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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38599

Chapter 38599 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Black, KP.; Gay. S.L., 1990:
Reef-scale numerical hydrodynamic modelling developed to investigate crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks

Samtleben, C.; Munnecke, A., 1999:
Reefmounds in the Lower Wenlockian of Gotland examples of early coral reefs Reefmounds im unteren Wenlock auf Gotland Beispiele frueher Korallenriffe

Helm, Carsten., 2005:
Reefs and facies development of the florigemma bank coral oolites, Oxfordian in Suentel and the eastern Weser Mountains NW Germany Riffe und fazielle Entwicklung der florigemma-Bank Korallenootlith, Oxfordium im Suentel und oestlichen Wesergebirge NW-Deutschland

Leinfelder, R.; Brummer, F., 1997:
Reefs and people A dilemma? Die Riffe und der Mensch Ein Dilemma?

Richter, C., 1998:
Reefs as plankton filters Das Riff als Planktonfilter

Stikvoort, Ed., 2005:
Reefs in the Netherlands before long? Riffen, binnenkort in Nederland?

Achtelig, Michael., 2001:
Reefs in the earths Middle Ages - corals and sponges of Augsburg Natural Sciences Museum Riffe im Erdmittelalter - Korallen und Schwaemme in der Ausstellung des Naturmuseums Augsburg

Hagdorn, H.; Szulc, J.; Bodzioch, A.; Morycowa, E., 1999:
Reefs in the shell limestone Riffe aus dem Muschelkalk

Schafer, P.; Freiwald, A.; Heinrich, R.; Bader, B.; Wehrmann, A.; Samtleben, C.; Seiter, C.; Zankl, H., 1997:
Reefs of the middle and deep sea zones Riffe in gemassigten und hohen Breiten

Bouyon, H., 1997:
Reesa vespulae Milleron Coleoptera Dermestidae a guest of North American origin, new for Ile-de-France and for France Reesa vespulae Milleron Coleoptere Dermestidae un envahisseur dorigine nord-americaine nouveau pour lIle-de-France et la France

Arnaiz, L.; Coello, P., 1997:
Reestablishment of Anthaxia Haplanthaxia lusitanica Obenberger, 1943 and description of the male of this species Coleoptera Buprestidae Rehabilitacion de Anthaxia Haplanthaxia lusitanica Obenberger, 1943 y descripcion del macho de dicha especie Coleoptera Buprestidae

Devecis, Jacques., 1997:
Reestablishment of Eudicella darwiniana Kraatz bona sp and description of new subspecies of African Cetoniidae Rehabilitation dEudicella darwiniana Kraatz bona sp et description de nouvelles sous-especes de Cetoniidae africaines

Ferrer, Julio., 2000:
Reestablishment of Peltoides capensis Fahraeus, 1870, bona species, not a junior synonym of Peltoides senegalensis Laporte in Castelnau, 1832 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Rehabilitation de Peltoides capensis Fahraeus 1870, bona species, non junior synonyme de Peltoides senegalensis Laporte de Castelnau 1832 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Lund, RA., 1997:
Reestablishment of a sea trout population following rotenone treatment Reetablering av fiskebestanden i et sjoorretvassdrag etter rotenonbehandling

Lehrer, Andy Z., 2006:
Reestablishment of some European species of the genus Sarcophaga Meigen Diptera, Sarcophagidae Retablissement de quelques especes europeennes eclipsees du genre Sarcophaga Meigen Diptera, Sarcophagidae

Moure, Jesus S., 1996:
Reestudy of some type specimens of Neotropical bees, described by Friese and preserved in the Berlin Museum Apoidea, Colletidae, Anthophoridae Reestudo de alguns tipos de abelhas neotropicais descritos por Friese e conservados no Museu de Berlim Apoidea, Colletidae, Anthophoridae

Sigogneau-Russell, Denise., 1999:
Reevaluation of Peramura Mammalia, Cladotheria based on new specimens from the Lower Cretaceous of the United Kingdom and Morocco Reevaluation des Peramura Mammalia, Cladotheria sur la base de nouveaux specimens du Cretace inferieur dAngleterre et du Maroc

Haenni, Jean-Paul., 2002:
Reevaluation of Scatopse filamentosa Duda, 1928, and a new synonymy Diptera, Scatopsidae Reevaluation de Scatopse filamentosa Duda, 1928, avec une nouvelle synonymie Diptera, Scatopsidae

Alvaro, J.; Javier.; Linan, E., 1997:
Reevaluation of the Bilbilian stage Lower Cambrian in the Iberian Chains and its relationship with other areas Nuevos datos acerca del Bilbiliense Cambrico inferior terminal en las Cadenas Ibericas y su correlacion con otras areas

Legrand-Blain, M.; Gand, G., 2005:
Reevaluation of the brachiopod fauna of the Upper Famennian Strunian of the Bourbon-Lancy region Morvan, central Massif Central Reevaluation de la faune a brachiopodes du Famennien superieur Strunien de la region de Bourbon-Lancy Morvan, Massif central francais

Chapman, Norma G., 1996:
Reeves muntjac Muntiacus reevesi in Great Britain Reeves Muntjak Muntiacus reevesi in Grossbritannien

Hua, Stephane., 1996:
Reexamination of Machimosaurus cf hugii from Haudainville quarries Meuse, east France contribution to the study of the genus Machimosaurus Meyer, 1838 Reexamen du Machimosaurus cf hugii des carrieres dHaudainville Meuse, est de la France contribution a letude du genre Machimosaurus Meyer, 1838

Jaekel, O., 1897:
Referat uber E Haeckel Die Amphorideen und Cystoideen vide No 118

Jaekel, O.; Bather, F.A., 1900:
Referat uber F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part I F A BATHER The Crinoidea of Gotland Part

Frech, F., 1897:
Referat ueber O Jaekel Beitrage zur Kenntniss der palaeozoischen Crinoiden Deutschlands O Jaekel Beitrage zur Kenntniss der palaeozoischen Crinoiden Deutschlands O Jaekel Beitrage zur Kenntniss der palaeozoischen Crinoiden Deutschlands O Jaekel Beitrage zur Kenntniss der palaeozoischen Crinoiden Deutschlands O Jaekel Beitrage zur Kenntniss der palaeozoischen Crinoiden Deutschlands O Jaekel Beitrage zur Kenntniss der palaeozoischen Crinoiden Deutschlands O Jaekel Beitrage zur

Rauzer-Chernousova, DM. et al., 1996:
Reference book on the systematics of Palaeozoic foraminifera Endothyroida, Fusulinoida

Shchegoleva, V.N., 1955:
Reference dictionary of Entomology

Gomes, S.Z.carias.; Pena, M. del Carmen Gonzalez., 1997:
Reference diet for nutrition studies with freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii Dieta referencia para estudo de nutricao com o camarao de agua doce Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Sokolov, A.S.; Kosigin, G.M.; Kuzin, A.E.P.rlov, A.S.S.ustov, A.P.; Tikhomirov, E.A., 1970:
Reference figures on characteristics of internal organs in Pinnipedia

Gauthier, B.; Prescott, J., 2002:
Reference framework for application of the Convention on Biological Diversity Cadre de reference pour la mise en oeuvre de la Convention sur la diversite biologique

Hedley, C.; Suter, H., 1893:
Reference list of the Land and Freshwater Mollusca of New Zealand

Korbel, R.; Lendl, C.; Baumgartner, K.; Gauckler, A., 1997:
Reference record for anaesthesia in zoo- and wild birds Referenzschema zur Anasthesie bei Zoo- und Wildvogeln

Celik, E.S.nver; Akbulut, M.; Sagir Odabasi, S.; Anil Odabasi, D., 2006:
Reference values of haematological indices for different fish species Farkli tur baliklarda hematolojik indekslerin referans degerleri

Romero, M.; Li, O.; Galvez, J.; Mayor, P., 2005:
Reference values of urea and creatinine in the white-lipped peccary Tayassu pecari in Parque de las Leyendas Zoo, Lima, Peru Valores referenciales de urea y creatinia en Pecaries Labiados Blancos Tayassu pecari en zoologico del Parque de las Leyendas, Lima-Peru

Jimenez-Marrero, N.M.; Mendez-Matos, I.; Montoya-Ospina, R.A.; Williams, E.H.; Jr.; Bunkley-Williams, L.; Mignucci-Giannoni, A.A., 1998:
Reference values on immunoglobulin G in three populations of manatees Trichechus manatus Puerto Rico, Colombia and Florida Valores de referencia de inmunoglobulina G en tres poblaciones del manati Trichechus manatus Puerto Rico, Colombia y Florida

Donadieu, P., 2002:
References in restoration ecology Les references en ecologie de la restauration

Cios, Stanislaw., 2005:
References to mayflies in Poland from the 16th to the 19th century Wzmianki o jetkach w Polsce od XVI do XIX w

Turni, H.; Braun, M., 1996:
References to the occurrence of the striped field mouse Apodemus agrarius, Pallas 1771 in Baden-Wurttemberg Uber Hinweise auf Vorkommen der Brandmaus Apodemus agrarius, Pallas 1771 in Baden-Wurttemberg

Vitali, Francesco., 2002:
Referral of the tribe Holopterini Lacordaire, 1869 to the subfamily Lepturinae Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Versetzung der Tribus Holopterini Lacordaire, 1869 zur Unterfamilie Lepturinae Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

Kranebitter, P.; Wilhalm, T., 2006:
Refinding of Chrysochraon dispar dispar and Conocephalus dorsalis Saltatoria in south Tyrol Italy Wiederfund von Chrysochraon dispar dispar und Conocephalus dorsalis Saltatoria in Suedtirol

Wackers, Felix., 2002:
Refined sugars Sweet reward in mutualistic interactions Geraffineerde suikers Zoete beloningen in mutualistische interacties

Marmasse, Alain., 1998:
Refinement of a method for treating wild raptor chicks without interference at the nest-site, during the detection of Trichomonas gallinae in Bonellis eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus Mise au point dune methode de traitement des poussins de rapaces sauvages sans intervention a laire, a loccasion du depistage de Trichomonas gallinae chez laigle de Bonelli Hieraaetus fasciatus

Gouteux, JP., 1999:
Refining tsetse traps via a new experimental set-up First trials against Glossina fuscipes fuscipes in the Central African Republic Un nouveau dispositif experimental pour la mise au point de pieges a tse-tse Premier essai sur Glossina fuscipes fuscipes en Republique centrafricaine

Brandt, T., 2004:
Reflecting ecological changes breeding of the black-necked grebe Podiceps n nigricollis at the Steinhuder Meer Im Spiegel oekologischer Veraenderungen Spontanes Brueten des Schwarzhalstauchers Podiceps n nigricollis am Steinhuder Meer

Bozhko, A.M.Smirnov, V.S., 1976:
Reflection of ecological peculiarities in morphophysiological indices of different Vimba populations

Vasil'ev, AN.; Borisenko, YuA., 1990:
Reflection of ethologic-trophic qualities in the chemical composition of shells of fossilized molluscs

Wille Trejos, Alvaro., 2001:
Reflections and studies of a biologist in the forests of Corcovado 3rd edition Reflexiones y estudios de un biologo en las selvas de Corcovado 3 ed

Gourves, Jean., 2000:
Reflections on 2 couples of Buprestidae species Trachys reflexus Gene 1836/Trachys minutus Linne 1758 Anthaxia hungarica Scopoli 1772/Anthaxia bonvouloiri Abeille de Perrin 1869 Coleoptera, Buprestidae Reflexions sur 2 couples despeces de Buprestidae Trachys reflexus Gene 1836/Trachys minutus Linne 1758 Anthaxia hungarica Scopoli 1772/Anthaxia bonvouloiri Abeille de Perrin 1869 Coleoptera, Buprestidae

Vit, Rudolf., 1996:
Reflections on Gouldian finch breeding Gedanken zur Gouldamadinen-Zucht

Paulian, Renaud., 1996:
Reflections on Madagascar zoogeography Reflexions sur la zoogeographie de Madagascar

Hoffeins, Hans-Werner., 2004:
Reflections on amber and inclusions Betrachtungen und gedanken ueber bernstein und inklusen

Schonfelder, Rolf., 1997:
Reflections on an oldie Rivulus cylindraceus Poey, 1861 Betrachtungen eines Oldies Rivulus cylindraceus Poey, 1861

Thaler, K.; Gruber, J., 2003:
Reflections on arachnological research in Austria 1758-1955 Zur Geschichte der Arachnologie in Oesterreich 1758-1955

Pelletier, Dominique., 2001:
Reflections on biosynthesis leading to the coloration of Chrysocarabus Thomson Coleoptera, Carabidae Reflexions sur la biosynthese conduisant a la coloration des Chrysocarabus Thomson Coleoptera, Carabidae

Lacourt, Jean., 2003:
Reflections on classification of Blennocampinae, with description of a new genus and a new species from south of France and Corsica Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae Reflexions sur la classification des Blennocampinae, avec description dun nouveau genre et dune nouvelle espece du sud de la France et de Corse Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae

Herling, AW., 1993:
Reflections on hunting ethics in relation to hunting in Germany Gedanken zur Jagdethik mit Bezug zur Jagd in Deutschland

Heynderycx, Jozef., 2004:
Reflections on mimicry Reflexions sur le mimetisme

Nowak, Eugeniusz., 2000:
Reflections on ornithologists I have known Part 2 Erinnerungen an Ornithologen, die ich kannte 2 Teil

Nowak, Eugeniusz., 2002:
Reflections on ornithologists whom I used to know Part 4 Erinnerungen an Ornithologen, die ich kannte 4 Teil

Nowak, Eugeniusz., 2001:
Reflections on ornithologists whom I used to know Part 6 Professor Alexandr Bogdanovich Kistyakovsky 1904-1983 Erinnerungen an Ornithologen, die ich kannte Teil 6 Professor Alexander Bogdanowitsch Kistiakowskij 1904-1983

Nowak, Eugeniusz., 2002:
Reflections on ornithologists whom I used to know part 3 Erinnerungen an Ornithologen, die ich kannte 3 Teil

Nowak, Eugeniusz., 2002:
Reflections on ornithologists whom I used to know part 7 The Makatsch case Erinnerungen an Ornithologen, die ich kannte Teil 7 Der Fall Makatsch

Nowak, Eugeniusz., 1998:
Reflections on ornithologists whom I used to know Erinnerungen an Ornithologen, die ich kannte

Devecis, J., 2005:
Reflections on some species of the genera Torynorrhina Arrow 1907 and Rhomborhina Hope 1837 from the Oriental region Reflexions sur quelques especes des genres Torynorrhina Arrow 1907 et Rhomborhina Hope 1837 de la region orientale

Alexis, R.; Delpont, M., 2001:
Reflections on the colour variation of Eupotosia affinis s str Andersch 1797 Reflexions sur les variations chromatiques dEupotosia affinis s str Andersch 1797

van Klaveren, P., 1997:
Reflections on the conservation of marine biodiversity and the Bern Convention Quelques reflexions sur la conservation de la biodiversite marine et la Convention de Berne

Carriere, J., 2006:
Reflections on the ecological status of Megascolia Regiscolia maculata in Herault First field note Hymenoptera, Scollidae Reflexions sur le statut ecologique de la grande Scolie dans lherault premiere note de terrain Hymenoptera, Scollidae

Galant, Marcel., 2000:
Reflections on the fauna of Lesbos island Reflexions sur la faune de lile de Lesbos

Keith, D., 2006:
Reflections on the genus Engertia and description of a new species from the Philippines Col Scarabaeoidea Melolonthidae Reflexions sur le genre Engertia et description dune nouvelle espece des Philippines Col Scarabaeoidea Melolonthidae

Godron, M., 1998:
Reflections on the meeting of the French Society of Biological Theory Saint Flour 16th - 18th June 1997 Reflexions sur le seminaire de la Societe Francaise de Biologie Theorique Saint Flour 16-18 Juin 1997

Heymer, Armin., 1997:
Reflections on the phylogenetic significance of the reproduction strategies and the male investment in Odonata Reflexions sur la signification phylogenetique des strategies reproductrices et de linvestissement male chez les libellules hexapodes, palaeopteres

Dupre, G., 1994:
Reflections on the protection of Euathlus smithi Reflexions sur la protection dEuathlus smithi

Gilot, Bruno., 1997:
Reflections on the scientific itinary of Pierre Claude Morel, from the taste for diagnosis to conceptualization Reflexions sur litineraire scientifique de Pierre Claude Morel du gout de la diagnose a la conceptualisation

Point, P., 1991:
Reflections on the uncertainties in wild species management the example of the West European sturgeon Acipenser sturio Quelques reflexions sur la prise en compte de lincertitude dans la politique de gestion dune espece sauvage lexemple de lesturgeon ouest europeen Acipenser sturio

Dierssen, K.; Woehler, K., 1997:
Reflections on the view of nature by conservationists and that of science by ecologists Reflexionen ueber das Naturbild von Naturschuetzern und das Wissenschaftsbild von Oekologen

Henry, J.-Paul.; Magniez, G., 1997:
Reflections upon some freshwater Asellota from Majorca Island Crustacea, Isopoda Reflexions sur les asellotes deau douce de Majorque Crustacea, Isopoda

Wildermuth, Hansruedi., 2000:
Reflex immobilization in dragonfly larvae Odonata Totstellreflex bei Grosslibellenlarven Odonata

Polyakov, N.G., 1951:
Reflexes from the ventral aorta and their influence on blood circulation and respiration

Claessens, O., 1990:
Reflexions a propos de lutilisation de la repasse nocturne

Alpheraki, S.N., 1910:
Reflexions lepidopterologiques

Raffin, Jean-Pierre., 1991:
Reflexions on ecological conditions of reintroductions and population reinforcements Reflexions sur les conditions ecologiques des reintroductions et renforcements de populations

Raffin, J-P., 1990:
Reflexions sur les conditions ecologiques des reintroductions et renforcements de populations

Anonymous., 1997:
Reform of Law 4 The PNV proposes the shooting of birds during prenuptial migration Reforma de la Ley 4 El PNV propuso la caza de aves en migracion prenupcial

Born, Charles-Hubert., 2003:
Reform of the law on nature conservation 2 New legal orders for the protection of species in the Wallonia region La reforme de la loi sur la conservation de la nature 2 Les nouvelles dispositions legales en matiere de protection des especes en Region wallonne

Anonymous., 1990:
Reforzada la proteccion del oso en la cornisa cantabrica

Marquez, R.; Cejudo, D., 1999:
Refuge availability, sprint speed, and vulnerability to predators in Gallotia simonyi Sauria, Lacertidae Disponibilidad de refugios, velocidad de carrera y vulnerabilidad ante predadores de Gallotia simonyi Sauria, Lacertidae

Williamson, T.; Meurgey, F., 2001:
Refuge microhabitats for larvae of Ischnura elegans Vander Linden, 1820 and of Platycnemis pennipes Pallas, 1771 Odonata, Zygoptera, Platycnemididae et Coenagrionidae Microhabitats refuges pour les larves dIschnura elegans Vander Linden, 1820 et Platycnemis pennipes Pallas, 1771 Odonata, Zygoptera, Platycnemididae et Coenagrionidae

Nesetril, R.; Danisova, K., 2002:
Refurbishment of the Malayan sun bear enclosure at the Usti nad Labem Zoo Renovace vybehu medvedu malajskych v zoo Usti nad Labem

Dierschke, V., 2006:
Refuse dumps as winter habitat for herring gulls from Helgoland and Mellum Muelldeponien als winterficher Lebensraum fuer Silbermoewen Larus argentatus aus der suedoestfichen Nordsee

Agtay, Fatima., 1999:
Refuse impact on the cork oak forest at Ben Slimane Morocco Impact des dechets menagers sur la suberaie a Ben Slimane Maroc

Herbulot, Claude., 1996:
Refutation of synonyms Lepidoptera Geometridae Refutation des synonymies Lepidoptera Geometridae

Berenger-Leveque, Philippe., 2005:
Regarding Paris insect fauna A propos de linsectofaune de Paris

Isbrucker, Isaac JH., 1999:
Regarding Pseudodoras niger DATZ 9/1999 Betrifft Pseudodoras niger DATZ 9/1999

Nilsson, Lennart., 1999:
Regarding new bird names Om nya fagelnamn

Biesenbaum, Willy., 2005:
Regarding the incidence of Agonopterix oinochroa Turanti, 1879 in our working area with a provisional list of proven species of the genres Agonopterix and Depressaria in our working area Ueber das Vorkommen von Agonopterix oinochroa Turanti, 1879 in unserem Arbeitsgebiet Lep, Depressariidae mit einer vorlaeufigen Liste der im Arbeitsgebiet nachgewiesenen Arten der Gattungen Agonopterix und Depressaria

Pomi, L.H.; Prevosti, F.J., 2005:
Regarding the systematic status of Felis longifrons Burmeister 1866 Carnivora Felidae Sobre el status sistematico de Felis longifrons Burmeister, 1866 Carnivora Felidae

Kankava, V.L., 1951:
Regenerating capacity of cristelline epithelium grafted into the abdominal area

Varga, A., 2004:
Regenerating molluscan fauna of the lower part of River Hernad A Hernad also szakaszanak regeneralodo Mollusca faunaja

Bulliere, D.; Bulliere, F., 1996:
Regeneration and cell recognition in insects Regeneration et reconnaissance cellulaire chez les insectes

Brien, P., 1970:
Regeneration du thorax par un troncon abdominalde Clavelina lepadiformisLes ontogeneses multiples dans une mane espece

Torrey, H.B., 1901:
Regeneration in Colonies of Renilla

Raitzina, S.S., 1958 :
Regeneration in newts and in some mammals

Vorontzova, M.A.; Liozner, L.D., 1947:
Regeneration of an organ after modification of its embryogenesis

Ignafyeva, G.M., 1955:
Regeneration of cornea in Anura after its partial or total removal

Sharov, I.I., 1953:
Regeneration of epidermis in Cyclostomata

Danini, E.S.; Ananin, B.D., 1948:
Regeneration of fractured bones in birds

Voronin, G.N., 1950:
Regeneration of fractured bono tissue in mice and rats

Tcheredeeva, E.A., 1953:
Regeneration of lymphatic sacs in frogs

Krynkova, I.N., 1952:
Regeneration of membrane tympani in lower and upper vertebrates

Dampel, N.N., 1956:
Regeneration of muscular tissue in an infected wound in an Amphibian

Galkovskaya, K.F., 1952:
Regeneration of peripherical nerves in Axolotl after exposure of its medulla spinelis to X-rays

Bernhardt, K.G. ., 1994:
Regeneration of river countryside Revitalisierung einer Flusslandschaft

Ignatyeva, L.P., 1950:
Regeneration of somatic musculature in mammals

Raitzina, S.S., 1953:
Regeneration of testes in Triton cristatus

Romanovsky, A., 1956:
Regeneration of the central nervous system in the early developmental stages of the axolotl Ambystoma mexicanum Cope

Liozner, L.D., 1963:
Regeneration of the ovary in mammals

Aspiz, M.E., 1954:
Regeneration of the skin glands and hairs in some mammals

Gorelova, L.P., 1954:
Regeneration of tissue and organs in Amphibia in con-ditions of disturbed inncrvation

Sokolof, B., 1915:
Regeneration problems

Abeloos, M., 1952:
Regeneration simul-tanee des opercules du Serpulide Hydroides norvegica Gunn

Ivanov, Leonid., 1913:
Regenerationserscheinungen bei Nassa reticulata L

Flerov, N.H., 1949:
Regenerative and degenerative phenomena in the histogenesis of the transitory epithelium and their physiological importance

Liozner, LD.; Babaeva, AG.; Markelova, IV., 1990:
Regeneratsionnye protsessy i ikh izuchenie v SSSR

Zajonc, I., 1962:
Regenwurmer Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae des Gebirges Povazsky Inovec und des Gebirgslandes Strazovska Hornatina

Zajonc, I., 1957:
Regenwurmer aus verschiedenen Biotopen aus der Umgebung der Stadt Nitra

Athanassopoulos, G., 1929:
Regime alimentaire de quelques poissons de la baie du Phalerea

Ulyel, AP.; Ollevier, F.; Ceusters, R. van den Audenaerde, T., 1990:
Regime alimentaire des Haplochromis Teleostei Cichlidae du Lac Kivu en Afrique

Bernini, F.; Nardi, PA., 1990:
Regime alimentare di Acipenser naccarii Bp Osteichthyes, Acipenseridae nel tratto pavese dei Fiumi Po e Ticino

Martinez, T., 1990:
Regimen alimentario de la cabra montes Capra pyrenaica en la zona alpina de Sierra Nevada durante los meses de Julio y Agosto

Hernandez, A.; Alegre, J.; Salgado, JM., 1990:
Regimen alimentario del erizo Erinaceus europaeus L durante verano y otono en setos de la provincia de Leon NO de Espana

Reusch, H.; Bellstedt, R.; Brinkmann, R.; Heiss, R., 2004:
Regional additions to the short-palped cranefly species of Germany in different federal states Diptera Limoniidae et Pediciidae Regionale Ergaenzungen zur Stelzmuecken-Fauna Deutschlands in verschiedenen Bundeslaendern Diptera Limoniidae et Pediciidae

Ross, B.D.; Yahner, R.H., 2003:
Regional analysis of associations between avian guilds and habitat variables

Levine, DA.; Willard, DE., 1990:
Regional analysis of fringe wetlands in the Midwest creation and restoration

Marcondes, C.B.; Lozovei, A.L.; Galati, E.A., 1998:
Regional and interspecific variations in the morphology of insects of the Lutzomyia intermedia complex Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae Variacoes regionais e interespecificas na morfologia de insetos do complexo Lutzomyia intermedia Diptera, Psychodidae, Phlebotominae

Garland, P., 1990:
Regional antelope stocking policy for Australian and New Zealand zoos

Veszeli, M.; Blattner, M., 2004:
Regional avifauna 2004 Report period 112004 to 31122004 Die regionale Avifauna 2004 Berichtszeitraum 112004 bis 31122004

Vincent, Roger., 1999:
Regional catalogues of beetles The department of Saone-et-Loire France Les catalogues regionaux de Coleopteres Le cas du departement de la Saone-et-Loire

Mossakowski, Dietrich., 1996:
Regional change of habitat and distribution in Carabus and Cychrus species Coleoptera Carabidae Regionaler Biotopwechsel und Verbreitungsareal bei Arten der Gattung Carabus und Cychrus Coleoptera Carabidae

Baba, Karoly., 1996:
Regional connections of the Tisza part of the Great Hungarian Plain on the basis of distribution of terrestrial gastropods Die Beziehungen der Landschaftseinheiten Regionen der Theiss-Tiefebene aufgrund der Verteilung der Landschnecken

Kojola, I.; Laitala, H.-Mari., 1999:
Regional differences in brown bear population structure in Finland Suomen karhukannan rakenteen alueelliset erot

Eronen, J., 2002:
Regional differences in butterfly faunas, comparison between Karkola southern Hame and Kitee northern Karelia Paivaperhoslajiston alue-eroista, vertailua Karkolan EH ja Kiteen PK valilla

Boele, A. van Dijk, A.-Jan.; Hustings, F.; Zoetebier, D., 2002:
Regional differences in development of European Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca numbers Regionale verschillen in aantalsontwikkeling van de bonte vliegenvanger Ficedula hypoleuca

Hartvigsen, R.; Norborg, P.C.ristian.; Halvorsen, O., 2002:
Regional distribution and occurrence of parasites on roach, bream and perch in south-east Norway Regional utbredelse og forekomst av parasitter hos mort, brasme og abbor i sorost Norge

Gaibova, SS., 1975:
Regional distribution of Echinococcus in farm animals in Azerbaidjan

Truchetet, D.; Habert, M.; Defaut, R.; Giraudoux, P.; Delattre, P.; Quere, JP., 1997:
Regional distribution of an outbreak of water voles Arvicola terrestris Scherman Diffusion a lechelle regionale dune pullulation de campagnols terrestres Arvicola terrestris Scherman

Persohn, M.; Ludewig, H.-Helmut., 2003:
Regional distribution of the ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae in the southern part of Rhineland-Palatinate together with remarks on the biology and the ecology of the species Part 1 general part and tiger beetles Cicindelinae Verbreitung der Laufkaefer Coleoptera Carabidae im Sueden von Rheinland-Pfalz nebst Anmerkungen zur Biologie und Oekologie der Arten Teil 1 Allgemeiner Teil und Sandlaufkaefer Cicindelinae

Wagner, Thomas., 1999:
Regional ecological collection transfer from Wuppertal to Bonn Okologische Landessamlung von Wuppertal nach Bonn umgezogen

Herbrecht, Franck., 1998:
Regional fauna Is Uromenus rugosicollis Serville, 1839 in expansion to the north? Insecta, Orthoptera Faune regionale Lephippigere carene, Uromenus rugosicollis Serville, 1839 en expansion vers le nord? Insecta, Orthoptera

Montfort, Didier., 1998:
Regional fauna Record of Lepidurus apus L 1758 in Goulaine marsh Loire-Atlantique Faune regionale Signalement de Lepidurus apus L 1758 dans le marais de Goulaine Loire-Atlantique

Fordinal, K.; Simon, L.; Elecko, M., 2001:
Regional geological study of the Neogene sections and substrates of the Banovska depression Regionalny geologicky vyskum neogennej vyplne a podlozia Banovskej kotliny

Kiefer, A.; Weishaar, M., 1999:
Regional introduction Rhineland-Palatinate Eine Region wird vorgestellt Rheinland-Pfalz

Arbeitskreis Fledermause Sachsen-Anhalt., 1999:
Regional introduction Saxony-Anhalt Eine Region wird vorgestellt Sachsen-Anhalt

Sadorge, Alain., 1996:
Regional inventary Regional entomological atlas information on Cerambycidae Inventaires regionaux Atlas entomologique regional le point sur les Cerambycides

Pawlikowski, T.; Hirsch, J., 2001:
Regional investigations of social wasp communities Hymenoptera Vespinae in Poland during 1900-2000 Regionalne badania zespolow os spolecznych Hymenoptera Vespinae Polski w latach 1900-2000

Anonymous., 1997:
Regional meeting of Westerwald Nature Protection Group aspects of an ecological regional development in Westerwald Welschneudorf 03 and 04111995 Regionaltagung des Naturschutzringes Westerwald Perspektiven fur eine okologische Regionalentwicklung im Westerwald Welschneudorf 03 und 04111995

Shcheglov, A.P.Pospelov, A.G., 1963:
Regional outline of the stratigraphy of the Cambrian of the Sayan-Altai Highlands

Wrede, V.; Zeller, M., 2005:
Regional part paralic area Subvariscan zone edge of the Eifel, Aachen-Erkelenz and lower part of the Lower Rhine embayment Regionaler Teil Paralischer Bereich Variscische Aussensenke Eifelnordrand, Aachen - Erkelenz und Untergrund der Niederrheinischen Bucht

Kirk, Gustav., 1999:
Regional president Paul Fromme and nature protection in Hildesheim and the surrounding area from 1907 to 1919 Regierungsprasident Paul Fromme und der Naturschutz in Hildesheim und Umgebung von 1907 bis 1919

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