Some aspects on the biology of Apodemus sylvaticus and Apodemus flavicollis a case of sympatry in central Italy Alcuni aspetti della biologia di Apodemus sylvaticus e Apodemus flavicollis un caso di simpatria in Italia centrale

Agnelli, P.; Bellini, L.

Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali Bollettino (Turin) 151: 213-224


ISSN/ISBN: 0392-758X
Accession: 038661644

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This paper compares some aspects of the biology of two sympatric populations of rodents, Apodemus sylvaticus and A. flavicollis inhabiting an area north of Florence (Central Italy), where, from May 1992 to April 1993, 696 specimens were collected in the cone-traps. With some fluctuation the sex ratio for the two species was 1:1. Apodemus sylvaticus and A. flavicollis seem to reproduce throughout the year, but, in the summer fewer of the females are in heat and the males have smaller testicles. Furthermore, the populations are at a minimum during the autumn and winter months. The behaviour of the two populations resembles that of other populations in the Mediterranean area, while it differs from those in North and Central Europe where the minimum density occurs in the spring and summer. This is probably due to the dry summer weather in our study area.