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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38647

Chapter 38647 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nijland, Freek., 1999:
Seventeen years of butterfly censuses Zeventien jaar vlinders tellen

Siesenop, U.; Bohm, KH., 2000:
Seventeen years of diagnostics in fish bacteriology at the School of Veterinary Medicine Hanover Experiences, results and practical advice 3 Identification and differentiation of Enterobacteriaceae, other oxidase negative bacteria, Cytophagaceae and more rarely isolated bacteria Siebzehn Jahre fischbakteriologische Diagnostik an der Tierarztlichen Hochschule Hannover - Erfahrungen, Ergebnise, praktische Hinweise fur die Diagnostik 3 Mitteilung Nachweis und Differenzierung von E

Siesenop, U.; Bohm, KH., 2000:
Seventeen years of diagnostics in fish bacteriology at the School of Veterinary Medicine Hanover Experiences, results and practical advice 1 Methods Siebzehn Jahre fischbakteriologische Diagnostik an der Tierarztlichen Hochschule Hannover - Erfahrungen, Ergebnisse, praktische Hinweise fur die Diagnostik 1 Mitteilung Methodik

Abstracts., 1990:
Seventh Annual Scientific Meeting of the Sociedad Argentina de Biologia de Tucuman October 9-10, 1990, Republica Argentina

Cavazzuti, Pierfranco., 2000:
Seventh contribution to the knowledge on Carabus L from China Description of new species and subspecies from Gansu and Qinghai Coleoptera, Carabidae Settimo contributo alla conoscenza dei Carabus L della Cina Descrizione di nuove specie e sottospecie del Gansu e Qinghai Coleoptera, Carabidae

Aubert, Jacques F., 1998:
Seventh supplement to Ichneumonidae Scolobatinae 1 Septieme supplement aux ichneumonides Scolobatinae 1

Aliev, G.A., 1954:
Seventieth anniversary and forty-five years of scientific and teaching activities of the academician Eugene Nikanorovich Pavlovski

Borovec, Roman., 2001:
Seventy-fifth birthday of RNDr Jaromir Strejcek K sedmdesatym patym narozeninam RNDr Jaromira Strejcka

Petersen, A.; Guthmundsson, G.A., 1998:
Seventy-five years of bird-ringing in Iceland Fuglamerkingar a Islandi i 75 ar

Garzia-Ruiz, Andres., 2002:
Several cases of abnormal structures observed in chilopods from Andalusia Spain Diversos casos de estructuras anormales observadas en quilopodos Myriapoda, Chilopoda de Andalucia Espana

Kemeza, Vytautas., 1998:
Several cases of fish tumour Keletas zuvu naviko atveju

Morishita, A., 1954:
Several geological problems of the west edge of Niigata alluvial basin

Bem, D., 1990:
Several interesting observation from Hutovo Blato

Kalab, Jaroslav., 2002:
Several interesting records of ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae from the Czech Republic - part 2 Nekolik zajimavejsich strevilkovitych brouku Coleoptera Carabidae z uzemi Ceske republiky - 2 cast

Kalab, Jaroslav., 2004:
Several interesting records of ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae from the Czech Republic - part 3 Nekolik zajimavejsich nalezu strevlikovitych brouku Coleoptera Carabidae z uzemi Ceske republiky - 3 cast

Kalab, Jaroslav., 2000:
Several interesting records of ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae from the Czech Republic Nekolik zajimavejsich nalezu strevlikovitych brouku Coleoptera Carabidae z uzdmi Ceske republiky

Zelinka, Jaroslav., 1995:
Several knowledge about the breeding of scorpion Centruroides sp from Cuba Nekolkik poznatku z chovu stira Centruroides sp z Kuby

Zelinka, Jaroslav., 1995:
Several knowledge from the breeding of the two species bird spiders from the genus Euathlus Nekolik poznatku o rozmnozovani dvou druhu sklipkanu rodu Euathlus

Pericart, Jean., 2000:
Several new or interesting lacebugs from the East-Palearctic and Oriental Regions Heteroptera, Tingidae Quelques Tingidae nouveaux ou interessants est-palearctiques et orientaux Heteroptera

Kuryleva, AM., 1973:
Several new species of Foraminifera from the Upper Cretaceous of Turkmenistan

Lu, Yen-hao., 1950:
Several new species of Redlichia Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizhi Lunping Peking Dizh

Vysoky, Vaclav., 1995:
Several notes on the occurrence of ants around the Praded hill Hymenoptera Formicoidea Nekolik poznamek k vyskytu mravencu v okoli Pradedu

Lienenbecker, H.; Moeller, E.; Rehage, H.-Otto., 2003:
Several observations of the swallowtail Papilio machaon Lepidoptera Papilionidae in northern Westphalia in the year 2002 Vermehrte Beobachtungen des Schwalbenschwanzes Papilio machaon Lepidoptera Papilionidae im noerdlichen Westfalen im Jahr 2002

Anon., 1964:
Several papers on crustacean economics

Maassen, Wim JM., 1994:
Several records of land and freshwater molluscs on Corsica Enkele vondsten van land- en zoetwater Mollusca op Corsica

Hedgren, P.Olof, 2004:
Several records of the longhorn beetle Acanthocinus griseus F Cerambycidae on fallen trees and high stumps of spruce Flera fynd av liten timmerman Acanthocinus griseus F Cerambycidae pa vindfallen och hogstubbar av gran

Perrette, Louis., 1995:
Several remarkable butterflies in the Northern Vosges Biosphere Reserve Quelques lepidopteres heteroceres remarquables de la Reserve de la Biosphere des Vosges du Nord

Nemkov, G.I., 1962:
Several remarks on palaeoecology of Nummulites

Kozhova, OM.; Kuzevanova, EN., 1977:
Several results of the analysis of the productivity of Lake Khubsugul ecosystem

Doberl, M., 1997:
Several species of Alticinae Col, Chrysomelidae new for Central Europe Einige fur Mitteleuropa neue Alticinen-Arten Col, Chrysomelidae

Subkhanov, M.; Mikzobakhadurov, R., 1976:
Several species of blood parasites of birds of Kirgizia

ter Borg, Jur., 2004:
Several years of experience with the hibernation of red-eared sliders Trachemys scripta elegans in a pond in a greenhouse Enkele jaren ervaring met het overwinteren van Roodwangschildpadden Trachemys scripta elegans in een overdekte vijver in de tuin

Niebergall, Peter., 2002:
Several years of observation of neotonous larvae of the crested newt Triturus cristatus in a garden pond Mehrjaehrige Bobachtung einer neotonen Larve des Noerdlichen Kammmolches Triturus cristatus in einem Gartenteich

Schmidt, Klaus., 1999:
Several years of observations at a sleeping place of carrion crows, rooks and jackdaws in Bad Salzungen, south west Thuringia, Germany Mehrjahrige Beobachtungen an einem Krahen-Dohlen-Schlafplatz in Bad Salzungen, sudwest-Thuringen

Straka, U., 2005:
Several years of observations on a plurivoltine population of the silver-studded blue butterfly Plebejus argus L Lepidoptera Lycaenidae at the Danube, Greifenstein Lower Austria Mehrjaehrige Beobachtungen an einer plurivoltinen Population des Argus-Blaeulings Plebejus argus L Lepidoptera Lycaenidae an der Donau bei Greifenstein Niederoesterreich

George, K., 2005:
Several years of studies of marsh tit Parus palustris, willow tit Parus montanus and coal tit Parus ater in the Harz Mountains Mehrjaehrige Untersuchungen an Sumpfmeisen Parus palustris, Weidenmeisen Parus montanus und Tannenmeisen Parus ater im Harz

George, Klaus., 1998:
Several years study of blue tit Parus caeruleus in the Lower Harz Mountains Sachsen-Anhalt Mehrjahrige Studien an der Blaumeise Parus caeruleus im Unterharz Sachsen-Anhalt

Pagan, O.; Vollm, J.; Euler, M.; Heldstab, A.; Bacciarini, LN.; Grone, A., 1999:
Severe arthrotic-/arthritic lesions in two African elephants Loxodonta africana at the Basle Zoological Gardens Hochgradige arthrotische-/arthritische Lasionen bei zwei Afrikanischen Elefanten Loxodonta africana im Zoologischen Garten Basel

Romani, Marco., 1998:
Severe attacks by Rhagoletis completa in the walnut orchards in Lombardia Gravi attacchi di Rhagoletis completa nei noceti lombardi

Durham, ME., 1990:
Severn Vale Ringing Group Report - 1990

Forrest, H.E., 1906:
Severn Valley bird notes

Thaler, Ellen., 2006:
Severtsovs painted tomtit Leptopoecile sophiae - observations on behaviour in view of adaptations to its habitat Das Purpurhaehnchen, Leptopoecile sophiae - Beobachtungen zum Verhalten im Hinblick auf Anpassungen an seinen Lebensraum

Alves Nicolau, A.; Auler, J.O.avio.; Tabbachi Fantoni, D.; Ambrosio, A., 2002:
Sevoflurane in psitacines Amazonas aestiva Determination of minimal anesthetic concentration to produce general anesthesia O sevofluorano em psitacideos Amazonas aestiva Determinacao da dose minima DAM para producao de anestesia geral

Trautner, Jurgen., 1998:
Sewage disposal from settlements aspects of species and habitat protection Siedlungsentwasserung und Abwasserbehandlung Aspekte des Arten- und Biotopschutzes - ein Uberblick

Najbar, B.; Salej, M.; Szuszkiewicz, E., 2007:
Sewage drain as a trap for amphibians Kolektor sciekowy pulapka dla plazow

Melter, Johannes., 1996:
Sewage plants as tertiary habitat with significance in nature conservation Klarteiche als Tertiarbiotop mit Bedeutung fur den Naturschutz

Peruquetti, R.C.rlos; Del Lama, M.A.tonio, 2003:
Sex allocation and sex-dependent selection for body size in Trypoxylon rogenhoferi Kohl Hymenoptera, Sphecidae Alocacao sexual e selecao sexo-dependente para tamanho do corpo em Trypoxylon rogenhoferi Kohl Hymenoptera, Sphecidae

Cassinello, Jorge., 1996:
Sex and age classes in Spanish populations of arrui Ammotragus lervia Relationship with the management of free-ranging populations Identificacion del sexo y clases de edad en las poblaciones espanolas de arrui Ammotragus lervia - Relacion con el manejo de poblaciones en libertad

Kjellen, N., 1990:
Sex and age ratios in migrating and wintering raptors in Skane, southern Sweden

Faraponova, O.; Todaro, MA.; Onorati, F.; Finoia, MG., 2003:
Sex and age sensitivity of Tigriopus fulvus Copepoda, Harpacticoida towards two heavy metal Cd and Cu Sensibilita sesso ed eta specifica di Tigropus fulvus Copepoda, Harpacticoida nei confronti di due metalli pesanti cadmio e rame

Garcia, J.; Fuertes, B.; Juan, M., 2000:
Sex and age-related differences in the biometrics of an Iberian breeding population of bluethroats Luscinia svecica cyanecula Diferencias biometricas relacionadas con el sexo y la edad en una poblacion iberica de Pechiazul Luscinia svecica cyanecula

Luporini, P.; Alimenti, C.; Vallesi, A., 2002:
Sex and reproduction in protozoan ciliates the molecular basis Sesso e riproduzione nei protozoi ciliati la base molecolare

Vahala, J.; Kase, F.; Pospisil, J., 1990:
Sex and season-related differences of basic haematological values in the mountain reedbuck Reduncula fulvorufula

Passera, L.; Aron, S., 1996:
Sex brood recognition in ants the Argentine ant and the male larvae La reconnaissance du sexe larvaire chez les fourmis la fourmi dArgentine et les larves males

van der Bijl, Henk., 1996:
Sex change in Apistogramma species Geslachtsomkeer bij Apistogramma soorten

Vermeij, Hans., 2001:
Sex change in the swordtail characin Geschlachtsverandering bij dwergdrakenvinzalm

Reichard, Martin., 2001:
Sex changes in the red-finned checkerboard cichlid Crenicara punctulatum Zmena pohlavi u hrebenacka Crenicara punctulatum

Volobouev, V.; Pasteur, G.; Bons, J.; Guillaume, CP.; Dutrillaux, B., 1990:
Sex chromosome evolution in reptiles divergence between two lizards long regarded as sister species, Lacerta vivipara and Lacerta andreanski

Pieau, Claude., 1996:
Sex determination as a function of temperature in reptiles a review Le point sur le determinisme du sexe en fonction de la temperature chez les reptiles

Fernandes, L.C.istina dos Anjos, N.; Silveira, R.D.niz, 2005 :
Sex determination in Metaxyonycha angusta Perty, 1832 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Dimorfismo sexual em Metaxyonycha angusta Perty, 1832 Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Wedekind, Helmut., 1993:
Sex determination in cichlids Zur Verebung des Geschlechts bei Cichliden

Tarchevskaya, VA., 1972:
Sex determination in geese in the early stages of development

Ancel, P., 1902:
Sex determination of gametes in hermaphrodite gonads

Bijlsma, Rob G., 1999:
Sex determination of nestling common buzzards Buteo buteo Geschlachtsdeterminatie van nestjonge buizerds Buteo buteo

Laszlo, J., 1977:
Sex determination of reptiles

Schlueter, Uwe., 2000:
Sex differences in iguanas Geschlechtsunterschiede bei Leguanen

Kurdyaeva, VP., 1972:
Sex differentiation and the early stages of gametogenesis in carp breeding in the Primorye

Hitz, R.; Ziegler, T., 2000:
Sex differentiation of blue tongues Sauria Scincidae Tiliqua Zur Geschlechtsunterscheidung bei Blauzungenskinken Sauria Scincidae Tiliqua

Bender, Brigitte., 2000:
Sex dimorphism of common toads Bufo bufo in the eye to pupil size ratio Sexualdimorphismus der Pupillengrosse bei der Erdkrote Bufo bufo

Miranda, R.; Campos, F.; Garcia-Fresca, C.; Oscoz, J.; Escala, M.C.rmen.; Lekuona, J.M., 1999 :
Sex distribution of the minnow Phoxinus phoxinus during the breeding peirod in a river in the north of Spain Distribucion de sexos del piscardo Phoxinus phoxinus durante la epoca reproductora en un rio del norte de Espana

Ruvinsky, AO., 1990:
Sex evolution and origin of multicellularity

Arcos-Garcia,; Reynoso Rosales, V.H.go; Mendoza Martinez, G.D.; Hernandez Sanchez, D., 2005:
Sex identification and growth measurement in the black iguana Ctenosaura pectinata in juvenile and newborn stages Identificacion del sexo y medicion del crecimiento en iguana negra Ctenosaura pectinata en las etapas de crfa y juvenil

Huaquin, L.; Guerra, R.; Bretos, M., 1998:
Sex identification and morphology of gametes in the keyhole limpet Fissurella crassa Lamarck, 1822 Mollusca Archaeogastropoda Identificacion del sexo y morfologia de gametos de la lapa Fissurella crassa Lamarck, 1822 Mollusca Archaeogastropoda

Marteleur, G.; Rozzatti, J.C.rlos., 1997:
Sex identification in A versicolor Aves Anatidae by means of plumage Identificacion del sexo de Anas versicolor Aves Anatidae mediante el uso del plumaje

Diopere, Eveline., 2006:
Sex in the fish kingdom Seks in het vissenrijk