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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38712

Chapter 38712 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Grote, M., 1990:
Taking a look at Conus cedonulli

Lemoine, Guillaume., 2002:
Taking account of natterjacks during diverse operations of restoration on agricultural and industrial spaces in the Nord department Prise en compte des crapauds calamites dans diverses operations de restauration despaces agricoles et industriels dans le departement du Nord

Sels, Tannia., 2003:
Taking fish to the vet? Met de vissen naar de dierenarts?

Berthoud, Guy., 2000:
Taking into account the invertebrates in the setting up of the Swiss ecological network Prise en compte des invertebres dans letablissement du reseau ecologique suisse

Sylvand, Bernard., 1998:
Taking into account the ornithological knowledge is essential Lindispensable prise en compte de la connaissance ornithologique

Pohle, Claus., 2002:
Takins Budorcas taxicolor in zoos - care and breeding from the beginning up to the year 2001 Takins Budorcas taxicolor in Tiergaerten - Haltung und Zucht von Beginn bis zum Jahr 2001

Rieger, I.; Walzthony, D., 1990:
Taktile Kommunikation beim Abendsegler, Nyctalus noctula

Ziegler, T.; Bischoff, W., 1999:
Takydromus Platyplacopus kuehnei vietnamensis ssp n, a new subspecies of grass lizard from Vietnam Reptilia Squamata Lacertidae Takydromus Platyplacopus kuehnei vietnamensis ssp n, eine neue Schnellaufereidechsen-Unterart aus Vietnam Reptilia Squamata Lacertidae

Anon., 1966:
Tales of tiger-hunting

Bulicheva, A.I., 1957:
Talitroidea of the Seas of the USSR, and neighbouring waters

Kraut, Miroslav., 2002:
Talk about tropheuses 2 Povidani o tropheusech 2

Kraut, Miroslav., 2002:
Talk about tropheuses 3 Povidani o tropheusech 3

Kraut, Miroslav., 2003:
Talk about tropheuses 5 Povidani o tropheusech 5

van den Nieuwenhuizen, Arend., 2002:
Talking about Badis 2 Over Badis gesproken 2

van den Nieuwenhuizen, Arend., 2002:
Talking about Badis 3 Over Badis gesproken 3

Thaler, K., 1997:
Tallusia pindos n sp from N Greece Araneae, Linyphiidae Tallusia pindos n sp aus N-Griechenland Araneae, Linyphiidae

Scaravelli, D.; Bertozzi, M., 2002:
Talpa caeca Savi, 1822 new to Bologna province northern Italy and notes on its occurrence in the Apennines of Emilia-Romagna Talpa caeca Savi, 1822 nuova per la Provincia di Bologna e considerazioni sulla sua presenza nellAppennino Emiliano-Romagnolo Mammalia Insectivora Talpidae

Ziegler, R., 1990:
Talpidae Insectivora, Mammalia aus dem Oberoligozan und Untermiozan Suddeutschlands

Morgan, P., 1990:
Talyllyn railway tunnel

Ampie, CL.; Cruz, RA., 1990:
Tamano y madurez sexual de Anadara tuberculosa Bivalvia Arcidae en Costa Rica

Hennig, Andreas S., 1999:
Tamar A conservation project for the turtles of Brazil Tamar Ein Schutzprojekt fur die Meeresschildkroten Brasiliens

Siegner, Juergen., 2005:
Tame cattle egrets on the Seychelles Futterzahme Kuhreiher auf den Seychellen

Moenke, R.; Schmahl, R., 2004:
Tame great crested grebes Podiceps cristatus at Schaal Lake Futterzahmer Haubentaucher Podiceps cristatus am Schaalsee

Kudinova-Pasternak, RK., 1973:
Tanaidacea Crustacea, Malacostraca collected by NIS Viyaz in the region of the Aleutian ridge and Gulf of Alaska

Kudinova-Pasternak, RK., 1990:
Tanaidacea Crustacea, Malacostraca of the southeastern part of Atlantic Ocean and the region to the north of Mordvinov Elephant Island

Riggio, Silvano., 1996:
Tanaidacea Crustacea Eumalacostraca of the Italian coasts an overview I tanaidacei dei mari italiani quadro delle conoscenze

Pauli, V.L., 1954:
Tanaidacea of the Black Sea

Utzeri, C.; Belfiore, C., 1990:
Tandem anomali fra Odonati Odonata

Reder, Gerd., 1996:
Tandem of the ozure damselfly Coenagrion puella L 1758 with a truncated male Insecta Odonata Tandem der Hufeisen-Azurjungfer - Coenagrion puella L, 1758 - mit verstummeltem Mannchen Insecta Odonata

Hermanns, JF., 2005:
Tandonia rustica Millet, 1843 Presence of the species at La Chantoire Verviers Tandonia rustica Millet, 1843 Presence de lespece a La Chantoire Verviers

Eysel, W., 1990:
Tanganjikasee - Cichliden Die Ubergattung Ectodini 2 Xenotilapia spec Isanga

Eysel, W., 1990:
Tanganjikasee - Cichliden Die Ubergattung Ectodini 3 Biparentale Xenotilapia

Eysel, W., 1990:
Tanganjikasee - Cichliden Die Ubergattung Ectodini 4 Maternale Xenotilapia und Enantiopus

Eysel, W., 1990:
Tanganjikasee - Cichliden die Ubergattung Ectodini 1 Ectodus descampsi

Darbujan, Hynek., 2004:
Tanganyika - a dream fulfilled Tanganika - splneny sen

Genevelle, E., 2001:
Tanganyika in gold Tanganyika en or

Pacheco, Jose Fernando., 2001:
Tangara - genus of certain birds, but it has been Brazilian vernacular name of another bird genera Tangara - genero de uns, ainda que nome vulgar de outros

Schneidewind, Frank., 2004:
Tangs Genus Zebrasoma Segeldoktorfische Gattung Zebrasoma

Vercauteren, A., 2007:
Tanichthys albonubes, the white cloud mountain fish Tanichthys albonubes

Rab, Petr., 2002:
Tanichthys micagemmae - the Vietnamese cardinal fish - a new species of miniature cyprinid fishes from Vietnam Tanichthys micagemmae - kardinalka vietnamska - novy druh miniaturni kaprovite ryby z Vietnamu

Cacciali, P.; Brusquetti, F., 2005:
Tantilla melanocephala Linnaeus, 1758 Serpentes Colubridae in Paraguay Tantilla melanocephala Linnaeus, 1758 Serpentes Colubridae en Paraguay

George, Kai Horst., 2001:
Tantulocarida Crustacea, Maxillopoda a minute marine pest Tantulocarida Crustacea, Maxillopoda winzige Quaelgeister am Meeresgrund

Carles-Tolra, M.; Pujade i Villar, J., 1995:
Tanypezidae a new acalyptrate dipteran for the Iberian Peninsula Tanypezidae nueva familia de dipteros acalipteros para la Peninsula Iberica

Plociennik, M., 2006:
Tanypodinae communities in rivers with various pollution levels in central Poland Diptera Chironomidae Zgrupowania Tanypodinae w rzekach Polski Srodkowej o rozym stopniu zanieczyszczenia Diptera Chironomidae

Bygebjerg, R.; Munk, T., 2005:
Tanyptera nigricornis Meigen, 1818 new to the Danish fauna - and new records of other species of wood-living ctenophorine craneflies Diptera Tipulidae Ctenophorinae Tanyptera nigricornis Meigen, 1818 ny for den danske fauna - og nye registreringer of andre danske vedlevende stankelben Diptera Tipulidae Ctenophorinae

Schoppers, Jan., 1997:
Tape recorder useful in breeding season surveys of partridge Perdix perdix Cassetterecorder goed hulpmiddel bij inventarisatie patrijs Perdix perdix in het broedseizoen

Yuravlova, NM.; Spasskii, AA., 1974:
Tape worms of Laridae and Gaviidae of the Anadyrsk depression

Barquez, R.M.; Ferro, L.I.; Sanchez, M.S., 2006:
Tapecomys primus Rodentia Cricetidae, new genus and species for Argentina Tapecomys primus Rodentia Cricetidae, nuevo genero y especie para la Argentina

Zanol, Keti Maria Rocha., 2004:
Taperinha Linnavuori Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae descriptions of nine new species Taperinha Linnavuori Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae descricoes de nove especies novas

Skrjabin, K.I.Matevosian, E.M., 1945:
Tapeworms-Hymenolepididae - of domestic and game-birds

Fernandez-Lopez, S.Rafael, 2005:
Taphonomic alteration and evolutionary taphonomy Alteracion tafonomica y tafonomia evolutiva

Usera, J.; Alerola, C.; Guillem, J., 2001:
Taphonomic alteration of Cyclammina cancellata Brady, an agglutinate foraminiferan of deep waters Alteracion tafonomica en Cyclammina cancellata Brady, foraminifero aglutinado de aguas profundas

Spagnuolo, J.O.; Farinati, E.A.; Aliotta, S., 2001:
Taphonomic analisys of Holocene molluscs in the coastal area of Bahia Blanca Estuary, Argentina Analisis tafonomico de moluscos holocenos en el area costera del Estuario de Bahia Blanca, Argentina

Dal Pozzo, Laura., 1999:
Taphonomic analysis of Lanius excubitor Linnaeus, 1758 feeding Aves, Laniidae Analisi tafonomica dellalimentazione di Lanius excubitor Linnaeus, 1758 Aves, Laniidae

D.F.ancesco, C.G.rman.; Zarate, M.A.istides., 1999:
Taphonomic analysis of Littoridina Souleyet, 1852 Gastropoda Hydrobiidae in Holocene sections of the Quequen Grande River Buenos Aires Province paleobiological and paleoenvironmental significance Analisis tafonomico de Littoridina Souleyet, 1852 Gastropoda Hydrobiidae en perfiles holocenos del rio Quequen Grande provincia de Buenos Aires significado paleobiologico y paleoambiental

Senra, M.CE.; Silva, LHS., 2001:
Taphonomic analysis of fossil associations and paleoenvironmental interpretation of the Bauru Basin Upper Cretaceous, southeast Brazil Analise tafonomica das associacoes fossiliferas e interpretacao paleoambiental da Bacia Bauru Cretaceo Superior, sudeste do Brasil

Ruiz, F.; Abad, M.; Garcia, EXM., 2004:
Taphonomic analysis of the Pliocene ichthyofaune of southwestern Spain Analisis tafonomico preliminar de la ictiofauna pliocenica del SO de Espana

Arz, JA.; Arenillas, I.; Molina, E.; Dupuis, C., 1999:
Taphonomic and Signor-Lipps effects on the mass extinction of planktonic foraminifera at the Cretaceous/Tertiary limits in Elles Turkey Los efectos tafonomico y Signor-Lipps sobre la extincion en masa de foraminiferos planctonicos en el limite cretacico/terciario de Elles Tunicia

Molla, Enrique Penalver., 1998:
Taphonomic and paleoecologic study of the insects from the Miocene of Rubielos de Mora Teruel Estudio tafonomico y paleoecologico de los insectos del Mioceno de Rubielos de Mora Teruel

Vennin, E.; Vachard, D.; Proust, J.-Noel., 1997:
Taphonomic and synecologic features of the Tubiphytes genus in the Tratau and Nizhni-Irginsk buildups Lower Permian of the Ural Mountains, Russia Taphonomie et synecologie du genre Tubiphytes dans les bioconstructions de Tratau et de Nizhni-Irginsk Permien Inferieur de lOural, Russie

Mountain, M-J., 1990:
Taphonomic aspects of faunal analysis from Nombe rockshelter, highlands of Papua New Guinea

Henriques, M.; Helena P.; Reis, R.P.B.; Pena do.; Fernandes, A.C.rlos CS.; Srivastava, N.K.; Carvalho, I. de S., 1998:
Taphonomic characterization of Dastilbe sp associations of the Crato Member Santana Formation; Araripe Basin - north east Brazil; Cretaceous Caracterizacao tafonomica das associacoes registadas de Dastilbe sp do Membro Crato Formacao Santana; Bacia do Araripe - NE do Brasil; Cretacico

D.Renzi, Miguel., 1992:
Taphonomic evolution on the possibility of interpreting organic evolution by use of the fossil record Evolucion tafonomica sobre la posibilidad de lectura de la evolucion organica a traves del registro fosil

Alcala, L.; Martin Escorza, C.; Pesquero, MD., 1999:
Taphonomic implications from mammal bone orientations in the continental Neogene of Concud Teruel Implicaciones tafonomicas de la orientacion de huesos de mamiferos en el Neogeno continental de Concud Teruel

D.Renzi, Miquel., 1997:
Taphonomic information and paleobiological information a wrong dilemma? Informacion tafonomica e informacion paleobiologica un falso dilema?

Monaco, P.; Giannetti, A., 2001:
Taphonomic stratigraphy in the Early Jurassic Calcari Grigi of Trento Platform northern Italy Stratigrafia tafonomica nel Giurassico inferiore dei Calcari Grigi della Piattaforma di Trento

Pacher, Martina., 2000:
Taphonomic studies of the cave bear discoveries from Schwabenreith Cave near Lunz am See in Lower Austria Taphonomische Untersuchungen der Hoehlenbaeren-Fundstellen in der Schwabenreith-Hoehle bei Lunz am See Niederoesterreich

Boeuf, O.; Barbet, P., 2004:
Taphonomic study of Cervidae of the Late Pliocene of Chilhac, Seneze, and Blassac-la-Girondie Haute-Loire, France Approche taphonomique a partir des cervides, des sites du Pliocene Terminal de Chilhac, Seneze, et Blassac-la-Girondie Haute-Loire, France

Cochard, D., 2004:
Taphonomic study of leporids from a recent red foxs den as reference collection for the recognition of anthropic accumulations Etude taphonomique des leporides dune taniere de renard actuelle apport dun referentiel a la reconnaissance des accumulations anthropiques

Gagnaison, C.; Gillet, P-A.; Fucci, D., 2004:
Taphonomic study of the Miocene site of La Guimardiere Maine-et-Loire, France Etude taphonomique du site Miocene de La Guimardiere Maine-et-Loire, France

Lopez-Gonzalez, F.; Grandal d'Anglade, A.; Vidal Romani, JR., 1997:
Taphonomic study of the bone sample of Linares sur Lugo, Galicia Analisis tafonomico de la muestra osea de Linares sur Lugo, Galicia

Echassoux, Anna., 1998:
Taphonomic study of the cervid bones of Vallonnet Cave Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Alpes-Maritimes, France Etude taphonomique des cervides de la grotte du Vallonnet Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Alpes-Maritimes

Ochev, VG., 1976:
Taphonomic types of ancient Tetrapoda localities as palaeolandscape indicators

Mendoza, M.; Palmqvist, P.; Guerrero, S.; Martinez Navarro, B.; Perez Claros, JA.; Gibert, J.; Eisenmann, V., 1993:
Taphonomic, palaeoecological and palaeoethological considerations on a macromammal community in Venta Micena Orce, Granada Consideraciones tafonomicas, paleoecologicas y paleoetologicas sobre la comunidad de macromamiferos de Venta Micena Orce, Granada

Polonio, I.; Lopez-Martinez, N., 2000:
Taphonomical analysis of the Somosaguas fossil sites Middle Miocene, Madrid Analisis tafonomico de los yacimientos de Somosaguas Mioceno Medio, Madrid

Laroulandie, Veronique., 1998:
Taphonomical and archaeozoological studies of the willow grouse from the Magdalenian Grotte des Eglises Ariege, France Etudes archeozoologique et taphonomique des lagopedes des saules de la Grotte Magdalenienne des Eglises Ariege

Melendez, Guillermo ., 1997:
Taphonomy and fossilization Tafonomia y fosilizacion

Golfieri, G.A.; Ferrero, L.; Zarate, M., 1998:
Taphonomy and palaeoecology of Tagelus plebeius Lightfoot, 1786 Mollusca, Bivalvia in Holocene sediments of Quequen Grande River, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina Tafonomia y paleoecologia de Tagelus plebeius Lightfoot, 1786 Mollusca, Bivalvia en sedimentos holocenos del Rio Quequen Grande, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pinto Llona, A.C.istina.; Andrews, P.J.; Etxeberria, F., 2005:
Taphonomy and palaeoecology of bears from the Quaternary of Cantabrian Spain Tafonomia y paleoecologia de ursidos cuaternarios cantabricos

Martinez, SA., 1990:
Taphonomy and paleoecology of Holocene molluscs from the western margin of the Merin Lagoon Villa Soriano Fm, Uruguay

Martinell, J., 1997:
Taphonomy and paleoecology reflections on an unavoidable deal Tafonomia y paleoecologia reflexiones sobre un pacto necesario

Hagdorn, H.; Wang, X.; Wang, C., 2005:
Taphonomy and preservation of pseudoplanktonic Triassic crinoids from south China Taphonomie and Erhaltung pseudoplanktonischer Seelilien aus der Trias Sued-Chinas

Alonso Diago, MA.; Hoyos Gomez, M.; Alberdi, MT., 2002:
Taphonomy and sedimentary environment of the Huelago site Tafonomia y ambiente sedimentario del yacimiento de Huelago

Fernandez-Jalvo, Y., 2003:
Taphonomy at Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos Spain Tafonomia en la Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos Espana

Wedmann, Sonja., 1998:
Taphonomy of Bibionidae Insecta Diptera from the Upper Oligocene Fossillagerstatte Enspel Germany Taphonomie der Bibionidae Insecta Diptera aus der oberoligozanen Fossillagerstatte Enspel Deutschland

Soldani, D.; Girone, A., 2001:
Taphonomy of Ebalia nux Decapoda in the Pleistocene of Montalbano Jonico southern Italy, Basilicata Tafonomia di Ebalia nux Decapoda nel Pleistocene di Montalbano Jonico sud Italia, Basilicata

Klein, C.; Simoes, M.G.imaraes., 1998:
Taphonomy of Pelecypoda of the Teresina Formation Permian, Tiaraju, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Tafonomia de pelecipodes da Formacao Teresina Permiano, Tiaraju, RS, Brasil

Valensi, Patricia., 1996:
Taphonomy of large mammals and palethnology at Lazaret cave Nice, France Taphonomie des grands mammiferes et palethnologie a la grotte du Lazaret Nice, France

Alonso Diago, M.; Angeles.; Hoyos Gomez, M.; Alberdi, M.; Teresa., 2001:
Taphonomy of the Cullar de Baza-1 Pleistocene vertebrate site Granada, Spain Tafonomia del yacimiento de vertebrados pleistocenos de Cullar de Baza-1 Granada, Espana

Cladera, G.; Ruigomez, E.; Ortiz Jaureguizar, E.; Bond, M.; Lopez, G., 2004:
Taphonomy of the Gran Hondonada Sarmiento Formation, Mustersan Land-Mammal Age, Middle Eocene, Chubut, Argentina Tafonomia de la Gran Hondonada Formacion Sarmiento, Edad-mamifero Mustersense, Eoceno Medio Chubut, Argentina

Laudet, F.; Denys, C.; Fernandez-Jalvo, Y., 1997:
Taphonomy of the Oligocene vertebrates from Pech Crabit southwestern France, Quercy phosphorites geodynamical and paleoecological implications of the post-mortem reworkings Taphonomie des vertebres oligocenes de Pech Crabit Lot, phosphorites de Quercy implications geodynamiques et paleoecologiques des remaniements post-mortem

Alonso Diago, MA.; Hoyos, M.; Alberdi, MT., 2003:
Taphonomy of the Pleistocene vertebrate site of Huescar-1 Granada, Spain Tafonomia del yacimiento de vertebrados pleistoceno de Huescar-1 Granada, Espana

de Araujo Tavora, V.; Coelho,, 2006:
Taphonomy of the foraminifera of the Pirabas Formation Lower Miocene, State of Para Tafonomia de foraminiferos da Formacao Pirabas Mioceno Inferior, Estado do Para

Pratt, AE., 1990:
Taphonomy of the large vertebrate fauna from the Thomas Farm Locality Miocene, Hemingfordian, Gilchrist County, Florida

Mondini, Mariana., 2000:
Taphonomy of the rock shelters of Puna Formation of scatological assemblages by foxes and their archeological implications Tafonomia de abrigos rocosos de la Puna Formacion de conjuntos escatologicos por zorros y sus implicaciones arqueologicas

Pereira Lopes, R.; Buchmann, F.S.kiguchi C.; Caron, F.; Itusarry, M.E.izabeth., 2002:
Taphonomy of the vertebrate fossils extinct megafauna found in Chui Creek embankment and shoreline, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Tafonomia dos fosseis de vertebrados Megafauna Extinta encontrados nas barrancas do Arrioi Chui e Linha de Costa, Rio do Sul, Brasil

Echassoux, A., 2004:
Taphonomy, palaeoecology and zooarchaeology of the lower Pleistocene mammals of Vallonnet cave Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Alpes-Maritimes, France Etude taphonomique, paleoecologique et archaeozoologique des faunes de grands mammiferes de la seconde moitie du Pleistocene inferieur de la grotte du Vallonnet Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, Alpes-Maritimes, France

Lazo, D.G., 2006:
Taphonomy, time-averaging and lateral transport of the macrofossils of the Pilmatue Member of the Agrio Formation, Lower Cretaceous, Neuquen Basin, Argentina Analisis tafonomico e inferencia del grado de mezcla temporal y espacial de la macrofauna del Miembro Pilmatue de la Formacion Agrio, Cretacico Inferior de cuenca Neuquina, Argentina

Molina, Eustoquio., 2004:
Taphonomy Microfossil fossilization perspectives Tafonomia Particularidades de la fosilizacion de los microfosiles

Berger, J.P. .; Strasser, A. ., 1995:
Taphonomy how to be preserved after death? Taphonomie comment etre preserve apres la mort?

Haynes, G., 1990:
Taphonomy science and folklore

Sorvari, J., 2003:
Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabricius 1793, an indoor-living ant - new records from Finland Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Dolichoderinae Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabricius, 1793, asunnoissa pesiva murrhainen - uusia havaintoja Suomessa Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Dolichoderinae

Scheurer, S.; Liebig, G., 1998:
Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabr Formicidae, Dolichoderinae in buildings - Observations on its biology and control Tapinoma melanocephalum Fabr Formicidae, Dolichoderinae in Gebauden - Beobachtungen zu ihrer Biologie und Bekampfung

Peru, Laurent., 1999:
Tapinoma pygmaeum Dufour, 1857, an ant rediscovered in France 141 years after its description Tapinoma pygmaeum Dufour, 1857, une fourmi retrouvee en France 141 ans apres sa description

Brunner, N., 1913:
Tapinostola muaculosa, ihre Bedeutung fur die Landwirtschaft und einige Methoden zu ihrer Bekampfung

Seitz, Stefan., 1998:
Tapirs in zoos - observations on activity, social behaviour and interspecific interactions Tapire im Zoo - Bemerkungen zu Aktivitaten, Sozialverhalten und interspezifischen Kontakten

Spassov, N.; Ginsburg, L., 1999:
Tapirus balkanicus nov sp, a new Tapiridae Perissodactyla, Mammalia, from the Turolian of Bulgaria Tapirus balkanicus nov sp, nouveau tapir Perissodactyla, Mammalia du Turolien de Bulgarie

Samus, V.I., 1970:
Tarachidia condefacta and the ragweed

Sejkora, J.; Duda, R.; Cejka, J.; Ederova, J.; Novotna, M., 2004:
Taranakite K,NH4Al3PO43OH9H2O originated by decomposition of bat guano in the Domica cave Slovak Republic Taranakit K, NH4 Al3PO43OH9H2O vzniknuty rozkladem guana netopyru v jeskyni Domica Slovenska republika

Fritzsche, Bubpa., 1999:
Tarantula info sheet 2 - Haplopelma lividum Smith, 1996 Vogelspinnensteckbrief Nr 2 Haplopelma lividum Smith, 1996

Fritzsche, Bubpa., 2000:
Tarantula profiles, no 3 Brachypelma smithi F Cambridge, 1897 Vogelspinnensteckbrief Nr 3 Brachypelma smithi F Cambridge, 1897

Spinn, Hendrik., 2004:
Tarantula species profile no 4 Sphaerobothria hoffmanni Karsch, 1879 Vogelspinnensteckbreif Nr4 Sphaerobothria hoffmanni Karsch, 1879

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Tarantula spiders in captivity 9 Introduction to the system of some tarantulas Mame doma sklipkana 9 Uvod do systemu nejen sklipkanu

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Tarantula spiders in the terrarium 5 Choosing specimens and problems of their diseases Mame doma sklipkana 5 Zpusob ziskani a nemoci

Hanak, F.; Hudecek, J.J., 2003:
Tarantulas Lycosa singoriensis Laxman, 1770 in the Czech republic with respect to central Moravia - history of occurrence and documentary material Araneida Lycosidae Slidak tatarsky Lycosa singoriensis Laxman, 1770 v Ceske republice s prihlednutim ke stredni Morave - historie vyskytu a dokladovy material Araneida Lycosidae

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2002:
Tarantulas and scorpions from Ghana Sklipkany a stiri Ghany

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1997:
Tarantulas at home 3 The terrarium Mame doma sklipkana 3 Terarium

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Tarantulas in captivity 10 Distinguishing individual subfamilies Mame doma sklipkana 10 Rozliseni jednotlivych podceledi

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1997:
Tarantulas in the terrarium 2 Mame doma sklipkana 2

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Tarantulas in the terrarium 4 Mame doma sklipkana 4

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Tarantulas in the terrarium 6 Rearing and reproduction Mame doma sklipkana 6 Odchov sklipkanu - rozmnozeni

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Tarantulas in the terrarium 7 Rearing and care of the young Mame doma sklipkana 7 Odchov sklipkanu - pece o potomstvo

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1998:
Tarantulas in the terrarium 8 Rearing and the development of the young Mame doma sklipkana 8 Odchov sklipkanu - vyvoj mladat

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1997:
Tarantulas in the terrarium Mame doma sklipkana

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2002:
Tarantulas of the genus Brachypelma Sklipkani rodu Brachypelma

Kovarik, Frantisek., 2002:
Tarantulas of the genus Haplopelma, can we determine them? Sklipkani rodu Haplopelma, aneb umime je urcit?

Cespedes Sandoval, L., 2004:
Tarantulas Las tarantulas o apasancas

Schmidt, Guenter., 2003:
Tarantulas a global overview 1st edition Die Vogelspinnen Eine weltweite Uebersicht 1 Auflage

Perez-Gelabert, Daniel E., 1999:
Taraxippus paliurus Phasmatodea Phasmatidae in the Dominican Republic first record and description of the male Taraxippus paliurus Phasmatodea Phasmatidae en Republica Dominicana primera cita y descripcion del macho

Bogdanov, O.P.Potopolski, V.D., 1956:
Tarbophis rhinopoma new species for the USSR fauna

Diez Fernandez-Lomana, C.; Sanchez Marco, A.; Moreno Lara, V., 1995:
Tardiglacial fowlers birds of Berroberria Grupos avicaptores del Tardiglaciar las aves de Berroberria

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Tardiglacial occupations at Okuzini south-western Turkey Preliminary results Les occupations tardiglaciaires du site dOkuzini sud-ouest de la Turquie resultats preliminaires

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Taxodont bivalves from the Tomakovka Beds of southern Ukraine

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