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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38650

Chapter 38650 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Villavicencio, H.J.; Acosta, J.C.; Canovas, M.G.; Marinero, J.A., 2003:
Sexual dimorphism of Liolaemus pseudoanomalus Iguania Liolaemidae in the center-west of Argentina Dimortismo sexual de Liolaemus pseudoanomalus Iguania Liolaemidae en el centro-oeste de Argentina

Laspiur, A.; Ripoll, Y.; Acosta, J.C.rlos, 2006:
Sexual dimorphism of Liolaemus riojanus Iguania Liolaemidae in a population from a sandy desert in Monte de San Juan, Argentina Dimorfismo sexual de Liolaemus riojanus Iguania Liolaemidae en una poblacion de un desierto arenoso del Monte de San Juan, Argentina

Medda, A., 1957:
Sexual dimorphism of Sternostoma meddai Lombardini Acari-na-Mesostigmata-Rhinonyssidae

Mrutzek, Michael., 1996:
Sexual dimorphism of anemone fishes Geschlechtsdimorphismus bei Anemonefischen

Mouna, Mohamed., 1990:
Sexual dimorphism of chrysalids of Acleris undulana Lep Tortricidae and its use in prediction of attacks on cedar trees Dimorphisme sexuel des chrysalides dAcleris undulana Lep Tortricidae et son application dans la prevision des attaques sur cedre

Frank, Stanislav., 1996:
Sexual dimorphism of some reef perches 2 Amphiprion clarkii Zum Geschlechtsdimorphismus einiger Riffbarsche 2 Amphiprion clarkii

Garcia Calleja, A., 2004:
Sexual dimorphism of the Xylotrechus arvicola Olivier Diformismo sexual en imagos del coleoptera cerambicido Xylotrechus arvicola Olivier

Bodarey, NN.; Tomnatik, EN., 1976:
Sexual dimorphism of the barbel Barbus barbus L of the Dnestr River

Panzica, G.; Vercelli, A.; Viglietti-Panzica, C., 1991:
Sexual dimorphism of the central nervous system; comparative aspects, organization and the role of sexual hormones in differentiation Dimorfisimo sessuale nel sistema nervoso centrale aspetti comparativi, organizzazione e ruolo degli ormoni sessuali nel differenziamento

Kaddour, K.B.n; E.M.uden, E.H.ssan; S.imani, T.; Lagarde, F.; Bonnet, X., 2005:
Sexual dimorphism, growth and maturation patterns of Testudo g graeca in the central Jbilets, Morocco Dimorphisme sexuel et cinetique de croissance et de maturation chez Testudo g graeca, dans les Jbilets centrales, Maroc

Pfeiffer, Thekla., 1999:
Sexual dimorphism, ontogeny and intraspecific variation of the Pleistocene cervid populations of D dama geiselana Pfeiffer 1998 and Cervus elaphus L Cervidae, Mammalia from Neumark-Nord SW Halle a d Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany Sexualdimorphismus, Ontogenie und innerartliche Variabilitat der pleistozanen Cervidenpopulationen von Dama dama geiselana Pfeiffer 1998 und Cervus elaphus L Cervidae, Mammalia aus Neumark-Nord Sachsen-Anhalt, Deutschland

Malvasio, A.; Gomes, N.; Farias, E.C.nha., 1999:
Sexual identification using anatomical study of urogenital system in hatchlings and juveniles of Trachemys dorbignyi Dumeril Bibron Reptilia, Testudines, Emydidae Identificacao sexual atraves do estudo anatomico do sistema urogenital em recem-eclodidos e jovens de Trachemys dorbignyi Dumeril Bibron Reptilia, Testudines, Emydidae

Maric, Drago., 2002:
Sexual maturation and sexual cycle of gonads in introduced goldfish Carassius auratus gibelio, Bloch in Skadar Lake Polno sazrijevanje i polni ciklus gonada kod introdukovanog srebrnog karasa Carassius auratus gibelio, Bloch u skadarskom jezeru

Ezzeddine-Najai, S., 1997:
Sexual maturation in Eledone moschata Cephalopoda, Octopoda from the Gulf of Gabes Tunisia, eastern Mediterranean Maturation sexuelle dEledone moschata Cephalopoda, Octopoda du Golfe de Gabes Tunisie, Mediterranee Orientale

Guimaraes Cruz, A.M.gnus.; Sato, Y.; Rizzo, E.; Bastos Santos, G.; Bazzoli, N., 1996:
Sexual maturation of piranha Pygocentrus piraya Pisces, Characidae from Tres Marias reservoir, Minas Gerais Maturacao sexual da piranha Pygocentrus piraya Cuvier, 1820 Pisces, Characidae na represa de Tres Marias, Minas Gerais

Stroganov, N.S., 1952:
Sexual maturation of sturgeon and the role of the environment

Prieto, A.S.; Sol Flores, M.; Lodeiros, C., 1999:
Sexual maturity and condition index in a population of mussel Modiolus squamosus Mollusca, Bivalvia in Tocuchare, Gulf of Cariaco, Venezuela Madurez sexual e indice de condicion en una poblacion del mejillon de fondo Modiolus squamosus Mollusca, Bivalvia en Tocuchare, Golfo de Cariaco, Venezuela

Reigada, A.L.iz Diogo.; Negreiros-Fransozo, M.L.cia., 1999:
Sexual maturity in Hepatus pudibundus Decapoda, Brachyura, Calappidae Maturidade sexual em Hepatus pudibundus Decapoda, Brachyura, Calappidae

Kroker, Berthold., 1997:
Sexual maturity in offspring of Iguana iguana Geschlechtsreife bei Nachzuchttieren von Iguana iguana

Barreto, A. do Vale; Batista-Leite, L. de Matos A.; Aguiar, M.C., 2006:
Sexual maturity of females of Callinectes danae Crustacea, Decapoda, Portunidae in the estuaries of the Botafogo and Carrapicho rivers, Itamaraca, PE, Brazil Maturidade sexual das femeas de Callinectes danae Crustacea, Decapoda, Portunidae nos estuarios dos rios Botafogo e Carrapicho, Itamaraca, PE, Brasil

Solano Lopez, Y.; Cabrera Pena, J.; Palacios, J.A.; Cruz, R.A., 1997:
Sexual maturity, condition index and yield of Pinctada mazatlanica Pterioida Pteriidae, Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica Madurez sexual, indice de condicion y rendimiento de Pinctada mazatlanica Pterioida Pteriidae, Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica

Buleza, VV.; Bokotey, II.; Maeorg, UJ.; Kovalev, VB.; Babidorich, MM.; Sorochinskaya, AM.; Kolonistova, SF., 1990:
Sexual pheromone of the apple clearwing moth, Synanthedon myopaeformis Lepidoptera Aegiriidae biological estimation

David-Henriet, A.-Isabel.; Brossut, R., 1995:
Sexual pheromones of Dictyoptera Biology, exocrine glands and ethology Feromonas sexuales de Dictyoptera Biologia, glandulas exocrinas, etologia

Petersen, Dirk., 1999:
Sexual planula larvae of Acropora corals Sexuelle Planulalarven von Acropora-Korallen

Fontoura, A.P.ulo.; Goncalves, D.; Guyomarc'h, J.-Charles.; Saint-Jalme, M., 2001:
Sexual precocity of European quail Coturnix c coturnix wintering in Portugal La sexualite precoce des populations hivernantes de cailles des bles Coturnix c coturnix au Portugal

Gilyarov, M.S., 1952:
Sexual process and vitality in Infusoria in the light of Michurin biology

Correia Maltez, Alfredo., 1998:
Sexual rates in populations of Panonychus ulmi Koch, 1836 Acari Tetranychidae under laboratorial conditions As percentagens sexuais de Panonychus ulmi Koch, 1836 Acari Tetranychidae em populacoes criadas no laboratorio

D.N.brega, J.R.nato; Villamizar, E., 2004:
Sexual ratio in populations of Sparisoma radians and Sparisoma atomarium at Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela an evolutionary approach Razon de sexos en poblaciones de Sparisoma radians y Sparisoma atomarium del Archipelago de Los Roques, Venezuela un enfoque evolutivo

Puterka, GJ.; Peters, DC., 1990:
Sexual reproduction and inheritance of virulence in the greenbug, Schizaphis gramium Rondani

Fauchex, Michel J., 2002:
Sexual reproduction by gemmules production in the freshwater sponge Ephydatia fluviatilis Linne Demosponges, Spongillidae La reproduction sexuee avec production de gemmules chez leponge deau douce Ephydatia fluviatilis Linne Demosponges, Spongillidae

Baldacconi, R.; Cardone, F.; Nonnis Marzano, C.; Corriero, G., 2006:
Sexual reproduction in a natural population and in reimplanted fragments of Spongia officinalis var adriatica Porifera, Demospongiae Riproduzione sessuale in una popolazione naturale e in frammenti reimpiantati di Spongia officinalis var adriatica Porifera, Demospongiae

Ryazanskii, M.P., 1970:
Sexual rhythm and microstructure of cow milk

Radwan, Jacek., 1998:
Sexual selection after insemination Dobor plciowy po inseminacji

Capula, M.; Luiselli, L., 1996:
Sexual selection and determinants of the reproductive success in Vipera berus Selezione sessuale e determinanti del successso riproduttivo nel marasso Vipera berus

Sauer, KP., 1996:
Sexual selection and ecological differentiation Sexuelle Selektion und okologische Differenzierung

Cordero Rivera, Adolfo., 1999:
Sexual selection and mating behaviour of insects Seleccion sexual y comportamiento reproductor de los insectos

Sakaluk, SK., 1990:
Sexual selection and predation balancing reproductive and survival needs

Kistyakovskii, A.B., 1958:
Sexual selection and specific distinguishing markings in birds

Amrhein, Valentin., 1999:
Sexual selection and the evolution of extra-pair copulation rules of the game from the females point of view Sexuelle Selektion und die Evolution von Kopulationen ausserhalb des Paarbundes Spielregeln der Weibchen

Castellano, S.; Giacoma, C., 1991:
Sexual selection in males of Bufo bufo Selezione sessuale in maschi di Bufo bufo

Stadler, J.; Brandl, R., 1999:
Sexual selection, territory size and red lists Sexuelle Selektion, Arealgrosse und Rote Listen

Faria, L.P.; Carrara, L.A.; Rodrigues, M., 2007:
Sexual size dimorphism in henna-capped foliage-gleaner Hylocryptus rectirostris Wied Aves, Furnariidae Dimorfismo sexual de tamanho no fura-barreira Hylocryptus rectirostris Wied Aves, Furnariidae

Meyer, HHD.; Rohleder, M.; Streich, WJ.; Goltenboth, R.; Ochs, A., 1997:
Sexual steroid profiles and ovarian activities of the female panda YAN YAN in the Zoo of Berlin Sexualsteroidprofile und Ovaraktivitaten des Pandaweibchens YAN YAN im Berliner Zoo

Deschner, Tobias., 2000:
Sexual swellings of the chimpanzees in Tai National Park a real sign of evolution? Gonflements sexuels chez les femelles chimpanzes dans le Parc National de Tai Un signal honnete de levolution?

Afellah, M.; Smaili, C.; E.H.joui, A.; Chemseddine, M., 1996:
Sexual trapping and noxiousness of Prays oleae Bern Lepid, Hypon on olive tree in the Zerhoune area in Morocco Piegeage sexuel et nuisibilite de Prays oleae Bern Lep Hyponomeutidae sur olivier dans la region du Zerhoune au Maroc

Zhinkin, L.N., 1953:
Sexual variations and the rate of regeneration in Triton

Warnecke, U.; Hintze-Podufal, C., 1996:
Sexual wing dimorphism in the ovoviviparous cockroach Blaptica dubia Blattoidea Blaberoidea Blaberidae Sexualdimorphismus der Flugel bei der ovoviviparen Schaben-Art Blaptica dubia Blattoidea Blaberoidea Blaberidae

Alberti, G.K.B., 1971:
Sexual-dimorphismus ? bei Cheirurus Crotalocephalus cf pauper Barrande, 1852 Trilobita, Devon

Hastings, J., 1990:
Sexual-size dimorphism in western cicada killer wasps, Specius grandis Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Sonnenschmidt, Rosina., 1997:
Sexuality and creativity in parrots Sexualitat und Kreativitat bei Papageienvogeln

Excoffon, A.C.; Zamponi, M.O.; Moure, M.M., 2000:
Sexuality and dynamics of longitudinal fission in a subtidal population of Anthothoe chilensis Lesson, 1830 Cnidaria, Sagartiidae of Mar del Plata, Argentina Sexualidad y dinamica de la fision longitudinal en una poblacion infralitoral de Anthothoe chilensis Lesson, 1830 Cnidaria, Sagartiidae de Mar del Plata, Argentina

Beani, L.; Turillazzi, S., 2002:
Sexuality and evolution in social insects the case study of paper-wasps Sessualita ed evoluzione nelle societa degli insetti il caso delle vespe cartonaie

Gonzalez Pajuelo, JM.; Lorenzo Nespereira, J.; Ma.; Gonzalez Ramos, AJ.; Mendez-Villamil Mata, M.; Saez de Albeniz, J.; Coca., 2001:
Sexuality and reproduction of annular seabream Diplodus annularis L, 1758 Pisces, Sparidae off Gran Canaria Canary Islands Sexualidad y reproduccion del raspallon Diplodus annularis L, 1758 Pisces, Sparidae en Gran Canaria islas Canarias

Boundka, B.; Ktari, MH.; Quignard, J-P., 1998:
Sexuality, sexual cycle and reproduction of uranoscope Uranoscopus scaber of Tunisia Sexualite, cycle sexuel et reproduction de luranoscope Uranoscopus scaber de Tunisie

Naumann, Clas M., 2001:
Shade-free photography of set insects Schattenfreies Fotografieren von praeparierten Insekten

Tomey, William A., 2005:
Shades of the underworld dog fishes of the family Umbridae Schatten der Unterwelt Hundfische der familie Umbridae

Eckweiler, Wolfgang., 2001:
Shadow-free photography of insects with the aid of circular illumination Schattenfreie Fotografie von Insekten mit Hilfe einer Ringleuchte

Denac, D., 2004:
Shag Vranjek Phalacrocorax aristotelis

Tillack, F.; Lorenz, M.; Orlov, N.L.; Helfenberger, N.; Shah, K.B.; Eckert, W., 2003:
Shahs bamboo pitviper, Trimeresurus karanshahi Orlov Helfenberger, 1997 - a junior synonym of Trimeresurus tibetanus Huang, 1982 Serpentes Viperidae Crotalinae, with notes on the distribution, biology and the introduction of new colour varieties from central Nepal Shahs Grubenotter Trimeresurus karanshahi Orlov Helfenberger, 1997 - ein Juniorsynonym von Trimeresurus tibetanus Huang, 1982 Serpentes Viperidae Crotalinae, mit Angaben zur Verbreitung, Biologie und der Vorstellung neue

Naumann, Clas M., 2000:
Shahkuh - a dream turns true Shahkuh - ein Traum wird wahr

Laurent, PJ., 1999:
Shall we see Cherax in the hydrographic network of Europe? Verrons nous des Cherax dans les eaux douces europeens?

Mulder, JL., 1997:
Shall we throw the lynx for the lions? Moeten we de lynx wel voor de leeuwen werpen?

Sanavio, G.; Lionello, M.; Soccorso, C.; Vazzoler, M., 2006:
Shallow fine sands macrobenthos along Veneto litoral preliminary analysis of winter samples 2003-2005 Macrobenthos di sabbie fini superficiali lungo il litorale veneto analisi preliminari di campioni invernali 2003-2005

Buenrostro, C.E.; Cintra., 2001:
Shallow water sea stars Echinodermata Asteroidea from the Gulf of California, Mexico Los asteroideos Echinodermata Asteroidea de aguas someras del Golfo de California, Mexico

Calder, DR., 1990:
Shallow-water hydroids of Bermuda the Thecatae, exclusive of Plumularioidea

Plotnikova, L.F., 1969:
Shallow-water, Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera from the Ukrainian platform

Soleilhavoup, Francois., 1998:
Shamanic images of prehistoric art in the Sahara Images chamaniques dans lart prehistorique du Sahara

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2004:
Shannies Lipophrys pholis now found at Koksijde Slijmvisjes Lipophrys pholis ook te Koksijde waargenomen

Bakker, J.; Ates, R., 2006:
Shannies at Stavenisse Slijmvissen bij Stavenisse

Pardo, R.; Scott, S.; Vila, I., 2005:
Shape analysis in Chilean species of Trichomycterus Osteichthyes Siluriformes using geometric morphometry Analisis de formas en especies Chilenas del genero Trichomycterus Osteichthyes Siluriformes utilizando morfometria geometrica

Doering, P.; Ludwig, J., 1990:
Shape analysis of otoliths - a tool for indirect ageing of eel, Anguilla anguilla L?

Bacon, Anne-Marie., 1999:
Shape and size analysis of the variability of distal humerus in African apes with morphometric geometrics Analyse de la variabilite de taille et de forme de lextremite distale de lhumerus chez les grands singes africains par la morphometrie geometrique

Tikhomirov, E.A., 1966:
Shape and variations of fur colour of ribbon seal Izv tikhookean nauchno-issled

Kruger, A.; Garms, R., 1997:
Shape of tarsal claws and host preferences in species of the Simulium damnosum complex Diptera Simuliidae Klauenform und Wirtswahl bei Arten des Simulium damnosum Komplexes Diptera Simuliidae

Ludecke, Jorg-Sepp., 1996:
Shaping preparation of a long eared owl skin into a museum exhibit Praparatorische Handhabungen bei der Umgestaltung eines Waldohreulenbalges zum Standpraparat

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