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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38682

Chapter 38682 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bernard, Regine., 2001:
Statistical analysis of hydrobiological data acquired in Valais between 1990 and 1997 Traitement statistique des donnees hydrobiologiques acquises en Valais entre 1990 et 1997

Perez-Lorente, Felix., 1996:
Statistical analysis of theropod trackways Pistas teropodas en cifras

Madec, L.; Bellido, A.; Guiller, A., 1996:
Statistical and biogeographical significances of patterns of morphological and biochemical variation in the land snail Helix aspersa Signification statistique des modeles geographiques de variation morphologique et biochimique chez lescargot terrestre Helix aspersa

Butrym, B., 1964:
Statistical data concerning the incidence of trichomonadosis in bulls of Katowice Voivodeship, in the years 1954-1963

Morgilevskaya, LE.; Dzhikhvashvili, VN., 1973:
Statistical estimation of some morphological characteristics of the wood mouse in Georgia

Krpal, J.; Zelinka, M., 1990:
Statistical evaluation of some influences on occurrence of macrobenthos of lotic waters

Negishi, K., 1931:
Statistical growth changes in Bats

Corsi, F.; Ardizzone, GD., 1997:
Statistical identification of areas of concentration of juveniles of fish species Individuazione statistica di aree di concentrazioni di stadi giovanili di specie ittiche

May, Andreas., 1998:
Statistical investigation on the tabulate coral Thamnopora Anthozoa; Devonian Statistische Untersuchungen an der tabulaten Koralle Thamnopora Anthozoa; Devon

Gordeev, NA.; Ilina, LK., 1976:
Statistical method for the determination of fishing possibilities in future years

Barbier, Gilles., 2004:
Statistical studies on the insects of urban houses of Mans 72 Etude statistique sur les insectes des habitations des milieux urbains sur la commune du Mans 72

Podgurskii, AM.; Lyapin, EN.; Zlotnikova, GD.; Gusev, DI., 1971:
Statistical study in the distribution of polonium-210 concentration in trout eggs

Simonpietri, G.; Philip, J.; Platel, J.-Pierre., 1998:
Statistical study of species of Vaccinites Hippuritacea, Hippuritidae from the Campanian from the Sultanate of Oman Etude statistique des especes de Vaccinites Hippuritacea, Hippuritidae du Campanien du Sultanat dOman

Krijnen, Charles., 1997:
Statistical study of the characteristics of shells in the genus Nerita Statistisch onderzoek naar de kenmerken van schelpen van het genus Nerita

Delgado de Molina, A.; Santana, JC.; Delgado de Molina, R.; Ariz, J., 2002:
Statistics data on tuna fishing of the Canary Islands during the 1975 to 2000 period Datos estadisticos de la pesqueria de tunidos de las Islas Canarias durante el periodo 1975 a 2000

Anon., 1965:
Statistics for 1963-64

Anon., 1965:
Statistics for 1964-65

Kohler, C.; Muller, A., 1990:
Statistische Untersuchungen zum Langen - Gewichtsverhaltnis ausgewahlter Fischarten aus dem Rhein

Flores, L.A.; Garland, D.E., 2002:
Statoliths descriptions and morphometrics and gravimetrics relationship in Patagonian squid Loligo gahi Cephalopoda Loliginidae Descripcion de los estatolitos y relaciones morfometricas y gravimetricas en el calamar patagonico Loligo gahi Cephalopoda Loliginidae

Costa, M.; Bondi, S., 2002:
Status and biology of ferruginous duck, Aythya nyroca, in Punte Alberete and Valle Mandriole Marsh Ravenna Status e biologia della moretta tabaccata, Aythya nyroca, nel complesso palustre di Punte Alberete e Valle Mandriole Ravenna

D.V.ttorio, M.; Diliberto, N.; Campobello, D., 2003:
Status and biology of the Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus in Sicily Status e biologia del Capovaccaio Neophron percnopterus in Sicilia

Ferlini, F.; Ferlini, R., 1997:
Status and breeding biology of black-winged stilt Himantopus himantopus in Pavia province N Italy Status e biologia riproduttivva del cavaliere dItalia Himantopus himantopus in provincia di Pavia

Hanane, S.; Dakki, M.; Maghnouj, M.; Benazzou, T.; Thevenot, M., 2005:
Status and breeding biology of little tern Sterna albifrons on a rocky portion of the northern Moroccan Atlantic coast Statut et biologie de reproduction de la sterne naine Stema albifrons sur une portion rocheuse du littoral nord-atlantique du Maroc

Manzi, A.; Pellegrini, M., 1994:
Status and breeding biology of red kite, Milvus milvus, in Abruzzo Status e biologia riproduttiva del nibbio reale Milvus milvus, in Abruzzo

Delibes, M., 1990:
Status and conservation needs of the wolf Canis lupus in the Council of Europe member states

Schlatter, R.P.; Simeone, A., 1999 :
Status and conservation of Chilean seabirds Estado del conocimiento y conservacion de las aves en mares chilenos

Muntaner, J.; Aguilar, J.S.lvador., 1995:
Status and conservation of Mediterranean shag Situacion y conservacion del cormoran monudo del Mediterraneo en Espana

Favero, M.; Silva Rodriguez, M.P.tricia, 2005:
Status and conservation of pelagic birds using the Argentinean continental shelf as a foraging area Estado actual y conservation de aves pelagicas que utilizan la plataforma continental como area de alimentacion

Lorenzo Gutierrez, J.A.tonio.; Nogales Hidalgo, M.; Martin Hidalgo, A., 1998:
Status and conservation of the Canarian houbara bustard Situacion actual y problemas de conservacion de la hubara canaria

Kinnaird, MF.; O'Brien, TG.; Lambert, FR.; Purmiasa, D., 2001:
Status and conservation of the Moluccas cockatoo Status und Erhaltung des Molukkenkakadus

Kiszka, J., 2004:
Status and conservation of the dugong, Dugong dugon, in Mayotte lagoon Comoros, Mozambique Channel Statut et conservation du Dugong, Dugong dugon, dans le lagon de Mayotte Comores, canal de Mozambique

Jimenez Mendoza, S.; Arce Crespo, JI.; Martin Cano, J.; Mozos Pascual, M., 2002:
Status and conservation of the large blue, Maculinea arion Linnaeus, 1758 populations in Cuenca, Spain Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Estado de las poblaciones y conservacion de la hormiguera de lunares, Maculinea arion Linnaeus, 1758 en Cuenca, Espana Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

Antas, PTZ.; Roth, P.; Morrison, RIG., 1990:
Status and conservation of the scarlet ibis Eudocimus ruber in Brasil

Dujardin, J-L., 1990:
Status and conservation of the scarlet ibis in French Guiana

Ramsamujh, B., 1990:
Status and conservation of the scarlet ibis in Guyana

Held, MM., 1990:
Status and conservation of the scarlet ibis in Suriname

Hislop, G.; James, C., 1990:
Status and conservation of the scarlet ibis in Trinidad and Tobago

Velando, A.; Ortega-Ruano, J.E.genio.; Docampo, F., 1995:
Status and conservation of the shag in the Iberian Atlantic La poblacion de cormoran monudo en el Atlantico iberico

Calo, C.M.rco.; Perco, F.; Mingozzi, T.; Boitani, L.; Corsi, F., 1997:
Status and conservation perspectives of roe deer Capreolus capreolus L, 1758 populations in the region Calabria Italy Status e prospettive di conservazione del capriolo Capreolus capreolus L, 1758 in Calabria

Sigismondi, A.; Cassizzi, G.; Cillo, N.; Laterza, M.; Losacco, A.; Muscianese, E., 2003:
Status and conservation problems of the lesser kestrel Falco naumanni of Murge Status e problemi di conservazione della popolazione di Grillaio Falco naumanni nelle Murge

Vargas G., J. de J.; Whitacre, D.; Mosquera, R.; Albuquerque, J.; Piana, R.; Thiollay, J.-Marc; Marquez, C.; Sanchez, J.E.; Lezama-Lopez, M.; Midence, S.; Matola, S.; Aguilar, S.; Rettig, N.; Sanaiotti, T., 2006:
Status and current distribution of the Harpy Eagle Harpia harpyja in Central and South America Estado y distribucion actual del Aguila arpia Harpia harpyja en Centro y Sur America

Monzo, J.; Sancho, V.; Galindo, J., 2001:
Status and current distribution of the native crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in Valencia province Estado y distribucion actual del cangrejo de rio autoctono Austropotamobius pallipes en la Comunidad Valenciana

Krug, Alfred., 1997:
Status and decline of the curlew Numenius arquata in the Gross-Gerau district Situation und Niedergang des Grossen Brachvogels Numenius arquata im Kreis Gross-Gerau

Hacker, Hermann., 1995:
Status and decrease of endemic butterflies this century, described from Lichtenfels Region northern Swiss Jura Mountains Insecta Lepidoptera Bestandsentwicklung und -ruckgang einheimischer Schmetterlinge in diesem Jahrhundert, dargestellt am Beispiel des Landkreises Lichtenfels nordlichster Frankenjura Insecta Lepidoptera

Schreiber, H.; Rauch, M., 1999:
Status and development of the crane staging site at Nauen, Brandenburg Stand und Entwicklung des Kranichsammel- und -rastplatzes bei Nauen, Brandenburg

Knoesche, R., 1998:
Status and development of the fish fauna in the central Elbe under consideration of species protection aspects part 1 Zustand und Entwicklung der Fischfauna in der Mittelelbe unter Beruecksichtigung von Artenschutzaspekten Teil 1

Knoesche, R., 1998:
Status and development of the fish fauna in the central Elbe under consideration of species protection aspects part 3 Zustand und Entwicklung der Fischfauna in der Mittelelbe unter Beruecksichtigung von Artenschutzaspekten Teil 3

Knoesche, R., 1998:
Status and development of the fish fauna of the central Elbe under consideration of species protection aspects part 2 Zustand und Entwicklung der Fischfauna in der Mittelelbe unter Beruecksichtigung von Artenschutzaspekten Teil 2

Korsos, Zoltan., 1998:
Status and directions of faunistic and taxonomical research of millipedes in Hungary Az ikerszelvenyesek Diplopoda faunisztikai es taxonomiai kutatasanak helyzete es iranyai Magyarorszagon

Mendez-de la Cruz, F.R.; Casas-Andreu, G., 1992:
Status and distribution of Crocodylus acutus on the coast of Jalisco, Mexico Status y distribucion de Crocodylus acutus en la costa de Jalisco, Mexico

Schiel, F.; Hunger, H., 2006:
Status and distribution of Ophiogomphus cecilia in Baden-Wuerttemberg Odonata Gomphidae Bestandssituation und Verbreitung von Ophiogomphus cecilia in Baden-Wuerttemberg Odonata Gomphidae

Paluch, A.; Profus, P., 2004:
Status and distribution of Salamandra salamandra Linnaeus, 1758 in Poland with special regard to the population of the Gory Bardzkie Mts Central Sudety Mts Status i rozmieszczenie salamandry plamistej Salamandra salamandra Linnaeus, 1758 w Polsce ze szczegolnym uwzglednieniem populacji gatunku w Gorach Bardzkich Sudety Srodkowe

Devos, K.; Anselin, A., 1997:
Status and distribution of colonial and rare breeding birds in Flanders Belgium in 1994 Aantallen en verspreiding van kolonievogels en zeldzame broedvogels in Vlaanderen tijdens het seizoen 1994

Reynoso, Juan Pablo Gallo., 1997:
Status and distribution of otters in Mexico, with emphasis on Lontra longicaudis annectens Major, 1897 Situacion y distribucion de las nutrias en Mexico, con enfasis en Lontra longicaudis annectens Major, 1897

Castillo, J.; Verdeny, M., 2005:
Status and distribution of owls in the Conca de Tremp Pallars Jusa, Lleida Situacio i distribucio dels rapinyaires nocturns a la Conca de Tremp Pallars Jussa, Lleida

Meyburg, B-U., 1990:
Status and distribution of raptors and owls in Poland

Easterbee, N.; Bignal, S., 1990:
Status and distribution of the chough in Scotland 1986, and some recent changes

Pedrini, P.; Rizzolli, F.; Cavallaro, V.; Marchesi, L.; Odasso, M., 2002:
Status and distribution of the corncrake Crex crex in the Trento Province central-eastern Alps, Italy Status e distribuzione del Re di quaglie Crex crex in provincia di Trento Alpi centro-orientali, Italy

Corsetti, L., 2003:
Status and distribution of the diurnal and nocturnal raptors Accipitriformes, Falconiformes, Strigiformes of Latina province Latium preliminary data Status e distribuzione dei rapaci diurni e notturni Accipitriformes, Falconiformes, Strigiformes della provincia di Latina Lazio dati preliminari

Guerrieri, G.; Castaldi, A., 1999:
Status and distribution of the genus Lanius in Latium c Italy Status e distribuzione del genere Lanius nel Lazio Italia centrale

Beck, RA.; Akers, JW.; Via, JW.; Williams, B., 1990:
Status and distribution of the least tern in Virginia - 1975 to 1988

Schmitz, Michael., 1999:
Status and distribution of the long-legged buzzard Buteo rufinus in Romania Status und Verbreitung des Adlerbussards Buteo rufinus in Rumanien

Valle, R.; Rusticali, R.; Scarton, F.; Utmar, P.; Grussu, M.; Vettorel, M., 1997:
Status and distribution of the oystercatcher, Haematopus ostralegus, breeding in Italy years 1993-96 Status e distribuzione della beccaccia di mare, Haematopus ostralegus, nidificante in Italia

Marin, Manuel., 1999:
Status and distribution of the swallow Hirundo rustica in Chile Estatus y distribucion de la golondrina bermeja Hirundo rustica en Chile

Stenberg, I., 2004:
Status and distribution of the white-backed Dendrocopos leucotos in Norway Bestandsestimat og utbreiing av kvitryggspett Dendrocopos leucotos i Noreg

Rahm, Urs., 2000:
Status and dynamics of the beaver in the Thurgau canton Bestand und Dynamik der Biber im Kanton Thurgau

Bombay Natural History Society., 1990:
Status and ecology of the lesser and Bengal floricans with reports on Jerdons courser and mountain quail Final report

Lavrov, N.P., 1955 :
Status and economic importance of muskrat in USSR

Bouche, P.; Lungren, CG.; Ouedraogo, LK., 2002:
Status and elephant number trends in the protected areas of the east of Burkina Faso Statut et tendances des effectifs delephants dans les aires protegees de lest du Burkina Faso

Boulard, M., 2005:
Status and ethology data on cicadas from Thailand, including description of eight new species and little known species Rhynchota, Cicadoidea, Cicadidae Donnees statutaires et ethologiques sur des Cigales thailandaises, incluant la description de huit especes nouvelles ou mal connues Rhynchota, Cicadoidea, Cicadidae

Martignago, G.; Silveri, G.; Mezzavilla, F., 2003:
Status and evolution of populations of the hobby Falco subbuteo along the middle course of the Piave and Asolo hills Consistenza ed evoluzione della popolazione di Lodolaio Falco subbuteo lungo il medio corso del Piave e nei Colli Asolanni

Spanoghe, G., 2002:
Status and field characteristics of Caspian gull Larus cachinnans and yellow-legged gull Larus michahellis Status en veldkenmerken van Pontische Meeuw Larus cachinnans en Geelpootmeeuw Larus michahellis

Sudfeldt, C.; Anthes, N.; Wahl, J., 2000:
Status and future prospects of the waterbird census in Germany Stand und Perspektiven des Wasservogelmonitorings in Deutschland

Madsen, J.; Andersson, A., 1990:
Status and management of Branta canadensis in Europe

Bocca, Massimo., 2001:
Status and management of the black grouse in the Natural Park of Mont Avic Italian Alps Statut et gestion du tetras lyre dans le Parc Naturel du Mont Avic alpes italiennes

Tobias, Mario., 1997:
Status and migration of amphibia in the landscape reserve Schapenteich at Braunschweig Lower Saxony, Germany Bestand und Wanderverhalten von Amphibien im Landschaftsschutzgebiet Schapenteich bei Braunschweig

Ulenaers, Paula. van Vessem, Janine., 1996:
Status and number of breeding colonies of the grey heron in Flanders and the Brussels Capital Region Belgium in the period 1981-1994 Broedbestand en aantal broedkolonies van de Blauwe Reiger Ardea cinerea in Vlaanderen en het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest van 1981 tot en met 1994

Elts, J.; Kuresoo, A.; Leibak, E.; Leito, A.; Lilleleht, V.; Luigujoe, L.; Lohmus, A.; Magi, E.; Ots, M., 2003:
Status and numbers of Estonian birds, 1998-2002 Eesti lindude staatus, pesitsusaegne ja talvine arvukus 1998-2002 A

Lohmus, A.; Kuresoo, A.; Leibak, E.; Leito, A.; Lilleleht, V.; Kose, M.; Leivits, A.; Luigujoe, L.; Sellis, U., 1998:
Status and numbers of Estonian birds Eesti lindude staatus, pesitsusaegne ja talvine arvukus

Rettig, Klaus., 1996:
Status and phenology of the birds of Emden Status und Phanologie der Vogel Emdens

Kroymann, B.; Kroymann, L., 1996:
Status and population dynamics of the reed bunting Emberiza schoeniclus in the area between the Black Forest and the Schwabische Alb 1975-1994 Bestand und Bestandsentwicklung der Rohrammer Emberiza schoeniclus im Gebiet zwischen Schwarzwald und Schwabischer Alb 1975-1994

Flade, M.; Schwarz, J., 1996:
Status and preliminary results of the DDA monitoring program Stand und aktuelle Zwischenergebnisse des DDA-Monitorprogramms

Cuzin, F., 1996:
Status and present geographical distribution of the wild species of Primates, Carnivora and Artiodactyla in Morocco Repartition actuelle et statut des grands mammiferes sauvages du Maroc Primates, carnivores, artiodactyles

Gonzalez Oreja, J.A.tonio.; Perez de Ana, J.M.nuel., 1998:
Status and problems of the Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus, the griffon vulture Gyps fulvus and the peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus in Sierra Salvada Situacion y problematica del alimoche comun, el buitre leonado y el halcon peregrino en Sierra Salvada

Perez de Ana, J.M.nuel.; Gonzalez Oreja, J.A.tonio., 1999:
Status and problems of the diurnal, forest birds of prey at the Gorbeia Natural Park Situacion y problematica de las aves rapaces diurnas forestales en el Parque Natural del Gorbeia

Rico, L.; Martin, C., 1998:
Status and problems of the golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos in Alicante Situacion y problematica del aguila real Aquila chrysaetos en Alicante

Nehls, G.; Beckers, B.; Belting, H.; Blew, J.; Melter, J.; Rode, M.; Sudfeldt, C., 2001:
Status and prospects of meadow bird conservation in the north-west German lowlands Situation und Perspektive des Wiesenvogelschutzes im Nordwestdeutschen Tiefland

Humphrey, RC., 1990:
Status and range expansion of the American oystercatcher on the Atlantic coast

Guerrieri, G.; Castaldi, A.; Biondi, M., 2001:
Status and reproductive habitat selection of crested lark, Galerida cristata, in the RNSLR Status e selezione di habitat riproduttivo della Cappellaccia, Galerida cristata, nella Riserva Naturale Statale del Litorale Romano

Sigismondi, A.; Cillo, N.; Cripezzi, V.; Laterza, M.; Talamo, V., 2003:
Status and reproductive success of the lanner Falco biarmicus feldeggi in Puglia and Basilicata Status e successo riproduttivo del Lanario Falco biarmicus feldeggi in Puglia e Basilicata

Schoeffmann, Johannes., 2004:
Status and results of recent field observations of Salmo platycephalus, a peculiar trout from south-central Turkey Status und Ergebnisse juengster Feldbeobachtungen von Salmo platycephalus Behnke 1968, einer ungewoehnlichen Forellenform aus dem suedlichen Zentralanatolien

Dombrowski, A.; Golawski, A.; Kuzniak, S.; Tryjanowski, P., 2000:
Status and threats of the red-backed shrike Lanius collurio population in Poland Stan i zagrozenia populacji gasiorka Lanius collurio w Polsce

Sound, Peter., 2001:
Status and threats of the western green lizard Lacerta bilineata in Rhineland-Palatine Status und Gefaehrdung der Westlichen Smaragdeidechse Lacerta bilineata in Rheinland-Pfalz

Bon, M.; Scarton, F., 2003:
Status and trend of wintering Accipitridae of coastal wetland areas of Veneto 1993-2001 Consistenza e andamento degli Accipitridae svernanti nelle zone umide costiere del Veneto 1993-2001

Biondi, M.; Guerrieri, G., 2001:
Status and wintering distribution of waterfowl along the RNSLR wetlands Status e distribuzione invernale degli uccelli legati alle zone umide nella Riserva Naturale Statale del Litorale Romano

Lindenschmidt, M.; Vierhaus, H., 2001:
Status changes in overwintering bats in tunnels in Steinfurt region Bestandsveraenderungen ueberwinternder Fledermaeuse im Permer Stollen, Kreis Steinfurt

Schley, L.; Krier, A., 2000:
Status developments of the badger Meles meles in Luxembourg from 1989 to 1998 Evolution du statut du blaireau Meles meles au Luxembourg de 1989 a 1998

Fosse, A., 2006:
Status in Maine-et-Loire of acclimatized allochthonous species already acclimatized or in the process of acclimatization in France Statut en Maine-et-Loire des especes allochtones acclimatees ou en cours dacclimatation en France

Marchesi, P.; Fournier, J.; Rey, A., 1999:
Status of green frog population, Rana lessonae, Rana kl esculenta in Bois Finges Salquenen, VS Etat des populations de grenouilles vertes Rana lessonae, Rana kl esculenta du Bois de Finges Salquenen, VS

Tedaldi, G.; Carlini, D., 2002:
Status of Amphibians in the Province of Forli-Cesena North-East Italy Status delle conoscenze sulla distribuzione degli anfibi nella Provincia di Forli-Cesena

de Lema, T.; Renner, M.F., 1998 :
Status of Apostolepis quinquelineata Boulenger, 1896, A pymi Boulenger, 1903, and A rondoni Amaral, 1925 Serpentes, Colubridae, Elapomorphinae O status de Apostolepis quinquelineata Boulenger, 1896, A pymi Boulenger, 1903, e A rondoni Amaral, 1925 Serpentes, Colubridae, Elapomorphini

Mancuso, C.; Ceruso, A.; Lenza, R.; Quarello, G., 2004:
Status of Ardeidae and Threskiornithidae in south Campania Status di Ardeidae e Threskiornithidae in Campania meridionale

Brothers, N.; Pemberton, D., 1990:
Status of Australian and New Zealand fur seals at Maatsuyker Island, southwestern Tasmania

Hoogendoorn, W. van Scheepen, Peter., 1998:
Status of Baltic gull in the Netherlands Status van Baltische mantelmeeuw in Nederland

Genolagani, J-MG.; Wilmot, JM., 1990:
Status of Crocodylus porosus and C novaeguineae populations in Papua New Guinea 1981-1990

Tolsgaard, Soren., 2001:
Status of Danish shieldbugs, squashbugs and firebugs Heteroptera Pentatomoidea, Coreoidea Pyrrhocoridea Status over danske bredtaeger, randtaeger og ildtaeger Heteroptera Pentatomoidea, Coreoidea Pyrrhocoridea

Hernandez, J.C.rlos; Clemente, S.; Brito, A.; Falcon, J.M.; Garcia, N.; Barquin, J., 2005:
Status of Diadema antillarum Echinoidea Diadematidae populations and macroalgal cover in the Marine Protected Areas from the Canary Islands spatial distributional patterns Estado de las poblaciones de Diadema antillarum Echinoidea Diadematidae y del recubrimiento de macroalgas en las Reservas Marinas de Canarias patrones de distribucion espacial

de Pablo, Felix., 2000:
Status of Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus in Menorca, Balearic Islands Estatus del alimoche Neophron percnopterus en Menorca, Islas Baleares

de Pablo, Felix., 2002:
Status of Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus in the Balearic Islands La situacion del alimoche Neophron percnopterus en las islas Baleares

Nicolle, S.; Comite d'Homologation National., 1999:
Status of Eleonoras falcon in France Le faucon dEleonore Falco eleonorae en France

Abdala, C.Simon, 2007:
Status of Liolaemus ditadai, 1983, Iguania Liolaemidae and distribution range expansion Estatus de Liolaemus ditadai, cei 1983, Iguania Liolaemidae y ampliacion de su rango de distribucion

Anonymous., 2000:
Status of Navarra avifauna Estatus de la avifauna Navarra

Nores, Carlos., 1996:
Status of Neomys fodiens in the northern Iberian Peninsula Situacion de Neomys fodiens en el norte Iberico

Dornheim, H.; Wegner, G., 1996:
Status of North Sea young fish only little encouraging Jungfischsituation in der Nordsee wenig ermutigend

Monnerat, Christian., 2003:
Status of Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786 in three parts of western Switzerland premise of an expansion? Situation de Ruspolia nitidula Scopoli, 1786 dans trois secteurs de Suisse occidentale les premices dune expansion?

Wisniewski, Jerzy., 1999:
Status of Uropodina-research to the end of 1993 Stand der Uropodiden-Forschung bis Ende 1993

Vanni, S.; Zuffi, M.A., 2001:
Status of anatomical and physiological knowledge on Salamandrina terdigitata Lacepede, 1788 Amphibia Caudata Salamandridae Stato delle conoscenze anatomiche e fisiologiche in Salamandrina terdigitata Lacepede, 1788 Amphibia Caudata Salamandridae

Rueda-Almonacid, Jose Vicente., 2000:
Status of and threats produced by the introduction of the bullfrog in Colombia Situacion actual y problematica generada por la introduccion de rano toro a Colombia

Virgos, E.; Mangas, J.G.; Casanovas, J.G., 2005:
Status of badger in Spain Estatus del tejon en Espana

Watters, G.M.; Maunder, M.N., 2001:
Status of bigeye tuna in the eastern Pacific Ocean Condicion del atun patudo en el Oceano Pacifico oriental

Zucca, M.; Jiguet, F., 2002:
Status of bluethroat in France breeding, migration and wintering La gorgebleue a miroir Luscinia svecica en France nidification, migration et hivernage

Cadiou, B.; Pons, J.; Yesou, P.; GISOM., 2004:
Status of breeding seabirds in France at the end of the 20th century Les oiseaux marins nicheurs en France metropolitaine a la fin du XXe siecle

Dal Farra, A.; Cassol, M.; Lapini, L., 1996:
Status of burunduk Tamias sibiricus Laxmann, 1769, Rodentia, Sciuridae in Belluno province north-eastern Italy Status del burunduk Tamias sibiricus Laxmann, 1769, Rodentia, Sciuridae nel Bellunese Italia nord-orientale

Rechlin, Otto., 2003:
Status of commercially important fish stocks of the Baltic Sea Zur Situation der kommerziell genutzten Fischbestaende der Ostsee

Deceuninck, B.; Broyer, J., 2000:
Status of corncrake in France in 1998 Le rale des genets Crex crex en France Synthese de lenquete nationale 1998

Pautasso, A.A.; Pena, M.I., 2002:
Status of current knowledge and mortality records of Ozotoceros bezoarticus in Santa Fe province, Argentina Estado de conocimiento actual y registros de mortalidad de Ozotoceros bezoarticus en la provincia de Santa Fe, Argentina

Sausman, KA., 1990:
Status of desert antelopes in captivity

Mascara, Rosario., 2003:
Status of diurnal raptors of central-southern Sicily Stato dei rapaci diurni nella Sicilla centro-meridionale

Fallabrino, A.; Castineira, E., 2006:
Status of edentates in Uruguay Situacion de Los Edentados en Uruguay

Szwejda, Jerzy., 1999:
Status of entomology researches in protection of vegetable crops in Poland Stan i potrzeby badan entomologicznych w zakresie ochrony roslin warzywnych przed szkodnikami

Dietrich, L.; Kayser, Y.; Comite d'Homologation National., 1999:
Status of glossy ibis in France Statut de libis falcinelle Plegadis falcinellus en France

D.V.ttorio, M.; Grenci, S.; Campobello, D., 2000:
Status of golden eagle Aquila chrysaetos, Bonellis eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus and Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterus in Sicily Status di aquila reale Aquila chrysaetos, aquila del Bonelli Hieraaetus fasciatus e capovaccaio Neophron percnopterus in Sicilia

Clasing, E.; Carrillo, H.; Arratia, L., 2000:
Status of gonadal development of four infaunal bivalve species collected in the Patagonian fjord system during an austral spring Estado de desarrollo gonadal de cuatro especies de bivalvos de la infauna, recolectadas en canales adyacentes a Campos de Hielo Sur durante una primavera austral

Carpegna, F.; Alessandria, G.; Della Toffola, M., 2000:
Status of great white egret, Casmerodius albus, in north-western Italy Status dellairone bianco maggiore, Casmerodius albus, in Italia nord-occidentale

Puzovic, S.; Stefanovic, T., 2002:
Status of imperial eagle on Fruska gora Mt with special reference to territoriality and seasonal living cycle of breeding pair near Cortanovci Village Status orla krstasa Aquila heliaca na Fruskoj gori sa posebnim osvrtom na teritorijalnost i sezonski ritam zivota para kod Cortanovaca

Pang Xiongfei.; Liang Guangwen., 1990:
Status of insect population system approach

Sandor, Toth., 1996:
Status of investigation of Diptera fauna in the Bakony Mts A ketszarnyu Diptera fauna kutatasanak helyzete a Bakony-hegysegben

Anonymous., 1999:
Status of knowledge on conservation and preservation of avian and mammals species of Chile Estado del conocimento de conservacion y preservacion de especies de aves y mamiferos marinos de Chile

Oliverio, Marco., 2000:
Status of knowledge on marine Italian malacofauna Stato delle conoscenze sulla malacofauna marina italiana

Pailley, M.; Pailley, P., 1999:
Status of knowledge on the Chiroptera in Maine-et-Loire after 12 years of research excepting reproduction Etat des connaissances sur les chiropteres en Maine-et-Loire apres douze annees de recherches hors reproduction

Balestrieri, A.; Remonti, L.; Prigioni, C., 2002:
Status of knowledge on the coypu Myocastor coypus in Lombardy and management problems Stato delle conoscenze sulla nutria Myocastor coypus in Lombardia e problematiche di gestione

Spano, Silvio., 1997:
Status of knowledge on woodcock biology for its management Stato delle conoscenze sulla biologia della beccaccia Scolopax rusticola nellottica di una corretta gestione della specie

Jolivet, Christophe., 1996:
Status of little bustard in France in 1995 Loutarde canepetiere Tetrax tetrax en declin en France Situation en 1995

Jolivet, C.; Bretagnolle, V.; Bizet, D.; Wolff, A., 2007:
Status of little bustard in France in 2004 Status de loutarde canepetiere Tetrax tetrax en France en 2004 et mesures de conservation

Leestmans, J.; Verschraegen, T., 1997:
Status of meadow birds in the Hoogstraten area, especially the black-tailed godwit Zijn weidevogels echt beschermd? Het voorkomen van weidevogels in de streek van Hoogstraten, met speciale aandacht voor de grutto Limosa limosa

Anonymous., 2001:
Status of ornithological research on the National Rome Coastal Reserve Stato delle ricerche ornitologiche nella Riserva Naturale Statale del Litorale Romano

Kopij, G., 2004:
Status of ornithological studies in Poland and in the world on the threshold of the 21st century a bibliometric analysis Stan badan ornitologicznych w Polsce i na swiecie u progu 21 wieku analiza bibliometryczna

Albert, E.; Gomez-Serrano, M.A.gel., 2000:
Status of populations of the European pond turtle Emys orbicularis, L, 1758 and the Spanish terrapin Mauremys leprosa, Schweigger, 1812 in Castellon province Situacion de las poblaciones del galapago europeo Emys orbicularis, L, 1758 y el galapago leproso Mauremys leprosa, Schweigger, 1812 en la provincia de Castellon

Goffart, Philippe., 2000:
Status of priority Odonata species from the Biodiversity survey and monitoring in Wallonia 1990-1999 Statut des especes prioritaires dodonates du programme Inventaire et surveillance de la biodiversite en Wallonie bilan decennal 1990-1999

Mathevet, Raphael., 1997:
Status of purple gallinule in southern France La taleve sultane Porphyrio porphyrio en France mediterraneenne

Rufray, X.; Huin, D.; Duquet, M., 2002:
Status of red-rumped swallow breeding in France Ou niche lhirondelle rousseline Hirundo daurica en France?

Olioso, G.; Comite d'Homologation National., 1996:
Status of red-throated pipit in France Le pipit a gorge rousse Anthus cervinus en France

Girardin, O. .; Kone, I. .; Tano, Y. ., 2000:
Status of research in Tai National Park seminar of 8th to 10th March 2000 coorganized by the Cocody Abidjan University and the Swiss Centre of Scientific Research on the Ivory Coast Etat des recherches en cours dans le Parc National de Tai PNT seminar du 8 au 10 mars 2000 co-organise par lUniversite de Cocody Abidjan et le Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Cote dIvoire

Csirke, J.; Guevara-Carrasco, R.; Cardenas, G.; Niquen, M.; Chipollini, A., 1996:
Status of resources of anchovy Engraulis ringens and sardine Sardinops sagax at the beginning of 1994 and perspectives for fishing in Peru, with particular reference to the northern and central regions of the Peruvian coast Situacion de los recursos anchoveta Engraulis ringens y sardina Sardinops sagax a principios de 1994 y perspectivas para la pesca en el Peru, con particular referencia a las regiones norte y centro de las costa Peruana

Reeber, S.; CHN., 1995:
Status of slender-billed gull in France Le goeland railleur Larus genei en France

Olioso, G.; Cugnasse, J.-Marc.; Boutin, J., 2003:
Status of snow finch in the non-breeding season in France Statut de la niverolle alpine Montifringilla nivalis en periode internuptiale en France

Szemethy, L.; Heltai, M., 1996:
Status of some protected carnivore species in Hungary, 1987-1994 Nehany vedett emlos ragadozo faj helyzete Magyarorszagon, 1987-1994

Werres, Wolfgang., 1994:
Status of species and biotope protection in Thuringia Stand des Arten- und Biotopschutzes in Thuringen

Malvaud, Frederic., 1995:
Status of stone curlew in France Loedicneme criard Burhinus oedicnemus en France repartition et effectifs

Muntaner, Jordi., 2002:
Status of the Audouins gull Larus audouinii population in the Balearic Islands during the years 2000 to 2002 Situacion de la gaviota de audouin Larus audouinii en las islas Baleares en el Trienio 2000-2002

Anonymous., 2005:
Status of the Balearic birdlife Annex II estatus de lavifauna Balear

Rahmani, AR.; Narayan, G.; Rosalind, L.; Sankaran, R., 1990:
Status of the Bengal florican in India

von Meyer, A.; Espinosa, L., 1998:
Status of the Chilean flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis in Chiloe and the south of Llanquihue Province Situacion del flamenco chileno Phoenicopterus chilensis en Chiloe y sur de la provincia de Llanquihue

Mathevet, Raphael., 1996:
Status of the European otter Lutra lutra in France, and in particular in the Camargue Statut de la loutre dEurope Lutra lutra en France mediterraneenne et plus particulierement en Camargue

Pechy, Tamas., 2000:
Status of the Hungarian meadow viper Vipera ursinii rakosiensis between the Duna and Tisza rivers based on the distribution, population and habitat studies from 1994 to 1999 A rakosi vipera Vipera ursinii rakosiensis helyzete a Duna-Tisza kozen az 1994-1999 kozotti elterjedesi, allomany- es elohelyvizsgalatok tukreben

Gonzalez Oreja, J.A.tonio.; Gonzalez Vazquez, J.G.briel., 1996:
Status of the Iberian lynx in Sierra de Gata West of Spain Situacion del lince iberico en Sierra de Gata

Ordiz, A.; Llaneza, L., 2004:
Status of the Iberian lynx in Sierra de Gata and surrounding areas Situacion del lince iberico Lynx pardinus en la Sierra de Gata y Aledanos

Pigniczki, C., 2005:
Status of the Kentish plover Charadrius alexandrinus in Hungary between 2001 and 2004 A szeki lile Charadrius alexandrinus allomanyanak alakulasa magyarorszagon a 2000-es evek elejen

Idrawan, M.; Rangkuti, F., 2001:
Status of the Natuna langur on Natuna islands Status des Natuna-Langurs auf den Natuna-Inseln

Anonymous., 1996:
Status of the Navarra avifauna Estatus de la avifauna Navarra

George, GG.; Maynes, GM., 1990:
Status of the New Guinea bandicoots

Aarvak, T.; Lorentsen, S.; Oien, I.J., 2002:
Status of the Norwegian bird atlas - where are we going? Status for Norsk hekkefuglatlas - hvor gar vi?

Marchesi, L.; Pedrini, P.; Rizzolli, F., 2001:
Status of the Scops owl Otus scops in the Province of Trento Status dellAssiolo Otus scops in provincia di Trento

Nankinov, Dimitar N., 1995:
Status of the aquatic warbler Acrocephalus paludicola in Bulgaria Was wissen wir uber das Vorkommen des Seggenrohrsangers Acrocephalus paludicola in Bulgarien?

Anonymous., 1998:
Status of the avifauna of Navarra Estatus de la avifauna Navarra

Grzywaczewski, G.; Czochra, K.; Fraczek, T.; Gustaw, W.; Kitowski, I.; Piskorski, M.; Potakiewicz, G.; Szewczyk, P.; Urban, M., 2005:
Status of the barn owl Tyto alba and selected vertebrates in sacred objects of the Lublin region at the beginning of the 21st century Stan populacji plomykowki Tyto alba oraz wybranych kregowcow w obiektach sakralnych Lubelszczyzny na poczatku XXI wieku

Marie, Alain., 1996:
Status of the black grouse Tetrao tetrix in Parc National des Ecrins France Statut du tetras-lyre Tetrao tetrix dans le Parc National des Ecrins France

Tewes, Evelyn., 2004:
Status of the black vulture Aegypius monachus in Mallorca Situacion del buitre negro Aegypius monachus en Mallorca

Perez-Contreras, J.; Garzon Gutierrez, J.; Garcia, I.; Tamayo, A., 2005:
Status of the citril finch Serinus citrinella Pallas, 1764 in Sierra Nevada Spain Situacion del verderon serrano Serinus citrinella Pallas, 1764 en Sierra Nevada Espana

Munch, Hans., 2000:
Status of the common crossbill Loxia c curvirostra in the Thuringer Wald and its surroundings Zum Vorkommen des Fichtenkreuzschnabels Loxia c curvirostra im Thuringer Wald und seinem Vorland

Marzano, Giacomo., 2002:
Status of the crane Grus grus and the dotterel Charadrius morinellus from Salento Puglia Status della Gru Grus grus e del Piviere tortolino Charadrius morinellus nel Salento Puglia

Espinosa, F.; Fa, D.A.; Ocana, T.M., 2005:
Status of the endangered limpet Patella ferruginea Gmelin, 1791 Gastropoda Patellidae in the Algeciras bay and Gibraltar Estado de la especie amenazada Patella ferruginea Gmelin, 1791 Gastropoda Patellidae en la bahia de Algeciras y Gibraltar

Fiers, V.; Gauvrit, B.; Gavazzi, E.; Haffner, P.; Maurin, H., 1997:
Status of the fauna of metropolitan France Protection statuses, degree of endangerment, biological statuses Statut de la faune de France metropolitaine Statuts de protection, degres de menace, statuts biologiques

Klingelhoefer, J.; Boessneck, U., 2004:
Status of the feral pigeon Columba livia f domestica in Erfurt - an analysis of the current situation Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia Bestand der Strassentaube Columbia

Galindo, J.; Monzo, J.; Sancho, V., 2000:
Status of the freshwater crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes in Valencia Estatus del cangrejo de rio Austropotamobius pallipes en Valencia

Moog, O.; Nesemann, H.; Ofenbock, T.; Stundner, C., 1995:
Status of the freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera in Austria Die Situation der Flussperlmuschel Margaritifera margaritifera in Osterreich

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