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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38695

Chapter 38695 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dutt, S.C.; Srivastava, H.D., 1955:
Studies on the life history of Orientobilharzia dattai Dutt and Srivastava, 1952 n comb a blood-fluke of domestic mammals

Tanveer, A., 1990:
Studies on the life history of fresh water snails, Lymnaea acuminata, Lamarck, L rufescens Gray and L luteola, Lamarck

Calkins, G.N.; Lieb, C.C., 1902:
Studies on the life-history of Protozoa, II The effect of stimuli on the life cycle of Paramaecium caudatum

Berrahou, A.; Chavanon, G.; Bellouali, A.; Richoux, P., 2001:
Studies on the lower part of Moulouya River eastern Morocco 7 the aquatic Coleoptera of Oued Za Etudes sur la Basse Moulouya Maroc oriental 7 - Les coleopteres aquatiques de lOued Za

Vassenden, G.; Botnen, H.; Johannessen, P., 2004:
Studies on the marine environment at Haakonsvern Naval Base during 2001-2003 Undersokelse av marine miljoforhold ved Haakonsvern orlogsstasjon, 2001-2003

Behura, BK.; Panda, MM., 1990:
Studies on the mating behaviour and oviposition of the eri silk moth Philosamia ricini Boisduval Saturnidae Lepidoptera

Forro, L., 1999:
Studies on the mating behaviour of Moina brachiata Jurine, 1820 A kerekfeju vizibolha Moina brachiata Jurine, 1820 Crustacea, Cladocera parzasi viselkedese

Gopalakrishnan, P.; Thaker, SR., 1990:
Studies on the maturation and spawning of grey mullets of a reservoir fishery in Okhamandal Gulf of Kutch with special reference to rural development along the coast

Rogozina, I.V., 1956:
Studies on the mature egg-cell of Lampetra fluviatilis applying luminescence, ultra violet and anoptial microscopy and some histo-chemical methods

Ishida, M.; Utsumi, K.; Suzaki, T.; Shigenaka, Y., 1990:
Studies on the mechanism of cell elongation in Blepharisma japonicum 2 Changes of the membrane potential measured by an electrode sensitive to tetraphenyl phosphonium

Hashiguchi, Y.; Takei, T., 1969:
Studies on the migration and the development of Paragonimus ohirai Miyazaki, 1939 in albino rats transplanted with the metacercariae into their pleural cavity Jap

Barutzki, D.; Gothe, R., 1998:
Studies on the migration and translation of larvae of Oesophagostomum quadrispinulatum out of faeces Untersuchungen zur Migration und Translation von Oesophagostomum-quadrispinulatum-Larven aus dem Kot

Buszko, J., 1990:
Studies on the mining Lepidoptera of Poland 10 Mining Lepidoptera of Torun and surrounding areas

Buszko, J., 1990:
Studies on the mining Lepidoptera of Poland 9 New records of Elachistidae

Khozatsky, L.I., 1959:
Studies on the mode of life of the extinct forms and contemporary organisms

Bayram, S.; Ozkan, C., 1998:
Studies on the morphological changes depending on age and host on the internal reproductive system of Venturia canescens Grav Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae Venturia canescens Grav Hymenoptera Ichneumonidaein yasa ve konukcuya bagli olarak ic ureme sisteminde gorulen morfolojik degisimler uzerinde arastirmalar

Hepdurgun, B.; Onder, F., 2000 :
Studies on the morphology and distribution of the olive fruit midge Lasioptera berlesiana Paoli Dipt Cecidomyiidae Lasioptera berlesiana Paoli Dipt Cecidomyiidae Zeytin kizilkurdu nin taninmasi ve yayilisi uzerinde arastirmalar

Kismali, S.; Turanli, F., 2002:
Studies on the morphology, distribution and damage of the Tinthia myrmosaeformis H-S Lepidoptera Sesiidae Tinthia myrmosaeformis H-S Lepidoptera Sesiidaein taninmasi, yayilisi ve zarari uzerinde arastirmalar

Weber, S.; Gruppe, A.; Schopf, R., 2006:
Studies on the mutualism of spruce bark-sucking and red wood Untersuchungen zur Fichtenlachniden-Waldameisen-Trophobiose

Nankinov, DN., 1977:
Studies on the nest ecology of the song thrush Turdus philomelos Brehm

Brown, JAG., 1984:
Studies on the nutrition and metabolism of turbot Scopthalmus maximus L with reference to fish farming

Ziska, Thomas., 2002:
Studies on the occurrence of aculeate hymenopterans at the Krumme Lake wetlands Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen von aculeaten Hymenopteren im Feuchtgebiet Krumme Lake

Beier, W.; Siering, G.; Schneider, M., 2000:
Studies on the occurrence of longhorn beetles Col, Cerambycidae in the former GUS military training area Dallgow-Doberitz near Potsdam Brandenburg Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen von Bockkafern Col, Cerambycidae im Gebiet des ehemaligen GUS-Truppenubungsplatzes Dallgow-Doberitz bei Potsdam Land Brandenburg

Ludwig, M.; Becker, N., 1998:
Studies on the occurrence of possible signs of resistance in Aedes vexans Diptera, Culicinae after 15 years application of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis Untersuchungen zum Auftreten von moglichen Resistenzerscheinungen bei Aedes vexans Diptera, Culicinae nach 15 Jahren Applikation von Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

Sakurai, H.; Nakanishi, H.; Takeda, S., 1990:
Studies on the ovarian development of the lady beetle, Coccinella septempunctata - effect of environmental factor on oogenesis

Nishi, S., 1969:
Studies on the ovicidal effect of the night-soil on Ascaris eggs Jap

Pariselle, Antoine., 1995:
Studies on the parasites of Cichlidae in western Africa Etudes des parasites de Cichlidae en Afrique de lOuest

Kofoid, C.A.; Swezy, O., 1919:
Studies on the parasites of the Termites, IV On Leidyopsis sphaerica gen nov, sp nov

Ponyi, J.; Mezey, S.; Nagy, A., 1997:
Studies on the parasitic crustaceans of fish caught from the open water at Tihany A Tihany elotti vizekbol szarmazo halak parazita rakjainak vizsgalata, 1995-ben

Dawar, B.L., 1969:
Studies on the pedal glands of rotifer Floscularia ringens Molicerta ringens

Tozlu, Goksel., 2001:
Studies on the pest species belonging to the families Elateridae, Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Curculionidae Coleoptera and Diprionidae Hymenoptera in Scotch pine Pinus sylvestris L forests of Sarikamis Kars, Turkey Sarikamis Kars Ormanlarinda Saricam Pinus sylvestris Lda zarar yapan Elateridae, Buprestidae, Cerambycidae, Curculionidae Coleoptera ve Diprionidae Hymenoptera familyalarina bagli turler uzerinde calismalar

Hobson, A.D.; Stephenson, W.; Beadle, L.C.; Eden, A., 1952:
Studies on the physiology of Ascaris lumbri-coides I The relation of the total osmotic pressure, conductivity and chloride content of the body fluid to that of the external environment II The inorganic composition of tho body fluid in relation to tha

Riddle, O., 1916:
Studies on the physiology of reproduction in birds I The occurrence and measurement of a sudden change in the rate of growth of avian ova, by O Riddle II On the chemical composition of white and yellow egg yolk of the fowl and pigeon, by A A Spohn and O Riddle III On the metabolism of the egg yolk of the fowl during incubation, by O Riddle IV When a gland functions for the first time, is its secretion the equivalent of subsequent secretions ? by O Riddle, and A A Spohn V On the

Tsukada, N., 1963:
Studies on the pigment of a deep sea prawn, Pandalus borealis Kroyer 1 Identification and concentration of pigments

Karmakar, AK.; Sircar, AK., 1990:
Studies on the pituitary gland with relation to breeding cycle in Anabas testudineus Bloch

Lange, U., 2004:
Studies on the plant communities of the Gentiano-Koelerietum pyramidatae and its different subunits of the molluscan communities of limestone grasslands Malakosoziologische Untersuchungen auf Kalkmagerrasen der Rhoen

von Wyl, T.; Mueller, J.P., 2003:
Studies on the population biology, especially the use of space by the snow vole, Chionomys nivalis Martins, 1842 in the Swiss Alps Untersuchungen zur Populationsbiologie, insbesondere zur Raumnutzung der Schneemaus, Chionomys nivalis Martins, 1842 in den Buender Alpen

Gyuracz, J.; Bank, L.; Orban, L., 1998:
Studies on the population dynamics of a bearded tit Panurus biarmicus population in southern Hungary Populaciodinamikai vizsgalatok a barkoscinege Panurus biarmicus egy del-magyarorszagi populaciojan

Corsi, F.; Anselmi, G., 1994:
Studies on the population dynamics of nesting Ardeidae in Padule della Diccia-Botrona and neighbouring area in Grosseto province Studio sul dinamismo degli ardeidi nidificanti nel Padule della Diccia-Botrona e zone limitrofe in provincia di Grosseto

Wu, X., 1990:
Studies on the population ecology of Corbicula fluminea Muller and C fluminalis Muller

Kreusel, B.; Bohmer, J., 1998:
Studies on the population ecology of burnet moths on the Schwaebische Alb near Blaubeuren Lepidoptera Zygaenidae Populationsokologische Untersuchungen an Widderchenpopulationen der Schwabischen Alb bei Blaubeuren Lepidoptera Zygaenidae

Mikami, S.; Masaki, T., 1966 :
Studies on the population of Hirame flounder Paralichthys olivaceous T S of the Japan sea coast of Hokkaido

M.Z.anshan.; Zhang Zhizhong., 1990:
Studies on the population spatial patterns of Dendrolimus tabulaeformis Tsai et Liu larvae and pupae on every stratum of verticillate-branches SVB of pine and the law of spatial pattern varying among strata SVBs

Karsavuran, Y.; Durmusoglu, E., 2004:
Studies on the possibilities of using pheromone trap for the determination of application time against Helicoverpa armigera Huebn Lepidoptera Noctuidae on processing tomato in Mustafakemalpasa Bursa, Turkey Mustafakemalpasa Bursada sanayi domateslerinde Helicoverpa armigera Huebn Lepidoptera Noctuidaeya karsi ilaclama zamaninin saptanmasinda feromon tuzaklarindan yararlanma olanaklari

Niemann, R.; Arens, M.; Koczwara, K.; Sturhan, D., 1996:
Studies on the potential of nematodes for evaluating the quality of flowing waters Untersuchungen uber die Eignung von Nematoden zur Gutebewertung von Fliessgewassern

Osenegg, Kirsten., 1995:
Studies on the predator spectrum of the common lizard, Lacerta vivipara in south west France Untersuchungen zum Spektrum der Fressfeinde der Waldeidechse, Lacerta vivipara im Sudwesten Frankreichs

Roversi, P.F.derico.; Pennacchio, F.; Toccafondi, P., 1997:
Studies on the predator-complex of Matsucoccus Cock occurring in Italy 3 Oviposition behaviour and egg morphology of Elatophilus pini Bar, E nigricornis Zett and Dufouriellus ater Dufour Rhynchota Anthocoridae Studi sugli entomofagi predatori di cocciniglie del gen Matsucoccus Cock in Italia 3 Modalita di ovideposizione e morfologia delle uova di Elatophilus pini Bar, E nigricornis Zett e Dufouriellus ater Dufour Rhynchota Anthocoridae

Lotzing, K., 2000:
Studies on the present Odonata fauna Odonata in selected natural inland saline habitats at the southern margin of the Magdeburger Boerde Untersuchungen zur aktuellen Libellen-Fauna Odonata in ausgewaehlten natuerlichen Binnenland-Salzstellen am Suedrand der Magdeburger Boerde Sachsen-Anhalt

Trost, M.; Schnitter,; Grill, E., 1999:
Studies on the present carabid fauna Coleoptera Carabidae of the former lake Salziger See in the Mansfeld District Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany Untersuchungen zur aktuellen Laufkaferfauna Coleoptera Carabidae des ehemaligen Salzigen Sees im Mansfelder Land Sachsen-Anhalt

Sting, R.; Breitling, N.; Oehme, R.; Kimmig, P., 2004:
Studies on the prevalence of Coxiella burnetii in sheep and ticks of the genus Dermacentor in Baden-Wuerttemberg Untersuchungen zurn Vorkommen von Coxiella burnetii bei Schafen und Zecken der Gattung Dermacentor in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Rho, S.; Pyen, CK.; Bang, KS.; Han, SJ.; Lee, JU., 1990:
Studies on the production of the top shell, Batillus cornutus Lightfoot seedling

Gong, X.; Xiao, H.; Shen, Y., 1990:
Studies on the protozoan fauna of three-gorge area in Changjiang the Yangtze River

Matsubayashi, H.; Nakayama, I., 1960:
Studies on the pseudocyst of Toxoplasma gondii 1 Morphological observations

Sanino, G.P.; Yanez, J., 1998:
Studies on the pygmy sperm whale, Kogia breviceps de Blainville, 1838 stranded on the coast of Chile Estudios sobre un cachalote pigmeo, Kogia breviceps de Blainville, 1838, varado en la costa de Chile

Saiki, M., 1957:
Studies on the radio-elements in the contaminating radioactive fish II On skipjacks caught in the Pacific Ocean in 1956

Parducz, B., 1956:
Studies on the reactions to stimuli in the ciliate Infusoria V On the physiological mechanism of the avoiding reaction and of the orientation in space

Dilly, P.N., 1969:
Studies on the receptors in Ciona intestinalis III A second type of photoreceptor in the tadpole larva of Ciona intestinalis

Jeppsson, Niklas., 2004 :
Studies on the red-backed shrike in northeastern Skane during the years 2000-2003 Studier av tornskata i nordostra Skane ar 2000-2003

Sumiyoshi, K., 1952:
Studies on the relationship between cockroaches and pathogenic microorganisms

Tavella, L.; Tedeschi, R.; Mason, G.; Roggero, P., 2004:
Studies on the relationships between thrips vectors and tospoviruses transmission ability and virus detection in vector Studio delle relazioni fra tripidi vettori e tospovirus capacita di trasmissione e rilevamento del virus

Mietti, N.; Prioli, G.; Fiori, F.; Tontini, N., 2002:
Studies on the reproductive activity of Ostrea edulis L in the middle Adriatic Sea and trials of wild spat collection Studi sullattivita riproduttiva di Ostrea edulis L in medio Adriatico e prove di reperimento di seme selvatico

Lubjuhn, Thomas., 1999:
Studies on the reproductive behaviour of the great tit Fremdgehen mit Folgen Untersuchungen zum Fortpflanzungsverhalten von Kohlmeisen mit Hilfe des DNA-Fingerprinting

Bille, Thomas., 2000:
Studies on the reproductive biology of the Mexican lungless salamander Pseudoeurycea leprosa Cope, 1869 Untersuchungen zur Fortpflanzungsbiologie des mexikanischen lungenlosen Salamanders Pseudoeurycea leprosa Cope, 1869

Beaupoil, Claude., 1998:
Studies on the restoration of the Laita estuary Finistere-Morbihan Etudes sur la restauration de lestuaire de la Laita Finistere-Morbihan

Heiss, Ernst., 1997:
Studies on the revision of the Palaearctic Aradidae Heteroptera, Aradidae 4 A new species and further records of Aradidae from Greece Studien zur Revision der palaearktischen Aradidae Heteroptera, Aradidae 4 Eine neue Art und weitere Fundmeldungen von Aradidae aus Griechenland

Porrini, C.; Sabatini, A.G.oria; Carpana, E.; Alexandrova, M.; Medrzycki, P.; Bortolotti, L.; Bazzi, C.; Ghini, S.; Girotti, S., 2004:
Studies on the role of honeybees in the dissemination of the bacterium Erwinia amylovora and as bioindicators of its presence in the environment Studi sul ruolo delle api nella disseminazione del batterio Erwinia amylovora e come bioindicatori della presenza del fitopatogeno nellambiente

Koehler, F., 2004:
Studies on the saproxylic beetles Coleoptera in the natural forest reserves Gimpelrhein and Hollaenderschlag Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Die Totholzkaeferfauna Coleoptera der Naturwaldreservate Gimpelrhein and Hollaenderschlag in der Hoerdter Rheinaue in der noerdlichen Oberrheinebene

Zheng, Y-l., 1990:
Studies on the seasonal changes of some ions concentration in blood serum of Bufo gargarizans in different seasons

Mahobe, J.; Vaishampayan, SM., 1990:
Studies on the seasonal variation in the reproductive potential and ovary development of soybean semilooper, Plusia chalcytes Fabr

Deutz, A.; Fuchs, K.; Schuller, W.; Mueller, M.; Kerbl, U.; Klement, C., 2002:
Studies on the seroprevalence of antibodies against Leptospira interrogans in hunters and wild boar from south-eastern Austria Untersuchung von Jaegern und Schwarzwild auf die Seropraevalenz von Antikoerpern gegenueber Leptospira interrogans in Suedostoesterreich

Jiang Zaijie.;; L.G.anmin.; Zhang Zhitong.; W.X.angming.; L.H.ilin., 1990:
Studies on the sex pheromone of ixodid ticks

Sano, T., 1954:
Studies on the silk-worm disease caused by mermithid nema I

Jang, C. y., 1957:
Studies on the skeleton of Muraenesox cinereus Forskal

Kasap, I.; Aktug, Y., 2003:
Studies on the some biological parameters of Stethorus punctillum Weise Coleoptera Coccinellidae feeding on spider mite species Acarina Tetranychidae at laboratory conditions Laboratuvar kosullarinda kirmiziorumcek Acarina Tetranychidae turleri ile beslenen Stethorus punctillum Weise Coleoptera Coccinellidaeun bazi biyolojik ozellikleri uzerinde arastirmalar

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