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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38722

Chapter 38722 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ineich, I.; Chirio, L., 2004:
The Afro-montain archipelago and the affinities of its herpetofauna description of a new species indicating phyletic relationships between Cameroon and eastern Africa Lacertilia, Scincidae, Trachylepis Larchipel afro-montagnard et les affinities de son herpetofaune description dune espece nouvelle indiquant des relations phyletiques entre le Cameroun et lAfrique de lest lacertilia, Scincidae, genre Trachylepis

Maldes, J.; Pluot-Sigwalt, D., 2004:
The Afrotropical and Madagascan Asopinae preserved in MNHN, Paris a list of the type specimens and of the species Heteroptera, Pentatomidae Les Asopinae afrotropicaux et malgaches conserves au MNHN a Paris liste des specimens types et des especes representees Heteroptera Pentatomidae

Pierre, J.; Libert, M.; Nguyen,; Vuattoux, R., 1995:
The Afrotropical genus Catuna Kirby Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Le genre afrotropical Catuna Kirby Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Hausmann, Axel., 2003:
The Afrotropical species of the genus Hypochrosis Guenee, with description of 17 new species and a new genus Cherbulois, gen nov Die afrotropischen Arten der Gattung Hypochrosis Guenee, mit Beschreibung einer neuen Gattung Cherbulois, gen nov und 17 neuer Arten

Tsacas, L.; Chassagnard, M.-Therese., 1999:
The Afrotropical species of the subgenus Gitonides Knab of the genus Cacoxenus Loew, with larvae predatory on mealybugs Diptera Drosophilidae Les especes Afrotropicales du sous-genre Gitonides Knab du genre Cacoxenus Loew a larves predatrices de cochenilles Diptera Drosophilidae

Auge, M.; Smith, R., 1997:
The Agamidae Reptilia, Squamata from the Paleogene of western Europe Les Agamidae Reptilia, Squamata du paleogene dEurope occidentale

Arenberger, E., 1996:
The Agdistis genus of the Ethiopean region 3 Contribution Lepidoptera Pterophoridae, Agdistinae Die Agdistis-Arten der Athiopischen Region 3 Beitrag Lepidoptera Pterophoridae, Agdistinae

Leuzinger, Hans., 1992:
The Agel Lake near Frauenfeld Der Agelsee bei Frauenfeld

Rigoni, M.; Ghiotto, R., 2001:
The Agno-Chiampo Museum Network Seven local towns of West Vicenza for a new model of museum services Il Sistema Museale Agno-Chiampo Sette comuni dellovest vicentino per un nuovo modello di servizi museali

Curletti, Gianfranco., 2000:
The Agrilus species Coleoptera, Buprestidae of the Radeau des Cimes 1999 expedition Gli Agrilus della spedizione Radeau des Cimes - Gabon 1999 Coleoptera, Buprestidae

Etienne, J.; Martinez, M., 1997:
The Agromyzidae of Saint-Martin Island, Antilles Diptera 1 Les Agromyzidae de lile de Saint-Martin, Antilles Diptera 1

Stemmer, Bernd., 2002:
The Aisch area Carp and birds for centuries Aischgrund Karpfen und Voegel seit Jahrhunderten

Dubief, Lionel., 2001:
The Aisne, a common history between man and nature LAisne, une histoire commune entre les Hommes et la Nature

Martin, R.; Martin, J.; Martin, E., 1990:
The Akkerendam Nature Reserve, Calvinia

Wilhemi, F.; Kaariye, H.Y.ssuf; Hammer, S., 2007:
The Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation Dibatag project Observations in the Ogaden region, south east Ethiopia Das Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation Dibatag-Projekt Beobachtungen in der Region Ogaden, suedost-Aethiopien

Scebba, Sergio., 2003:
The Alauda 2000 project five years of research on autumn migration of the sky lark Alauda arvensis Il progetto Alauda 2000 cinque anni di ricerca sulla migrazione autunnale dellAllodola Alauda arvensis

de la Serna, J M.; Valeiras, J.; Alot, E.; Godoy, D., 2003:
The Albacore Thunnus alalunga in the western Mediterranean El atun blanco Thunnus alalunga del Mediterraneo occidental

Bordonaro, Osvaldo L., 1979:
The Albertella genus trilobite from the Middle Cambrian of San Juan Argentina El genero Albertella trilobite en el Cambrico medio de San Juan Argentina

Robert, Emmanuel., 2002:
The Albian transgression in the Andean Basin Peru biostratigraphy, paleontology ammonites and sequence stratigraphy La transgression albienne dans le bassin Andin Perou biostratigraphie, paleontologie ammonites et stratigraphie sequentielle

Pace, R., 2005:
The Aleocharinae from the Madagascar Insectes Coleopteres Staphylinidae Aleocharinae, Faune de Madagascar 89, Supplement I Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Aleocharinae del Madagascar Insectes Coleopteres Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Faune de Madagascar 89, Supplemento I Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Pace, Roberto., 2002:
The Aleocharinae from the Malay Peninsula Malaysia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae Aleocharinae della Penisola di Malacca Malaysia Coleoptera, Staphylinidae

Cutolo, Angelo., 2002:
The Allopora and the evolution of Coelenterata Le allopore e levoluzione dei Celenterati

Femina, Michelina., 2002:
The Allopora Le allopore

Herrera, R.; Gonzalez-Gordillo, JI.; Quiles, JA.; Gonzalez, JA., 2001:
The Alpheus species from the Canary Islands with a first record of Alpheus sulcatus Kingsley, 1878 Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea, Alpheidae Los Alpheus de las islas Canarias con primera cita de Alpheus sulcatus Kingsley, 1878 Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea, Alpheidae

Anonymous., 2001:
The Alpine Convention Die Alpenkonvention

Tschirky, Robert., 2003:
The Alpine ibex Capra ibex L Der Alpensteinbock Capra ibex L - eine Erfolgsgeschichte

Giovo, M.; Rosselli, D., 2003:
The Alpine ibex Capra ibex population re-introduced in Troncea and Germanasca Valleys Cottian Alps, Turin distribution, consistency and demography 1987-2001 La popolazione di stambecco Capra ibex reintrodotta in Val Troncea e Val Germanasca Alpi Cozie, Torino distribuzione, consistenza e demografia 1987-2001

Anseeuw, Dieter., 1999:
The Alpine newt Triturus alpestris De alpenwatersalamander Triturus alpestris

Liechti, F.; Peter, D.; Lardelli, R.; Bruderer, B., 1996:
The Alps, an obstacle for nocturnal broad front migration - a survey based on moon-watching Die Alpen, ein Hindernis im nachtlichen Breitfrontzug - eine grossraumige Ubersicht nach Mondbeobachtungen

Irisov, EA.; Irisova, NL., 1991:
The Altai snowcock distribution, biology and care in captivity

Vinkman, M.K.; Poletaeya, O.K., 1968:
The Altai-Sayan folded province Gorny Altai

Zaitsev, N.S.; Pokrovskaya, N.V., 1968:
The Altai-Sayan folded province Tuva

Zaitsev, N.S.Smirnov, A.D., 1968:
The Altai-Sayan folded province, Eastern Sayan

Dobin, A.L. ., 1968:
The Altai-Sayan folded province Gorny Shoriya

Musatov, D.J. ., 1968:
The Altai-Sayan folded province Kuzriets Alatau

Fomichev, V.D. ., 1968:
The Altai-Sayan folded province Salair

Zaitsev, N.S.; Mossakoesky, A.A., 1968:
The Altai-Sayan folded province Western Sayan

Doberl, Manfred., 1999:
The Alticinae fauna of Azerbaijan Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae Zur Alticinenfauna von Azerbaijan Coleoptera Chrysomelidae

Goellner-Scheiding, Ursula., 2000:
The Alydinae of Africa Insecta Heteroptera Coreoidea Alydidae Die Alydinae Afrikas Insecta Heteroptera Coreoidea Alydidae

Grimm, K.I.; Grimm, M.C., 2005:
The Alzey Formation Rupelian, Mainz Basin at Steigerberg, Eckelsheim sedimentological, sequence stratigraphical and biostratigraphical investigations on a transgressive coastal system Die Alzey-Formation Rupelium, Mainzer Becken am Steigerberg bei Eckelsheim Sedimentologische, sequenzstratigraphische und biostratigraphische Untersuchungen eines transgressiven Kuestensystems

Sugimura, K., 1990:
The Amami rabbit Pentalagus furnessi

Logemann, F.; Logemann, C., 2007:
The Amano shrimp Die Amano-Garnele

Hieke, Fritz., 2005:
The Amara-subgenus Pseudocelia Lutshnik, 1935 Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae Die Amara-Untergattung Pseudocelia Lutshnik, 1935 Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae

Hieke, Fritz., 2001:
The Amara-subgenus Xenocelia subgn Coleoptera Carabidae Das Amara-subgenus Xenocelia subgn Coleoptera Carabidae

Correa de Vasconcellos, Alberto., 2000:
The Amazon basin - a marine highway during the Middle Carboniferous Bacia do Amazonas - uma via maritima durante o Carbonifero medio

Evans, PGH., 1990:
The Amazon parrots of the Caribbean

Hansson, Samuel., 2006:
The Amazon region Amazonas

Bosch, Klaus., 1990:
The Amazona from the Cayman Islands News about Amazona leucocephala Part 3 Die Amazonen der Cayman-Inseln Neues von der Kuba-Amazone Teil 3

Kostka Pinto da Silveira, Estanislau., 1996:
The Amazonic folklore about mapinguari and curucu in the light of paleontology As lendas amazonicas dos mapinguari e curucu a luz da paleontologia

Eigenmann, C.H., 1897:
The Amblyopsidae and Eyes of Blind Fishes

Eigenmann, C.H., 1897:
The Amblyopsidae, the Blind Fish of America

Pfeffer, Franz., 2004:
The Amboina king parrot Amboina-Koenigssittiche

Pfeffer, Franz., 2006:
The Amboina king parrot Salawati-Koenigssittiche

Patton, W.H., 1879:
The American Bembecidae Tribe Stizini

Lamas, Gerardo., 1999:
The American Melitaeini described by J Roeber Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae Los Melitaeini americanos descritos por J Roeber Lepidoptera Nymphalidae, Nymphalinae

Lamas, Gerardo., 2001:
The American Papilionidae and Nymphalidae Morphinae, Satyrinae, Biblidinae, and Heliconiinae described by J Roeber Lepidoptera Los Papilionidae y Nymphalidae Morphinae, Satyrinae, Biblidinae y Heliconiinae americanos descritos por J Roeber Lepidoptera

Lamas, Gerardo., 2001:
The American Riodinidae, Lycaenidae and Hesperiidae described by J Roeber Lepidoptera Los Riodinidae, Lycaenidae y Hesperiidae americanos descritos por J Roeber Lepidoptera

Haire, D.B.; III., 1990:
The American alligator dollars sense Remaining inconsistencies in the industry

Gadeyne, Eddy., 1997:
The American bald eagle a success story with an unhappy prehistory De Amerikaanse zeearend een successtory met een trieste voorgeschiedenis

Hauge, E., 1977:
The American bison

Godin, J.; Malecha, J.; Arduin, E., 2005:
The American bullfrog Rana catesbeiana Shaw, 1802 at Thun-Saint-Martin Nord, France in March and April 2002 Une Grenouille taureau, Rana catesbeiana Shaw, 1802 a Thun-Saint-Martin Nord, France en mars et avril 2002

Stawikowski, R.; Werner, U., 2004:
The American cichlids Volume 3 Geophages and pike cichlids Die Buntbarsche Amerikas Band 3, Erdfresser, Hecht- und Kammbuntbarsche

Cajella Marcos, D.; Gorospe Rombouts, G., 2000:
The American coot Fulica americana Focha americana Fulica americana

Budo, J.; Mascort, R., 2001:
The American crayfish Procambarus clarkii, occasional food of Hermanns tortoise Testudo hermanni hermanni El cangrejo de rio americano Procambarus clarkii, alimento ocasional de la tortuga mediterranea Testudo hermanni hermanni

Abrahamsson, S., 1969:
The American crayfish-observations in the USA and notes on its introduction into Sweden

Galvan, A.H.; Escobedo; Vargas, F.M.jia, 2003:
The American crocodile Crocodylus acutus Cuvier 1807 preliminary study of its current status in the north of Peru El Cocodrilo de Tumbes Crocodylus acutus Cuvier 1807 estudio preliminar de su estado actual en el norte de Peru

Falconieri, Angelo., 1996:
The American fossil Strombidae Gli strombidi fossili americani

Hoffmann, D.; Lichtenberger, T.; Beiderbeck, R., 2007:
The American gall midlge Obolodiplosis robiniae Haldeman, 1847 on chestnut trees in Germany Die amerikanische Gallmuecke Obolodiplosis robiniae Haldeman, 1847 an Robinien in Deutschland

Artigas, JN.; Papavero, N., 1990:
The American genera of Asilidae Diptera keys for identification with an atlas of female spermathecae and other morphological details 5 Subfamily Stichopogoninae GH Hardy

Ludewig, Guenter., 2002:
The American goldfinch Der Trauerzeisig, der besser Goldzeisig hiesse

Caldas, Sergio Tulio., 2001:
The American manatee history of conservation of a Brazilian mammal Peixe-boi a historia da conservacao de um mamifero brasileiro

Ternovsky, D.V., 1957:
The American mink at the Altai

Afanasjev, J.G., 1966:
The American mink in the southern Altai

Bravo, C.; Bueno, F., 1999:
The American mink, Mustela vison Schreber, 1777 Vison americano, Mustela vison Schreber, 1777

Forster, B.; Giacalone, I.; Moretti, M.; Dioli, P.; Wermelinger, B., 2005:
The American oak lace bug Corythucha arcuata Say new to southern Switzerland Die amerikanische Eichennetzwanze Corythucha arcuata Say Heteroptera, Tingidae hat die Suedschweiz erreicht

Valledor de Lozoya, Arturo., 2004:
The American passenger pigeon from extraordinary abundance to total extinction Paloma migratoria americana de la abundancia portentosa a la total extincion

Schnee, Heinz., 2000:
The American spruce needle-miner Coleotechnites piceaella Kearfott Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae in Saxonia - distribution, bionomy, parasitoids Die Amerikanische Fichtennadelminiermotte Coleotechnites piceaella Kearfott Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae in Sachsen Verbreitung, Biologie, Parasitoide

Estela, F.A.; Silva, J.D.uglas; Castillo, L.F.rnando, 2005:
The American white pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchus in Colombia, with comments on the effects of Caribbean hurricanes El pelicano blanco Americano Pelecanus erythrorhynchus en Colombia, con comentarios sobre los efectos de los huracanes en el Caribe

Chernysheva, N.E.; Ed., 1971:
The Amginsk Stage in the Altai-Sayan Region

Pospelov, A.G.; Fedyanina, E.S., 1971:
The Amginsk Stage in the Gorny Shory

Romanenko, E.V.; Romanenko, M.F., 1971:
The Amginsk Stagein the Gorny Altai

Wright, CW.; Kennedy, WJ., 1990:
The Ammonoidea of the Lower Chalk Part 3

Hilt-Klein, Peter., 2005:
The Amneville Aquarium Das Aquarium von Amneville

Malkmus, Rudolf., 1995:
The Amphibia and Reptilia of Portugal, Madeira and the Azores Distribution, ecology and conservation Die Amphibien und Reptilien Portugals, Madeiras und der Azoren Verbreitung, Okologie, Schutz

Kuzmin, Sergius L., 1995:
The Amphibia of Russia and neighbouring regions Die Amphibien Russlands und angrenzender Gebiete

Vollmer, Alexander., 2000:
The Amphibia of the meadow landscape around Dessau and adjacent areas Die Amphibien Amphibia der Auenlandschaften um Dessau und angrenzender Bereiche

Seegers, Lothar., 1996:
The Amphilius species of east Africa Die Amphilius-Arten Ostafrikas

McCrary, J.; Konings, A.; McKaye, K.R., 2002:
The Amphilophus citrinellus complex in Lake Xiloa, Nicaragua Le complexe Amphilophus citrinellus dans la lagune de Xiloa, Nicaragua

Muranyi, David., 2001:
The Amphinemura standfussi Ris, 1902 stonefly Plecoptera species in the Bakony area Az Amphinemura standfussi Ris, 1902 alkeresz Plecoptera faj a Bakonyvideken

Hodgson, T.V., 1900:
The Amphinomidae, Aphroditidae, Polynoidae, and Sigalionidae of Plymouth and English Channel

Trutnau, Ludwig., 2000:
The Amur ratsnake Elaphe schrencki Strauch, 1873 - a beautiful snake from east Asia Die Amurnatter Elaphe schrencki Strauch, 1873 - eine Schlangenschoenheit aus dem oestlichen Asien

Matyushkin, EN., 1998:
The Amur tiger in Russia An annotated bibliography 1925-1997

Wolters, Ronald., 2001:
The Amur-ratsnake Elaphe schrenckii schrenckii in the terrarium De russische rattenslang Elaphe schrenckii schrenckii in het terrarium

Karstens, I.E., 1932:
The Ananur horizon

Choukoff, I.N., 1930:
The Anatidae of West Siberia and the adjoining countryPart I, comprising Erisma-tura, Fuligula, Anas and Tadorna

Lankester, E.R., 1864:
The Anatomy of the Earthworm-Part I

Huemer, P.; Tarmann, G., 1997:
The Ancylis badiana Denis Schiffermuller, 1775-complex in Europe revision of an unrecognized species complex Lepidoptera, Tortricidae Die Ancylis badiana Denis Schiffermuller, 1775-Gruppe in Europa ein verkannter Kleinschmetterlings-Artenkomplex Lepidoptera, Tortricidae

Consejeria de Medio Ambiente., 1996:
The Andalucian Assembly announces that Gypaetus barbatus will return to Cazorla La Junta de Andalucia anuncia que el quebrantahuesos volvera a Cazorla

Kaloff, Michael., 2000:
The Andean flicker, Colaptes rupicola, pollinates the giant bromeliad Puya raimondii Der Andenspecht, Colaptes rupicola, bestaeubt die Riesenbromelie Puya raimondii

Schlueter, Uwe., 2001:
The Andean keel tailed iguana Occurrence, description and care and breeding of Stenocercus chrysopygus Anden-Kielschwanzleguan Vorkommen, Beschreibung sowie Pflege und Zucht von Stenocercus chrysopygus

Lucherini, M.; Sana, D.; Birochio, D., 1999:
The Andean mountain cat Oreailurus jacobita and the other wild carnivores in the proposed Anconquija National Park, Argentina El gato Andino Oreailurus jacobita y los otros carnivoros en el propuesto Parque Nacional Anconquija, Argentina

Vit, R.; Kralove, D., 2001:
The Andean parakeet - a high mountain inhabitant Der Andensittich - ein Hochgebirgsbewohner

Ojanguren Affilastro, A.A., 2003:
The Andean species of Brachistosternus Leptosternus, with the description of three new species Scorpiones, Bothriuridae Las especies andinas de Brachistosternus Leptosternus, con la descripcion de tres nuevas especies Scorpiones, Bothriuridae

Schumacher, Stefan., 2005:
The Andean swamp rat Sigmodon hispidus biology and care Die Baumwollratte Sigmodon hispidus Biologie und Haltung

Chebez, J.C.rlos.; Serret, A., 1994:
The Andes deer Hippocamelus bisulcus Huemul

Pawlovski, J., 1963:
The Animal world of Babia Gora 4 Terrestrial Invertebrates

Taquet, P., 2006:
The Annales de Paleontologie and the dinosaurs Les Annales de Paleontologie et les Dinosaures

Ohlsson, Arne., 2005:
The Annehemsdammen wetlands Annehemsdammen

Webster, H.E.; Benedict, J.E., 1887:
The Annelida Chaetopoda from Eastport, Maine

Monzel, Markus., 2001:
The Anolis of the Bay Islands Zoogeography and evolutionary ecology Die Anolis der Bay Islands Zoogeographie und Evolutionsoekologie

Hornig, U., 2001:
The Anommatus-species from Saxony A reitteri Ganglb and A diecki Rtt new for East-Germany Die Anommatus-Arten von Sachsen A reitteri Ganglb und A diecki Rtt neu fuer Ostdeutschland Col, Bothrideridae

Zamburlini, R.; Cargnus, E., 1998:
The Anopheles claviger complex Diptera, Culicidae from north east Italy Il complesso Anopheles claviger Diptera, Culicidae nellItalia nord-orientale

Marinescu, Alexandru., 1996:
The Antarctic journal of Emile Racovitza, naturalist of the Belgica expedition Le journal antarctique dEmile Racovitza, naturaliste de lexpedition Belgica

Hjort, C., 2003:
The Antarctic peninsula like an icy finger sticking into a jam-pot Antarktiska Halvon som ett iskallt finger i syltburken

Uhmann, Gerhard., 1995:
The Anthicidae of the First Entomological Expedition of the Museum of Natural History Berlin to Namibia in 1992 and other records from Namibia and South Africa 45th Contribution to the knowledge of Anthicidae Coleoptera Die Anthicidae der ersten entomologischen Afrika-Expedition des Museums fur Naturkunde Berlin 1992 nach Namibia und weitere Nachweise aus Namibia und Sudafrika 45 Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Anthicidae Coleoptera

Toro, H.; Rodriguez, S., 1998:
The Anthidiini of Chile key to the species Hymenoptera Megachilidae Los Anthidiini de Chile clave para especies Hymenoptera Megachilidae

Faquaet, Marcel., 1992:
The Aosta Valley a paradise for lepidopterologists, addendum 6 Lepidoptera De Aosta-vallei een paradijs voor lepidopterologen, addendum 6 Lepidoptera

Faquaet, Marcel., 1996:
The Aosta Valley a paradise for lepidopterologists, addendum no 10 Lepidoptera De Aosta-vallei een paradijs voor lepidopterologen, addendum 10 Lepidoptera

Sturm, Ralph., 1998:
The Apatura situation in Hausmetting near Straubing in Lower Bavaria Lepidoptera Nymphalidae Die Apatura-Situation bei Hausmetting in der Nahe von Straubing in Niederbayern Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Orga, Stefano., 2004:
The Apennine salamander at Avellino La salamandra pezzata appenninica ad Avellino

Osella, G.; Zuppa, A.M.ria; D.M.rco, C., 2005:
The Apennine weevil fauna Coleoptera Curculionoidea origin and biodiversity Il popolamento a coleotteri Curculionoidei dellAppennino origine e biodiversita

Marschitz, Gottfried., 1995:
The Aphyosemion elegans complex Part 2 care and captivity Der Aphyosemion elegans-Komplex Teil 2 Pflege und Zucht

Berenger, Jean-Michel., 1995:
The Apiomerinae from Nicaragua Heteroptera Reduviidae Les Apiomerinae du Nicaragua Heteroptera Reduviidae

Maus, Christian., 1999:
The Apioninae Coleoptera Curculionoidea, Apionidae of collections of the Zoological Institute of Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg i Br Die Apioninen Coleoptera Curculionoidea, Apionidae der Sammlungen des Zoologischen Instituts der Albert-Ludwigs Universitat in Freiburg i Br

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The Apistogramma-steindachneri complex Der Apistogramma-steindachneri-Komplex

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The Apodidae, a Morphological Study Nature Series

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The Apodous Holothurians A monograph of the Synaptidae and Molpadiidae Including a report on the representatives of these families in the collections of the United States National Museum

de Freitas Barbola, I.; Laroca, S., 1993:
The Apoidea Hymenoptera community of the Reserva Passa Dois Lapa, Parana, Brazil 1 Diversity, relative abundance and seasonal activity A comunidade de Apoidea Hymenoptera da Reserva Passa Dois Lapa, Parana, Brasil 1 Diversidade, abundancia relativa e atividade sazonal

Jozan, Zsolt., 1996:
The Apoidea Hymenoptera fauna of the Mecsek Mountains Hungary South Transdanubia A Mecsek mehszeru faunaja Hymenoptera, Apoidea

Jozan, Z., 1990:
The Apoidea Hymenoptera fauna of the Zselic Downs

Ricciardelli D'Albore, G.; Piatti, C., 2003:
The Apoidea pollinators of medicinal, edible and protected plants in central Italy Gli apoidei pronubi di specie spontanee officinali, commestibili e protette nellItalia centrale

Hanson, P.E.; Menke, A.S., 2006:
The Apoidea wasps Ampulicidae, Sphecidae, Crabronidae Las avispas Apoideas Ampulicidae, Sphecidae, Crabronidae

Deuve, Thierry., 2002:
The Apotomopterus close to Carabus Apotomopterus davidi Deyrolle Fairmaire, 1878 Coleoptera, Carabidae Les Apotomopterus proches de Carabus Apotomopterus davidi Deyrolle et Fairmaire, 1878 Coleoptera, Carabidae

Amedro, F.; Matrion, B., 2004:
The Aptian ammonites of the clays of the eastern edge of the Paris basin an insight Les ammonites aptiennes des argiles a plicatules de la bordure orientale du bassin de Paris un apercu

Abad, Antonio., 1996:
The Aptian outcrop of Pla de Sots, Begues, Barcelona Sobre el yacimiento aptiense del Pla de Sots, Begues, Barcelona

Amedro, F.; Matrion, B., 2004:
The Aptian-Albian of the Paris basin a new insight at the beginning of the 21st century LAptien-Albien du bassin de Paris un nouveau regard a laube du XXIe siecle

Vozenilek, Petr., 2002:
The Arabian or Jayakars sand boa Eryx jayakari Boulenger, 1888 Pisecnik cili hroznysek arabsky Eryx jayakari Boulenger, 1888

Grimaud-Herve, Dominique., 1998:
The Arago 21 and 47 hominid endocast Le moulage endocranien de lhominide Arago 21 et 47

Dominguez Llovera, J.A.; Izquierdo Pinilla, M.; Perez Collados, C.E., 2006:
The Aragon Naturalists Society ANSAR La Asociacion Naturalista de Aragon ANSAR

Ruiz Sanchez, F.Javier, 2005:
The Aragonian Stage and the Lower and Middle Aragonian biostratigraphic role of micromammalian faunas from Morteral Alborache, Valencia El Piso Aragoniense y el papel de las Faunas de Micromamiferos de Morteral Alborache, Valencia en la Bioestratigrafia del Aragoniense Inferior y Medio

Alvrez Sierr, M.A.geles; C.lvo, J.P.dro; Morles, J.; Alonso-Z.rz, A.; Aznz, B.; P.redes, I.G.rci; Herndez Ferndez, M.nuel vn der Meulen, A.J.n; Pelez-C.mpomnes, P.blo; Quirlte, V.; S.les, M.nuel J.; S.nchez, I.M.; Sori, D., 2003:
The Aragonian-Vallesian transit on the Daroca-Nombrevilla area Zaragoza, Spain El transito Aragoniense-Vallesiense en el area de Daroca-Nombrevilla Zaragoza, Espana

Zharov, AI., 1976:
The Aral loach Cobitis aurata aralensis Kessl from the lower reaches of the River Vakhsh

Kwet, Axel., 2001:
The Araucaria plateau of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and its herpetofauna Part 2 the tree frogs Hylidae, pseudids Pseudidae, toads Bufonidae and narrow-mouthed frogs Microhylidae in the Campos region Das Araukarienplateau von Rio Grande do Sul, Brasilien, und seine Herpetofauna Teil 2 Die Laubfroesche Hylidae, Harlekinfroesche Pseudidae, Kroeten Bufonidae und Engmaulfroesche Microhylidae in der Camposregion

Kwet, Axel., 2001:
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The Bathypalaemonellidae de Saint-Laurent, 1985 Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea with description of a new species and establishment of a new genus Les Bathypalaemonellidae de Saint-Laurent, 1985 Crustacea, Decapoda, Caridea avec description dune espece nouvelle et definition dun genre nouveau

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The Batmen are here again De Batmannetjes zijn er weer

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The Baumberge levels Upper Campanian in north west Muensterland - biostratigraphy and depositional environments Die Baumberge-Schichten Ober-Campan im nordwestlichen Muensterland- Biostratigraphie und Ablagerungsraum

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The Bauru Group A continental Cretaceous unit in Brazil Concepts based on micropaleontological, oxygen isotope and stratigraphical data Grupo Bauru Uma unidade continental do Cretaceo no Brasil Concepcoes baseadas em dados micropaleontologicos, isotopicos e estratigraficos

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The Bavarian Ornithofauna Commission BAK Documentations and records of unusual bird observations and rare birds in Bavaria Bayerische Avifaunistische Kommission BAK Dokumentations- und Sammelstelle fur ungewohnliche Vogelbeobachtungen und seltene Vogelarten in Bayern

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The Bavarian Species Conservation Programme Montagus Harrier Start to a European workshop Das Artenhilfsprogramm Wiesenweihe Circus pygargus in Bayern Start zu einem europaeischen Workshop

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The Bavarian cicada from the Zoological State Collection in Munich, a contribution to the faunistics of Homoptera Part 2 Cicadellidae Die bayerischen Zikaden der Zoologischen Staatssammlung Munchen, ein Beitrag zur Faunistik der Homoptera Teil 2 Cicadellidae

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The Bay of Brest environmental disturbance and its impact on the biota La rade de Brest perturbations et reponses du vivant

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The Bears

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The Bee-eater Merops apiaster in Poland

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The Bengal florican at Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Bengal florican in Dudwa National Park

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The Bengaliidae of the world Insecta, Diptera Bengaliidae du monde Insecta, Diptera

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The Berg River Estuary an important wetland for Caspian terns Sterna caspia in South Africa

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The Berlin Ornithological Working Group West Die Ornithologische Arbeitsgruppe Berlin West

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The Berlin city bears in Koellnisch Park Die Berliner Stadtbaeren im Koellnischen Stadtpark

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The Berlin-Lichtenberg specialist ornithology group of the East German cultural association Die Fachgruppe Ornithologie Berlin-Lichtenberg im Kulturbund der DDR

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The Bermuda islands Part 5-An account of the coral reefs continued

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The Bern Convention and National Case-Law Effecting Implementation, proceedings, Strasbourg, 28-29 June 1999 La Convention de Berne devant les Juridictions Nationales Quelle Application? actes, Strasbourg, 28-29 juin 1999

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The Berosus Coleoptera Hydrophilidae of Nicaragua Los Berosus Coleoptera Hydrophilidae de Nicaragua

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The Bialowieza Forest coleopterans Coleoptera representing Dascillidae, Scirtidae, Lampyridae, Cantharidae and Malachiidae families Chrzaszcze Coleoptera Puszczy Bialowieskiej z rodzin Dascillidae, Scirtidae, Lampyridae, Cantharidae, Dasytidae i Malachiidae

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The Bibionidae and Pleciidae of the Hagen area - a contribution to the knowledge of the dipterous fauna of Northrhine-Westphalia Die Bibionidae und Pleciidae des Raumes Hagen - ein Beitrag zur Dipterenfauna Nordhrein-Westfalens

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The Biblical locusts formed into swarms using pheromones Bibelns grashoppor samlades med dofter

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The Bichel Committee Report from the Interdisciplinary Ecology Group Ecological scenarios for Denmark Bichel-udvalget Rapport fra den tvaerfaglige okologigruppe Okologiske scenarier for Danmark

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The Bielenberg Reserve near Hoexter - a nature reserve with a long history Der Bielenberg bei Hoexter - ein Naturschutzgebiet mit langer Geschichte

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The Big River, Co Louth, Ireland a case study in recovery

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The Big Waters bunting

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The Bighorn sheep morphology, systematics, ecology, conservation

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The Binagad rhinoceros

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The Biological Institute and its contribution to biological control of pests O Instituto Biologico e sua contribuico ao controle biologico de pragas

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The Biological Records Centre - 25 years of recording

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The Biological Station Borok

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The Birds Of Dollenbruchs in south Sauerland Part 2 Songbirds Die Vogel des Dollenbruchs im Sudsauerland Teil 2 Singvogel

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The Birds of Eastern Mongolia according to the Observations of the expedition in 1928

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The Birds of North and Middle America A descrip tive Catalogue of the higher groups, genera, species and subspecies of Birds known to occur in North America, from the Arctic Lands to the Isthmus of Panama, the West Indies and other islands of the Caribbean Sea, and the Galapagos Archipelago Part I Family Fringillidae

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