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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38604

Chapter 38604 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anders, U.; Ruppell, G., 1997:
Relationships of some European Calopteryx-species suggested by time analysis of courtship flights Odonata Calopterygidae Zeitanalyse der Balzfluge europaischer Prachtlibellen-Arten zur Betrachtung ihrer Verwandtschaftsbeziehungen Odonata Calopterygidae

Bergeron, J.-Pierre.; Person-L.R.yet, J., 1997:
Relative DNA content of larval sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax ontogenetic changes and effect of starvation Teneur en ADN de la larve de Dicentrarchus labrax evolution ontogenetique et effet de la privation de nourriture

Duarte, S.; Gerson Araujo, F., 2001:
Relative abundance and distribution of Loricariichthys spixii Steindachner Siluriformes, Loricariidae in the Lajes reservoir, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil Abundancia relativa e distribuicao de Loricariichthys spixii Steindachner Siluriformes, Loricariidae no reservatorio de Lajes, estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Godinez, E.; Sierra, M.; Gonzalez, H.; Hernandez,; Alvarez, M., 1994:
Relative abundance and flight activity of Cathartes aura Aves Cathartidae in a Cuban airdrome Abundancia relativa y actividad de vuelo de Cathartes aura Aves Cathartidae en un aerodromo cubano

Carozza, C.; Cotrina, C., 1998:
Relative abundance and length distribution of white croaker Micropogonias furnieri and stripped weakfish Cynoscion striatus in the Argentine-Uruguayan common fishing zone and El Rincon November, 1994 Abundancia relativa y distribucion de tallas de corvina rubia Micropogonias furnieri y pescadilla de red Cynoscion striatus en la zona comun de pesca Argentino-Uruguaya y en El Rincon Noviembre, 1994

Salinas-Orta, H.T.; Gonzalez y de la Rosa, M.E.; Pool-Estrella, M.R.; Rivas-Salcedo, T.E., 2002:
Relative abundance and occurrence of postlarvae of penaeid crustaceans in the northern littoral zone of Campeche, Mexico Abundancia relativa e incidencia de postlarvas de Camarones Peneidos en la zona litoral norte de Campeche, Mexico

Delhey, J.; Kaspar V.; Scorolli, A.L., 2002:
Relative abundance and residence status of many-coloured chaco-finch Saltatricula multicolor in south-western Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Abundancia relativa y estatus de residencia del pepitero chico Saltatricula multicolor en el sudoeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Acapovi, G L.; Yao, Y.; N'Goran, E.; Dia, ML.; Desquesnes, M., 2002:
Relative abundance of tabanids in the savanna regions of Cote dIvoire Abondance relative des tabanides dans la region des savanes de Cote dIvoire

Gortazar, C., 1997:
Relative abundance wild rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus and red fox Vulpes vulpes after rabbit haemorrhagic disease RHD in the Central Ebro Bassin in northeastern Spain Relative Haufigkeit von Wildkaninchen Oryctolagus cuniculus und Rotfuchs Vulpes vulpes nach Auftreten der hamorrhagischen Kaninchenkrankheit im zentralen Ebrobecken in Nordwestspanien

Lima Aguiar, C.M.ria.; Feitosa Martins, C., 1997:
Relative abundance, diversity and bees phenology Hymenoptera, Apoidea at Caatinga Sao Joao do Cariri, Paraiba, Brazil Abundancia relativa, diversidade e fenologia de abelhas Hymenoptera, Apoidea na Caatinga, Sao Joao do Cariri, Paraiba, Brasil

Vrezec, A.; Kapa, A.; Pirnat, A.ja; Ambrozic, S., 2005:
Relative activity abundances of the dor beetles Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Geotrupidae in Slovenia a large-scale aplication of the survey method using pitfall traps Primerjava stevilcnosti govnacev Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Geotrupidae v Sloveniji uporaba popisne metode za hrosce z zemeljskimi pastmi na sirsem obmocju

Mancina, C.A.; Borroto-Paez, R.; Garcia-Rivera, L., 2004:
Relative brain size in Cuban bats Tamano relativo del cerebro en murcielagos cubanos

Vishnyakov, S.V.; Dukelskaya, N.M.; Ivanova, V.V., 1955:
Relative calculation of rodent numbers living in urban environments

Pistone, E.; Carezzano, F.; Bee-De-Speroni, N., 2002:
Relative encephalic size and cerebral indices of Vanellus c chilensis Aves Charadriidae Tamano relativo encefalico e indices cerebrales en Vanellus c chilensis Aves Charadriidae

Rettig, Klaus., 1997:
Relative frequency and phenology of vertebrate road mortalities according to counts made during cycling trips in East Frisia 1996 Relative Haufigkeit und Phanologie von Wirbeltier-Strassenverkehrsopfern nach Zahlungen auf Radtouren in Ostfriesland 1996

Rettig, Klaus., 1999:
Relative frequency of butterflies in East Frisia from regional censuses by authors during 1966-1999 Die relative Haufigkeit der Tagfalter Ostfrieslands nach Zahlungen des Verfassers im Zeitraum 1966-1999

Kowalczuk, V.G.; Masunari, S., 2000:
Relative growth and age determination of juvenile crab of Armases angustipes Dana Decapoda, Brachyura, Grapsidae Crescimento relativo e determinacao da idade na fase juvenil de Armases angustipes Dana Decapoda, Brachyura, Grapsidae

Masunari, S.; Dissenha, N.; Falcao, R.C., 2005:
Relative growth and handedness in the fiddler crab Uca maracoani Latreille Crustacea Decapoda Ocypodidae in the Baixio Mirim, Guaratuba Bay, Parana, Brazil Crescimento relativo e destreza dos quelipodos de Uca maracoani Latreille Crustacea, Decapoda, Ocypodidae no Baixio Mirim, Baia de Guaratuba, Parana, Brasil

Iglesias, M.S.ndra; Crespo, F.A.tonio, 2004:
Relative growth in Brachymetra albinerva albinerva Amyot Serville, 1843 Heteroptera Gerridae Crecimiento relativo en Brachymetra albinerva albinerva Amyot Serville, 1843 Heteroptera Gerridae

Masunari, S.; Swiech-Ayoub, B. de Paula., 2003:
Relative growth in the fiddler crab Uca leptodactyla Rathbun Crustacea Decapoda Ocypodidae Crescimento relativo em Uca leptodactyla Rathbun Crustacea Decapoda Ocypodidae

Moraes-Riodades, P.M.; Valenti, W.C., 2002:
Relative growth of Amazon river prawn Macrobrachium amazonicum Heller Crustacea, Decapoda, Palaemonidae in earthen ponds Crescimento relativo do camarao canela Macrobrachium amazonicum Heller Crustacea, Decapoda, Palaemonidae em viveiros

Alves, E. dos S.; Rodrigues, S. de A.; Pezzuto, P.R., 2005:
Relative growth of Austinixa patagoniensis Rathbun Decapoda, Pinnotheridae, a symbiotic crab of Callichirus major Say Decapoda, Callianassidae on the midlittoral of Balneario Camboriu beach, Santa Catarina, Brazil Estudo do crescimento relativo de Austinixa patagoniensis Rathbun Decapoda, Pinnotheridae simbionte de Callichirus major Say Decapoda, Callianassidae no mesolitoral da praia de Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Mansur, C. de Barros; Hebling, de Souza, J.A.berto, 2005:
Relative growth of Dilocarcinus pagei Stimpson, 1861 and Sylviocarcinus australis Magalhaes and Turkay, 1996 Decapoda Trichodactylidae at Pantanal of Paraguay river, Porto Murtinho - Mato Grosso do Sul Crescimento relativo de Dilocarcinus pagei Stimpson, 1861 e Sylviocarcinus australis Magalhaes e Turkay, 1996 Decapoda Trichodactylidae no Pantanal do Rio Paraguai, Porto Murtinho - Mato Grosso do Sul

Boos Junior, H.; Althoff, S.L., 2003:
Relative growth of Macrobrachium potiuna Mueller, 1880 Crustacea Decapoda Palaemonidae Crescimento relativo de Macrobrachium potiuna Mueller, 1880 Crustacea, Decapoda, Palaemonidae

Mashiko, K., 1990:
Relative growth of the carpus to the palm of the second pereopods in the freshwater prawns, Macrobrachium nipponense de Haan and M formosense Bate

Dhaouadi-Hassen, S.; Boumaiza, M., 2005:
Relative growth of the sexual endopodite in three populations of Atyaephyra desmaresti Crustacea, Decapoda, Atyidae of three Tunisian dams Sidi Salem, Lebna and Sidi Saad Croissance relative de lendopodite sexuel chez trois populations dAtyaephyra desmaresti Crustacea, Decapoda, Atyidae de trois barrages tunisiens Sidi Salem, Lebna et Sidi Saad

Lytchev, GF., 1990:
Relative height of teeth beavers as index of geological age

Shustov, A.P., 1970:
Relative index and possible factors of mortality in the Bering Sea seal

Edula, Endel., 2001:
Relative numbers of passerines in the surroundings of Viljandi, 1996-2000 Varvuliste suhtelisest arvukusest Viljandi umbruses aastatel 1996-2000

Shin, YK.; Shim, JH.; Jo, JS.; Park, YC., 1990:
Relative significance of nanoplankton in Chonsu Bay species composition, abundance, chlorophyll and primary productivity

Morand, Alain., 1997:
Relative stability of the larval and the breeding habitats of Bombina variegata and Bufo calamita the inadequacy of r-K and r-K-A models Stabilite relative des habitats de developpement larvaire et de reproduction de Bombina variegata et Bufo calamita linsuffisance des modeles r-K et r-K-A

Cravedi, P.; Mazzoni, E., 1990:
Relazioni fra la somma delle temperature giornaliere e le catture con trappole a feromoni degli adulti di Eupoecilia ambiguella Hbn Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Cravedi, P.; Mazzoni, E., 1990:
Relazioni fra la somma delle temperature giornaliere e le catture con trappole a feromoni degli adulti di Lobesia botrana Den Schiff Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Johnson, RR., 1990:
Release and translocation strategies for the Puerto Rican crested toad, Peltophryne lemur

Paniagua, D.; Illana, A.; Echegaray, J., 2006:
Release of badgers bred in captivity La liberacion de dos tejones criados en cautividad