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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38643

Chapter 38643 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bijlsma, Rob G., 1998:
Selective predation of goshawk Accipiter gentilis and common buzzard Buteo buteo on the hungry hordes? Hoe selectief bejagen haviken Accipiter gentilis en buizerds Buteo buteo de hongerige hordes?

Bell, MA.; Haglund, TR., 1978:
Selective predation of threespine stiklebacks gasterosteus aculeatus by garter snakes

Mantelman, I.I., 1958:
Selective temperatures in fry of some species of economic fishes

Epple, W.; Helb, H.; Maeck, U., 2004:
Selectivity and suitability of the Norwegian large-scale crow trap with respect to animal conservation and the protection of species, based on a specific example a project for mass trapping of carrion crows and magpies conducted by the hunting community in the District Leer/Ostfriesland/Niedersachsen Zur Selektivitaet und Eignung der Norwegischen Kraehenmassenfalle unter Beruecksichtigung von Aspekten des Tierschutzes und Artenschutzes - dargestellt am Beispiel eines Projektes zum Rabenkraehen

Piotkovskii, SA.; Petipa, TS., 1975:
Selectivity in the feeding of Acartia clausi Ziesbr

de los Angeles Bistoni, M.; Gutierrez, M., 1996:
Selectivity of Salminus maxillosus Pisces Characiformes Characidae on its fish prey Selectividad de Salminus maxillosus Pisces Characiformes Characidae sobre sus presas icticas

Shirobokov, II., 1992:
Selectivity of diet and feeding relations of developing larvae of white fish

Carvalho, G.A.; Carvalho, C.F.; Souza, B.; Ulhoa, J.L., 2002:
Selectivity of insecticides to Chrysoperla externa Hagen Neuroptera Chrysopidae Seletividade de Inseticidas a Chrysoperla externa Hagen Neuroptera Chrysopidae

Picanco, M.C.utitnho; Miranda, M.M.scarenhas Motta; Gontijo, L.M.reira; Fernandes, F.L.mes, 2003:
Selectivity of insecticides to Doru luteipes Scudder, 1876 Dermaptera Forfulidae and Cotesia sp Hymenoptera Braconidae natural enemies of Ascia monuste orseis Godart, 1818 Lepdoptera Pieridae Seletividade de inseticidas a Doru luteipes Scudder, 1876 Dermaptera Forficulidae e Cortesia sp Hymenoptera Braconidae inimigos naturais de Ascia monuste orseis Godart, 1818 Lepdoptera Pieridae

Picanco, M.; Ribeiro, L.; Leite, G.L.; Gusmao, M.R., 1998:
Selectivity of insecticides to Polybia ignobilis Haliday Hymenoptera Vespidae predator of Ascia monuste orseis Godart Lepidoptera Pieridae Seletividade de insecticidas a Polybia ignobilis Haliday Hymenoptera Vespidae predador de Ascia monuste orseis Godart Lepidoptera Pieridae

Simoes, J.C.; Cruz, I.; Salgado, L.O., 1998:
Selectivity of insecticides to different developmental stages of the predator Doru luteipes Scudder Dermaptera Forficulidae Seletividade de inseticidas as diferentes fases de desenvolvimento do predador Doru luteipes Scudder Dermaptera Forficulidae

D.M.ura, M.F.alho.; Picanco, M.; Gonring, A.H.nrique Rocha.; Bruckner, C.H.rst., 2000:
Selectivity of insecticides to three Vespidae predators of Dione juno juno Lepidoptera Heliconidae Seletividade de inseticidas a tres Vespidae predadores de Dione juno juno Lepidoptera Heliconidae

Ferreira,; Carvalho, G.A.drade; Botton, M.; Lasmar, O., 2006:
Selectivity of insecticides used in apple orchards to two populations of Chrysoperla externa Hagen, 1861 Neuroptera Chrysopidae Seletividade de inseticidas usados na cultura da macieira a duas populacoes de Chrysoperla externa Hagen, 1861 Neuroptera Chrysopidae

Fiedler, Z., 2006:
Selectivity of some pesticides in relation to beneficial organisms to release in greenhouses Selektywnosc wybranych srodkow chemicznych i biotechnicznych w stosunku do organizmow pozytecznych introdukowanych w szklarniach

Gonzalez, A.; Mendoza, J.; Arocha, F.; Marquez, A., 2003:
Selectivity of the gillnet on the river curvinata, lagioscionn squamosissimus, in the middle Orinoco Selectividad de la red de enmalle sobre la curvinata de rio, Plagioscionn squamosissimus en el Orinoco medio

Picanco, M.; Lobo, A.P.nheiro. da Silva, E.A.tonio.; Leite, Demolin., 1997:
Selectivity to Doru luteipes of the insecticides used against Spodoptera frugiperda Seletividade a Doru luteipes de inseticidas utilizados no controle de Spodoptera frugiperda

Oehlenschlager, J., 1990:
Selengehalte im Muskel von Seefischen aus dem nordostlichen Atlantik

Schmidt, Gunter., 1999:
Selenobrachys philippinus gen et sp n Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae, a new Theraphosidae sp from Negros island Philippines Selenobrachys philippinus gen et sp n Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae, eine neue Theraphosidae sp von der Insel Negros Philippinen

Schmidt, Guenter., 2002:
Selenocosmia lanipes Ausserer, 1875 belongs to the genus Phlogius Simon, 1887 Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae Selenocosmia lanipes Ausserer, 1875 gehoert zur Gattung Phlogius Simon, 1887 Araneae Theraphosidae Selenocosmiinae

Requena, Emili., 2000:
Selenodes karelica Tengstroem, 1875, new genus and new species for the Iberian fauna and other interesting records Lepidoptera Tortricidae Selenodes karelica Tengstroem, 1875, genere i especie nous per a la peninsula Iberica i altres citacions interessants per a la comarca de lAnoia Lepidoptera Tortricidae

Garcia-Villafuerte, M.Angel, 2006:
Selenopidae and Thomisidae Arachnida Araneae in amber from Chiapas Mexico Selenopidae y Thomisidae Arachnida Araneae en ambar de Chiapas, Mexico

Corronca, Jose A., 1998:
Selenops rhodesianus Lawrence 1940, synonym of S lesnei Lessert 1936 Araneae Selenopidae Selenops rhodesianus Lawrence 1940, sinonimo de S lesnei Lessert 1936 Araneae Selenopidae

Ehrlich, H.; Kashkarov, R., 2005:
Selevinia A relict of the desert Selevinia Ein Relikt aus der Wueste

Unfricht, Wolfgang., 2000:
Self breeders and brood parasites viduines and euplectines Selbstbrueter - Brutschmarotzer Widas und Witwen

Dumoulin, Jean-Michel., 1998:
Self concept and self recognition La conscience de soi et la reconnaissance de soi

Krief, S., 2004:
Self medicative behaviour of chimpanzees prophylactic and/or curative activities of food plants and the role of gustatory perception Effets prophylactiques et curatifs de plantes ingerees par les chimpanzes et role de la perception gustative la notion dautomedication chez les chimpanzes

Yakovlev, N.N., 1952:
Self-adjustment and development of forms in sea lilies

Barataud, M.; Genest, M.; Malafosse, J.-Pierre.; Nore, T., 1993:
Self-licking behaviour of a bat during hypothermy Comportement dauto-lechage chez un chiroptere en hypothermie

Huffman, M.A.; Elias, R.; Balansard, G.; Ohigashi, H.; Nansen, P., 1998:
Self-medication in the great apes a multidisciplinary study of behavior, diet, and health Lautomedication chez les singes anthropoides une etude multidisciplinaire sur le comportement, le regime alimentaire et la sante

Aron, S.; Pasteels, JM.; Goss, S.; Deneubourg, JL., 1990:
Self-organizing spatial patterns in the Argentine ant Iridomyrmex humilis Mayr

Kucheruk, V.V.; Sidorova, G.A.; Zhmaeva, Z.M., 1955:
Self-protection by small rodents against tick larvae

Thomsen, Karsten., 2006:
Self-regulating nature in forests - with regard to forest management by natural means and without the use of saws Selvplejende skovnatur - om naturrig skovforvaltning med gnav og uden sav

Trusch, Robert., 1997:
Selidosema brunnearia Villers, 1789 is still present in Jena in Thuringia Lep, Geometridae Selidosema brunnearia Villers, 1789 fliegt noch bei Jena in Thuringen Lep, Geometridae

von Hacht, U., 1990:
Seltene Fossilien von Sylt

Nosilov, K., 1910:
Seltene Naturerscheinungen

Bezzel, E., 1990:
Seltene Singvogel in Bayern Kritische Durchsicht publizierter Einzeldaten

Morato, R.G.ncalves.; Guimaraes, M.A.cindo de Barros Vaz.; Nunes, Veloso.; Carciofi, A.C.valieri.; Ferreira, F.; Barnabe, V.H.pollito.; Barnabe, R.C.mpanarut., 1998:
Semen collection and evaluation in the jaguar Panthera onca Colheita e avaliacao do semen em onca pintada Panthera onca

Von Baer, L.; Hellemann, C., 1998:
Semen variables in llama Lama glama Variables seminales en llama Lama glama

Tapia, A.; Tapia, M.; Arias, R., 2005:
Semi captive management of the Amazonian tapir Tapirus terrestris in Ecuadorian Amazonian secondary forest, Pastaza province Manejo en semi-cautiverio del tapir Amazonico Tapirus terrestris en Bosque Secundario Amazonico Ecuatoriano, Provincia de Pastaza

Sole, Mirco., 2006:
Semi swimmers in view? The search for Rhinoderma rufum goes on Halbschwimmer in Sicht Die Suche nach Rhinoderma rufum geht weiter

Reyes Lopez, J.L.; Luque Garcia, G., 2000:
Semi-claustral colony founding in Goniomma hispanicum Hymenoptera, Formicidae Fundacion semi-claustral del hormiguero en Goniomma hispanicum Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Reid, DG., 1990:
Semi-lunar and seasonal variations in the phasing of the endogenous circatidal rhythm of the isopod Eurydice pulchra

Backes, Dorothee., 2006:
Semi-natural egg incubation - a successful experiment Naturnahes Brueten - ein gelungenes Experiment

Degen, A.; Aumueller, R.; Gruber, D.; Heinze, G.; Krueger, T.; Rotzoll, G., 2005:
Semi-rare birds in Lower Saxony and Bremen - first report of the Lower Saxony rarities committee AKN Seltene vogelarten in Niedersachsen und Bremen 1 Bericht der Avifaunistischen Kommission Niedersachsen und Bremen AKN

Peckarsky, BL.; Fraissinet, PR.; Penton, MA.; Conklin, D J.; Jr., 1990:
Semiaquatic Collembola

Schropfer, R.; Klenner-Fringes, B., 1994:
Semiaquatic mammals as monitoring organisms for river bank habitats Semiaquatische Saugetiere als Monitoringorganismen fur Uferhabitate

Kouril, J.; Klimes, J., 2001:
Semiartificial reproduction of pikeperch by means of pituitary injection and rearing of advanced fry in pond monoculture Poloumely vyter candata s pomoci hypofyzace a odchov jeho rychleneho pludku v monokulture v rybnicich

de Andrade-Talmelli, E.F.nder; Kavamoto, E.T.hira; Fenerich-Verani, N., 2001:
Seminal characteristics of piabanha, Brycon insignis Steindachner, 1876, after hormonal stimulation Caracteristicas seminais da piabanha, Brycon insignis Steindachner, 1876, apos estimulacao hormonal

Council of Europe., 1997:
Seminar on incentive measures for the voluntary creation and management of protected areas Constanta Romania, 29 September - 2 October 1996 Seminaire sur les mesures dincitation a la creation et a la gestion volontaires de zones protegees Constanta Roumanie, 29 septembre - 2 octobre 1996

Abstracts., 2000:
Seminar on the evaluation of biological and oceanographic studies conducted in the north of Araya, Sucre state, Venezuela Seminario sobre evaluacion de los estudios biologicos y oceanograficos realizados al norte de Araya, Estado Sucre, Venezuela

Abstracts., 2000:
Seminar on the evaluation of oceanographic, biological and socioeconomic studies of the Cariaco Gulf Basin, Sucre State, Venezuela Seminario sobre evaluacion de los estudios oceanograficos, biologicos y socioeconomicos realizados en la cuenca del Golfo de Cariaco, Estado Sucre, Venezuela

de Lourdes Paes da Franca, Maria . do Rosario Leal de Oliveira, Maria . de Paiva Nunes, Lidia ., 1994:
Seminar on the fishery resources, environment, aquaculture and quality of fishery products of the Setubal Peninsula Setubal, 26-27th April, 1994 Seminario sobre recursos halieuticos, ambiente, aquacultura e qualidade do pescado da Peninsula de Setubal Setubal, 26-27 Abril 1994

Barbier, Luc., 2006:
Seminar on the little bittern Ixobrychus minutus 22nd, 23rd and 24th June 2005 Parc Naturel Regional des Caps et Marais dOpale Seminaire blongios nain Ixobrychus minutus 22, 23 et 24 juin 2005 Parc Naturel Regional des Caps et Marais dOpale

Triplet, P.; Sueur, F., 2007:
Seminar thirty years of the breeding of Recurvirostra avosetta in Somme Bay France Maison de Poiseau 17tth and 18th February 2005 Saint-Valery-sur-Somme Seminaire Trente ans de reproduction de lavocette elegante Recurvirostra avosetta en Baie de Somme France Maison de Poiseau 17 et 18 fevrier 2005 Saint-Valery-sur-Somme

Ciccioli, Marcela Adriana., 1996:
Seminiferous epithelium cycle in Calomys musculinus Rodentia, Cricetidae Ciclo del epitelio seminifero en Calomys musculinus Rodentia, Cricetidae

Willuhn, J.; Hetzel, U.; Preuss, D.; Zebisch, K., 2003:
Seminoma in a brown housesnake Lamprophis fuliginosus fuliginosus Seminom bei einer Braunen Hausschlange Lamprophis fuliginosus fuliginosus

Dantart, Jordi., 2004:
Semioscopis steinkellneriana Denis Schiffermueller, 1775, new to the Iberian fauna Lepidoptera Depressariidae Semioscopis steinkellneriana Denis Schiffermueller, 1775, genere i especie nous per a la fauna iberica Lepidoptera Depressariidae

Doux, Y.; Robineau, R., 2004:
Semioscopis strigulana Fabricius Lepidoptera Elachistidae a species not recorded for more than a century at Seine-Port Seine-et-Marne Semioscopis strigulana Fabricius Lepidoptera Elachistidae une espece ignoree depuis plus dun siecle observee a Seine-Port Seine-et-Marne

Stubinger, R., 1996:
Semiothisa glarearia Brahm, 1791 - new for our faunal region Semiothisa glarearia Brahm, 1791 neu fur unser Faunengebiet

Aranda, S.G., 2004:
Semiotus convacus and Semiotus oranense are described as new species from the Neotropical region Dos especies nuevas del genero Semiotus Eschscholtz 1829 Elateridae, Coleoptera para la region Neotropical

Zielinski, P.; Mokwa, T.; Krol, J.; Malczyk, P.; Nowak, D.; Gorecki, D.; Wlodarczak, A., 2001:
Semipalmated sandpiper Calidris pusilla, a new species for Poland Identification problems Biegus tundrowy Calidris pusilla nowym gatunkiem dla Polski Problemy identyfikacyjne

Berlijn, Max., 1997:
Semipalmated sandpiper at Lepelaarsplassen in July 1996 Grijze strandloper bij Lepelaarsplassen in juli 1996

Witt, Klaus., 1997:
Semiquantitative breeding bird densities on 11000 ha of Berlin censused for a 26 ha grid net and relation to types of habitat Halbquantitative Brutvogeldichten im 26 ha Gitternetz fur 11000 ha in Berlin mit Bezug zu Lebensraumtypen

Koehler, G.; Samietz, J., 2006:
Semivoltine development of the cricket, Nemobius sylvestris Bosc in the central Germany border region Semivoltine Entwicklung der Waldgrille, Nemobius sylvestris Bosc, an ihrem mitteldeutschen Arealrand

Otero, O.; Gayet, M., 1999:
Semlikiichthys Perciformes incertae sedis, new genus, and new systematic position for Lates rhachirhynchus Greenwood Howes, 1975, from the African Plio-Pleistocene Semlikiichthys Perciformes incertae sedis, genre nouveau, et position systematique nouvelle pour Lates rhachirhynchus Greenwood Howes, 1975, du Plio-Pleistocene africain

Aguilera, E.; Alvarez, F., 1990:
Senales sociales de la espatula Platalea leucorodia durante el periodo reproductivo

Kovac, Damir., 2002:
Senckenberg receives the beetle collection of Otto Kochen 1926-2001 Senckenberg erhaelt die Kaefer-Sammlung von Otto Kochen 1926-2001

Kovac, Damir., 2001:
Senckenberg receives the beetle collection of Wilhelm Lucht Senckenberg erhaelt die Kaefersammlung von Wilhelm Lucht

Franzen, Jens Lorenz., 1998:
Senckenbergs Messel programme 1975-1984 Senckenbergs Messel-Programm 1975-1984

Ulfstrand, Staffan., 2002:
Senescence - does it occur in the world of birds? Aldersskroplighet - finns det i fagelvarlden?

Seidelmann, Karsten., 1997:
Senescence and reproduction of females of a solitary bee, Osmia rufa Seneszenz des Exoskeletts bei Weibchen einer solitaren Wildbiene Osmia rufa L Hymenoptera Megachilidae

Heloisa B.C.; Furtado, M.; Cesar Simoes-Lopes, P., 1999:
Senile degenerative changes and anatomical variation of the vertebral column of small cetaceans Alteracoes senil-degenerativas e variacoes anatomicas na coluna vertebral de pequenos cetaceos

da Silva, J.A.dir Pinto.; Ribeiro-Costa, C.S.ramare.; Johnson, C.D.n., 2003:
Sennius Bridwell Coleoptera, Bruchidae New species predators of seeds of Chamaecrista Moench Caesalpinaceae from Serra do Cipo, Santana do Riacho, Minas Gerais, Brazil Sennius Bridwell Coleoptera, Bruchidae Novas especies predadoras de sementes de Chamaecrista Moench Caesalpinaceae da Serra do Cipo, Santana do Riacho, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Bohn, P., 1966:
Senonemys sumegensis nov gen, nov sp-ein neuer Schildkrotenfund aus Ungarn

Szymakowska, F.; Morgiel, J., 1964:
Senonian fucoid marls in the Silesian series at Kobyle central northern Carpathians

Zompro, Oliver., 2002:
Sensation in amber Sensation im Bernstein

Anonymous., 1997:
Sensational bird record for East Frisia Sensationeller Vogelfund in Ostfriesland

Graber, Franziskus., 1995:
Sensational breeding success with Amazona vinacea Sensationelle Zuchterfolge mit der Taubenhalsamazone Amazona vinacea

Anonymous., 2002:
Sensational butterfly discovery Denmarks biggest butterfly, the poplar admiral, found in Lolland Opsigtsvaekkende Sommerfuglefund Denmarks storste Dagsommerfugl, Poppelsommerfuglen, fanget paa Lolland

Kallweit, Silvia., 2005:
Sensational discovery in the rainforest of Papua New Guinea - probably a new fish catching spider Sensationelle Entdeckung im Regenwald von Papua-Neuguinea - Eine wohl neue, fischfangende Spinne

Malyukina, G.A.; Dmitrieva, N.G.; Marusov, E.A.; Yurkevich, G.V., 1969:
Sense of smell and its role in the behaviour of fish

Porcelli, Francesco., 2002:
Sense organs in Diaspididae, recent data and perspectives Studi recenti sugli organi di senso dei Diaspididae Coccoidea

Dislev, N., 1961:
Sense organs of the lateral line system and their significance for the behaviour of fishes

Govardovsky, VI.; Zueva, LV.; Kiseleva, EI.; Margolis, GE., 1994:
Sense organs 1 Visual system Organy chuvstv 1 Organ zreniya glav v tselom

Smirnov, SV., 1994:
Sense organs 2 Hearing system Organy chuvstv 2 Organ slukha

Medvedeva, IM.; Vorobyeva, EI., 1994:
Sense organs 3 Olfactory system Organy chuvstv 3 Organ obonyaniya

Esakov, AI.; Solovjev, NA., 1994:
Sense organs 4 Organoleptic system Organy chuvstv 4 Vkusovoi apparat

Guajara, MS.; Vilela, EF.; Jaffe, K., 1990:
Senses used by Acromyrmex subterraneus moestans during homing orientation, under laboratory conditions

Tillemans, F.; Iperti, G.; Coremans-Pelseneer, FJ., 1990:
Sensibilite de certaines coccinelles aphidiphages a Beauveria brongnartii Sacc Petch fungi imperfecti

Kurnatowska, A., 1961:
Sensibility of Trichomonas vaginalis Donne towards N-chloramide salts of P-nitrobenzenosulphonic acid

Korotkova, G.P.; Shiffer, I.V., 1950:
Sensibility of the males and females of Dinophilus taeniatus H in different stages of development to harmful substances

Lorosa, E.S.; Andrade, R.E.; Pereira, C.A.; Santos, S.M.; Goncalves, T.C.istina M., 1999:
Sensibility of the precipitin test in species of Triatominae with different fasting periods Sensibilidade do teste de precipitina em especies de triatomineos com diferentes periodos de jejum

Lorosa, E.S.; Andrade, R.E.; Castro, P.R.berto P.; Jurberg, J., 2003:
Sensibility of the species Rhodnius neglectus Lent, 1954, Rhodnius robustus Larrouse, 1927, Triatoma sordida Stal, 1859, Triatoma williami Galvao, Souza Lima, 1965 and Triatoma rubrovaria Blachard, 1843 to the precipitin test under different periods of fasting Sensibilidade do teste de precipitina nas especies Rhodnius neglectus Lent, 1954, Rhodnius robustus Larrouse, 1927, Triatoma sordida Stal, 1859, Triatoma williami Galvao, Souza Lima, 1965 e Triatoma rubrovaria Blachard, 1843

Faucheux, Michel J., 2005:
Sensilla auricillica on the antennae of Lophocorona pediasa Common 1973 Lepidoptera Glossata Lophocoronidae; phylogenetic implications Les sensilles auricilliformes sur les antennes de Lophocorona pediasa Common 1973 Lepidoptera Glossata Lophocoronidae; implications phylogenetiques

Faucheux, Michel J., 1996:
Sensilla auricillica on the antennae of butterflies study of the cabbage white butterfly, Pieris rapae L Lepidoptera Pieridae Sensilles auricilliformes sur lantenne des Rhopaloceres etude de la Pieride de la rave, Pieris rapae L Lepidoptera Pieridae

Faucheux, M.J., 2005:
Sensilla on mouthparts of the australian pollen-grinding moth Sabatinca sterops Turner Lepidoptera Zeugloptera Micropterigidae Comparison with Micropterix calthella Linne Les sensilles des pieces buccales du papillon australien broyeur de pollen Sabatinca sterops Turner Lepidoptera Zeugloptera Micropterigidae Comparaison avec Micropterix calthella Linne

Descoins, C.Jr, 2001:
Sensing of antifeeding agents by phytophagous caterpillars Lepidoptera Perception de substances antiappetentes par des chenilles de lepidopteres phytophages

Bayed, A.; Scapini, F., 2005:
Sensitive coastal ecosystems of the Mediterranean the case of the Smir coast Fundamental research for integrated management Ecosystemes cotiers sensibles de la Mediterranee cas du littoral de Smir Recherche de base pour une gestion integree

Cart, Jean-Francois., 2000:
Sensitivity of Chirocephalus diaphanus Prevost 1803 to two anti mosquito products BTI and Abate Sensibilite de Chirocephalus diaphanus Prevost 1803 a deux produits utilises dans la lutte anti-moustiques le BTI et labate

Richoux, Philippe., 2001:
Sensitivity of Cylindera arenaria to fluvial environments the example of the Lyon region Coleoptera Cicindelidae Sensibilite de Cylindera arenaria aux amenagements fluviaux lexemple de la region lyonnaise coleopteres Cicindelidae

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