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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38654

Chapter 38654 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Morgilevskaya, I.E., 1962:
Silvimus silvaticus svaneticus Morg Subsp nov occurring in Gruzia

Lacoste, V.; Gessain, A., 2001:
Simian homologues of human herpesvirus 8/Kaposis sarcoma-associated herpesvirus HHV8/KSHV Homologues simiens de lherpesvirus humain 8 HHV8 ou herpes virus associe au sarcome de Kaposi KSHV

Matvevy, B.S.; Popova, V.V., 1953:
Similarities and differences in embryonic development of Ochotona daurica and Oryctolagus cuniculus

Maier, EM., 1974:
Similarities in present day fauna of Foraminifera between the Aral and Caspian Seas

Habeler, Heinz., 2001:
Similarity gradient of butterfly species populations in selected areas in south east Styria Lepidoptera Aehnlichkeitsgrade im Artbestand von Schmetterlingen an einigen Stellen in der Suedoststeiermark Lepidoptera

Monteagudo-Sabate, D., 2003:
Similarity indexes and butterflies which must be used? considerations about a practical case Indexs de similitud i papallones quins fer servir? Consideracions sobre un cas practic

Guerrieri, G.; Pietrelli, L., 1996:
Similarity of avifaunas of Molara Island and Cape Coda Cavallo Sardinia Lavifauna dellisola di Molara un confronto con la comunita di Capo Coda Cavallo

de C.; Rossa-Feres, D.; Jim, J., 2001:
Similarity of call site in anuran community in northwestern Sao Paulo state, Brazil Amphibia, Anura Similaridade do sitio de vocalizacao em uma communidade de anfibios anuros na regiao noroeste do estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil Amphibia, Anura

Bolshakov, V.N., 1971:
Similarity of two isolated populations of the long-clawed mole vole Prometheomys schapaschnikowi Satunin

Ortiz Jaureguizar, E., 2003:
Similarity relationships, paleoecology and extinction of the Abderitidae Marsupialia, Paucituberculata Relaciones de similitud, paleoecologia y extincion de los Abderitidae Marsupialia, Paucituberculata

Juan, S.; Estrada, A.; Coates-Estrada, R., 2000:
Similiarities and differences in the use of resources and the general activity pattern of howler monkeys Alouatta palliata in fragmented forests of Los Tuxtlas, Mexico Contrastes y similitudes en el uso de recursos y patron general de actividades en tropas de monos aulladores Alouatta palliata en fragmentos de selva en Los Tuxtlas, Mexico

Sanchez-V., R.M.uricio.; Castro-P., W.; Galvis-V., G., 2000:
Similiarity in the ichthyological composition of two reaches of the Rio Yucao Rio Meta system Similaridad de la composicion ictica entre dos ambientes del Rio Yucao, sistema del Rio Meta, Colombia

Talamelli, Fabio., 2001:
Simocleonus samai n gen and n sp from Turkey Coleoptera Curculionidae Simocleonus samai, n gen e n sp di Turchia Coleoptera Curculionidae

Soshkina, E., 1945:
Simple Permian Rugose Corals of European Russia

Villagran, M.; Jimenez, A.; Soria, FJ.; Ocete, ME., 2002:
Simple aleatory sampling systematic sampling of populations of Curculio elephas Gyllenhal Col Curculionidae and Cydia fagiglandana Zeller Lep Tortricidae in holm oak Muestreo aleatorio simple y muestreo sistematico de las poblaciones de Curculio elephas Gyllenhal Col Curculionidae y Cydia fagiglandana Zeller Lep Tortricidae en encinas

Samm, Robert., 2001:
Simple and clean breeding techniques for flies Einfache und saubere Fliegenzucht

Samm, Robert., 1999:
Simple animal food rearing and the taxonomic positioning of this animal food Einfache Futtertierzucht und die Stellung der Futtertiere in der Taxonomie

Palma G., S.; Arana E., P., 1996:
Simple methodology to identify sex of sea urchin Loxechinus albus Molina, 1782, and its application to fishery-biological studies Metodo rapido de determinacion del sexo en el erizo comestible Loxechinus albus Molina, 1782 y su aplicacion en estudios biologico-pesqueros

Schildger, Bernd., 1997:
Simple methods for sex determination verification in the two-toed sloth Choloepus didactylus and short-nosed echidna Tachyglossus aculeatus Einfache Methoden zur Geschlechtsbestimmung Verifizierung beim Faultier Choloepus didactylus und beim Kurzschnabeligel Tachyglossus aculeatus

Lantermann, Werner., 1999:
Simple possibilities for the activity requirements of parrots Einfache Moglichkeiten zur Beschaftigungsforderung von Papageien

Leboute, E.M.galhaes.; Afonso, L.O.lando Bertolla.; Rotta, M.A.relio., 2002:
Simple tecnique for external marking of Nile tilapias broodstock Oreochromis niloticus Tecnica simples de marcacao externa de reprodutores de tilapia nilotica Oreochromis niloticus

Delbare, Daan., 2003:
Simplicity in aquarium keeping the Jaubert system Eenvoud in de zeeaquaristiek Het systeem Jaubert

Kimmerer, WJ., 1990:
Simplicity in secondary production measurements a reply to the comment by Polishchuk

Figueroa, R.; Ruiz, V.H.; Encina-Montoya, F.; Palma, A., 2005:
Simplification in the use of macroinvertebrates in fluvial system water evaluation Simplificacion en el uso of macroinvertebrados en la evaluacion de la calidad de las aguas en sistemas fluviales

Geller, E.R.Anokhin, I.A., 1963:
Simplified biological method of determination of vitality of eggs of Dicrocoelium lanceatum

Mueller, Andreas., 2000:
Simplified diagram for the identification of genera and some species of the family Histeridae in central Europe Coleoptera Vereinfachtes Diagramm zur Bestimmung der Gattungen und einiger Arten der Familie Histeridae in Mitteleuropa Coleoptera

Achmerov, A.C., 1955:
Simplified method for fixation and making microscopical preparations of Myxosporidia of fishes

Likhvar, N.A., 1946:
Simplified method for the cultivation of infectious agents on developing chick embryo,

Goi Porto Alves, M.C.cilia.; Nunes da Silva, N., 2001:
Simplifying the sampling method for evaluating the larval density of Aedes aegypti in Brazil Simplificacao do metodo de estimacao da densidade larvaria de Aedes aegypti no Estado de Sao Paulo

Weidner, P.; Weidner, T., 2004:
Simply cute observations on the white-cheeked gudgeon Einfach niedlich Beobachtungen and der Weisswangengrundel

Stawikowski, Rainer., 2005:
Simply huge Tucunares Einfach riesig Tucunares

Hancock, K.; Hancock, J., 1990:
Simply tarantulas A guide for the beginner

Costa, W.J.M.; Barrera, S.; Sarmiento, J., 1997:
Simpsonichthys filamentosus, a new species from the Llanuras Benianas, Rio Mamore basin, Bolivia Simpsonichthys filamentosus, une nouvelle espece des Llanuras Benianas, bassin du Rio Mamore, Bolivia

Costa, W.J.M.; Nielsen, D.T., 2001:
Simpsonichthys ocellatus and Simpsonichthys rufus Two new annual rivulids from the Jequitinhonha and the Sao Francisco river systems, Brazil Simpsonichthys ocellatus und Simpsonichthys rufus Zwei neue annuelle Rivuliden aus den Jequitinhonha und Sao Francisco Flusssystemen, Brasilien

Costa, W.J.M.; Hellner, S., 1998:
Simpsonichthys similis, an new species of annual fish from the rio Sao Francisco basin, Brazil Cyprinodontiformes Rivulidae Simpsonichthys similis Cyprinodontiformes Rivulidae, une nouvelle espece de poisson annuel du bassin du Rio Sao Francisco, Bresil

Salaun, M.-Lise.; Truchet, M., 1997:
Sims investigation of rubidium accumulation in the soft tissues of the oyster Crassostrea gigas mollusc, bivalve Etude, par emission ionique secondaire, de laccumulation du rubidium dans les tissus mous de lhuitre Crassostrea gigas mollusque, lamellibranche

Poleschuk, VF.; Balayan, MS.; Andzhaparidze, AG.; Sobol, AV.; Dokin, VP.; Gulyaeva, TV.; Titova, IP., 1990:
Simulating hepatitis A and enterically transmitted non-A, non-B hepatitis E in tamarins S mystax

Heidenreich, A.; Poethke, H.-Joachim.; Halwart, M.; Seitz, A., 1997:
Simulating the population dynamics of Pomacea canaliculata Prosobranchia for the assessment of management strategies Simulation der Populationsdynamik von Pomacea canaliculata Prosobranchia zur Bewertung von Managementmassnahmen

Jaramillo, Tatiana., 2005:
Simulation model of the condor population problem Modelo de simulacion de la problematica de una poblacion de condores

Liljesthrom, Gerardo., 1999:
Simulation model of the population dynamics of N viridula Hemiptera Pentatomidae Modelo de simulacion de la dinamica poblacional de Nezara viridula L Hemiptera Pentatomidae

Pinto, V.M.; Vera-Graziano, J.; Landois-Palencia, L.L.; Leyva-Vazquez, J.L., 2002:
Simulation of Mexican bean beetle Epilachna varivestis Muls population dynamics, using a phenological model of accumulated development Simulacion de la dinamica poblacional de la conchuela del frijol, Epilachna varivestis Muls, mediante un modelo fenologico de desarrollo acumulative

Iglesias Fuente, Domingo Jose., 1997:
Simulation of population dynamics applied to forest lepidopterans Simulacion de dinamicas de poblaciones de lepidopteros forestales

Chavez, Ernesto A., 1994:
Simulation of the Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus maculatus fishery of the Gulf of Mexico Simulacion de la pesqueria de sierra Scomberomorus maculatus del Golfo de Mexico

Suji, E.R.oiti; Tigano, M.S.lvana; Sosa-Gomes, D., 2002:
Simulation of the impact of the fungus Nomuraea rileyi on populations of velvetbean caterpillar, Anticarsia gemmatalis Simulacao do impacto do fungo Nomuraea rileyi em populacoes de lagarta da soja, Anticarsia gemmatalis

Munoz de Hoyos, Paulina., 1999:
Simulids Diptera Simulidae of the central region of the Cundinamarca department Simulidos Diptera Simuliidae de la region central del departamento de Cundinamarca

Munoz de Hoyos, P.; Martinez, X.; Mejia, A.; Bueno, M.L.cia., 1994:
Simulids Diptera Simuliidae from Chisaca region, Cundinamarca, Colombia Simulidos Diptera Simuliidae de la region de Chisaca, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Munoz de Hoyos, P.; Miranda-Esquivel, D.R.fael., 1997:
Simulids Diptera Simuliidae present in the Magdalena and Orinoco river areas, in the central sector of Colombia Simulidos Diptera Simuliidae presentes entre las vertientes Magdalenense y Orinocense, en un sector al centro de Colombia

Munoz de Hoyos, Paulina., 1994:
Simuliidae Diptera from Colombia distribution of recorded species Simuliidae Diptera de Colombia distribucion de las especies registradas

Coscaron, S.; Coscaron-Arias, CL.; Porcaro, G., 2000:
Simuliidae Diptera from Quequen Grande river at Las Cascadas Buenos Aires, Argentina Population variation and relationship with temperature, stream discharge and precipitations Simuliidae Diptera del rio Quequen Grande en Las Cascadas, Buenos Aires, Argentina Variacion poblacional y relacion con temperatura, caudal y precipitaciones

Andrade, H.T.; Nascimento, R.S.; Gurgel, H.C.; Medeiros, J.F., 2000:
Simuliidae Diptera integrants of the diet of Poecilia vivipara Bloch Schneider, 1801 Atheriniformes; Poecilidae at Ceara-Mirim river, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil Simuliidae Diptera integrantes da dieta de Poecilia vivipara Bloch Schneider, 1801 Atheriniformes; Poeciliidae no Rio Ceara-Mirim, estado do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Bobrova, YuD., 1977:
Simuliidae Diptera of Chukotka

Almeida, H.T.deu de.; Py-Daniel, V.; Torres, V. da S., 1999:
Simuliidae Diptera Culicomorpha from northeast Brazil Simuliidae Diptera; Culicomorpha no nordeste Brasileiro

Py-Daniel, V.; Coscaron, S., 2001:
Simuliidae Diptera Cumicomorpha in Brazil III Coscaroniellum ulyssesi spn Simuliidae Diptera Culicomorpha no Brasil III Sobre o Coscaroniellum ulyssesi spn

Fresner, Roswitha., 1997:
Simuliidae black flies Simuliidae Kriebelmucken

Kazanci, N.; Clergue-Gazeau, M., 1990:
Simuliidae de Turquie 1 Premieres donnees faunistiques et biogeographiques Diptera, Simuliidae

Munoz de Hoyos, Paulina., 1996:
Simulium Grenieriella sumapazense Coscaron Py-Daniel Diptera Simuliidae Description of the adult and larva and redescription of the pupa Simulium Grenieriella sumapazense Coscaron Py-Daniel Diptera Simuliidae Descripcion del adulto y larva Redescripcion de la pupa

Ilmonen, J.; Kuusela, K., 2003:
Simulium Hellichiella baffinense Twinn and Simulium Hellichiella crassum Rubtsov, two new blackfly species for Finland Diptera, Simuliidae Simulium Hellichiella baffinense Twinn ja Simulium Hellichiella crassum Rubtsov, kaksi Suomelle uutta makaralajia Diptera, Simuliidae

Lucientes, J.; Zapater, MJ.; Sanz, G.; Zarate, JJ.; Arbea, JI.; Escudero, M., 2000:
Simulium Wilhelmia pseudoequinum Seguy, 1921 A new simuliid species Diptera Simuliidae for Los Monegros Simulium Wilhelmia pseudoequinum Seguy, 1921 Una nueva especie de simulido Diptera Simuliidae para Los Monegros

Smith, TD.; Payne, PM.; Heinemann, D.; Waring, G.; Lange, A., 1990:
Simultaneous fishery resource and seabird and cetacean sighting surveys Advantages and disadvantages

Korenberg, EI.; Shcherbakov, SV.; Bannova, GG.; Levin, ML.; Karavanov, AS., 1990:
Simultaneous infection of Ixodes persulcatus ticks with agents of Limes disease and tick-borne encephalitis

Arnoult, F.; Vernet, G., 2001:
Simultaneous parasitism of a nemertean worm by an orthonectid and a gregarine Sur la presence simultanee dun Orthonectide et dune Gregarine chez Lineus viridis Muller, 1774 heteronemerte lineide

Dussort, P.; Trinkwell, A.; Wernet, A., 1996:
Simultaneous predation of starlings Sturnus vulgaris by a marten Martes martes and a goshawk Accipiter gentilis Predation simultanee detourneaux sansonnets Sturnus vulgaris par la martre Martes martes et lautour Accipiter gentilis

Staeck, Wolfgang., 1995:
Simultaneous, alternating and consecutive breeding by bi-parental mouthbreeders in Lake Tanganyika Simultane, alternierende und konsekutive Brutpflege bei biparentalen Maulbrutern des Tanganjikasees

Szuromine, K.A.drea.; Nagyne, B.E.vira., 1998:
Simultaneously occurrences of Pediastrum kawraisky Schmidle and Cytherissa lacustris GO Sars in some shallow bore holes in Lake Balaton and their ecological impact A Pediastrum kawraisky Schmidle es a Cytherissa lacustris GO Sars egyuttes elofordulasa es okologiai jelentosege enhany balatoni sekelyfurasban

Khakimova, KhKh., 1972:

Reischuetz, A.; Reischuetz, P.L., 2000:
Sinanodonta woodiana Lea 1834 in Austria Die Chinesische Teichmuschel Sinanodonta woodiana Lea 1834 in Oesterreich

de Mello Ferreira, Maria Judy. de Freitas Barbola, Ivana., 1998:
Sinanthropy of calliphorids Insecta, Diptera from Curitiba, Parana, Brazil Sinantropia de califorideos Insecta, Diptera de Curitiba, Parana, Brasil

Brown, B., 1941:
Sinclair Expedition to the Big Bend Area, Texas

Gutierrez, P.R.ul; Limarino,, 2006:
Sinclinal of Rincon Blanco section northwest of La Rioja Carboniferous-Permian boundary in northwest Argentina El perfil del sinclinal del Rincon Blanco noroeste de La Rioja el limite Carbonifero-Permico en el noroeste argentino

Neto, Frederico Lencioni., 1996:
Sincronic breeding between Elanus leucurus Vieillot, 1818 and Falco femoralis Temminck, 1822 Reproducao sincronica entre Elanus leucurus Vieillot, 1818 e Falco femoralis Temminck, 1822 Aves, Accipitridae/Falconidae

Lopez, T.; Hernandez, JM., 2000:
Sinecological characterisation of epicontinental waters in Madrid province Spain by aquatic Heteroptera taxocenosis Utilizacion de la taxocenosis de los heteropteros acuaticos Heteroptera Gerromorpha y Nepomorpha en la caracterizacion sinecologica de las aguas epicontinentales de la provincia de Madrid Espana

Pozo R., W.E.; Youlatos, D., 2005:
Sinecological study of new primate species of Yasuni national park, Ecuador Estudio sinecologico de nueve especies de primates del Parque Nacional Yasuni, Ecuador

Fischer, J.-Claude.; Rosati, F.; Raffi, S., 2002:
Sinemurian gastropods from Monte Cucco Umbria-Marche Apennines, Central Italy Gastropodes sinemuriens du Monte Cucco Apennins dOmbrie-Marche, Italie centrale

Nilsson, Lennart., 2002 :
Sing for your life On singing female songbirds Sjung for livet Om sjungande fagelhonor

Fraticelli, Fulvio., 1997:
Singing behaviour of wren, Troglodytes troglodytes, in an urban area Frequenza dellattivita canora dello scricciolo, Troglodytes troglodytes, in un ambiente urbano

Diesing, Peter., 2000:
Singing by the robin in darkness Uber bei Dunkelheit singende Rotkehlchen

Miraglia, G.; Santopaolo, R.; Gustin, M.; Godino, G., 2003:
Singing census of Sardinian partridge in WWF oasis of Monte Arcosu Sardinia-Italy Censimento al canto della Pernice sarda Alectoris barbara barbara nellOasi WWF di Monte Arcosu 2001-2002

Olsson, Rolf., 1998:
Singing chiffchaffs Sjungande gransangare