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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38649

Chapter 38649 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Prunier, F., 2006:
Sex-ratio and biometry of three dragonflies populations in Sierra Morena Anax imperator, Boyeria irene, Cordulegaster boltoni immaculifrons Insecta Odonata Sex ratio y biometria en tres poblaciones de libelulas de Sierra Morena Anax imperator, Boyeria irene, Cordulegaster boltoni immaculifrons Insecta Odonata

Monchot, H., 2000:
Sex-ratio and hunting strategies of the Palaeolithic the contribution of mixture analysis Sex-ratio et strategies de chasse au Paleolithique lapport de lanalyse des melanges

Orzack, SH.; Parker, E.D.; Jr., 1986:
Sex-ratio control in a parasitic wasp, nasonia vitripennis 1 genetic variation in facultative sex-ratio adjustment

Orzack, SH., 1986:
Sex-ratio control in a parasitic wasp, nasonia vitripennis 2 experimental analysis of an optimal sex-ratio model

Volpedo, AV.; Thompson, GA., 1997:
Sex-related growth differences in the sagittae of Prionotus nudigula Ginsburg, 1950 Pisces Triglidae Diferencias en el crecimiento de las sagittae de Prionotus nudigula Ginsburg, 1950 Pisces Triglidae en relacion al sexo

Cransac, N.; Cibien, C.; Angibault, J-M.; Morellet, N.; Vincent, J-P.; Hewison, AJM., 2001:
Sex-related seasonal variations in the diet of the roe deer Capreolus capreolus in a dense forest environment crown forest of Dourdan Variations saisonnieres du regime alimentaire du chevreuil Capreolus capreolus selon le sexe en milieu forestier a forte densite foret domaniale de Dourdan

Villaran Adanez, Alfonso., 2000:
Sex-specific comparative analysis of diet in the tawny owl Strix aluco in the Iberian Peninsula Analisis comparativo de la dieta de ambos sexos en el carabo comun Strix aluco en la Peninsula Iberica

Burghardt, P., 2005:
Sex-specific markings of an adder population, Vipera b berus, in the southeastern Lower Rhine lowlands, Northrhine Westphalia Geschlechtsspezifisches Zeichnunsmerkmal einer Kreuzotter-Population, Vipera b berus, im suedoestlichen Niederrheinischen Tiefland, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Vitale, S.; Cannizzaro, L.; Bono, G.; Beltrano, AM.; Milazzo, A.; Cusumano, S., 2003:
Sexaul maturation, age and growth of striped seabream, Lithognathus mormyrus L, 1758 Pisces Sparidae south-west coast of Sicily Maturita sessuale, eta e accrescimento della mormora, Lithognathus mormyrus L 1758 Pisces; Sparidae costa sud occidentale della Sicilia

Illera, J.C.rlos; Atienza, J.C.rlos, 2002:
Sexing and ageing of the Canary Islands stonechat Saxicola dacotiae by moult Determinacion del sexo y edad en la Trabilla Canaria Saxicola dacotiae mediante el estudio de la muda

Hildebrant, T.; Goritz, F.; Schaftenaar, W.; Spelman, L.; Rosscoe, R., 1997:
Sexing and assessment of reproductive capacity in giant salamanders Cryptobranchidae by ultrasonography Sonomorphologische Geschlechtsbestimmung und Einschatzung der reproduktiven Kapazitat bei Riesensalamandern Cryptobranchidae

Por H.grimsson, G.; Martin, R.R.ig; Hersteinsson, P., 2006:
Sexing of lesser black-backed gulls fledglings from standard measurements Kyngreining fleygra silamafsunga ut fra staertharmaelingum

Iorio, Etienne., 2002:
Sexing of lithobiomorphs Sexage des Lithobiomorphes

Todte, I.; Harz, M., 2003:
Sexing, moult and green upperparts in European bee-eater Merops apiaster Geschlechtsbestimmung, Mauser und Farbabweichungen beim Bienenfresser Merops apiaster

Caballero, y C.; Caballero, E., 1947:
Sexta contribucion al conociemento do l? parasitologia do Rana montezumae- Redescripcion de Halipegus amheraten-sis Rankin, 1944

Vysoky, Vaclav., 2000:
Sexton beetles in the zoopark Chomutov Coleoptera Silphidae Hrobarici v Podkrusnohorskem zooparku

Jordaens, K.; Geenen, S., 2001:
Sexual activity ih snails several partners, one partner or preferably alone? Seks bij slakken meerdere partners, een partner of liever alleen?

Kobelkowsky D., A.; Alva-Garcia, A., 2000:
Sexual anatomy of Gambusia regani Pisces Poeciliidae Anatomia sexual de Gambusia regani Pisces Poeciliidae

Exbrayat, J.-Marie.; Pujol, P.; Leclercq, B., 1998:
Sexual and nychtemeral cycles in amphibians Quelques aspects des cycles sexuels et nycthemeraux chez les amphibiens

Betancur-Vasquez, B.; Humanez, J.C.rlos.; Olaya-Nieto, C.W.; Tordecilla-Petro, G.; Sanchez-Banda, S.; Segura-Guevara, F.F.; Bru-Cordero, S.B., 2004:
Sexual at length maturity of Moncholo Hoplias malabaricus Bloch, 1794 in the Cienaga Grande ofLorica Colombia Talla de madurez sexual del Moncholo Hoplias malabaricus Bloch, 1794 en la Cienaga Grande de Lorica Colombia

Facholi-Bendassolli, M.C.N.; Uchoa-Fernandes, M.A., 2006:
Sexual behavior of Anastrepha sororcula Zucchi Diptera, Tephritidae in laboratory Comportamento sexual de Anastrepha sororcula Zucchi Diptera, Tephritidae em laboratorio

Wanto, M.M.; Fischer, M.L.ciane, 2005:
Sexual behavior of Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus, 1785 Insecta, Coleoptera Comportamento sexual de Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus, 1785 Insecta, Coleoptera

Peppuy, A.; Robert, A.; Bordereau, C., 1999:
Sexual behaviour and pheromones in two sympatric asiatic Macrotermes, M annandalei and M barneyi Isoptera, Macrotermitinae Involvement of new sexual glands Comportement sexuel et pheromones chez les deux especes sympatriques de Macrotermes asiatiques, M annadalei et M barneyi Isoptera, Macrotermitinae mise en evidence de nouvelles glandes sexuelles

Terra, Paulo S., 1996:
Sexual behaviour of Cardioptera brachyptera Mantodea Comportamento sexual de Cardioptera brachyptera Mantodea

Fischer, Marta Luciane. da Silva, Emanuel Marques., 2001:
Sexual behaviour of Loxosceles hirsuta Mello-Leitao, 1931 Araneae; Sicariidae Comportamento sexual de Loxosceles hirsuta Mello-Leitao, 1931 Araneae; Sicariidae

Garcia-Perez, J.; Blanco-Pinon, A.; Navarro-Fernandez, E., 1997:
Sexual behaviour of Triatoma gerstaeckeri Stal Hemiptera Reduviidae Comportamiento sexual de Triatoma gerstaeckeri Stal Hemiptera Reduviidae

Weggler, M., 2005:
Sexual behaviour of a probable gynandromorphic black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros Sexualverhalten and Fortpflanzungsfaehigkeit eines wahrscheinlich gynandromorphen Hausrotschwanzes Phoenicurus ochruros

Hasspacher, T.; Sambraus, HH., 2005:
Sexual behaviour of the North American prairie bison Bison bison bison under central European keeping conditions Sexualverhalten des Amerikanischen Praeriebisons Bison bison bison unter mitteleuropaeischen Verhaeltnissen

Osorio, C.; Huaquin, L.G., 2003:
Sexual changes in Acanthina monodon Pallas, 1774 Gastropoda Muricidae in the central coast of Chile, induced by organotinic compounds Alteracion de la sexualidad de Acanthina monodon Pallas, 1774 Gastropoda Muricidae en el litoral de Chile central, inducida por compuestos organoestanosos

Schneidewind, F.; Frische, J., 2002:
Sexual characteristics of angelfish Geschlechtsmerkmale bei Kaiserfischen

Renou, M., 2004:
Sexual communication in the green stink bug hearing and feeling La communication sexuelle chez la punaise verte entendre et sentir

Trunov, I.A., 1970:
Sexual composition of Dentex macrophthalmusin the south-eastern Atlantic

Tilszer, M., 2006:
Sexual conflict review Miedzygenomowy konflikt plciowy przeglad badan

Simunovic, A.; Grubelic, I.; Tudor, M.; Hrs-Brenko, M., 1990:
Sexual cycle and biometry of date shell Lithophaga lithophaga Linnaeus Mytilidae

Kara, M.; Hichem., 1997:
Sexual cycle and fecundity of sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax of Annabas gulf Cycle sexuel et fecondite du loup Dicentrarchus labrax poisson moronide du golfe dAnnaba

Mesones, R.V.ra.; Nieva, L.; Gonzo, G., 1999:
Sexual cycle and histological organization of gonads of Hoplosternum littorale, Pisces, Siluriformes, Callichthyidae of Bermejo River, Salta, Argentina Ciclo sexual y organizacion histologica de las gonadas de Hoplosternum littorale, Pisces, Siluriformes, Callichthyidae del Rio Bermejo, Salta, Argentina

Mutambue, S., 1998:
Sexual cycle of Barbus holotaenia Boulenger, 1904 Pisces, Cyprinidae from Luki Basin Zaire Cycle sexuel de Barbus holotaenia Boulenger, 1904 Pisces, Cyprinidae du bassin de la Luki Zaire

Kaufman, Z.S., 1967:
Sexual cycle of Sagitta elegans, Verrill

Nonnis Marzano, C.; Mercurio, M.; Scalera Liaci, L., 2000:
Sexual cycle of Tedania anhelans Lieberkuehn Porifera, Demospongiae in the Porto Cesareo Basin Il ciclo sessuale di Tedania anhelans Lieberkuehn Porifera, Demospongiae nellinsenatura della strea di Porto Cesareo

Lisovenko, LA., 1975:
Sexual cycles of sea perches

Alvarez, T.; Sanchez-Casas, N., 1999:
Sexual diet differences in Glossophaga soricina Chiroptera Phyllostomidae from Mexico Diferenciacion alimentaria entre los sexos de Glossophaga soricina Chiroptera Phyllostomidae en Mexico

Becker, P.H.; Wink, M., 2002:
Sexual differences in body size of common tern Sterna hirundo fledglings Geschlechtsabhaengige Groessenunterschiede von Fluegglingen der Flussseeschwalbe Sterna hirundo

Villaran, A., 2001:
Sexual differences in wintering water pipits Anthus spinoletta in a reedbed in central Spain Invernada diferencial segun sexos del bisbita ribereno alpino Anthus spinoletta en un carrizal del centro de Espana

Mateo, J.G.; Appeldoorn, R.S., 2001:
Sexual differentiation and first maturation of the white grunt, Haemulon plumieri Pisces Haemulidae, in La Parguera, Puerto Rico Diferenciacion sexual e inicio de la madurez de la cachicata blanca, Haemulon plumieri Pisces Haemulidae, en la Parguera, Puerto Rico

Rengel, D.; Pisano, A.; Lavilla, E., 1995:
Sexual differentiation in Phyllomedusa boliviana Anura, Hylidae Diferenciacion sexual de Phyllomedusa boliviana Anura, Hylidae

Machenis, A.S., 1968:
Sexual differentiation in eels in the water basins of the Lithuanian Republic

Mordenti, O.; Kentouri, M.; Roncarati, A.; Melotti, P., 1997:
Sexual differentiation in farmed sheepshead bream Puntazzo puntazzo Gm Stato sessuale del sarago pizzuto Puntazzo puntazzo Gm in condizioni di allevamento e prospettive di riproduzione artificiale

Gomez-Aguirre, S.; Ochoterena-Booth, H.; Sapien-Silva, R.E., 1992:
Sexual differentiation of the behaviour of Limulus polyphemus L in captivity Diferenciacion sexual y comportamiento de Limulus polyphemus en cautiverio

Quintas, Luis Eduardo Menezes., 1997:
Sexual differentiation of vertebrates contribution of somatic and environmental factors Diferenciacao sexual dos vertebrados contribuicao de fatores somaticos e ambientais

Salame-Mendez, A.; Villalpando-Fierro, I., 1998:
Sexual differentiation of vertebrates hypotheses and theories La diferenciacion sexual en vertebrados hipotesis y teorias

Rapp Py-Daniel, L.H.; Cox Fernandes, C., 2005:
Sexual dimorfism in Amazonian Siluriformes and Gymnotiformes Ostariophysi Dimorfismo sexual em Siluriformes e Gymnotiformes Ostariophysi da Amazonia

Cantos, F.J.; Hernandez, F., 1995:
Sexual dimorfism in size and sexs assessment in blak -headed gull Larus ridibundus Dimorfismo sexual en tamano y determinacion del sexo de la gaviota reidora Larus ridibundus

de las Mercedes Azpelicueta, Maria., 1995:
Sexual dimorphism and geographical distribution of Hoplosternum pectorale Siluriformes Callichthyidae Dimorfismo sexual y distribucion geografica de Hoplosternum pectorale Siluriformes Callichthyidae

Canovas, M.G.; Acosta, JC.; Villavicencio, HJ.; Marinero, AJ., 2006:
Sexual dimorphism and morphometry of a population of Liolaemus olongasta Iguania Liolaeminae in La Laja, Albardon, San Juan, Republic of Argentina Dimorfismo sexual y morfometria de una poblacion de Liolaemus olongasta Iguania Liolaeminae en La Laja, Albardon, San Juan, Republica Argentina

Ivanova, V.A. ., 1969:
Sexual dimorphism and problems in taxonomy of Palaeozoic ostracods

Neubauer, G.; Zagalska-Neubauer, M., 2006:
Sexual dimorphism and sex identification of the herring gull Larus argentatus group using biometric measurements Dymorfizm plciowy i oznaczanie plci w grupie mewy srebrzystej Larus argentatus na podstawie pomiarow biometrycznych

Czerniejewski, P., 2002:
Sexual dimorphism in Chinese mitten crab Eriocheir sinensis H Milne-Edwards, 1853 Dymorfizm plciowy u kraba welnistoszczypcego Eriocheir sinensis H Milne-Edwards, 1853

Feltrim, A.Costa, 2002 :
Sexual dimorphism in Cnemidophorus lacertoides Squamata, Teiidae from southern South America Dimorfismo sexual em Cnemidophorus lacertoides Squamata, Teiidae do sul da America do Sul

Schallreuter, Roger EL., 1997:
Sexual dimorphism in Palaeozoic ostracods Geschlechtsdimorphismus bei palaozoischen Ostrakoden

Rodriguez, M.Sonia, 2001:
Sexual dimorphism in Rineloricaria parva Boulanger 1895 Pisces, Loricariinae Dimorfismo sexual en Rineloricaria parva Boulenger, 1895 Pisces, Loricariinae

dos Santos, A.P.; Jr;.; Ribeiro, F.R.ynner V., 2005:
Sexual dimorphism in a prole of the water snake Helicops polylepis Guenther, 1861 Serpentes, Colubridae from west of Para State, Brazil, with comments on the reproductive period Dimorfismo sexual em uma prole da cobra-dagua Helicops polylepis Guenther, 1861 Serpentes Colubridae do oeste do estado do Para, Brasil, com comentarios sobre o periodo reprodutivo

Hersh, SL.; Odell, DK.; Asper, ED., 1990:
Sexual dimorphism in bottlenose dolphins from the east coast of Florida

Morosan, S., 1969:
Sexual dimorphism in ducks

Javed, W., 1990:
Sexual dimorphism in hemibranchiate isopods Sphaeromatidae with special reference to the genus Paracilicacea Stebbing, 1910

Royo-Torres, R., 2001:
Sexual dimorphism in sauropod dinosaurs based on the sacral structure Dimorfismo sexual en dinosaurios sauropodos basado en la estructura sacra

Martinez M., I.; Lumaret, J., 2003:
Sexual dimorphism in the larvae of Scarabaeoidea Coleoptera Dimorfismo sexual en larvas de Scarabaeoidea Coleoptera