Second mixed brood of whooper swan Cygnus cygnus and mute swan C olor in Poland Drugi leg mieszany labedzia krzykliwege Cygnus cygnus i labedzia niemego C olor w Polsce

Baldyga, T.; Wieloch, M.; Czyz, S.

Notatki Ornitologiczne 444: 270-272


Accession: 038639508

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During 20th-22nd June 2003 a mixed pair of a Whooper Swan male and a Mute Swan female with four pull was found on the Narew old river-bed at Czarnocin near Lomza (SE Poland). Threejuveniles, ringed in August, survived at least trough December. It is the second case of such a mixed brood in Poland. The previous one was recorded in 1995 at Lake Wigry.