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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38656

Chapter 38656 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kuttig, K., 2007: Six years of bee observations in the area of Hameln city Hymenoptera Apidae An interim report Sechs Jahre Bienenbeobachtung im Gebiet der Stadt Hameln Hymenoptera Apidae Eine Zwischenbilanz

Mayer, Horst., 1995: Six years of bird rearing - an overview Sechs Jahre Prachtnonnenzucht - ein Uberblick

Leroy, T., 2006: Six years of monitoring Rhopalocera in the department of Cantal Six annees de prospections de Rhopaloceres dans le departement du Cantal Rhopalocera

Standfuss, Klaus., 1997: Six years of observations on Anthophora acervorum L with critical remarks on protandry Hymenoptera Apidae Sechsjahresbeobachtungen von Anthophora acervorum L mit kritischen Anmerkungen zur Proterandrie Hymenoptera Apidae

Vavrik, Martin., 1998: Six years of study of spring migration at Sumvaldsky pond - attempt at objectivization in faunistic Sest let sledovani jarniho tahu na Sumvaldskem rybnice - pokus o objektivizaci ve faunistice

Reibnitz, Johannes., 2001: Sixteen new species for the Checklist of German beetles Sechzehn neue Arten fuer das Verzeichnis der Kaefer Deutschlands

Kestkven, H.L., 1902: Sixteen species of Rissoidae from Queensland, new to the state

Okubo, I., 1990: Sixteen species of freshwater Ostracoda from Japan Freshwater Ostracoda from Japan, 15

Lindberg, N.; Persson, T.; Ahlstrom, K., 2004: Sixteen species of oribatid mites Acari Oribatida new to Sweden Sexton nya oribatidarter Acari Oribatida for Sverige

Palandri, G.; Beccornia, E.; Relini, M.; Relini, G., 2006: Sixteen years of fish censuses on the Loano artificial reef Sedici anni di osservazioni sui pesci della barriera artificiale di Loano

Anon., 1944: Sixteenth Report of the Committee on the nomenclature and records of the BOU List of British Birds

Bujalska, G..; Gliwicz, J.., 1994: Sixth International Theriological Congress Sydney, 4-10 July 1993 6 Miedzynarodowy Kongres Teriologiczny Sydney, 4-10 7 1993 r

Fujiyama, S., 1990: Sixth Meeting of the Chrysomelid Workers in Japan October 4, 1990

Abstracts., 1990: Sixth Meeting on Amber and Amber-Bearing Sediments Museum of the Earth, Warsaw 20-21 October 1988 Reports summaries

Cavazzuti, Pierfranco., 1999: Sixth contribution to the knowledge on Carabus L from China Description of new species and subspecies from Shaanxi, Sichuan and Yunnan Coleoptera, Carabidae Sesto contributo alla conoscenza dei Carabus L della Cina Descrizione di nuove specie e sottospecie dello Shaanxi, Sichuan e Yunnan Coleoptera, Carabidae

Anonymous., 1998: Sixth entomological meeting at Gembloux 22nd February 1997 Status and future of entomofauna at the dawn of the 21st century Sixieme journee entomologique de Gembloux 22 fevrier 1997 Situation et avenir de lentomofaune a laube du 21eme siecle

Guglielmi, Roberto., 2005: Sixth record of the terek sandpiper Xenus cinereus in Campania Sesta segnalazione di Piro-piro di Terek Xenus cinereus in Campania

Meulengracht-Madsen, Jens., 1998: Sixty Nymphalis polychloros larvae found on elms in Oland Hojt pa en Olandsk elmegren - sad 60 Nymphalis polychloros larver

Kimstra, B..; Kimstra, K.., 2007: Sixty years observations on the Grote Rivieren and Delta regions A rummage round near the water Zestig jaar aan de Grote Rivieren en in de Delta Struinen vanaf het water

Murgia, C..; Murgia, A..; Deiana, A.M.ria., 2005: Sixty years of the census of the Corsican deer Cervus elaphus corsicanus of the WWF nature reserve of Monte Arcosu Sedici anni di censimenti del cervo sardo Cervus elaphus corsicanus nella riserva naturale WWF di Monte Arcosu

Vaz-dos-Santos, A.M.; Honji, R.M.; Rossi-Wongtschowski, C.L.cia DB., 2005: Size and age at first gonadal maturation of females of Argentine hake, Merluccius hubbsi Marini, 1933, in the south-southeast of Brazil Comprimento e idade de primeira maturacao gonadal de femeas de merluza Merluccius hubbsi Marini, 1933 na Regiao Sudeste-Sul do Brasil

de Castro, Antonio Carlos Leal., 1999: Size and age of first gonadal maturation of Plagioscion squamosissimus Heckel, 1840 Teleostei, Sciaenidae, of Barra Bonita reservoir - SP Tamanho e idade de primeira maturacao da corvina, Plagioscion squamosissimus Heckel, 1840 Teleostei, Sciaenidae, do reservatorio de Barra Bonita - SP

Jantz, B..; Scholl, F.., 1998: Size and age structure of a riverine zebra mussel population River Rhine, Rh-km 168-861 Grossenzusammensetzung und Altersstruktur lokaler Bestande einer Zebramuschel-Flusspopulation - Untersuchungen am Rhein zwischen Basel und Emmerich Rh-km 168-861

Barrera, F.N.ri Melo; Uraga, R.F.lix, 2004: Size and age structure of the striped marlin Tetrapturus audax Pisces Xiphidae, at Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico Estructura de tallas y edad del marlin rayado Tetrapturus audax Pisces Xiphidae, en Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Frank, Jens., 2003: Size and colour variaiton of kestrel eggs Falco tinnunculus Zur Groessen- und Farbvariation bei Turmfalkeneiern Falco tinnunculus

Barrientos, LM., 2000: Size and composition of different wolves groups in Castilla y Leon Tamano y composicion de diferentes grupos de lobos en Castilla y Leon

Gauthier, D..; Michallet, J..; Villaret, J.-Charles.; Rivet, A.., 1995: Size and composition of social groups in six alpine ibex populations Taille et composition des groupes sociaux dans six populations de bouquetins des alpes

Friess, Martin., 1999: Size and cranial structure in Hominidae at the end of the Pleistocene Contributions of geometrical morphometry to the discussion of the origin of modern man Taille et conformation cranienne chez les hominides de la fin du Pleistocene Contributions de la morphometrie geometrique au debat sur lorigine de lhomme moderne

Silva, M.T..; Costa, E.C., 1998: Size and number of soil sample units for sampling Diloboderus abderus Sturm Coleoptera Melolonthidae larvae under no tillage Tamanho e numero de unidades de amostra de solo para amostragem de larvas de Diloboderus abderus Sturm Coleoptera Melolonthidae em plantio direto

Garcia-Grajales, J.; Aguirre-Leon, G.; Contreras-Hernandez, A., 2007: Size and population structure of Crocodylus acutus Cuvier 1807 Reptilia Crocodylidae at Ventanilla estuary, Oaxaca, Mexico Tamano y estructura poblacional de Crocodylus acutus Cuvier 1807 Reptilia Crocodylidae en el estero la Ventanilla, Oaxaca, Mexico

Mekkawy, IAA., 1990: Size and shape variations of certain morphometric characters of three Nile mormyrid populations a factor analysis study

Stojnic, N., 2002: Size and spatial distribution of populations of goshawk and sparrowhawk on Fruska gora Velicina i prostorni raspored populacije jastreba Accipiter gentilis i kopca Accipiter nisus na Fruskoj gori

Kossak, S., 2003: Size and structure of red deer Cervus elaphus L population in Promotional Forest Complex Puszcza Bialowieska in 1997-2001 Liczebnosc i struktura populacji jeleni Cervus elaphus L w Lesnym Kompleksie Promocyjnym Puszcza Bialowieska w latach 1997-2001

Pullin, BP., 1990: Size and trends of wading bird populations in Tennessee during 1977-1988

Sorbi, S., 2003: Size and use of Tengmalms owl Aegolius funereus home range in the high Belgian Ardennes results from radio-tracking Etendue et utilisation du domaine vital chez la chouette de Tengmalm Aegolius funereus en haute-Ardenne Belge suivi par radio-pistage

Braginski, L.P., 1957: Size and weight characteristics of the most important forms in the zooplankton of ponds

Cupul-Magana, F.G.rman; Rubio-Delgo, A.; Reyes-Juarez, A., 2004: Size and weight growth of the American crocodile Crocodylus acutus during its first year of life Crecimiento en talla y peso del cocodrilo americano Crocodylus acutus durante su primer ano de vida

Blaskiewitz, Bernhard., 2000: Size and weight of a premature sea cow birth Masse und Gewicht einer Seekuh-Fruehgeburt

Hattour, Abdallah., 2004: Size and weight relationship of swordfish landed in the main ports of Tunisia in 2002 Relation taille-poids eviscere des espadons debarques dans les principaux ports tunisiens en 2002

Ruiz, A.E.; Fondacaro, R.R., 1997: Size at first maturity of hake Merluccius hubbsi in Isla Escondida area, Patagonia December 1989-January 1994 Talla de primera madurez de merluza Merluccius hubbsi en el area de Isla Escondida, Patagonia Diciembre 1989-Enero 1994

Alarcon, R..; Arancibia, H.., 1993: Size at first sexual maturity and batch fecundity in Chilean hake, Merluccius gayi gayi Guichenot, 1848 Talla de primera madurez sexual y fecundidad parcial en la merluza comun, Merluccius gayi gayi Guichenot, 1848

Nouacer, S.; Kara, M.H., 2001: Size at first sexual maturity, egg laying period and size-weight relationship of the sea bream Diplodus annularis L 1758 of the coasts of Annaba Taille a la premiere maturite sexuelle, periode de ponte et relation taille-poids chez le sparaillon Diplodus annularis L 1758 des cotes dAnnaba

Ben Meriem, S..; Fehri-Bedoui, R..; Gharbi, H.., 2001: Size at maturity and ovigerous period of the pink shrimp Parapenaeus longirostris Lucas, 1846 in Tunisia Taille a maturation et period de ponte de la crevette rose, Parapenaeus longirostris Lucas, 1846 de Tunisie

Saidi, B..; Nejmeddine Bradai, M..; Bouain, A.., 2004: Size at sexual matuity of Scyliorhinus canicula of the south eastern coasts of Tunisia Taille a la maturite sexuelle de Scyliorhinus canicula des cotes est et sud-est de la Tunisie

Lucano-Ramirez, G.; Ruiz-Ramirez, S.; Rojo-Vazquez, JA., 2006: Size composition and reproductive cycle of Pseudupeneus grandisquamis Pisces Mullidae in the Central Mexican Pacific Composicion por tallas y ciclo reproductivo de Pseudupeneus grandisquamis Pisces Mullidae en el Pacifico central Mexicano

Gonzalez-Sanson, G.; Bosch Mendez, A.; Guevara Carrio, E.; Aguilar Betancourt, C., 1996: Size composition of the catches of the croaker Micropogonias furnieri Desmarest, 1823 Osteichthyes Sciaenidae in Cienfuegos Bay, Cuba Composicion por tallas de las capturas de la corvina Micropogonias furnieri Desmarest, 1823 Osteichthyes Sciaenidae en la Bahia de Cienfuegos, Cuba

Kruszona, W..; Godynicki, S..; Schramm, Z.., 1996: Size correlation between body and limb skeleton during the postnatal period in the domestic goat Zwiazki wielkosciowe wymiarow ciala i kosci konczyn w okresie postnatalnym u kozy domowej

Costa de Azevedo, M.C.istina.; Araujo, F.G.rson. da Cruz Filho, A.G.mes.; Gomes, I.D.vid.; Machado Pessanha, A.L.iz., 1998: Size distribution of marine catfish Siluriformes, Ariidae in the Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Distribuicao por tamanho de bagres marinhos Siluriformes, Ariidae na Baia de Sepetiba, Rio de Janeiro

Gunaga, V.; Neelakantan, K.; Neelakantan, B., 1990: Size distribution of penaeid prawn seed in the Kali Estuary, Karwar

Jiminez, M.; Prieto, A.; Ruiz, L.; Marin, B.; Allen, T., 2004: Size distribution, growth and mortality of Anadara notabilis Bivalvia Arcidae in Mochima Bay, Sucre state, Venezuela Distribucion de tallas, crecimiento y mortalidad de Anadara notabilis Bivalvia Arcidae en la Bahia de Mochima, Estado Sucre, Venezuela

Berge, C..; Penin, X.., 2001: Size effect, morphological convergences, and locomotor adaptations in the pelvic morphology of non-human simians Effet de taille, convergence de forme et adaptations locomotrices sur le pelvis des simiens non-humains

Pellet, J.; Pellet, B., 2003: Size estimates of an isolated fire salamander population using a bayesian framework Estimation de leffectif dune population isolee de salamandres tachetees Salamandra salamandra par une approche bayesienne

Benhur Kasper, C.; Salvi, J.; Zanardi Grillo, H.C.sar, 2004: Size estimation of two species of ciclids Ostheichthyes, Perciformes predated by Lontra longicaudis Olfers Carnivora, Mustelidae through scale analysis Estimativa do tamanho de duas especies de ciclideos Osteichthyes, Perciformes predados por Lontra longicaudis Offers Carnivora, Mustelidae, atraves de analise das escamas

Couteyen, S., 2006: Size evolution of Coenagriocnemis reuniensis Fraser, 1957, according to altitude at Reunion island Odonata, Coenagrionidae Evolution de la taille de Coenagriocnemis reuniensis Fraser, 1957, en fonction de Ialtitude a lile de la Reunion Odonata, Coenagrionidae

Arciniega Flores, J..; Landa Jaime, V.., 2001: Size frequency distribution and sex ratio of Squilla hancocki and Squilla panamensis off the coast of Jalisco and Colima, Mexico Estructura de tallas y proporcion sexual de Squilla hancocki y Squilla panamensis en las costas de Jalisco y Colima, Mexico

Carretti, F.; Giuliani, S.; Pellegrini, D., 2000: Size frequency distribution of Corophium orientale Crustacea Amphipoda Distribuzione di frequenza in taglie di una popolazione di Corophium orientale Crustacea Amphipoda

Skirnisson, K..; Sigfusson, A.T..; Sigurthoarson, S.., 2003: Size measurements and seasonal variation in body mass of common eiders in Skerjafjordur, SW Iceland Um staerth og arstithabundnar thyngdarbreytingar aetharfugla a Skerjafirthi

de Almeida Bessa, Elisabeth C. de Barros Araujo, Jose L., 1996: Size of eggs and measurement of the shell lenght in different phases of the desenvelopment of Subulina octona Bruguiere Pulmonata, Subulinidae under laboratorial conditions Oviposicao, tamanho de ovos e medida do comprimento da concha em diferentes fases do desenvolvimento de Subulina octona Breguiere Pulmonata, Subulinidae em condicoes de laboratorio

Cerna, J.F.; Oyarzun, C.., 1998: Size of first sexual maturity and batch fecundity in the Chilean hake Merluccius gayi, Guichenot 1848 for the area of the industrial fishery of Talcahuano, Chile Talla de primera madurez sexual y fecundidad parcial de la merluza comun Merluccius gayi, Guichenot 1848 del area de la pesqueria industrial de la zona de Talcahuano, Chile

Stubing, Stefan., 1996: Size of the breeding habitat of the great crested grebe Podiceps cristatus Zur Bruthabitatsgrosse des Haubentauchers Podiceps cristatus

Dubrovskii, Y.A., 1962: Size of the burrows of steppe marmot badgers as an index of the age of their settle-ments

Por H.grimsson, G.; G.sson, H.; Hersteinsson, P., 2006: Size of the lesser black-backed gull colony at Alftanes on Myrar W-Iceland in 2005 Staerth silamafsvarps a Alftanesi a Myrum

Barrio-Amoros, C.L.; Manrique, R., 2006: Size record for the matamata turtle Chelus fimbriata in Venezuela Record de taille pour une Matamata Chelus fimbriata, au Venezuela

Crosa, G.; Buffagni, A., 1995: Size related shift in the realized niches of two mayfly species Analisi delle nicchie realizzate delle larve di due specie di efemerotteri in relazione al loro accrescimento

da Conceicao Guerreiro Couto, Erminda., 1996: Size selection Divaricella quadrisulcata Orbigny, 1824 Bivalvia, Lucinidae predation by Polinices hepaticus Roding, 1798 Gastropoda, Naticidae Selecao por tamanho predacao de Divaricella quadrisulcata Orbigny, 1824 Bivalvia, Lucinidae por Polinices hepaticus Roding, 1798 Gastropoda, Naticidae

Cattaneo, Antonella., 1993: Size spectra of benthic communities in Laurentian streams

Guerro, C.; Vidl-Abrc,; Surez,; Gomez, R.; Orteg, M.nuel, 2004: Size structure in a community of aquatic macroinvertebrates in a stream with semi arid characteristics during low water Chicamo stream, SE Spain Estructura de tamano de la comunidad de macroinvertebrados acuaticos en un rio de caracteristicas semiaridas durante el estiaje rio Chicamo, SE Espana

Vicente, J..; Bech, M.., 1999: Size variability in Rumina decollata L over time in different geographical areas Variabilitat dimensional de Rumina decollata L segons les arees geografiques en el pas del temps

Schmidt, Almuth D., 2002: Size variation and sexual dimorphism in rover beetles of the genera Anthia Weber, 1801 and Thermophilum Basilewsky, 1950, from southern Africa Coleoptera Carabidae Groessenvariabilitaet und Geschlechtsdimorphismus bei Laufkaefern der Gattungen Anthia Weber, 1801, und Thermophilum Basilewsky, 1950, im suedlichen Afrika Coleoptera Carabidae

Jonsson, N..; Jonsson, B.., 2003: Size variation between the sexes in salmon can be ascribed to reproductive strategies Kjonnenes storrelsesvariasjon hos laks skyldes ulike forplantningsstrategier

Abrahao, J.R.; Amaral, A.; Cecilia Z., 1999: Size, density and distribution of Tagelus plebeius Veneroida, Psammobiidae in a sandy beach, Sao Paulo, Brazil Tamanho, densidade e distribuicao de Tagelus plebeius Veneroida, Psammobiidae em uma praia arenosa, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Trolliet, B..; Fouquet, M.., 2001: Size, distribution and isolation of the west African population of lesser flamingo Phoeniconaias minor La population ouest-africaine du flamant nain Phoeniconaias minor effectifs, repartition et isolement

Jacobson, PT.; Clay, CS.; Magnuson, JJ., 1990: Size, distribution, and abundance of pelagic fish by deconvolution of single-beam acoustic data

Gilbert, F., 1990: Size, phylogeny and life-history in the evolution of feeding specialization in insect predators

Villavicencio Garayzar, Carlos J., 1996: Size, sex ratio and reproduction of Myliobatis californica and M longirostris Pisces Myliobatidae in Baja California Sur, Mexico Tallas, proporcion de sexos y reproduccion de Myliobatis californica y M longirostris Pisces Myliobatidae en Baja California Sur, Mexico

Riberon, A..; Miaud, C..; Guyetant, R.., 1996: Size, sex-ratio and demography of a population of Salamandra lanzai Caudata, Salamandridae in the Alps of south-east France, Parc Naturel Regional du Queyras, Hautes Alpes Taille, sex-ratio et structure dage dune population de Salamandra lanzai Caudata, Salamandridae dans les Alpes du sud-est de la France

Gatica, C.; Cubillos, L., 2004: Size-structured analysis of abundance changes in Merluccius gayi gayi between 1992 and 2000 Analisis talla-estructurado de los cambio de abundancia en Merluccius gayi gayi entre 1992 y 2000

Krakatitsa, TF., 1974: Size-weight characteristics and the basis of fisheries measurements in the Black Sea oyster Ostrea taurica Kryn Lamellibranchiata, Ostreidae

Pena, J.C.brera.; Quesada, M.P.otti.; Hernandez, M.U.riola.; Vargas, O.S.enz.; Hidalgo, R.A.faro., 2001: Sizes and fecundity of Juxtafabia muliniarum Brachyura Pinnotheridae associated with Saccostrea palmula Bivalvia Ostreidae, Costa Rica Tallas y fecundidad de Juxtafabia muliniarum Brachyura Pinnotheridae asociado con Saccostrea palmula Bivalvia Ostreidae, Costa Rica

Gustafsson, R., 2004: Sjisjkaape a wetland for birds in Lule Lappmark Sjisjkaape Fagelmyr i Lule Lappmark

Bauer, C-A.; Larsson, PG., 1977: Sjolunda area - filling out and housing biotopes and their impact on bird life

Thomson, C.G., 1866: Skandinaviens Coleoptera Tom viiii

Zeller, P.C., 1869: Skandinaviens Heterocer-Fjarilar biskrifne af H D J Wallengren Skymnings fjarilarne Lund, 1863, 8vo

Thorner, Ann Mari., 2004: Skane Ornithological Society safari to Spain 1-8 February 2004 Med SkOF-Safari till Spanien 1-8 februari 2004

Aguilera Socorro, O..; Rodrigues de Aguilera, D.., 2001: Skeletal abnormalities in fossil fish from the Early Miocene Cantaure Formation of Venezuela Anormalidades esqueleticas en peces fosiles del Mioceno Temprano Formacion Cantaure de Venezuela

Rossmann, Torsten., 2000: Skeletal anatomical description of Pristichampsus rollinatii Gray Crocodilia, Eusuchia from the Palaeogene of Europe, North America and east Asia Skelettanatomische Beschreibung von Pristichampsus rollinatii Gray Crocodilia, Eusuchia aus dem Palaogen von Europa, Nordamerika und Ostasien

Swanberg, NR.; Anderson, OR.; Bennett, P., 1990: Skeletal and cytoplasmic variability of large spongiose spumellarian Radiolaria Actinopodea Polycystina

Rodman, PS., 1979: Skeletal differentiation of Macaca fascicularis and Macaca nemestrina in relation to arboreal and terrestrial quadrupedalism Skeletal differentiation of Macaca fascicularis and Macaca nemestrina in relation to arboreal and terrestrial quadrupedalism

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