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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38578

Chapter 38578 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Espinosa, G.; Hernandez, G.; Bordon, G.; Rodriguez, M.; Diaz, R.; Sasaki, H.; Moncada, F., 1999:
Protein polymorphism and mitochondrial DNA in the turtle Eretmochelys imbricata Estudio del polimorfismo proteico y del DNA mitocondrial en la tortuga carey Eretmochelys imbricata

Harris, ELV.; Angal, S., 1990:
Protein purification applications A practical approach

Szapkievich, V.B.; Comas, C.I.; Zunino, G.E.; Mudry, M.D., 1998:
Protein variability analysis for Alouatta caraya and Cebus apella Primates Platyrrhini Analisis de variabilidad proteica en Alouatta caraya y Cebus apella Primates Platyrrhini

Andreotti, Renato., 1995:
Proteinases and inhibitors in the plasma of Caiman crocodilus yacare Proteinases e inibidores no plasma do Caiman crocodilus yacare Daudin, 1803

Wagner, W.; Schnetter, W., 2001:
Proteinases in the midgut juice of the European cockchafer Melolontha melolontha and the degradation of the Cry8C toxin of Bacillus thuringiensis japonensis strain Buibui Proteasen im Darmsaft des Feldmaikaefers Melolontha melolontha und Abbau des Cry8C-Toxins von Bacillus thuringiensis japonensis Stamm Buibui

Caprio, E.; Viggiani, G., 2001:
Proteinic profile of four species of Encarsia Foerster Hymenoptera Aphelinidae Profilo proteico di quattro secie di Encarsia Foerster Hymenoptera Aphelinidae

Bossis, M.; Caubel, G.; Porte, C., 1997:
Proteinic variability observed by means of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis on nine isolates of Heterodera schachtii originating from six European countries and on two isolates of H trifolii f sp beta Variabilite proteique observee par electrophorese bidimensionnelle sur neuf isolats dHeterodera schachtii provenant de six pays europeens et sur deux isolats dH trifolii f sp beta

Kopantseva, MA.; Ludvig, MZ.; Uspenskii, II.; Tamarina, NA.; Tsatryan, VA.; Korochkin, LI., 1990:
Proteins of ejaculatory bulb in different Drosophila species

Borowiec, Lech., 1996:
Proteinus longicornis Dodero, 1923 Coleoptera, Staphylinidae new for Poland Proteinus longicornis Dodero, 1923 Coleoptera, Staphylinidae nowy dla fauny Polski

Dauphin, Patrick., 1995:
Proteinus of western Europe Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Sur les Proteinus dEurope occidentale Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Pinna, G., 1990:
Protenodontosaurus italicus n g, n sp, un nuovo placodonte del carnico italiano

Freze, V.I., 1965:
Proteocephalata-cestodes of fish, amphibians and reptiles

Rego, A.Arandas, 2002:
Proteocephalid cestodes parasites of Pseudoplatystoma Pisces, Pimelodidae from South America Cestoides proteocefalideos parasitas de Pseudoplatystoma Pisces, Pimelodidae da America do Sul

de Chambrier, A.; Vaucher, C., 1999:
Proteocephalidae and Monticelliidae Eucestoda Proteocephalidea parasites of freshwater fishes in Paraguay, with descriptions of a new genus and ten new species Proteocephalidae et Monticelliidae Eucestoda Proteocephalidea parasites de poissons deau douce au Paraguay, avec descriptions dun genre nouveau et de dix especes nouvelles

Hockfield, S., 1990:
Proteoglycans in neural development

Lando, G.; Simo, G.; Tatchum, G.; Donfack, J.; Djoha, S.; Tume, C., 1999:
Proteolytic activity of the adult worm extracts of Onchocerca volvulus Activite proteolytique de lextrait de vers adultes de lOnchocerca volvulus

Trinh Hong Thai.; Pham Thi Tran Chau., 1995:
Proteolytic and antiproteolytic activities of Heliothis armigera during the metamorphosis from pupa to adult Hoat do proteolitic va antiproteolitic cua sau xanh Heliothis armigera trong qua trinh bien thai tu nhong den con truong thanh

Ramenskaya, G.P., 1959:
Proteolytic ferments of the leucocytary serums and leucocytes

Podlipaev, SA.; Frolov, AO.; Kolesnikov, AA., 1990:
Proteomonas inconstans n gen, n sp Kinetoplastida, Trypanosomatidae, a parasite of the bug Calocoris sexguttatus Hemiptera, Miridae

Huhle, Hartmut., 2006:
Proterosaurus speneri Meyer, 1832 check first before putting it into the litter Erst pruefen und dann wegwerfen, Protorosaurus speneri Meyer, 1832, aus der Kramkriste

Meinhardt, Martin., 1997:
Protest letter - scorpions as souvenirs Protestbrief - Skorpione als Souvenirs

Pernthaler, J.; Posch, T.; Simek, K.; Vrba, J.; Psenner, R.; Amann, R., 1998:
Protist induced population shifts in an experimental microbial community Protisten-induzierte Populationsverschiebungen in einer experimentellen mikrobiellen Gemeinschaft

Goeke, Gerhard., 2003:
Protist preparations - forgotten and new methods Gelegte Praeparate von Protisten - Vergessene und neue Methoden

Alimov, AF., 2000:
Protista Part 1 Handbook on zoology

Rubino, F.; Belmonte, G.; Todaro, M.; Boero, F., 1997 :
Protistan cysts from the Gulf of Taranto sediments Cisti di protisti nei sedimenti del Golfo di Taranto

Petz, W.; Zingone, A.; Hohenegger, J.; Baal, C.; Leitner, A.R., 2003:
Protists microalgae and protozoans Protisten Mikroalgen und Protozoen

Bilong Bilong, C.F.; Birgi, E.; L.B.un, N., 1997:
Protoancylodiscoides malapteruri n sp Monogenea, Dactylogyridea, Ancyrocephalidae, branchial parasite of Malapterurus electricus Gmelin Siluriformes, Malapteruridae, from Cameroon Protoancylodiscoides malapteruri n sp Monogenea, Dactylogyridea, Ancyrocephalidae, parasite branchial de Malapterurus electricus Gmelin Siluriformes, Malapteruridae, au Cameroun

Sinni, Elena Luperto., 2000:
Protochrysalidina elongata n gen, n sp of the Early Cretaceous of Murge Puglia, southern Italy Protochrysalidina elongata n gen, n sp del Cretaceo inferiore delle Murge Puglia, Italia meridionale

Vanappelghem, Cedric., 2007:
Protocol for a new atlas of the odonates of the Nord-Pas-de Calais region Protocole du Nouvel Atlas des Odonates de la region Nord-Pas-de Calais

Leonardi, G.; Travali, S.; Scrofani, E.; Cipriano, M.; Brogna, A., 2007:
Protocol for the capture, handling, health and genetic monitoring of the lanner Protocollo per la cattura, la manipolazione e il rilievo sanitario e genetico del lanario

White, J., 1990:
Protocol for the rehabilitation of oil-affected waterbirds

Colacrai de Trevisan, Miryam., 1996:
Protocol from the Treaty on the Protection of the Antarctic environment a vital agreement on the consolidation of the Antarctic ecosystem Protocolo al Tratado Antartico sobre Proteccion del Medio Ambiente un vital compromiso a la consolidacion del regimen antartico

Dommanget, Jean-Louis., 2002:
Protocol of the mapping inventory of the Odonata of France INVOD programme 3rd edition Protocole de linventaire cartographie des odonates de France Programme INVOD 3e edition

Badawi-Fayad, J.; Yazbeck, C.; Balzeau, A.; Grimaud-Herve, D.; Cabanis, E.A., 2005:
Protocol optimization for fossil skulls study with CT scan Anatomie numerisee du crane fossile par scanner RX

Towns, DR.; Daugherty, CH.; Cromarty, PL., 1990:
Protocols for translocation of organisms to islands

Cartelle, C.; Langguth, A., 1999:
Protocyon troglodytes Lund an extinct intertropical canid Protocyon troglodytes Lund um canideo intertropical extinto

Rodrigue, A., 1999:
Protohistonics engravings from Morocco elephants and men Des elephants et des hommes

Dies, M.E.; Gozalo, R.; Linan, E., 2001:
Protolenus Hupeolenus Geyer 1990 Trilobita from the Bilbilian Lower Cambrian of Jarque Zaragoza, Iberian Chains Protolenus Hupeolenus Geyer 1990 Trilobita en el Bilbiliense Cambrico Inferior de Jarque Zaragoza, Cadenas Ibericas

Schlindwein, C.; Moure, J.S.ntiago., 2005:
Protomeliturga catimbaui sp nov Hymenoptera, Andrenidae, the second species of the tribe Protomeliturgini Protomeliturga catimbaui sp nov Hymenoptera, Andrenidae, a segunda especie da tribo Protomeliturgini

Ott, Gerhard., 2005:
Protomyzon sinensis Chen, 1980 in the new genus Erromyzon Kottelat, 2004 Protomyzon sinensis Chen, 1980 in neuer Gattung Erromyzon Kottelat, 2004

Ott, Gerhard., 2002:
Protomyzon sinensis Chen, 1980 Ichthyology, biology, care and breeding Protomyzon sinensis Chen, 1980 Ichthyologie, Biologie, Pflege, Vermehrung

Fedotov, D.M., 1915:
Protomyzostomum polynephris Fedotov et ses rapports avec Gorgonocephalus eucnemis M Tr

Kuttner, Ralf., 1998:
Protonemura austriaca Theischinger, 1976 in Saxony Plecoptera Protonemura austriaca Theischinger, 1976 in Sachsen Plecoptera

Xylander, W.E.; Bartolomaeus, T., 1995:
Protonephridia new study on their function and evolution Protonephridien neue Erkenntnisse uber Funktion und Evolution

Martin, Michel., 1997:
Protopterus nigeriensis nov sp one of the oldest protopterus - Dipnoi - In Beceten, Senonian of Niger Protopterus nigeriensis nov sp, lun des plus anciens protopteres - Dipnoi - In Beceten, Senonien du Niger

Canard, Michel., 1996:
Protopulvinaria pyriformis Cockerell, 1894, a new coccid for the French fauna Homoptera, Coccidae La pulvinaire pyriforme Protopulvinaria pyriformis Cockerell, 1894, une cochenille nouvelle pour la faune de France Homoptera, Coccidae

Azimov, DA.; Ubaidillaev, Y.U., 1976:
Protostrongylids of cattle in Uzbekistan and biology of Protostrongylus Raillieti Schulz, Orloff and Kutass, 1933

Thyagaraja, BS.; Kelly, TJ.; Masler, EP.; Bell, RA.; Imberski, RB.; Borkovec, AB., 1990:
Protothoracicotropic hormone PTTH regulation of the larval pupal molt in the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar observations on the development of a larval in vivo bioassay

Perez-Inigo, C., 1990:
Protozetomimus, a new genus of oribatid mites Acari, Oribatei, Ceratozetidae

Novitsky, JA., 1990:
Protozoa abundance, growth and bacterivory in the water column, on sedimenting particles, and in the sediment of Halifax Harbor

Aspock, Horst., 1994:
Protozoa as cause of human illness overall view and actual problems in central Europe Protozoen als Erreger von Krankheiten des Menschen Ubersicht und aktuelle Probleme in Mitteleuropa

Arndt, Hartmut., 1994:
Protozoa as important components of pelagic ecosystems in lakes Protozoen als wesentliche Komponente pelagischer Okosysteme von Seen

Foissner, W., 1997:
Protozoa as indicators of humus types Protozoen als Indikatoren der Humusform

Kolodynski, Jan., 1996:
Protozoa as reservoirs for human bacterial pathogens Pierwotniaki jako rezerwuary chorobotworczych dla czlowieka bakterii

D'Agosto, M.; Siqueira, I.C.istina V.; Barbosa do Espirito-Santo, N., 2001:
Protozoa ciliate Protista, Ciliophora behaviour and distribution in the rumen and reticulum of fasting bovines Comportamento e distribuicao de protozoarios ciliados Protista, Ciliophora no rumen e no reticulo de bovinos submetidos ao jejum

Pratt, W.H., 1907:
Protozoa collected from different localities in Nottinghamshire

Butschli, O., 1881:
Protozoa in H G Bronns Klassen ud Ordnungen des Thierreichs

Wassiliewski, M., 1894:
Protozoa in Herpes Zoster

Toomka, A.F., 1957:
Protozoa in cases of chronic tonsillitis

Ucuncu, N.; Gocmen, B.; Ucuncu, S., 2001:
Protozoa living in the rectum of the spiny-lizard, Laudakia stellio stellio Linnaeus, 1758 Reptilia Lactertilia and their structures Dikenli keler Laudakia stellio stellio Linnaeus, 1758 Reptilia Lacertilia rektumunda yasayan protozoonlar ve yapilari

Praeger, R.L., 1950 :
Protozoa of Ireland

Gremma, E.O., 1877:
Protozoa of his Aralo-Caspian Researches

Toomka, A.F., 1958:
Protozoa of the buccal cavity

Awakian, A., 1940:
Protozoa parasitic in rats, Mus decumanus, of Moscow In Russian

Dogiel, V.A., 1936:
Protozoa Animal World of USSR Zool Institute, Acad Sci USSR

Boikova, EE., 1989:
Protozoa biomonitors of the marine environment Prosteishie biomonitory morskoi sredy

Brodsky, A.I., 1945:
Protozoal fauna of the soils in Pamir highlands

de Melo Ximenes, Maria de Fatima Freire., 1997:
Protozoan and helminth parasitism in common marmoset Callithrix jacchus Parasitismo por helmintos e protozoarios no sagui comum Callithrix jacchus

Zasukhin, D.N. ., 1964:
Protozoan diseases

Koyuncu, E.; Cengizler, I., 2002:
Protozoan ektoparasites occuring in some of the aquarium fishes Poecilidae raised in Mersin District Mersin bolgesinde yetistiriciligi yapilan bazi akvaryum baliklari Poecilidaenda rastlanilan protozoan ektoparazitler

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