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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38688

Chapter 38688 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cordo, H.D., 2006:
Structure and abundance of ling spawning stock Genypterus blacodes in Argentine waters during the period 1995-2000 Estructura y abundancia del stock reproductor del abadejo Genypterus blacodes del mar Argentino en el periodo 1995-2000

Ivask, M.; Truu, J.; Lohmus, K.; Truu, M.; Ostonen, I., 1999:
Structure and activity of some decomposer communities in spruce and pine forests Monede lagundajakoosluste strukuur ja aktiivsus kuusikutes ja mannikutes

Bazairi, H.; Bayed, A.; Hily, C., 2005:
Structure and bioassessment of benthic communities of a lagoonal ecosystem of the Atlantic Moroccan coast Structure et bioevaluation de l etat ecologique des communautes benthiques dun ecosysteme lagunaire de la cote Atlantique Marocaine

Dauphin, Yannicke., 2001:
Structure and chemical composition of some dinosaur eggshells from Jurassic and Cretaceous of North America Structure et composition chimique elementaire de quelques coquilles doeufs de dinosaures du Jurassique et du Cretace dAmerique du Nord

Castano, J.H.rold.; Corrales, D.; Velasquez, S., 2003:
Structure and composition of a community of bats of an Andean forest fragment in the city of Manizales, Caldas Estructura y composicion de la comunidad de murcielagos de un fragmento de bosque andino en la Ciudad de Manizales-Caldas

Florez D., Eduardo., 1999:
Structure and composition of a community of spiders Araneae in a tropical very-dry forest of Colombia Estructura y composicion de una comunidad de aranas Araneae en un bosque muy seco tropical de Colombia

Ospina-Baitista, F.; Estevez-Varon, J.V.; Betancur, J.; Realpe-Rebolledo, E., 2004:
Structure and composition of an aquatic macroinvertebrate community associated with Tillandsia turneri Bajer Bromeliaceae in a Colombian Andean high forest Estructura y composicion de la comunidad de macro invertebrados acuaticos asociados a Tillandsia turneri Bajer Bromeliaceae en un bosque alto andino colombiano

Aguilera, M.A.; Casanueva, M.E.; Hernandez, C.E., 2006:
Structure and composition of araneofauna on two native trees Peumus boldus Mol y Luma apiculata DC Burret in the Pedro del Rio Zanartu Botanical Park Hualpen, Concepcion, VIII Region, Chile Composicion de la araneofauna en dos especies de arboles nativos Peumus boldus Mol y Luma apiculata dc Burret en el Parque Botanico Pedro del Rio Zanartu Hualpen, Concepcion, VIII region, Chile

Gomez-Anaya, J.A.tonio; Novelo-Gutierrez, R.; Arce-Perez, R., 2004:
Structure and composition of two aquatic Coleoptera assemblages Insecta Coleoptera of lotic environments from Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico Estructura y composicion de dos ensamblajes de coleopteros acuaticos Insecta Coleoptera de ambintes loticos en Zimapan, Hidalgo, Mexico

Zine, N.Eddine, 2001:
Structure and demographic strategy of the clam Ruditapes decussata in the parallic environments of the Atlantic and Mediterranean of Morocco Structures et la strategie demographiques de la palourde Ruditapes decussata dans des milieux paraliques Atlantico-Mediterraneens du Maroc

Ogielska, M.; Bartmanska, J., 2000:
Structure and development of testes and spermatogenesis in amphibians Budowa i rozwoj jader oraz spermatogeneza u plazow

Vega-Perez, L.A.elia.; Hernandez, S., 1997:
Structure and distribution of Paracalanidae Copepoda Calanoida off Sao Sebastiao, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, with emphasis on three species of Paracalanus Composicao e distribuicao da familia Paracalanidae Copepoda Calanoida ao largo de Sao Sebastiao, Estado de Sao Paulo-Brasil, com enfase em tres especies de Paracalanus

Strazdiene, V., 1997:
Structure and distribution of mezofauna in humic carbonated soils of North Lithuanian karst region Mezofaunos paplitimas ir kompleksu struktura Siaures Lietuvos karstinio regiono veleniniuose karbonatiniuose dirvozemiuose

Mino, M.H.; Cavia, R.; Gomez Villafane, I.E.; Bilenca, D.N.; Cittadino, E.A.; Busch, M., 2001:
Structure and diversity of two small rodent communities in agroecosystems of Buenos Aires province, Argentina Estructura y diversidad de dos comunidades de pequenos roedores en agroecosistemas de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ploetner, Joerg., 2001:
Structure and dynamics of a Rana ridibunda/Rana esculenta male population in the Oder floodplain near Frankfurt/Oder Struktur und dynamik einer Seefrosch/Teichfrosch-Maennchen-Population Rana ridibunda/Rana esculenta in der Oderaue bei Frankfurt/Oder

Znari, M.; E.M.uden, E.H.ssan.; Boumezzough, A., 1998:
Structure and dynamics of a population of Agama impalearis Sauria Agamidae in central Jbilet Mountains, Morocco Structure et dynamique dune population dAgama impalearis Sauria Agamidae dans les Jbilets centrales, Maroc

Oltra, R.; Miracle,, 2000:
Structure and dynamics of a zooplankton community of the meromictic lagoon Estany de Cullera Valencia Estructura y dinamica de la comunidad zooplanctonica de la laguna meromictica Estany de Cullera Valencia

Majzlan, O.; Frantzova, E., 1994:
Structure and dynamics of ground beetle Carabidae populations epigeon in town of Nitra Struktura a dynamika bystruskovitych Coleoptera, Carabidae epigeonu v intravilane mesta Nitry

Mancini, M.; Grosman, F., 2004:
Structure and dynamics of pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis recreational fishery in Suco shallow lake Cordoba, Argentina Estructura y funcionamiento de la pesqueria recreacional del pejerrey Odontesthes bonariensis en la laguna de Suco Cordoba, Argentina

Aoyagui, A.S.tsuo Miyashiro Aoyagui; Bonecker, C.C.sta; Lansac-Toha, F.A.odeo; Velho, L.F.lipe Machado, 2003:
Structure and dynamics of rotifers in Corumba reservoir, state of Goias-Brazil Estruture e dinamica dos rotiferos no reservatorio de Corumba, Estado de Goias, Brasil

Platen, Ralph., 1998:
Structure and dynamics of spider communities from the Egge- and Rothaar-mountains North Rhine-Westphalia, areas heavily affected by forest decline Struktur und Dynamik der Webspinnenzonosen Arachnida, Araneida von immissionsgeschadigten Waldstandorten des Egge- und Rothaargebirges Nordrhein-Westfalen

Barrios, J.; Lemus, A., 2000:
Structure and dynamics of the community associated to cultivated Gracilariopsis tenuifrons Gracilariaceae in Chacopata, Sucre, Venezuela I Faunistic inventory Estructura y dinamica de comunidades asociadas a cultivos de Gracilariopsis tenuifrons Gracilariaceae en Chacopata, Sucre, Venezuela I Inventario faunistico

Agricola, U.; Barthel, J.; Laussmann, H.; Plachter, H., 1996:
Structure and dynamics of the fauna of an agricultural landscape in southern Germany after change of landuse to ecological and integrated farming systems Struktur und Dynamik der Fauna einer suddeutschen Agrarlandschaft nach Nutzungsumstellung auf okologischen und integrierten Landbau

Krnjaic, D., 1976:
Structure and dynamics of the nematode community of a sand dune

Almeida da Silva, C.; Train, S.; Cleide Rodrigues, L., 2001:
Structure and dynamics of the phytoplankton community downstream and upstream Corumba reservoir, Caldas Novas, state of Goias, Brazil Estrutura e dinamica da comunidade fitoplanctonica a jusante e montante do reservatorio de Corumba, Caldas Novas, estado de Goias, Brasil

Holecova, Milada., 1999:
Structure and dynamics of weevil communities Coleoptera, Curculionoidea in leaf bearing crowns of poplars in the National Nature Reserve Sur SW Slovakia Struktura a dynamika spolecenstiev nosacikov Coleoptera, Curculionoidea v korunach topolov na uzemi NPR Sur JZ Slovensko

Boitier, E., 2004:
Structure and dynamism of grassland breeding birds of the Couzes region Puy de Dome, North Massif Central, France in the context of recolonisation of woody vegetation Structure et dynamique de lavifaune nicheuse des pelouses des Couzes Puy-de-Dome dans un contexte de reconquete ligneuse

Saint Girons, Hubert., 1996:
Structure and evolution of a small population of Vipera aspis L in a farmland area of western France Structure et evolution dune petite population de Vipera aspis L dans une region de bocage de louest de la France

Romanova, ZA., 1972:
Structure and fertility of the summer population of Idotea baltica basteri And Crustacea, Isopoda

Berkhout, J., 1977:
Structure and formation of the gastropod shell

Sturm, R., 2003:
Structure and formation of the spermatophore of the black field cricket, Teleogryllus commodus Walker Orthoptera Gryllidae Bau und Bildung der Spermatophore bei der australischen Feldgrille Teleogryllus commodus Walker Orthoptera Gryllidae

Bitter S., Ricardo., 1993:
Structure and function of field of Thalassia as ecosystem Estructura y funcion del campo de Thalassia como ecosistema

Kubrakiewicz, Janusz., 1998:
Structure and function of germ cell clusters in polytrophic ovaries of neuropterans Insecta Neuroptera Struktura i funkcja zespolow komorek plciowych w politroficznych owariolach sieciarek Insecta Neuroptera

Gorbunov, V.M., 1955:
Structure and function of milk gland in cow

Daicker, B.; Bruckner, R.; Heldstab, A.; Pagan, O., 1996:
Structure and function of the nictitating membrane in the rose flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber roseus Struktur und Funktion der Nickhaut beim Rosaflamingo Phoenicopterus ruber roseus

Saibil, HR., 1990:
Structure and function of the squid eye

Zambriborshch, F.S., 1957:
Structure and function of the superbranchial organ of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val

Zambriborshch, F.S., 1957:
Structure and function of the suprabranchial organ of Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Val

Perez, L.; Infante, C.; Manchado, M., 2004:
Structure and genetic differentiation of Atlantic and Mediterranean populations of white sea bream Diplodus sargus Estructura y diferenciacion genetica de poblaciones Atlanticas y Mediterraneas de sargo comun Diplodus sargus

Logachev, E.D., 1954:
Structure and histogenesis of yolk-glands in Diphyllobothrium latum

Chepurnov, A.V., 1966:
Structure and hydrodynamic quality of a caudal fin in some Cetacea

Meunier, Francois J., 1997:
Structure and mineralization of the scales in some Characiformes Osteichthyes, Teleostei from French Guiana Structure et mineralisation des ecailles de quelques Characiformes de Guyane Osteichthyes, Teleostei

Meunier, FJ.; Francillon-Vieillot, H., 1995:
Structure and mineralization of the scutes in Ostracion lentiginosum Teleostei, Tetraodontiforme, Ostraciidae Structure et mineralisation des scutes dOstracion lentiginosum Teleostei, Tetraodontiforme, Ostraciidae

Refes, W.; Benzada, K.; Dali, K., 1998:
Structure and organization of the benthic macrofauna of loose substrates at the port of Beni-Saf Algeria Structure et organisation de la macrofaune benthique des substrats meubles du port de Beni-Saf Algerie

Boubezari, K.; Bitar, G.; Bellan-Santini, D., 1995:
Structure and organization of three mussel beds Mytilus galloprovincialis Perna perna of the Algiers region Structure et organisation de trois moulieres Mytilus galloprovincialis et Perna perna de la region dAlger

Ruiz de la Concha, J.I.; Blasco, M.; Perez-Bote, J.L., 1999:
Structure and osteogenesis of the middle ear of the gecko Tarentola mauritanica Linneo, 1758 Reptilia, Sauria, Gekkonidae Estructura y osteogenesis del oido medio de la salamanquesa comun Tarentola mauritanica Linneo, 1758 Reptilia, Sauria, Gekkonidae

Rebassa, M., 2001:
Structure and phenology of limicolous avian communities of Salobrar de Campos Mallorca island during migratory passage and wintering Estructura y fenologia de la comunidad de aves limicolas del Salobrar de Campos Isla de Mallorca durante los pasos migratorios y la invernada

Bar, M.Esther, 2006:
Structure and population dynamics of Triatoma sordida Stal 1859 in a community of Butia yatay in Argentina Estructura y dinamica poblacional de Triatoma sordida Stal 1859 en una comunidad de Butia yatay en Argentina

Yasvoin, J.V., 1950:
Structure and reduction of dentine in some Teleostei Anarrichas lupus and Salmo fario

Podkowa, D.; Goniakowska-Witalinska, L., 1997:
Structure and respiratory function of the lungs and air-bladders in the air-breathing fishes Budowa i funkcja pluc oraz pecherzy plawnych jako dodatkowych narzadow oddechowych u ryb

Mocciaro, G.; Sara, G.; Mirto, S., 2002:
Structure and role of meiofauna in Stagnone di Marsala NW Sicily Struttura e ruolo della meiofauna nello Stagnone di Marsala Sicilia nord-occidentale

Leoni, B.; Cotta Ramusino, M., 1995:
Structure and seasonal evolution of the heleoplankton of some ricefields to the south of Milan Struttura ed evoluzione stagionale delleleoplancton di alcune risaie a sud di Milano

Laoretti, F.; Castellano, S.; Giacoma, C., 2000:
Structure and seasonal populations of some populations of the green toad Bufo viridis of Savona Struttura e dinamica stagionale di alcune popolazioni di rospo smeraldino Bufo viridis del Savonese

Gilabert, J.; Moreno, I., 1998:
Structure and seasonality of the copepod community in Palma Bay western Mediterranean Estructura y estacionalidad de la comunidad de copepodos en la bahia de Palma Mediterraneo occidental

Tiefenbrunner, Wolfgang., 1995:
Structure and succession of the fauna of springtails of no longer cultivated land in the Marchfeld - first record of Willemia buddenbroki Huther, 1959 in Austria Zusammensetzung und Sukzession der Collembolenfauna von Okowertflachen im Marchfeld - Erstnachweis von Willemia buddenbroki Huther, 1959 in Osterreich

Gonzalez, J.A.; Gayubo, S.F.; Asis, J.D.; Tormos, J.; Garcia, C., 2003:
Structure and temporal dynamics of the Spheciformes wasps community Hymenoptera Apoidea Ampulicidae, Sphecidae and Cabronidae of a pasture in the upper Duero basin Spain Estructura y dinamica temporal de la comunidad de avispas esfeciformes Hymenoptera Apoidea Ampulicidae, Sphecidae y Crabronidae en un pastizal de la Cuenca Alta del Duero Espana

Huguet Blanco, G.; Molinas de Ferrer, MLL., 1987:
Structure and ultrastructure of the integument of Dina lineata OF Muller, 1774, Hirudinea Estructura i ultrastructura de les cellules epiteliales de Dina lineata OF Muller, 1774, Hirudinea

Sauve-Guillaume, Madeleine., 2001:
Structure and ultrastructure of the mandible of a phasmid insect Clitumnus extradentatus Br Structure et ultrastructure de la mandibule dun insecte phasmide Clitumnus extradentatus Br

Quattrini, D., 1966:
Structure and ultrastructure of the prostate of Vaginulus borellianus Colosi Mollusca Gastropoda Soleolifera

Bonet, S., 1987:
Structure and ultrastructure of the testicular region of the male reproductive tracts of Dina lineata Hirudinea, Erpobdellidae Estructura y ultraestructura de la region testicular del aparato genital masculino de Dina lineata Hirudinea, Erpobdellidae

de Gonzo, G.M.; Mosqueira, M.E., 1996:
Structure and utilization of the resources of an anatid community in the Salta Province, Argentina Utilizacion de recursos y estructura de una comunidad de anatidos en un ambiente de chaco serrano de la provincia de Salta, Argentina

Saona, G.; Forni, F.; Vizziano, D.; Norbis, W., 2003:
Structure by size, sex and maturity stage of the white croaker Micropogonias furnieri, Desmarest, 1823; Teleostei Sciaenidae in the bycatch of the artisanal fishery at Rocha Lagoon, Uruguay Estructura por tallas, sexo y estadios de madurez de la corvina blanca Micropogonias furnieri, Desmarest, 1823; Teleostei Sciaenidae, captura incidental en la pesqueria artesanal en Laguna de Rocha, Uruguay

Bocquet-Vedrine, J., 1970:
Structure et formation des troncs cemen-taires radiaux chez le crustace cirripede opercule Balanus crenatus Bruguiere

Lafuste, J.; Tourneur, F., 1990:
Structure et microstructure du genre Kiaerites Stasinska, 1967 Tabulata, Silurien de Norvege

Jans, D.; Jangoux, M., 1990:
Structure fine des spherulocytes de lholothuride Holothuria tubulosa Echinodermata

Izyumov, YuG.; Kasyanov, AN.; Mironovsky, AN.; Vanyushina, OG., 1990:
Structure formation of phenetic diversity of the species Rutilus rutilus L in the Volga Delta

Goriajev, V., 1910:
Structure histologique du systeme nerveux centrale dOctopus vulgaris sic La masse ganglionnaire subaesophageale

Bello, G.; Paparella, P., 2001:
Structure of Arca noae Bivalvia, Arcidae populations settled on different substrata in the southern Adriatic Sea Struttura di popolazioni di Arca noae Bivalvia, Arcidae insediate su sustrati diversi nellAdriatico meridionale

Ignatyev, V.I., 1955:
Structure of Kazan beds according to the Murom-Gorki-Kirov-Glazov profile

Ribeiro, L.O.; Uieda, V.S., 2005:
Structure of a benthic macroinvertebrates community in a mountain stream in Itatinga, Sao Paulo, Brazil Estrutura da comunidade de macroinvertebrados bentonicos de um riacho de serra em Itatinga, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Grijalba-Bendeck, M.; Castaneda-Moya, E.; Acero, A., 2004:
Structure of a hard bottom-fish assemblage in the Colombian Caribbean using the Stationary Visual Census Technique SVCT Estructura de un ensamblaje ictico asociado a fondos duros en el Caribe Colombiano empleando la tecnica del censo visual estacionario CVE

Silva, R.Roveda Vinhola da, 2006:
Structure of avian community in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul Estrutura de uma comunidade de aves em Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

Semenzato, M.; Amato, S., 1999:
Structure of bird communities in plane woods of central eastern Veneto N-E Italy Comunita di uccelli nidificanti e svernanti nei boschi planiziali del Veneto centro-orientale Italia N-E

Sergeeva, NG., 1976:
Structure of complexes of free-living nematodes of the Modiolus phaseolinus biocenosis

Belousova, Z.D., 1963:
Structure of darwinulid shells from orientated sections

Haloti, S.; Janati-Idrissi, A.; Chergui, H.; Lumaret, J., 2006:
Structure of dung beetle communities in north-western Morocco Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea Structure des communautes de Scarabeides coprophages du Maroc nord-occidental Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea

Panfilova, E.P., 1966:
Structure of epidermis of Gissar sheep compared with that of Ovis ammon

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