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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38667

Chapter 38667 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kazachenko, VN., 1973:
Some parasitic copepods of fish in the Pacific and Indian Ocean

Kazachenko, VN., 1972:
Some parasitic copepods of fish of the Pacific and Indian Oceans

Campadelli, Guido., 1996:
Some parasitoids of Zeuzera pyrina L Lep Cossidae in Emilia-Romagna Su alcuni parassitoidi di Zeuzera pyrina L Lep Cossidae in Emilia-Romagna

Vanhaelen, Marie-Therese., 2004:
Some particular Crustacea sightings during the autumn of 2003 and winter 2004 on the West coast Enkele bijzondere Crustacea-waarnemingen tijdens herfst 2003 en winter 2004 aan de Westkust

Domanevskii, LN., 1971:
Some particulars on the behaviour of Lepidopus caudatus Euphrasen on the shelf of Morocco

Davydov, GS., 1973:
Some particulars on the distribution of mammals of Tadzhikistan in connection with their vertical zonation

Kolesnikov, AN.; Kovaleva, TM., 1973:
Some particulars on the distribution of plankton in the tropical part of the Atlantic

Iablokov, A.V., 1960:
Some particulars on the skeletal structure of the beluga as a representative of the toothed whales

Novikov, YuV., 1973:
Some particulars on the study of the breeding ecology of the saury and other fishes in the community of Kuroshio waters

Sudarlkov, VE.; Le, NT., 1971:
Some particulars on the trematode fauna of wild birds in north Vietnam

Ball, G.H., 1950:
Some pathogenic effects of gregarines on their hosts

Vavilova, M.P.Alimova, V.A., 1963:
Some pathologico-morphological changes in experimental leishmaniasis in Cricetulus auratus infected with the Middle Asia strains of Leishmania canis and Leishmania tropica major

Vaviloya, M.P.Alimova, V.A., 1963:
Some pathologico-morphologieal changes in experimental leishmaniasis in Cricetulus auratus infected with the middle Asia strains of Leishmania canis and L tropica major

Aizin, B.M., 1977:
Some patterns of distribution of gerbils in Kirgizia

Danilin, V.F., 1959:
Some pecularities in prophylaxis of fasciolasis and dictyocaulosis in cattle

Voitkevich, A.A., 1958:
Some peculiar traits of the innervation of supplementary extremities found in the frog under natural conditions

Trach, V.N., 1957:
Some peculiarities in Ovulation and development of Strongylata after introduction of Phenothyasine into the sheep

Kalabukhov, N.I., 1971:
Some peculiarities in adaptation in the Steppe and yellow lemmings Lagurus lagurus Pall and L luteus Everson

Sorokin, S.V., 1953:
Some peculiarities in distribution of cereal mites in the nests of Muridae in agricultural areas

Vasilyev, L.I., 1956:
Some peculiarities in formation of industrial fish fauna of the Ribinsk Reservoir in the period 1941-1952

Shustov, A.P., 1965:
Some peculiarities in helminths of Histriophoca fasciata

Blagosklonov, K.N.; Rodionov, V.A., 1968:
Some peculiarities in orientation to the nest of the Pied flycatcher Muscicapa hypoleuca Pall

Kokhnenko, S.V.; Gorovaya, S.L., 1968:
Some peculiarities in sex formation in European eel

Kamenskaya, N.L., 1955:
Some peculiarities in structures of kidney arteries and veins

Naumov, D.V., 1951:
Some peculiarities in the anatomy of Bonneviel-lidae Hydrozoa connected with the problem of the primary generation of Hydrozoa

Volovik, S.P.; Gritzenko, O.F., 1968:
Some peculiarities in the biology of keta in the basin of the river Tima northeast Sakhalin

Balshakov, V.N., 1966:
Some peculiarities in the biology of reproduction of Clethrionomys mfocanus in the southern Ural based on observations in the natural and experimental conditions

Bairamov, M.; Yu., 1970:
Some peculiarities in the biology of the Phytonomus

Bazarov, BB.; Nurmamatov, AM., 1976:
Some peculiarities in the biology of the citrus mealybug Homoptera, Coccoidea, Pseudococcidae of the Tadzhikistan fauna

Solovev, V.A., 1971:
Some peculiarities in the biology of the river Castor in northern populations

Slentzov, M.M., 1955:
Some peculiarities in the development of Cetacea in the early embryonic stages

Kiselene, V., 1962:
Some peculiarities in the development of Fasciola hepatica in the conditions of Lithuanian Republic

Schald'bina, E.S., 1963:
Some peculiarities in the development of the ceratozetids

Alekperov, K.M.; Eigelis, Y.K.; Akhverdov, N.I., 1975:
Some peculiarities in the distribution of Meriones erythrourus Gray and M tristrami Thom in south west Azerbaidjan

Sukhenko, G.E. ., 1969:
Some peculiarities in the distribution of parasitic crustaceans in Ukrainian ponds

Vinogradova, N.G., 1955:
Some peculiarities in the distribution of the marine deep sea fauna

Mityaev, ID.; Matesova, GYa., 1973:
Some peculiarities in the dynamics of harmful entomofauna on young ornamental-tree plantations in South Kazakhstan

Beloborodov, A.G., 1970:
Some peculiarities in the early period of the life of Crested seal pups and characteristics of its fur

Vinkler, N.G., 1970:
Some peculiarities in the ecology and phenology of the scarce bordered straw moth in South Tadzhikistan

Tereznikova, E.M., 1968:
Some peculiarities in the ecology of Coccidae and Diaspididae Homoptera, Coccoidea in the Ukrainian Polesya

Birg, A.V. ., 1968:
Some peculiarities in the ecology of synanthropic species of bluebottle flies Colliphoridae of northern lake regions of Belorussia

Virbitzkas, Yu., 1968:
Some peculiarities in the ecology of tench, living in the water-basins in Lithuania

Kania, Ch., 1972:
Some peculiarities in the ecology of the European cornborer Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn Lepidoptera, Pyralidae in Polshe

Samsonov, A.V. ., 1969:
Some peculiarities in the epizootiology of Ascariasis of pigs, dogs and cats in the Donetz Province

Rudkevich, M.Y., 1955:
Some peculiarities in the history of Neogene of the western part of the Black Sea valley

Puchkova, L.V., 1968:
Some peculiarities in the morphology of the antennae of aquatic true bugs

Statova, MP., 1975:
Some peculiarities in the oogenesis of the goldfish in the Kuchurgan cooling zone of the Moldavian hydroelectric station

Krylova, V.N. ., 1968:
Some peculiarities in the phenology and methods of collecting Odonata in the conditions of Central Asia

Galperina, GE.; Lvova-Kachanova, AA., 1972:
Some peculiarities in the reproduction of Dreissena polymorpha polymorpha Pall and D polymorpha andrusovi Andr

Denisov, V.P.; Gurileva, G.M., 1965:
Some peculiarities in the thermoregulation of Citellus pygmaeus and C suslica at their neighbouring arals along the Volga river

Khartcheva, A.I., 1949:
Some peculiarities in the tracheal system of Chilopoda

Epshten, V.M., 1954:
Some peculiarities in water-exchange of freshwater leeches

Vilkova, NA., 1972:
Some peculiarities of feeding physiology and the digestion of phitophagous insects

Mitjaev, ID., 1971:
Some peculiarities of feeding specializations in cicadas from the fauna of southern Kazakhstan

Yaroshinskaya, A.M., 1970:
Some peculiarities of geographicaldistribution and ecology of Late Palaeozoic Bryozoa in western part of Altai-Sayan mountainous region

Konovalova, L.F., 1956:
Some peculiarities of perch reproductive behaviour

Cinikaite, I., 1998:
Some peculiarities of reproduction and development of some species of terrestrial molluscs Kai kuriu sausumos moliusku rusiu dauginimosi ir vystymosi ypatumai

Vasilian, VV.; Vardanian, LO.; Edigarian, SE.; Eritsian, JA., 1976:
Some peculiarities of reproduction of eastern codling moths in Armenia and problems of its laboratory breeding

Bazhanov, V.S., 1951:
Some peculiarities of rodents, belonging to the family Seleviniidae, and endernic in Kazakhstan

Calonge, A.; Caus, E., 1996:
Some peculiarities of the Cenomanian larger Foraminifera of Iberian Range paleobiogeographic implications Particularidades de los macroforaminiferos del Cenomaniense de la Cordillera Iberica implicaciones paleobiogeograficas

Zhavozonkova, OD., 1990:
Some peculiarities of the cover structure of aquatic tick Acariformes

Anorova, N.S., 1970:
Some peculiarities of the domestic and wild Japanese quail

Pabchenko, I.K. ., 1968:
Some peculiarities of the epidemiology of the protozoan invasion and ways of preventing the cause of infection

Bei-Blenko, G.; Ya., 1949:
Some peculiarities of the fauna of straightwinged insects Orthoptera of the mountain-chain Ketmen in north-western Tian-Shan

Kovaleva, A.A., 1970:
Some peculiarities of the helminth fauna of mackerels from the genus Trachurus Carangidae, Perciformes

Kovaleva, A.A., 1970:
Some peculiarities of the helminth fauna ofmackerel, genus Trachurus Carangidae, Perciformes

Tarasov, P.P., 1956:
Some peculiarities of the morphology of the reindeer as a tundra animal

Grebenyuk, R.V., 1962 :
Some peculiarities on the mass-distribution of the species of ixodids in Kirgizia

Kummel Duarte, Anette., 1994:
Some pelagic amphipods of the suborder Hyperiidea of coastal waters of southern Brazil Alguns anfipodos pelagicos da subordem Hyperiidea de aguas costeiras do sul do Brasil

Salazar, Alicia Rosas., 1987:
Some pelecipods Mollusca - Bivalvia of the Quaternary of Punta Chueca, Sonora state, Mexico Algunos pelecipodos Mollusca - Bivalvia del cuaternario de Punta Chueca, estado de Sonora, Mexico

Ostrovskii, N.I.; Drozdovskaya, L.S., 1970:
Some pests and diseases of the poppy

Kaganov, V.M., 1955:
Some philosophical and theoretical problems of Michurin teaching

Gori, Mauro., 1999:
Some phorids from central Italy with a description of a new species of Diplonevra Diptera, Phoridae Su alcuni foridi dellItalia centrale con descrizione di una nuova specie di Diplonevra Diptera, Phoridae

Krikorian V., Ricardo., 1995:
Some physical aspects of colour in birds Algunos aspectos fisicos en el color de las aves

Krikorian V., Ricardo., 1994:
Some physical aspects of flight in birds Algunos aspectos fisicos en el vuelo de las aves

Babenko, V.V.; Morozoo, D.A., 1968:
Some physical rules on the diving of dolphins

Akhunov, A., 1974:
Some physico-chemical and biological properties of proteinase in the middle Asian viper

Ibanez, A.M.ria.; Lara, J.I., 1997:
Some physiochemical and biological aspects of the waters of central Caura River Venezuela Algunos aspectos fisicoquimicos y biologicos de las aguas del Rio Caura Venezuela, en su parte media

Irlina, I.S., 1963:
Some physiological and oytochemical peculiarities of Paramecium caudatum adapted to different temperatures

Strebkova, T.P., 1969:
Some physiological indicators of blood in two year old mirror carp grown under different population thickness of stocking material

McAllister, J., 1990:
Some pitfalls in identifying birds

Gorbachik, T.N., 1963:
Some planktonic Early Cretaceous Foraminifera from the Crimea

Soto Jaramillo, F.; Zamudio Angeles, D., 1987:
Some planktonic foraminifera of the Maastrichtian-Danian of the Rio Romay section, Hidalgo Amajac, south of Veracruz state Algunos foraminiferos planctonicos del Maestrichtiano-Daniano de la seccion Rio Romay, Hidalgo Amajac, sur del estado de Veracruz, SE Mexico

Delfino, MA.; Buffa, LM., 2000:
Some plant-aphid interrelationships in Cordoba Argentina Algunas interacciones planta-afido-hormiga en Cordoba Argentina

Midgley, JJ.; Johnson, SD., 1998:
Some pollinators do not prefer symmetrically marked or shaped daisy asteraceae flowers

Ngo Dac Chung.; Tran Kien., 1990:
Some population characteristics of the butterfly lizard Leiolepis belliana belliana Gray in Thuanan Thuathien-Hue Vietnam

Altindag, Ahmet., 1996:
Some population features, growth and condition of the chub Leuciscus cephalus, L 1758 in Aksehir Lake Konya Aksehir Golundeki Konya tatlisu kefalinin Leuciscus cephalus L, 1758 bazi populasyon ozellikleri, buyume ve kondisyonu

Barlet, J., 1997:
Some precise details about Micromalthus Insecta Coleoptera Quelques precisions au sujet de Micromalthus Insecta Coleoptera

Coache, Alain., 2003:
Some precisions upon the presence of Phyllotreta ganglbaueri Heikertinger, 1909 in France Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae Confirmation de la presence en France de Phyllotreta ganglbaueri Heikertinger, 1909 Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae

Camerini, G., 1994:
Some predatory birds Gli uccelli predatori

Atlavinyte, O.P.; Visotzkis, O.A.; Gedvilaite, D.M.; Lepinis, A.K.P.yarskaite, A.I.S.pokauskas, A.K.; Eitminavichyute, I.S.; Eringis, KI., 1963:
Some preliminary data on the conditions in the development of the eroding turfy subcinerulent argill-aceous soils in the Lithuanian SSR

Skujiene, G.; Vaivilavicius, G., 2001:
Some preliminary data on the distribution of terrestrial molluscs in the Verkiu Regional Park Preliminarianiai duomenys apie sausumos moliusku pasiskirstyma Verkiu regioniniame parke

Khodkov, GI., 1977:
Some preliminary results of ringing of the black-headed gull Larus ridibundus in southern Barab

Voronin, L.G., 1955:
Some principles in comparative-physiological study of the upper nervous system

Dubinin, V.B., 1954:
Some principles in geographical distribution and evolution of feather-mites in connection with the evolution of their hosts

Belyaev, G.M.; Ushakov, F.V., 1957:
Some principles in quantitative distribution of the bottom fauna in the Antarctics waters

Bykhovskaya-Pavlovskaya, I.E., 1959:
Some principles in the geographical distribution of the trematodes of birds in the USSR

Khozatskii, LI., 1974:
Some principles of contemporary palaeontological methods

Kuznetzov, V.V., 1956:
Some principles of interspecific, morphological and biological differentiation shown in marine invertebrates

Bolshakov, V.N.Shvartz, S.S., 1962:
Some principles of the geographical variation of rodents in the entire plot of their area based on the example of the genus Clethrionomys

Belopolskaya, M.M., 1957:
Some principles of the relationship between helminths of Charadriiformes and the hosts migrations down the sea shores 9th Conf parasit Probl

Rumyantzeva, O.N., 1953:
Some principles the development of sometic musculature in mammals and birds in postembryonic period of life

Radoicic, R., 1959:
Some problematic microfossils from the Dinarian Cretaceous

Nikolski, G.V., 1953:
Some problems connected with species

Sinovich, L.I., 1957:
Some problems connected with the epidemiology of diphyllobothriosis in the Soviet Far East

Galon, R., 1955 :
Some problems in Paleography of the Quaternary period in Poland

Krishtin, E.G., 1968:
Some problems in biology of reproduetion of anchovy, mullet and horse-mackerel in the Novorossisk Bay

Zakharov, A.F., 1963:
Some problems in cultures in vitro in connection with the development of the genetics of the somatic cells of mammals and man

Aleshin, B.V., 1955:
Some problems in endocrine glands regulation

Einor, O.L., 1955:
Some problems in paleontological systematics essential to biostratigraphy

Paramonov, A.A., 1963:
Some problems in phytohelminthology

Semikhatova, S.V., 1957:
Some problems in stratigraphy of the lower part of the Lower Carboniferous

Van Thi Hanh.; Nguyen Van Uyen.; Doan Thi The.; Nguyen Trong Binh., 1997:
Some problems in the Sf9 insect cell line culture Mot so van de trong nuoi cay te bao dong con trung Sf-9 Spodoptera frugiperda

Volovik, S.P.; Landishevskaya, A.E., 1968:
Some problems in the biology of the autumn keta in Sakhalin

Zasukhin, D.N., 1954:
Some problems in the history of home parasitology

Vunder, P.A., 1959:
Some problems in the physiology of the secretion of the thyroid hormone

Jolly, GM.; Hampton, I., 1990:
Some problems in the statistical design and analysis of acoustic surveys to assess fish biomass

Gerasimov, V.V., 1967:
Some problems in the study of fish behaviour as moving in shoal

Skirkyavichus, AV., 1975:
Some problems in the study of pheromonal connections and insects

Burukovskll, RN., 1972:
Some problems in the systematics and distribution of Penaeus

Burukovskii, R.N., 1971:
Some problems in the systematics anddistribution of shrimps of the genus Penaeus

Vasileva, ED., 1974:
Some problems in thermogenesis and lipid metabolism of mammals through the action of cold

Teras, Y.K., 1959:
Some problems in trichomoniasis of the urogenital tract

Burch, J.Q., 1963:
Some problems in west coast Naticidae

Kapanadze, A.D., 1967:
Some problems of biology of chamois on Kakhetian ridge

Yanovskaya, B.I., 1963:
Some problems of biosynthesis of ascorbic acid in living organisms

Maslakova, N.I., 1961 :
Some problems of comparison in the scheme of separation of Upper Cretaceous deposits in the Crimea and Eussian Platform on the basis of Foraminifera

Aleksandrov, V.Y.; Poljansky, G.I., 1960:
Some problems of contemporary cytology Problems of Cytology and gen Physiol

Kurt, L.A., 1961:
Some problems of ecology of soil dwelling Oligochaetae belonging to the family Enchytraeidae

Polyanski, Y.I., 1957:
Some problems of fish parasitology in Barents Sea

Polyanski, Y.I., 1957:
Some problems of fish periodology in Barents Sea

Minichev, Y.S., 1965:
Some problems of morphology in classification of Opisthobranchia

Miklukho-Maklai., 1955:
Some problems of palaeoecological investigations of marine paleozoic fauna

Senkovsky, J.N., 1967:
Some problems of the fossilation of skeletal remnants of Cretaceous lithistid sponges in Podolia and the Pre-Carpathians

Tavrovski, V.A., 1959:
Some problems of the geographical variation of sable and the systematic position of sable in Yakutia

Naumov, S.P., 1964:
Some problems of the geography of populations of commercially important animals

Vereshchagin, N.K., 1977:
Some problems of the history of mammalian evolutionary formation

Ikryannikov, V.; Tsarev, V., 1975:
Some problems of the international legal regulation of fish catch and regional cooperation

Niemierko, W.; Cepelewicz, S., 1949:
Some problems of the physiology of the wax moth, Galleria mellonella

Veselinovic, M., 1962:
Some problems of the strati-graphy and tectonics of the lower Silurian in the neighbourhood of Svonacka Banja

Afanasyev, P.V., 1952:
Some problems of the theory of Biochemical processes

Ivlev, V.S., 1958:
Some problems of theoretical ecology

Jirovec, O.; Peter, R.; Jira, J.; Petru, M., 1959:
Some problems of vaginal microbiology and genital trichomoniasis

Podyapolskaya, V.P., 1953:
Some problems regarding epidemio-logy of Ascariasis and the measures against it

Logachev, E.D., 1957:
Some problems regarding micromorphology and evaluation of the tissues of flat worms 9th Conf parasit Probl

Kasahara, S., 1990:
Some pterostichine carabids from the foot of Mt Hoo-zan in Yamanashi, central Japan

Kolesnik, YuA., 1971:
Some questions connected with the identification of yearly total mortality coefficient of fish

Mchedlidze, G.A., 1964:
Some questions of biology and evolution of the cetaceans

Timofeeva-Strubalina, NK., 1973:
Some questions of fish-catch regulation in the lower reaches of the delta and predelta of the Volga

Gladunko, II., 1975:
Some questions of interrelationships in the system of Sanguin icola-molluscs

Puzhakov, NP., 1973:
Some questions of the biology, distribution and numbers of Alosa pseudoharengus in the southern part of New England and Georges Bank

Evdokimova, E.B., 1975:
Some questions of the ecology and origin of Microsporidia in marine teleost fish

Evdokimova, E.B., 1975:
Some questions of the ecology and origin of Microsporidia of marine bony fishes

Chlaidze, ZI., 1974:
Some questions of the ecology of the Caucasian tur Capra caucasica in the Rachinsk, Svanetsk and Abkhazsk areas of the Caucasus

Volozheninov, NN., 1974:
Some questions of the ecology of the wild boar in Aral-Paigambar

Shevtsov, AA.; Zaskina, LN.; Pilipchuk, RI.; Pozhivil, AI., 1975:
Some questions of the epizootiology of Ascaridia infection in turkeys

Yankov, GI., 1971:
Some questions of the etiology and pathogenesis of red rot in carp

Novikov, Y.V.; Savlin, V.V., 1977:
Some questions of the population structure of the saury and the possibility of counting increases in their numbers

Koryakov, B.F., 1964:
Some questions of the re-acclimatization of the beaver Castor fiber in the Urals

Voronin, Y.I., 1968:
Some questions on Ajacicyathid phytogeny

Protasov, VR.; Rezvov, RN., 1976:
Some questions on imitating acoustic and electrical signals of predators

Malyukina, G.A., 1958:
Some questions on physiology of hearing and the lateral line in fishes

Musaev, MA.; Zejniev, NR., 1977:
Some questions on systematics of bird blood parasites of the genus Haemoproteus according to the analysis of material of the second all-union meeting of protozoologists

Aliev, SYu., 1975:
Some questions on the adaptation of parasites to a second intermediate host

Kholmatov, N., 1972:
Some questions on the biology of Carassius auratus gibelio from the system of Lake Arnasaya

Nikitina, L P.; Drabkin, BS.; Khmeleva, LA.; Kononova, VM., 1975:
Some questions on the epidemiology of opisthorchosis in the Orenburg Province

Kacimov, GS., 1976:
Some questions on the fauna phylogeny of helminths of the family of curassows and guans Cracidae, Galliformes

Kacimov, GS., 1976:
Some questions on the fauna and phylogeny of helminths of the family of curassows and guans Cracidae, Galliformes

Sokol, AS.; Kozyuk, PM., 1973:
Some questions on the interaction of Lamblia and the infected organism

Fonin, V.D., 1963:
Some questions on the systematics of taenioid Archaeocyatha

Suleimanov, IS., 1973:
Some questions on the systematics of the family Verneuilinidae Cushman, 1972 in connection with the conditions of their habitat

Litt, R., 2004:
Some rare and interesting Coleoptera found in Liege province, years 1984 - 1986 Coleoptera/Dysticidae Quelques coleopteres aquatiques rares et interessants trouves en Province de Liege, annees 1984 - 1986 Coleoptera/Dysticidae

Brustel, H.; Roge, J., 1999:
Some rare and little known Coleoptera from south west France second part Sur quelques coleopteres rares ou peu connus du sud-ouest de la France deuxieme partie

Borowiec, Lech., 1996:
Some rare beetle species Coleoptera from West Sudetes Kilka rzadszych gatunkow chrzaszczy Coleoptera z Sudetow Zachodnich

Ferenca, R., 1996:
Some rare insect species in the environs of Kaunas Kai kurios retos Lietuvos vabzdziu rusys Kauno apylinkese

Soldati, F.; Soldati, L., 2001:
Some rare or interesting Coleoptera observed in the Pyrenees-Orientales department south France Sur quelques coleopteres rares ou interessants observes dans le departement des Pyrenees-Orientales sud de la France

Drovenik, Bozidar., 1995:
Some rare or new species to the beetle fauna of Slovenia Coleoptera Posebnosti in novosti v favni hroscev Slovenije Coleoptera

Toth, Sandor., 1998:
Some rare species of the family hoverflies in the fauna of Bakony Mountains Diptera Syrphidae, 3 Ritka zengolegyfajok a Bakony faunajaban Diptera Syrphidae, 3

Toth, Sandor., 2000:
Some rare species of the family hoverflies in the fauna of Bakony Mountains Diptera Syrphidae, IV Ritka zengolegyfajok a Bakony faunajaban Diptera Syrphidae, IV

Sergeeva, TP., 1973:
Some rare species of trematode discovered in seabirds on USSR territory

Zhatkanbaeva, D., 1971:
Some rare species of trematodes dis-covered in fish eating birds of Kazakhstan

Sergeeva, TP., 1973:
Some rare species of trematodes discovered in Laridae from the territory of the USSR

Silfverberg, Hans., 2003:
Some rarities from Estonia Nagra estniska rariteter

Senutaite, YaYu., 1972:
Some reactions of glycolysis in the trematode Fasciola hepatica L

Thompson, I.C.; Scott, A., 1900:
Some recent additions to the Copepoda of Liverpool Bay

Pinder, NJ.; Bolton, SM., 1990:
Some recent bat records

Isenmann, P., 1990:
Some recent bird invasions in Europe and the Mediterranean Basin

Touroult, Julien., 2001:
Some recent records of Aphodius Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Aphodiidae Quelques captures recentes dAphodius Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Aphodiidae

Bartholomaus, W.A.; Bohmecke, E.; Lange, M., 1999:
Some receptaculitids Ordovician-Silurian from the Kaolinsand on the island of Sylt, N Germany Einige Receptaculiten Ordoviz-Silur aus Sylter Kaolinsand

Touroult, Julien., 1999:
Some records of Trox perrisi Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Trogidae Quelques captures de Trox perrisi Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Trogidae

Vincent, Roger., 2004:
Some records of coleopterans of Corsica, including the genus Rhipidius Coleoptera, Rhipiphoridae Sur quelques captures de Coleopteres de Corse dont une dans le genre Rhipidius Coleoptera, Rhipiphoridae

Jessop, L., 1990:
Some records of fleas Siphonaptera, including a species newly recorded for vc 66

Murria, F.; Murria, A., 1994:
Some records of interesting Coleoptera in the Zaragoza Province Algunas citas de coleopteros interesantes de la Provincia de Zaragoza

Del Pino, M.; Grustan, D., 1994:
Some records of interesting Lepidoptera from Aragon Algunas citas interesantes de lepidopteros aragoneses

Alderweireldt, Mark., 2001:
Some records of landbugs Hemiptera in De Blankaart Woumen, West-Flanders Enkele waarnemingen van landwantsen Hemiptera in de Blankaart Woumen, West-Vlaanderen

D'Andrea, M.; Carfi, S., 1997:
Some records of odonates from Cameroon with notes on Agriocnemis maclachlani Selys, 1877 and A aligulae Pinhey, 1974 and description of Agriocnemis dissimilis sp nov and Trithemis osvaldae sp nov Nuove raccolte di odonati del Camerun con note su Agriocnemis maclachlani Selys, 1877 e A aligulae Pinhey, 1974 e descrizione di Agriocnemis dissimilis sp nov e Trithemis osvaldae sp nov

Edwards, F.W., 1920:
Some records of predaceous Ceratopogoninae

Colin, Jean-Paul., 1995:
Some records of recent limnic ostracods from Hautes-Pyrenees Sur quelques recoltes dostracodes liminiques actuels effectuees dans le Departement des Hautes-Pyrenees

Weitzel, Matthias., 2004:
Some records of the stone moroco Pseudorasbora parva Schlegel in Mosel and Sauer Einige Nachweise des Blaubandbaerblings Pseudorasbora parva Schlegel in Mosel und Sauer

Weitzel, Matthias., 2005:
Some records of the wood bee Xylocopa violacea L in the Mosel area Einige Nachweise der Holzbiene Xylocopa violacea L im Moselgebiet

Lebbe, Jacques., 1996:
Some reflections on the application of information technology to systematics in France Quelques reflexions sur linformatique appliquee a la systematique en France

Jeuniaux, Charles., 1995:
Some reflections on the domestic relations of our citizens with insects the calming role of the entomologist Quelques reflexions sur les relations domestiques de nos concitoyens avec les insectes le role apaisant de lentomologiste

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Some reflections on the ethology of molluscs Speech from the general meeting on 25th January 1997 Quelques reflexions concernant lethologie des mollusques Discours prononce lors de lassemblee generale du 25 janvier 1997

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Some reflexions on Iberodorcadion Algunas reflexiones sobre los Iberodorcadion

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Some regularities concerned with the distribution of Lurabricidae throughout the territory of Moldavia

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Some regularities in the colonization of the yellow birch and Manchurian white birch by dendrophilous insects

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Some regularities of settling scallops larvae onto the collectors at the Posjet Bay

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Some regularities of the vertical distribution of Mallotus villosus in the Barents Sea

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Some regularity in the formation of entomofauna in the Ukraine under the influence of mans activity

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Some regularity in the vertical distribution of the abyssal bottom fauna of the World Ocean

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Some regularity of movement signals of the honey-bee Apis mellifera L

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Some relevant records of birds for Pernambuco state Alguns registros relevantes de aves para o estado de Pernambuco

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Some remarkable Heptageniidae from Bavaria Insecta Ephemeroptera Einige bemerkenswerte Heptageniidae aus Bayern Insecta Ephemeroptera

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Some remarkable new leaf-hoppers of the family Fulgoridae

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Some remarkable records of Macrolepidoptera from Central Russia including a find of Mesapamea hedeni Graeser, 1888 Lep Einige bemerkenswerte Macrolepidopterennachweise aus Mittelrussland mit einem Fund von Mesapamea hedeni Graeser, 1888 Lep

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Some remarkable records of insects of the collection of G Reichling Odonata; Orthoptera; Hymenoptera; Coleoptera Einige bemerkenswerte Insektenfunde in der Sammlung G Reichling Hymenoptera; Odonata; Saltatoria; Coleoptera

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Some remarks of natural history on a parthenogenetic ptiliid Ptinella mekura Kubota Coleoptera Appunti di storia naturale su uno ptilide partenogenetico Ptinella mekura Kubota Coleoptera

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Some remarks on Atelopus flavescens, including a report on an unsuccessful breeding event Enige opmerkingen over de Gele Klompvoetkikker Atelopus flavescens, waaronder het verslag van een mislukte kweek

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Some remarks on Eumedonia eumedon Esper, 1780 in Thuringia Einige Bemerkungen zu Eumedonia eumedon Esper, 1780 in Thuringen

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Some remarks on geological age and stratigraphic distri- bution of armoured Dinosaurs in Mongolia

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Some remarks on rudists with many folds Quelques remarques sur les rudistes a replis multiples

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Some remarks on the North European freshwater mussel fauna, with comments of the species of the genera Unio and Dreissena, and a determination key to the large freshwater mussels of Northern Europe De nordeuropaeiske artene av malermusling Unio og vandremusling Dreissena, samt en bestemmelsestabell for de limniske stormuslingartene i Norden

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Some remarks on the avifauna of Namibia Einige Anmerkungen zur Vogelwelt Namibias

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Some remarks on the biology in the wild of Aphyosemion geryi at its place of discovery Rotain in Sierra Leone Einige Anmerkungen zur Freilandbiologie von Aphyosemion geryi am Fundort Rotain in Sierra Leone

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Some remarks on the biology of French species of the genus Lilioceris Reitter Quelques remarques a propos de la biologie des especes francaises du genre Lilioceris Reitter

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Some remarks on the biology of some woodpecker species in southeastern Brazil Beitraege zur Biologie einiger Spechtarten in Suedbrasilien

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Some remarks on the butterfly fauna in the surroundings of the military training area Grossmittel Tagfalter und tagfliegende Nachtfalter am Suedrand des militaerischen Sperrgebietes Grossmittel

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Some remarks on the distribution of the Zonitidae Mollusca, Gastropoda of Crete Greece Enkele opmerkingen over de verspreiding van de Zonitidae Mollusca, Gastropoda op Kreta Griekenland

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Some remarks on the family Gobiidae in the book Black Sea fishes by A N Svetovidov

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Some remarks on the fluctuations in numbers of animals First part Remarques sur les fluctuations dabondance de certains animaux Premiere partie

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Some remarks on the life history of Oxyopes sertatus

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Some remarks on the mammals of Somalia

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Some remarks on the nomenclature of the Veneridae

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Some remarks on the phylogeny of chelicerates Arthropoda, Chelicerata Einiges zur Stammesgeschichte der Spinnentiere Arthropoda, Chelicerata

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Some remarks on the presence of Cybocephalus rufifrons Reitt in south Italy Coleoptera Cybocephalidae Appunti sulla presenza di Cybocephalus rufifrons Reitt in suditalia Coleoptera Cybocephalidae

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