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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38673

Chapter 38673 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Caudron, A.; Champigneulle, A., 2002:
Spatio-temporal evolution of the contribution of brown trout Salmo trutta L restocking realised at precocious stages in the upstream part of the river Fier basin Evolution spatio-temporelle de la contribution du repeuplement en truite Salmo trutta L realise a des stades precoces dans le bassin amont du Fier 74

Lasso, C.A.; Rial B., A.; Lasso-Alcala, O.M., 1999:
Spatio-temporal fish community composition and variability in flooded areas of the Venezuelan plains Composicion y variabilidad espacio-temporal de las comunidades de peces en ambientes inundables de los llanos de Venezuela

Roque, S.; Alvares, F.; Petrucci-Fonseca, F., 2001:
Spatio-temporal use and food habits of one wolfpack in the northwest of Portugal Utilizacion espacio-temporaly habitos alimentarios de un grupo reproductor de lobos en el noroeste de Portugal

Pacciardi, L.; Virgilio, M.; Abbiati, M.; D.B.asi, AM., 2004:
Spatio-temporal variability of bryozoans of the coralligenous assemblage Calafuria, Livorno Variabilita spazio-temporale di briozoi del coralligeno di Calafuria Livorno

Fromentin, Jean-Marc., 2001:
Spatio-temporal variability of cod population long-term survey analysis Variabilite spatio-temporelle de populations de morues ce que nous apprend lanalyse des series a long terme

Vasconcelos, Heraldo L., 2002:
Spatio-temporal variation in the foraging activity of the leaf-cutting ant Atta laevigata Variacao espaco-temporal na atividade forrageira da sauva Atta laevigata

Oltra, R.; Miracle,, 2000:
Spatio-temporal variation of crustacean populations, polychaete larvae and protozoans of the meromictic lagoon Estany de Cullera Valencia Variacion espacio-temporal de las poblaciones de crustaceos, larvas de poliquetos y protozoos de la laguna meromictica Estany de Cullera Valencia

Camus, P.A.; Lagos, N.A., 1996:
Spatio-temporal variation of recruitment in sessile intertidal assemblages from northern Chile Variacion espacio-temporal del reclutamiento en ensambles intermareales sesiles del norte de Chile

Oltra, R.; Miracle,, 2000:
Spatio-temporal variation of rotifer populations of the meromictic lagoon Estany de Cullera Valencia Variacion espacio-temporal de las poblaciones de rotiferos de la laguna meromictica Estany de Cullera Valencia

Ramos-Rodriguez, E.; Conde-Porcuna, J.M., 2003:
Spatio-temporal variation of the fecundity of Keratella cochlearis Rotifera in a meso eutrophic reservoir relative importance of food and predation by copepods Variacion espacio-temporal de la fecundidad de Keratella cochlearis Rotifera en un embalse meso-eutrofico importancia relativa del alimento y de la depredacion por copepodos

Berrondo, L.; Pons, M.; Forselledo, R.; Miller, P.; Domingo, A., 2007:
Spatiotemporal distribution of sizes of Alopias superciliosus and A vulpinus observed 2001-2005 in Uruguayan fisheries in the Atlantic Ocean 2001-2005 Distribucion espacio-temporal y composicion de tallas de Alopias superciliosus y A vulpinus observados en la flota palangrera Uruguay en el oceano Atlantico 2001-2005

Gonzalez-Medina, F J.; Holguin-Quinones, OE.; De la Cruz-Aguero, G., 2006:
Spatiotemporal variability of some shallow-bottom macroinvertebrates Gastropoda, Bivalvia and Echinodermata from Espiritu Santo Archipelago, Baja California Sur, Mexico Variacion espaciotemporal de algunos macroinvertebrados Gastropoda, Bivalvia y Echinodermata de fondos someros del Archipielago Espiritu Santo, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Butz, Ilse., 2001:
Spawn fishing - legislative conformity Ordnungsgemaesser Laichfischfang

Mutz, T., 2005:
Spawn predation by the tadpoles of the stripeless tree frog Hyla meridionalis Laichpraedation durch die Kaulquappen des Mittelmeerlaubfrosches Hyla meridionalis

Heusser, H.; Lippuner, M.; Schmidt, B.R., 2002:
Spawn predation of Rana dalmatina tadpoles and syntopy with other anuran species Laichfressen durch Kaulquappen des Springfroschs Rana dalmatina und syntopes Vorkommen mit andern Anuren-Arten

Zukal, R., 1971:
Spawning an interesting African mouthbrooder Haplochromis multicolor Hilgendorf

Baumgartner, C.; Bitschi, N.; Ellinger, N.; Gollmann, B.; Gollmann, G.; Kock, M.; Lebeth, E.; Waringer-Loschenkohl, A., 1996:
Spawning and embryonic development in syntopic Rana dalmatina Bonaparte, 1840, and Rana temporaria Linnaeus, 1758 Anura Ranidae Laichablage und Embryonalentwicklung von Springfrosch Rana dalmatina Bonaparte, 1840 und Grasfrosch Rana temporaria Linnaeus, 1758 in einem syntopen Vorkommen Anura Ranidae

Romagosa, E. de Andrade-Talmelli, E.F.; Yamane Narahara, M.; Godinho, H.M.ria., 2001:
Spawning and fecundity of the mullet Mugil platanus Pisces, Mugilidae in the Cananeia estuarine region, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2501 S; 4757 W Desova e fecundidade da tainha Mugil platanus Teleostei, Mugilidae na regiao estuarino-lagunar de Cananeia, Sao Paulo, Brasil 2501 S; 4757 W

Macchi, GJ.; Acha, ME.; Lasta, CA., 1997:
Spawning and fecundity of the white croaker Micropogonias furnieri Desmarest, 1823 of the Rio de la Plata estuary, Argentina Desove y fecundidad de la corvina rubia Micropogonias furnieri Desmarest, 1823 del estuario del Rio de la Plata, Argentina

Araujo, F.G.rson.; Gomes, I.D.vid. de Azevedo, M.C.istina Costa.; Pessanha, A.L.iz Machado., 1998:
Spawning and maturation of the marine catfish Genidens genidens Valenciennes, 1833 Siluriformes, Ariidae, in the Sepetiba Bay, RJ Maturacao e desova do bagre marinho Genidens genidens Valenciennes, 1833 Siluriformes, Ariidae, na Baia de Sepetiba, RJ

Tyus, HM.; Karp, CA., 1990:
Spawning and movements of razorback sucker, Xyrauchen texanus, in the Green River Basin of Colorado and Utah

Mukhina, MV.; Drevetnyak, KV.; Dvinina, EA., 1992:
Spawning areas of Sebastes in the Barents Sea and its neighbouring waters

Bleil, M.; Oeberst, R., 2000:
Spawning areas of cod in the western Baltic Sea Laichgebiete des Dorschs in der westlichen Ostsee

Hergenrader, G.L., 1969:
Spawning behavior of Perca flavescens in aquaria

Singh, HR.; Agarwal, NK., 1990:
Spawning ecology of Schizothorax plagiostomus Heckel from Garhwal Himalaya

Perez Cruz, E.; Morales Salas, I.; Olvera Quezadas, H., 2002:
Spawning frequency of different varieties of the angelfish Pterophyllum scalare Pisces Cichlidae Frecuencia de desove de diferentes variedades del pez angel Pterophyllum scalare Pisces Cichlidae

Jego, S.; Gazeau, C.; Jatteau, P.; Elie, P.; Rochard, E., 2002:
Spawning grounds available for the European sturgeon Acipenser sturio L 1758 in the Garonne-Dordogne basin Methods used, present status and prospects Les frayeres potentielles de lesturgeon Europeen Acipenser sturio L 1758 dans le bassin Garonne-Dordogne Methodes dinvestigation, etat actuel et perspectives

Debowski, P.; Radtke, G.; Gancarczyk, J.; Gancarczyk, A., 1996:
Spawning grounds of Salmo trutta L in the upper and middle Plociczna river drainage basin Tarliska Salmo trutta L w dorzeczu srodkowej i gornej Plocicznej

Y.Zhitang., 1990:
Spawning grounds of four Chinese farm fishes in the Changjiang River

Bydzovsky, Vladko., 2003:
Spawning in Corydoras simulatus Weitzman Nijssen, 1970 Treni Corydoras simulatus Weitzman Nijssen, 1970

Aristizabal, E.O., 2006:
Spawning in captivity and eggs and larvae quality of red porgy, Pagrus pagrus L Desove en cautiverio y calidad de los huevos y larvas del besugo, Pagrus pagrus L

Apekin, VS., 1976:
Spawning in the mullet under artificial conditions

Ferraz, E. de Medeiros; Cerqueira, V.R.nzani; Alvarez-Lajonchere, L.; Candido, S., 2002:
Spawning induction of fat snook, Centropomus parallelus, through injection and LHRHa implant Inducao da desova do robalo-peva, Centropomus parrallelus, Atraves de injecao e implante de LHRHa

Rosas Cabrera, J.; Cabrera Barrios, T.; Millan Quijada, J., 1998:
Spawning induction of the mangrove snapper, Lutjanus griseus Linnaeus Pisces Lutjanidae, maturated in captivity Induccion al desove del pargo de mangle, Lutjanus griseus Linnaeus Pisces Lutjanidae, sexualmente maduro en cautiverio

Ronzani Cerqueira, V.; Mioso, R.; Canarin, M., 2005:
Spawning induction with natural and artificial fertilization and egg incubation of the fat snook Centropomus parallelus Inducao de desva com fertilizacao natural e artificial e incubacao de ovos do robalo-peva Centropomus parallelus

Thorstad, E.B.; Heggberget, T.G.; Okland, F., 1996:
Spawning migration and spawning behaviour of wild and escaped farmed Atlantic salmon Salmo salar in the River Namsen and the River Alta Gytevandring og gyteatferd hos villaks og romt oppdrettslaks Salmo salar i Namsen og Altaelva

Zhukovski, G.M., 1957:
Spawning migrations and the spawning grounds of Vimba vimba natio carinata in Don

Votinov, N.P., 1951:
Spawning of Coregonus albula infrasp ladogensis and its hybrid with Coregonus sp in pond conditions

Czarnecka, B.; Janiec, B., 2002:
Spawning of Lampetra planeri in the waters of Roztocze Tomaszowskie Tomaszow Roztocze Tarlo minoga strumieniowego Lampetra planeri w wodach Roztocza Tomaszowskiego

Belogrudov, EA.; Maltsev, VN., 1975:
Spawning of scallops in Posjet Bay

Aliev, E.S. ., 1967:
Spawning of semimigratory pike-perch in ponds

Krivokapic, Marijana., 2002:
Spawning of subspecies Leuciscus souffia montenegrinus Cyprinidae, Pisces from the Moraca River Mrijescenje podvrste Leuciscus souffia montenegrinus Cyprinidae, Pisces iz rijeke Morace

Akimoto, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Endo, K., 1990:
Spawning of the Ishikawa icefish, Salangichthys ishikawae, off the Pacific coast of Fukushima Prefecture

Khrapkova, N.V., 1959:
Spawning of the food-fishes in the Kronotski-Bay

Mukhacheva, V.A., 1959:
Spawning of the food-fishes in the North-Kurile waters

Ouannes Ghorbel, A.; Bradai, M.N.jmeddine.; Bouain, A., 2002:
Spawning period and sexual maturity of Symphodus Crenilabrus tinca Labridae in Sfax coasts Tunisia Periode de reproduction et maturite sexuelle de Symphodus Crenilabrus tinca Labridae, des cotes de Sfax Tunisie

Cordisco, CA.; Trotta, P.; Romanelli, M., 2005:
Spawning plasticity of baby clam Chamelea gallina Linnaeus, 1758 Plasticita riproduttiva della vongola comune Chamelea gallina Linneo, 1758

Park, MW.; Lee, YH.; Chang, JW., 1990:
Spawning season of the sea urchin, Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus A Agassiz

Soares, Cavalcante.; Fonteles-Filho,, 2000:
Spawning season of the smoothtail spiny lobster, Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, off Ceara State, Brazil Epoca de reproducao da lagosta-verde, Panulirus laevicauda Latreille, no Estado do Ceara, Brasil

Belaud, A.; Carette, A.; Cassou-Leins, F.; Cassou-Leins, JJ., 2001:
Spawning site selection by Atlantic shad Alosa alosa L in the middle Garonne stream Choix des sites de fraie par la grande alose Alosa alosa L en moyenne Garonne

Berglund, J., 2004:
Spawning sites for the asp in the River Gota, Lakes Hjalmaren and Vanem catchment areas Leklokaler for asp i Gota alvs, Hjalmarens och Vanerns avrinningsomraden

Higgins, E., 1990:
Spawning the hobby Jurupari Satanoperca leucosticta

Perruchini, A., 1995:
Speaking of olives, 10 Parliamo di olive, 10

Perruchini, A., 1995:
Speaking of olives 9 Parliamo di olive 9

Peron, P.A., 1901:
Speaking on A Valette, Sur des radioles doursins du Rauracien de lYonne Report in Centrbl Mineral

Mueller, S.; Schrenk, F., 2006:
Spears and decorative stones from the life and death of the neandertals Speere, Schlehen und Schmucksteine vom Leben und Sterben der Neandertaler

Bernert, P.; Marx, J., 2002:
Special Protection Areas SPAs for birds in Baden-Wuerttemberg - proposed, selected and protected areas - Die Vogelschutzgebiete Baden-Wuerttembergs - Gebietsvorschlaege, Gebietsauswahl, Gebietsschutz -

Karaseva, E.V.Ilenko, A.I., 1963:
Special biological features of Microtus ceconomw studied by means of marking

Roeder, Gerd., 2006:
Special colour variants of the common frog on Foehr Besondere Faerbungsvariante eines Grasfroschs auf Foehr

Melluma, AZh., 1988:
Special conservation of natural objects on previously colonized territories Exemplified by Latvia

Roper, Martin., 1997:
Special consideration of the limestone deposits of Solnhofen from the Upper Kimeridgian occurring in Brunn/Upper Palatinate Die Plattenkalk-Lagerstatten von Solnhofen unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Oberkimmeridge-Vorkommen bei Brunn/Oberpfalz

Anonymous., 2000:
Special edition dedicated to the XL anniversary of the discovery of the skeleton of Oreopithecus bambolii Study meeting Baccinello Grosseto, 1st August 1998 Numero speciale dedicato al XL anniversario della scoperta dello scheletro di Oreopithecus bambolii Incontro di studio Baccinello Grosseto 1o Agosto 1998

Anonymous., 2005:
Special edition, dedicated to the ecological study of River Ichilo and its floodplain Numero extraordinario, dedicado al estudio ecologico del rio lchilo y su llanura de inundacion

Vrignaud, S., 2007:
Special edition Corbiculidae Numero special Corbicules

Vrignaud, S., 2004:
Special edition the naiads of Auvergne Numero special Les Naiades dAuvergne

Peters, D.S.efan.; Mayr, G., 2000:
Special finds in collection cases Jagdgluck im Sammlungskasten

Guertler, Wolf-Dietrich., 2004:
Special hornbill birds the northern hornbill Besondere Nashornvoegel Die Noerdlichen Hornraben

Nikol'skii, GV., 1971:
Special ichthyology Third revised and enlarged edition

Plachter, Harald ., 1996:
Special issue Metapopulations Themenheft Metapopulationen

Anonymous., 1998:
Special protection areas SPA in Lower Saxony Besondere Schutzgebiete BSG - Special Protection Areas SPA - in Niedersachsen

Bozic, Luka., 2004:
Special protection areas and Slovenian bird species important for Europe Posebna varstvena obmocja in evropsko pomembne vrste ptic v Sloveniji

Berenger, J.-Michel.; Pluot-Sigwalt, D., 1997:
Special relationships of certain predatory Heteroptera Reduviidae with plants First known case of a phytophagous Harpactorinae Relations privilegiees de certains Heteroptera Reduviidae predateurs avec les vegetaux Premier cas connu dun Harpactorinae phytophage

Abstracts., 1999:
Special scientific meeting of the centenary of the Madagascan Pasteur Institute microbiology and public health the merits of the Pasteur Institutes Antananarivo 3rd-4th November 1998 Special Colloque Scientifique du Centenaire de lInstitut Pasteur de Madagascar veille microbiologique et sante publique les atouts des Instituts Pasteur Antananarivo 3-4 novembre 1998

Schwartz, J., 2004:
Special section on Origins of language Dossier origine du langage

Simmen, B.; Pasquet, P.; Hladik, C.M.rcel ., 2004:
Special section on Primate taste perception Dossier Perception gustative

Siverio, F.; Siverio, M., 2002:
Specialisation of long-eared owl Asio otus canariensis in the capture of swifts Apus spp Specialisation du Hibou moyen-duc Asio otus canariensis dans la capture de martinets Apus spp

Faber, L.; Kalemba, D., 2005:
Specialist conservation information system LINFOS - integration and preparation of conservation information Fachinformtionssystem Naturschutz LINFOS - Integration und Bereitstellung von naturschutzfachlichen Informationen

Anonymous., 2005:
Specialist meeting Eagle Owl Protection in Central Europe - Working Group for Species Protection in Thuringia Fachtagung Uhuschutz in Mitteleuropa der Arbeitsgruppe Artenschutz Thueringen

Gedeon, K.; Fischer, S., 2003:
Specialist meeting in Stecky gave new impetus to bird monitoring in Saxony-Anhalt Spezialistentreffen in Steckby gab neue Impulse zum Vogelmonitoring in Sachsen-Anhalt

Naulleau, G.; Verheyden, C.; Bonnet, X., 1997:
Specialist predation of the aspic viper Vipera aspis by a pair of common buzzard Buteo buteo Predation specialisee sur la vipere aspic Vipera aspis par un couple de buses variables Buteo buteo

Yravedra Sainz de los Terreros, J., 2002:
Speciality or diversified A new proponed for the Solutrean and the Magdalenian Cantabrian region Especializacion o diversificacion Una nueva propuesta para el Solutrense y el Magdaleniense Cantabrico

Sanchez-Ramos, G.; Dirzo, R.; Balcazar-Lara, M.A., 1999:
Specialization and herbivory of Lepidoptera on colonizing and tolerant species of cloud forest of El Ciel Biosphere Reserve, Tamaulipas, Mexico Especificidad y herbivoria de Lepidoptera sobre especies pioneras y tolerantes del bosque mesofilo de la Reserva de la Biosfera El Cielo, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Perez-Contreras, Tomas., 1999:
Specialization in phytofagous insects the rule, not the exception La especializacion en los insectos fitofagos une regla mas que una excepcion

Isola, F.; Boesi, R.; Polidori, C.; Andrietti, F., 2004:
Specialization in prey-predator relationship in Cerceris arenaria Hymenoptera Sphecidae Specializzazione nel rapporto preda-predatore in Cerceris arenaria Hymenoptera Sphecidae

Carre, S.; Bournoville, R., 2003:
Specialization of spring sympatric populations of Acyrthosiphon pisum Hemiptera Aphididae according to Fabaceae Specialisation de populations sympatriques printanieres dAcyrthosiphon pisum Harris Hemiptera Aphididae selon les Fabacees

Centella, C.; Jerez, V.; Gonzalez, U.; Bittner, M., 2003:
Specialization on the host use of Dictyneis asperatus Blanchard 1851 in a fragment of sclerophyllous-higrophyllous shrublands in Peninsula of Hualpen, Chile Especializacion en el uso de hospederos de Dictyneis asperatus Blanchard 1851 en un fragmento de vegetacion esclerofila-higrofila en la Peninsula de Hualpen, Chile

Schultz, Peter., 1997:
Specializations and peculiarities of fossil and recent molluscs Spezialisierungen und Besonderheiten bei fossilen und rezenten Muscheln

McDaniel, J.; Hord, L., 1990:
Specialized equipment and techniques used in alligator management and research

Mazel, R., 2006:
Speciation - origin and separation of species La speciation - Origine et separation des especes

Rieppel, O.; Mazin, J.-Michel.; Tchernov, E., 1997:
Speciation along rifting continental margins a new nothosaur from the Negev Israel Speciation le long des marges continentales un nouveau nothosaure dans le Neguev Israel

Martens, K., 1990:
Speciation and evolution in the genus Limnocythere Brady, 1867 sensu stricto Crustacea, Ostracoda in the east African Galla and Awassa Basins Ethiopia

Helbig, A.J.; Liebers, D. de Knijff, P., 2004:
Speciation and phylogenetic relationships within the herring gull complex Larus argentatus/fuscus Artbildung und Verwandtschaftsverhaeltnisse im Silber-Heringsmoewen-Komplex Larus argentatus/fuscus

Pesson, B.; Leger, N.; Madulo-Leblond, G.; Ferte, H.; Tselentis, I.; Papadopoulos, B.; Perieres, J., 1994:
Speciation and variance in the phlebotomes of Greek islands with reference to Phlebotomus neglectus and the subgenus Larroussius Speciation et variance chez les phlebotomes des iles greques reference a Phlebotomus neglectus et sous-genre Larroussius

Martin Cano, J.; Gurrea Sanz, P., 1999:
Speciation areas in Spain and Portugal Areas de especiacion en Espana y Portugal

Bullini, Luciano., 1999:
Speciation by hybridization in insects Speciazione per ibridazione negli insetti

Achmerov, A.C., 1955:
Speciation in Microsporidia of genus Thelohanellus Kudo from the Amur carp

Groves, Colin P., 2000:
Speciation in Primates La speciation chez les primates

Kawalko, A.; Wojcik, J.M.rek, 2006:
Speciation in the house mouse, Mus musculus - mechanisms of isolation Specjacja u myszy domowych, Mus musculus - mechanizmy izolujace

Gross, Jurgen., 1997:
Speciation in the leaf beetle Chrysomela lapponica L comparative studies in chemoecology, ethology and morphology of different stages of two allopatric populations Speziation beim Blattkafer Chrysomela lapponica L vergleichende Studien zu chemischer Okologie, Verhalten und Morphologie verschiedener Ontogenesestadien aus zwei allopatrischen Populationen

Genevelle, Eric., 1998:
Speciation of the fauna of Lake Tanganyika along the Zambian coast Speciation de la faune du lac Tanganyika sur la cote de Zambie

Delsol, M.; Parent, J-P.; Mouterde, R.; Ruget, C.; Exbrayat, J-M.; Flatin, J.; Sentis, P., 1996:
Speciation, a variable-rate continuum Do species exist? Sporadic dead ends 1 Paleontology, hybridations La speciation, phenomene continu a vitesse variable Lespece existe-t-elle? Limpasse ponctualiste 1 Paleontologie, hybridations

Valemberg, J., 1996:
Speciation- definitions of species, reproductive isolation biogeography, genetic mechanisms gradualism and the theory of balanced equilibria Systematics and taxonomy, molecular biology molecular filiation Speciation- definitions de lespece, isolement reproductif biogeographie, mecanismes genetiques gradualisme et theorie des equilibres ponctues Systematique et taxonomie, moleculaires filiation moleculaire

Haffer, Juergen., 2006:
Species sensu Buffon, morphospecies and varieties in the work of Christian Ludwig Brehm 1787-1864 Buffonsche Arten, Morphospezies und Varietaeten in den Schriften von Christian Ludwig Brehm 1787-1864

Rusterholz, KA.; Howe, RW., 1979:
Species - area relations of birds on small islands in a minnesota lake

Robitzky, Uwe., 1996:
Species Support Programme for the white-tailed sea eagle Haliaeetus albicilla in Schleswig-Holstein Germany Artenhilfsprogramm fur den Seeadler Haliaeetus albicilla in Schleswig-Holstein

Alvarado Q., G.M.; Moreno Scott, L.I., 2001:
Species abundance and use of salt ponds by aquatic birds Abundancia de especies y uso de salinas por aves acuaticas

Jimenez-Valverde, A.; Hortal, J., 2003:
Species accumulation curves and the need to evaluated the quality of biological inventories Las curvas de acumulacion de especies y la necesidad de evaluar la calidad de los inventarios biologicos

Boye, P.; Krueger, T.; Suedbeck, P., 2005:
Species action plans for birds in Germany synopsis, review and outlook - results of a symposium Vogelschutzprogramme in Deutschland Uebersicht, Bilanz and Perspektiven - Ergebnisse einer Fachtagung

Ortlieb, Rudolf., 2005:
Species and biotope protection measures for the bee-eater Merops apiaster Arten - und Biotopschutzmassnahmen fuer den Bienenfresser Merops apiaster

Grossmann, M. van Hengel, U.; Kramer, P.; Werres, W., 1994:
Species and biotope protection programme ABSP - a specialized concept for securing biological diversity in Thuringia Das Arten- und Biotopschutzprogramm ABSP - ein Fachkonzept zur Sicherung der biologischen Vielfalt in Thuringen