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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38678

Chapter 38678 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bouyer, Thierry., 2007:
Sphingidae are orphaned Jean-Marie Cadiou has left them 1941-2007 Les Sphinx sont orphelins Jean-Marie Cadiou les a quittes 1941-2007

Bea, Alain-Michel., 2003:
Sphingidae captures in the Var region, France Captures de Sphingidae dans le Var

Harbich, Heimo., 2002:
Sphingidae in 2001 Sphingidae 2001

Haxaire, J.; Herbin, D., 2002:
Sphingidae of Bolivia Sphingidae de Bolivie

Touroult, J.; L.G.ll, P., 2001:
Sphingidae of south Benin Study of the fauna of forest islands and adjacent areas Les Sphingidae du Sud-Benin Etude de la faune des ilots forestiers et des milieux adjacents

Valverde, L., 1999:
Sphingidae of the Parque Nacional Calilegua Jujuy, Argentina Insecta Lepidoptera Spingidae del Parque Nacional Calilegua Jujuy, Argentina Insecta Lepidoptera

Corseuil, E.; Specht, A.; Lang, C., 2001:
Sphingids Lepidoptera, Sphingidae of the Pro-Mata Centre for Nature Research and Conservation Esfingideos Lepidoptera, Sphingidae ocorrentes no Centro de Pesquisas e Conservacao da Natureza Pro-Mata

Otero Rodriguez, M.; Lopez, M., 1996:
Sphingids from the Coco Cay, Sabana-Camaguey Archipelago, and the first record of Aellopos clavipes Lepidoptera Sphingidae for Cuba Esfingidos de cayo Coco, Archipielago de Sabana-Camaguey, y primer registro de Aellopos clavipes Lepidoptera Sphingidae para Cuba

Badih, A.; Sanchez-Casado, JF.; Barranco, P.; Pascual, F., 1995:
Sphingonotus octofasciatus Serville, 1839 in Europe Orthoptera Acrididae Sphingonotus octofasciatus Serville, 1839 en Europa Orthoptera Acrididae

Llucia-Pomares, David., 2006:
Sphingonotus rubescens Walker, 1870 in the Ruscinic territory Girona, Spain/ Pyrenees-Orientales, France first record for continental France distribution, ecology, biology and some taxonomic notes Caelifera, Acrididae, Oedipodinae Sphingonotus rubescens Walker, 1870 en el territorio Ruscinico Girona, Espana/ Pyrenees-Orientales, Francia primera cita para Francia continental distribucion, ecologia, biologia y algunas notas taxonomicas Caelifera, Acrididae, Oedipodinae

Degtyareva, V.I., 1977:
Sphinx moth Dolbinopsis grisea Hamps little known tertiary relict of Tadzhikistan Lepidoptera Sphingidae

Panov, N., 1911:
Sphinx nerii L, un insecte qui pronostique le mauvais temps

Haxaire, J., 2002:
Sphinx nogueirai, a new Sphingidae of Sonora Lepidoptera Sphingidae Sphinx nogueirai, nouveau Sphingidae du Sonora Lepidoptera Sphingidae

Fritzsche, Ingo., 1998:
Sphodromantis lineola Burmeister 1838 Observations on embryo development Dictyoptera, Mantodea, Mantidae Sphodromantis lineola Burmeister 1838 Beobachtungen zur Embryonalentwicklung Dictyoptera, Mantodea, Mantidae

Dollfus, A., 1895:
Sphoeroma dugesi

Paluch, M.; Casagrande, M.; Mielke, O.H., 2003:
Sphragis of Actinote Huebner, as a taxonomic character Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Acraeinae Tampao genital de Actinote Huebner, como carater taxonomico Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Acraeinae

Callot, H., 2003:
Sphragisticus nebulosus Fallen, 1807, confirmation in France Heteroptera, Lygaeidae, Rhyparochrominae, Megalonotini Sphragisticus nebulosus Fallen, 1807 confirme pour la faune de France Heteroptera, Lygaeidae, Rhyparochrominae, Megalonotini

Hoettinger, H.; Wagener, S., 2001:
Spialia orbifer Hubner, 1823 in Lower Austria Lepidoptera Hesperiidae Spialia orbifer Hubner, 1823 in Niederoesterreich Lepidoptera Hesperiidae

Relini, M.; Palandri, G.; Torchia, G., 2002:
Spicara smaris L reproductive behaviour in Alassio Artificial Reef Riproduzione dello zerro Spicara smaris L allinterno della barriera artificiale di Alassio

Koltun, V.M., 1960:
Spicule analysis as a method of micropalaeontological research

Okazaki, K., 1969:
Spicule formation in vitro by the primarymesenchyme cells isolated from sea urchin larvae

Beresi, M.; Heredia, S., 1995:
Spicules assemblages of Cambrian from La Empozada Formation, Mendoza Precordillera Asociacion de espiculas de poriferos cambricos de la Formacion Empozada, Precordillera de Mendoza

Thewalt, U.; Doerfner, G., 2004:
Spicules of siliceous sponges from the White Jurassic of the Ulm area - overview and considerations on diagenesis Kieselig erhaltene Spicula von Kieselschwaemmen aus dem Weissen Jura der Ulmer Gegend - Ueberblick und Ueberlegungen zur Diagenese

Chabaud, Alain G., 1977:
Spiculopteragia caballeroi sp nov, a trichostrongylid parasitic nematode of Tragulus javanicus Spiculopteragia caballeroi sp nov nematode trichostrongylide parasite de Tragulus javanicus

Asadov, S.M., 1952:
Spiculopteragia kutkascheni sp nov parasitic in the stomach of Capreolus capreolus

Maggioni, A.; Melloni, G., 1997:
Spider Arachnida Araneae and carabid Coleoptera Carabidae communities from the shores of Gaggiolo stream Ticino, Switzerland Le comunita di ragni Arachnida, Araneae e carabidi Coleoptera, Carabidae delle rive del torrente Gaggiolo Ticino, Svizzera

Wozny, M.; Baldy, K., 1996:
Spider Collinsia inerrans OP Cambridge Aranei Linyphiidae in Poland Pajak Collinsia inerrans OP Cambridge Aranei Linyphiidae w Polsce

Smit, J.; Hoppner, J.; Hering, D.; Plachter, H., 1997:
Spider and ground beetle communities Araneae, Carabidae on gravel bars along streams in Northern Hesse Germany Kiesbanke und ihre Spinnen- und Laufkaferfauna Araneae, Carabidae an Mittelgebirgsbachen Nordhessens

Zingerle, Vito., 2000:
Spider and harvestman communities in the south-western Dolomites Paneveggio-Pale di S Martino Nature Park, Italy Araneae, Opiliones Zoocenosi di ragni e opilioni nelle Dolomiti sudoccidentali Parco Naturale Paneveggio-Pale di S Martino, Italia Araneae, Opiliones

Rinaldi, I.M.ria Piovesan.; Ruiz, G.R.drigo Sanches., 2002:
Spider communities Araneae on rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg plantations in Sao Paulo State, Brazil Comunidades de aranhas Araneae em cultivos de seringueira Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg no Estado de Sao Paulo

Gack, C.; Kobel-Lamparski, A.; Lamparski, F., 1999:
Spider communities as indicators of the development succession of afforested coal mining sites Spinnenzonosen als Indikatoren von Entwicklungschritten in einer Bergbaufolgelandschaft

Flórez, D.E., 2000:
Spider communities from the Pacific region of the Valle del Cauca department, Colombia - Comunidades de arañas de la región pacífica del departamento del Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Platen, Ralph., 1997:
Spider communities of arable land in central Europe Spinnengemeinschaften mitteleuropaischer Kulturbiotope

Smit, Janna., 1997:
Spider community Araneae of gravel bars along streams in lower mountainous areas Rheinisches Schiefergebirge, Northern Hesse, Germany Die epigaische Spinnenzonose Araneae auf Schotterbanken der Mittelgebirgsbache und -flusse im Rheinischen Schiefergebirge Nordhessen

Florez Daza, Eduardo., 1997:
Spider fauna associated with webs of the dome-web spider Cyrtophora citricola Forskal Araneae Araneidae in the Department of Valle Araenofauna asociada a telas de la arana parda del Mediterraneo Cyrtophora citricola Forskal Aranae Araenofauna asociada a telas de la arana parda del Mediterraneo Cyrtophora citricola Forskal Aranae Araenofauna asociada a telas de la arana parda del Mediterraneo Cyrtophora citricola Forskal Aranae Araenofauna asociada a telas de la arana parda del

Szinetar, C., 2001:
Spider fauna of Somogy County Araneae Somogy megye pokaunaja Aranea

Trentini, M.; Lodi, L. di Sario, G., 2004:
Spider fauna of some Italian urban biotopes Arachnida Araneae Fauna araneologica di alcuni ambienti urbani Italiani Arachnida Araneae

Roberts, Michael J., 1998:
Spider field guide Spinnengids

Iraola Calvo, VM.; Moraza, ML.; Biurrun, R., 1999:
Spider mites Acari Tetranychidae Berlese and phytoseiid mites Acari Phytoseiidae Berlese in pear orchards and ground cover vegetation in Navarra N Spain Acaros tetraniquidos Acari Tetranychidae Berlese y fitoseidos Acari Phytoseiidae Berlese en hojas y cobertura vegetal de perales de Navarra

Vainshstein, B.A., 1957:
Spider mites Tetranychidae on fruit crops in Southern Kazakhstan

Egas, Martijn., 2002:
Spider mites learning to feed New insights in the evolution of host plant speciation and host race formation Spintmijten leren foerageren Nieuw licht op de evolutie van waardplantspecialisatie en gastheerrasvorming

Rekk, G.F., 1949:
Spider mites of the Samgorsk stepp Tetranychidae, Acarina

Iraola, VM.; Moraza, ML.; Biurrun, R., 1998:
Spider mites on corn in Navarra Ecology of Tetranychus turkestani Ugarov y Nikolski Acariosis del maiz en Navarra Ecologia de Tetranychus turkestani Ugarov y Nikolski

Jaeger, P.; Kreuels, M., 2002:
Spider of the year 2001 and 2002 Argiope bruennichi and Pisaura mirabilis Spinne des Jahres 2001 und 2002 Argiope bruennichi und Pisaura mirabilis

Eskov, KY., 1990:
Spider palaeontology present trends and future expectations

Volkmar, Christa., 1996:
Spider populations on a typical field site in central Germany and special influences of various plant protection intensities during a crop rotation sequence Spinnengemeinschaften auf einem typischen Ackerbaustandort Mitteldeutschlands und deren Beeinflussung durch unterschiedliche Pfanzenschutzintensitaten im Verlauf einer Fruchtfolgerotation Spinnen in Agrookosystemen

Volkmar, C.; Schutzel, A., 1997:
Spider populations on a typical field site in central Germany and special influences of various plant protection intensities Spinnengemeinschaften auf einem typischen Ackerbaustandort Mitteldeutschlands und deren Beeinflussung durch unterschiedliche Pflanzenschutzintensitaten

Buchsbaum, Ulf., 1995:
Spider reports from pitfall traps in selected protected areas of Weimar Town/Thuringia Aranea Spinnennachweise aus Bodenfallen in ausgewahlten Schutzgebieten der Stadt Weimar/Thuringen Aranea

Schuett, Karin., 2001:
Spider silk and silk spiders Von Spinnenseide und Seidenspinnen

Maidhof, Armin., 2004:
Spider silk and spider webs under the microscope Spinnenseide und Spinnennetze unter dem Mikroskop

Wolf, H., 1998:
Spider wasps Hymenoptera, Pompilidae from Israel and the Sinai Egypt in the Zoological Institute of the University of Tel Aviv Wegwespen Hymenoptera, Pompilidae aus Israel und dem Sinai Agypten im Zoologischen Institut der Universitat von Tel Aviv

Wolf, Heinrich., 2005:
Spider wasps Hymenoptera, Pompilidae from Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Oman in the Upper Austrian regional museum, Linz Austria Wegwespen Hymenoptera, Pompilidae des Oberoesterreichischen Landesmuseums Linz Austria aus Jordanien, Syrien, Tunesien und Oman

Wolf, Heinrich., 2005:
Spider wasps Hymenoptera, Pompilidae from central Asia II and Mongolia in the Upper Austrian regional museum, Linz Austria Wegwespen Hymenoptera, Pompilidae des Oberoesterreichischen Landesmuseums Linz Austria aus Zentralasien II und Mongolei

Wolf, H., 1998:
Spider wasps Hymenoptera, Pompilidae in the Upper Austrian Land Museum at Linz Austria from Jordan and Syria 2 Wegwespen Hymenoptera, Pompilidae des Oberosterreichischen Landesmuseums Linz Austria aus Jordanien und Syrien 2

Wolf, H., 1997:
Spider wasps Hymenoptera, Pompilidae of the Upper Austrian Land Museum Linz Austria, from Jordan and Syria Wegwespen Hymenoptera, Pompilidae des Oberosterreichischen Landesmuseums Linz Austria aus Jordanien und Syrien 1

Wolf, H., 1998:
Spider wasps Hymenoptera, Pompilidae of the Upper Austrian Land Museum at Linz Austria from Central Asia Wegwespen Hymenoptera, Pompilidae des Oberosterreichischen Landesmuseums Linz Austria aus Zentralasien

Berec, Pavol., 1998:
Spider wasps Hymenoptera, Pompiloidea of the National Nature Reserve Devinska Kobyla Hrabavky Hymenoptera, Pompiloidea Narodnej Prirodnej Rezervacie Devinska Kobyla

Jakubzik, Andrea., 1996:
Spider wasps and fossorial wasps in Cologne Hymenoptera, Aculeata Pompilidae and Sphecidae Weg- und Grabwespen von Koln Hymenoptera, Aculeata Pompilidae et Sphecidae

Kofler, A.; Wolf, H., 1995:
Spider wasps from Tyrol and Carinthia Austria Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Wegwespen aus Tirol und Karnten Hymenoptera Pompilidae

Wolf, H., 2003:
Spider wasps from central Asia and Iran Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Wegwespen aus Zentralasien und dem Iran Hymenoptera, Pompilidae

Wahis, R., 2005:
Spider wasps from the French department of Ardeche Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Hymenopteres Pompilides de IArdeche Hymenoptera, Pompilidae

Wolf, Heinrich., 1999:
Spider wasps in Germany, their frequency, sex ratio and the last occurrence of red list species in German regions Hymenoptera Pompilidae Wegwespen in Deutschland, ihre Haufigkeit, das Geschlechterverhaltnis und das letztmalige Vorkommen der Rote-Liste-Arten in den Bundeslandern Hymenoptera Pompilidae

Groppali, Riccardo., 2000:
Spider-plant associations a first evaluation for common bramble Rubus ulmifolius Schott in Italia areas Associazione tra ragni ed essenze vegetali una prima valutazione per il rovo comune Rubus ulmifolius Schott in alcune aree italiane

Barth, F G., 2004:
Spider-senses Spinnen-Sinne

Hellrigl, K.; Wolf, H., 1995:
Spider-wasps from South Tyrol Hymenoptera, Pompilidae Faunistik der Wegwespen Sudtirols Hymenoptera, Pompilidae

Groppali, R.; Guerci, P.; Pesarini, C., 1997:
Spiders Arachnida Araneae and flowers of non-herbaceous plants in Lombardy Ragni Arachnida Araneae e fiori di essenze non erbacee in Lombardia

Pesarini, Carlo., 1997:
Spiders Arachnida Araneae from Monte Barro Italy, Lombardy, Lecco I ragni Arachnida Araneae del Monte Barro Italia, Lombardia, Lecco

Groppali, R.; Canova, I.; Pesarini, C., 2000:
Spiders Arachnida Araneae in field margins of the Central Po Valley Northern Italy Ragni Arachnida Araneae in margini di coltivi della pianura padana centrale

Hofmann, Ingrid., 1997:
Spiders Arachnida, Araneae as a group of conservation indicators for semi arid grassland Spinnen Arachnida, Araneae als Indikatorgruppe im Naturschutz am Beispiel der Halbtrockenrasen

Jager, P.; Staudt, A.; Schwarz, B.; Busse, C., 2000:
Spiders Arachnida, Araneae from vineyards and vineyard fallows along the Middle-Rhine area Germany Rheinland-Pfalz Boppard, Oberwesel Spinnen Arachnida Araneae von Weinbergen und Weinbergsbrachen am Mittelrhein Rheinland-Pfalz Boppard, Oberwesel

Groppali, R.; Boiocchi, M.; Pesarini, C., 2001:
Spiders Arachnida, Araneae of Collina Banina N Italy I ragni Arachnida, Araneae della Collina Banina

Groppali, R.; Priano, M.; Pesarini, C., 1995:
Spiders Arachnida, Araneae of Sciliar Plateau Castelrotto, Dolomites, Italy I ragni Arachnida, Araneae delAltopiano dello Sciliar Comune di Castelrotto, Provincia di Bolzano

Groppali, R.; Priano, M.; Pesarini, C., 1997:
Spiders Arachnida, Araneae on maize plants in two locations of the central Po Valley Ragni Arachnida Araneae su piante di mais in due localita della Pianura Padana centrale

Schultz, Walter., 1997:
Spiders Arachnida, Araneida of anthropogenic and natural biotopes of an agricultural landscape in the Lingen/Ems area Spinnen Arachnida, Araneida anthropogener und naturnaher Biotope einer Agrarlandschaft im Raum Lingen/Ems

Sacher, Peter., 1997:
Spiders Arachnida Araneae in the High Harz National Park Webspinnen Arachnida Araneae im Nationalpark Hochharz

Thomka, Vladimir., 2003:
Spiders Araneae Cirocha valley Fauna pavukov Araneae udolia Cirochy

Malten, A., 2006:
Spiders Araneae and harvestmen Opiliones from Barber traps at Halberg, Neumorschen north Hesse, Fulda valley Spinnen Araneae und Weberknechte Opiliones aus Barberfallen vom Halberg bei Neumorschen Nordhessen, Fuldatal

Finch, Oliver-D., 1996:
Spiders Araneae and spider wasps Hymenoptera Pompilidae of an inland dune complex in northwest Germany - diploma work, Oldenburg university, FB 7/AG Terr Okol, 93 S Spinnen Araneae und Wegwespen Hymenoptera Pompilidae eines nordwestdeutschen Binnendunenkomplexes - Diplomarbeit, Universitat Oldenburg, FB 7/AG Terr Okol, 93 S

Weber, M., 2002:
Spiders Araneae collected in the city area of Mainz Germany Die Spinnen Araneae aus der Stadtbiotopkartierung Mainz Deutschland

Sacher, Peter., 1998:
Spiders Araneae from Norway spruces of wetland localities - results of beat catches in the Higher Harz Mts Hochharz Spinnen Araneae an Fichten im Moorbereich - Ergebnisse von Klopffangen im Hochharz

Starega, Wojciech., 1996:
Spiders Araneae from Puszcza Borecka and other localities of the Masurian Lakeland Spinnen Araneae aus der Borkenheide und anderen Lokalitaten der Masurischen Seenplatte

Starega, Wojciech., 2000:
Spiders Araneae from Roztocze and adjacent areas Spinnen Araneae aus Roztocze und den anliegenden Gebieten

Jager, Peter., 1996:
Spiders Araneae from Wahner Heide near Cologne Spinnen Araneae der Wahner Heide bei Koln

Starega, Wojciech., 1996:
Spiders Araneae from the Upper Silesian coal tips Spinnen Araneae von oberschlesischen Abraumhalden des Steinkohlebergbaus

Thomka, Vladimir., 1997 :
Spiders Araneae from the Viniansky hradny vrch nature reserve Slovakia Pavuky Araneae v prirodnej rezervacii Viniansky hradny vrch Slovensko

Sielicki, M.; Starega, W., 1996:
Spiders Araneae from the ecotone of the alder wood and dry meadow in the region of Bialystok Pajaki Araneae ekotonu ols-laka w okolicach Bialegostoku

Haenggi, Ambros., 2003:
Spiders Araneae in Wildenstein - with a discussion of some regularly used methods for characterizing localities by use of faunal lists Spinnen Araneae in Wildenstein - mit Diskussion einiger haeufig gebrauchter Methoden zur Charakterisierung von Standorten anhand von Faunenlisten

Chyzy, I.; Starega, W., 1997:
Spiders Araneae in the Antoniuk Nature Reserve Pajaki Araneae rezerwatu Antoniuk

Kupryjanowicz, Janusz., 2001:
Spiders Araneae in the Baltic amber in the collections of the Museum of the Earth, Warsaw Pajaki Araneae w bursztynie baltyckim w zbiorach Muzeum Ziemi PAN w Warszawie

Thomka, Vladimir., 1999:
Spiders Araneae in the Kapusiansky hradny vrch-Nature Reserve Pavuky Araneae v Prirodnej Rezervacii Kapusiansky hradny vrch

Gajdos, P.; Sloboda, K., 1994:
Spiders Araneae of Protected Landscape Area Ponitrie and its surroundings Pavuky Araneae chranenej krajinnej oblasti Ponitrie a jej okolia

Baert, L.; Ransy, M.; Fassotte, C., 1998:
Spiders Araneae of apple and pear orchards De spinnen Araneae van appel- en perenboomgaarden

Krumpalova, Z.; Szabova, S., 2005:
Spiders Araneae of oak-hornbeam forest - influenced by the human activities in Male Karpaty Mts Pavuky Araneae dubovo-hraboveho lesa Malych Karpat - zatazeneho emisiami

Gajdos, P.; Majzlan, O., 2002:
Spiders Araneae of surrounddings of the Sivy kamen Naure Monument in Podhradie village Prievidza district Pavuky Araneae okolia prirodnej pamiatky sivy Kamen vo Obci Podhradie

Gajdos, P.; Petrvalsky, V., 2002:
Spiders Araneae of surroundings of the Krnca in Ponitrie protected landscape area Epigeicke pavuky Araneae okolie krnce v chranenej krajinnej oblastri ponitrie

Kupryjanowicz, J., 2005:
Spiders Araneae of the Biebrza National Park Pajki Araneae Biebrzanskiego Parku narodowego

Ruzicka, Vlastimil., 1996:
Spiders Araneae of the Brouskuv Mlyn National Nature Reserve South Bohemia Pavouci Araneae narodni prirodni rezervace Brouskuv mlyn

Starega, W.; Szymonowicz, B., 1999:
Spiders Araneae of the Jelonka Nature Reserve and its vicinity Pajaki Araneae rezerwatu Jelonka i jego otoczenia

Gajdos, Peter., 1996:
Spiders Araneae of the Nature Reservation of Solciansky haj Pavuky Araneae Prirodnej Rezervacie Solciansky haj

Ruzicka, V.; Vanek, J., 1997:
Spiders Araneae of the Upska raselina peatbog and Studnicni hora mountain Pavouci Araneae Upske raseliny a Studnicni hory

Majkus, Z., 2003:
Spiders Araneae of the proposed protected area Skalicka Moravka River Podbeskydsky biogeographical region Pavouci Araneae navrhovaneho chraneneho tizemi Skalicka Moravka Podbeskydsky bioregion

Gajdos, P.; Majzlan, O., 2001:
Spiders Araneae of the sandy and loess dunes in the south-western Slovakia Pavuky Araneae pieskovych a sprasovych dun juhozapadneho Slovenska

Rozwalka, R., 2006:
Spiders Araneae of the study site of xerothermic vegetation in Zmudz near Chelm Pajaki Araneae stanowiska roslinnosci kserotermicznej w Zmudzi kolo Chelma

Hajer, Jaromir., 2004:
Spiders Araneae of wetlands of the Krusne hory Mts Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic Pavouci Araneae krusnohorskych mokradu

Tropek, R., 2007:
Spiders Araneae of xerothermic grasslands and quarries in the Blansky les Protected Landscape area Pavouci Araneae xerotermnich travniku a lomu Chranene krajinne oblasti Blansky les

Thomka, V., 2005:
Spiders Araneae on the Brekov castle hill Pavuky Araneae Brekovskeho hradneho vrchu

Kononenko, A,P.; Zamullo, A,P., 1977:
Spiders Aranei from the nest of the water vole

Starega, W., 1988:
Spiders Aranei of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains

Platen, Ralph., 1995:
Spiders Araneida and harvestmen Opilionida from the Nature Reserve Area Dubringer Moor/Oberlausitz Webspinnen Araneida und Weberknechte Opilionida aus dem Naturschutzgebiet Dubringer Moor/Oberlausitz

Andreessen, Behrend., 1993:
Spiders Araneida in mosaic-biotopes of a degenerated raised-bog residue in Lower Saxony, FRG Spinnen Araneida in Mosaikbiotopen eines degenerierten Hochmoorrestes in Niedersachsen

Bryja, V.; Majkus, Z., 1999:
Spiders Araneida of Protected Landscape Area of Poodri Czech Republic Pavouci Araneida CHKO Poodri Ceska republika

Kurka, Antonin., 1999:
Spiders Araneida of the Jizerske hory Mts Protected Lanscape Area Pavouci Araneida Chranene krajinne oblasti Jizerske hory

Thaler, Konrad., 1995:
Spiders Araneida, with an appendix for Opiliones Spinnen Araneida, mit Anhang uber Weberknechte Opiliones

Bleckmann, Horst., 2003:
Spiders and bees In honour of Friedrich G Barth Ueber Spinnen und Bienen Laudatio auf Friedrich G Barth

Groppali, R.; Pesarini, C., 2005:
Spiders and fire a study in forests of Lombardy N Italy Ragni e incendi indagine in foreste lombarde

John, R., 2006:
Spiders and harvestmen Arachnida Araneae, Opiliones in agrarian landscapes of Northeastern Germany Spinnen und Weberknechte Arachnida Araneae, Opiliones in Agrarlandschaften Nordostdeutschlands

Platen, Ralph., 2000:
Spiders and harvestmen in the Burgholz State Forest - history, research programmes, perspectives Spinnen und Weberknechte im Staatswald Burgholz - Historie, Forschungsprogramme, Ausblick

Steinberger, K., 2004:
Spiders and harvestmen in the bottomlands of the River Etsch in Southern Tyrol Italy Die Spinnen Araneae und Weberknechte Opiliones der Etsch-Auen in Suedtirol Italien

Groppali, R.; Priano, M., 1994:
Spiders and other predators Ragni ed altri predatori

Morris, T.; Symondson, WOC.; Kidd, NAC.; Campos, M., 1999:
Spiders and their occurrence on Prays oleae in olive orchards Las aranas y su incidencia sobre Prays oleae en el olivar

Hoogendoorn, NC., 1997:
Spiders as food for seabirds Spinnen als zeevogelvoedsel

Tarabaev, CK.; Sheykin, AA., 1990 :
Spiders as predators in apple-tree crowns in south-eastern Kazakhstan

Lopez-Colon, Jose ignacio., 2004:
Spiders as professional entomologists Las aranas Entomologos profesionales

Corseuil, E.; Brescovit, A.D.; Heineck, M.A.gelica., 1994:
Spiders associated to soybean fields in Eldorado Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Aranhas associadas a cultura da soja em Eldorado do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Kaden, Donald., 1995:
Spiders at Nussbaumen Lake Spinnen am Nussbaumer See

Blick, Theo., 1999:
Spiders at lettuce fields near Kitzingen Lower Frankonia , Bavaria, Germany Spinnen auf Kopfsalatfeldern bei Kitzingen Unterfranken, Bayern

de Castro Gil, Alberto., 1997:
Spiders common in the Basque country Aranas comunes en el Pais Vasco

Melic, Antonio., 2001:
Spiders endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands Arachnida Araneae Aranas endemicas de la peninsula Iberica e islas Baleares Arachnida Araneae

Tutelaers, P., 1978:
Spiders from De Kempen, north Brabant Araneae

Yaginuma, T., 1952:
Spiders from Kitayama-Kyo

Melic, Antonio., 2000:
Spiders from Los Monegros II Siwa dufouri Simon, 1874 Araneae, Araneidae Aranas de Los Monegros II Siwa dufouri Simon, 1874 Araneae, Araneidae

Schmidt, G.; Krause, R.H.rald., 1998 :
Spiders from Santo Antao and Maio and two Salticidae from Fogo and Sao Nicolau Cape Verde Arachnida Araneae Spinnen von Santo Antao und Maio sowie zwei Salticidae von Fogo und Sao Nicolau Cabo Verde Arachnida Araneae

Pantini, Paolo., 2000:
Spiders from Sebino Bergamasco Italy, Lombardia Araneae I Ragni del Sebino Bergamasco Italia, Lombardia Araneae

Blick, T.; Gossner, M., 2006:
Spiders from branch-beating samples in tree crowns Arachnida Araneae, with remarks on Cinetata gradata Linyphiidae and Theridion boesenbergi Theridiidae Spinnen aus Baumkronen-Klopfproben Arachnida Araneae, mit Anmerkungen zu Cinetata gradata Linyphiidae und Theridion boesenbergi Theridiidae

Schmidt, Gunter., 1999:
Spiders from the Cape Verde Islands of Boavista, Sal Rei and Maio Araneae Spinnen von den kapverdischen Inseln Boavista, Ilheu do Sal Rei und Maio Araneae

van Essen, H.; Steur, H.; Brauckmann, C., 1999:
Spiders from the Carboniferous of Ibbenburen Maiocercus celticus Spinnentiere im Karbon von Ibbenburen Maiocercus celticus

Florez D., Eduardo., 1996:
Spiders from the Cauca valley department Aranas del departamento del Valle del Cauca

Schmidt, GEW., 1993:
Spiders from the Comoro Islands 3 Tetragnathinae and Metinae Araneida Araneidae part 1 Spinnen von den Komoren 3 Tetragnathinae und Metinae Araneida Araneidae Teil 1

Schmidt, GEW., 1993:
Spiders from the Comoro Islands 3 Tetragnathinae and Metinae Araneida Araneidae part 2 Spinnen von den Komoren 3 Tetragnathinae und Metinae Araneida Araneidae Teil 2

Weiss, I.; Schneider, E.; Andriescu, I., 1998:
Spiders from the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Romania Arachnida, Araneae Die Spinnen des Biospharenreservats Donau-Delta, Rumanien Arachnida, Araneae

Starega, Wojciech., 2003:
Spiders from the Lower Bug Landscape Park Pajaki z Nadbuzanskiego Parku Krajobrazowego

Ledoux, J-C., 2001:
Spiders from the Rhone bank forests Gard and Vaucluse France Araignees des ripisilves du Rhone Gard et Vaucluse

Sychevskaya, VI., 1973:
Spiders from the nest of Scelifron destillatorium Ill Hymenoptera, Sphecidae in central Asia

Llinas-Gutierrez, J.; Jimenez, M., 2004:
Spiders from the wetlands in southern Baja California, Mexico Aranas de humedales del sur de Baja California, Mexico

Steinberger, K.-Heinz.; Kopf, T., 1997:
Spiders from urban xerothermic sites in Innsbruck northern Tyrol, Austria Arachnida Araneae Zur Spinnenfauna von Xerothermenstandorten im Stadtgebiet von Innsbruck Osterreich, Nordtirol Arachnidae Araneae

Groppali, R.; Bottasso, S.; Priano, M.; Pesarini, C., 1996:
Spiders in Ligurian olive-grove Albisola Marina, Savona Province, Italy Arachnida, Araneae Ragni in oliveti liguri Albisola Marina, provincia di Savona Arachnida, Araneae

Aakra, Kjetil., 1999:
Spiders in a cultivated landscape Edderkopper i kulturlandskapet

Toft, S.; Jensen, A.P.ter., 1996:
Spiders in agriculture - effects of insecticides and food Agerlandets edderkopper - okologiske effekter af insekticider og fode

Groppali, R.; Pesarini, C.; Priano, M.; Sciaky, R.; Trematerra, P., 1995:
Spiders in apple orchards in Valtellina Arachnida, Araneae Ragni in meleti della Valtellina Arachnida, Araneae

Groppali, R.; Pesarini, C., 1996:
Spiders in areas with Mediterranean arboreal and shrub vegetation near the west shore of Lake Garda Province of Brescia I ragni Arachnida Araneae di aree con vegetazione arborea e arbustiva di tipo mediterraneo presso la sponda occidentale del lago di Garda Provincia de Brescia

Dias, S.C.laca.; Brescovit, A.D.mingos.; Santos, L.T.odoro.; Couto, E.C.nceicao Guerreiro., 2000:
Spiders in bromeliads of two restinga marshes in the State of Sergipe, Brazil Aranhas em bromelias de duas restingas do Estado de Sergipe, Brasil

Canard, A.; Marc, P.; Ysnel, F.; Tiberghien, G., 1997:
Spiders in houses Les araignees des maisons

Melic Blas, A., 2004:
Spiders in mythology La Arana en la Mitologia

Walter, T.; Deutschmann, K., 2000:
Spiders in the sea? Spinnen im Meer?

Groppali, R.; Boiocchi, M.; Priano, M.; Pesarini, C., 1997:
Spiders in vineyards of the Pavia province Italy Ragni in vigneti della provincia di Pavia

Lane, LN., 1990:
Spiders make me laugh

Jourde, P.; Thirion, J.-Marc., 1999:
Spiders of Charente-Maritime France first results Contribution a linventaire des araignees Arachnida, Araneae de Charente-Maritime France

Verneau, Norbert., 2000:
Spiders of Corsica the family Eresidae Les araignees de Corse la famille des Eresidae

Ledoux, J.-Claude.; Raphael, B., 1999:
Spiders of Mas Larrieu nature reserve Argeles, Pyrenees-Orientales Araignees de la reserve naturelle du Mas Larrieu Argeles, Pyrenees-Orientales

Ledoux, J-C., 2004:
Spiders of Reunion Island I Hahniidae, Ctenidae, Thomisidae and Clubionidae Araneae Araignees de file de La Reunion I Hahniidae, Ctenidae, Thomisidae et Clubionidae Araneae

Ransy, M.; Baert, L.; Dethier, M., 2005:
Spiders of Targnon Theux area, Liege province, Belgium Les araignees du ru de Targnon commune de Theux, province de Liege, Belgique

Simard, Claude., 2004:
Spiders of Tourmente cape Arraignees du cap Tourmente

Capocasale, Roberto M., 1998:
Spiders of Uruguay, 8 Contribution to the knowledge of Segestria ruficeps Guerin Araneae, Segestriidae Contribucion al conocimiento de Segestria ruficeps Guerin Araneae, Segestriidae

Groppali, R.; Priano, M.; Pesarini, C., 1999:
Spiders of a wood in the lagoon area of Marano in comparison with woods of the central Po Valley northern Italy Araneofauna di un bosco nellarea lagunare di Marano e suo confronto con boschi interni della Valpadana

Piovesan Rinaldi, I.Maria, 2005:
Spiders of a young plantation of eucalypt diversity and potential predator of the most frequent arboreal species Aranhas de uma plantacao jovem de eucalipto diversidade e predador potencial das especies arboricolas mais frequentes

Pozzi, Stefano., 1997:
Spiders of dry, unfertilized grasslands in the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud Switzerland - species lists Spinnenfange aus Magerwiesen der Kantone Genf und Waadt Schweiz - unkommentierte Artenlisten

Rodrigues, E.N.L.; Ott, R., 2005:
Spiders of family Theridiosomatidae a new species and new records for Brazil Aranhas da familia Theridiosomatidae espede nova e novas ocorrencias no Brasil

Vaitzkute, Y.I., 1960:
Spiders of pine-tree cultures in Southern Lithuania

Calixto, S.C. da R., 2000:
Spiders of public health significance Aranhas de interesse em saude publica

Schmidt, GEW., 1994:
Spiders of the Comoro Islands 3 Tetragnathinae and Metinae Araneida Araneidae Spinnen von den Komoren 3 Tetragnathinae und Metinae Araneida Araneidae

Vflbaste, A., 1969:
Spiders of the Estonian SSR 1 Xysticidae, Philodromidae and Salticidae

Kovoor, J.; Cuevas, A.; Munoz.; Danton, P., 2002:
Spiders of the Juan Fernandez Islands Chile Araignees des Iles Juan Fernandez Chili

Main, BY., 1990:
Spiders of the Shark Bay area, Western Australia

Thomka, Vladimir., 1995:
Spiders of the States Natural Reservation Bahno Pavuky spr Bahno

Adam, Timm., 2005:
Spiders of the families Ctenidae, Pisauridae and Trechaleidae Wasserjagende Spinnen der Familien Ctenidae, Pisauridae und Trechaleidae

Kurka, Antonin., 2002:
Spiders of the family Atypidae Sklipkanci

Duran-Barron, C.G., 2004:
Spiders of the family Theridiidae Arachnida Araneae of Chamela Biological Station Aranas de la familia Theridiidae Arachnida Araneae de la Estacion de Biologia Chamela

Schmidt, Guenter., 2004:
Spiders of the high north, which also occur at our latitude Spinnen des hohen Nordens, die auch in unseren Breiten vorkommen

Sterghiu, Cleopatra., 1996:
Spiders of the north of Moldova the Moldova Plain Aranee din nordul Moldovei Campulung Moldovenesc

Staudt, A., 2006:
Spiders of the order Araneida from the site of the former mine Reden Webspinnen - Araneida auf dem Gelaende der ehemaligen Grube Reden

Arno, Claudio., 2001:
Spiders of the protected area Fascia fluviale del Po a preliminary note on three species new for Italy and one species new for Piedmont Arachnida, Araneae Ragni dellarea protetta Fascia fluviale del Po nota preliminare su tre specie nuove per lItalia e una nuova per il Piemonte Arachnida, Araneae

Peckham, G.W.Wheeler, W.H., 1888:
Spiders of the subfamily Lyssomanae

Jaeger, P.; Kreuels, M., 2001:
Spiders of the years 2000 and 2001 Argyroneta aquatica and Argiope bruennichi Spinne des Jahres 2000 und 2001 Argyroneta aquatica und Argiope bruennichi

Schmidt, Guenter., 2002:
Spiders on postage stamps III Spinnentiere auf Briefmarken III

Grangier, Christophe., 2000:
Spiders on the menu for damselflies Des araignees au menu de ces demoiselles

Bergthaler, G.J.; Bachl, D., 1997:
Spiders, beetles and trichopterans Arachnida Araneae; Insecta Coleoptera, Trichoptera in the tunnel system of the Alm canal in Salzburg A contribution to the knowledge of cave dwelling species Spinnen-, Kafer- und Kocherfligenfunde Archanida Spinnen-, Kafer- und Kocherfligenfunde Archanida Spinnen-, Kafer- und Kocherfligenfunde Archanida Spinnen-, Kafer- und Kocherfligenfunde Archanida Spinnen-, Kafer- und Kocherfligenfunde Archanida Spinnen-, Kafer- und Kocherfligenfunde Archa

Li, W.; Fu, Y., 2002:
Spiders Zhi Zhu

Merz, Bernhard., 1998:
Spilomyia diophthalma Linnaeus and Spilomyia manicata Rondani Diptera, Syrphidae in the Lower Engadine valley Switzerland Spilomyia diophthalma Linnaeus und Spilomyia manicata Rondani Diptera, Syrphidae im Unterengadin Schweiz

Nemec, P.; Koudelkova, H.; Druga, R.; Horacek, I., 2000:
Spinal cord of Chiroptera implications for the phylogenetic studies Hrbetni micha letounu Chiroptera vyuzitelnost znaku misni morfologie v systematice

Meyer, C.; Miller, D., 1990:
Spinal injury and mortality in rainbow and brown trout collected by electroshocking

Hes, O.; Honsa, V.; Vrabec, V., 2002:
Spinal tumours in snakes - a description of three cases Nadory patere u hadu - popis tri pripadu

Thorell, T., 1891:
Spindlar fran Nikobarerna och andra delar af Sodra Asien, etc

Bouin, P., 1902:
Spindle-residues in cell-division

Povolny, D.; Gregor, F. jr., 1946:
Spindles Zygaena Fab in Moravo-Silesia

Zuppke, U., 2006:
Sping observations on the Kurisch Spit Lithuania and in Nemunas Memel delta Lithuania Fruehjahrsbeobachtungen auf der Kurischen Nehrung und im Nemunas Memel delta Litauen

Beschin, C.; D.A.geli, A., 2003:
Spinipalicus italicus, new genus and species of Palicidae Crustacea, Decapoda from the Eocene of Vicenza area Northern Italy Spinipalicus italicus, nuovo genere e specie di Palicidae Crustacea, Decapoda delleocene del Vicentino Italia settentrionale

Naidenova, N.N., 1966:
Spinitectus tamari nsp

Keyserling., 1885:
Spinnen Amerikas vol ii

Kiryanova, E.S., 1958:
Spinochordodes skrjabini spec nov Nematomorpha, Gordioidea from Armenia

Zompro, Oliver., 2001:
Spinohirasea crassithorax, n gen n sp, a new phasmatid from Vietnam Phasmatodea Phasmatidae Lonchodinae Menexenini Spinohirasea crassithorax, n gen n sp, eine neue Stabschecke aus Vietnam Phasmatodea Phasmatidae Lonchodinae Menexenini

Vinuela, E.; Adan, A.; Gonzalez, M.; Budia, F.; Smagghe, G.; Del Estal, P., 1998:
Spinosad and azadirachtin effects of two naturally derived pesticides against Podisus maculiventris Say Hemiptera Pentatomidae Spinosad y azadiractina efectos de dos plaguicidas de origen natural en el chinche depredador Podisus maculiventris Say Hemiptera Pentatomidae

Dal Sasso, C.; Maganuco, S., 2006:
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus the largest terrestrial predator of all time Spinosaurus aegyptiacus il piu grande predatore terrestre di tutti i tempi

Robiller, Franz., 1996:
Spinus barbatus on the Falkland islands Bartzeisige auf den Falkland Islands

Nitschky-Germann, Jorg., 1996:
Spinus psaltria Der Mexikozeisig Spinus psaltria

Garcia de la Rosa, S.B.; Sanchez, F.; Prenski, B., 2004:
Spiny dogfish Squalus acanthias biological characterization and exploitation state Caracterizacion biologica y estado de explotacion del tiburon espinoso Squalus acanthias

Smith, Mark., 1999:
Spiny eels Die Stachelaale

Werning, Heiko., 2002:
Spiny lizards Stachelleguane

Rios Lara, G.V.ronica.; Cervera Cervera, K.; Espinoza Mendez, J.C.rlos.; Perez Perez, M.; Zetina Moguel, C.; Chable Ek, F., 1998:
Spiny lobster Panulirus argus and queen conch Strombus gigas density estimation in the central area of Alacranes Reef, Yucatan, Mexico Estimacion de las densidades de langosta espinosa Panulirus argus y caracol rosado Strombus gigas en el area central del Arrecife Alacranes, Yucatan, Mexico

Sabogal G., A.; Florez D., E., 2000:
Spiny spiders of the genus Micrathena Sundevall, 1833 Araneae Araneidae from Colombia Aranas espinosas del genero Micrathena Sundevall, 1833 Araneae Araneidae de Colombia

Schwier, Henning., 2007:
Spiny-tailed lizards - the genus Cordylus Guertelschweife - die Gattung Cordylus

Wilms, Thomas., 1999:
Spiny-tailed lizards Dornschwanzagamen

Imajima, M., 1990:
Spionidae Annelida, Polychaeta from Japan 5 The genera Streblospio and Dispio

Granados-Barba, A.; Solis-Weiss, V., 1998:
Spionidae Annelida, Polychaeta from the oil platforms area in the southern Gulf of Mexico Les Spionidae Annelides, Polychetes de la zone des puits petroliers de la region meridionale du Golfe du Mexique

Sokolov, I.I.; Vekua, A.K., 1966:
Spiral-horned antelope Sinoreas sp from Sower Pleistocene deposits in Akhal-kalak

Dulcic, Jakov., 2000:
Spiridion Brusina - zoologist and paleontologist 1845-1908 Spiridion Brusina - zoolog i paleontolog 1845-1908

Cisterna, Gabriela A., 1997:
Spiriferida Brachiopoda from Las Salinas Formation Late Carboniferous, Chubut Province, Argentina Spiriferida Brachiopoda en la formacion Las Salinas, Carbonifero Superior, Provincia de Chubut, Argentina

Sluisareva, A.D., 1960:
Spiriferidae from the Kazan beds of the Russian Platform and the conditions of their existence Genera Licharowia Einor and Permospirifer Kulikov

Benediktova, S.N., 1956:
Spiriferidae of the Ostrogsk series of the Kuzbass

Hou, K.F., 1959:
Spiriferids of Lower Devonian and eifelian beds of the Southern part of Guansi

Bouhamdi, A.; Gaillard, C.; Ruget, C., 2001:
Spirillinids versus agglutinated foraminifers role of organic flux and paleoenvironmental significance Middle Oxfordian, southeastern France Spirillines versus agglutinants Impact du flux organique et interet paleoenvironnemental Oxfordien moyen du sud-est de la France

Kadenatzi, A.N., 1946:
Spirocerca vigisiana n sp, a new parasite of the fox Vulpes corsac In Collected Papers on Helminthol Moscow

Szell, Z.; Mathe, A.; Erdelyi, I.; Deim, Z.; Bende, Z.; Varga, I., 2001:
Spirocercosis and alariosis in dogs Short literature review and two rare case reports Spirocercosis es alariosis Ket ritka helminthosis kutyakban Rovid irodalmi attekintes es ket eset ismertetese

Fantham, H.B., 1907:
Spirochaeta anodontae

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina alata Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina angulifera Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina costata Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina costigera Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina incerta Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina inflata Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina ornata Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina pertusa Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina semi-ornata Terquem 1882

L.Calves, Y., 1958:
Spiroloculina striata Terquem 1882

L.Calvez, Y., 1958 :
Spiroloculina subangulosa Terquem 1882

Skriabin, K.I., 1909:
Spiroptera scutata oesophagea in der Speiserohre von Ziegen

Brief, J., 2006:
Spirostomum caudatum - a protozoan with a tail and partially sessile life mode Spirostomum caudatum - Ein Sumpfwurm mit Schwanz und partiell sessiler Lebensweise

Lepsi, I., 1957:
Spirotriche und peritriche Infusorien aus den Hochmooren von Poiana Stampei, bezirk Vatra Dornei

Skrjabin, K.I.; Sobolev, A.A.I.ashkin, V.M., 1967:
Spirurata of animals and man and diseases caused by them Part 4 Thelazioidea

Skrjabin, K.L.; Sobolev, A.A.; Ivashkin, V.M., 1967:
Spirurata of animals and man and diseases caused by them Part 5 Supplement

Sobolev, A.A., 1954:
Spirurata of domestic and wild animals of com-mercial value

Djaparidse, LA., 1971:
Spirurids of domestic aquatic birds waterfowl in Georgia

Aguirre-Urreta, Maria B., 1995:
Spitidiscus riccardii Leanza Wiedmann Ammonoidea from the Hauterivian of Neuquen Spitidiscus riccardii Leanza y Wiedmann Ammonoidea en el Hauteriviano del Neuquen

de Almeida Bernardo, E.; Puga, O. da Silva, R.A.aime, 2003:
Spittlebugs species Hemiptera cercopidae in middle-north of Mato Grosso state, Brazil Especies de cigarrinhas-das pastagens Hemiptera Cercopidae no meio-norte do Mato Grosso

Graber, Linus., 1994:
Spixs macaw - conservation breeding an important step further Spixara - Erhaltungszucht einen wichtigen Schritt weiter

Loro Parque Fundacion., 2002:
Spixs macaw returns to Brazil Spix-Ara kehrt nach Brasilien zurueck

Hoogerwerf, A., 1947:
Spizaetus nipalensis bartelsi

Oberholser, H.C., 1919:
Spizixidae, a new family of Pycnonotine Passeriformes

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