSR

Gabuzov, OE., 1990:
Prospects for the introduction of B canadensis in the USSR

Astaurov, BL., 1972:
Prospects in animal sex control

Vasarhelyi, T., 1990:
Prospects of aradidology in Westpalaearctics

Burmakin, E.K., 1956:
Prospects of improving the Balkhash fishstock

Muskhelishvili, TA., 1975:
Prospects of study and protection of the herpetofauna of Georgia

Giachino, P.M.uro.; Etonti, M., 1996:
Prospelaeobates, a new genus and two new species of Leptodirinae from the Kvarner Islands and Istria Coleoptera Cholevidae Prospelaeobates gen nov e due sp n di Leptodirinae delle Isole del Quarnero e dellIstria Coleoptera Cholevidae

Leleshus, VL., 1990:
Prosperity and crisis in the evolution of corals

Chen, H.T., 1951:
Prosthogonimus from China, with remarks on the vali-dity of various species of the genus Trematoda Plagiorchiidae

Monteiro, C.M.; Amato, J.F.; Amato, S.B., 2007:
Prosthogonimus ovatus Digenea, Prosthogonimidae in three species of aquatic birds of southern Brazil Prosthogonimus ovatus Rudolphi Digenea, Prosthogonimidae em tres especies de Aves aquaticas da Regiao Sul do Brasil

Senz, W., 1996:
Prostoma communopore sp n, a new nemertean species from the ground water in Austria Nemertini Hoplonemertini Monostilifera Prostoma communopore sp n, eine neue Nemertine aus dem Grundwasser in Osterreich Nemertini Hoplonemertini Monostilifera

Escarguel, Gilles., 1998:
Protadelomys maximini nov sp Rodentia, Mammalia contribution to the knowledge of the genus Protadelomys and biochronological implications Protadelomys maximini nov sp Rodentia, Mammalia apport a la connaissance du genre Protadelomys et implications biochronologiques

Adlbauer, K.; Fritz, J.J., 1996:
Protaetia Cetonischema aeruginosa in Styria Col, Scarabaeidae Protaetia Cetonischema aeruginosa in der Steiermark Col, Scarabaeidae

Ates, Ron., 2002:
Protanthea simplex, perhaps simple but not tedious Protanthea simplex misschien simpel maar niet saai

Darevskii, IS.; Garrnin, VI., 1973 :
Protect amphibians

Hinkel, A.; Matz, N., 1998:
Protect the bats To mark the 200th anniversary of law to protect bats Schutz den Fledermausen Aus Anlass des 200 Jahrestages einer Verordnung zum Schutz der Fledermause

Eggers, J., 2006:
Protected - but continually at risk Fredede - men stadig fredlose

Valdesalici, Stefano., 2004:
Protected Brazilian species Especes bresiliennes protegees

Baumgartner, Hansjakob., 1998:
Protected and hunted Gefahrdet und gejagt

Fiers, V.; Dupont, P., 1999:
Protected and threatened insects in nature reserves situation status Les insectes proteges ou menaces dans les reserves naturelles etat des lieux

Popescu, M., 1968:
Protected animals and plants in Oltenia

Winiecki, A.; Nowosad, A.; Glazaczow, A., 1994:
Protected animals in Poland Zwierzeta chronione w Polsce

Gopal, R., 1990:
Protected area network importance of size, shape and proximity

Chemini, C., 1995:
Protected areas and biodiversity in the Alps Aree protette e biodiversita nelle Alpi

Sovinc, Andrej., 2001:
Protected areas as an instrument for the conservation of biodiversity in the Mediterranean Zavarovana obmocja kot orodje za ohranjanje biodiverzitete v Sredozemlju

Yerena, Edgar., 1995:
Protected areas for the spectacled bear in South America Las areas protegidas para el Oso Andino en Sudamerica

Nieblas Cuevas, Lourdes., 1998:
Protected areas in Mexico before development projects the case of the San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja California Sur, Mexico Areas protegidas en Mexico ante proyectos de desarrollo el caso de la Laguna San Ignacio en BCS, Mexico

Gaudreau, Leopold., 2001:
Protected areas in Quebec a historic decision for a collective challenge Aires protegees au Quebec une decision historique pour un defi collectif

Bouche, Philippe., 1999:
Protected areas of Rwanda up-dated an overview, 1990-96 Les aires protegees du Rwanda dans la tourmente Evolution de la situation de 1990 a 1996

Braz, V.S.; Cavalcanti, R.B., 2001:
Protected areas of the Federal District of Brazil as models of conservation for avifauna of the cerrado biome A representatividade de areas protegidas do Distrito Federal na conservacao da avifauna do cerrado

Genghini, M.; Benassi, M.C.istina., 1997:
Protected areas of wildlife interest in Emilia-Romagna Aree naturali protette di interesse faunistico in Emilia-Romagna

Genghini, M.; Spagnesi, M., 1997:
Protected areas of wildlife interest in Italy Le aree protette di interesse faunistico in Italia

Ramade, Francois., 2004:
Protected areas an essential tool in fundamental ecology and conservation research Les aires protegees un instrument essentiel pour la recherche en ecologie fondamentale et appliquee a la conservation

Huijbregts, H., 2003:
Protected beetles in the Netherlands Coleoptera Beschermde kevers in Nederland Coleoptera

Miquel, Jose Manuel., 2000:
Protected butterflies 10th part Mariposas protegidas 10a parte

Miquel Fernandez, Jose Manuel., 1997:
Protected butterflies 4th part Mariposas protegidas 4a parte

Miquel Fernandez, Jose Manuel., 1998:
Protected butterflies 5th part Mariposas protegidas 5a parte

Miquel, J.M.nuel.; Ibanez, C., 1998:
Protected butterflies 6th part Mariposas protegidas 6a parte

Miquel, Jose Manuel., 1999:
Protected butterflies 7th part Mariposas protegidas 7a parte

Miquel, Jose Manuel., 1999:
Protected butterflies 8th part Mariposas protegidas 8a parte

Miquel, Jose Manuel., 2000:
Protected butterflies 9th part Mariposas protegidas 9a parte

Miquel Fernandez, Jose Manuel., 1996:
Protected butterflies part 2 Mariposas protegidas 2-a parte

Miquel Fernandez, Jose Manuel., 1997:
Protected butterflies part 3 Mariposas protegidas 3a parte

Skora, Krzysztof E., 1996:
Protected fish species from the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea Chronione gatunki ryb polskiej strefy Morza Baltyckiego material do dyskusji

Jaskula, R.; Kowalczyk, J.K.zysztof.; Watala, C., 2002:
Protected ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae occuring on Lodz Upland Chronione gatunki biegaczowatych Coleoptera Carabidae na Wyzynie Lodzkiej

Pedersen, H.; Holmen, M., 1994:
Protected insect species in Denmark Part 4 Dragonflies

Lafranchis, Josquin., 2004:
Protected insects Fiche insectes proteges Le Fadet des laiches

Gutowska, K.; Moska, M., 2007:
Protected mammals of the vicinity of Wolow Lower Silesia, SW Poland Chronione gatunki ssakow okolic Wolowa

Cantone, G.; Catalona, D.; D.P.etro, N.; Fassari, G.; Mollica, E.; Scuderi, D., 2003:
Protected marine area Ciclopi islands a biodiversitys coffer? Larea marina protetta Isole Ciclopi un forziere di biodiversita?

Jurgeit, F.; Eppert, F.; Haenschke, W., 1997:
Protected nature in the River Mulde meadows Geschutzte Natur in der Muldeaue

Fazekas, Imre., 2002:
Protected plume-moth species in the Carpathbasin Microlepidoptera Pterophoridae Geschuetzte Pterophoriden-Arten im Karpatenbecken Microlepidoptera Pterophoridae

Mrowinski, Przemyslaw., 2003:
Protected species of dragonflies Odonata in Barlinecko-Gorzowski Landscape Park Chronione gatunki wazek Odonata w Barlinecko-Gorzowskim Parku Krajobrazowym

Kaaber, S.; Nielsen, P.S.adel.; Stoltze, M.; Terndrup, U., 1998:
Protected species of insects in Denmark Part 5 Butterflies Fredede insekter i Danmark Del 5 Dagsommerfugle

Goldberg, Claus., 1998:
Protected species of insects in Denmark Part 6 International conventions and the significance of directives for the protection of Danish insects Fredede insekter i Danmark Del 6 Internationale konventioner og direktivers betydning for beskyttelsen af danske insekter

Hansen, Lars Ove., 2002:
Protected species of insects in Norway 1 Protected species of butterflies in Norway Fredete insekter i Norge 1 Fredete sommerfugler i Norge

Olsvik, Hans., 2002:
Protected species of insects in Norway Protected species of dragonflies Fredete insekter i Norge3 Fredete oyenstikkere i Norge

Ohlsson, Arne., 2001:
Protected species Fredade arter

Delfosse, Emmanuel., 1999:
Protected spiders Les Arachnides proteges

Kunz, Kriton., 2001:
Protected status and export quotas for tropical tortoises Schutzstatus und Exportquoten tropischer Landschildkroeten

Debernardi, E.; Allemand, D., 1993:
Protected zones on the coast of the principality of Monaco Zones protegees sur le littoral de la Principaute de Monaco

Kowalczyk, J.K.zysztof.; Szczepko, K., 2004:
Protected, threatened and rare species of Hymenoptera and Diptera of the western part of the Kampinos National Park and the need of preservation of their habitats Chronione, zagrozone i rzadkie gatunki blonkowek Hymenoptera i muchowek Diptera zachodniej czesci Kampinoskiego Parku Narodowego i potrzeba zachowania ich siedlisk

Desroches, J.-Francois.; Picard, I., 2004:
Protecting amphibians conservation and not relocalization Pour la sauvegarde des amphibiens la conservation et non la relocalisation

Zielinski, Slawomir., 1995 :
Protecting and shaping phytocenoses in order to preserve faunal diversity, supported by introductory research results on timber beetles Coleoptera, Cerambycidae in the Mirachowskie Forests Kaszubski Landscape Park, Kartuzy Forest Administration Ochrona oraz ksztaltowanie fitocenoz sposobem na zachowanie zroznicowanej fauny - w oparciu o wstepne wyniki badan nad kozkowatymi Coleoptera, Cerambycidae lasow mirachowskich Kaszubski Park Krajobrazowy, Nadlesnictwo Kartuzy

Stroud, DA.; Mudge, GP.; Pienkowski, MW., 1990:
Protecting internationally important bird sites A review of the EEC Special Protection Area network in Great Britain

Sutton, P., 1990:
Protecting native flora and fauna from the greenhouse effect

Lagunov, II., 1976:
Protecting nature in Kamchatka

Schroeter, D., 2006:
Protecting turtles - using an IP-Cam and PC Schildkroeten sichern - mit IP-Cam und PC

Tashliev, A.O., 1974:
Protection and development of the animal world of Turkmenistan

Kleinstauber, Gert., 1999:
Protection and development of the peregrin falcon population in Thuringia Schutz und Entwicklung des Wanderfalkenbestandes in Thuringen

Petersen, B.; Beulshausen, F.; Weinfurter, M., 2004:
Protection and endangerment status of species of the Fauna Flora Habitats Directive in Germany Schutz- und Gefaehrdungsstatus der Arten der FFH-Richtlinie in Deutschland

Bannikov, A.G., 1966:
Protection and exploitation of wild ungulates

Haslett, John R., 1993:
Protection and management for invertebrates in the Hohe Tauern national park Schutz und Management der Invertebraten-Fauna im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Zimmermann, Helmut., 1999:
Protection and preservation of the Madagascan poison frogs and their habitats Schutz und Erhaltung der madagassischen Farbgiftfrosche und ihrer Lebensraume

Steffan, August Wilhelm., 1998:
Protection and recolonization by the black European honeybee in nature reserves and biosphere reserves in Germany Schutz und Wiederansiedlung der Dunklen Europaeischen Honigbiene in Naturschutzgebieten und Biosphaerenreservaten Deutschlands

Mammen, K., 2005:
Protection and utilisation of the common hamster Cricetus cricetus in the EU Schutz und Nutzung des Feldhamsters in der Europaeischen Union

Reiterer, Monika E., 2005:
Protection and utilization of game the influence of socio-cultural parameters plans in the enlarged EU Wildtiere zwischen Schutz und Nutzung soziokulturelle Parameter im Wandel der Zeiten - unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der EU-Erweiterung 2004

Hellwig, Holger., 2001:
Protection concept for common hamster Cricetus cricetus in Rhineland-Palatinate Artenschutzprojekt Feldhamster Cricetus cricetus in Rheinland-Pfalz

Gristina, M.; Fiorentino, F.; Garofalo, G.; Gagliano, M.; Morizzo, G.; Cusumano, S., 2005:
Protection effects on European spiny lobster Palinurus elephas Fabricius, 1787 in the Isole Egadi Marine Reserve Effetti della protezione sullaragosta comune Palinurus elephas Fabricius, 1787 nella Riserva Marina delle Isole Egadi

Schimkat, Jan., 2000:
Protection efforts of the corncrake Crex crex in the Ostragehege of Dresden Schutzbemuehungen fuer den Wachtelkoenig Crex crex im Dresdner Ostragehege

Fruehauf, Johannes., 2001:
Protection for the Steinfeld - can it be expected only with the help from Brussels? Schutz fuer das Steinfeld - keine Chance ohne Hilfe aus Bruessel?

Conservatoire des Sites Bulgares - Antenne Internationale., 1995:
Protection for the red-breasted goose Proteccion para la barnacla cuellirroja

Anonymous., 1975:
Protection from sharks

Levaeva, Z.A., 1971:
Protection from the cabbage root fly

Rolan, Emilio., 2000:
Protection guidelines for Lithophaga lithophaga in Spain Normativa protectora de Lithophaga lithophaga en Espana

Assmann, Otto., 2001:
Protection measures for the green lizard - Lacerta viridis Laurenti, 1768 near Passau Germany, Lower Bavaria Schutzmassnahmen fuer die Smaragdeidechse - Lacerta viridis Laurenti, 1768 - bei Passau BRD, Niederbayern

Anonymous,, 2006:
Protection measures for the pygmy hog in Basistha and Potasali in Assam Schutzmassnahmen fuer das Zwergwildschwein in Basistha und Potasali in Assam

Uspenski, S.M.; Shaposhnikov, L.K., 1957:
Protection of Arctic animals

Mayr, Claus., 1995:
Protection of Ramsar sites under the European Union Birds and Habitats Directives Zur Bedeutung der Europaischen Vogelschutzgebiete IBA fur die Ramsar-Konvention

Marzona, E.; Giacoma, C.; Salio, C.; Travers, M.; Zugolaro, C., 2000:
Protection of Rana temporaria in Perrero TO Intervento di salvataggio di Rana temporaria nel comune di Perrero TO

Lustrat, Philippe., 1996:
Protection of a herpetological site at the edge of Fontainebleau forest Protection dun site herpetologique en lisiere de la foret de Fontainebleau

Marano, G.; D.Z.o, V.; Pastorelli, AM.; Rositani, L.; Ungaro, N.; Vaccarella, R., 1999:
Protection of a marine area the Pianosa biotope Tremiti Archipelago Protezione di unarea marina il biotopo Pianosa Isole Tremiti

Gilyarov, M.S.; Chernov, Yu, I., 1977:
Protection of animals in the USSR Terrestial invertebrates

Kutyrin, IM., 1988:
Protection of aquatic organisms from pollution The pace of its acceleration

Marzec, M., 2003:
Protection of bat wintering shelters in the Romincka Forest Ochrona miejsc zimowania nietoperzy na terenie Puszczy Rominckiej

Strzelinski, P.; Wegiel, A., 1995:
Protection of bats Chiroptera in caves of the Krakow-Czestochowa Uplands Securing caves against uncontrolled entry Ochrona nietoperzy Chiroptera w jaskiniach wyzyny krakowsko-czestochowskiej Zabezpieczanie jaskin przed niekontrolowana penetracja

Gupta, M.; Kasana, VK., 1990:
Protection of bees from pesticides 1 Field test of repellents on the foraging behaviour of Apis florea F

Buchholz, L.; Kubisz, D.; Gutowski, J.M., 2000:
Protection of beetles Coleoptera in Poland - problems and possible solutions Ochrona chrzaszczy Coleoptera w Polsce - problemy i mozliwosci ich rozwiazania

Okolow, C., 1999:
Protection of biodiversity, natural course of processes, restauration of protected ecosystems and scientific investigations in the Bialowieza National Park Poland Schutz der Biodiversitat und der naturlichen Prozesse sowie Probleme der Wiederherstellung von geschutzten Okosystemen im Nationalpark von Bialowieza Polen

Criado, Juan., 1997 :
Protection of biodiversity Action plans for globally threatened birds of Europe En defensa de la biodiversidad Planes de accion para las aves globalmente amenazadas en Europa

Sodeikat, Gunter., 1995:
Protection of black grouse with the aid of target species concept and with the additional release of black grouse Birkhuhnschutz mit Hilfe des Zielartenkonzeptes und durch zusatzliche Auswilderung von Birkhuhnern

Kallenbach, G.; Patzak, U.; Jurgeit, F., 2006:
Protection of building breeding in Saxony-Anhalt by example of the city of Dessau Gebaeudebrueterschutz in Sachsen-Anhalt am Biespiel der Stadt Dessau

Komitet Ochrony Orlow., 2000:
Protection of eagles and other rare species of birds of prey in Poland - report for 1999 Ochrona orlow i innych rzadkich gatunkow ptakow drapieznych w Polsce w roku 1999 - raport Komitetu Ochrony Orlow za rok 1999

Komitet Ochrony Orlow., 2001:
Protection of eagles and other rare species of birds of prey in Poland - the report for 2000 Ochrona orlow i innych rzadkich gatunkow ptakow drapieznych w Polsce w roku 2000 - raport Komitetu Ochrony Orlow za rok 2000

Anonymous., 2002:
Protection of eagles and other rare species of birds of prey in Poland in 2001 - the report for 2001 Ochrona orlow i innych rzadkich gatunkow ptakow szponiastych w Polsce w roku 2001 - raport Komitetu Ochrony Orlow za rok 2001

Luick, R.; Bierer, J.; Wagner, F., 2004:
Protection of farm birds in cultural landscapes - management concepts for the whinchat Saxicola rubetra in the Ammertal region District of Tuebingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg Wiesenbrueterschutz in der Kulturlandschaft - mehr als nur Vertragsnaturschutz Schutzkonzepte fuer das Braunkehlchen im Unteren Ammertal Baden-Wuerttemberg

Kozlovski, A.A., 1966:
Protection of forest cultures against damages caused by elk

Percsy, Christiane., 1996:
Protection of herpetofauna in Belgium two cases La protection de lherpetofaune en Belgique francophone deux exemples concrets

Zyczynski, Andrzej., 2002:
Protection of herpetofauna in the Warsaw park complex Pola Mokotowskie Ochrona herpetofauny w Warszawskim kompleksie parkowym Pola Mokotowskie

Mazur, M.; Kubisz, D., 2000:
Protection of insects of xerothermic habitats in Poland Ochrona owadow siedlisk kserotermicznych Polski

Tarrier, Michel., 1998:
Protection of lepidopteran habitats in Morocco Second part new considerations and final inventory Protection dhabitats lepidopteriques au Maroc Seconde partie nouvelles considerations et inventaire final

Tarrier, Michel., 1995:
Protection of lepidopteran habitats in the Moroccan Atlas mountains 1st part general aspects initial inventory Protection dhabitats lepidopteriques dans le Atlas marocains 1ere partie generalites et inventaire initial

Uhl, Hans., 2000:
Protection of meadow birds in Upper Austria - projects for a tuneful spring in our landscapes Wiesenvogelschutz in Oberoesterreich - Projekte fuer ein klangvolles Fruehjahr in unseren Landschaften

Kunisch, J., 1998:
Protection of meadow breeding birds in Upper Austria Project initiatives of the Department of Nature Protection, Amt der oo Landesregierung Schutz von wiesenbrutenden Vogelarten in Oberosterreich Projektsinitiativen der Naturschutzabteilung beim Amt der oo Landesregierung

Gomez Moliner, B.; Moreno, D.; Rolan, E.; Araujo, R.; Alvarez, R.M., 2001:
Protection of molluscs in the national catalogue of threatened species Proteccion de moluscos en el catalogo nacional de especies amenazadas

Goodall, J., 2006:
Protection of nature as a social requirement Schutz der Natur als gesellschaftliche Herausforderung

Ancelet, Christophe., 2005:
Protection of nesting house martins Delichon urbica of Thermes de Saint-Amand-les-Eaux hotel Nord, France 2003-2005 Protection de la colonie dHirondelles de fenetre Delichon urbica de lhotel des Thermes de Saint-Amand-les-Eaux nord, France 2003-2005

Pugacewicz, Eugeniusz., 1997:
Protection of nests of rare forest birds in north Podlasie in 1984-1994 Ochrona gniazd rzadkich ptakow lesnych na polnocnym Podlasiu w latach 1984-1994

Jorda Lledo, Raul., 2004:
Protection of palaeontological sites in Valencia legal framework Proteccion de yacimientos paleontologicos en la Comunidad Valenciana marco legal

Wansink, Dennis., 1997:
Protection of pine martens in the Netherlands Bedreigingen van de boommarter in Nederland

Volovik, AS.; Glez, VM.; Zamotaev, AI.; Zeiruk, VN.; Litun, BP., 1989:
Protection of potatoes from diseases, pests and weeds a handbook

Izyumov, G.I., 1960:
Protection of rare and vanishing animals

Abramov, L.S., 1957:
Protection of rare species of plants and animals and geological objects

Nikanorov, RM.; Russo, RK., 1989:
Protection of river basins, lakes and estuaries from pollution

Huysecom, J.; Herremans, JP., 1993:
Protection of sites with a high biological interest on the Croix Scaille and Rocroi plateaux Overall note Protection des sites de haut interet biologique des plateaux de la Croix Scaille et de Rocroi Note de synthese

Moeller-Meinecke, M.M., 2006:
Protection of species and biotopes, more important than travel projects Arten- und Biotopschutz wichfiger als Verkehrs-projekte Europaischer Gerichtshof rugt Verkehrsplanung

Hieke, A.; Teich, J.; Weis, D., 2001:
Protection of species in the biosphere reserve and its success Artenschutzmassnahmen im Biosphaerenreservat und ihre Erfolge

Maran, Tiit., 1997:
Protection of the European mink Mustela lutreola Schutz des Europaischen Nerzes Mustela lutreola

Levy Bruhl, Viviane., 1996:
Protection of the European otter in France A good example of a variety of policies protection of the species, of its habitats and further integrate protection La protection de la loutre dEurope Lutra lutra en France, un bon exemple de la necessaire complementarite des politiques protection de lespece, de ses habitats et protection integree

de Vries, Michiel Wallis., 2002:
Protection of the Glanville fritillary near the Grote Nete Bescherming van de veldparelmoervlinder langs de Grote Nete

Beaud, Michel., 2001:
Protection of the common tern Sterna hirundo during the breeding season Quelques experiences dans le domaine de la protection de la sterne pierregarin Sterna hirundo en periode de nidification

Neumann-Denzau, Gertrud., 2001:
Protection of the kulans in Turkmenistan Schutz der Kulane in Turkmenistan

Oien, I.J.stein.; Aarvak, T.; Ekker, M., 2005:
Protection of the lesser white-fronted goose along its European migration route Bevaring av dverggas langs den europeiske trekkruten

Bonnotte, Sylvie., 1999:
Protection of the montain gorillas and ecotourism in Uganda Sauvegarde des gorilles de montagne et ecotourisme en Ouganda un premier bilan

Homes, V.; Melisch, R., 2001:
Protection of the musk deer Moschus spp by means of the sustainable use of musk Schutz der Moschustiere Moschus spp durch nachhaltige Nutzung von Moschus

Ahlmann, V., 2007:
Protection of the riverine rabbit in central Karoo - annual report 2006 Schutz des Buschmannhasen in der Zentralkaroo - Jahresbericht 2006

Ahlmann, V., 2005:
Protection of the riverine rabit in the Central Karoo - annual report 2004 Schutz des Buschmannhasen in der Zentralkaroo - Jahresbericht 2004

Berdichevski, L.S., 1958:
Protection of the stocks of valuable economic fishes of the Caspian basin

Surdacki, S., 1962:
Protection of the suslik Gitellus suslicus Gueld in the district of Lublin

Kohler, Wolfgang., 1996:
Protection of the white-tailed sea eagle Haliaeetus albicilla in forestry in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Germany Schutz des Seeadlers Haliaeetus albicilla in der Forstwirtschaft in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Hoelzel, Manfred., 2000:
Protection of the wild cat Felis silvestris Schreber 1777 in German law - current status and improvement possibilities Schutz der Wildkatze Felis silvestris Schreber 1777 im deutschen Recht - aktueller Status und Verbesserungsmoeglichkeiten

Abramov, K.G., 1960:
Protection of tiger in the Far East

Palii, V.F. ., 1969:
Protection of useful insects

Kleinberg, S.E., 1957:
Protection of walrus

Denisiuk, M.; Denisiuk, Z., 2006:
Protection of wetlands in national parks Ochrona obszarow wodno-blotnych w parkach narodowych

Pinna, W.; Vacca, G.M.ssimo.; Cubeddu, G.M.ria.; Pintori, G.; Garippa, G., 1996:
Protection of white donkeys on Asinara results of treatment against parasites Salvaguardia degli asinelli bianchi dellAsinara risultati di un intervento di controllo delle parassitosi

Budayova, Jana., 1999:
Protection of white stork in Presov region Ochrana bociana bieleho v Presovskom kraji

Ahnlund, Hans., 1997:
Protection or cultivation - reply concerning the significance of continuity and substrate accessibility for wood dwelling insects which need it Skydd eller skotsel - replik angaende betydelsen av kontinuitet och substrattillgang for kravande vedinsekter

Jankowski, Wojciech., 1999:
Protection plans for fish ponds Plany ochrony stawow rybnych

Bitz, A.; Blum, S.; Schader, H.; Thiele, R., 1995:
Protection program for Hyla arborea in Rhineland-Palatinate FRG Natur- und artenschutzrelevante Untersuchugen am Laubfrosch Hyla arborea L in Rheinland-Pfalz

Zettler, M.L.; Rohner, M., 1997:
Protection project for large mussels of the Toitenwinkler Bruch in the Hansa town of Rostock Grossmuschelerhaltungsprojekt fur den Toitenwinkler Bruch in der Hansestadt Rostock

Aquliera, X.G.lvez; Tischer, H.; Schulz, W., 2004:
Protection project for the Cuban amazon Das Schutzprojekt fuer die Kuba-Amazone

Robinet, Olivier., 1995:
Protection project for the Uvean horned parakeet First interim report Das Schutzprojekt fur den Ouvea-Hornsittich Ein erster Zwischenbericht

Buchsbaum, Ulf., 1998:
Protection status evaluation for the temporary nature reserve Erlebach Schutzwurdigkeitsgutachten fur das einstweilig gesicherte Naturschutzgebiet Erlebach

Bender, Brigitte., 2000:
Protection successes on roads, including protection for salamanders by protection fences expertly erected by the city roads department Schutzerfolg an Strassen auch bei Schwanzlurchen durch einen fachgemass aufgebauten Schutzzaun des Landesstrassenbaumtes

Wenz, Iris., 1997:
Protection value of meadows of the Nahe in the Mittelworth-Woog area Schutzwurdigkeit der Naheaue im Bereich Mittelworth-Woog

Panteleev, ID., 1973:
Protective areas of woodland and the role of beneficial birds

Cadi, A., 2000:
Protective measures for the European pond turtle Emys orbicularis L in the French region of Rhone-Alpes Schutzmassnahmen fur die Europaische Sumpfschildkrote Emys orbicularis L in der franzosischen Region Rhone-Alpes

Smeets, M.; Wirth, R., 2005:
Protective measures for the pygmy hog in Assam, India Schutzmassnahmen fuer das Zwergschwein in Assam, Indien

Mateo, J.A.; Lopez-Jurado, L.F.; Guillaume, C.P., 1996:
Proteic and morphological variations in ocellated lizards Lacertidae a complex of species across the Strait of Gibraltar Variabilite electrophoretique et morphologique des lezards ocelles Lacertidae un complexe despeces de part et dautre du detroit de Gibraltar

Stepanyuk, IA.; Golovenko, VK.; Poludina, VP., 1990:
Protein and amino acid pool of the Odessa Bay mussels

Pereira-Filho, M.; Castagnolli, N.; Storti-Filho, A. de Oliveira-Pereira, M.I., 1996:
Protein and crude fiber levels in the diet of juvenile matrinxa, Brycon cephalus, an Amazonian fish Efeito de diferentes niveis de proteina e de fibra bruta na alimentacao de juvenis de matrinxa, Brycon cephalus

Leknes, Ingvar Leiv., 2004:
Protein digestion in vertebrates Fordoying av eggekvitestoff hos virveldyr

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Protein growth and fat accumulation in the body of the Korfo-Karaginsk herring

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Protein kinase C and calcium are involved in the action of juvenile hormone on follicle cells of Rhodnius prolixus

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Protein metabolism in fish Metabolismo proteico em peixes

Mambrini, M.; Guillaume, J., 1999:
Protein nutrition Nutrition proteique

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