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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38674

Chapter 38674 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Quintero, C.; Rendon, F.; Garcia, J.; Cardona, C.; Lopez-Avila, A.; Hernandez, P., 2001:
Species and biotypes of whiteflies Homoptera Aleyrodidae affecting annual crops in Colombia and Ecuador Especies y biotipos de moscas blancas Homoptera Aleyrodidae en cultivos semestrales de Colombia y Ecuador

Korytin, S.A., 1971:
Species and breed differences of variability of olfactory behaviour of animals

Vargas V., M.; Vargas C., J.V., 1997:
Species and geographic distribution of Simulium subgenera Diptera Simuliidae in Costa Rica Especies y distribucion geografica de los subgeneros de Simulium Diptera Simuliidae en Costa Rica

White, CS.; Michaux, B.; Lambert, DM., 1990:
Species and neo-Darwinism

Safarov, RA., 1972:
Species and quantitative composition of the plankton and benthos in Aggel lake

Pieh, Alexander., 2000:
Species and subspecies of the turtles of the Mediterranean area Arten und Unterarten der Landschildkroten des Mittelmeergebietes

Nilsson, L., 2003:
Species and subspecies The latest news on the species concept front Arter och underarter Senaste nytt pa artbegreppsfronten

Bonde, Niels., 2001:
Species and the dimension of time Lespece et la dimension du temps

Peters, Dieter Stefan., 1998:
Species and time - the problem for paleontologists Die Art und die Zeit - das Problem der Palaontologen

Scalercio, S., 2004:
Species assemblage and ecology of moths attracted by light in the pine-fir wood of Monte Cocuzzo Calabria, Italy Caratterizzazione della comunita dei macrolepidotteri eteroceri fototropici della pino-abetina di Monte Cocuzzo Calabria, Italia

Cayrou, J.; Compin, A.; Giani, N.; Cereghino, R., 2000:
Species associations in lotic macroinvertebrates and their use for river typology Example of the Adour-Garonne drainage basin France Associations specifiques chez les macroinvertebres benthiques et leur utilisation pour la typologie des cours deau Cas du reseau hydrographique Adour-Garonne France

Patrulius, D.; Szasz, L., 1976:
Species belonging to the genus Gauthiericeras in the Upper Cretaceous of Romania

Staeck, Wolfgang., 2001:
Species belonging to the genus Maylandia Reproduction, ecology, captive care and breeding Die Maylandia-Arten Fortpflanzung, Oekologie, Pflege und Zucht

Anonymous., 1996:
Species census 95 Cens gener 95

Anonymous., 1995:
Species chapter Artkapitel

Budzynska, Katarzyna., 1998:
Species characteristics and environmental conditions promoting the origin and evolution of parthenogenesis Cechy gatunku i warunki srodowiska sprzyjajace powstaniu i ewolucji partenogenezy

Zhupanenko, RP.; Mironenko, II., 1980:
Species characteristics of phytoplankton of reservoirs in the Seversky Donets Basin

Romero-Alcaraz, E.; Avila, JM.; Sanchez-Pinero, F., 1998:
Species checklist and corology of scarabaeoid dung-beetles Coleoptera from Sierra de Baza Granada, southern Iberian Peninsula Inventario faunistico y corologia de los escarabeidos coprofagos Coleoptera de la Sierra de Baza Granada, Sureste de la Peninsula Iberica

Manganelli, G.; Bodon, M.; Favilli, L.; Castagnolo, L.; Giusti, F., 1998:
Species checklist for the fauna of Italy, terrestrial and freshwater molluscs Errata and addenda, 1 Checklist delle specie della fauna dItalia, molluschi terrestri e dacqua dolce Errata ed addenda, 1

Kopeszki, H.; Meyer, E., 1996:
Species composition and abundance of Collembola in forest soils in the provinces of Bozen and Trient Italy Artenzusammensetzung und Abundanz von Collembolen in Waldboden der Provinzen Bozen und Trient Italien

Ziliukiene, V., 1999:
Species composition and abundance of ichthyoplankton of the eastern part of the Curonian Lagoon Rytines Kursiu mariu dalies ichtioplanktono rusine sudetis ir gausumas

Ramos, L.A.osta; Vieira,, 2001:
Species composition and abundance of shallow water fishes of five estuaries of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil Composicao especifica e abundancia de peixes de zonas rasas dos cinco estuarios do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Nedbalova, Linda., 2001:
Species composition and biomass of phytoplankton of seven lakes in the Sumava region Druhove slozeni a biomasa fytoplanktonu sedmi sumavskych jezer

Mitov, Plamen., 1995:
Species composition and circadian activity of Opiliones Arachnida from some stony debris in the Vitosha Mountains, Bulgaria Artenbestand und Tagesaktivitat von Opiliones Arachnida aus einigen Gerollhalden im Vitoscha-Gebirge, Bulgarien

Hertelendy, P., 1990:
Species composition and dispersion of foliage-eating lepidopterous larvae in apple and pear plantations

Nguyen Tri Tien.; Nguyen Thi Thu Anh.; Kieu Bich Thuy., 2000:
Species composition and distribution of Collembola in Hanoi area Thanh phan loai va phan bo cua Collembola o khu vuc Ha Noi

Makarov, RR., 1971:
Species composition and distribution of Stomatopoda in the Red Sea

Davletshina, A.G., 1967:
Species composition and distribution of Tenebrionidae in biotopes of SW Kyzyl-kumy

Aliev, A.D.; Pyatakova, G.M., 1968:
Species composition and distribution of benthos in Central and South Caspian

Niederer, Walter., 1998:
Species composition and distribution of true bugs of the Nature Reserve Rhine Delta Vorarlberg, Austria Heteroptera Artenzusammensetzung und Verteilung der Wanzen im Naturschutzgebiet Rheindelta Vorarlberg, Osterreich Heteroptera

Mariluis, J.C.; Schnack, J.A., 1996:
Species composition and ecological aspects of Calliphoridae Insecta, Diptera from San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina Elenco especifico y aspectos ecologicos de Calliphoridae Insecta, Diptera de San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Duka, AA.; Gordina, AD., 1971:
Species composition and feeding of young fish from the Black Sea in Cystoseira thickets

Erlichowski, T., 2006:
Species composition and noxiousness of phytophagous larvae click beetles Col, Elateridae in potato crop located in Bonin regions near Koszalin Sklad gatunkowy oraz szkodliwosc fitofagicznych larw chrzaszczy z rodziny sprezykowatych Col, Elateridae w uprawach ziemniaka zlokalizowanych w okolicach Bonina

Agricola, U.; Colling, M.; Plachter, H., 1996:
Species composition and potentials of colonization of snails and slugs Mollusca Gastropoda in an agricultural landscape of southern Germany Artenspektrum und Besiedlungspotentiale von Schnecken Mollusca Gastropoda in einer suddeutschen Agrarlandschaft

Sofiev, Z.P., 1970:
Species composition and quantitative changes in the benthos of Uzunobin and Negram water reservoirs in the Nakhichevan ASSR

Baranya, E.; Forro, L.; Herzig, A., 2004:
Species composition and seasonal dynamics of cladoceran and copepod zooplancton in artificial sodic ponds Artenzusammensefzung und saisonale Dynamik der Cladocera- und Copepoda-Fauna in kuenstlichen Natrongewaessern

Lopez, C.; Bello,, 1993:
Species composition and seasonal variations of the community of planktonic crustacean in Socuy Reservoir, Venezuela Composicion y variaciones estacionales de la comunidad de crustaceos planctonicos en el Embalse Socuy, Venezuela

Manickchand-Heileman, S.; Julien-Flus, M., 1990:
Species composition and seasonality of a coastal demersal fish stock in Trinidad, West Indies

Ustinov, I.D., 1962:
Species composition and some problems of the ecology of the earth worms Lumbricidae in Kirov region

Chorik, F.P., 1970:
Species composition of Infusoria in some Moldavian water reservoirs

Hong, RT., 1990:
Species composition of Odonata in and around Mt Paekdu

V.V.n Lien.; Dang Thi Dap., 2001:
Species composition of Rhopalocera on high mountain tops of the Tamdao National Park Thanh phan loai buom ngay Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera tren cac dinh nui cao cua vuon quoc gia Tam Dao

Nguyen Quang Truong.; L.N.uyen Ngat.; Bain, R., 2006:
Species composition of amphibians Amphibia and reptiles Reptilia from Hagiang Province Thanh phan loai ech nhai Amphibia va bo sat Reptilia o tinh Ha Giang

L.N.uyen Ngat.; Nguyen Van Sang.; H.T.u Cuc., 2001:
Species composition of amphibians and reptiles in the Sapa Mountain area Laocai Province Thanh phan loai ech nhai, bo sat o vung nui Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Franca, R.S.; Suriani, A.L.; Rocha, O., 2007:
Species composition of benthic molluscs in the reservoirs of Low Tiete River Sao Paulo, Brazil with an evaluation of the impact of exotic invader species Composicao das especies de moluscos bentonicos nos reservatorios do baixo rio Tiete Sao Paulo, Brasil com uma avaliacao do impacto causado pelas especies exoticas invasoras

Papadopol, M.; Metter, L., 1977:
Species composition of fish fauna, population structure of the Pardina complex Danube Delta

Mel'nik, GE.; Marchenko, GP., 1975:
Species composition of malaria vectors in the Vinnitsk Province

Gorska-Drabik, E.; Gantner, M., 2005:
Species composition of mining Lepidoptera on Corylus maxima Mill CV Purpurea Charakterystyka zgrupowania motyli minujacych liscie Corylus maxima Mill CV Purpurea

Molnar, JG.; Abraham, G., 1990:
Species composition of mites occurring in peach orchards

Carvalho de Araujo, J.A.y.; Rebelo, J.M.nuel Macario.; Carvalho, M.L.ra.; Barros, V.L.cia Lopes., 2000:
Species composition of sand flies Diptera, Psychodidae in Raposa municipality of Maranhao state, Brazil Endemic area of leishmaniases Composicao dos flebotomineos Diptera, Psychodidae do municipio da Raposa-MA, Brasil Area endemica da leishmanioses

Leszczynski, M.; Pacuk, B.; Kasprzycki, P., 2005:
Species composition of small vertebrates captured in the Barber traps in the area of Bialosliwie forestry the Notec Valley Sklad gatunkowy drobnych kregowcow zlowionych w pulapki typu Barbera w lasach lesnictwa Bialosliwie Dolina Noteci

Dang Ngoc Thanh.; H.T.anh Hai.; Duong Ngoc Cuong., 2003:
Species composition of the family Ampullariidae Gray, 1824 in Vietnam Thanh phan loai cua ho oc nhoi - Ampullariidae Gray, 1824 o Viet Nam

Dang Duc Khuong.; Truong Xuan Lam., 2003:
Species composition of the subfamily Stenopodinae Heteroptera Reduviidae in Vietnam Mot so dan lieu buoc dau ve thanh phan loai va phan bo cua phan ho bo xit an thit Stenpodinae Heteroptera Reduviidae o Vietnam

Frolenko, LN., 2001:
Species composition of the zoobenthos of the Azov Sea Russia and some biological-ecological properties of the dominant species

Brager, S.; Ludwichowski, I., 1995:
Species composition, clutch size, incubation pattern, and hatching success of waterfowl Anas strepera, A platyrhynchos, Aythya ferina, A ferina in a gull Larus breeding colony Artenzusammensetzung, Gelegegrosse, Brutverlauf und Schlupferfolg brutender Enten Anatidae in einer ostholsteinischen Mowenkolonie

Bashchenko, DM., 1975:
Species composition, distribution and numbers of young fish in the Kakhovsk reservoir

Kirpichnikova, VA., 1977:
Species composition, seasonal and daily activity of Tabanidae in North-East Primorye Trudy biol-pochvenn

Dajoz, Roger., 2001:
Species composition, structure and biodiversity of an arboreal beetle community in Southern Arizona Comparison with temperate and tropical areas Composition specifique et structure dun peuplement de Coleopteres forestiers de lArizona Etats-Unis Comparaison avec des regions temperees et tropicales

Piven, VB., 1976:
Species composition, vertical distribution and seasonal variation in the abundance of Oribatei on the fields of wheat

Haffer, Jurgen., 1998:
Species concept in modern zoology Artkonzepte in der heutigen Zoologie

Wattel, Jan., 2000:
Species concept or species model? Soortbegrip of soortmodel?

Willmann, R., 2004:
Species concepts and the structure of the biological species Artbegriffe and die Struktur der Biologischen Art

Mutanen, Marko., 2001:
Species concepts, speciation and taxonomy of Lepidoptera Lajikasitteet, lajiutuminen ja perhostaksonomia

Nilsson, Lennart., 2002:
Species concepts Biological species concept, phylogenetic species concept or perhaps monophyletic species concept? Artbegreppet BSC, PSC eller kanske MSC?

Oberste-Hetbleck, H.; Fenske, R., 1998:
Species conservation from the viewpoint of the customs post Dusseldorf-Airport Artenschutz aus der Sicht des Zolls am Dusseldorfer Flughafen

Kohler, Gunther., 1999:
Species conservation in Honduras the Utila-iguana conservation project Artenschutz in Honduras das Schutzprojekt Utila-Leguan

Melisch, Roland., 1998:
Species conservation in the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF - an integrated approach Artenschutzarbeit beim World Wide Fund for Nature WWF - ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz

Gardenfors, U., 2002:
Species conservation is easier in theory than in practice Artbevarande ar lattare i teori an i praktik

Bayerisches Landesamt fuer Umweltschutz., 2002:
Species conservation program of the Bavarian Ministry for Conservation for bats in Bavaria shows first successes Artenhilfsprogramm des Bayerischen Landesamtes fuer Umweltschutz fuer Fledermaeuse in Bayern zeigt erste Erfolge

Meckel, Dirk Peter., 2001:
Species conservation programme for the barn owl The most successful year for the barn owl since the foundation of the regional owl protection association Artenhilfsprogramm Schleiereule Das erfolgreichste Schleiereulenjahr seit Bestehen des Landesverbandes Eulen-Schutz

Simon, L.; Thiele, R., 1999:
Species conservation survey European hamster Cricetus cricetus Linne, 1758 in Rhineland-Palatinate - demand for the cultivation of arable land and programms of special volunteer contracts with farmers Artenschutzprojekt Feldhamster Cricetus cricetus Linne, 1758 in Rheinland-Pfalz - Anforderungen an die Agrarlandschaft und Programme des Vertragsnaturschutzes

Dubinin, V.B., 1951:
Species criteria in parasitic animals

Hansen, Lars Ove., 2003:
Species data bank which has disappeared Artdatabank som forsvant

Pailhaugue, N., 1998:
Species determination and age structure of a fossil population of the genus Rupicapra from the Pyrenean Magdalenean period Determination de lespece et structure en age dans une population fossile du genre Rupicapra au Magdalenien Pyreneen

Paumkirchner, P.; Loedl, M., 2002:
Species differences in the morphology of the posterior notal wing process in the genus Catocala Schrank, 1802 and evidence of a lack of sexual dimorphism Lepidoptera; Noctuidae Artunterschiede in der Auspraegung des posterior notal wing process in der Gattung Catocala Schrank, 1802 und der Beweis des Fehlens eines Sexualdimorphismus Lepidoptera; Noctuidae

Volpe, G.; Jutzeler, D., 2001:
Species differentiation of Hipparchia fagi Scopoli, 1763 and Hipparchia alcyone Denis Schiffermueller, 1776 of Campania Italy and the bordering regions based on the features of the wings, genitalia, egg, and larva Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Satyrinae Differenciation specifique d Hipparchia fagi Scopoli, 1763 et d Hipparchia alcyone Denis Schiffermuller, 1776 de Campanie Italie et des regions limitrophes selon les caracteres des ailes, des armatures genitales, de loeuf et d

Rettelbach, T.; Gruppe, A.; Schopf, R., 2000:
Species distribution, sex ratio and genetic structure of the genus Thanasimus Latr Coleoptera, Cleridae in the National Park Berchtesgaden Artenzusammensetzung, Geschlechterverhaltnis und genetische Struktur des Genus Thanasimus Latr Coleoptera, Cleridae im Nationalpark Berchtesgaden

Aavik, Tsipe., 2004:
Species diversity - outcome of equilibrium or nonequilibrium? Liigirikkus - tasakaalu voi tasakaalutuse tulemus?

Petrick, Wolfgang., 2003:
Species diversity 2003 day in Wanninchen - notable results Tag der Artenviefalt 2003 in Wanninchen - bemerkenswerte Ergebnisse

Baur, B.; Meier, T.; Froeberg, L.; Rusterholz, H.-Peter., 2005:
Species diversity and conservation value of the Rappenflue Roeseren Valley west of Lies Valley, Switzerland Artenvielfalt und Naturschutzwert der Rappenflue Roeserental westlich von Liestal, Schweiz

Mueller-Buser, M., 2005:
Species diversity and dynamics - the avifauna of the mountain pine forests of the Ofen Pass Artenreich und dynamisch - die Vogelwelt der Bergfoehrenwaelder am Ofenpass

Boucher, Guy., 1997:
Species diversity and ecosystem function a review of hypothesis and research perpectives in marine ecology Diversite specifique et fonctionnement des ecosystemes revue des hypotheses et perspectives de recherche en ecologie marine

Maciejewski, Konrad H., 1997:
Species diversity and habitat preferences of Steninae Coleoptera, Staphylinidae in the Puszcza Borecka Forest NE Poland Roznorodnosc gatunkowa i preferencje srodowiskowe Steninae Coleoptera, Staphylinidae w Puszczy Boreckiej

Huemer, P.; Tarmann, G., 2001:
Species diversity and intensity of cultivation A problem analysis demonstrated on Lepidoptera in meadows and pastures in South Tyrol Artenvielfalt und Bewirtschaftungsintensitaet Problemanalyse am Beispiel der Schmetterlinge auf Wiesen und Weiden Suedtirols

Andreev, A V. ., 1997:
Species diversity and population status of waterside birds in north-east Asia A collection of study reports

Barbosa, M.V.; Henriques, AL.; Rafael, JA. da Fonseca, CRV., 2005:
Species diversity and similarity between sites in Tabanidae Insecta Diptera of a terra firme forest Adolpho Ducke Reserve in Central Amazonia, Brazil Diversidade e similaridade entre habitats em relacao as especies de Tabanidae Insecta Diptera de uma floresta tropical de terra firme Reserva Adolpho Ducke na Amazonia Central, Brasil

Pfeuffer, Eberhard., 2004:
Species diversity and species loss in the heaths of the Lower Lech Valley Artenreichtum und Artenverlust der Heiden im Unteren Lechtal

Buscher, Heinz H., 1998:
Species diversity in Lake Tanganyika The cichlid community of Tembwe Congo Artenvielfalt im Tanganjikasee Die Cichlidengemeinschaft von Tembwe Kongo

Schmidt, J.; Pommeranz, H., 2001:
Species diversity in coastal regions based on the example of ground beetles Coleoptera, Carabidae of the Warnow estuary region Artenvielfalt in Kuestenlebensraeumen am Beispiel der Laufkaefer Coleoptera, Carabidae des Warnow-Muendungsgebietes

Stokker, R.; Walseng, B.; Braskerud, B.; Brittain, J.; Dolmen, D.; Sloreid, S.E.ik., 1999:
Species diversity in two seven-year old constructed wetlands in the catchment in south-east Norway, with differences in water quality Artsmangfold i to syv ar gamle fangdammer i Haldenvassdraget met forskjeller i vannkvalitet

Swierczewski, D.; Gebicki, C., 2002:
Species diversity of Auchenorrhyncha fauna in Poland and its protection Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha Roznorodnosc gatunkowa piewikow w Polsce i jej ochrona Hemiptera, Auchenorrhyncha

Olbrycht, T.; Czerniakowski, Z.W., 2002:
Species diversity of Carabidae beetles on fodder beet cultivation and waste lands Roznorodnosc gatunkowa biegaczowatych Col, Carabidae w uprawie buraka pastewnego i na stanowiskach czasowo wylaczonych z prodkcji rolniczej

Habeler, Heinz., 2002:
Species diversity of Lepidoptera at two Styrian and two Mediterranean areas Artendiversitaet bei Schmetterlingen an je zwei steirischen und mediterranen Fundgebieten Lepidoptera

Bobrova, SI., 1977:
Species diversity of Simuliidae Diptera in the region of the AbakanTaishet railroad

Gambaccini, S.; Romano, F.; Vannucci, A.; D.R.nieri, S., 2004:
Species diversity of a coastal fish assemblage in two marine protected area of the Tuscany Archipelago Capraia and Giannutri Island Diversita specifica si popolamenti ittici in due aree marine protette dellarcipelago Toscano Isole di Capraia e Giannutri

Bellan-Santini, Denise., 1993:
Species diversity of artificial reefs observations from coastal France Diversite specifique dans les recifs artificiels observations sur les cotes francaises

Parravicini, V.; Seveso, D.; Montano, S.; Donato, M.; Galli, P.; Morri, C.; Cattaneo-Vietti, R., 2006:
Species diversity of benthic assemblages along different degrees of Lithophaga lithophaga L fishery Analisi sulla diversita specifica di comunita bentoniche soggette a differenti gradi di impatto dovuto alla pesca di Lithophaga lithophaga L

Chiahou, B.; Menioui, M., 1998:
Species diversity of copepods on the Moroccan coast Diversite biologique des copepodes des cotes marocaines

Lehmann, S.; Stark, A., 2004:
Species diversity of dolichopodid flies Diptera, Dolichopodidae in meadow landscapes of the central Elbe at Pevestorf Lower Saxony Artenvielfalt der Langbeinfliegen Diptera, Dolichopodidae in Auenlandschaften an der mittleren Elbe bei Pevestorf Niedersachsen

Czerniakowski, Z.W.; Olbrycht, T., 2004:
Species diversity of ground beetles Col, Carabidae in different biotopes of S-E Poland Roznorodnosc gatunkowa biegaczowatych Col, Carabidae w wybranych biotopach poludniowo-wschodniej Polski

Brose, Ulrich., 2001:
Species diversity of plants and ground beetle communities Coleoptera, Carabidae at wetland sites on various spatial scales Artendiversitaet der Pflanzen- und Laufkaefergemeinschaften Coleoptera, Carabidae von Nassstellen auf mehreren raeumlichen Skalenebenen

Basedow, T.; Kollat-Palenga, I.; Markgraf, A., 2001:
Species diversity of predatory arthropods in agricultural fields near Frankfurt/M, with contributions on the ecology of Staphylinidae feeding on aphids, flight activity and overwintering Artenzahlen der Raubarthropoden im Ackerbau bei Frankfurt/M, mit Beitraegen zur Oekologie der Staphylinidae Blattlausfrass, Flugaktivitaet und Ueberwinterung

Mieczan, Tomasz., 2006:
Species diversity of protozoa Rhizopoda, Ciliata on mosses of sphagnum genus in restoration areas of the Poleski National Park Ksztaltowanie sie roznorodnosci gatunkowej pierwotniakow Rhizopoda, Ciliata na mchach z rodzaju Sphagnum w renaturalizowanych obszarach Poleskiego Parku Narodowego

Lagowska, B.; Golan, K.; Stepaniuk, K., 2004:
Species diversity of scale insects Hemiptera Coccinea in Poland - problems of its protection Roznorodnosc gatunkowa czerwcow Hemiptera Coccinea w Polsce - problemy jej ochrony

Quellmalz, Bernd., 1997:
Species diversity, population size and habitat preference of the amphibian fauna in south Werderland in Bremen 1994 Artenspektrum, Populationsgrossen und Habitatbindung der Amphibienfauna im sudlichen Werderland in Bremen 1994

Gorke, Martin., 1998:
Species extinction and ethics The limits of the anthropocentric outlook Artensterben und Ethik Die Grenzen der anthropozentrischen Perspektive

Krizhanovski, S.G., 1953:
Species formation

Ponomarchuk, V.I. ., 1969:
Species from the genus Pterostichus in the tiger beetle fauna Coleoptera, Carabidae

Lecki, R., 2002:
Species heterogeneity of small rodents in differently-aged midfield shelterbelts Roznorodnosc gatunkowa drobnych gryzoni w roznowiekowych zadrzewieniach srodpolnych

Mignone, Giuseppe Paolo., 1996 :
Species hybridization arguments Nineteenth argument Epilogue The science, art ethics of hybrids Argumentos especiais de hibridologia Decimo nono argumento Epilogo Os hibridos entre ciencia, arte e etica

Petersson, Daniel., 1997:
Species identification in crossbills Om artbestamning av korsnabbar

Sindram, J., 2007:
Species in the spotlights Knots Soort in de spotlights Kanoeten

Verhulst, J., 1996:
Species information on Colias F Lepidoptera, Pieridae Twenty sixth part Fiches specifiques des Colias F Lepidoptera, Pieridae - Vingt sixieme fiche

Gjertz, I.; Lono, O., 1998:
Species introduced to Svalbard Innforte arter pa Svalbard

Rodriguez-Olarte, D.; Amaro, A.; Coronel, J., 2005:
Species introduction Prochilodus mariae Eigenmann 1922 Pisces Prochilodontidae in the Aroa River, basin of the Caribbean, Venezuela Introduccion del coporo Prochilodus mariae Eigenmann 1922 Pisces Prochilodontidae en el rio Aroa, cuenca del Caribe, Venezuela

Delariva, R.L.ciana.; Agostinho, A.A.tonio., 1999:
Species introduction a commented synthesis Introducao de especies uma sintese comentada

Scherf, Heinz., 1997:
Species inventory of some beetle families of Cucujoidea in Vogelsberg Zum Arteninventar einiger Kaferfamilien der Cucujoidea im Vogelsberg

Ivanov, AI.; Matov, A.; Yu.; Khramov, BA.; Grigorev, GA.; Mironov, VG.; Mishchenko, OA., 1999:
Species inventory of the Macrolepidoptera of Saint Petersburg and the Saint Petersburg area from collections of the years 1960-1998 Insecta Lepidoptera Artenverzeichnis der Macrolepidoptera von Sankt-Petersburg und des Sankt-Petersburger Gebietes nach Aufsammlungen in den Jahren 1960-1998 Insecta, Lepidoptera

Francois, Alexandre., 1998:
Species inventory of the Orthoptera of north Pas-de-Calais 1996-1997 seasons 62 - Wimereux Elements dinventaire des orthopteres du Nord-Pas-de-Calais 1996-1997 62 - Wimereux

Stenzel, T.; Stubbe, M.; Samjaa, R.; Stubbe, A.; Dulamsuren, C., 2005:
Species inventory of the avifauna of Mongolia during the north-south crossing of 1997 Das Arteninventar der Avifauna der Mongolei waehrend einer Nord-Sued-Durchquerung 1997

Reinhardt, R.; Settele, J., 2000:
Species inventory, distribution and endangerment classification Arteninventar, Verbreitung und Gefaehrdungseinstufung

Herrmann, Hans-Joachim., 1995:
Species known from aquaria as sand and rock dwelling demersal cichlids Aquaristisch bekannte bodenorientierte Sandcichliden und felsbewohnende Arten