Studies on tiger beetles 91 A contribution to the knowledge of the cicindelid fauna of the Republic of Guinea Coleoptera, Cicindelidae Etudes sur les cicindelides 91 Contribution a la connaissance de la faune de la republique de Guinee Coleoptera, Cicindelidae

Cassola, F.

Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique de France. mars; 1031: 63-72


Accession: 038695337

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The list is given of the 33 tiger beetle species which are known so far from the Republic of Guinea (Western Africa), mainly based on the materials collected in June-December 1996 by Messrs Maurizio Mei and Mamady Fofana (mainly in the environs of Sidakoro in the Upper Niger National Park, PNHN), and in the years 1982-84 by the Russian entomologist Sergej V. Murzin. Ten species proved to be new for the country. Moreover, it is supposed that further specialized research will lead to the discovery in Guinea of some out of 15 additional species, which are presently known from surrounding areas close to the Guinean border.