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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38690

Chapter 38690 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Boldogh, Sandor., 1998:
Studies for the effective protection of the white stork Ciconia ciconia in Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen county, NE Hungary A feher golya Ciconia ciconia hatekony vedelmet megalapozo vizsgalatok tapasztalatai Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen megyeben

Rainbow, W.J., 1905:
Studies in Australian Araneidae, No 4

Curran, C.H., 1923:
Studies in Canadian Diptera II - The genera of the family Blepharoceridae

Gurney, A.B., 1942:
Studies in Cuban Blattidae Orthoptera

Sellenschlo, Udo., 1999:
Studies in Mallorca Argentinian ants find excellent conditions Erfahrungen auf Mallorca Argentinische Ameise findet hervorragende Bedingungen vor

Bueno-Soria, J.; Santiago-Fragoso, S., 1996:
Studies in aquatic insects 13 A new species of the genus Hydroptila Insecta Trichoptera Hydroptilidae from Veracruz, Mexico Estudios en insectos acuaticos 13 Especie nueva del genero Hydroptila Insecta Trichoptera Hydroptilidae, de Veracruz, Mexico

Evstigneev, PV., 1990:
Studies in excitation of copepods by their motor and bioluminescent response

Hebard, M., 1920:
Studies in malayan, Papuan and Australian Mantidae

Rzoska, J., 1925:
Studies in the Copepoda of the Poznan

Dziock, F.; Kaschek, N.; Meyer, E.I., 1996:
Studies in the wild and in the laboratory on the life habits of Atherix ibis Fabricius, 1798 Diptera, Athericidae Freiland- und Laboruntersuchungen zur Lebensweise von Atherix ibis Fabricius, 1798 Diptera, Athericidae

Kekic, V.; Bachli, G., 1990:
Studies of Drosophilidae Diptera in Yugoslavia 6 Collections from Tjentiste and Dobro Polje Istrazivanja Drosophilidae Diptera Jugoslavije 6 Kolekcije sa Tjentista i Dobrog Polja

Golenchenko, A.P., 1956:
Studies of Engraulis in Azov Sea using aerial photography

Gunnarsson, T.G.etar.; Potts, P.M.; Gill, J.; Croger, R., 2001:
Studies of Icelandic black-tailed godwits Rannsoknir a islenskum jathrakonum

Nobis, Guenter., 2002:
Studies of Middle to Late Neolithic animal remains in Podgoritsa NE Bulgaria Studien an mittel- bis spaetneolithischen Tierresten von Podgorica NO-Bulgarien

Barwicz-Piskorz, Wanda., 1996:
Studies of Miocene radiolarians in the Polish part of the Carpathian foredeep Stan badan miocenskich promienic Radiolaria w polskiej czesci zapadliska przedkarpackiego

Artigas, JN.; Papavero, N., 1990:
Studies of Mydidae Diptera 5 Phylogenetic and biogeographic notes, key to the American genera and illustrations of spermathecae

Papavero, N.; Artigas, JN., 1990:
Studies of Mydidae Diptera 6 Catalogue of the American species

Suzuki, S.; Teramura, S.; Sasa, M., 1952:
Studies of Tsutsugamushi-On the effects of various repellents upon Trombiculid larvae

Sohlenius, B., 1966:
Studies of a species of Rhabditis Rhabditidae in agar culture

Zerche, Lothar., 1996:
Studies of alpine and montane Oxypoda-species Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae Studien alpiner und montaner Oxypoda-Arten Coleoptera Staphylinidae, Aleocharinae

Materia, Maria Raffaella., 2003:
Studies of an example of Potamotherium valetoni, a Miocene mustelid conserved in the Palaeontological Museum of Padua University Studia di un esamplare di Potamotherium valetoni, une lontra miocenica conservata nel museo paleontologico universitario di Padova

Saluchaite, A., 1996:
Studies of beetles in winter wheat and sugar beet fields with different agricultural technologies Vabalu tyrimai zieminiu kvieciu ir cukriniu runkeliu paseliuose skirtingo zemdirbystes intensyvumo salygomis

Korzyukov, AI., 1994:
Studies of bird migration at north-western Black Sea coast and over the sea

Vinogradova, P.S.; Litvin, V.M., 1961:
Studies of bottom relief and sediments in the Barents and Norwegian Seas

Botnen, H.B.; Hjohlman, S.; Johanssen, P., 1999:
Studies of city fjords Survey of fjords around Bergen Marine biology environmental study of Store Lungegardsvann, Solheimsviken, Damsgard Sound and Puddefjord in 1996 and 1997; as well as low tide studies on Fagernes in 1998 Byfjordesundersokelsen Overvakning av fjordene rundt Bergen Marinbiologisk miljoundersokelse av Store Lungegardsvann, Solheimsviken, Damsgardsundet og Puddefjorden i 1996 og 1997; samt fjaereundersokelse pa Fagernes i 1998

Lin, K-J.; Twu, J-Y.; Chen, C-H., 1990:
Studies of daily spawning and quality of eggs in one goldline sea bream, Sparus sarba

Doguet, S.; Bergeal, M., 2001:
Studies of different Palearctic flea beetles Spain, Morocco, Greece, Turkey with the descriptions of two new species of Longitarsus Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae Etude de diverses altises palearctiques Espagne, Maroc, Grece, Turquie avec les descriptions de deux nouvelles especes de Longitarsus Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae

Werner, D., 1995:
Studies of ecology of Scatopsidae Diptera Untersuchungen zur Okologie der Scatopsidae Diptera

Bussler, Heinz., 2002:
Studies of faunistics and ecology of Cucujus cinnaberinus Scop, 1763 in Bavaria, Germany Untersuchungen zur Faunistik und Oekologie von Cucujus cinnaberinus SCOP, 1763 in Bayern Coleoptera, Cucujidae

Swanberg, PO., 1993:
Studies of flight speed Flyghastighetsstudier

Yamao, Y., 1952:
Studies of fluorescent substances in tissues of Endoparasites 1 The presence of ribo- flavin in various tissues of the pig ascarid, Ascaris lumbricoides

Ince, B.W., 1975:
Studies of hormonal control of metabolism in teleosts

Haddad, M.L.; Silveira Neto, S., 1996:
Studies of insect population growth by Gauss-Newton, Marquardt and Quasi-Newton statistical methods Estudo do crescimento populacional de insetos pelos metodos estatisticos Gauss-Newton, Marquardt e Quasi-Newton

Saltveit, SJ., 1990:
Studies of juvenile fish in large rivers

Friedrich, Egbert., 1995:
Studies of moths Lepidoptera Heterocera in the Birkig area at the military training area Ohrdruf/Thuringia Untersuchungen zur Nachtfalterfauna Lepidoptera Heterocera im Bereich Birkig auf dem Truppenubungsplatz Ohrdruf/Thuringen

Ozarowska, A., 2006:
Studies of night migrants directional preferences - orientation cage tests Badania preferencji kierunkowych ptakow wendrujacych noca - testy klatkowe wedrowki ptakow - czy wiemy juz duzo?

Lleellish, M.; Amanzo, J.; Hooker, Y.; Yale, S., 2003:
Studies of peccary populations in the Alto Purus region Evaluacion poblacional de pecaries en la Region del Alto Purus

Anonymous., 1977:
Studies of penduline titmouse breeding biology

Rojas, J.E.; Milano,; Avila, I.G.rcia., 2002:
Studies of preadult and adult forms of Anopheles nuneztovari Diptera Culicidae Gabaldon, 1940, in an malaria origin area in Merida state, Venezuela Estudios sobre formas preadultas y adultas de Anopheles nuneztovari Diptera Culicidae Gabaldon, 1940, en el area originalmente malarica del estado de Merida, Venezuela

Ridgway, Robert., 1875:
Studies of the American Falconidae Monograph of the Genus Micrastur

Ridgway, R., 1878:
Studies of the American Herodiones Part i Synopsis of the American Genera of Ardeidae and Ciconiidae; including descriptions of three new genera and a monograph of the American species of the genus Ardea, Linn

Kohler, Frank., 2000:
Studies of the beetle fauna Coleoptera of a dynamic and barren shore of the Ufer near Ems, north west of Muenster with an overall analysis of the German riparian shore beetle fauna Untersuchungen zur Kaeferfauna Coleoptera vegetationsarmer, dynamischer Flussufer der Ems nordwestlich von Muenster mit einer allgemeinen Analyse der deutschen Uferkaeferfauna

Kux, Z., 1949:
Studies of the distribution of genus Locustella and Acrocephalus in the country of South Moravia-English summary

Georgiev, G., 1990:
Studies of the distribution, bioecology, and control of Stauronematus compressicornis F in Bulgaria

Pan, J.; Liang, D., 1990:
Studies of the early development of Rana rugulosa Wiegmann

Stalev, Z., 1990:
Studies of the ecology and biology of beech leaf-miner Rhynchaenus fagi L - a pest on Oriental beech Fagus orientalis Lipsky in Bulgaria

Sagdieva, PD.; Okulova, NM.; Konstantinov, OK., 1990:
Studies of the ecology of Gamasina mites on small rodents in the southern Sykhote-Alyn

Hasan, SA.; Afzal, M., 1990:
Studies of the genus Dolycoris Mulsant and Rey Pentatomidae Carpocorini with description of four new species from Pakistan

Stegner, J., 1998:
Studies of the ground beetle fauna Col, Carabidae of selected forest areas in the Spreewald Untersuchungen zur Laufkaferfauna Col, Carabidae ausgewahlter Waldflachen im Spreewald

Vargas A., B. irene; Rubio C., S.A.ejandra; Lopez-Avila, A., 2004:
Studies of the habits and behavior of the Guatemalan potato tuber moth Tecia solanivora Lepidoptera Gelechiidae in stored potato Estudios de habitos y comportamiento de la polilla guatemalteca Tecia solanivora Lepidoptera Qelechiidae en papa almacenada

Gassal, S.; Schmaeschke, R., 2006:
Studies of the infestation of pheasants Phasianus colchicus with helminths and coccidia in view of the specific environmental conditions in pheasantries and shoots Zur Heiminthen- und Kokzidienfauna des Jagdfasans Phasianus colchicus unter Beruecksichtigung der spezifischenUrnweltbedingungen in Fasanerien und in freier Wildbahn

Verma, G.P.; Baluni, D.C., 1990:
Studies of the nurse cells and follicular epithelial cells during oogenesis in the diving beetle Dytiscus marginalis

Grosser, C.; Heidecke, D.; Moritz, G., 2001:
Studies of the suitability of native Hirudinea as bio-indicators for running water Untersuchungen zur Eignung heimischer Hirudineen als Bioindikatoren fuer Fliessgewaesser

Cassola, Fabio., 2001:
Studies of tiger beetles CXX A note on some species from Surinam Coleoptera, Cicindelidae Etudes sur les cicindelides CXX Note sur quelques especes du Suriname Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

Akin, Z.; Saygi, G., 2003:
Studies on Acanthamoeba and Naegleria spp isolated from various water and soil specimens Cevreden izole ettigimiz Acanthamoeba ve Naegleria turleri uzerinde calismalar

El-Sayad Soliman, F.; Naeim Habib, T., 1990:
Studies on Acanthopleura gemmata the common rocky Egyptian chiton species Mollusca Polyplacophora in the northwestern Red Sea

Curletti, Gianfranco., 1997:
Studies on Agrilinae of Tervuren Museum Coleoptera, Buprestidae part 2 Studi sugli Agrilinae del Museo di Tervuren Coleoptera, Buprestidae part 2

Glavendekic, MM., 2000:
Studies on Altica quercetorum Foud Coleopt, Chrysomelidae during an outbreak 1992-1995 in Serbia Beobachtungen bei einer Massenvermehrung des Eichenerdflohs, Altica quercetorum Foud Coleopt, Chrysomelidae 1992 bis 1995 in Serbien

Faust, E.C., 1918:
Studies on American Stephanophialinae

Pavan, F.; Gregoris, A.; Picotti, P., 1997:
Studies on Anagrus atomus Linnaeus Hymenoptera, Mymaridae egg parasite of Empoasca vitis Gothe Homoptera, Cicadellidae on grape vine 2 Influence of anti-mildew treatments on population dynamics Studi su Anagrus atomus Linnaeus Hymenoptera, Mymaridae parassitoide oofago di Empoasca vitis Gothe Homoptera, Cicadellidae su vite 2 Influenza di trattamenti antiperonosporici sulla dinamica di popolazione

Pavan, F.; Picotti, P.; Gregoris, A., 1997:
Studies on Anagrus atomus Linnaeus Hymenoptera, Mymaridae egg parasite of Empoasca vitis Gothe Homoptera, Cicadellidae on grape vine 3 Influence of insecticide treatments on population dynamics Studi su Anagrus atomus Linnaeus Hymenoptera, Mymaridae parassitoide oofago di Empoasca vitis Gothe Homoptera, Cicadellidae su vite 3 Influenza di trattamenti insetticidi sulla dinamica di popolazione

Lavilla, E.O.; De la Riva, I., 2005:
Studies on Andean frogs of the genera Telmatobius and Batrachophrynus Anura Leptodactylidae Estudios sobre las Ranas Andinas de los Generos Telmatobius y Batrachophrynus Anura Leptodactylidae

Jutzeler, David., 1998:
Studies on Anthocharis damone Boisduval, 1836 and Euchloe ausonia Hubner, 1804 from southern Italy Lepidoptera Pieridae Etudes sur Anthocharis damone Boisduval, 1836 et Euchloe ausonia Hubner, 1804 de lItalie meridionale Lepidoptera Pieridae

Telnov, Dmitry., 2001:
Studies on Asiatic Anthicidae Coleoptera, II Zur Kenntnis asiatischer Anthicidae Coleoptera, II

Benitez-Rodriguez, J.; Jimenez-Huerta, J.; Silva-Lopez, G.; Gonzales Christen, A.; Medoza Castillo V., V., 1993:
Studies on Ateles and Alouatta at the Centre of Biological Investigations of the Veracruz University Estudios sobre Ateles y Alouatta en el Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas de la Universidad Veracruzana

Kakimoto, D., 1957:
Studies on B-vitamins of pyloric coeca of Skipjack, Katsuwonus vagans IV On vitamin B12

Rossmann, Torsten., 1999:
Studies on Caenozoic crocodiles 1 The palaeoecological significance of the eusuchian crocodile Pristichampsus rollinatii Gray for the Grube Messel fossil site Studien an kanozoischen Krokodilen 1 Die palaookologische Bedeutung des eusuchen Krokodils Pristichampsus rollinatii Gray fur die Fossillagerstatte Grube Messel

Rossmann, Torsten., 1998:
Studies on Cenozoic crocodiles 2 Taxonomical revision of the family Pristichampsidae Efimov Crocodilia Eusuchia Studien an kanozoischen Krokodilen 2 Taxonomische Revision der Familie Pristichampsidae Efimov Crocodilia Eusuchia

Rossmann, Torsten., 2000:
Studies on Cenozoic crocodiles 4 Biomechanical investigation on the skull and the neck of the Palaeogene crocodile Pristichampsus rollinatii Eusuchia Pristichampsidae Studien an kanozoischen Krokodilen 4 Biomechanische Untersuchung am Schadel und der Halswirbelsaule de palaogenen Krokodils Pristichampsus rollinatii Eusuchia Pristichampsidae

Rossmann, Torsten., 2000:
Studies on Cenozoic crocodiles 5 Biomechanical investigation on the postcranial skeleton of the Palaeogene crocodile Pristichampsus rollinatii Eusuchia Pristichampsidae Studien an kanozoischen Krokodilen 5 Biomechanische Untersuchung am postkranialen Skelett des palaogenen Krokodils Pristichampsus rollinatii Eusuchia Pristichampsidae

Chen, HT., 1957:
Studies on Chinese microphallid trematodes of the sub-family Maritrematinae

Chou, I., 1980:
Studies on Chinese species of the genus Anchon Buckton with new species from Vietnam Homoptera Membracidae

Gonzalez, MI.; Alvarado, M.; Duran, JM.; Serrano, A.; De la Rosa, A., 1998:
Studies on Cicada sp Homoptera Cicadidae in olive trees Estudios sobre Cicada sp Homoptera Cicadidae en olivo

Ozaki, H., 1960:
Studies on Conchophthirus katayamae Ozakii, a parasitic ciliate of Katayama nosophora Bobson Jap

Moizuddin, M., 1990:
Studies on Cyrtacanthacris tatarica Linnaeus Orthoptera Acridoidea with special reference to its habitat and genitalia

Marotta, S.; Pagano, G., 1997:
Studies on Delottococcus euphorbiae Ezzat McConnell Homoptera Coccoidea Pseudococcidae 2 Bio-ethological observations Ricerche su Delottococcus euphorbiae Ezzat McConnell Homoptera Coccoidea Pseudococcidae 2 Osservazioni bio-etologiche

Eichhorn, O., 2000:
Studies on Dreyfusia spp Hom, Adelgidae and their predators in northern Turkey Untersuchungen uber Fichtengallenlause, Dreyfusia spp Hom, Adelgidae und deren Predatoren in der Nord-Turkei

Janka, S.; Stoye, M., 1998:
Studies on Echinococcus multilocularis and Trichinella spiralis infections in the red fox in the Karlsruhe area Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen von Echinococcus multilocularis und Trichinella spiralis beim Rotfuchs Vulpes vulpes Linne 1758 im Regierungsbezirk Karlsruhe

Ino, H., 1958:
Studies on Encephalitozoon I Investigation into strain differences and effect of Toxoplasma antibody upon growth

Iino, H., 1959:
Studies on Encephalitozoon II Detection of Encephalitozoon from organs of inoculated mice

Iino, H., 1960:
Studies on Encephalitozoon III Relationship between the natural infection in mice and the environmental conditions

Manter, H.W., 1951:
Studies on Gyrocotyle rugosa Diesing, 1850 A cestodarian parasite of the elephant fish Callorhynchus milii

Guglielmone, Alberto A., 1999:
Studies on Haematobia irritans Diptera Muscidae in Santa Fe, Argentina Estudios acerca de Haematobia irritans Diptera Muscidae en Santa Fe, Argentina

Stoll, N.R., 1929:
Studies on Haemonchus

Narayanan, E.S.; KundanLal., 1958:
Studies on Indian Ichneumonidae Hymenoptera Part ISubfamily Mesochorinae Part II-Subfamily Diplazoninae

Takashima, H., 1947:
Studies on Japanese Pseudoscorpions 1

Chou, I.; Chen, T., 1983:
Studies on Japygidae 5 Diplura Japygidae

Chou, I., 1984:
Studies on Japygidae 6 Diplura Japygidae

Cramer, Cristina., 1992:
Studies on Mexican hidracarids family Torrenticolidae 1 New species of Neotractidae , Torrenticola and first record of Testudacarus Estudios sobre hidracaridos mexicanos, familia Torrenticolidae 1 Cinco especies nuevas de Neoatractides y Torrenticola y primer registro de Testudacarus para Mexico

Georgevitch, J., 1950:
Studies on Microsporidian Thelohania ochridensis nov spec

Zhivojin, G., 1938:
Studies on Myxosporidia 1 Myxdium gadi 2 M lieberkuhni 3, Henneguya gigantw 4 Sphaermyxa sabrazesi

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