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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38723

Chapter 38723 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mensbier, M.A., 1918:
The Birds of Russia European Russia, Siberia, Turkestan, Transcaspian province and Caucasus Part I

Izri, MA.; Belazzoug, S.; Benhabyles, N.; Lebaal, S.; Mengri, M.; Albertini, J-P.; Rousset, J-J., 1998:
The Biskra Algeria button Results of an eco-entomological study Le clou de Biskra Algerie Resultats d une etude eco-entomologique

Morton, B. ., 1990:
The Bivalvia - Proceedings of a memorial symposium in honour of Sir Charles Maurice Yonge 1899-1986, Edinburgh, 1986

Xu, F., 1990:
The Bivalvia in the deep-water area of the East China Sea

Lozouet, P.; Lesport, J.; Favia, R.; Renard, P.; Rocher, P., 2003:
The Bivalvia of the Aquitanian Lower Miocene of Saucats Lariey Gironde part 1 Pteriomorphia Les bivalvia de lAquitanien Miocene Inferieur de Saucats Lariey Gironde I - Pteriomorphia

Sylvestre, Jean-Pierre., 2003:
The Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Hill City South Dakota Linstitut de recherche geologique des Black Hills, Hill City Dakota du Sud

Vasiliu, F., 1999:
The Black Sea - past and present The anthropogenic influences on biodiversity Das Schwarze Meer - Vergangenheit und Gegenwart Die anthropogenen Einflusse auf die Biodiversitat

Sokolov, VE.; Romanenko, EV., 1997:
The Black Sea bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus ponticus morphology, physiology, acoustics, hydrodynamics

Meier-Peithmann, Wilhelm., 2005:
The Black Tern Chlidonias niger in the floodplains of river Elbe of the Hannover Wendland Die Trauerseeschwalbe Chlidonias niger in der Elbaue des Hannoverschen Wendlandes

Peris, S.V.; Gonzalez-Mora, D.; Mingo, E., 2001:
The Blaesoxipha sensu lato Diptera, Sarcophagidae from the Iberian Peninsula with some records from Canary Islands Las Blaesoxipha sensu lato Diptera, Sarcophagidae de la Peninsula Iberica con alguna cita de las Islas Canarias

Svetovidov, A.N., 1958:
The Blenniid fishes of the Black Sea

Joost, Wolfgang., 2002:
The Blephariceridae Insecta Diptera in the Vesser - emergence 1983/1984 Gotha emergence investigations in the biosphere reserve of Vesser valley no 40 Die Blephariceridae Insecta Diptera in der Vesser-Emergenz 1983/1984 Gothaer Emergenz-Untersuchungen im Biosphaerenreservat Vessertal Nr 40

Schieferdecker, Helmut., 1992:
The Blumberger Muehle project of the German Nature Protection Society for the Schorfheide-Chorin reserve Das Projekt Blumberger Muehle des Naturschutzbundes Deutschland e V fuer das Biosphaerenreservat Schorfheide-Chorin

Hodl, W.; Eder, E., 1996:
The Blumengang-depression chronology of a nature reserve for large branchiopods Die Blumengang-Senke Chronologie eines Schutzgebietes fur Urzeitkrebse

Stiefel, A.; Scheufler, H., 2001:
The Bodden islands of Kirr and Barther Oie - habitats for threatened bird species between the sea and the mainland Die Boddeninseln Kirr und Barther Oie - Lebensraeume fuer bedrohte Vogelarten zwischen Meer und Festland

Mehrnusch, Manutschehr., 1999:
The Bolivinae of the Latdorf Formation of the Egeln Sudmulde Subherzynian Basin, Saxony-Anhalt Die Bolivinen Foraminifera der Latdorf-Schichten in der Egelner Sudmulde Subherzynisches Becken, Sachsen-Anhalt

Corbetta, Francesco., 2000:
The Bologna Naturalist Association and the Nature Mountain magazine LUnione Bolognese Naturalisti e la Rivista Natura e Montagna

Aistleitner, U.; Aistleitner, E., 2001:
The Bombyces and Sphinges of the principality of Liechtenstein Lepidoptera Bombyces et Sphinges sensu classico Die Spinner und Schwaermer des Fuerstentums Liechtenstein Lepidoptera Bombyces et Sphinges sensu classico

Cifuentes, J., 1996:
The Bombycoidea of Navarra Spain 1 the families Lasiocampidae, Saturniidae and Endromidae Insecta Lepidoptera Los Bombycoidea de Navarra Espana 1 Familias Lasiocampidae, Saturniidae y Endromidae Insecta Lepidoptera

Cifuentes, J., 1997:
The Bombycoidea of Navarra Spain 2 Sphingidae Insecta Lepidoptera Los Bombycoidea de Navarra Espana 2 Sphingidae Insecta Lepidoptera

Hollsten, J.; Hurmerinta, M., 1965:
The Bonellis eagle Hieraetus fasciatus recorded in Finland

Schone, B.R.; Langenstrassen, F., 1998:
The Bonzel boundary layer type profile near Lennestadt Eifelialan/Givetian, Rheinisches-Schiefergebirge Die Bonzeler Grenzschicht im Typusprofil bei Lennestadt Eifel/Givet-Stufe, Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Alvarez, F., 2007:
The Book of Animals by al-Jahiz, a evolutionist of the IX century El Libro de los Animales de al-Jahiz, un esbozo evolucionista del siglo IX

Sclater, P.L.; Thomas, O., 1900:
The Book of Antelopes Parts xv-xvii

Dickmann, Philipp., 2001:
The Borneo hill stream fish Part 1 first breeding of the spotted Borneo hill stream fish Gastromyzon punctulatus Borneo-Flossensauger Teil 1 Erste Zuchtansaetze beim Punktierten Borneo-Flossensauger, Gastromyzon punctulatus

Dickmann, Philipp., 2001:
The Borneo hillstream fish Part 2 breeding success with the hillstream fish, Gastromyzon monticola Borneo-Flossensauger Teil 2 Schluss Zuchterfolg beim gruenen Leoparden-Flossensauger, Gastromyzon monticola

Endrodi, S., 1977:
The Borzsony-mountains beetle fauna6 Staphilinoidea

Llimona, F.; Jubany, J.; Tenes, A., 2000:
The Bosc Gran recovery after the 1994 wildfire a multidisciplinary approach La regeneracio del Bosc Gran despres de lincendi de 1994 una aproximacio multidisciplinaria

Visser, George., 1994:
The Bosplaat the people of Terschelling create a European nature reserve De Bosplaat Terschellingers scheppen europees natuurreservaat

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 2000:
The Bostrichidae Latreille, 1802 of the fauna of Morocco Coleoptera Los Bostrichidae Latreille, 1802 de la fauna de Marruecos Coleoptera

Wirdheim, Anders., 2005:
The Bothnia railway and bean geese, a case for the environmental court Botniabanan och sadgassen ett fall for miljodomstolen

Grant, Steven., 2002:
The Botia modesta-complex Cobitidae Botiinae Der Botia modesta-Komplex Cobitidae Botiinae

Almeras, Y.; Elmi, S., 1998:
The Brachiopoda from the Middle Jurassic of the western margin of the subalpine basin Ardeche, Gard, France Les brachiopodes Jurassiques moyens de la bordure vivaro-cevenole bassin du sud-est, France

Rolan, E.; Espinosa, J., 1999:
The Brachycythara biconica complex CB Adams, 1850 Mollusca Gastropoda Turridae in Cuba, with description of a new species El complejo Brachycythara biconica CB Adams, 1850 Mollusca Gastropoda Turridae en Cuba , con la description de una nueva especie

Renker, Carsten., 2002:
The Bradybaenidae, Helicodontida , Hygromiidae and Helicidae Mollusca Gastropoda in the rural district of Goettingen Southern Lower Saxony, Germany Die Bradybaenidae, Helicodontidae, Hygromiidae und Helicidae Mollusca Gastropoda des Landkreises Goettingen Sued-Niedersachsen

Hevers, Juergen., 2004:
The Braunschweig dioramas Die Braunschweiger Dioramen

Ahrens, Sabine., 2004:
The Braunschweig lions Die Braunschweiger Loewen

Papavero, N.; Martins Teixeira, D., 1999:
The Brazilian fauna in the Vocabulario na Lingua Brasilica by Leonardo do Valle, SJ 1585 A fauna brasileira no Vocabulario na Lingua Brasilica de Leonardo do Valle, SJ 1585

Bertoluci, J.; Santos, P.S.; Canelas, M.A.; Cassimiro, J., 2005:
The Brazilian leaf-frog Phyllomedusa burmeisteri Der brasilianische Makifrosch Phyllomedusa burmeisteri

Cajthami, Pavel., 2004:
The Brazilian mud bass Geophagus sp Pindare Brazilska perletovka Geophagus sp Pindare

Philippen, Hans-Dieter., 2007:
The Brazilian radiolated swamp turtle Acanthochelys radiolata Mikan, 1820 Brasilianische Strahlen-Flachschildkroete Acanthochelys radiolata Mikan, 1820

Servan, J., 2000:
The Brenne in central France land of a 1000 ponds and 50 000 turtles Emys orbicularis L Die Brenne in Mittelfrankreich Land der 1000 Teiche und 50 000 Sumpfschildkroten Emys orbicularis L

Gillier, J-M.; Maheo, R., 1998:
The Brent goose with a white underside Branta bernicla hrota La bernache cravant a ventre pale Branta bernicla hrota

Montfort, Didier., 1996:
The Briere black terns nesting numbers water levels and pasturage Guifettes noires brieronnes effectifs nicheurs, niveaux deau et paturage

Reinhardt, R., 2002:
The Brimstone, Gonepteryx rhamni Linnaeus, 1758 - Insect of the Year 2002 Lep, Pieridae Der Zitronenfalter Gonepteryx rhamni Linnaeus, 1758 - das Insekt des Jahres 2002 Lep, Pieridae

Davie, P.; Stock, E.; Choy, DL., 1990:
The Brisbane River a source book for the future

Cockerell, T.D.A., 1892:
The British Arionidae

Zajc, Marjana., 2002:
The Bronx Zoo in New York Zooloski vrt Bronx v New Yorku

Courtois, B.; Kim, A., 2003:
The Brouage fortification walls Charente-Maritime wintering, breeding, feeding resting territories of the ophidian population Les remparts de Brouage Charente-Maritime territoires dhivernage, de reproduction, dalimentation et de repos du peuplement ophidien

Chakroun-Marzouk, N.; Ktari, M., 2003:
The Brown Meagre from Tunisian coasts, Sciaena umbra Sciaenidae Sexual cycle, age and growth Le corb des cotes tunisiennes, Sciaena umbra Sciaenidae Cycle sexuel, age et croissance

Delobel, Alex., 2006:
The Bruchidius niokolokobaensis Decelle species group definition and description of two new species from Western Africa Coleoptera, Bruchidae Le groupe despeces Bruchidius niokolokobaensis Decelle definition et description de deux especes nouvelles dAfrique de lOuest Coleoptera, Bruchidae

Winkel, Wolfgang., 1996:
The Brunswick research project of the Vogelwarte Helgoland on cavity-nesting birds Der Braunschweiger Hohlenbruterprogramm des Instituts fur Vogelforschung Vogelwarte Helgoland

Pouyet, Simone., 1997:
The Bryozoa of the Badenian Middle Miocene of Olimpow Poland Les bryozoaires du Badenien Miocene moyen dOlimpow Pologne

Pereladova, O.B.; Sempere, A.J., 1999:
The Buchara deer - survival struggle of metapopulations Der Bucharahirsch - Uberlebenskampf der Metapopulationen

Messenger, J., 1990:
The Buckland House lesser horseshoe colony

Stoeck, M.; Grosse, W., 2003:
The Bufo viridis subgroup in middle and central Asia an overview of distribution polyploidy, mating calls and taxonomy Die Bufo viridis-Untergruppe in Mittel- und Zentralasien Eine Ubersicht zu Verbreitung, Polyploidie, Paarungsrufen and Taxonomie

Perfil'ev, Y.S.; Levitsky, E.S., 1963:
The Bugryshikhinsky suite and its trilobites Ordovioian, Gorny Altay

Boev, Zlatozar., 2002:
The Bulgarian ornithologist Dr Stefan Dontschev at 70 Der bulgarische Ornithologe Doz Dr Stefan Dontschev 70 Jahre alt

Sapper, N., 2005:
The Bulla auditoria ossea of bats Chiroptera, Mammalia its importance for the identification and taxonomy of fossil species from Austria Die Bulla auditoria ossea der Fledermaeuse Chiroptera, Mammalia Ihre bedeutung fuer die bestimmung und taxonomie der fossilen arten Oesterreichs

Detaint, M.; Coic, C., 2006:
The Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana in the south-west of France First results of the control programme La Grenouille taureau Rana catesbeiana dans le sud-ouest de la France Premiers resultats du programme de lutte

Kraut, Miroslav., 2001:
The Bulu Point petrochroms Petrochromis ephippium Petrochromis ephippium Bulu Point

Echevarria Mayo, J.M.nuel.; Echevarria Leon, E., 1998:
The Buprestidae Leach Coleoptera from the forest of La Herreria and related forests in the upper Guadarama Los Buprestidae Leach Coleoptera del melojar de La Herreria y las dehesas de fresnos del alto Guadarrama

Forel, J.; Leplat, J., 2000:
The Buprestidae of France Volume 2 supplements and iconography Les buprestides de France Volume 2 complements iconographie

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The Burdigalian Vinuela Formation in the Ghomaride Cover of Ceuta northern Rif Descubrimiento del Burdigaliense formacion Vineula en la cobertera Gomaride de Ceuta Rif septentrional

Ferrandini, M.; Galloni, F.; Babinot, J.-Francois.; Margerel, J.-Pierre., 2002:
The Burdigalian Platform from Bonifacio southern Corsica microfaunas foraminifers, ostracodes and palaeoenvironments La plate-forme burdigalienne de Bonifacio Corse du Sud microfaune foraminiferes, ostracodes et paleoenvironnements

Whittington, H.B., 1971:
The Burgess Shale History of research preservation of fossils

Brauckmann, Carsten., 2000:
The Burgholz Forest a geological survey and aspects of soil science Das Burgholz Geologische Uebersicht und bodenkundliche Aspekte

Jasser-Haeger, I.; Philippen, H.-Dieter., 2006:
The Burmese star tortoise Geochelone platynota Blyth, 1863 Burmesische Sternschildkroete Geochelone platynota Blyth, 1863

Augustin, Alfred., 2003:
The Butterflies of the Coesfeld District and the adjoining Davert area Inventory from 1998 to 2003 Die Tagfalter des Kreises Coesfeld and der angrenzenden Davertbereiche Lep, Rhopalocera et Hesperiidae Bestandsaufnahme von 1998 bis 2003

Berner, Saskia., 2007 :
The Buurserzand wetlands nature reserve Het Buurserzand

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The Bythiospeum Gastropoda Hydrobiidae of the deposits of the River Rhone Die Bythiospeen des Rhoene-Genists Gastropoda Hydrobiidae

Alind, Per., 1998:
The CES Project in Beijershamn in 1998 CES-projektet i Beijershamn 1998

Giulianini, PG.; Mettulio, R.; Lorenzon, S.; Ferrero, EA.; Edomi, P., 2003:
The CHH crustacean hyperglycaemic hormones and GIH gonad inhibiting hormone hormones in the decapod reproductive cycle a molecular approach Gli ormoni CHH iperglicemizzanti dei crostacei e GIH gonado-inibitorio nel ciclo riproduttivo dei decapodi un approccio molecolare

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The Cabrera vole, relict fauna for the Iberian Peninsula El topillo de Cabrera, una reliquia faunistica de la peninsula Iberica

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The Caenozoic herpetofauna of Austria with special consideration of the Plio-Pleistocene Die kaeonozoische Herpetofauna Oesterreichs mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Plio-Pleistozaens

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The Caenozoic in Dictionary of Stratigraphy by A Saraiman and Paula Bulinschi Edition Vasiliana - Iasi, 1998 Critical note Cainozoicul in Dictionarul de stratigrafie de A Saraiman si Paula Bulinschi Editura Vasiliana - Iasi, 1998 Note critice

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The Caenozoic of the Soviet Far East

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The Caenozoic Le Cenozoique

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The Calcaires a Zoophycos du Verdon Formation Lower Bathonian-Middle Callovian around Castellane Alpes de Haute-Provence, France biochronology and gaps La formation des Calcaires a Zoophycos du Verdon Bathonien inferieur a Callovien moyen des environs de Castellane Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France biochronologie et lacunes

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The California condor current efforts for its recovery

Trutnau, Ludwig., 1999:
The California king snake A jewel from western North America Die Bergkonigsnatter Ein Juwel aus dem westlichen Nordamerika

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The California newt Taricha torosa Taricha americka Taricha torosa

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The Callovian and the Upper Jurassic in the northeastern Iberian Chain and in its transition to the Catalan Ranges Sierra de Arcos, Calanda and Xerta-Pauls areas El Calloviense y el Jurasico Superior en la Cordillera Iberica nororiental y la zona de enlace con la Cordillera Costero-Catalana, en los sectores de Sierra de Arcos, Calanda y Xerta-Pauls

Courville, P.; Cronier, C., 2004:
The Callovian to Oxfordian at Latrecey-Ormoy-sur-Aube Haute-Marne Sedimentary, palaeontological and biostratigraphical data Le callovien et lOxfordien a Latrecey-Ormoy-sur-Aube Haute-Marne Enregistrements sedimentaire, paleontologique et biostratigraphique

Scouflaire, Q.; Marchand, D.; Bonnot, A.; Courville, P.; Raffray, M.; Huault, V., 1998:
The Callovian-Oxfordian boundary in the Chaignay neighbourhood new stratigraphical and palaeontological data Le contact Callovien-Oxfordien dans les environs de Chaignay nouvelles donnees stratigraphiques et paleontologiques

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The Camargue and water birds- workings of an overwintering site between hunting and conservation Camargue et oiseaux deau- fonctionnement dun quartier dhiver entre chasse et conservation

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The Camberwell beauty Nymphalis antiopa L in Vestland Om sorgekape Nymphalis antiopa L pa Vestlandet

van Lent, Theo., 2002:
The Camberwell beauty De rouwmantel

Veling, Kars., 1997:
The Camberwell beauty a relic? De rouwmantel; een blijvertje?

Elicki, Olaf., 2000:
The Cambrian Goerlitz fauna characteristics and importance for the stratigraphical and palaeogeographical reconstruction of Central Europe Die kambrische Goerlitz-fauna Charakteristik und Bedeutung fuer die stratigraphische und palaeogeographische Rekonstruktion Mitteleuropas

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The Cambrian explosion Die kambrische Explosion

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The Cambrian of Saxony Das Kambrium Sachsens

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The Cambrian of the Frankenwald 3 The Lippertsgrun Formation and its fauna Das Kambrium des Frankenwaldes 3 Die Lippertsgruner Schichten und ihre Fauna

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The Cambrian radiation an explosion of diversity or of fossilization? La radiacion Cambrica Explosion de biodiversidad o de fosilizacion?

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The Cambrian sediments of China

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The Cambrian, The Gory Swigtokrzyskie and Carpathian Foreland

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The Cambrian-Ordovician boundary in SW Sardinia relationships with global eustatic events La limite Cambrien-Ordovicien dans le SW de la Sardaigne relations avec des evenements eustatiques globaux

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The Cambrian-Ordovician transition in the Volcancito Formation Famatina range, La Rioja, Argentina La transicion Cambrico-Ordovicico en la Formacion Volcancito sierra de Famatina, La Rioja, Argentina

Sharp, David., 1907:
The Cambridge Natural History Vol V and VI Insects

Sharp, David., 1910:
The Cambridge Natural History Vol V and VI Insects Translated and compl by N J Kusnecov Livr 5 6 Biblioteka Jestestvoznanija

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The Campanian of the Damme Upper Cretaceous Basin with particular attention to the Stemweder Berg, NW Germany Das Campan der Dammer Oberkreide-Mulde unter besonderer Berucksichtigung des Stemweder Berges, NW-Deutschland

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The Campanian-Maastrichtian boundary on the Australian northwestern margin contribution of geochemistry and magnetostratigraphy La limite Campanien-Maastrichtien sur la marge Nord-Ouest australienne Leg ODP 122 apports de la geochimie et de la magnetostratigraphie

Poeser, F.N.; Kempkes, M., 2006:
The Campoma guppy, Poecilia Acanthophacelus wingei, a Caribbean jewel Der Campoma-Guppy, Poecilia Acanthophacelus wingei, ein karibisches Juwel

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The Canada goose in the Dusseldorf area Die Kanadagans im Raum Duesseldorf

Smeenk, Hans., 2002:
The Canary Island red admiral De canarische atalanta

Carrelero, Inocente., 2002 :
The Canary Islands net of natural protected spaces La red Canaria de espacios naturales protegidos

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The Canary islands stonechat why so vulnerable? Tarabilla canaria ?por que tan vulnerable?

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The Canary skink Habitat and behaviour together with care and breeding in the terrarium of Chalcides viridanus Der Kanarenskink Lebensraume und Verhalten sowie Pflege und Fortpflanzung im Terrarium von Chalcides viridanus

Pipik, R.; Bodergat, A., 2006:
The Candona clivosa-group, a new group of Candoninae Crustacea, Ostracoda and its diversification in the Upper Miocene of the Turiec Basin Slovakia Groupe de Candona clivosa, nouveau groupe de Candoninae Crustacea, Ostracoda et sa diversification dans le Bassin de Turiec Slovaquie au Miocene superieur

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The Cape Verde islands a staging ground for the yellowfin during its transatlantic migrations Les Isles du Cap Vert une etape pour lalbacore lors de ses migrations transatlantiques?

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The Cape cobra Naja nivea Care and breeding Die Kapkobra Naja nivea Haltung und Vermehrung

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The Carabid fauna of the Riserva naturale speciale del Torrente Orba Alessandria, Piedmont Coleoptera, Carabidae La carabidofauna della Riserva naturale speciale del Torrente Orba Alessandria, Piemonte Coleoptera, Carabidae

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The Carabidae Coleoptera fauna from a south Westphalian heathland in the Nature Reserve Kerstall near Bad Berleburg-Hemschlar Die Laufkaferfauna Coleoptera, Carabidae einer sudwestfalischen Heide im NSG Kerstall bei Bad Berleburg-Hemschlar

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The Carabidae Coleoptera of the Montes del Invernadeiro NW Iberian Peninsula and some remarks about the carabid fauna of the Oriental Galician Mountains Los Carabidae Coleoptera de los Montes del Invernadeiro NO Peninsula Iberica y algunas consideraciones sobre la carabidofauna de las Montanas Orientales de Galicia

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The Carabidae Coleoptera of the Sueve Massif Asturias, Spain a faunistic and biogeographic study Los Carabidae Coleoptera del Macizo de Sueve Asturias, Espana Estudio faunistico y biogeografico

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The Carabidae of the Zselic Downs, Hungary

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Schuetze, H.; Kleinfeld, F., 2001:
The Carabus of the Caucasus with a detailed locality index Taxa, systematics, bibliography Die Caraben Kaukasiens mit einem besonders ausfuehrlichen Fundorteverzeichnis Taxa, Systematik, Bibliographie

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The Caribbean Sea a large marine ecosystem in crisis

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The Coelom theory and Attempt to explain the middle blastema in the account by Oscar Richard Hertwig Facsimile of the 1881 publication, published with comments Die Coelomtheorie und der Versuch einer Erklarung des mittleren Keimblatts in der Darstellung von Oscar Richard Hertwig Faksimile der Publikation von 1881, kommentiert und herausgegeben

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The Coiba national park Panama Study of the marine benthos El parque nacional de Coiba Panama Estudio del bentos marino

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The Col de Jaman ringing site Pre-Alps of western Switzerland, its development and ornithological activity La station de baguage du col de Jaman Prealpes de Suisse occidentale Historique du baguage et presentation de lactivite ornithologique

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The Coleoptera Insecta diversity from the Triassic of northeastern France La diversite des Coleoptera Insecta du Trias dans le nord-est de la France

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The Coleoptera Attelabidae, Apionidae and Curculionidae community of the Natural Parc of Mont Avic and surrounding areas Valle dAosta, Italy Insecta Coleoptera La comunita a Coleotteri Attelabidae, Apionidae e Curculionidae del Parco Naturale del Mont Avic e zone limitrofe Valle dAosta, Italia Insecta, Coleoptera

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The Coleoptera Buprestidae from the province of Cadiz Spain Insecta Coleoptera Los coleopteros Buprestidae de la provincia de Cadiz Espana Insecta Coleoptera

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The Coleoptera Carabidae in the agricultural systems of the Po Plain I Coleoterri Carabidi negli agroecosistemi della Pianura Padana

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The Coleoptera Carabidae of the Basento River Potenza New data for southern Italy and for the region Basilicata I Coleotteri Carabidi del fiume Basento Potenza Nuovi dati per lItalia meridionale e per la regione Basilicata Coleoptera Carabidae

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The Coleoptera Cerambycidae in the heath-land of Piano Rosa Italy, NW I coleotteri Cerambicidi della baraggia di Piano Rosa Piemonte, Novara

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The Coleoptera Passalidae of Colombia Los Coleoptera Passalidae de Colombia

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