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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38636

Chapter 38636 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hjelset, A.M.rete.; Sundet, J.H., 2004:
Seasonal changes in leg fullness of red king crab from Varangerfjorden, northern Norway Sesongmessig variasjoner i fyllingsgrad hos kongekrabbe fra Varangerfjorden, Finnmark

Shilova, T.I., 1949:
Seasonal changes in leucocytes composition of the blood in rodents Apodemus flavi-collis Melch

Moshkov, E.A., 1954:
Seasonal changes in microscopic structure of shield-gland and the thyreotropic activity of the anterior portion of the hypophysis in carp

Faradzhev, G.R., 1966:
Seasonal changes in ostracode fauna in the western coast of the central Caspian

Bogdanova, E.A., 1958:
Seasonal changes in parasitic fauna of pike and bream in the river Volga

Iskov, M.P. ., 1968:
Seasonal changes in parastic fauna of the carp-bream and common carp in the Vasi Levsk spawning fauna of the Kahovsk reservoir

Silkin, N.F., 1977:
Seasonal changes in proteins of the blood serum from bronze ream of Rybin water reservoir Informatzionnyi Byull

Lyurin, IB., 1975:
Seasonal changes in some morpho-physiological indicators in molluscs from the Ukrainian Loess

Babb-Stanley, K.; Lopez-Islas, M.E.genia., 1996:
Seasonal changes in spatial utilization by granivorous Passeriformes in an oak-pine forest Cambios estacionales en el uso del espacio en granivoras Passeriformes de un bosque de encino-pino

Ahmad, N.; Swarup, K., 1990:
Seasonal changes in structure and behaviour of corpuscles of Stannius in relation to the changes in serum calcium level and the reproductive cycle of a freshwater female catfish - Mystus vittatus Bloch

Branco, Joaquim Olinto., 2002:
Seasonal changes in the abundance of Phalacrocorax brasilianus Gmelin in the estuary of Saco da Fazenda, Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil Flutuacoes sazonais na abundancia de Phalacrocorax brasilianus Gmelin no estuario do Saco da Fazenda, Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Khlopkova, VV.; Shenderyuk, VI., 1973:
Seasonal changes in the activity of proteolytic enzymes in the muscle tissue and internal organs of the Western Atlantic herring

Gordinskii, OK., 1975:
Seasonal changes in the age composition of the mosquito Aedes communis Deg and Aedes diantarus HDK

Veselovsky, Zdenek., 1996:
Seasonal changes in the behaviour of the ruddy shelduck Tadorna ferruginea from hormonal factors Jahreszeitliche Veranderungen im Verhalten durch hormonale Faktoren bei der Rostgans Tadorna ferruginea

Khamidov, DH.; Gildieva, US.; Zaremskaya, LM.; Akilov, AT.; Turolyev, AA.; Nishanbaev, KN., 1971:
Seasonal changes in the blood structure of certain species, class Pisces

Balbontin, F.; Bernal, R., 2005:
Seasonal changes in the composition and abundance of the ichthyoplankton of the austral channels from Corcovado gulf to Elefantes gulf, Chile Cambios estacionales en la composicion y abundancia del ictioplancton de los canales australes entre el golfo Corcovado y golfo Elefantes, Chile

Feher, E.; Feher, C.E.dre, 2004:
Seasonal changes in the diet of barn owl Tyto alba A gyongybagoly Tyto alba taplalekosszetetelenek even beluli valtozasa

Cameron, J.N., 1970:
Seasonal changes in the ecology, respirationand hematology of the Pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides Linnaeus, in Redfish Bay, Texas

Levitski, V.N., 1968:
Seasonal changes in the fauna of reeds in the lake Issik-Kul

Levitskii, V.N., 1970:
Seasonal changes in the fauna of reeds in the lake Issyk-Kul

Bychkov, VA., 1971:
Seasonal changes in the fur thickness of fur tufts in three year old bachelor fur seals

Shaikh, SA.; Hafeez, MA.; Arslan, M., 1990:
Seasonal changes in the gonadal steroids in cyprinid fish Cyprinion watsoni

Nurmanov, M., 1972:
Seasonal changes in the heat production of the nutria

Latypov, R., 1973:
Seasonal changes in the metabolism of the brain in the large-toothed souslik and Horsfields terrapin

Shevchenko, VV., 1975:
Seasonal changes in the nutritive value of Melanogrammus aeglefinus in the North Sea

Anikeev, I.K., 1962:
Seasonal changes in the population Clethrionomys rutilus in the Soviet-Gavansk Raion of Kharovsk Kraya

Kuzmenko, K.N., 1970:
Seasonal changes in the population of various forms of Chironomid larvae from Krasnoe Lake Karelian isthmus

Abbasov, GS.; Ali-Zade, K.M., 1972:
Seasonal changes in the quantitative and qualitative composition of young fish in the Varvarinsk Reservoir

Gyuracz, J.; Banhidi, P., 1995:
Seasonal changes in the species and structure of a bird community in the Csornoc Valley, Hungary, in spring A madarkozosseg faji osszetetelenek es szerkezetenek szezonalis valtozasa a Csornoc-patak volgyeben

Braiko, V.D., 1968:
Seasonal changes in the structure of the increase of some copepods in the north-western parts of the Black Sea

Labate, M.; Desantis, S.; Labate, GM.; Tursi, A., 2004:
Seasonal changes in the ultrastructure of the androgenic gland of the shrimp Aristaeomorpha foliacea Modificazioni stagionali dellultrastruttura della ghiandola androgenica del gambero Aristaeomorpha foliacea

Atadzhkov, A.K.; Serebryakov, E.P., 1966:
Seasonal changes in the volume of intracellular fluid in Rhombomys opimus and Citellus fulvus

Tatyankin, Y.V., 1967:
Seasonal changes in thermal resistance of fry of Pollachius virens

Kovalev, A.V., 1967:
Seasonal changes in weight of copepods and the problem of identification of their biomass

Feyzioglu, A.M.zaffer.; Sivri, N., 2003:
Seasonal changes of Noctiluca scintillans Kofoids Swezy in Trabzon Coast, Eastern Black Sea Dogu Karadeniz Bolgesi, Trabzon sahil seridinde Noctiluca scintillans Kofoids Swezyin mevsimsel degisimi

Palmer, M.; Pons, G.X., 1996:
Seasonal changes of abundance of darkling beetles Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae from the illa del Toro Calvia, Mallorca Variacions estacionals de labundancia dels tenebrionids Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae a lilla del Toro Calvia, Mallorca

Mikhnevich, OCh., 1972:
Seasonal changes of metabolism in hibernating rodents kept at room temperature

Kalabukhov, N.I., 1953:
Seasonal changes of reactions in Apodemus flavicollis influenced by the environment

Mnatzakanova, EA., 1990:
Seasonal changes of spatial distribution of two coexisting Bosmina species Cladocera, Crustacea

Pliuraite, V., 2001:
Seasonal changes of the abundance, biomass, species composition of macrozoobenthos in the Rivers Merkys and Sventoji Makrozoobentoso gausumo, biomases ir rusines sudeties sezonine kaita Merkio ir Sventosios upese

Francois-Krassowska, A.; Przystalski, A., 1996:
Seasonal changes of the blood indicators of Rana lessonae Cam Amphibia, Anura Sezonowe zmiany wskaznikow krwi Rana lessonae Cam Amphibia, Anura

Scelzo, M.A.berto.; Elias, R.; Vallarino, E.A.berto.; Charrier, M.; Lucero, N.; Alvarez, F., 1997:
Seasonal changes of the community structure of the intertidal mussel Brachidontes rodriguezi DOrb, 1846 in artificial hard substrates Mar del Plata, Argentine Variacion estacional de la estructura comunitaria del bivalvo intermareal Brachidontes rodriguezi DOrbigny, 1846 en sustratos artificiales Mar del Plata, Argentina

Kovaleva, T.M., 1969:
Seasonal changes of the phytoplankton in the neritic part of the Black Sea in Sevastopol

Kvasova, I.P., 1969:
Seasonal characteristics of the quantity of blood and haemoglobin in the organism of Lota lota

Leshtchinskaya, E.M., 1952:
Seasonal coat change in mammals

Greth, Arnaud., 1996:
Seasonal concentration of waterbirds at Lake Kivoro, south-east Gabon Concentration saisonniere doiseaux aquatiques au lac Kivoro, sud-ouest du Gabon

Mineyev, YuN., 1990:
Seasonal concentrations of Anser fabalis in the European northeast of the USSR

Fritz, LW., 1990:
Seasonal condition change, morphometrics, growth and sex ratio of the ocean quahog, Arctica islandica Linneaus, 1767 off New Jersey, USA

Pietrelli, L.; Biondi, M.; Guerrieri, G., 1994:
Seasonal contraction in the distribution of the kingfisher Alcedo atthis along the Rome coastline Contrazione stagionale della distribuzione del martin pescatore Alcedo atthis sul litorale romano

Paulet, Y.-Marie.; Bekhadra, F.; Devauchelle, N.; Donval, A.; Dorange, G., 1998:
Seasonal cycles, reproduction and oocyte quality in Pecten maximus from the Bay of Brest Cycles saisonniers, reproduction et qualite des ovocytes chez Pecten maximus en rade de Brest

Gonzalez Delgado, J.A.; Civis, J., 2000:
Seasonal cyclicity of C and O isotope profiles of Megacardita jouanneti of the Upper Tortonian of Cacela Algarve, Portugal and Arroyo Trujillo Seville, Spain Ciclicidad estacional en perfiles de isotopos de C y O de Megacardita jouanneti del Tortoniense superior de Cacela Algarve, Portugal y Arroyo Trujillo Sevilla, Espana

Libois, R., 1997:
Seasonal diet and feeding tactics of the European otter Lutra lutra in central France Regime et tactique alimentaires de la loutre Lutra lutra dans le Massif Central

Relva, M.A.drea.; Caldiz, M., 1998:
Seasonal diet composition of exotic deer in Isla Victoria, Nahuel Huapi National Park, Argentina Composicion estacional de la dieta de ciervos exoticos en Isla Victoria, Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, Argentina

Altrichter, M.; Saenz, J.C.; Carrillo, E.; Fuller, T. k., 2000:
Seasonal diet of Tayassu pecari Artiodactyla Tayassuidae in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica Dieta estacional del Tayassu pecari Artiodactyla Tayassuidae en el Parque Nacional Corcovado, Costa Rica

Burthey-Mandret, A.; Burthey, F., 1997:
Seasonal diet of the barbary deer Cervus elaphus barbarus in Algeria Regime alimentaire saisonnier du cerf de barbarie Cervus elaphus barbarus en Algerie

Grajales-Tam, K.M.; Rodriguez-Estrella, R.; Cancino Hernandez, J., 2003:
Seasonal diet of the coyote Canis latrans in 1996-97 in the Vizcaino desert, Baja California Sur, Mexico Dieta estacional del coyote Canis latrans durante el periodo 1996-1997 en el Desierto de Vizcaino, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Kir, I.; Ayvaz, Y.; Barlas, M.; Tekin Ozan, S., 2004:
Seasonal distribution and effect of parasites on carp Cyprinus carpio L, 1758 inhabiting the Karacaoren I Dam Lake Karacaoren I Baraj Golunde Yasayan Sazan Cyprinus Carpio L, 1758 lardaki Parazitlerin Mevsimsel Dagilimlan ve Etkileri

Nascimento, L.B.rreto.; Loyola Miranda, A.C.rla.; Maia Balstaedt, T.A.exandre., 1994:
Seasonal distribution and environmental occupation of the anurans amphibians from the protection area of the captation of Mutuca Nova Lima, MG Distribuicao estacional e ocupacao ambiental dos anfibios anuros da area de protecao da captacao da Mutuca Nova Lima, MG

Ramos, L.F.rnando Alvarado.; Vazquez, S.H.rnandez., 2004:
Seasonal distribution and habitat use of ciconiiformes in Playon de Mismaloya, Jalisco, Mexico Distribucion estacional y uso de habitat de ciconiiformes en la Reserva Playon de Mismaloya, Jalisco, Mexico

Pimentel Neto, M.; Ribeiro, M.C.istina. da Fonseca, A.H.nrique., 2000:
Seasonal distribution and longevity of infective larvae of cattle gastrointestinal nematodes in pastures of the Baixada Fluminense, region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Distribuicao sazonal e longevidade das larvas infestantes de nematodeos gastrintestinais de bovinas em pastagens na Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro

Cassia, M.C.; Hansen, J.E., 2006:
Seasonal distribution and population structure of the Patagonian cod Pisces, Moridae, Salilota australis in the Argentine Economic Exclusive Zone between 45 S and 56S in 1992 and 1993 Distribucion estacional y estructural poblacional del bacalao austral Pisces, Moridae, Salilota australis en la zona economica exclusiva Argentina entre los 45 S y 56 S durante 1992 y 1993

Focht, T.; Veitenheimer-Mendes, I.L., 2001:
Seasonal distribution and reproduction of Neocorbicula limosa Maton Bivalvia, Corbiculidae in the Guaiba Lake, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Distribuicao sazonal e reproducao de Neocorbicula limosa Maton Bivalvia, Corbiculidae no Lago Guaiba, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Pohle, Claus., 1996:
Seasonal distribution of Cervidae births in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo Jahreszeitliche Verteilung der Cerviden-Geburten im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Aker, H.; Vedat; Ozel, I., 2006:
Seasonal distribution of cladocerans in Izmir Bay Izmir Korfezi Kladoserlerinde Mevsimsel Dagilim

Lopez Martinez, MA.; Ocete, R.; Chi, D., 2000:
Seasonal distribution of colony members of Kalotermes flavicollis Fabricius Isoptera, Kalotermitidae in grapevines of Sherry area SW of Spain Distribucion estacional de los componentes de colonias de Kalotermes flavicollis Fabricius Isoptera, Kalotermitidae en cepas del Marco del Jerez

Schalch, S.H.; D.M.raes, F.R., 2005:
Seasonal distribution of gill parasites in fishes from fee-fishing at Guariba, Sao Paulo State, Brazil Distribuicao sazonal de parasitos branquiais em diferentes especies de peixes em pesque-pague do municipio de Guariba-SP, Brasil

Gaspar Fernandes, Cristina Isabel., 1996:
Seasonal distribution of marsh harrier Circus aeruginosus in Vouga delta Aveiro habitat conservation implications O efeito da sazonalidade na distribuicao da aguia-sapeira Circus aeruginosos na Ria de Aveiro implicacoes na conservacao do habitat

Nguyen Van Huynh., 1980:
Seasonal distribution of rice stem borers in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

Vityuk, DM.; Dobrdjanskaya, MA.; Suprunov, AT., 1976:
Seasonal distribution of suspended material and its mineral and organic fraction in the coastal region of the Black Sea

Tellioglu, A.; Sen, D., 2001:
Seasonal distribution of the Copepoda and Cladocera fauna of Hazar Lake Elazig Hazar Golu Elazig Copepoda ve Cladocera faunasinin Mevsimsel Dagilimi

Utschick, H., 2004:
Seasonal distribution pattern dynamics of a bird community in a Mid-Swabian forest landscape Saisonale Veranderungen der Raumnutzungsmuster von mittelschwabischen Waldvogelzonosen

Kir, I.; Tekin Ozan, S., 2005:
Seasonal distributions and effects of parasites in pike Esox lucius L, 1758 inhabiting the Isikli Dam Lake Denizli Isikli baraj golu Denizlinde yasayan turna baligi Esox lucius L, 1758nin endoparazitleri, mevsimsel Dagilimlari ve Etkileri

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