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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38664

Chapter 38664 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Stock, J.N.; Cope, O.B., 1969:
Some effects of tepa, an insect chemosterilant on the guppy, Poecilia reticuiata

Stloukal, Eduard., 1999:
Some epibiotic ciliates of family Epistylididae Ciliophora, Peritrichia in western Slovakia Nalezy epibiontnych nalevnikov z celade Epistylididae Ciliophora Peritrichia na zapadnom Slovensku

Bizyulevichus, S.K., 1957:
Some epidemiological data on diphyllobothriosis in Lithuania

Lepeshinskaya, O.B.; Kryukov, V.G., 1953:
Some errors in understanding the theory of the development of living matter

Corsi, F.; Giovacchini, P., 1995:
Some etho-ecological aspect of the heronry of Diaccia-Botrona marshes Alcuni aspetti eto-ecologici della garzaia della Diaccia-Botrona

Laine, M., 1993:
Some ethological considerations in two noctuids Quelques precisions ethologiques sur deux noctuelles

Demaret, Albert., 2000:
Some ethological data about violence Reperes ethologiques sur lagressivite et la violence

D.Marzo, L., 2004:
Some ethological details on Melanthrips fuscus Sulzer referred to cocoon building Thysanoptera Aeolothripidae Dettagli etologici su Melanthrips fuscus Sulzer riguardo alla costruzione del bozzolo Thysanoptera Aeolothripidae

Matthews, T.C., 1969:
Some evolutionary aspects of color polymorphism in a population of boreal chorus frogs

Vidy, Guy., 2000:
Some examples of modifications to lagoons and estuaries of West Africa advantages, consequences and lessons for the future Quelques exemples dintervention sur les lagunes et les estuaires dAfrique de lOuest avantages, consequences, lecons pour lavenir

Avenas, P.; Walter, H., 2003:
Some examples of strange etymology Quelques exemples curieux detymologie

Grizel, H., 1996:
Some examples of the introduction and transfer of mollusc populations Quelques exemples dintroductions et de transferts de mollusques

Howard, A.D., 1915:
Some exceptional cases of breeding among the Unionidae

Torras i Casals, C., 2003:
Some exemplars of Serphinae Hymenoptera Proctotrypinae from the Valles area Exemplars de Serphinae Hymenoptera Proctotrypinae trobats a la Comarca Vallesana

Stibbe, H., 1976:
Some experiences in keeping Pseudemys scripta elegans in captivity

Acharjyo, LN.; Patnaik, SK., 1990:
Some experiences on keeping the ratel Mellivora capensis at the Nandankanan Biological Park, Orissa

Chemogorenko, M. 1., 1963:
Some experimental data on biology of the larvae of Opisthorchis felineus Riv, 1884

Dubitzkij, AM., 1972:
Some experiments in the study of the natural enemies of mosquitoes Diptera, Cuticidae in south-eastern Kazakhstan

Hill, L., 1896:
Some experiments on supposed cases of the inheritance of acquired characters

Bonaccorso, A.; Peres, J.-Jacques., 2003:
Some experiments on the biology of tarantulas Theraphosidae Araneae Quelques experiences realisees sur la biologie des Mygales Theraphosidae Araneae

Kurnatowska, A., 1964:
Some eytochemic reactions in Trichomonas vaginalis Donne

Bartl, Jiri., 1998:
Some factcs about the nesting of common swift Apus apus Nektere poznatky o hnizdeni rorysu obecnych Apus apus

Likharev, I.M., 1965:
Some factors determining the distribution of synantropic terrestrial molluscs

Chugunkov, DI., 1976:
Some factors enabling the creation of new resting grounds for fur seals

Efimov, M.I., 1955:
Some factors in the determination of the time, place and character of axial skeleton development in vertebrates

Nawrot, J.; Polanska, A.; Szafranek, J.; Malinski, E., 1999:
Some factors influencing on oviposition process of the granary weevil females Sitophilus granarius L Czynniki wplywajace na proces skladania jaj przez samice wolka zbozowego Sitophilus granarius L

Aleinikova, M.M., 1963:
Some factors on distribution of armoured mites of the fauna in the soil of Central Povolzhya 3-4

Kopvillem, HH., 1972:
Some factors, influencing the character of interrelation between Plutella maculipennis Curt and its main parasites-flies of the genus Horogenes Forster Ichneumonidae, Ophioninae

Kopvillem, HH., 1972:
Some factors, influencing the character of interrelation between Plutella maculipennis Curt and its main parasites-flies of the genus Horogenes Forster lchneumonidae, Ophioninae

Vackar, Jiri., 1998:
Some facts about birds of Soutok Game Preserve Breclav District, South Moravia Nektere poznatky o ptacich Soutoku

Ogandzhanian, A.M., 1959:
Some facts about the morphology and ecology of the tick Ixodes eloaricus Ajap Ixodoidea

Lutta, A.S.; Kheisin, E.M., 1954:
Some facts in regard to the role of various species of Ixodidae in distribu-tion of Babesiosis in the North

Sirovatskaya, N.I., 1953:
Some facts in the biology of the propagation of carp in Don and the development of fry

Eberl, Wolfgang., 1999:
Some facts on Aphyosemion aureum Radda, 1980 Einige Fakten zu Aphyosemion aureum Radda, 1980

Della Santa, Edouard., 2006:
Some faunal data on the ants at the base of the Vaud Jura and the Genveva region Quelques donnees faunistiques sur les fourmis du pied du Jura vaudois et de la region genevoise

Ssymank, Axel., 1997:
Some faunistical and biological notes on syrphid flies Diptera, Syrphidae in Perigord France Quelques notes faunistiques et biologiques sur les mouches syrphides Diptera, Syrphidae en Perigord France

Krampl, F.; Marek, J., 2001:
Some faunistically and zoogeographically important moths and butterflies Lepidoptera from the National Park Podyji, southern Moravia, Czech Republic Nektere faunisticky a zoogeograficky vyznamne druhy motylu Lepidoptera Narodniho Parku Podyji

Konstantinova, N.S., 1954:
Some features in the biology of the genus Enchytraeus and possibilities of its breeding

Abramov, V.V., 1953:
Some features of adult Oncorhynchus in fresh-water

Gasyunas, II., 1969:
Some features of biology and ecology of Mesomysis kowalewskyi Cz in the Lithuanian water-reservoirs

Gromov, I.M., 1957:
Some features of bone preservation of small mammals from alluvium as indicators of geological age

Nazarov, VM.; Tvorovskii, VS., 1972:
Some features of growth in the bream in the Chimoosylsk and Pechenyzsk reservoirs

Bianki, VV., 1994:
Some features of herring gulls ecology at the White Sea

Zuevskii, A.P., 1975:
Some features of population changes in gamasid mitesepizoinic parasites of rodents

Zuevskij, AP., 1975:
Some features of population size changes in gamasid mites-epizoinic parasites of rodents

Podenas, S., 1990:
Some features of robber-flies Diptera Asilidae in the Lithuanian SSR

Starobogatov, Y.I., 1967:
Some features of the Late Cainozoic history of the freshwater molluscs of northern Asia

Dobrynina, TI., 1976:
Some features of the biology of Eucyclops serrulatus Fisch Copepoda, Cyclopoida

Pugachuk, NN., 1974:
Some features of the biology of Mergus in the Southern Primorye

Mukha, BB., 1974:
Some features of the cervical region of the spinal column of the mastodon Turicius turicensis Shinz

Kuderskii, SK., 1973:
Some features of the distribution of Merluccius around the coast of South Africa 20-35S depending upon hydrological factors

Bogdanov, II.; Volynets, LV., 1976:
Some features of the ecology of blood-sucking midges in foci of Omsk haemorrhagic fever and their possible role in the circulation of viruses of the tick borne encephalitis group

Zemskaya, A.A.; Neronov, V.M., 1975:
Some features of the gamasid mite fauna of small mammals of Iran

Zemskaya, AA.; Neronov, VM., 1975:
Some features of the gamasid mite fauna on small mammals in Iran

Lukina, L.A., 1976:
Some features of the ontogenesis and karyology of the pathogenetic species Poecilimon intermedius Fieb Orthoptera, Tettigonioidea

Tatarinov, L.P., 1960:
Some features of the sound transmitting apparatus in fossil and recent turtles

Mulyarskaya, LV., 1975:
Some features of the trombiculid fauna Acariformes, Trombiculidae of the Nakhychevan ASSR

Moonen, J., 1977:
Some field observations on Trinidad and Tobago

Sorvachev, K.F.; Shatunovski, M.I., 1968:
Some figures on the contents of free aminoacids in the tissues of cod and the river flounder

Duchac, V., 2004:
Some findings of pseudoscorpions on the island of Helgoland Elnige Funde von Afterskorpionen Pseudoscorpiones auf Helgoland

Sevcik, C.; Hernandez, CJ., 1990:
Some findings on neurotoxins from the venom of the giant ant, Paraponera clavata

Schoning, Heinrich., 1998:
Some finds of Agerina Trilobita from Lower Ordovician glacial deposits Einige Fund von Agerina Trilobita aus unterordovizischen Geschieben

Keskula, Tonu., 1993:
Some finds of Pyralidae from Ida-Virumaa district in 1990-1992 Leediklaste Lepidoptera, Pyralidae leide Ida-Virumaalt aastail 1990-1992

Ivarsson, T.; Johansson, F., 1998:
Some finds of dragonflies Odonata, genus Sympetrum in central Norrland Nagra fynd av angstrollslandor Odonata, slaktet Sympetrum i mellersta Norrland

Rozhdestvenski, A.K., 1949:
Some finds of early Tertiary mammals in Mongolia

Mathiasson, Sven., 1994:
Some fish species new to Swedish waters Nagra for svenska farvatten nya fiskarter

Barchenko, I.P., 1953:
Some food-products as potential vectors in helminthiasis of the population

Mamontova, E.V., 1961:
Some foraminifers of the Upper Jurassic of Moldavia

Lemos, Jose S., 2003:
Some forest bird observations of the protected area of Mestre Alvaro, Espirito Santo Algumas aves florestais observadas na Area de Protecao Ambiental do Mestre Alvaro, Espirito Santo

Naumov, A.M., 1961:
Some forms of Sanguinicolosis in carp and their control

Maux, Pierre., 2004:
Some forms of the genus Melanargia Meigen, 1829 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae Quelques formes du genre Melanargia Meigen, 1829 Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae

L.Renard, Jacques., 2001:
Some fossil species described by Defrance in the Dictionnaire des Sciences naturelles 1816-1829 Les especes eocenes decrites par Defrance dans le Dictionnaire des Sciences naturelles 1816-1829

Pickford, M., 1990:
Some fossiliferous Plio-Pleistocene cave systems of Ngamiland, Botswana

Garcia, A.; Croquer, A.; Malaver, N., 2004:
Some functional characteristics of bacterial communities in mucus associated to healthy tissue and yellow blotch syndrome in Montastraea annularis Algunas caracteristicas funcionales de las comunidades bacterianas del mucus asociado a tejidos sanos y con sindrome de banda amarilla en Montastraea annularis

Protasov, V.R.; Golubtzov, V.V., 1959:
Some functional peculiarities of the eye of Qadus morhua and Myxocephalus scorpius

Plisetzkaya, E.M., 1958:
Some functional peeuliartiies of smooth muscles in teleosts

Sowerby, GB., 1889:
Some further Notes on Marine Shells collected at Port Elizabeth, S Africa, with descriptions of some New Species J of Conch, vi, pp 6-15, pl i 12 new species figured - 3 Further Notes on Marine Shells of S Africa, with descriptions of New Species

Gibson, SJ., 1980:
Some further notes on crabro and zonaria Some further notes on crabro and zonaria

Potiyevskaya, P.D., 1964:
Some fusulinids and small foraminifera from Bashkirian deposits of the Great Don Basin

Afanasyev, G.D., 1954:
Some future problems of magmatism in the Northern Caucasus

Hendry, P., 1990:
Some garden birds of Bothas Hill, Natal, South Africa

Butusova, I.P., 1960:
Some gastropods from Mamontov Beds of the Kuznetsk Basin

Carles-Tolra, Miguel., 2004:
Some genera and species of flies new to the Iberian Peninsula and Portugal Diptera Ditomyiidae, Asilidae, Syrphidae, Chloropidae, Drosophilidae Generos y especies nuevos de dipteros para la Peninsula Iberica y Portugal Diptera Ditomyiidae, Asilidae, Syrphidae, Chloropidae, Drosophilidae

Botelho, J.R.; Linardi, P.M.; D.M.ria, M., 2002:
Some genera and subgenera of Laelapidae Acari Mesostigmata associated with rodents and revalidated by means of numerical taxonomy Alguns generos e subgeneros de Laelapidae Acari Mesostigmata associados com roedores e revalidados por meio de taxonomia numerica

Cupul-Magana, F.German, 2005:
Some genera of ants Hymenoptera Formicidae observed on three islands of the mouth of the Californian Gulf, Mexico Algunos generos de hormigas Hymenoptera Formicidae observados en tres islas de la boca del Golfo de California, Mexico

Brechlin, Ronald., 2001:
Some general comments on the genus Psilogramma Rothschild Jordan, 1903 with description of new species Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Einige generelle Anmerkungen zu Gattung Psilogramma Rothschild Jordan, 1903 mit Beschreibung neuer Arten Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

Nikolski, G.V., 1953:
Some general problems in Biology

Vinnikov, Y.A.; Bronstein, AA., 1975:
Some general problems in the evolution of chemoreception

Banarescu, P., 1970:
Some general zoogeographical problems ofperipheral and vicarious fresh-water fishes

Nesmeyanov, A.N., 1957:
Some greater advances in Soviet natural history

Hossucu, Belgin., 2001:
Some growth parameters of mullet species Mugil spp living in Gulluk Lagoon Aegean Sea Gulluk Laguna Ege Denizi kefal turlerinin Mugil spp bazi buyume ozellikleri

Strauss, Gunter., 1996:
Some haematological and biochemical parameters of Asiatic elephants with special attention to myopathy of one animal caused by an infection Zu einigen hamatologischen und biochemischen Parametern Asiatischer Elefanten unter besonderer Berucksichtigung einer infektbedingten Myopathie bei einem Einzeltier

Purushotham Reddy, CV.; Rajendranath, T.; Dayakar, P.; Banerji, G., 1990:
Some haematological changes in Mystus vittatus infected with a haemoflagellate

Quach Thi Tai., 1990:
Some haematological data of Hypophthalmichthys harmandi Sauvage

Muminov, YaM., 1976:
Some haematological data on Rhombomys opimus L living in the Kyzylkum Desert

Cholokava, AP., 1975:
Some harmful leaf beetles Coleoptera Attelabidae and Curculionidae of agricultural concerns and tree plantations in Tbilisi and its surrounding areas

Lech, T.; Gubala, W., 1996:
Some heavy metals content in the liver of hares in the region of Cracow A comparative study 1984-1994/95 Zawartosc niektorych metali ciezkich w watrobach zajecy z rejonu Wojewodztwa Krakowskiego Badania porownawcze z lat 1984 i 1994/95

Hassan, SH.; Khidr, AA.; Abu Samak, OA., 1990:
Some helminth parasites of mugilid and sciaenid fishes from Mediterranean Sea in Egypt

Tantalean, M.; Cabrera, R., 1999:
Some helminths of the porpoise, Phocoena spinipinnis, of Paracas National Reserve, Peru Algunos helmintos de la marsopa espinosa, Phocoena spinipinnis de la Reserva Nacional de Paracas, Peru

Supryaga, VG., 1972:
Some helminths rarely found in domestic ducks

Ceballos de Bruno, Susana., 1995:
Some hematological parameters of Liolaemus wiegmannii Sauria Tropiduridae Number of erythrocytes, leucocytes and leucocitarian formula Blood cell and bone medulla cell morphology Algunos parametros hematologicos en Liolaemus wiegmannii Sauria Tropiduridae Numero de eritrocitos, numero de leucocitos y formula leucocitaria Morfologia de cellulas sanguineas y de medula osea

Thatcher, T., 1990:
Some herpetofauna of Costa Rica

van Meeuwen, HM., 1977:
Some herpetological notes from a journey to Afghanistan

Ramula Kolluri, S.; Vijaya Lakshami, C.; Hanumanta Rao, K., 1990:
Some histochemical observations on the fowl tape worm Raillietina Raillietina echinobothrida Megnin, 1881 with special reference to egg formation

Cebesoy, S.; Ayvali, C., 1996:
Some histochemical observations on the haemocytes of the Agrotis segetum Dennis and Schiff Lepidoptera Noctuidae Agrotis segetum Dennis ve Schiff Lepidoptera Noctoidae hemositlerinde bazi histokimyasal incelemeler

Pacheco, Jose Fernando., 2000:
Some historical ornithological records for Amapa Alguns registros historicos para a ornitologia do Amapa

Gheorghian, Doina., 1995:
Some holothurian sclerites from Triassic limestones of north Dobrogea Romania Sur quelques sclerites dholothurides des calcaires Triasiques de la Dobrogea septentrionale

Trovao, Herculano., 1994:
Some holotypes of Conus at the Centro Portugues de Actividades Subaquaticas Alguns holotipos de Conus do CPAS

Manguin, Rene., 1997:
Some hybrids of the subspecies of Papilio memnon Linne 1758 Lepidoptera, Papilionidae A propos de quelques hybrides entre des sous-especes de Papilio memnon Linne 1758 Lepidoptera, Papilionidae

Tulp, Arnold S., 2005:
Some hydromedusae from the genus Bougainvillia, caught near Lauwersoog Enige hydromedusen uit het geslacht Bougainvillia, gevangen bij Lauwersoog

Okiopilidze, O.V., 1959:
Some ideas regarding the palaeoeeology of the large Foraminifera in the environs of the Akhal-Afon

Trusova, L.I., 1967:
Some indexes of albumin exchange in wintering under one year old carp

Plastukhov, V.D., 1970:
Some indexes on the conditions of the herd and the economics of the Baikal ringed seal

Leplat, J., 1999:
Some indispensable definitions De quelques definitions indispensables

Steiner, G., 1931:
Some infection and host transfer experiments with Aphelenchus fragariae

Ustinov, G.N., 1969:
Some influence of underwater ice on the activity of fishes

Kuznetsov, M.I., 1959:
Some information about fauna of the mites Oribatei and their seasonal dynamics on the steppes of Nizhnia Volga

Gaibov, A.D.; Svatikov, V.P., 1957:
Some information about hard shelled ticks living in pastures in Azer-baidzhan SSR

Atayev, K., 2004:
Some information concerning the condition of Sumbar vertebrates in spring Sumbaryn onurgaly haywanlarynyn yazky yagdayy barada kabir maglumatlar

Trach, V,N., 1975:
Some information on female representatives of the genus Haemonchus Nematoda, Strongylata

Kenwood, R., 1977:
Some information on goshawks in central Sweden

Kislenko, G.S.; Naumov, R.L., 1972:
Some information on owls in Krasnoyar region

Merzheevskaya, O.I.; Kundakova, S.V.; Molchanova, R.V., 1968:
Some information on the biology of the broom moth Poliapisi L

Balguerias Guerra, E.; Morales-Nin, B., 1997:
Some information on the distribution and the abundance of fishes from the eastern Weddell Sea Algunos datos sobre la distribucion y abundancia de la ictiofauna demersal del Mar de Weddell oriental

Adamovich, VL., 1975:
Some information on the distribution of fleas of small mammals in the Polessk province

Alimov, A.F., 1969:
Some information on the fauna and ecology of sphaerids in Kaliningrad Province

Martino, M.; Ungaro, N.; Iaffaldano, B.; D.T.ri, L., 2001:
Some information on the reproductive biology of Micromesistius poutassou Risso, 1826 in the southern Adriatic Basin Qualche informazione sulla biologia riproduttiva de Micromesistius poutassou Risso, 1826 nell Adriatico meridionale

Torralba Burrial, Antonio., 1996:
Some insects that eat strange things, 3 Hylotrupes bajulus L Algunos bichos devoradores de cosas raras, 3 Hylotrupes bajulus L

Dabry, Julien., 2003:
Some interesting Coleoptera collected by pit-trapping in tree cavities in Val de Saone Rhone, France Coleopteres interessants decouverts par piegeage dans les cavites darbres du Val de Saone Rhone, France

Bocquillon, Jean-Claude., 2005:
Some interesting Coleoptera collected in Oise during 2005 Quelques Coleopteres interessants rencontres dans lOise au cours de lannee 2005

Gonzalez Pena, Cesar., 1994:
Some interesting Coleoptera from the Torrero Mountains Zaragoza Algunos colepteros interesantes de los Montes de Torrero Zaragoza

Nel, J.; Brusseaux, G., 1996:
Some interesting Gelechioidea from Vaucluse; Holcocera perfugella Jonasson, 1985 Blastobasidae, new for the French fauna Lep, Gelechioidea Quelques gelechioides interessants du Vaucluse; Holcocera perfugella Jonasson, 1985 Blastobasidae, nouveau pour la faune de France Lep, Gelechioidea

Maravalhas, E.; Pires, P.; Garcia-Pereira, P.; Romao, F.; Garcia-Barros, E., 2004:
Some interesting Rhopalocera from NE Portugal Lepidoptera Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea Ampliacao do conhecimento dos Ropaloceros Lepidoptera Hesperioidea e Papilionoidea do nordeste de Portugal

Lapeyre, R.; Dauphin, P., 1998:
Some interesting Staphylinidae from Lot-et-Garonne Coleoptera Staphylinidae Sur quelques Staphylinides interessants du Lot-et-Garonne Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Veronese, G., 1999:
Some interesting aberrations Lepidoptera, Papilionidae Quelques aberrations interessantes Lepidoptera, Papilionidae

Nonvellier, G., 1990:
Some interesting additions to beetle fauna Coleoptera of Durmitor in 1990

Subilovskaya, AM., 1976:
Some interesting additions to the collection of the Zoological Museum of the Moscow State University, 1962-1971

Hnizdo, Jan., 2003:
Some interesting amphibians of western Malaysia Nekolik zajimavych obojzivelniku zapadni Malajsie

Pagola-Carte, S.; Zabalegui, I.; Recalde Irurzun, JI.; San Martin Moreno, AF.; Bahillo de la Puebla, P.; Petitpierre, E., 2007:
Some interesting beetles Insecta Coleoptera from Aiako Harria Nature Reserve Gipuzkoa, northern Iberian Peninsula Algunos coleopteros interesantes Insecta Coleoptera del Parque Natural de Aiako Harria Gipuzkoa, norte de la Peninsula Iberica