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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38680

Chapter 38680 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Laurin, G.; Green, DM., 1990: Spring emergence and male chorus behaviour in Fowlers toads, Bufo woodhousii fowleri, at Long Point, Ontario

Vilvens, Claude., 2006: Spring excursion of the Belgian Malacology Society to Basse-Meuse 27th May 2006 Lexcursion de printemps de la SBM en Basse-Meuse 27 mai 2006

Fischer, J.; Fischer, F.; Schnabel, Susanne.; Wagner, R.; Bohle, HW., 1998: Spring fauna of the Hessian Mittelgebirge Population structure, adaptive strategies, and relations to habitats of the macroinvertebrates, as exemplified by springs in the Rhenisch metamorphic shield and in the East-Hessian sandstone plate Die Quellfauna der Hessischen Mittelgebirsregion Besiedlungsstruktur, Anpassungsmechanismen und Habitatbindung der Makroinvertebraten am Beispiel von Quellen aus dem Rheinischen Schiefergebirge und der osthhessischen Buntsandsteinlandschaft

Bukelskis, E., 1998: Spring fish migration in small rivers in the eastern part of Lithuania Pavasarine zuvu migracija rytines Lietuvos dalies upeliuose

Bringsoe, H., 2004: Spring in Denmark Dont find tortoises until late in the winter Forar i Danmark Find padder sidst pa vinteren

Falk, Heinz., 2000: Spring in the Tertiary of Rhodes Island Fruhling im Tertiar der Insel Rhodos

Cuvelier, S.; Spruytte, S., 2004: Spring in the south of France Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Printemps dans le Sud de la France Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

Lang, Bruno., 2001: Spring migrant first arrival in Normandy Arrivee des oiseaux estivants nicheurs en Normandie

Brown, MR., 1990: Spring migration 1989

Giacchini, Paolo.; Giusini, Umberto.; Politi, Pietro., 2003: Spring migration along the Adriatic coast the ringing centre of Monte Brisighella Monte San Bartolo national park, Pesaro from 1994 to 2002 Migrazione primaverile lungo la costa adriatica il Centro di Inanellamento del Monte Brisighella Parco Naturale del Monte San Bartolo, Pesaro dal 1994 al 2002

Schmitz, Michael.; Legge, Harald.; Sudfeldt, Christoph., 2001: Spring migration and breeding of waders and waterbirds in the Razim-Sinoie lagoon system Fruehjahrsdurchzug und Brutvorkommen der Wasser- und Watvoegel im Lagunengebiet Razim-Sinoie an der ostrumaenischen Schwarzmeerkueste

Gerasimov, NN., 1990: Spring migration and numbers of Anseriformes in Kamchatka

Tichy, Herbert., 2004: Spring migration and passage of some species of birds in the close vicinity of Louny Jarni prilety a prutah nekterych druhu ptaku v blizkem okoli Loun

Blockx, Herwig., 2004: Spring migration at Cape Leucate, France Het noorden wacht niet Leucate, 15-4-01

Maigre, Olivier.; Zenoni, Veronique., 2002: Spring migration at Pointe de Grave Gironde Migration printaniere a la Pointe de Grave Gironde

Svagzdys, A., 1996: Spring migration dynamics, quantity and biological characteristics in salmon and sea-trout of the Minija River Apie slakio ir lasisos rituoliu pavasarine migracija minijos upe

Strann, K-B., 1990: Spring migration in the knot in north Norway during 1983-1989

Clavier, Jean-Louis.; Cantera, Jean-Pierre.; Faggio, Gilles.; Bonaccorsi, Gilles.; Rossi, Tony., 2003: Spring migration of birds at the Corsican Cape, Barcaggio-Ersa, Rogliano Haute-Corse Seasons 1998-1999 La migration printaniere des oiseaux dans le Cap Corse Barcaggio-Ersa, Rogliano Haute-Corse Saisons 1998-1999

Lepisk, Arvi.; Leito, Aivar., 1997: Spring migration of geese at Rapina polder in 1997 Hanede kevadranne Rapina poldril 1997 Aastal

Rootsmae, Lemming., 1995: Spring migration of geese in 1992 Hanede ja laglede kevadrandest 1992 Aastal

Rootsmae, Lemming., 1997: Spring migration of geese in 1995 Hanede ja laglede kevadrandest 1995 Aastal

Schmid, R.; Probst, Remo, 2006: Spring migration of raptors at Braunsberg lower Austria in 2000 and 2001 Greifvogelzug am Brunsberg NOE im Fruehjahr 2000 und 2001

Ellestrom, O., 2003: Spring migration of seabirds in Kaseberga Varstracket av sjofaglar i Kaseberga

Green, Martin., 2001: Spring migration of the barnacle goose past Skane Varstracket av vitkindad gas forbi Skane

Leszczynski, Bogumil.; Jozwiak, Beata.; Laskowska, Iwona.; Szynkarczyk, Sylwia., 1998: Spring migration of the bird cherry-oat aphid Rhopalosiphum padi L on triticale Wiosenne migracje mszycy czeremchowo-zbozowej Rhopalosiphum padi L na pszenzyto

Kaczmareck, Lothar., 1996: Spring migration of the black stork Ciconia nigra and the red kite Milvus milvus Fruhjahrsdurchzug von Schwarzstorch Ciconia nigra und Rotmilan Milvus milvus

Prinsen, JD., 1990: Spring migration of the caraway root aphid, Pemphigus passeki Borner Homoptera Aphidoidea

Csorgo, Tibor.; Halmos, Gergo., 2000: Spring migration of the curlew sandpiper Calidris ferruginea in Tunisia A sarlos partfuto Calidris ferruginea tavaszi vonulasa Tuneziaban

Pagorski, P.; Antczak, K., 2004: Spring migration of the golden plover Pluvialis apricaria in the Mlawka River valley Wiosenny przelot siewki zlotej Pluvialis apricaria w dolinie Mlawki powiat mlawski

Agostini, N.; Malara, G.; Neri, F.; Mollicone, D., 1994: Spring migration of the honey buzzard Pernis apivorus in Cap Bon Tunisia and in the Straits of Messina La migrazione primaverile del falco pecchiaiolo Pernis apivorus a Cap Bon Tunisia e sullo Stretto di Messina

Oien, Ingar Jostein.; Aarvak, Tomas., 2005: Spring migration of the lesser white-fronted goose from Iraq to its breeding grounds in the Russian tundra Vartrekk av dverggas fra Irak til hekkeplas pa den russiske tundra

Giacchini, Paolo.; Giusini, Umberto.; Politi, Pietro., 2003: Spring migration of the yellow wagtail Motacilla flava along the Adriatic coast Migrazione primaverile di Cutrettola Motacilla flava lungo la costa adriatica

Fracasso, Giancarlo.; Farronato, Ivan.; Baccetti, Nicola.; Massi, Alberto.; Montemaggiori, Alessandro.; Roselli, Anna.; Spina, Fernando., 1995: Spring migration of two subspecies of woodchat shrike Lanius s senator, L s badius across the Mediterranean Migrazione primaverile di due sottospecie di averla capirossa Lanius s senator, L s badius attraverso il mediterraneo

Meissner, Wlodzimierz.; Wlodarczak, Anna., 1998: Spring migration of waders Charadrii in the area of the projected Rzeczne Laki Reserve at the Bay of Puck Wiosenna migracja siewkowcow Charadrii na terenie projektowanego rezerwatu Rzeczne Laki nad Zatoka Pucka

Lilliendahl, Kristjan.; Solmundsson, Jon.; Guthmundsson, Guthmundur A., 2000: Spring migration passage of pomarine and long-tailed skuas in Iceland Ferthir iskjoa og fjallkjoa vith Island ath vorlagi

Rodionov, MA., 1975: Spring migrations of birds in western Siberia

Waldenstrom, Anders., 1997: Spring migratory arrivals in Oland - a summary of spring periods 1986-95 Varfaglarnas ankomst till Oland - en sammanstallning av tioarsperioden 1986-95

Pilastro, Andrea.; Baccetti, Nicola.; Massi, Alberto.; Montemaggiori, Alessandro.; Roselli, Anna.; Spina, Fernando., 1995: Spring migratory direction and fat consumption in the garden warbler Sylvia borin Stima della direzione di migrazione e del consumo di grasso per ora di volo nel beccafico Sylvia borin durante la migrazione primaverile

Bulgarini, Fabrizio.; Mafai Giorgi, Myrta., 1999: Spring observation of a Richards pipit Anthus richardi in Latium central Italy Osservazione primaverile di calandro maggiore Anthus richardi nel Lazio

Barteczka, Justyna.; Rudzionek, Bogdan.; Konopka, Andrzej., 2005: Spring observation of the sanderling Calidris alba, bar-tailed godwit Limosa lapponica and black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus in the Middle Notec River Valley Wiosenna obserwacja piaskowca Calidris alba, szlamnika Limosa lapponica i szczudlaka Himantopus himantopus w dolinie Srodkowej Noteci

Krueger, Heinz., 2003: Spring observations in the Thriptis Mountains and its foreland on Crete Fruehjahrsbeobachtungen im Thriptis-Gebirge und seinem Vorland auf Kreta

Spruytte, S., 2006: Spring observations in the south of France Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera Observations printanieres dans le sud de la France Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera

Fraipont, R.; Vandewer, A.; Rouck, M.; Burnel, Andre, 2007: Spring of 2006 at the Awirs station of spring migration Le printemps 2006 a la station de baguage des Awirs

Meissner, W., 2003: Spring passage of gulls near the Rozewie Cap Wiosenny przelot mew Laridae kolo przyladka Rozewie

Basciutti, Paolo.; Colorio, Gabriele., 1998: Spring phenology of four species of Acrocephalus in a wetland area of north-east Italy Fenologia primaverile di quattro specie del genere Acrocephalus in una zona umida dellItalia nord-orientale

Premuda, G.; Mellone, U.; Cocchi, L., 2004: Spring raptor migration routes at Capo dOtranto Apulia, southern Italy Osservazioni sulle modalita della migrazione primaverile dei rapaci a Capo dOtranto

Kovacs, Gabor., 1995: Spring record of dotterels Charadrius morinellus on ploughed fields Havasi lile Charadrius morinellus tavaszi elofordulasa szanton

Serra, Lorenzo.; Magnani, Ariele.; Giusini, Umberto., 1995: Spring ringing activity on the promontory of Monte Brisighella Pesaro Attivita primaverile di inanellamento sul promontorio di Monte Brisighella Pesaro

Tapia, L.; Dominguez, J., 2005: Spring roadside raptor surveys in Ourense NW Spain Censo primaveral de falconiformes en Ourense NO Espana mediante transectos por carretera

Fox, Anthony D.; Einarsson, Olafur.; Hilmarsson, Johann Oli.; Boyd, Hugh.; Mitchell, Carl., 2000: Spring staging by pink-footed goose in southern Iceland Vithdvol heithagaesa a Suthurland ath vori

Folz, H., 2003: Spring stopover of cranes Grus grus in the Mainz-Bingen district, 2003 Fruehjahrsrast von Kranichen Grus grus im Landkreis Mainz-Bingen 2003

Hermi, Monia.; Aissa, Patricia., 2003: Spring structure of nematological communities in the south lake of Tunis Tunisia Structure printaniere des peuplements nematologiques du lac Sud de Tunis Tunisie

Kumushaliev, BK.; Shukurov, ED., 1990: Spring survey of birds in Naryn Basin

Schroeder, H.; Howein, Heike; Gerecke, R., 2006: Spring types and fauna Quelltypen und Quellfauna

Gerecke, R.; Franz, H., 2006: Springs in Berchtesgaden national park Communities as indicators of climate change Quellen im Nationalpark Berchtesgaden Lebensgemeinschaften als Indikatoren des Klimawandels

Botosaneanu, L., 1998: Springs gates to and from the styx Sources aux portes du styx

Simon-Benito, Jose Carlos.; Ortuno, Vicente M.; Espantaleon, David., 2002: Springtail Collembola, Insecta from the Cretaceous amber of Alava basque-cantabrian basin, northern Spain Colembolos Collembola, Insecta del ambar cretacico de Alava cuenca vasco-cantabrica, norte de Espana

Wegrzyn, M., 2006: Springtails Collembola of the Srubita reserve in the Beskid Zywiceki Mountains Skoczognonki Collembola rezerwatu Srubita w Beskidzie Zywieckim

Pomorski, Romuald J., 1995: Springtails Collembola of the cave Pod Sokola Gora Skoczogonki Collembola jaskini Pod Sokola Gora

Fjellberg, A., 2006: Springtails in the north Hoppstjartar i Norden

Berg, M P.; Aptroot, A., 2003: Springtails on lichens Hexapoda Collembola Springstaarten op korstmossen Hexapoda Collembola

Christiansen, Kenneth A., 1998: Springtails Las colas de resorte

Heyman, Helena., 2005: Springtime for cranes Tranvar

Falt, Peder.; Johansson, Hans-Erik., 1999: Springtime for the grebes of Lake Hornborgasjon Det varas for Hornborgasjons doppingar

Peters, Guenther.; Guenther, Andre., 2000: Springtime observations on Anax ephippiger at Rhodos/Greece with some remarks on the invasion area of the species Odonata Aeshnidae Fruehjahrsbeobachtungen an Anax ephippiger auf Rhodos nebst Anmerkungen ueber den Invasionsraum der Art Odonata Aeshnidae

Marquez, Rafael.; Cejudo, Daniel., 1999: Sprint speed in Gallotia simonyi Sauria, Lacertidae Velocidad de carrera de Gallotia simonyi Sauria, Lacertidae

Jung, G., 1990: Sprosser Luscinia luscinia am Chiemsee

Kula, E.; Zabecki, W., 2000: Spruce attraction for cambioxylophagous pests in some forest type groups Atraktivita smrku pro kambioxylofagy v nekterych souborech lesnich typu

Grodzki, W., 2002: Spruce bark beetle Ips typographus L in protected mountain areas as a subject of international research programs Kornik drukarz, Ips typographus L, w gorskich obszarach chronionych, jako przedmiot miedzynarodowych programow badawczych

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Laurenti, Stefano.; Cardinali, Gianni., 2001: Squacco heron Ardeola ralloides wintering in the Lake of Alviano, Terni, Umbria, central Italy Svernamento di Sgarza ciuffetto Ardeola ralloides al Lago di Alviano TR

Mohar, Dijana., 2001: Squacco heron Copasta caplja Ardeola ralloides

Bordjan, Dejan., 2002: Squaco heron Copasta caplja Ardeola ralloides

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Buchinger, T.; Handl, C., 1996: Squamatoherpia tricuspidata gen n et sp n from the North Sea Mollusca Solenogastres Dondersiidae Squamatoherpia tricuspidata gen n et sp n aus der Nordsee Mollusca Solenogastres Dondersiidae

Perrin, Helene., 2002: Squamodontus hamoni Richard, 1957, new synonym of Naupactus leucoloma Boheman, 1840 Coleoptera, Curculionidae Squamodontus hamoni Richard, 1957, nouveau synonyme de Naupactus leucoloma Boheman, 1840

Wuenschmann, A.; Weismann, Melissa J.; Rasmussen, JM.; Petrini, Kristine R.; Korbel, RT., 2002: Squamous cell carcinoma in a greater Indian hornbill Buceros bicornis Plattenepithelkarzinom bei einem Doppelhornvogel Buceros bicornis

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Fontenla Rizo, Jorge Luis., 1994: Stability and temporal variability of the butterfly community at Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos, Cuba Estabilidad y variabilidad temporal de la comunidad de mariposas del Jardin Botanico de Cienfuegos, Cuba

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Souza, Brigida.; Santa-Cecilia, Lenira Viana Costa., 2000: Stage density of Dysmicoccus brevipes Cockerell Hemiptera Pseudococcidae in six hosts Densidade de estadios de Dysmicoccus brevipes Cockerell Hemiptera Pseudococcidae em seis hospedeiros

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