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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38582

Chapter 38582 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kobayashi, R.; Nonomura, Y.; Okano, A.; Tashima, Y., 1988: Purification and some properties of porcine kidney tropomyosin

Gross, M.; Skoczylas, B.; Turski, W., 1966: Purification and some properties of ribonucleases from Paramecium aurelia

Medley, Q.G.; Lee, S.F.; Côté, G.P., 1990: Purification of Dictyostelium myosin II heavy chain kinase A based on the increase in negative charge accompanying hyperphosphorylation

Fredes, F..; Sanchez, C..; Gorman, T..; Alcaino, H.., 2001: Purification of Fasciola hepatica antigens by electroelution and its diagnostic application through western blot in animal infection Purificacion de antigenos de Fasciola hepatica mediante electroelucion y su aplicacion immunodiagnostica mediante Western Blot en la infeccion animal

Pazos I.F..; Alvarez, C.; Rodeiro, I.; Tejuca, M.; Lanio, ME., 1996: Purification of a phospholipase A2 from the sea anemone Stichodactyla helianthus Purificacion de una fosfolipasa A2 de la anemona marina Stichodactyla helianthus

Pardo, J.; Gutierrez, E.; Sáez, C.; Brito, M.; Burzio, L.O., 1990: Purification of adhesive proteins from mussels

Matoub, M.; Rouland, C., 1996: Purification of an endocellulase from Macrotermes bellicosus Termitidae, Macrotermitinae and from its symbiotic fungus Termitomyces sp Purification dune endocellulase chez Macrotermes bellicosus Termitidae - Macrotermitinae et chez son champignon symbiotique Termitomyces sp

Manohar, D.; Rao, G.Damodar.; Sreenivasulu, G.; Senthilkumaran, B.; Gupta, A.Dutta., 2005: Purification of vitellogenin from the air breathing catfish, Clarias gariepinus

Aleman, Yves., 1996: Purple gallinule, a new breeding bird for France La taleve sultane Porphyrio porphyrio, une nouvelle espece nicheuse pour la France

Heuer, Jurgen., 1995: Purple heron Ardea purpurea in the northern Harz foothills Purpurreiher Ardea purpurea im nordlichen Harzvorland

Podhraski, Karmen., 2001: Purple heron Rjava caplja Ardea purpurea

Sotiropoulou, S., 2005: Purple in cycladic art identification of the pigment in wall paintings of Akrotiri Thera, Greece La pourpre dans lart cycladique identification du pigment dans les peintures murales dAkrotiri Thera, Grece

Hudecek, J..; Hanak, F..; Simecek, K..; Jakubec, M.., 2002: Purple sandpiper Calidris maritima from the collection of the Middle Forest School at Hranice Jespak morsky Calidris maritima ze sbirky Stredni lesnicke skoly v Hranicach na Morave

van Ouwerkerk, Giljam. van Ouwerkerk, Rutger., 2005: Purple-backed starling Daurische Spreeuw op Vlieland

Michalcewicz, J., 2003: Purpuricenus kehleri Linnaeus, 1758 Coleoptera Cerambycidae in Poland Purpurowka kaehlera Purpuricenus kehleri Linnaeus, 1758 Coleoptera Cerambycidae w Polsce

Slama, Milan Emanuel Frantisek., 2001: Purpuricenus renyvonae sp n from Balkan Coleoptera Cerambycidae Purpuricenus renyvonae sp n vom Balkan Coleoptera Cerambycidae

D.Koninck, Herman., 2001: Purse web spiders Atypidae on heathland Mijnspinnen Atypidae op de heide

Lundquist, Tomas., 2006: Pursuit of magic moments - thoughts and tips on digital photography Jakten pa magiska minuter - tanker och tips om digitalfogografering

Amaro, A.L.cia.; Guerim, L..; Guimaraes Desiderio, M.H.lena.; Serra-Freire, N.M.ues., 1999: Purulent ear infection in Felis catus L, 1758 caused by Anocentor nitens Neumann, 1897 Otite purulenta em Felis catus L, 1758 induzida por Anocentor nitens Neumann, 1897

Durante, M.A.tonio.; Panzera, S.., 2002: Pusiola unipunctana maior n ssp of the Republic of Guinea Lepidoptera, Arctiidae, Lithosiinae Pusiola unipunctana maior n ssp della Repubblica di Guinea Lepidoptera, Arctiidae, Lithosiinae

Meyer, R., 1990: Putting the Cornish back in the chough - the potential for re-establishment

Massmann, Rainer., 1999: Puzzling aspects about Ancistrus Ratsel um Ancistrus

Mey, E., 2006: Puzzling occurrence of two chewing lice species Insecta, Phthiraptera, Ischnocera on the snow partridge Lerwa lerwa Galliformes, Phasianidae? Raetselhaftes Vorkommen zweier Federlingsarten Phthiraptera auf dem Haldenhuhn Lerwa lerwa Galliformes, Phasianidae?

Morin, Didier., 2000: Pycnocelus surinamensis Linne, 1758 new for France Dictyoptera, Blaberidae Pycnocelus surinamensis Linne, 1758 en France Dictyoptera, Blaberidae

Neuhaeuser-Happe, Lorenz., 2000: Pycnoglypta lurida Gyllenhal, 1813, a species with boreo-montane disjunction in Europe Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Pycnoglypta lurida Gyllenhal, 1813 Eine Art mit boreal-montaner Disjunktion in Europa Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Chimenz Gusso, Carla., 2000: Pycnogonida Arthropoda Chelicerata of the Italian coasts An overview Picnogonidi delle coste italiane Quadro delle conoscenze Pycnogonida

Turpaeva, EP., 1990: Pycnogonida from southern Atlantic

Munilla Leon, Tomas., 1997: Pycnogonids collected into Fauna II and Fauna III cruises Picnogonidos capturados en las campanas Fauna II y Fauna III

Piscitelli, G.; Barone, G., 2000: Pycnogonids from the Tremiti Islands a preliminary note Prima nota sui picnogonidi delle Isole Tremiti

Capecchi, Alamanno., 2001: Pycnonotids family Pycnonotidae Os picnonotidos familia Pycnonotidae

Dupuis, F..; L.R., B.., 1999: Pycnoschema simplicicolle Kolbe, 1905, systematic and ecologic data Coleoptera, Dynastidae Pycnoschema simplicicolle Kolbe, 1905, precisions systematiques et ecologiques Coleoptera, Dynastidae

Lyubimov, M.P., 1953: Pygar-ginema cervi nov sp a parasite of Cervus Sica nippon hortulorum

Ebermann, Ernst., 1998: Pygmodispus Allodispus pachymarginatus n sp, Acari, Tarsonemina, Scutacaridae, a new mite species from southern Austria Pygmodispus Allodispus pachymarginatus n sp Acari, Tarsonemina, Scutacaridae, eine neue Milbenart aus dem sudostlichen Osterreich

Ebermann, Ernst., 1997: Pygmodispus Allodispus pavidus n sp Acari, Tarsonemina, Scutacaridae, a new terrestrial mite species from the town center of Graz Austria Pygmodispus Allodispus pavidus n sp Acari, Tarsonemina, Scutacaridae, eine neue terrestrische Milbenart aus dem Stadtzentrum von Graz, Osterreich

Kortlandt, Adriaan., 1998: Pygmy chimpanzee, bonobo or gracile chimpanzee whats in a name? Chimpanze nain, bonobo ou chimpanze gracile quy a-t-il sous ce nom?

Laurenti, S..; Taglioni, T.., 1996: Pygmy cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmeus at the Ripasottile Lake, Rieti Central Italy Presenza di marangone minore Phalacrocorax pygmeus al Lago di Ripasottile RI

Lakatos, Jovan., 2001: Pygmy cormorant and great white pelican new records for vicinity of Apatin Mali kormoran Phalacrocorax pygmeus i ruzicasti pelikan Pelecanus onocrotalus novi nalazi u okolini Apatina

Vink, A..; Ebels, E.B., 1999: Pygmy cormorant in the Oostvaardersplassen Dwergaalscholver in Oostvaardersplassen

Magnani, A..; Panzarin, L..; Cherubini, G.., 1998: Pygmy cormorant, Phalacrocorax pygmeus, breeding in the Lagoon of Venice Nidificazione di marangone minore, Phalacrocorax pygmeus, in Laguna di Venezia

Capelle, Christophe., 2001: Pygmy cormorant Dwergaalscholver in Belgie

Stumberger, Borut., 2000: Pygmy cormorant Pritlikavi kormoran Phalacrocorax pygmaeus

Bombek, Domink., 2001: Pygmy cormorant Pritlikavi kormoran Phalacrocorax pygmeus

Bordjan, D., 2004: Pygmy cormorant Pritlikavi kormoran Phalacrocorax pygmeus

Bordjan, Dejan., 2002: Pygmy cormorant Pritlikavi kormoran Phalaxcrocorax pygmeus

Ebels, E.B.; Stoopendaal, W..; Tims, C..; Vink, A.., 2000: Pygmy cormorants near Montfoort in January 1999 and in Oostvaardersplassen in June 1999 Dwergaalscholvers bij Montfoort in januari 1999 en in Oostvaardersplassen in juni 1999

Nadler, K., 2004: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum L in the Bohemian Massif in Austria and consequences for Natura 2000 Aktuelles ueber den Sperlingskauz Glaucidium passerinum L in der Boehmischen Masse Oesterreichs und Konsequenzen fuer Natura 2000

Hering, J., 2004: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum - first breeding record on the Klinovec peak and an analysis of diet Erster Brutnachweis des Sperlingskauzes Glaucidium passerinum am Klinovec und Nahrungsanalyse

Hayo, Lothar., 2000: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum at Wiebelskirchen/Saar Sperlingskauz Glaucidium passerinum bei Wiebelskirchen

Lieb, Karl., 2002: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum breeding in a nest box in the Weilhartforst/Upper Austria Nistkastenbrut des Sperlingskauzes Glaucidium passerinum im Weilhartforst/Oberoesterreich

Augst, Ulrich., 1994: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum in the National Park Sachsische Schweiz Saxony Der Sperlingskauz Glaucidium passerinum im Nationalpark Sachsische Schweiz

Henrioux, P..; Henrioux, J.-Daniel., 2001: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum breeding early in the Western Jura mountains Ponte precoce de la chevechette dEurope Glaucidium passerinum dans le Jura vaudois

Vogrin, M..; Svetlicic, J.., 2001: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum in Savinja Alps, northern Slovenia Mali skovik Glaucidium passerinum v Savinjskih Alpah

Domaszewicz, Artur., 1997: Pygmy owl Glaucidium passerinum in the Bialowieza National Park - habitats, distribution, and numbers Soweczka Glaucidium passerinum w Bialowieskim Parku Narodowym - jej siedliska, rozmieszczenie i liczebnosc

Muller, Y., 2003: Pygmy owl breeding at low altitude in the northern Vosges Nidification de la chevechette dEurope Glaucidium passerinum dans les Vosges du Nord

Wiesner, Jochen., 1999: Pygmy owl research in Thuringia Sperlingskauzforschung in Thuringen

Perusek, Miro., 2001: Pygmy owl Mali skovik Glaucidium passerinum

Benecke, H.-Gunter.; Sender, W.., 1996: Pylons as nesting places of the white stork Ciconia ciconia in Dromling nature park Saxony-Anhalt Hochspannungsmasten waren Horstplatze des Weissstorches Ciconia ciconia im Naturpark Dromling Sachsen-Anhalt

Strauss, G..; Wisser, J.., 2003: Pyometra in a raccoon Procyon lotor Pyometra bei einem Waschbaeren Procyon lotor

Toniollo, G.H.lio; Lega, E.; Batista, C.M.ndes; Nunes, N., 2000: Pyometra in feline species - report of a case in Panthera onca Piometra na especie felina - relato de um caso em Panthera onca

Kuchlein, JH., 1978: Pyralid and plume moths captured in Glimmen Prov of Groningen Lepidoptera, Pyralidae and Pterophoridae

Kuchlein, JH., 1978: Pyralid and plume moths captured in Loenen Prov of Utrecht Lepidoptera, Pyralidae and Pterophoridae

Hauritz, Erik., 1999: Pyralis regalis D S - a new species for Denmark An example of this pyralid moth was discovered on Bornholm in summer of 1996 Pyralis regalis D S - ny art for Danmark Et eksemplar af denne pyralide blev i sommeren 1996 fundet pa Bornholm

Loi, G..; Canovai, R.., 2006: Pyraloidea Lepidoptera of the entomological collection the Dipartimento di Coltivazione e Difesa delle Specie Legnose G Scaramuzzi, University of Pisa Catalogo dei lepidotteri Pyraloidea presenti nella collezione del Dipartimento di Coltivazione e Difesa delle Specie Legnose G Scaramuzzi dellUniversita di Pisa

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Korshunov, YuP., 1990: Pyraloidea from museum collections studied by ZM Kozakevich

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Kuster-Wendenburg, Elisabeth., 2001: Pyramidellidae Mollusca, Gastropoda from the Nieder Ochtenhausen research borehole Pyramidellidae Mollusca, Gastropoda in der Forschungbohrung Nieder Ochtenhausen

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Dalens, Henri., 1998: Pyrenean endemism O rousseti a new epigean species Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscidea Endemisme pyreneen sur une nouvelle espece epigee du genre Oritoniscus O rousseti n sp Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscidea

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Tronchetti, G., 1990: Pyrgo? globulosa nov sp, nouveau foraminifere Miliolina du Cenomanien tethysien Interet biostratigraphique, paleoenvironnemental et paleobiogeographique

Kuna, Gerd., 1998: Pyrgus alveus Hubner, 1803 - egg laying on Potentilla tabernaemontani Lep, Hesperiidae Pyrgus alveus Hubner, 1803 - Eiablage auf Potentilla tabernaemontani Lep Hesperiidae

Ockinger, E., 2007: Pyrgus armoricanus Lepidoptera Hesperiidae - expanding in a warmer climate? Backvisslaren Pyrgus armoricanus Lepidoptera Hesperiidae - en forbisedd klimatvinnare?

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Gros, Patrick., 2000: Pyrgus bellieri Oberthur, 1910, from the Lake Garda area in Trentino Italy Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae Belliers Wurfel-Dickkopffalter Pyrgus bellieri Oberthur, 1910 aus dem Gardaseegebiet im Trentino Italien Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae

Fuchs, G..; Wolf, W.., 2006: Pyrgus malvoides Elwes Edwards, 1897 also in the Bavarian Alps - first records for Germany Insecta Lepidoptera Hesperiidae Pyrgus malvoides Elwes Edwards, 1897 auch in den bayerischen Alpen - Erstnachweise fuer Deutschland Insecta Lepidoptera Hesperiidae

Gros, P..; Embacher, G.., 1998: Pyrgus warrenensis Verity, 1928 and P trebevicensis Warren, 1926, two new hesperiids for the fauna of Salzburg Lepidoptera Hesperiidae, Pyrginae Pyrgus warrenensis Verity, 1928 und P trebevicensis Warren, 1926, zwei fur die Fauna Salzburgs neue Dickkopffalterarten Lepidoptera Hesperiidae, Pyrginae

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Sematan, V.; Sima, P., 2005: Pyrobombus haematurus Kriechbaumer 1870 - new species of bumble-bee for Slovakia Pyrobombus haematurus Kriechbaumer, 1870 - novy druh cmela Hymenoptera Bombidae na Slovensku

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Cluck, Pierre., 1998: Pyropteron chrysidiformis chalcocnemis Stgr 1856 Some data on its distribution Pyropteron chrysidiformis chalcocnemis Stgr 1856 Quelques precisions au sujet de sa repartition

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do Rosario Leal de Oliveira, Maria., 1996: Pytoplankton composition and toxic Cyanophyceae dynamics in a water supply reservoir Composicao do fitoplancton e dinamica de Cyanophyceae toxicas numa Albufeira de abastecimento publico

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