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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38661

Chapter 38661 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wranik, W., 1998:
Sokotra - aspects of an unusual island group in the Indian Ocean Sokotra - ein Blick auf eine aussergewohnliche Inselgruppe im Indischen Ozean

Albuquerque, L.B.; Velazquez, A.; Vasconcellos-Neto, J., 2006:
Solanaceae composition, pollination and seed dispersal syndromes in neotropical Mountain Cloud Forests Composicao floristica de Solanaceae e suas sindromes de polinizacao e dispersao de sementes em florestas mesofilas neotropicais

Giunchi, D.; Baldaccini, N.; Emilio., 1999:
Solar vs magnetic information on the swallow Hirundo rustica during autumn migration Informazioni solari vs informazioni magnetiche nella rondine Hirundo rustica durante la migrazione autunnale

Ferrazzi, P.; Elia, E.; Porporato, M.; Parisi, V., 2004:
Solarization effects on microarthropodofauna in an agrarian soil Effetti della solarizzazione sulla microartropodo-fauna di un suolo agrario

Toth, Sandor., 2001:
Soldeirfly fauna Diptera Stratiomyidae from the Malaise-trap of Aggtelek National Park Az Aggteleki Nemzeti Park katonalegy-faunajanak vizsgalata Malaise-csapdaval Diptera Stratiomyidae

Kuska, Antoni., 1995:
Soldier beetles Coleoptera, Cantharidae Cantharinae and Silinae of Poland Omomilki Coleoptera, Cantharidae Cantharinae i Silinae Polski

Chobotow, J., 2004:
Soldier beetles Coleoptera Cantharidae of the Janowskie Forests Landscape Park Omomilki Coleoptera Cantharidae Parku Krajobrazowego Lasy Janowskie

Chobotow, J., 2004:
Soldier beetles Coleoptera Cantharidae of the Poleski National Park Omomilki Coleoptera Cantharidae Poleskiego Parku Narodowego

Arnold, Andreas., 2005:
Soldier flies Dipt, Stratiomyidae from central Germany Waffenfliegen Dipt, Stratiomyidae aus Mitteldeutschland

Hauser, M.; Niehuis, M., 2001:
Soldier flies Diptera Stratiomyidae and xylomyide flies Diptera Xylomyidae from a xerothermic locality in the Middle Rhine Valley Rhineland-Palatinate Waffenfliegen Diptera Stratiomyidae und Xylomyiden Diptera Xylomyidae eines xerothermen Standortes im Mittelrheintal Rheinland-Pfalz

Hubner, J.; Weitzel, M.; Colln, K., 1996:
Soldier flies Diptera Stratiomyidae from north west Rhineland-Palatinate Waffenfliegen Diptera Stratiomyidae aus dem Nordwesten von Rheinland-Pfalz

Barkemeyer, Werner., 1999:
Soldier flies and related flies from Germany in the Bremen Uebersee-Museum Diptera Stratiomyidae et Xylomyidae Waffenfliegen und verwandte Fliegen aus Deutschland im Uebersee-Museum Bremen Diptera Stratiomyidae et Xylomyidae

Menten, Joris., 2002:
Soldier flies in the Dijleland Wapenvliegen van het Dijleland

Franzen, B.; Wehlitz, J., 1992:
Soldierflies Diptera Stratiomyidae from Cologne city area Waffenfliegen Diptera Stratiomyidae im Bereich der Stadt Koln

Roux, E.A.; Korb, J., 2004:
Soldiers and breeding success in a primitive termite Soldats et succes reproductif chez un termite primitif

Bertotto, D.; Barbaro, A.; Veronese, E.; Poltronieri, C.; Francescon, A., 2003:
Sole Solea solea oviposition improvement in captivity with long-acting GnRH hormonal treatment Ottimizzazione dellovodeposizione in cattivita della sogliola Solea solea mediante trattamento ormonale con GnRH a rilascio prolungato

Bromley, RG.; Asgaard, U., 1990:
Solecurtus strigilatus a jet-propelled burrowing bivalve

Quero, Jean-Claude., 1997:
Soleidae and Cynoglossidae Pleuronectiformes from Reunion Island Indian Ocean, with the description of a new species Soleidae et Cynoglossidae Pleuronectiformes de lIle de la Reunion Ocean Indien description dune nouvelle espece

Kourradi, R.; Benmessaoud, F.; Gheit, AN., 2003:
Solen marginatus L of the estuary of Bou-Regreg metallic contamination Contamination metallique decelee dans les tissus mous dune population naturelle de Solen marginatus L peuplant lestuaire de loued Bou-Regreg Cote atlantique du Maroc

Ramovs, Anton., 1997:
Solenopora ladinica n sp and Solenopora suhadolica n sp red algae and Paragondolella? trammeri Kozur, 1972 Conodonta from the Landinian Middle Triassic of Suhadole, east of Ljubljana, Slovenia Solenopora ladinica n sp und Solenopora suhadolica n sp Rotalgen und Paragondolella? trammeri Kozur, 1972 Conodonta aus dem Ladin Mitteltrias bei Suhadole, ostlich von Ljubljana, Slowenien

Czechowski, Wojciech., 2001:
Solenopsis fugax Latr Hymenoptera, Formicidae in the Bialowieza Forest Solenopsis fugax Latr Hymenoptera, Formicidae w Puszczy Bialowieskiej

Schneidewind, Frank., 2005:
Solenostomus spp False pipefishes Solenostomus spp Geisterpfeifenfische

Theveny, Bernard., 2000:
Solidarity in migrating cranes Solidarite chez la grue cendree Grus grus

Faasse, Marco., 1997:
Solidobalanus fallax Broch, 1927, washed up on the shores of the Netherlands Solidobalanus fallax Broch, 1927 aangespoeld in Nederland

Pocock, R.I., 1899:
Solifugae, Scorpiones, Chilopoda, and Diplopoda

Padr, Z., 1990:
Solitare Bienen und Hummeln des Botanischen Gartens der Karls-Universitat in Prag Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Soto, F.; Liao, W., 1999:
Solitary Ptenophyllidae Rugosa from the Arpishmebulaq Formation Lochkovian in the south east of the Tian-Shan Mountains NE China Ptenophyllidae Rugosa solitarios de la Formacion Arpishmebulaq Lochkoviense en el SE de las Montanas de Tian-Shan NO de China

Villemant, Claire., 2005:
Solitary and social bee nests Les nids dabeilles solitaires et sociales

Kuhne, Stephan., 1997:
Solitary ascidians in the Potter Cove King George Island, Antarctica Their ecological role and population dynamics Solitare Ascidien in der Potter Cove King George Island, Antarktis Ihre okologische Bedeutung und Populationsdynamik

Werneburg, Ralf., 1994:
Solitary bees Colletes daviesanus also lived in Bertholdsburg castle in Schleusingen Im Schloss Bertholdsburg Schleusingen wohnten auch Urbienen Colletes daviesanus

Marikovskaya, TP., 1977:
Solitary bees Hymenoptera, Apoidea in artificial nests in the lowland zone of Zailiiskovo Alatau

Viana, B.F.; Silva, F.O.; Kleinert, A.M., 2001:
Solitary bees Hymenoptera Apoidea in tropical sand dune diversity and phyenology Diversidade e sazonalidade de abelhas solitarias Hymenoptera Apoidea em dunas litoraneas no nordeste do Brasil

Yuferev, G I. ., 2003:
Solitary bees of the Kirov area

Alimdzhanov, RM., 1973:
Solitary bees on newly reclaimed lands in Karshin steppe

Radeghieri, P.; Porrini, C., 1995:
Solitary bees Api solitarie

Eliasova, Helena., 2004:
Solitary corals Zoantharia, Microsolenina from the Cretaceous of Bohemia Upper Cenomanien, Czech Republic Coraux solitaires Zoantharia, Microsolenina du Cretace de Boheme Cenomanien superieur, Republique tcheque

Bille, Thomas., 1997:
Solitary lizards - Tenerifes endemic reptiles Ensomme ogler - Tenerifes endemiske krybdyr

Coen-Aubert, Marie., 1997:
Solitary rugose corals near the Eifelian-Givetian boundary at Pondrome Belgium Rugueux solitaires pres de la limite Eifelien-Givetien a Pondrome Belgique

Hoekstein, M.; Ebels, E.B., 2007:
Solitary sandpiper at Wissenkerke in May 2006 Amerikaanse Bosruiter bij Wissenkerke in mei 2006

Fjeldsa, J., 1977:
Solitary sandpiper in Pasvik?

Hoekstein, Mark., 2006:
Solitary sandpiper Amerikaanse Bosruiter bij Wissenkerke

Loser, H.; Stolarski, J., 1997:
Solitary scleractinians from the Gaty quarry Cretaceous Middle Albian, Geraudot, Aube Department, France Les scleractiniaires solitaires de la carriere du Gaty Cretace Albien moyen, Geraudot, departement de lAube, France

Fuhrmann, Markus., 2005:
Solitary wasps Hymenoptera Vespidae, Eumeninae from the Lake Eder region in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg Hessen Solitaere Faltenwespen Hymenoptera Vespidae, Eumeninae aus der Ederseeregion im Kreis Waldeck-Frankenberg Hessen

Sarmiento-M.Carlos E., 1999:
Solitary wasps of Colombia Hymenoptera Vespidae Eumeninae, Masarinae Los vespidos solitarios de Colombia Hymenoptera Vespidae Eumeninae, Masarinae

Becker, G.; Jansen, U., 1998:
Solles Hunsruck Isle a near-shore fauna ostracods, brachiopods, trilobites from red sediments of the Upper Emsian Lower Devonian of the Mosel Syncline Linksrheinisches Schiefergebirge Solles Hunsruck-Insel Eine kustennahe Fauna Ostracoden, Brachiopoden, Trilobiten aus Rotsedimenten des Ober-Emsium Unterdevon der Moselmulde Linksrheinisches Schiefergebirge

Pienkowski, G., 2004:
Soltykow, Poland -an unique palaeoecological record of the Early Jurassic continental deposits Soltykow - unikalny zapis paleoekologiczny wczesnojurajskich utworow kontynentalnych

Brito, J.L., 2000:
Solution to accidental mortality of the black-necked swan Cygnus melanocorypha by collision with electric pylons around Laguna El Peral and el Estero Cartagena, Valparaiso region Solucion a la mortalidad accidental de cisne de cuello negro Cygnus melanocorypha por impactos con el tendido electrico alrededor de la Laguna El Peral y el Estero Cartagena, region de Valparaiso

Lopez Redondo, Javier., 1992:
Solutions to vertebrate road mortality Soluciones a los atropellos de vertebrados en carreteras

Pohle, Claus., 2005:
Somali wild ass, Tommy turned 30 - how old do asses live to? Somaliwildesel-Hengst, Tommy wurde 30 Jahre alt und wie alt wird ein Hausesel?

Nonveiller, Guido., 1996:
Somaliatilla somalica gen n and sp n, female Hymenoptera, Mutillidae Somaliatilla somalica n gen et n sp, femelle Hymenoptera, Mutillidae

Bianki, VV.; Koryakin, AS., 1990:
Somateria mollissima in Kandalaksha Bay in the White Sea

Isayeva, V.V., 1971:
Somatic embryogenesis caused by some injurious factors in planarian Dugesia tigrina

Lima, G.V.; Oshiro, L.M., 2006:
Somatic growth of the mangrove crab Ucides cordatus Crustacea, Brachyura, Ocypodidae in laboratory Crescimento somatico do caranguejo-uca Ucides cordatus Crustacea, Brachyura, Ocypodidae em laboratorio

George Zamora, A.; Aldana Aranda, D., 2000:
Somatic production of two species Crassostrea virginica and Ischadium recurvum Bivalvia in Mecoacan, Tabasco, Mexico Produccion somatica de dos especies de Crassostrea virginica e Ischadium recurvum Bivalvia en Mecoacan, Tabasco, Mexico

Voigt, H.; Wolf, J.; Zinke, J., 2004:
Somatochlora arctica in the city forest Dresdner Heide, Saxony, Germany Odonata Corduliidae Somatochlora arctica in der Dresdner Heide, Sachsen Odonata Corduliidae

Grand, Daniel., 1997:
Somatochlora meridionalis Nielsen, 1935 Odonata, Anisoptera a survey on available data with additional report on the biology of the species in Southern France Somatochlora meridionalis Nielsen, 1935 Odonata, Anisoptera Analyse bibliographique et complements biologiques

Dantart, J.; Martin, R., 1999:
Somatochlora metallica Van der Linden, 1825 Odonata Corduliidae and Leucorrhinia pectoralis Charpentier, 1825 Odonata Libellulidae two new species of dragonflies from the Iberian Peninsula Somatochlora metallica Van der Linden, 1825 Odonata Corduliidae y Leucorrhinia pectoralis Charpentier, 1825 Odonata Libellulidae, dos nuevas especies de libelulas para la Peninsula Iberica

Mashaal, Maurice., 2002:
Somatochlora metallica Vander Linden, 1825, a new species for Corsica Odonata, Corduliidae Somatochlora metallica Vander Linden, 1825, espece nouvelle pour la Corse Odonata, Corduliidae

Stojanov, Andrei., 1997:
Somatometric and behavioural biological investigations on young Greek terrestrial tortoises - Testudo hermanni hermanni Gmel Reptilia Chelonia Testudinidae Somatometrische und verhaltensbiologische Untersuchungen an jungen griechischen Landschildkroten - Testudo hermanni hermanni Gmel Reptilia Chelonia Testudinidae

Mihelic, T., 2004:
Sombre tit Zalobna sinica Parus lugubris

Xu, I.V., 1963:
Some hexagonal lilies Hexacrinites from Middle Devonian deposits in the region of Sianghsien, Kwangsi Province

Anonymous., 1996:
Some 70 Cantabrian bears Unos 70 osos cantabricos

Topchishvili, MV., 1975:
Some Aalenian ammonites from sandy-slate deposits in Zaalazan Kakheta

Keith, D., 2004:
Some Adoretini Col Scarabaeoidea Rutelidae Sur quelques Adoretini Col Scarabaeoidea Rutelidae

Wahis, Raymond., 2000:
Some Afrotropical pompilids described by G Gribodo in 1894 Hymenoptera Pompilidae Sur quelques pompilides afrotropicaux decrits par G Gribodo en 1894 Hymenoptera Pompilidae

Prins, C., 2005:
Some Albian ammonites from Madagascar Quelques ammonites albiennes de Madagascar

Calzada, Sebastian., 2000:
Some Aptian gastropods of Cervera del Maestre Algunos gasteropodos aptienses de Cervera del Maestre

Vidal, Muriel., 1996:
Some Asaphidae from the Saint-Chinian Formation, Lower Ordovician, Montagne Noire France systematics and palaeoenvironments Quelques Asaphidae Trilobita de la formation de Saint-Chinian, Ordovician Inferieur, Montagne Noire France systematique et paleoenvironnements

Petcu, I.P., 1969:
Some Campopleginae, Ophioninae and Therioninae species Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae new for the Romanian fauna

Lefebvre, W., 1997:
Some Carabidae caught in the Yvelines Cerambycidae, Curculionidae, Elateridae, Tenebrionidae, Melandryidae A propos de quelques Coleopteres captures dans les Yvelines Cerambycidae, Curculionidae, Elateridae, Tenebrionidae, Melandryidae

Sugiyama, T.; Matsuura, H.; Ishibashi, K., 1990:
Some Carboniferous corals and basalts from the Hasumi Formation, along the middle course of the Gonokawa river, central Chugoku district, southwest Japan

Butusova, I.P., 1965:
Some Carboniferous gastropods of the Pyrenees

Kiparisova, L.D., 1970:
Some Carnian Cardiniidae from Kharaulakh mountain

Bidault, Jean., 2007:
Some Cetoniidae from Brittany Coleoptera Sur quelques Cetoniidae de Bretagne Coleoptera

Auverlot, Edmond., 2005:
Some Coleoptera collected in the centre of Amaury at Hergnies, 59199 Quelques coleopteres recoltes au Centre dAmaury a Hergnies, 59199

Bourdonne, Jean-Claude., 2007:
Some Coleoptera of Lagarde chateau and first record of Diaclina fagi Panzer, 1999 for the department of Ariege Quelques Coleopteres du chateau de Lagarde et premiere citation de Diaclina fagi Panzer, 1999 pour le departement de lAriege

Gourves, Jean., 1999:
Some Coleoptera of the alpine area of the Pyrenees with three new species for the Pyrenees-Orientales Sur quelques coleopteres de letage alpin des Pyrenees dont trois especes nouvelles pour les Pyrenees-Orientales

Vondracek, Jiri., 2004:
Some Corvidae in northern Bohemia Nekteri krkavcoviti v severnich Cechach

Calzada, S.; Forner, E., 1996:
Some Cretaceous Acteonidae Gastropoda from NE Spain Algunas acteoninas cretacicas Gasteropoda del Levante espanol

Vanhaelen, M-Th., 1998:
Some Crustacea which had become rare after the severe winters of 95-96 and 96-97, sighted once again on the beach at Koksijde Enkele, na de strenge winters 95-96 en 96-97, zeldzaam geworden Crustacea weer waargenomen op het strand te Koksijde

Bilton, DT., 1990:
Some Cumberland centipede records

Dauphin, P., 2006:
Some Cypha of North Africa and Italy described by Fauvel Coleoptera Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Sur quelques Cypha dAfrique du nord et dItalie decrits par Fauvel Coleoptera Staphylinidae Aleocharinae

Makarchenko, EA., 1977:
Some Diamesinae and Orthoclodiinae Diptera, Chironomidae from Kedrovaya Pad reservoir Trudy biol-pochvenn

Rose, Louis., 2003:
Some Diptera Tabanids and bombylids of the entomological collection of the late notary Mr Rigo of Dalhem 1908-1990 Quelques Dipteres Tabanides et Bombyliides de la collection entomologique de feu le Notaire M Rigo de Dalhem 1908-1990

Gudina, V.I., 1965:
Some Elphidiidae from Quaternary deposits of northern part of West Siberian lowland

Orth, Kurt., 2002:
Some European vipers in terraria Einige Vipern aus Europa im Terrarium

Huang, T., 1961 :
Some Foraminifera from the river sand at Tung-chang, Ping-tung, Taiwan

Miklukho-Maklai, A.D., 1957:
Some Fusulinids from the Permian of Crimea Leningr

Vallhonrat, Francesc., 2004:
Some Geometridae of Montsia Charissa assoi Redondo Gaston, 1997, first recorded in Catalonia Alguns gemoetrids del Montsia Charissa assoi Redondo Gaston, 1997, nou per a la fauna de Catalunya Lepidoptera Geometridae

Laguerre, Michel., 1999:
Some Heterocera, Lepidoptera little known or new for Gironde - 3rd note Sur quelques lepidopteres heteroceres peu connus ou nouveaux pour la Gironde - 3eme note

Deblock, S.; Canaris, A.C., 2001:
Some Hymenolepididae Cestoda of Charadrii birds of Alaska, including Nadejdolepis bealli n sp, a parasite of Calidris alpina De quelques Hymenolepididae Cestoda doiseaux Charadrii dAlaska, dont Nadejdolepis bealli n sp, parasite de Calidris alpina

Kotthoff, U., 2005:
Some Hymenoptera Insecta from the Early Miocene of the Randeck Maar Swabian Alb, SW Germany Ueber einige Hymenoptera Insecta aus dern Unter-Miozaen des Randecker Maars Schwaebische Alb, Suedwestdeutschland

Champion, G.C., 1927:
Some Indian Coleoptera

Abdul Hussain, A.S.mona.; Cozma, V., 2005:
Some Ixodidae tick species in the Mitidja plain Algeria in the period between April and September 2003-2004 Inventaire des differentes especes des tiques Ixodidae dans la plaine de la Mitidja - Algerie pour la periode avril-septembre 2003-2004

Yavorskii, V.I., 1968:
Some Late Ordovician Stromatoporoidea in Tuva

Mikhailova, ED., 1990:
Some Late Silurian and Devonian ostracods of south Tien-Shan

Grustan, Daniel., 1995:
Some Lepidoptera captured in the Tena valley Huesca Province Part 2 Algunos lepidopteros capturados en el valle de Tena Prov de Huesca 2a Parte

Grustan, D., 1994:
Some Lepidoptera captured in the Tena valley Huesca Province Algunos lepidopteros capturados en el valle de Tena Prov de Huesca

Vallhonrat, Francesc., 1997:
Some Lepidoptera from Lake Sanabria nature reserve Algunos lepidopteros heteroceros del Parque Natural del Lago de Sanabria

Gustafsson, Bert., 1996:
Some Lepidoptera imported to Sweden with bananas Nagra fjarilsarter importerade till Sverige med bananer

Lasan, Mojmir., 1997:
Some Lepidoptera species new to the fauna of Slovenia Nekaj novih vrst v favni metuljev Lepidoptera Slovenije

Multedo, Roccu., 2003:
Some Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Arachnida in Corsican vocabulary De quelques lepidopteres, coleopteres et arachnides dans le vocabulaire corse

Borisyak, M.A., 1964:
Some Llandoverian brachiopods from North-Eastern Kazakshtan

Kraevsky, B.G., 1965:
Some Lower Cambrian trilobites of the Iolgo Mountains Gorny Altai

Popkhadze, N.V., 1954:
Some Lower Cretaceous Brachiopods from Dagestan

Kotetishvili, E.V., 1965:
Some Lower Cretaceous bivalves of western Georgia

Hayami, I., 1965:
Some Lower Jurassic pelecypods from South Viet-Nam, collected by Dr FontaineContributions to the geology and palaeontology of southeast Asia, XV

Cammaerts, R.; Bomans, H.E., 1997:
Some Lucanidae from New Guinea, including Penichrolucanus leveri Arrow, a new species of Figulus MacLeay and the larva of Figulus sulcicollis Hope Westwood Coleoptera Quelques Lucanidae de Nouvelle-Guinee, dont Penichrolucanus leveri Arrow, une nouvelle espece de Figulus MacLeay et la larve de Figulus sulcicollis Hope Westwood Coleoptera

Bodylevskii, V.I.; Frolenkova, A.; Ya.; Glazunova, A.E.; Polubotko, L.V.; Repman, E.A., 1970:
Some Mesozoic Pectinindae from certain parts of the USSR

Dalmatskaya, II., 1972:
Some Middle Carboniferous Foraminifera from the Volgo-Ural province

Chang, L., 1961:
Some Middle Carboniferous Fusulinids from Western Kunlun, Sinkiang

Rauzer-Chernousova, D.M., 1961:
Some Middle Carboniferous fusulinids from Pre-Kama and Povolzha

Bychkov, Y.M.; Kiparisova, L.D., 1970:
Some Middle Triassic Ceratitida from the north and north-east of Asia

Diaz, Daniel Andres., 2005:
Some Miocene echinoderms from the depths of the archaeological museum of Cayetano de Mergelina de Yecla Murcia Algunos equinodermos miocenicos de los fondos del museo arqueologico municipal Cayetano de Mergelina de Yecla Murcia

Inesta Alcolea, M.; Calzada badia, S., 1997:
Some Miocene gastropods from Crevillente Alicante Algunos gasteropodos miocenicos de Crevillente Alicante

Gambashidze, R.A., 1967:
Some Molluscs and Echinoderms from upper Cretaceous deposits of Georgia

Bublichenko, N.L., 1958:
Some New Representatives of Devonian and Carboniferous Brachiopods from Rudno-Alta and Sary-Arka

Cresson, E.T. jun., 1906:
Some North American Diptera from the south west Paper 1 Ortalidae

Frafjord, K., 1988:
Some Norwegian newspapers attitude towards large predators

Bernard, H.M., 1892:
Some Observations on the Relation of the Acaridae to the Arachnida

Vigneron, Pascal., 1997:
Some Odonata observed in the north of Fontainebleau massif Seine-et-Marne department Quelques odonates observes dans le nord du massif de Fontainebleau Departement de Seine-et-Marne

Munsterhyelm, ELIN., 1905:
Some Oligochaeta reported for Finland

Kahler, F.; Kahler, G., 1969:
Some Permian fusulinids from Iraq

Rose, Louis., 1997:
Some Pieridae and Papilionidae from Ethiopia Lepidoptera Rhopalocera De quelques Pieridae et Papilionidae de lEthiopie Lepidoptera Rhopalocera

Sinel'nikova, V.N., 1964:
Some Pleurotomariacea from the Middle Carboniferous of the Moscow region

Righi, G., 1967:
Some Polyplacophora from the Brazilian coast

Herrmann, Rene., 2001:
Some Psychidae Lepidoptera from Northern and Central Apennines, Italy - part 2 Psychiden aus dem noerdlichen und mittleren Apennin Lepidoptera, Psychidae 2 Teil

Herrmann, Rene., 2000:
Some Psychidae Lepidoptera from northern and central Apennines, Italy Psychiden aus dem nordlichen und mittleren Apennin Lepidoptera, Psychidae

Peslier, Serge., 1998:
Some Pyrenean Geometridae including Perizoma flavospartata Wagner, 1926, a new species for France Lepidoptera - Geometridae A propos de quelques Geometridae pyreneens dont Perizoma flavospartata Wagner, 1926 espece nouvelle pour la France Lepidoptera - Geometridae

Bulatova, Z.I., 1962:
Some Reophacidae in Cretaceous deposits from lowlying western Siberia

Maniya, A.A., 1965:
Some Senoman ammonites in the upper Badkhiz

Solcher, J.; Bartholomaus, W.A., 1997:
Some Silurian Geschiebe favosites from the Nordheide Einige silurische Geschiebe-Favositen aus der Nordheide

Gutierrez-Marco, JC.; Storch, P., 1997:
Some Silurian graptolites from the Castrillo syncline west Asturian-Leonese Zone, NW Spain a revision of the fossil locality discovered by Casiano de Prado in 1855 Graptolitos siluricos del sinclinal de Castrillo Zona Asturoccidental-Leonesa, NO de Espana revision del yacimiento descubierto por Casiano de Prado en 1855

Van Meer, C.; Dauphin, P., 2000:
Some Staphylinidae that inhabit the forest of Sare Pyrenees-Atlantiques Quelques Staphylinidae, hotes de la foret de Sare Pyrenees-Atlantiques

Tirjakova, Eva., 1999:
Some Suctoria species new for fauna of Slovakia Nove nalezy cicaviek Ciliophora Suctoria pre faunu Slovenska

Torras i Casals, Camil., 2005:
Some Telenomids Hym Telenomidae on the east Valles Bacelona Telenomids Hym Telenomidae en el Valles Oriental

Ciochia, V., 1971:
Some Trachysphyrinae Hymenoptera - Ichneumonidae new for the European and Romanian fauna

Balashova, E.A., 1961:
Some Tremadoc trilobites of the Aktyubinsk district

Malicky, Hans., 1999:
Some Trichoptera from Socotra island Insecta, Trichoptera Einige Koecherfliegen von der Insel Sokotra Insecta, Trichoptera

Gusenleitner, J., 1997:
Some Vespoidea of the Near East Hymenoptera Eumenidae, Masaridae Uber einige Vespoidea des Nahen Ostens Hymenoptera Eumenidae, Masaridae

Pilsbry, H.A., 1900:
Some Zonitidae collected by J H Ferriss in Arkansas and Choctaw Nation

Storace, Luciano., 1999:
Some Zygaenidae from Liguria and Piedmont Lepidoptera Su alcuni Zigenidi liguri e piemontesi Lepidoptera

Kalacheva, ED.; Sey, IL., 1972:
Some aalenite ammonites from the Northern Pacific

Duchamps, R.; Grosjean, P.; Van Osselaer, C., 1997:
Some abnormalities of the genus Nautilus Quelques anormalites dans le genre Nautilus

Abstracts., 1966:
Some abstracts on insects

Dubinina, EV., 1972:
Some adaptations of Listrophoridae in parasitising the fur of rodents

Nyst, RH., 2003:
Some additional information on the geographical distribution of Heterocera in Belgium Lepidoptera Quelques ajouts a la distribution geographique des heteroceres de Belgique Lepidoptera

Mienis, Henk K., 1994:
Some additional observations concerning the land snails from the West Friesian encircling dike near Hoorn Enkele aanvullende observaties betreffende de landslakken van de Westfriese Omringdijk nabij Hoorn

Michalski, J., 1990:
Some additional records on the Odonata of Trinidad

Peru, Laurent., 1999:
Some additions and corrections to a catalogue of the ants of the Centre region Hymenoptera, Formicidae Quelques ajouts et corrections a un catalogue des fourmis de la region Centre Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Ruggieri, Giuliano., 1997:
Some additions to Paleozoological taxa proposed by the writer up to 1995 Alcune aggiunte a Taxa paleozoologici proposti dalla scrivente fino al 1995

Van de Weyer, G.; Zeegers, T., 2002:
Some additions to the checklist of Belgian tachinids Diptera Tachinidae Aanvulling op de naamlijst van de Belgische sluipvliegen Diptera Tachinidae

Scott, T., 1898:
Some additions to the invertebrate fauna of Loch Fyne

van Rooijen, Johan. van Rooijen, Myriam., 2002 :
Some additions, corrections and new observations on the herpetofauna of Pulau Tioman, West-Malaysia Einige Ergaenzungen, Berichtigungen und neue Beobachtungen zur Herpetofauna von Pulau Tioman, west-Malaysia

Alvarez, J.C.rlos.; Meseguer, J.; Perez, A., 2004:
Some aerodynamic consequences derived from the biometry of the wings of the Balear shearwater Puffinus mauretanicus Consecuencias aerodinamicas que se deducen de la biometria del ala de la Pardela balear Puffinus mauretanicus

Levchenko, N.G., 1963:
Some age and seasonal morphological peculiarities of the cysts Sarcocystis tenella

Polyakov, I.Y.; Pegelman, S.G., 1950:
Some age peculiarities of Microtus socialis Pall in thermic requirements

Zongo, F.; Guinko Sita., 1999:
Some algae of the Bagre hydroelectric and hydroagricultural reservoir Boulgou province/Burkina Faso Quelques algues du reservoir hydroelectrique et hydroagricole de Bagre Province du Boulgou/Burkina Faso

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