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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38633

Chapter 38633 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anon., 1957:
Scientific Expeditions of the USSR Academy of Science

Masutti, L.; Masutti, A.M.ria.; Masutti, V., 1994:
Scientific Latin and entomology Il latino scientifico e lentomologia

Thomas, O., 1923:
Scientific Results of the Mammal Survey, xxxvii On Tree-Shrews from the Mergui Archipelago, p 84 xxxviii The Mouse-Deer Tragulus of the Mergui Archipelago pp 84-85 xxxix On the large Squirrels of the Ratufa gigantea group pp 85-86 xl A new Mouse from Madura, S India, p 87 xli On the forms contained in the genus Harpio-cephalus, pp 88-89 xlii The distribution and geographical races of the Gulandi Bush Rats Oolunda ellioti, pp 373-376 xliii On some Squirrels from the Mergui

Aguayo Lobo, Anelio., 1996:
Scientific activities of the winter cruise Actividades cientificas de la campana de invierno

Kreuz, P.; Kempf, M.; Kesel, A.; Goken, M.; Vehoff, H.; Nachtigall, W., 1998:
Scientific analysis of the insect cuticle, by example of dragonflies Materialwissenschaftliche Analyse der Insektenkutikula am Beispiel Libellenflugel

Forget, P., 2002:
Scientific and auriferous explorations the paradox of Saint-Eugene, French Guiana Explorations scientifique et aurifere le paradoxe de Saint-Eugene, Guyane Francaise

Barnaud, G.; Chapuis, JL., 1996:
Scientific and ethic issues on the restoration of island ecosystems The eradication of introduced mammals in the Subantarctic islands Questions scientifiques et ethiques relatives a la restauration des systemes insulaires Leradication des mammiferes introduits dans les iles Subantarctiques Francaises

Aslanova, N.E., 1955:
Scientific and industrial investigations of I Mesyatzev

Tortonese, Enrico., 1985:
Scientific and practical interest of a family of bony fishes the atherinids Interesse scientifico e pratico di una famiglia di pesci ossei gli aterinidi

Anonymous., 1999:
Scientific articles published by the Forest Research Institute in 1933-1999 Publikacje naukowe Instytutu Badawczego Lesnictwa w latach 1933-1999

Cahuzac, B.; Cluzaud, A., 1999:
Scientific assessment and summary of bibliographical data on the Middle Miocene Serravallian of Saucats Gironde, Aquitaine Basin Bilan scientifique et synthese des donnees bibliographiques sur le Miocene moyen Serravallien de Saucats Gironde, Bassin dAquitaine

Jankowski, Wojciech., 2001:
Scientific basis and the future of ecological corridors and barriers in river valleys in Poland Naukowe podstawy i przyszlosc korytarzy ekologicznych w Polsce

Koryazlinov, V.P., 1954:
Scientific basis of Trichinosis control

Dunias, Luc., 2006:
Scientific bibliography of M Louis Guillot Bibliographie scientifique de M Louis Guillot

Koeppen, U., 2003:
Scientific bird ringing at Greifswalder Oie - short summary report of successful research cooperation Wissenschaftliche Vogelberingung auf der Greifswalder Oie - kurze Bilanz einer erfolgreichen Forschungskooperation

Reif, J., 2005:
Scientific bird ringing on Greifswalder Oie island in the year 2005 Wissenschaftliche Vogelberingung auf der Insel Greifswalder Oie im Jahr 2005

Rojas-Soto, O.R.; Lopez de Aquino, S.; Sanchez-Gonzalez, L.A.; Hernandez-Banos, B.E., 2002:
Scientific collecting in the Neotropics The case of the birds of Mexico La colecta cientifica en el Neotropico El caso de las aves de Mexico

Hell, P.; Slamecka, J., 1996:
Scientific conference Management of game under changing ecological and social conditions in Nitra Slovakia Wissenschaftliche Konferenz Management des Wildes unter den sich andernden okologischen und gesellschaftlichen Bedingungen in Nitra Slowakei

Masi, Alberto., 1996:
Scientific curiosity The ship Magenta and ornithological discoveries Curiosidade cientifica O navio Magenta e as descobertas ornitologicas

Skiftesvik, A.B.rit.; Karlsen, O.; Opstad, I.; Torrissen, O.J., 2003:
Scientific evaluation of potential new species in Norwegian aquaculture Vitenskapelig grunnlag for nye arter i oppdrett

Denshchikov, A., 1954:
Scientific expeditions of the Institutes of Ukraine Academy of Science in 1953

de Bellard Pietri, Eugenio., 1993:
Scientific expeditions to the Tapirapeco Range Expediciones cientificas de Fudeci a la Serrania de Tapirapeco del Estado Amazonas

Steinheimer, Frank D., 2005:
Scientific fossil sites historical bird collections in Germany Wissenschaftliche Fundgruben Historische Vogelsammlungen in Deutschland

Glowacinski, Zbigniew., 1996:
Scientific foundations of fauna conservation - a glance at the present day Naukowe podstawy ochrony zwierzat - rzut oka na wspolczesnosc

Abakumov, V.A. ., 1988:
Scientific fundamentals of biomonitoring freshwater ecosystems a Soviet-French symposium

Baratas Diaz, Alfredo., 2004:
Scientific iconography from the xilography to the JPG Iconografia cientifica de la Xilografia al JPG

Ehrnsberger, R.; Dabert, J., 2003:
Scientific importance of an old bird collection in Schoelerberg Museum, Osnabrueck Nature and Environment Planetarium Wissenschaftliche Bedeutung der alten Vogelsammlung im Museum am Schoelerberg, Natur und Umwelt-Planetarium, in Osnabrueck

Gottwald, Jens., 2005:
Scientific information on cichlids Cichla Wissenswertes ueber Kammbuntbarsche Cichla

Velling, Kai., 2005:
Scientific information on hermit crabs Wissenswertes ueber Einsiedlerkrebse

Knop, Daniel., 2004:
Scientific information on leather corals Wissenseretes ueber Lederkorallen

Velling, Kai., 2004:
Scientific information on surgeon fishes Wissenswertes ueber Doktorfische

Thiede, Walther., 1998:
Scientific insights - 10 Professional Lithuanian ornithologists and their current positions Blick uber den Zaun - 10 Litauische Berufsornithologen und ihre gegenwartige Positionen

Ehmig, Ulrike., 2001:
Scientific investigations on Roman amphora from Mainz and their historico-cultural interpretation Naturwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen an Roemischen Amphoren aus Mainz und ihre kulturhistorische Interpretation

Sielfeld, W.; Castilla, J.C.rlos., 1999:
Scientific knowledge and conservation status of otters in Chile Estado de conservacion y conocimiento de las nutrias en Chile

Anonymous., 1999:
Scientific literature from Italian operative units on large pelagic fish assessment 1984-1999 Publicazioni scientifiche delle unita operative italiane sulla valutazione dei grandi pelagici 1984-1999

Velic, Ivo., 1997:
Scientific meeting dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the life of Professor Milan Herak, Zagreb, March 5th, 1997 Znanstveni skup u povodu 80 obljetnice zivota akademika Milana Heraka

Abstracts., 2005:
Scientific meeting in honour of Dr Rosendo Pascual, on the occasion of his 80th birthday La Plata, Buenos Aires, 7th to 8th July 2005 Reunion de Comunicaciones Cientificas en Homanaje al Dr Rosendo Pascual, con motivo de sus 80 anos La Plata, Buenos Aires, 7 y 8 de julio de 2005

Abstracts., 1996:
Scientific meeting, Symposium of Applied Entomology Relationships between plants and insects Wissenschaftliche Sitzung, Symposium Angewandte Entomologie Beziehungen zwischen Pflanzen und Insekten

Abstracts., 1998:
Scientific meeting Applied entomology new achievements in plant protection Wissenschaftliche Sitzung Angewandte Entomologie Neue Ausrichtungen im Pflanzenschutz

Reale, Emanuela., 2006:
Scientific museums in Italy research, didactic and public understanding of science I musei scientifici in Italia la ricerca, la didattica e la diffusione della cultura scientifica

Ott, G., 2004:
Scientific news on loaches Wissenschaftliche Neuigkeiten ueber Prachtschmerlen

Ferrer, Julio., 1996:
Scientific note on the systematic position of Phrynocolus parvulus Gestro Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Note scientifique sur la position systematique de Phrynocolus parvulus Gestro Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Ferrer, Julio., 2002:
Scientific note Exact information of the position of the aedeagus in tenebrionid beetles Note scientifique Precisions sur la position de ledeage chez les coleopteres tenebrionides

Nasimovich, A.A., 1954:
Scientific notes of the Potemkin Pedagogical Institute in Moscow

Martelli, Minos., 1994:
Scientific notes questions of terminology and nomenclature Note scientifiche quesiti di terminologia e di nomenclatura

Varanguin, Nicolas., 2003:
Scientific observations Mammalogy note on the presence of the chamois Rupicapra rupicapra in Bourgogne Observations scientifiques Mammalogie note sur la presence du Chamois Rupicapra rupicapra en Bourgogne

Anonymous., 1995:
Scientific observations Ornithology, ichthyology, mammalogy Observations scientifiques Ornithologie, ichthyologie, mammalogie

Anonymous., 1996:
Scientific observations Ornithology, ichthyology Observations scientifiques Ornithologie, ichthyologie

Anonymous., 1997:
Scientific observations Ornithology, ichthyology Observations scientifiques Ornithologie, ichtyologie

de la Comble, J., 1998:
Scientific observations Ornithology, mammalogy, ichthyology Observations scientifiques Ornithologie, mammalogie, ichtyologie

Anonymous., 1996:
Scientific observations Ornithology, mammalogy Observations scientifiques Ornithologie, mammalogie

Anonymous., 1995:
Scientific observations Ornithology Observations scientifiques Ornithologie

Varanguin, Nicolas ., 2003:
Scientific observations Observations scientifiques

Schmidt-Loske, Katharina., 2002:
Scientific precision in the work of Maria Sibylla Merian, using her bird spider and scorpion illustrations as an example Die naturwissenschaftliche Praezision im Werk der Maria Sibylla Merian 1647-1717 am Beispiel ihrer Vogelspinnen- und Skorpionsdarstellungen

Gorbunov, G.I., 1955:
Scientific problems of fish-industry in the Barents and White Seas

Kamshilov, M.M., 1957:
Scientific problems of the coastal fish industry of Barents Sea

Bonet Betoret, Carlos., 2001:
Scientific problems of the mountains of madness by Lovecraft Problemas cientificos de las montanas de la locura de Lovecraft

Dauvin, Jean-Claude., 2002:
Scientific programme Seine-Aval 7 - biological heritage and food chains Programme scientifique Seine-Aval 7 - patrimoine biologique et chaines alimentaires

Vicuna V., Patricia., 2000:
Scientific programme developed during the 1999-2000 period Programa Cientifico desarrollado durante la temporada 1999-2000

Sapozhnikov, GN., 1974:
Scientific research and organization of nature conservation in Tadzhikistan

Barbieri, F.; Caldonazzi, M.; Pedrini, P.; Zanghellini, S., 1997:
Scientific research on the vertebrate fauna Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, Mammalia in the biotopes of Trentino Le ricerche scientifiche sulla fauna vertebrata Anfibi, Rettili, Uccelli, Mammiferi nei biotopi del Trentino

Alexander, C.P., 1920:
Scientific results of the Katmai expedition of the national geographic Society, The crane-flies Tipulidae, Diptera

Holmgren, N.; Lindstrom, A., 1996:
Scientific results Vetenskapligt resultat

Giannella, C.; Gemmato, R., 2001:
Scientific ringing activity in an area subjected to renaturalization in the Modena lowlands Attivita di inanellamento a scopo scientifico in unarea soggetta a ripristino ambientale della Bassa Modenese

Asadov, S.M., 1971:
Scientific session of helminthologists fromAzerbaidjan

Ott, Gerhard., 1998:
Scientific sponsoring in taxonomy Wissenschaftssponsoring in der Taxonomie

Pijanowska, J.; Jaroszewicz, B.; Jedrzejewska, B., 2002:
Scientific studies in national parks Nauka w parkach narodowych

Cahuzac, B.; Cluzaud, A., 1999:
Scientific summary and review of bibliographic data on the Middle Miocene Serravallian of Saucats Gironde, Aquitaine Basin continuation and end Bilan scientifique et synthese des donnees bibliographiques sur le Miocene moyen Serravallien de Saucats Gironde, Bassin dAquitane suite et fin

Hou, D-X.; Hashiguchi, T.; Cheng, P., 1990:
Scientific terms of animal science Japanese - English - Chinese

Carrascal, L.M.ria.; Diaz, M., 1998:
Scientific utility and international diffusion of Ardeola a bibliometric analysis Utilidad cientifica y difusion internacional de Ardeola un analisis bibliometrico

Dulcic, Jakov., 2000 :
Scientific work of the academician Prof Dr Tonko Soljan - Croatian and world Ichthyologist 1907-1980 Znanstveni rad akademika Prof Dr Tonka Soljana - Hrvatskog i svjetskog ihtiologa 1907-1980

Ferdman, D.L., 1955:
Scientific, Pedagogical and general activity of Academician A V Palladin

Ruggiero, Livio., 1995:
Scientists from Salento Oronzo Gabriele Costa, Salvatore Trinchese, Giuseppe Candido, Cosimo De Giorgio Scienziati Salentini Oronzo Gabriele Costa, Salvatore Trinchese, Giuseppe Candido, Cosimo De Giorgi

Anonymous., 1990:
Scimitar-horned oryx plan

Mace, G., 1990:
Scimitar-horned oryx reintroduced to Tunisia

Weigel, Andreas., 1997:
Scintillatrix dives and Litargus balteatus - two new species of beetles for Thuringia Col, Buprestidae, Mycetophagidae Scintillatrix dives und Litargus balteatus - zwei neue Arten der Thuringer Kaferfauna Col, Buprestidae, Mycetophagidae

Bocquillon, J-C., 1997:
Scintillatrix festiva Linne Col Buprestidae recorded in Oise Scintillatrix festiva Linne Col Buprestidae est arrive dans lOise

Conrad, R.; Conrad, U., 2001:
Scintillatrix rutilans - a beetle species worth conserving in Thuringia Der grosse Lindenprachtkaefer Scintillatrix rutilans - eine erhaltenswerte Kaeferart in Ostthueringen

Lichter, Dorit., 1997:
Sciocoris homalonotus Fieber, 1851 Insect Heteroptera, Pentatomidae - remarkable bug species in Thuringia and Sachsen-Anhalt Germany Sciocoris homalonotus Fieber, 1851 Insecta Heteroptera, Pentatomidae - eine bemerkenswerte Wanzenart in Thuringen und Sachsen-Anhalt

Silfverberg, Hans., 2003 :
Sciodrepoides watsoni Spence Cholevidae as a parasite of ants Sciodrepoides watsoni Spence Cholevidae som myrgast

Drees, Michael., 2006:
Sciomyzids and related taxa from the Hagen area Diptera Sciomyzidae, Phaeomyiidae and Dryomyzidae Schneckenfliegen und Verwandte aus dem Raum Hagen Diptera Sciomyzidae, Phaeomyiidae et Dryomyzidae

Hattenschwiler, Peter., 1996:
Sciopetris karsholti, a new psychid from Tunisia Lepidoptera, Psychidae Sciopetris karsholti, eine neue Psychide aus Tunesien Lepidoptera, Psychidae

Klausnitzer, Bernhard., 1997:
Scirtidae Col records from North Africa and Crete 89th contribution to the knowledge on Scirtidae Scirtiden-Funde aus Nordafrika und Kreta Col, Scirtidae 89 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Scirtidae

Hannappel, U.; Paulus, HF., 1997:
Scirtidae larvae identification and distribution in the western Palaearctic with an identification key to European larvae of the genus Elodes Latreille, 1796 Coleoptera Scirtidae Larvenkenntnis und Verbreitung der Scirtidae in der westlichen Palaarktis mit einem Bestimmungsschlussel europaischer Larven der Gattung Elodes Latreille, 1796 Coleoptera, Scirtidae

Kaiser, H.; Klausnitzer, B., 2001:
Scirtimermis praematura n gen n sp Nematoda, Mermithidae, a new parasite of Cyphon variabilis Thunberg, 1787 Coleoptera, Scirtidae Scirtimermis praematura n gen n sp Nematoda, Mermithidae ein neuer Parasit aus Cyphon variabilis Thunberg, 1787 Coleoptera, Scirtidae

Huchet, Jean-Bernard., 2000:
Scission of the genus Chiron Mac Leay, 1819 and description of two new genera belonging to the Chironidae Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea Scission du genre Chiron Mac Leay, 1819 et description de deux nouveaux genres de Chironidae Coleoptera Scarabaeoidea

Smirnov, V.S., 1959:
Sciurus vulgaris golzmajeri subsp nova, and the possibility of its acclimatisation in the forests of the Ural

Eliasova, Helena., 1995:
Scleractinia from the Upper Cretaceous of Pavlovske vrchy in southern Moravia Waschberg area, Zdanice Lower Silesian basin of the outer Carpathian mountains, Czech Republic Scleractiniaire du Cretace superieur a Pavlovske vrchy en Moravie du Sud zone de Waschberg, bassin Zdanice-sous-silesien des Carpates externes, Republique tcheque

Eliasova, Helena., 1994:
Scleractinia of Stranska skala Lower/Upper Oxfordian, Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic Scleractiniaires de Stranska skala Oxfordien inferieur/superieur, Brno, Moravie, Republique tcheque

Keller, N.B.; Krasnov, E.V., 1971:
Scleractinia General characteristics and anatomy of the polyp

Latypov, YuYa., 1992:
Scleractinian corals of Vietnam Part 2 Acroporidae

Latypov, Y.Ya., 1995:
Scleractinian corals of Vietnam Part 3 Faviidae Fungiidae

Latypov, YuYa.; Dautova, TN., 1996:
Scleractinian corals of Vietnam Part 4 Poritidae, Dendrophylliidae

Knop, D.; Brockmann, D., 2006:
Scleraxonia Hornkorallen

Reich, Mike., 2002:
Scleres of Alcyonacea Anthozoa Octocorallia from a Silurian Geschiebe of northern Germany Skleren von Alcyonacea Anthozoa Octocorallia aus einem Silur-Geschiebe Norddeutschlands

Reich, Mike., 2000:
Scleres of octocorals from a Silurian geschiebe of Western Pomerania Skleren von Oktokorallen aus einem Silur-Geschiebe Vorpommerns

De-Gregorio, P.; Joaquim, J.; Oleguer, E.B.ada.; Xavier, J., 2005:
Scleroderma domestica Latreille 1809, Hymenoptera, Bethylidae, an occasional pathogen of man Scleroderma domestica Latreille 1809, Hymenoptera, Bethylidae, un patogeno accidental no parasito para el hombre

Verdugo, A.; Tussac, H., 2001:
Sclerodermus abdominalis Westwood, 1839 Hymenoptera, Bethylidae, first known ectoparasite of Sphenoptera pilosula gadetinica Verdugo Coello, 2001 Coleoptera, Buprestidae Sclerodermus abdominalis Westwood, 1839 Hymenoptera, Bethylidae, primer ectoparasito conocido de Sphenoptera pilosula gadetinica Verdugo Coello, 2001 Coleoptera, Buprestidae

Casciotta, J.R.; Almiron, A.E., 1996:
Scleronema minutum Boulenger and Ochmacanthus batrachostoma M Ribeiro Siluriformes Trichomycteridae, two new records for la Plata basin in Argentina Scleronema minutum Boulenger y Ochmacanthus batrachostoma M Ribeiro Siluriformes Trichomycteridae, dos citas nuevas para la cuenca del Plata en Argentina

de Alvarenga Julio, Carlos Eduardo., 1998:
Scleronotus White, 1855 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Acanthoderini new species and transferences Scleronotus White, 1855 Coleoptera, Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Acanthoderini especies novas e transferencias

Boulenger, C.L., 1920:
Sclerostomes of the donkey in Zanzibar and East Africa

Andersen, SO., 1990:
Sclerotization of insect cuticle

Chabrol, L., 2007:
Scolia hirta hirta Schrank, 1781 in Limousin Hymenoptera Scoliidae Scolia hirta hirta Schrank, 1781 en Limousin Hymenoptera Scoliidae

Grabsch, Florian., 2004:
Scolichthys iota presumably introduced and reared in Europe for the first time Scolichthys iota Vermutlich erstmals nach Europa eingefuehrt und nachgezogen

Fernandez-C.F.; Cubillos-G.W.A., 1999:
Scolid wasps Hymenoptera Scoliidae of Colombia Las avispas escolidas Hymenoptera Scoliidae de Colombia

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C., 2006:
Scolidae Hymenoptera of Campania important records of Scolia Scolidae Hymenoptera della Campania interessanti reperti di Scolia

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C.; Vatore, R., 2006:
Scolidae Hymenoptera of Campania record of Colpa interrupta Fabr in Salerno Provincie Scolidae Hymenoptera della Campania segnalazione di Colpa interrupa Fabr in provincia di Salerno

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C., 2006:
Scolidae Hymenoptera of Campania the collection of CRA - IST of Scafati SA Campania Scolidae Hymenoptera della Campania la collezione del CRA - IST sede di Scafati SA Campania

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C., 2006:
Scolidae Hymenoptera of Campania two important records of Megascolia Scolidae Hymenoptera della Campania due interessanti segnalazioni di Megascolia

Basset, Gilles., 1998:
Scoliidae from Gironde Hymenoptera, Vespoidea Les Scoliidae de Gironde Hymenoptera, Vespoidea

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C.; Vatore, R., 2006:
Scolini Hym Scolidae of Campania color variety of Megascolia flavifrons Fabr Scolini Hym Scolidae della Campania le varianti cromatiche di Megascolia flavifrons Fabr

Salvatore, V.; Camillo, P., 2006:
Scolini Hym Scolidae of Campania color variety of Scolia erythrocephala Fabr Scolini Hym Scolidae della Campania le varianti cromatiche di Scolia erythrocephala Fabr

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C.; Vatore, R., 2006:
Scolini Hym Scolidae of Campania record in Salerno Provincie of Megascolia flavifrons haemorrhoidalis Fabr and Scolia erythrocephala Fabr Scolini Hym Scolidae della Campania segnalazione in provincia di Salerno di Megascolia flavifrons haemorrhoidalis Fabr e di Scolia erythrocephala Fabr

Vicidomini, S.; Pignataro, C.; Vatore, R., 2006:
Scolini Hym Scolidae of Campania record of Megascolia bidens L Scolini Hym Scolidae della Campania segnalazione di Megascolia bidens L

Vicidomini, S.; Camillo, P., 2006:
Scolini Hymenoptera Scolidae of Campania the entomological collection of Silvestri Institute of Entomology and Zoology of Portici Federico II University Scolini Hymenoptera della Campania la collezione dellIstituto di Entomologia e Zoologia Agraria Silvesti, Portici Universita Federico II, Napoli

Merit, X.; Merit, V.; Manil, L., 2000:
Scolitantides orion Pallas, 1771 in France Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae Scolitantides orion Pallas 1771 en France Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae

Bather, F.A., 1897:
Scolocystis, Echinocystis, and Lysocystis; Discocystis, Echinodiscus, and Agelacrinidae

Sudarikov, V.E.; Rikovski, A.S., 1958:
Scolopacitrema cubrensis nov gen, nov sp- new trematode belonging to the family Diplostomatidae Poir, 1886

Sapetina, IM.; Priklonski, SG., 1990:
Scolopax rusticola hunting bags in the European part of the USSR

Anonymous., 2001:
Scolopender care in the terrarium Care of Scolopendra cingulata Mediterranean scolopender Scolopenderhaltung im Terrarium Haltung von Scolopendra cingulata Guertelscolopender; Mittelmeerscolopender

Schiejok, Herbert., 2000:
Scolopendromorpha biology, rearing and toxicity - a workbook Scolopender Biologie, Haltung und Toxizitaet - Ein Arbeitsbuch

de Laclos, E.; Mouy, C.; Strenna, L.; Agou, P., 2003:
Scolytid beetles from Burgundy Les scolytes de Bourgogne

Flechtmann, C.A.; Ottati, A.L., 1996:
Scolytidae in native cerrado vegetation in Selviria, Mato Grosso do Sul state, Brazil Scolytidae em area de mata nativa de cerrado em Selviria, MS, Brasil

Flechtmann, C.A.berto Hector.; Zarate do Couto, H.T.adeu.; Gaspareto, C.L.iz.; Berti, E.F.lho., 1995:
Scolytidae in tropical pine afforestations Scolytidae em reflorestamento com pinheiros tropicais

Soto, A.; Orengo, L.; Estrela, A., 2002:
Scolytids insects populations study Coleoptera Scolytidae in the Pinus halepensis masses of the Montgo nature reserve Alicante Estudio de poblaciones de insectos escolitidos Coleoptera Scolytidae en las masas de Pinus halepensis Miller del Parque Natural del Montgo Alicante

Fernandez Fernandez, M., 1999:
Scolytinae Coleoptera Scolytidae species captured in the province of Leon Spain Los representantes de la subfamilia Scolytinae Coleoptera; Scolytidae en la provincia de Leon Espana

Brandstetter, CM.; Kapp, A., 1998:
Scolytus triarmatus Eggers, 1912 Coleoptera Scolytidae - new for Switzerland Scolytus triarmatus Eggers, 1912 Coleoptera Scolytidae - neu fur die Schweiz

Suda, Ilmar., 2006:
Scolytus triarmatus Eggers, 1912 - a new bark beetle in the Baltics Jalaka-maltsaurask Scolytus triarmatus Eggers, 1912 - uus uraskiliik Baltikumis

Cavichioli, R.R.; Mejdalani, G.L., 1997:
Scoposcartula Young descriptions of a new species and of the female of S flavovittata Mejdalani and redescription of S concinna Perty comb n Homoptera, Cicadellidae, Cicadellinae Scoposcartula Young descricoes de uma especie nova e da femea de S flavovittata Mejdalani, e redescricao de S concinna Perty comb n Homoptera, Cicadellidae, Cicadellini

Hudecek, J.; Hanak, F., 2002:
Scops owl Otus scops in Northeast Moravia and Silesia - history of occurrence Vyrecek maly Otus scops na severovychodni Morave a ve Slezsku - historie vyskytu

Horvat, F.; Megadja, B., 1997:
Scops owl Otus scops a new breeding species in the Subotica-Horgos sandy area Prvo gnezdenje cuka Otus scops na Suboticko - Horgoskoj pescari

Puwert, Andreas., 1999:
Scops owl Otus scops in Thuringen Zwergohreulen Otus scops in Thuringen

Mikuska, Jozsef., 1994:
Scops owl in Baranja Jejic lulavac, Otus scops, u Baranji

Denac, D., 2004:
Scops owl Veliki skovik Otus scops

Alpheraky, S.A., 1906:
Scops scops L Die Zwergohreule

Buturlin, S.A., 1910:
Scops semitorques ussuriensis nov subsp

Erlacher, S.; Heuer, A., 2005:
Scopula caricaria Reutti, 1853 - new to Thuringia Lepidoptera Geometridae Scopula caricaria Reutti, 1853 - neu fuer die Thueringer Fauna Lep, Geometridae

Kullberg, Jaakko., 1997:
Scopula decorata rediscovered in Finland Sinilehtimittari Scopula decorata loytyi jalleen Suomesta

Cox, A., 1997:
Scopula imitaria new for the Limburg fauna Lepidoptera Geometridae Scopula imitaria nieuw voor de Limburgse fauna Lepidoptera Geometridae

Gelbrecht, J.; Hausmann, A., 1997:
Scopula immistaria beshkovi ssp n - new for Bulgaria and the Balkans Lepidoptera, Geometridae Scopula immistaria beshkovi ssp n - neu fur Bulgarien und den Balkan Lepidoptera, Geometridae

Taal, I., 2005:
Scopula marginepunctata a new geometrid moth for the Estonian fauna Valja-lehevaksik Scopula marginepunctata - uus vaksikuliik Lepidptera, Geometridae Eesti faunas

Passalacqua, M.C.; Bono, G.; Beltrano, AM., 2005:
Scorpaena porcus in the marine protected area AMP of Egadi Islands Scorpaena porcus nellarea marina protetta AMP delle Isole Egadi

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Scorpaenidae Pisces from the Guadalupe Island, Baja California Escorpenidos Pisces, Scorpaenidae de Isla Guadalupe, Baja California

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Scorpion fish from the Red Sea Schorpioenvissen van de Rode Zee

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Scorpion fishes of the Mediterranean Sea Part 2 end species of the genus Scorpaena Drachenkoepfe und Skorpionfische des Mittelmeeres Teil 2 Schluss Arten der Gattung Scorpaena

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Scorpion flies from Norrland Norrlands skorpionslandor

de Armas, Luis F., 2001:
Scorpion in the contemporaneous Cuban culture An approach El alacran en la cultura cubana contemporanea Una aproximacion

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Scorpion profiles no 1 Pandinus imperator Koch, 1841 Skorpionsteckbrief Nr 1 Pandinus imperator Koch, 1841

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Scorpion rearing information Hadrurus arizonensis Ewing, 1928 giant desert hairy scorpion Fiche delevage Scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis Ewing, 1928 giant desert hairy scorpion

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Scorpion rearing information Hottentotta hottentotta Fabricius, 1787 Fiche delevage Scorpion Hottentotta hottentotta Fabricius, 1787

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Scorpion toxins Les toxines de scorpion

Legros, C.; Martin-Eauclaire, M.-France., 1999:
Scorpion toxins Les toxines de venins de scorpions

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Scorpion trichobothriotaxy a principal component analysis

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Scorpiones mediterranei Musei Zoologici mosquensis

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Scorpiones of Austria Arachnida Scorpiones Die Skorpione Oesterreichs Arachnida Scorpiones

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Scorpionism in Venezuela Escorpionismo en Venezuela

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Scorpions Arachnida of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, Panama Escorpiones Arachnida del Archipielago de Bocas del Toro, Panama

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Scorpions Arachnida, Scorpiones from Frontera Corozal, in the Lacandona rainforest, Chiapas, Mexico, with the description of a new species of Diplocentrus Diplocentridae Alacranes Arachnida Scorpiones de Frontera Corozal, en la selva lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico, con la descripcion de una nueva especie de Diplocentrus Diplocentridae Hue.; Pham Quynh Mai.; Pham Dinh Sac.; Ngo Thi Cat., 1998:
Scorpions Scorpionoides in Vietnam Bo cap Scorpinoides o Viet Nam

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Scorpions and spiders of the Cape Verde Island Santiago Scorpiones, Araneae Skorpione und Spinnen von der kapverdischen Insel Santiago Scorpiones, Araneae

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Scorpions are not so terrible Nie taki skorpion straszny

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Scorpions belonging to the genus Isometrus Stiri rodu Isometrus

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Scorpions from the urban area of Rome Scorpiones, Chactidae Gli scorpioni dellarea urbana di Roma Scorpiones, Chactidae

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Scorpions in danger of extinction Des scorpions en danger de disparition

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Scorpions of Eastern Asia

Takashima, H., 1948:
Scorpions of New Guinea incl Pedipalpi

de Armas, Luis F., 2002:
Scorpions of the Dominican Republic Centruroides nitidus Thorell, 1876 and Microtityus lantiguai Armas Marcano Fondeur, 1992 Scorpiones Buthidae Alacranes de Republica Dominicana Centruroides nitidus Thorell, 1876 y Microtityus lantiguai Armas Marcano Fondeur, 1992 Scorpiones Buthidae

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Scorpions of the Reserve Forestiere dAnkarafantsika, Madagascar their implication in conservation programs Les Scorpions de la Reserve Forestiere dAnkarafantsika, Madagascar, et leur implication pour la conservation

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Scorpions of the genus Androctonus Biology, care and breeding Skorpione der Gattung Androctonus Biologie, Pflege und Nachzucht

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Scorpions of the genus Androctonus Stiri rodu Androctonus

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2003:
Scorpions of the genus Hadogenes Stiri rodu Hadogenes

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2002:
Scorpions of the genus Opistophthalmus Stiri rodu Opistophthalmus

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2001:
Scorpions of the genus Tityus 2 Stiri rodu Tityus 2

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2001:
Scorpions of the genus Tityus Stiri rodu Tityus

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Scorpions of the islands Saona, Beata and Catalina, Dominican Republic Arachnida Scorpiones Escorpiones de las islas Saona, Beata y Catalina, Republica Dominicana Arachnida Scorpiones

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Scorpions Escorpioes

Mamonov, G., 1998:
Scorpions Schorpioenen

Mahsberg, D.; Lippe, R.; Kallas, S., 1999:
Scorpions Skorpione

Dupre, Gerard., 2000:
Scorpions a source of food for humans Les scorpions une source de nourriture humaine

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Scoters contamination by pollutants off the Pays dAuge coasts La contamination par les polluants des macreuses au large du Pays dAuge

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Scotochrosta pulla Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 Lepidoptera Noctuidae notes on geographical distribution and ecology in the Iberian and Balearic area Scotochrosta pulla Denis Schiffermuller, 1775 Lepidoptera Noctuidae datos sobre su distribucion geografica y ecologia en el area iberobalear

Huemer, P.; Hausmann, A., 1998:
Scotopteryx ignorata sp n, a new overlooked European species of the Scotopteryx mucronata-luridata complex Geometridae Scotopteryx ignorata sp n, eine bisher ubersehene europaische Art des Scotopteryx mucronata-luridata-Komplexes Geometridae

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 2003:
Scotopteryx olympia sp nova from Greece, and S decolor Schwingenschuss, 1939 bona sp stat nov from North Iran Lep Geometridae Scotopteryx olympia sp nova aus Griechenland, sowie S decolor Schwingenschuss, 1939 bona sp stat nov aus Nordiran Lep Geometridae

Pasquier-Barre, F.; Milsant, F.; Geri, C., 1999:
Scots pine foliage and Diprion pini larvae Incidence du feuillage de pin sylvestre sur la survie et le comportement des larves de Diprion pini L role des monoterpenes Hymenoptera Diprionidae

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Scottish Bat Conference, 28 April 1990

Editors., 1955:
Scottish bird records

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Scottish crossbills and European endemic species

Turk, Sonia Z., 1996:
Scotussa lemniscata Stal Acrididae Melanoplinae inhabitant of high altitude in Tucuman province Scotussa lemniscata Stal Acrididae Melanoplinae habitante de altura en la provincia de Tucuman

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Scratching behaviour of crested tits Parus cristatus Scharren bei Haubenmeisen Parus cristatus

Nieuwendijk, JG., 1977:

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Screening and bioassays for toxic substances in sponges from Western Mediterranean Sea and north Brittany

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Screening of Schistosoma japonicum adult worm genomic DNA library by specific antibody

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Screening pigment movements in the eyes of scorpions - histological visibility of daylight Schirmpigmentwanderungen im Auge der Skorpione - Die Tageszeit histologisch sichtbar gemacht

D.Prins, Willy., 2000:
Scrobipalpa costella, a new species for the Belgian fauna Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Scrobipalpa costella, een nieuwe soort voor de Belgische fauna Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

Jansen, MGM., 2002:
Scrobipalpa nitentella, new for the Belgian fauna Lepidoptera Gelechiidae Scrobipalpa nitentella, nieuw voor de Belgische fauna Lepidoptera Gelechiidae

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Scrub and high pine

de G.; Pizzey, D., 2004:
Scrubbirds family Atrichornithidae Atrichornis Stejnerge, 1885 Os Atricornitideos Familia Atrichornithidae Atrichornis Stejnerge, 1885

Nilsson, L., 1990:
Sculptor of wooden birds in Ranarpsstrand

Gardner, N., 1990:

Cardenas Martin, Mercedes., 1999:
Sculptured ceramics of Tablada de Lurin from around the time of Christ Ceramica escultorica de la Tablada de Lurin del Horizonte Temprano

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Scutacaridae Arachnida Acari Scutacaridae Arachnida Acari

Lehmann, H., 1920:

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Scutelluidae aus den Heisdorf-Schichten UnterDevon der Eifel Mit einem Beitrag zur Trilobiten-Fauna der Heisdorf-Schichten der sudlichen Eifeler Kalkmulden

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Scutigera coleoptrata L Chilopoda, Scutigeromorpha in Jersey, Channel Islands

Hanak, F.; Hudecek, J.J., 2001:
Scutigera coleoptrata - a member of fauna of Silesia and Central Moravia Chilopoda Scutigeridae Strasnik dalmatsky Scutigera coleoptrata - clen fauny Slezska a stredni Moravy Chilopoda Scutigeridae

Brenner, Sabine., 2002:
Scuttle flies Diptera, Phoridae around the treeline ecotone near Innsbruck northern Tyrol, Austria Buckelfliegen Diptera, Phoridae and der Waldgrenze bei Innsbruck Nordtirol, Oesterreich

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Scuttle flies Diptera, Phoridae from a riverine forest in South Tyrol Italy Buckelfliegen Diptera, Phoridae in Auwaeldern entlang der Etsch Suedtirol, Italien

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Scuttle flies Diptera Phoridae associated with ants and termites in Toraut Forest, Sulawesi

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Scuttle flies Diptera Phoridae of Bialowieza Forest - the state of knowledge Zadrowate Diptera Phoridae Puszczy Bialowieskiej - stan poznania

Brenner, S., 2005:
Scuttle flies Insecta, Diptera Phoridae from the nature reserve Antelsberg near Tarrenz, a xerothermic site in the northern Alps north Tyrol, Austria Buckelfliegen Insecta, Diptera Phoridae aus dem Naturschutzgebiet Antelsberg bei Tarrenz, einem inneralpinen Waermestandort Nordtirol, Oesterreich

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Scydmaenidae described by Charles Aube Coleoptera Les scydmenides decrits par Charles Aube Coleoptera

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Scydmaeniden Coleoptera aus Tanzania in Ostafrika

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Scymnus P loewii Mulsant, nuevo coccinelido Coleoptera Coccinellidae para Chile

Hodgson, F.M.; Lorenzo, C.D.; Prendes, C.; Cabrera, R., 2006:
Scymnus Pullus cercyonides Woll Possibilities in biological control Scymnus Pullus cercyonides Woll Posibilidades en el control biologico

Fursch, Helmut., 1996:
Scymnus muelleri Penecke, the last white blot in the European coccinellid fauna Coleoptera, Coccinellidae Scymnus muelleri Penecke, letzter weisser Fleck der europaischen Coccinellidenfauna Coleoptera, Coccinellidae

Waller, T.; Beccaceci, M.D., 2000:
Scynax berthae Barrio, 1962 Anura, Hylidae first record for the Province of Corrientes, Argentina Scynax berthae Barrio, 1962 Anura, Hylidae Primera cita para la Provincia de Corrientes, Argentina

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Scypho- Medusoe, Ctenophora and Choetognathi from the Great Belt and the Kattegat in 1909

Servin, R.; Tejas, A.; Arce-Montoya, M.; Robert, M.L., 2006:
Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal Coleoptera Curculionidae as potential insect pest of Yucca valida Brandegee in Baja California Sur, Mexico Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal Coleoptera Curculionidae como potencial insecto-plaga de Yucca valida Brandegee en Baja California sur, Mexico

Gonzalez-Hernandez, H.; Solis-Aguilar, J.F.rnando.; Leyva-Vazquez,; Equihua-Martinez, A.; Flores-Mendoza, F.J.vier.; Martinez-Garza, A., 2001:
Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal, an agave tequilero pest in Jalisco, Mexico Scyphophorus acupunctatus Gyllenhal, plaga del agave tequilero en Jalisco, Mexico

Petek, Tomaz., 1998:
Scythian and Anisian beds in the quarry near Hrastenice and important finds of Upper Anisian fossils Skitske in anizijske plasti v kamnolomu pri Hrastenicah in pomembne najdbe zgornjeanizijskih fosilov

Bengtsson, B.A.; Sutter, R., 1996:
Scythris felixi spec nov from Mongolia Insecta Lepidoptera Scythrididae Scythris felixi spec nov aus der Mongolei Insecta Lepidoptera Scythrididae

Szaboky, C.; Takacs, A., 2004:
Scythris sinensis Felder et Rogenhofer, 1875 Lepidoptera Scythrididae new microlepidoptera species for the fauna of Central Europe Kozep-Europa faunajara uj molylepke Scythris sinensis Felder et Rogenhofer, 1875 Lepidoptera Scythrididae

Scholz, Axel., 1997:
Scythris taygeticola spn, a new Scythris species from Greece Lepidoptera Scythrididae Scythris taygeticola spn, eine neue Scythris-Art aus Griechenland Lepidoptera Scythrididae

Mizera, M.; Wozny, M., 1999:
Scytodes thoracica Latreille Aranei, Scytodidae, a spider species new for Poland Scytodes thoracica Latreille Aranei, Scytodidae - gatunek pajaka nowy dla Polski

Menner, L.; Allspach, A., 2005:
SeSam - the web-based Senckenberg collection management system SeSam - das webbasierte Senckenbergische Sammlungs - managementsystem

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Sea Turtles stranded in Italy V 2002 Reptilia Tartarughe marine recuperate lungo le coste italiane V Rendiconto 2002 Reptilia

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Sea and ocean mammals

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Sea anemones Actinaria

Wirtz, Peter., 2004:
Sea anemones and tube anemones from the Azores Seeanemonen und Zylinderrosen von den Azoren

D.S.mone, F.; Alborali, L.; Lavazza, A.; Gamba, D.; Brocchi, E., 1998:
Sea bass encephalitis virus diagnosis, pathogenetic studies, geographic spread and control of the disease Encefalopatia-retinopatia del branzino diagnosi, eziopatogenesi, diffusione geografica e metodi di controllo

Schiavini, A.; Frere, E.; Yorio, P.; Parera, A., 1999:
Sea birds from Staten Island, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina historical review, population status and conservation problems Las aves marinas de la Isla de los Estados, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina revision historica, estado poblacional y problemas de conservacion

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Sea birds in the autumn of 1997 Havsfagelhosten 1997

Patzner, R.A.; Moosleitner, H., 2002:
Sea bream of the Mediterranean Sea Part 3 end species of the genera Pagellus, Pagrus, Rhabdosargus, Sarpa, Sparus, Spondyliosoma, Centracanthus and Spicara Die Meerbrassen des Mittelmeeres Teil 3 Schluss Arten der Gattungen Pagellus, Pagrus, Rhabdosargus, Sarpa, Sparus, Spondyliosoma, Centracanthus und Spicara

Dekker, D., 1977:
Sea cow birth a unique event

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 2003:
Sea cow representations in zoos Seekuh-Darstellungen in Tiergaerten

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 2001:
Sea cow twins in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde zoo Seekuh-Zwillinge im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Haldimann, Karl., 2005:
Sea cucumbers in Frick Aargau, Switzerland Seegurken in Frick Kanton Aargau, Schweiz

Heuer, Jurgen., 1996:
Sea eagle Haliaeetus albicilla as a predator of the grey heron Ardea cinerea Seeadler Haliaeetus albicilla erbeutet Graureiher Ardea cinerea

Kuiter, Rudie., 2002:
Sea horses Seepferdchen

Wuenstel, A.; Mellin, A.; Greven, H., 2001:
Sea lampreys Petromyzon marinus in the river Dhuenn, NRW Meerneunaugen Petromyzon marinus in der Dhuenn, NRW

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Sea liles of the Devonian and Lower Carboniferous of the Far East

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Sea lilies and crinoids in the shell limestone Seelilien und Crinoidenkalke des Muschelkalks

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Sea lilies from the lower Cretaceous deposits of Crimea

Haude, Reimund., 1998:
Sea lilies with swim buoys the scyphocrinoids Seelilien mit Schwimmboje Die Scyphocrinoiden

Kroncke, Ingrid., 1998:
Sea mussels Mytilus edulis Miesmuscheln Mytilus edulis

Roessiger, M.; Lieckfeld, C.-Peter., 2004:
Sea myths stories, legends, facts Mythos Meer Geschichten - Legenden - Tatsachen

Drews, Rudolf., 1998:
Sea plankton - Part 2 Protozoa Plankton der Meere - Teil 2 Protozoen

Baconguis, SR.; Moreno, MLQ., 1990:
Sea ranching A tool to coastal resources management

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Sea scorpions and armoured fishes Siebengebirge 400 million years ago Seeskorpione und gepanzerte Fische Das Siebengebirge vor 400 Millionen Jahren

Zedda, M.; Corda, L.; Manca, P.; Gadau, S.; Lepore, G.; Farina, V., 2003:
Sea shells from a Bronze Age site in Sardinia Conchiglie marine provenienti da una localita dellEta del Bronzo in Sardegna

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