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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38698

Chapter 38698 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Khakimova, MA., 1973: Study on the granulosis virus infection of Agrotis segetum by the mathematical method of planned experiment

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Goes Dias, Almir., 1998: Study on the hoatzin Opisthocomus hoazin with special attention to its anatomy Estudo sobre a cigana Opisthocomus hoazin, sua anatomia em particular

Verze, P..; Mazzoglio,, 1995: Study on the hybrid zone between Zyginidia scutellaris H-S and Z pullula Boh in the Aosta Valley Studio sulla zona di ibridazione tra Zyginidia scutellaris H-S e Z pullula Boh in Valle dAosta Insecta Rhynchota Cicadellidae

Salgado Costas, Jose Ma., 1996: Study on the importance of the mesosternal carina Description of Leonesiella n gen and status of the gen Speogeus Col Cholevidae, Leptodirinae Estudio sobre la importancia de la quilla mesosternal Descripcion de Leonesiella n gen y status del gen Speogeus Col Cholevidae, Leptodirinae

E.H.lali, M..; Yahyaoui, A..; Chetto, N.., 2005: Study on the infestation of ells Anguilla anguilla with the parasite Anguillicola crassus in the Sebou estuary, northwestern Morocco Etude de linfestation des anguilles Anguilla anguilla par les parasite Anguicolla crassus dans lestuaire du Sebou au nord-ouest du Maroc

Gil-T., Felipe., 2001: Study on the influence of parasitoids Hymenoptera Ichneumonoidea in populations of the rare lepidopteran Iolana iolas Ochsenheimer, 1816 Lepidoptera Lycaenidae Estudio sobre la influencia de parasitoides Hymenoptera Ichneumonoidea en poblaciones del raro lepidoptero Iolana iolas Ochsenheimer, 1816 Lepidoptera Lycaenidae

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Bordignon, Lucio., 1994: Study on the installation of a community of nesting birds in an area that had been a rice field in Vercello Studio sullinsediamento di una comunita ornitica nidificante in unarea di ex-risaia vercellese

Vorobeva, LV., 1977: Study on the interstitial meiofauna

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Vujosevic, J.; Sibalic, D.; Olujic, M.; Petrovic, Z., 1963: Study on the investigation of trichomonads from nasal cavity of swine II Morphology and some laboratory behaviour of trichomonads from nasal cavity of swine and its correlation to Trichomonas genitalis bovis Mazzanti 1900

Nevostrueva, L. S., 1953: Study on the life-cycle of Echinostoma miyagawi Ishii, 1932- a factor of echinostomiasis of fowl

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Veronesi, R..; Donati, L..; Bellini, R.., 1995: Study on the noxious mosquitoes species in the Po Delta area and on their control Studio sulle species di zanzare nocive nellarea del delta de Po e sul loro contenimento

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Wang, Z., 1990: Study on the offshore species of family Limidae from waters of China

Ingarao, C.; Capellacci, S.; Kovac, N.; Penna, N.; Penna, A., 2006: Study on the oligosaccharidic and phytoplanktonic composition of some mucilaginous samples collected along the coast of Pesaro north-western Adriatic Sea and along the Slovenian coast north-eastern Adriatic Sea Studio sulla composizione oligosaccaridica e fitoplanctonica di alcuni campioni di mucillagine raccolti lungo la Costa Pesarese nord-ovest Mare Adriatico e lungo la Costa Slovena nord-est Mare Adriatico

S.Y.ngquan.; Shen Guoying.; Zhu Xiaoming.; Lin Weixiong., 1990: Study on the optimal protein content of food the prawn Penaeus penicillatus

Ramon Herrero, Montserrat., 1991: Study on the ovaric cycle of Chamelea gallina Linneo, 1758 of the Gulf of Valencia Spain; northwest Mediterranean Estudio del ciclo ovarico de Chamelea gallina Linneo, 1758 del Golfo de Valencia

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de Sarre, Francois., 1991: Study on the phylogenetic status of fossil and recent hominoids point of view of the initial bipedal theory 2nd part Essai sur le statut phylogenique des hominoides fossiles et recents le point de vue de la theorie initiale 2eme partie

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Rossler, Maria., 1999: Study on the population ecology of Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 in the Austrian Danubian woodlands Reptilia Testudines Emydidae Populationsokologische Untersuchung von Emys orbicularis Linnaeus, 1758 in den osterreichischen Donau-Auen Reptilia Testudines Emydidae

Lori, E..; Cianfanelli, S.., 2005: Study on the presence and distribution of edible molluscs and molluscs of regional conservation interest of regional law no 56/2000 in the province of Prato Studio sulla presenza e distribuzione, in Provincia di Prato, delle specie di Molluschi eduli e di interesse regionale tutelate dalla LR n 56/2000

Barbaresi, S..; Fratini, S..; Nocita, A.., 2005: Study on the presence and distribution of fish and crustaceans in the province of Prato protected by regional law no 56/2000

Schmitt, D.; Wittkowski, G., 1999: Study on the prevalence of BVD infection in free living cervids, chamois and wild boar in Bavaria Untersuchungen zur Verbreitung von BVD-Virusinfektionen bei Schalenwild in Bayern

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Bonanno, A.; Levi, D.; Patti, B.; Mazzola, S., 2002: Study on the relationships between River Po outflow and anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus catches fluctuations in the northern Adriatic with a fuzzy logic approach Studio delle relazioni tra la portata del fiume Po e le fluttuazioni delle catture commerciali di acciughe Engraulis encrasicolus nel nord Adriatico con un approccio di logica fuzzy

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Chen, Y.; Xu, Y., 1990: Study on the size structure of a population of Nodilittorina millegrana on a Pingtan shore

Viscarret, M.M.; Bachmann, A.O., 1997: Study on the spermatheca of Argentinian species of Belostoma Heteroptera Belostomatidae Estudio de la espermateca en especies argentinas del genero Belostoma Heteroptera Belostomatidae

Homann, Ulrich., 1998: Study on the spider fauna Arachnida Araneae in the nature reserve Bultenmoor near Luneburg, Germany Untersuchung zur Spinnenfauna Arachnida Araneae des Naturschutzgebietes Bultenmoor bei Luneburg

Lislevand, Terje., 1999: Study on the status of birds in Hitra and the possible consequences of planned wind turbines Kunnskapsstatus for fuglelivet pa Hitra og mulige konsekvenser ved planlagt vindkraftverk

Lislevand, Terje., 1999: Study on the status of birds in Smola and the possible consequences of planned wind turbines Kunnskapsstatus for fuglelivet pa Smola og mulige konsekvenser ved planlagt vindkraftverk

Lislevand, Terje., 1999: Study on the status of birds in Stadlandet and the possible consequences of planned wind turbines Kunnskapsstatus for fuglelivet pa Stadlandet og mulige konsekvenser ved planlagt vindkraftverk

Molina de Fernandez, D..; Bisset Lazcano, J..; Rodriguez, M..; Gonzalez, J..; Salas, O..; Barazarte, H..; Salcedo, A.., 1995: Study on the susceptibility of Aedes aegypti Linn strains to organophosphate pyrethroid insecticides in five states of Venezuela Estudio de la susceptibilidad a insecticidas organofosforados y piretroides en cepas de Aedes aegypti Linn de cinco estados de Venezuela

Schulke, M., 1997: Study on the systematics and faunistics of the genus Tachyporus Gravenhorst Part 5 information on the western Palaearctic species of the Tachyporus atriceps Stephens, 1832 group Coleoptera Staphylinidae Studien zur Systematik und Faunistik der Gattung Tachyporus Gravenhorst Teil 5 Zur Kenntnis der westpalaarktischen Arten der Tachyporus atriceps Stephens, 1832-Gruppe Coleoptera Staphylinidae

Tomasovic, Guy., 2002: Study on the type material of the male genital complex of seven species of the genus Erax Scopoli, 1763 Diptera Asilidae with description of three new species Etude sur materiaux typiques du complexe genital male de sept especes du genre Erax Scopoli, 1763 Diptera Asilidae avec la description de trois especes nouvelles

Rodriguez, S..; Hernando, J.M.guel.; Rodriguez-Curt, L.., 2004: Study on the upper Visean cyathopsids Rugosa from the Sierra del Castillo Unit Cordoba, Spain Estudio de los corales cyathopsidos Rugosa del Viseense superior de la Unidad de la Sierra del Castillo Cordoba, Espana

Chu Guozhong., 1990: Study on the use of asphalt felt nest-box and its suitabilities for great tit

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Deliry, Cyrille., 1998: Study report the dragonflies from the head waters of Bregnier-Cordon Isere, Ain and Savoie Compte-rendu detude les libellules de la chute de Bregnier-Cordon Isere, Ain et Savoie

Rohacova, M.; Bohac, J., 2003: Study results of ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae and staphylinid beetles Coleoptera Staphylinidae by pitfall trapping in the Natural Monument Hradni vrch Hukvaldy hill Podbeskydsky biogeographical region, Czech Republic Vysledky studia strevlikovitych Coleoptera Carabidae a drabcikovitych Coleoptera Staphylinidae brouku metodou zemnich pasti v Prirodni pamatce Hradni vrch Hukvaldy Podbeskydsky bioregion, Ceska republika

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