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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38676

Chapter 38676 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Monfort, Alain., 2004:
Species What is a species? Espece? Cest quoi une espece?

Lherminer, P.; Solignac, M., 2000:
Species author definitions Lespece definitions dauteurs

Moroz, IE., 1990:
Specific and age sensitivity of fish to organochlorine toxicants

Dragomirov, N.I., 1953:
Specific characters of newly-hatched larvae of Acipenseridae

Bifi, A.G.sparetto; Baumgartner, D.; Baumgartner, G.; Frana, V.A.dre; Debona, T., 2006:
Specific composition and abundance of the ichthyofauna from Padres river, Iguacu river basin, Brazil Composicao especifica e abundancia da ictiofauna do rio dos Padres, bacia do rio Iguacu, Brasil

Luna, M.G.; Sanchez, N.E., 1999:
Specific composition and abundance of the soybean defoliator Lepidoptera community in north-west Buenos Aires, Argentina Composicion especifica y abundancia de la communidad de lepidopteros defoliadores de la soja en el noroeste de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sidorova, L., 1958:
Specific composition and distribution of helminths in northern parts of Kirgizia

Rukblyadev, D.P., 1957:
Specific composition and interrelationship of lung nematodes of sheep in Dagestan

Sartbaev, S.K.; Romasheva, L.F.K.siev, S.K., 1962:
Specific composition of ectoparasites in the nests of some species of birds in the Chuisk Valley

Musajev, M.A.Alieva, F.K., 1963:
Specific composition of eoceidia, and the distribution of eoeeodiosis among fowl in Kuba-Khachmass zone in Azerbaidjan SSR

Zhukau, P.I., 1959:
Specific composition of fish in the basin of the Western Dzwina river

Movsesyan, S.O., 1967:
Specific composition of helminths found in aquatic birds in Moldavian SSR

Popescu-Marinescu, V.; Zinevici, V., 1969:
Specific composition of zoocoenoses on some hard aquatic macrophites in the Danube Delta

Hammami, H.; Ayadi, A.; Camus, D.; Dutoit, E., 1997:
Specific diagnostic antigens of Fasciola hepatica detected by western blot Interet diagnostique de la mise en evidence dantigenes specifiques de Fasciola hepatica par la technique du western blot

Kalishevskaya, T.M., 1957:
Specific differences in pro-thrombokinase blood corpuseles and thrombatropine

Kazansky, V.I., 1964:
Specific differences in the construction of gill rakers in Cyprinidae

Nelzina, E.N.; Klimova, Z.I.; Protopopyan, M.G., 1977:
Specific features of burrow microbiocoenosis in gerbils-some plague carriers on Kazakhstan territory and Central Asia

Logatchev, E.D., 1954:
Specific form of amitosis of subcuticular cells of cestodes

Caroppo, S.; Irdani, T., 1996:
Specific identification by electrophoresis of Italian populations of Meloidogyne spp Identificazione specifica mediante elettroforesi di popolazioni italiane di Meloidogyne spp

Matveeva, V.N., 1970:
Specific peculiarities in the histological structure of the skin and hair follicules in thin-fleeced sheep bred in Kazakhstan

de Saint-Aubyn, M.; Prieto, A.; Ruiz, L., 1999:
Specific production in a population of bivalve Arca zebra Swainson, 1883 in the northeast coast of Sucre State, Venezuela Produccion especifica de una poblacion del bivalvo Arca zebra Swainson, 1883, en la costa nororiental del Estado Sucre, Venezuela

Pisanu, B.; Chapuis, JL.; Combes, O.; Durette-Desset, MC., 1996:
Specific richness in gastrointestinal helminths from the domestic sheep Ovis aries and the Corsican mouflon Ovis musimon introduced onto the Kerguelen archipelago Richesse specifique en helminthes gastro-intestinaux du mouton Ovis aries et du mouflon Ovis musimon introduits dans larchipel de Kerguelen

Amann, T.; Rykena, S.; Joger, U.; Nettmann, H.K.nrad.; Veith, M., 1997:
Specific separation of Lacerta bilineata Daudin, 1802 and L viridis Laurenti, 1768 Zur artlichen Trennung von Lacerta bilineata Daudin, 1802 und L viridis Laurenti, 1768

Ivanova, T.M.; Vinogradov, L.I., 1955:
Specific significance of temperature on metamorphosis of Anura larvae

Niculescu, E.V., 1970:
Specific structural characteristics of Lepidop-tera larvae

Francois, F.; Dalegre, K.; Gilbert, F.; Stora, G., 1999:
Specific variability within functional groups Study of the sediment reworking of two Veneridae bivalves, Ruditapes decussatus and Venerupis aurea Variabilite specifique a l interieur des groupes fonctionnels Etude du remaniement sedimentaire de deux bivalves Veneridae, Ruditapes decussatus et Venerupis aurea

Stroganova, VK., 1975:
Specific variation in Pamphilius vafer L

Vincent, S.; Reed, J.; Giangrande, A., 1995:
Specification of glial lineage in invertebrates Specification du lignage glial chez les invertebres

Fernandez Vidal, Eliseo H., 1999:
Specifications in the discovery and description of Parnassius apollo graellsi Fernandez-Vidal Exposito, 1996 Lepidoptera Papilionidae, Parnassiinae Precisiones sobre el descubrimiento y descripcion de Parnassius apollo graellsi Fernandez-Vidal Exposito, 1996 Lepidoptera Papilionidae, Parnassiinae

Vidal, M. del Carmen; Ramirez, N., 2006:
Specificity and pollination niche of plant species in a secondary deciduous forest Epecificidad y nicho de polinizacion de especies de plantas de un bosque deciduo secundario

Bala, Luis Oscar., 1995:
Specificity and prevalence of the endobiosis of Coccomyxa parasitica Chlorophyta Chlorococcales in Mytilus edulis platensis Mollusca Bivalvia Especificidad y prevalencia de la endobiosis de Coccomyxa parasitica Chlorophyta Chlorococcales en Mytilus edulis platensis Mollusca Bivalvia

Blackman, RL., 1990:
Specificity in aphid/plant genetic interactions, with particular attention to the role of the alate colonizer

Musaev, M.A., 1970:
Specificity of Coccidia to their hosts and someproblems of their taxonomy

Dubinina, M.N., 1953:
Specificity of Ligula in various stages of life

Krylov, M.V., 1959:
Specificity of coecidia of sheep and goats

Krivosheina, NP., 1975:
Specificity of insect complexes inhabiting decomposing trunks of Manchurian ash

Bourillot, M.; Robert, A.; Conrad, N.; Carmignac, D.; Borderau, C.; Bernard, G., 2004:
Specificity of pheromone trails in macrotermites Isoptera Specificite des pistes de recolte chez les Macrotermitinae Isoptera

Paramonov, A.A., 1954:
Specificity of phytonematodes and its significance in agricultural practice

de Castro Gomes, A.; Nunes da Silva, N.; Ivata Bernal, R.T.mie de Souza Leandro, A.; Jatai de Camargo, N.; Martins da Silva, A.; Celestino Ferreira, A.; Ogura, L.C.rlos; Jose de Oliveira, S.; Marques de Moura, S., 2007:
Specificity of the Adultrap for capturing females of Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae Especificidade da armadilha Adultrap para capturar femeas de Aedes aegypti Diptera Culicidae

Gobin, B.; Billen, J., 1994:
Specificity of the trail pheromone in Crematogaster scutellaris and Crematogaster laestrygon Specificite de la pheromone de piste chez Crematogaster scutellaris et Crematogaster laestrygon

Arshavski, I.A., 1952:
Specificity problem in connection with mechanism of function transformation in ontogenesis

McCranie, James R., 2006:
Specimen locality data museum numbers for Guia de Campo de los anifbios de Honduras Ubicacion y numeros de museo de los especimenes, informacion complementaria a la Guia de campo de los anifios de Honduras

Reynell, A., 1908:
Specimen of Astarie mutabilis with Reversed Hinge-Dentition

Rivilla, J.C.; Alis, S.; Alis, L.; Flores, L., 2005:
Specimen of a loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta with morphological anomalies of the carapace Ejemplar de tortuga boba Caretta caretta con anomalias morfologicas en los escudos del espaldar

Dawson, G.M., 1901:
Specimen of a rare calcareous sponge Grantia monstruosa Breitfuss from Copper Island, Commander Islands, in Summary Report of the Geological Survey Department for the year 1898, by the Director

Olgun, K.; Tok, C.V.rol., 1999:
Specimens of Ophisops elegans Sauria Lacertidae collected from Ihlara Valley Aksaray Ihlara Vadisi Aksaraynden toplanan Ophisops elegans Sauria Lacertidae ornekleri hakkinda

Sandground, J.H., 1928:
Specimens of Ternidens deminutus from natives of Southern Rhodesia

Ture, Alain., 2001:
Spectacular cases of gynandromorphism in Goliathus cacicus caught in the south of the Ivory Coast Cas spectaculaires de gynandromorphisme chez des Goliathus cacicus captures dans le sud de la Cote dIvoire

Ander, Ingemar., 1997:
Spectacular copulatory techniques of catfishes? Spektakulare Besamungstechniken bei Panzerwelsen?

Brugiere, Dominique., 1997:
Spectacular increase of the bee-eater Merops apiaster population in Val dAllier and middle Val de Loire France Progression spectaculaire du guepier dEurope Merops apiaster dans le val dAllier et le moyen val de Loire

Olioso, Georges., 1996:
Spectacular migration of the painted lady Cynthia cardui at Montagne de Lure Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Migration spectaculaire du papillon la belle-dame Cynthia cardui a la Montagne de Lure Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

de Keersmaecker, Erik., 2000:
Spectacular return of the peregrine falcon in Flanders and Wallonia De spectulaire terugkeer van de slechtvalk in Vlaanderen en Wallonie

Malgras, J.; Maillard, D., 1996:
Spectral analysis and population biology analysis of red deer Cervus elaphus L roaring activity Analyse spectrale et biologie des populations analyse de lactivite de brame chez le cerf elaphe Cervus elaphus L

Bleiweiss, R., 1990:
Spectral confusion by hummingbirds and the evolution of red coloration in their flowers a new hypothesis

dos Santos, R.F.; Jr.; Rudorff, B.F. dos Santos, J.M.; Marchiorato, I.A., 2001:
Spectral responses of soybean BRS 133 attacked by Meloidogyne javanica Comportamento espectral de soja BRS 133 infestada por Meloidogyne javanica

Coro, F.; Barro, A., 1997:
Spectral sensitivity of A1 auditory receptor in various moth species Sensibilidad espectral del receptor auditivo A1 en cinco especies de lepidopteros

Singarajah, KV., 1988:
Spectral sensitivity of motion-sensitive units of the butterfly ventral nerve cord Spectral sensitivity of motion-sensitive units of the butterfly ventral nerve cord

Nunez D.M.rga, M.; Nunez D.M.rga, J.; Soler i Vazquez, C.; Martinez Lopez, F.; Nunez Cachaza, A., 1991:
Spectrofluorometric valoration of Potamida littoralis Cuvier Bivalvia, Unionidae tioflavina S uptake Valoracion espectrofluorometrica de la incorporacion del fluorocromo tioflavina S en ejemplares de Potamida littoralis Lamarck Bivalvia, Unionidae

Scheurer, S.; Bauer-Dubau, K., 2000:
Spectrum of Dermestidae Coleoptera in Berlin during 1991-1998 - cause of attacks and preventive measures Das Spektrum der Dermestidae Coleoptera im Bundesland Berlin waehrend der Jahre 1991 bis 1998 - Befallsursachen und Hinweise zur Prophylaxe

Hinz, K.-Heinz.; Kummerfeld, N.; Ryll, M.; Braune, S., 2000:
Spectrum of bacterial and fungal pathogens in chronic lesions of the upper respiratory tract of psittacine birds Bakterielles und pilzbedingtes Erregerspektrum chronischer Erkrankungsprozesse des oberen Respirationstraktes von Psittaziden

Gallo, Jan., 1996:
Spectrum of species leaf miners Agromyzidae, Diptera associated with winter barley and spring barley Druhove spektrum mineriek Agromyzidae, Diptera na jacmeni ozimnom a jarnom

Fischer, Roland F., 2001:
Speculation on the reproductive strategy of the discus cichlid Spekulationen ueber die Fortpflanzungsstrategie des Diskusbuntbarsches

Greening, M., 1990:
Speech House, F o D - birds - 5 June

Dettner, Konrad., 2004:
Speech in honour of Dr Alexander Riedel Laudatio fuer herrn Dr Alexander Riedel

Dettner, Konrad., 2004:
Speech in honour of Dr Helmut Zwoelfer Laudatio fuer Herrn Prof Dr Helmut Zwoelfer

Elbert, Alfred., 2004:
Speech in honour of Dr Peter Loesel Laudatio fuer herrn Dr Peter Loesel

Klausnitzer, Bernhard., 2004:
Speech in honour of Dr Rudolf Baehrmann Laudatio fuer Herrn Prof Dr Rudolf Baehrmann

Naumann, Clas M., 2004:
Speech in honour of Mr Guenter Ebert Laudatio fuer Herrn Guenter Ebert

Rakosy, L., 2005:
Speech in honour of Prof Dr Bela Kis 15021924-29112003 on the occasion of the presentation of the honorary medal for exceptional achievements in the field of entomofaunistics of Central Europe in Linz Laudatio fuer Prof Dr Bela Kis 15021924-29112003 anlaesslich der Verleihung der Ehrenmedaille fuer hervorragende Leistungen auf dem Gebiet der Entomofaunistik Mitteleuropa in Linz

Bronnimann, Martin-Paul., 1995:
Speeches made at the funeral, 13 January 1993 Allocutions prononcees lors de la ceremonie funeraire du 13 janvier 1993

Yarzhombek, A., 1975:
Speed of migration in fish from the point of view of optimal energy expenditure

Malinin, LK., 1973:
Speed of migration in fish

Lane, F.W., 1943:
Speed of swimming in Cetacea

Bianchi-Demicheli, F.; Oppizzi, N., 2001:
Speleological and palaeontological research of the Monte Generoso region Generosa cave Ricerche speleologiche e paleontologiche nella regione del Monte Generoso la Caverna Generosa

Fritsch, E., 2003:
Speleology bibliography with supplement on artificial caves Bibliographe zur Spelaeologie mit Anhang Kuenstliche Hoehlen

Espanol, F., 1999:
Speleotyphlus fadriquei n sp with the review of the genus Coleoptera, Carabidae Descripcion de Speleotyphlus fadriquei sp n, con revision del genero Coleoptera, Carabidae

Baehrmann, R.; Bellstedt, R., 2001:
Spelobia cambrica Richards, 1929 Diptera, Sphaeroceridae occurs in the Thuringian Forest Spelobia cambrica Richards, 1929 Diptera, Sphaeroceridae im Thueringer Wald

Clarke, R.; Paliza, O., 1995:
Sperm competition and its absence in the sperm whale La competencia entre espermas y su ausencia en el cachalote

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