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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38653

Chapter 38653 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Biondi, Massimo., 2000:
Sighting of Bonellis eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus in Latium central italy Osservazione di un aquila del Bonelli Hieraaetus fasciatus nel Lazio

Rataj, L.; Stefani, P., 2002:
Sighting of Calosoma inquisitor Linne 1746 in the departement du Nord 59 Observation de Calosoma inquisitor Linne 1746 dans le departement du Nord 59

Alvarado Q., G.M.; Garcia, M.; Gomez, H., 1999:
Sighting of Jabiru mycteria Aves Ciconiidae In Westfalia, Limon, Costa Rica Avistamiento de Jabiru mycteria Aves Ciconiidae En Westfalia, Limon, Costa Rica

Groppali, R., 2003:
Sighting of Knipowitschia = Orsinogobius punctatissima Canestrini in plane-springs fontanili of the northern province of Cremona, northern Italy Segnalazione di ghiozzetto punteggiato, Knipowitschia = Orsinogobius punctatissima Canestrini in fontanili del territorio cremasco provincia di Cremona

Daulne, Jean-Marie., 1999:
Sighting of a Radde s warbler Phylloscopus schwarzi in the north of Luxembourg Province, Belgium Observation d un pouillot de Schwarz Phylloscopus schwarzi dans le nord de la province du Luxembourg, Belgique

Fouarge, Jules., 1996:
Sighting of a bird showing intermediate plumage between great tit Parus major and coal tit Parus ater Observation dun oiseau presentant des caracteres intermediaires entre la mesange charbonniere Parus major et la mesange noire Parus ater

Bonaccorsi, G.; Provost, S., 1999:
Sighting of a goshawk of the A g buteoides subspecies in Corsica? Un autour des palombes de la sous-espece Accipiter gentilis buteoides observe en Corse?

Sassi, Walter., 2002:
Sighting of a white stork Ciconia ciconia near to the ornithological observatory of Arosio Osservazione di cicogna bianca Ciconia ciconia presso losservatorio ornitologico di Arosio

Ouni, R., 2007:
Sighting of a yellow-billed stork Mycteria ibis and an cattle egret of the eastern race Bubulcus ibis coromanda at Cap Bon Tunisia Observation dun tantale ibis Mycteria ibis et dun heron garde-boeufs oriental Bubulcus ibis coromanda au Cap Bon Tunisie

Del Rio Diego.; Javier, D.A.ejandro., 1998:
Sighting of an orca Orcinus orca Linnaeus, 1757 at Punta Alta, Bahia Blanca district, Buenos Aires Avistaje de orca Orcinus orca Linnaeus, 1757 en Punta Alta, pdo Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires

van Meurs, Rinie., 1998:
Sighting of blue whales, east of Greenland, summer 1998 Een waarneming van blauwe vinvissen Balaenoptera musculus ten oosten van Groenland, zomer 1998

Ollacarizqueta, Javier., 2000:
Sighting of greater flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber in the damp of La Estanca Corella, Navarre , northern Spain Observacion de flamenco comun Phoenicopterus ruber en la balsa de la Estanca Corella, Navarra

Devesa, J.M.guel.; Narzabal, E., 2000:
Sighting of red-necked phalarope Phalaropus lobatus in the lagoon of Pitillas Observacion de falaropo picofino Phalaropus lobatus en la laguna de Pitillas

Engelbrecht, AJ., 1990:
Sighting of redbilled oxpeckers in Nelspruit district

Martin, P.; Lopez, MA.; Escribano, F.; Smit, L.; Alvarez, R.; Albert, A.; Miralles, Y.; Blasco, C.; Jimenez, CP.; Ruiz, JF.; Grinan, JA.; Cerezo, S.; Aguilar, M.; Albadalejo, J.; Asenjo, S.; Vicente, J., 1999:
Sighting of the American mink Mustela vison in Monfrague nature reserve Avistamiento de un vison americano Mustela vison en el parque natural de Monfrague

Schmidt, R.C.; Hussel, B., 1995:
Sighting of the common porpoise Phocoena phocoena L on trips between Sylt and Romo in Summer 1994 Beobachtung von Schweinswalen Phocoena phocoena L von Fahren zwischen Sylt und Romo im Sommer 1994

Stuebing, Stefan., 2004:
Sighting of the scarce chaser Libellula fulva at Landbach to the west of Bickenbach Beobachtung des Spitzenflecks Libellula fulva am Landbach westlich Bickenbach

Vandevyvre, Xavier., 1999:
Sighting of two hybrids carrion crow x hooded crow Corvus corone corone x Corvus corone cornix on 28 January 1998 in Saint-Ghislain first mention in Wallonia Observation de deux hybrides corneille noire x corneille mantelee Corvus corone corone x C c cornix le 28 janvier 1998 a Saint-Ghislain premiere mention en Wallonie

Louchart, Antoine., 1999:
Sighting of yellow-throated sparrow Petronia superciliaris at NDjamena Chad Observation du moineau bride, Petronia superciliaris a NDjamena Tchad

Furze, P., 1990:
Sightings - butterflies and birds in Marks Hill and the Willow Park area on 30th March

Calambokidis, J.; Steiger, GH., 1990:
Sightings and movements of humpback whales in Puget Sound, Washington

Brunelli, M.; Sorace, A., 2000:
Sightings and unusual behaviour Avvistamenti e Comportamenti insoliti

Seis, R., 2004:
Sightings of Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 in Southern Europe Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Beobachtungen von Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 in Suedeuropa Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Mleczak, Mariusz., 2000:
Sightings of Scandinavian subspecies of dipper Cinclus cinclus cinclus in Ziemia Lubuska Pierwsze stwierdzenie skandynawskiego podgatunki pluszcza Cinclus cinclus cinclus na Ziemi Lubuskiej

Godding, Elisabeth., 2005:
Sightings of birds in the Brussels urban district BHG March - May 2004 Waarnemingen van vogels in het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk gewest BHG periode maart - mei 2004

Jimenez, J.; Martinez, J., 1998:
Sightings of bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus in the marine reserve of Columbretes Islands Castellon Observaciones de delfin mular Tursiops truncatus en la reserva marina de las Islas Columbretes Castellon

Martinez-Cedeira, J.; Covelo, P.; Barreiro, A.; Torres, JM.; Conde, P.; Otero, P.; Pierce, GJ.; Santos, MB., 2003:
Sightings of cetaceans from fishing ships in Galician waters Avistamientos de cetaceos desde barcos de pesca en aguas de Galicia

Czwalga, T.; Wasielewski, H., 2000:
Sightings of dipper Cinclus cinclus L 1758 in Gryzynski Landscape Park Obserwacje plusczcza Cinclus cinclus L 1758 w Gryzynskim Parku Krajobrazowym

Havenaar, Marcel., 1994:
Sightings of insects in the estuary region Insektenwaarnemingen in het grote rivierengebied

Corbi, F.; D.L.eto, G.; Pinos, F.; Trotta, M., 1999:
Sightings of lesser-spotted eagle Aquila pomarina on the Promontory of Circeo Latium, central Italy Avvistamenti di aquila anatraia minore Aquila pomarina nel promontorio del Circeo Lazio

Herroelen, Paul., 2006:
Sightings of red-crested pochards Netta rufina in the Brussels city area Waarnemingen van Krooneenden Netta rufina in het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest

Galuppo, Carlo., 2005:
Sightings of ruddy shelduck Tadorna ferruginea in the urban area of Genoa and brief notes on records in Liguria and Piedmont in recent times Avvistamenti di Casarca Tadorna ferruginea in ambito urbano a Genova e breve accenno alle segnalazioni Liguri e Piemontesi in tempi recenti

Craeymeersch, JA.; Kamermans, P., 1996 :
Sightings of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus in the Oosterschelde Waarnemingen van de blauwe zwemkrab Callinectes sapidus in de Oosterschelde

von Bagh, Peter., 1998:
Sightings of the five-spot and six-spot burnet moth on mainland Finland Havaintoja natkelma- ja maitepunataplasta Manner-Suomesta

D.Blauwe, Hans., 2001:
Sightings of the jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca Forskal, 1775 at Zeebrugge during the period 1999 up to and including June 2001 Waarnemingen van de parelkwal Pelagia noctiluca Forskal, 1775 te Zeebrugge in de periode 1999 tot en met juni 2001

Habel, Hubertus., 1997:
Sightings of the lynx Felis lynx in Upper Franconia and surrounding areas, May 1962 to May 1997 Luchs-Beobachtungen Felis lynx in Oberfranken und angrenzenden Gebieten von 1962 bis Mai 1997

Rodriguez Saenz, K.; Rodriguez-Fonseca, J., 2004:
Sightings of the spotted dolphin, Stenella attenuata Cetacea Delphinidae in Culebra Bay Costa Rica 1999-2000 Avistamientos del delfin manchado, Stenella attenuata Cetacea Delphinidae en Bahia Culebra, Costa Rica, 1999-2000

Teunissen, APJA.; Smit, A., 1996:
Sightings of the stag beetle Lucanus cervus Coleoptera Lucanidae in Veluwe Veluwse waarnemingen van het vliegend hert, Lucanus cervus Coleoptera Lucanidae

Ulrich, Hans., 1998:
Sightings of unusual bird species in the Gersprenz valley Begegnungen mit nicht alltaglichen Vogelarten in der Gersprenzniederung

Renson, Genevieve., 1998:
Sightings of whale-headed stork Balaeniceps rex in Zambia form 1992 to 1997 Observations sur la reproduction du bec-en-sabot Balaeniceps rex en Zambie de 1992 a 1997

Mas, Rafel., 2006:
Sightings A laguait

Anonymous., 2003:
Sightings Aguait

Sandera, Martin., 2003:
Sights from zoos and vivaria beneath the Alps Pozoruhodnosti ze zoo a vivarii pod Alpami

Sombke, A., 2003:
Sigismund Brauns 1839-1913 and his beetle collection at Rostock University Insecta Coleoptera Sigismund Brauns 1839-1913 und seine Kaefersammlung an der Universitaet Rostock Insecta Coleoptera

Gokool, Suzanne., 2003:
Sigma1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- and 1- a

Pardinas, Ulyses Francisco Jose., 2000:
Sigmodontids Mammalia, Rodentia from the Ameghino Collection Argentine Natural History Museum Bernardino Rivadavia taxonomic revision Los sigmodontinos Mammalia, Rodentia de la Coleccion Ameghino Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadavia revision taxonomica

Pardinas, U.F J., 2004:
Sigmodontine rodents Mammalia Rodentia Cricetidae and other micromammals as paleoenvironmental indicators during uppermost Ensenadan in southeastern Buenos Aires Province Argentina Roedores sigmodontinos Marnmalia Rodentia Cricetidae y otros micromamifferos como indicadores de ambientes hacia el Ensenadense cuspidal en el sudeste de la provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina

Voglino, D.; Pardinas, U.F., 2005:
Sigmodontine rodents Mammalia Rodentia Cricetidae and other micromammals from northern Buenos Aires Province Argentina Paleoenvironmental reconstruction for the uppermost Ensenadan Roedores sigmodontinos Mammalia Rodentia Cricetidae y otros micromamiferos pleistocenicos del norte de la provincia de Buenos Aires Argentina reconstruccion paleoambiental para el Ensenadense cuspidal

Pereira, J.; Teta, P.; Fracassi, N.; Johnson, A.; Moreyra, P., 2005:
Sigmodontines Rodentia, Cricetidae of the the Uruguayan Wildlife Reserve Province of Misiones, Argentina with the confirmation of the presence of Akodon serrensis in Argentina Sigmodontinos Rodentia, Cricetidae de la Reserva de Vida Silvestre Urugua-Iprovincia de Misiones, Argentina, con la confirmacion de la presenciade Akodon serrensis en la Argentina

Senglaub, Konrad., 2002:
Sigmund von Herberstein 1486 - 1566 and historical confusions on the aurochs and European bison Sigmund von Herberstein 1486 - 1566 und die historischen Konfusionen um Ur und Wisent

Scala, Niki., 1999:
Sign of breeding of bluethroat in Sardinia Indizi di nidificazione del Pettazzurro Luscinia svecica cyanecula in Sardegna

Dudas, Gabriella., 1999:
Sign of naticid predation on the shells of Middle-Miocene Badenian molluscs Naticidae furasnyomok kozepso-miocen puhatestuek meszvazain Ipolydamasd, Borzsony hegyseg

Meneses Nunes, G.Kelly, 2004:
Sign of probable predation in Cochlorina aurisleporis Gastropoda, Bulimulidae Marcas de provavel predacao em Cochlorina aurisleporis Gastropoda, Bulimulidae

van Haastert, PJM., 1990:
Signal transduction and the control of development in Dictyostelium discoideum

Muller, F.; Kaupp, U.; Benjamin., 1998:
Signal transduction in photoreceptors Signaltransduktion in Sehzellen

Torok, Janos., 2002:
Signalization and sexual selection in the collared flycatcher Feher foltok a madarak szexualis szelekciojaban

Bonali, F.; Impieri, A., 2000:
Signalizing in the Oglio River Azzanello - province of Cremona of Potamanthus luteus L Insecta-Ephemeroptera Segnalazione di Potamanthus luteus L Insecta-Ephemeroptera nel fiume Oglio ad Azzanello provincia di Cremona

Barja, I., 2003:
Signalling with urine and excretion by captive wolves criteria for identification and sexual differences Senalizacion con orina y excrecion por lobos en cautividad criterios de identificacion y diferencias sexuales

Paulus, Hannes F., 1997:
Signals in pollinator attraction imitation of females as a pollination principle in the Mediterranean orchid genus Ophrys Signale in der Bestauberanlockung Weibchenimitation als Bestaubungsprinzip bei der mediterranen Orchideengattung Ophrys

Gnone, G.; Pavan, G.; Manca, S.; Benoldi, C.; Bonsignori, B.; Manghi, M., 2001:
Signature whistle, acoustic imprinting and individual recognition in a bottlenose dolphin mother-calf pair in captivity Fischio firma, imprinting acustico e riconoscimento individuale in una coppia madre-piccolo di tursiope in cattivita

Venglinsky, I.V., 1961:
Significance of Globigerinidae for the stratification of the Transcarpathian Miocene deposits

Ushakov, P.V., 1955:
Significance of La Perouse Straits in the fauna formation in the South-western part of the Okhotsk Sea

Sloreid, S.-Erik.; Walseng, B.; Halvorsen, G., 1995:
Significance of allochthonous input from boundary vegetation for bottom dwelling animals and crustaceans in the littoral zone of lakes An enclosure experiment in Lake Maridalsvannet in Oslo Betydningen av allokton tilforsel fra kantvegetasjonen for bunndyr og krepsdyr i innsjoers litoralsone Et innhegningsforsok i Maridalsvannet i Oslo

Schmitz, Michael., 1999:
Significance of animal ecology in restoring historical landscape gardens At the example of Hinueberscher Garten in Hannover-Marienwerder Zur Bedeutung der Tieroekologie bei der Wiederinstandsetzung historischer Landschaftsgaerten am Beispiel des Hinueberschen Gartens in Hannover-Marienwerder

Castanet, J.; Cubo, J. de Margerie, E., 2001:
Significance of bone histodiversity indications from bone Signification de lhistodiversite osseuse le message de los

Williams, DM., 1990 :
Significance of coastal resources to sailfish and juvenile black marlin in northeastern Australia an ongoing research program

Altmark, M.S., 1970:
Significance of corals for Lower Carboniferous biostratigraphy of Tataria

Butenko, U.V., 1967:
Significance of freshwater molluscs in distribution of fish trematodes in the southern and north-eastern Kazakhstan

Butenku, Y.V., 1967:
Significance of freshwater molluscs in the distribution of fish trematodes in the southern and north-eastern Kazakhstan

Kunze, Ursula., 1998:
Significance of habitat diversity and woody debris in streams Zur Bedeutung von Habitatsdiversitat und Totholz in Fliessgewassern

Menzel, C.; Strauss, E.; Meyer, W.; Pohlmeyer, K., 2000:
Significance of habitat structures as a regulatory mechanism for the breeding density of carrion crows Corvus corone corone Die Bedeutung der Habitatstrukturen als Regulationsmechanismus fur die Brutpaardichte von Rabenkrahen Corvus c corone

Weisse, T.; Muller, H., 1990:
Significance of heterotrophic nanoflagellates and ciliates in large lakes evidence from Lake Constance

Albrycht, A.; Pidek, I.A.nieszka.; Skompski, S., 1995:
Significance of mollusk fauna from Ortel Krolewski and Rossosz site for the Quaternary stratigraphy of Podlasie East Poland Znaczenie fauny mieczakow ze stanowisk Ortel Krowlewski i Rossosz dla stratygrafii czwartorzedu na Podlasiu

Dogiel, V.A., 1947:
Significance of parasitological data for the solution of zoogeographical questions

Stelte, W.; Sossinka, R., 1996:
Significance of perches in the marsh warbler Acrocephalus palustris in its breeding habitat Zur Bedeutung der Singwarten bei der Habitatwahl des Sumpfrohrsangers Acrocephalus palustris im Brutgebiet

Ingrisch, S., 1990:
Significance of seasonal adaptations in Tettigoniidae

Gruppe, A.; Nisslein, R., 1996:
Significance of sexual pheromones and light for flight activity and attraction of the male spruce web-spinning sawfly Cephalcia abietis L Hymenoptera, Pamphiliidae Bedeutung von Sexualpheromonen und Licht fur Flugaktivitat und Attraktion mannlicher Fichtengespinstblattwespen Cephalcia abietis L Hym, Pamphiliidae

Dziewiaty, Krista., 2002:
Significance of the Elbe dyke foreshore and hinterland as feeding habitats for white storks Ciconia ciconia Zur Bedeutung des Deichvor- und -hinterlandes der Elbe als Nahrungshabitat fuer Weissstoerche Ciconia ciconia

Nowak, W., 1954:
Significance of the genus Hantkenina in stratigraphy

Nakamura, D., 1942:
Significance of the inherent hypophysis of Onycodactylus japonicus Houttuyn in the experiment onartificial ovulation

Zotin, A.I., 1954:
Significance of the internal yolk membrane as a mechanical obstacle for normal develop- ment of Acipenseridae

Oshmarin, P.G.; Belous, E.V., 1951:
Significance of the localization of helminths in their systematics, explained on the example of a new echinostome from eagles

Carcupino, M.; Taddei, AR.; Corso, G.; Mazzini, M.; Franzoi, P., 2003:
Significance of the male brood pouch and egg chorion structure in the reproductive strategies of syngnathids Struttura e funzione della tasca incubatrice e del corion nelle strategie riproduttive dei signatidi

Zenkevich, L.A., 1955 :
Significance of the oceanic depth study

Mekhanik, F.Y., 1955:
Significance of vitamin for fish

Molino-Olmedo, Francisco., 2001:
Significance of wood for conservation of saproxylic Coleoptera from Andalusia south Iberian Peninsula La importancia de los bosques en la conservacion de los coleopteros saproxilicos en Andalucia sur de la Peninsula Iberica

Hoffman, TA., 1990:
Significant ? modification in bird sightings at Wolff Lake fall 1979 to spring 1990

Chalmers, ML., 1990:
Significant breeding records

Sweeney, Roger G., 1996:
Significant breeding success with the fiery-shouldered conure Pyrrhura egregia Grosse Bruterfolge beim Demerarasittich Pyrrhura egregia

Habeler, Heinz., 1997:
Significant discoveries of butterflies and moths in Styria and on the Balkans Bedeutsame Schmetterlingsfunde in der Steiermark und auf dem Balkan Insecta, Lepidoptera

Koch, Mathias., 2006:
Significant leaf beetle findings from southern Lower Saxony, Sachsen-Anhalt, Hessen and the Palatine Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Bemerkenswerte Blattkaeferfunde aus dem suedlichen Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Hessen und der Pfalz Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae

Berger, Martin., 1997:
Significant literature of 1984-1996 on mammals of North Rhine-Westphalia Fur Westfalen bedeutsame saugetierkundliche Literatur aus dem Zeitraum 1984-1996

Lotzing, Klaus., 2006:
Significant locations of an admiral Vanessa atalanta Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Bemerkenswerte Standorttreue eines Admirals Vanessa atalanta Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Daniels, J-P., 1996:
Significant migration of the little auk Alle alle on Sylt Starker Zug von Krabbentauchern Alle alle vor Sylt

Walter, T.; Piepiorka, S.; Reimann, N., 2005:
Significant parasitic copepod pests of marine fish Parasitische Ruderfusskrebse-wichtige Schaedlinge an Meeresfischen

Jarzabrowski, Michal., 2004:
Significant proteases of flukes - molecular characteristic and their biological functions Glowne proteazy przywr - charakterystyka molekulanra i rola w biologii tych pasozytow

Beaudoin, J.-Claude.; Fosse, A.; Morgaud, G., 1997:
Significant records of the postnuptial season of 1992 to the nesting season of 1994 in Maine-et-Loire Selection des faits marquants de la saison postnuptiale 1992 a la nidification 1994 en Maine-et-Loire

Stubing, Stefan., 1995:
Significant resting and migrating occurrence of the crane Grus grus in Schwalm-Eder district North Hessen in autumn 1994 Starkes Rast- und Zugvorkommen des Kranichs Grus grus im Schwalm-Eder-Kreis Nordhessen im Herbst 1994

Sweeney, Roger G., 1995:
Significant success in the breeding of Trichoglossus johnstoniae Bedeutender Erfolg bei der Zucht von Mount-Apo-Loris Trichoglossus johnstoniae

Rossi, L.; Dini, V., 1990:
Significato del cinghiale nellepidemiologia della trichinellosi silvestre in Piemonte e Liguria

Tjallingii, Sytse T., 1994:
Signs of beaver presence in Norway Beversporen in Noorwegen

Laza, Jose Herminio., 1995:
Signs of insect activity Signos de actividad de insectos

Pellegrin, J., 1929:
Silarides, Cyprinodontides, Acanthopterygiens du Cameroun recueillis par M Th Monod Description de cinq especes et deux varietes nouvelles

Cuerda, A.J.; Baldis, B.A., 1971:
Sildrico-Devonico de la Argentina

Gladkov, N., 1967:
Silence, birds on the nests

Mothiron, P., 1990:
Silenes et lepidopteres

Rudolph, Dirk., 1998:
Silent as a post? Sound mechanisms and sound production by fish and its biological significance Stumm wie ein Fisch? Lautmechanismen und Lauterzeugung bei Fischen und ihre biologische Bedeutung

Rudolph, Dirk., 1998:
Silent as a post? Stumm wie ein Fisch?

Persson, Hakon., 1996:
Silent autumn the fall of greylag goose in Donana Otono silencioso el declive del ansar comun en Donana

Meile, Peter., 2000:
Silent spring Stummer Fruehling

Carvalho, S.P.; Moraes, J.C.; Carvalho, J.G., 1999:
Silica effect on the resistance of Sorghum bicolor L Moench to the greenbug Schizaphis graminum Rond Homoptera Aphididae Efeito do silicio na resistencia do sorgo Sorghum bicolor ao pulgao-verde Schizaphis graminum Rond Homoptera Aphididae

Schiller, Wolfgang., 1998:
Siliceous microfossils from Lower Oligocene deposits of Sieblos/Rhoen Kieselige Mikrofossilien aus dem Unter-Oligozan von Sieblos/Rhon

Duarte, L.V.tor.; Krautter, M.; Soares, A.F.rreira., 2001:
Siliceous sponge buildups in the late Liassic of the Lusitanian basin Portugal stratigraphy, sedimentology and palaeogeographic significance Bioconstructions a spongiaires siliceux dans le Lias terminal du Bassin lusitanien Portugal stratigraphie, sedimentologie et signification paleogeographique

Simoes Ferreira, C.; Garrafielo Fernandes, J.M.ria., 1998:
Siliceous sponges Hexactinellida from the Pirabas Formation, Para Espongiarios silicosos Hexactinellida da formacao Pirabas, Para

Krautter, Manfred., 1996:
Siliceous sponges from the Lower Jurassic Misone limestone of the Trento Platform Southern Alps taxonomy and phylogenetic significance Kieselschwamme aus dem unterjurassichen Misonekalk der Trento-Plattform Sudalpen Taxonomie und phylogenetische Relevanz

Pickett, J.; Plusquellec, Y., 1998:
Siliceous sponges in the Upper Devonian of the Rade of Brest France Eponges siliceuses du Devonien superieur de la Rade de Brest France

Schiller, Wolfgang., 1997:
Siliceous thecamoeba from the Miocene of Beuern/Vogelsberg in comparison with recent material from Borneo Malaysia Kieselige Thekamoben aus der miozanen Kieselgur von Beuern/Vogelsberg im Vergleich mit rezentem Material von Borneo Malaysia

Ivanik, M.; Maslun, N., 1967:
Silicic sponge spicules from the Carpathian Menilitic suite

Martini, Erlend., 1994:
Silicified Tertiary sediments with fossils in the eastern foothills of the Rhine Verkieselte Tertiar-Sedimente mit Fossilien im ostlichen Vorland der Rhon

Weber, H.M.rtin; Becker, G., 2006:
Silicified ostracods from the late Visean of the Velbert Anticline Early Carboniferous; Rheinisches Schiefergebirge 1 Palaeocopida Silifizierte Ostracoden aus dem Obervise des Velberter Sattels Unterkarbon; Rheinisches Schiefergebirge 1 Palaeocopida

Becker, Gerhard., 1999:
Silicified ostracods of the Thuringian ecotype of the Devonian/Carboniferous boundary topmost levels of the Wocklum limestone and the lowermost Hangenberg limestone of the Drewer quarry Rhenish Slate Mountains The natural D/C boundary Verkieselte Ostracoden vom Thuringer Okotyp aus den Devon/Karbon-Grenzschichten Top Wocklumer Kalk und Basis Hangenberg-Kalk im Steinbruch Drewer Rheinisches Schiefergebirge Die naturliche D/C-Grenze

Grigo, Michael., 1997:
Silicified remains of a tentaculite from the Seifener strata of Westerwald Lower Devonian, Rhenisch Schiefergebirge Ein verkieselter Tentaculitenrest aus den Seifener Schichten des Westerwaldes Unter-Devon, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Goeke, Gerhard., 2003:
Silicoflagellates - model fossils amongst diatoms Silicoflagellaten - Leitfossilien des Diatomisten

Stradner, Herbert., 2002:
Silicoflagellates in the Karpatian Lower Miocene of the Korneuburg Basin Lower Austria Silicoflagellaten-Vorkommen im Karpatium Untermiozan des Korneuburger Beckens Niederosterreich

Valtonen, Pekka., 2001:
Silis ruficollis Fabricius in Pori Cantharidae Silis ruficollis Fabricius Porista Cantharidae

Bernard, A.; Krafft, B., 2002:
Silk attraction Base of group cohesion and collective behaviours in social spiders Lattraction pour la soie Base de la cohesion du groupe et des comportements collectifs chez les araignees sociales

Anonymous., 2006:
Silk glands, or underwater engineering Gruczoly jedwabne chruscikow, czyli podwodni inzynierowie

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