Pseudacaenodera samariensis n sp Trematoda, Digenea Acanthocolpidae from the Colombian Caribbean Santa Marta Pseudacaenodera samariensis n sp Trematoda, Digenea Acanthocolpidae del Caribe Colombiano Santa Marta

Velez, I.

Actualidades Biologicas (Medellin). enero-junio; 2170: 61-67


Accession: 038578534

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A new species of trematode worm is described in the genus Pseudacaenodera (Acanthocolpidae). The new species is a parasite of the marine fish, Lutjanus synagris, and is differentiate from the other two species of the genus Pseudacaenodera, P. cristata Yamaguti 1965 and Pseudacaenodera karachiense Bilqees & Malik 1980, by its larger size, more numerous discoidal cuticular projections (between 38 and 56), that beginn at the oral sucker and range until the middle of the acetabulum, esofagus division in the two caeca at the level before the acetabulum, final host Lutjanus synagris and the eggs size. This species was collected in trematode study in marine fishes, Lutjanidae, in colombian Caribbean, Santa Marta. In this work were examineted 460 fishes from six species and found seven different familys and 14 digenean species of trematods.