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Results of the faunistic research on solitary bees Hymenoptera Apoidea at the locality Buzice and other localities at the Blatensko Region Vysledky faunistickeho vyzkumu samotarskych vcel Hymenoptera Apoidea na lokalite Buzice a dalsich lokalitach na Blatensku

Bogusch, P.

Sbornik Jihoceskeho Muzea V Ceskych Budejovicich Prirodni Vedy 43: 61-70


Accession: 038617016

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A material of solitary bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) was collected in the vicinity of town Blatna in southern Bohemia during the years 1997-2001. The list of solitary bees of Blatensko with notices to rare or interesting species was compiled. This article is one of a few articles about bees of the southern Bohemia and the first one about bees of the vicinity of Blatna.

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