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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38727

Chapter 38727 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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The Lower Paleocene of the north-eastern edge of the Donbass

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The Lower Pleistocene fauna of mammals of Akhalkalaki pp 1-207 19 pls, figs

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The Lower Rhine Basin and its Tertiary deposits brown coal, gravel, sand and clay Die Niederrheinische Bucht und ihre Tertiaerablagerungen Braunkohlen, Kiese, Sande, Tone

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The Lower Saxony biomonitoring and species protection programme for the yellow-bellied toad Bombina v variegata Das niedersaechsische Biomonitoring- und Artenschutzprogramm Gelbbauchunke Bombina v variegata

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The Lower Silurian Wenlockian of Monegre Zaragoza province El Silurico inferior Wenlock del Monegre Provincia de Zaragoza

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The Lower and Middle Jurassic of northern Tunisia; correlations with the north-south axis and palaeogeography Le Jurassique inferieur et moyen de la Tunisie septentrionale; correlations avec laxe nord-sud et paleogeographie

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The Lower and Middle Pleistocene Homo pelvic bone Los coxal du genre Homo au Pleistocene inferieur et moyen

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The Lower-Middle Jurassic boundary in the Moyuela section Zaragoza, Spain El limite Jurasico Inferior-Jurasico Medio en la seccion de Moyuela Zaragoza, Espana

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The Luberon saga La saga du Luberon

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The Ludwigia Oenotheraceae as plant hosts of Galerucella of the nymphaeae group Col Chrysomelidae Les Ludwigia Oenotheracees, plante-hotes des Galerucella du groupe nymphaeae Col Chrysomelidae

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The Lysianassidae of the British Sessile-eyed Crustacea, Bate Westwood

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The MD Otto Engelhardt collection Die Sammlung Dr med Otto Engelhardt

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The M40 extension economic models, ecology, landscape and jabberwocky

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The M74 syndrome in salmon Salmo salar still puzzles researchers Vildlaxens M74 gackar forskarna

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The M74-syndrome of Baltic salmon Salmo salar symptoms, geographical distribution and causes Das M74-syndrom des Ostseelachses Salmo salar Symptome, Verbreitung und Ursachen

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The MIGRES project Watching the skies around the Straits of Gibraltar Programa MIGRES Mirar al cielo los vigilantes del Estrecho

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The Macin Mountains Romania, north Dobrogea A high biodiversity study for relict taxa Fauna and flora, with special consideration of Lepidoptera and the plant habitat Das Macin Gebirge Rumaenien, Nord-Dobrudscha Ein durch hohe Biodiversitaet gekennzeichnetes Refugium reliktaerer Arten Fauna und Flora, unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Schmetterlinge und der Vegetationsverhaeltnisse

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The Macroheterocera of the Ports de Tortosa and Beseit Catalonia Lepidoptera Els Macroheterocera dels Ports de Tortosa i Beseit Lepidoptera

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Brissago Island, Ticino canton 3 Peribatodes secundaria Hbn, supplement Lepidoptera Geometridae Zur Macrolepidopterenfauna der Insel Brissago, Kanton Tessin, 3 Peribatodes secundaria Hbn, ein Nachtrag Lepidoptera Geometridae

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Linz on the Danube and its immediate neighbourhood Lepidoptera Die Grossschmetterlingsfauna von Linz a d Donau und der naheren Umgebung Lepidoptera

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Monte Generoso, Tessin canton 4 Obino, 530m Lepidoptera Macroheterocera - nocturnal butterflies Zur Macrolepidopterenfauna vom Monte Generoso, Kanton Tessin 4 Obino, 530m Lepidoptera Macroheterocera - Nachtgrossfalter

Rezbanyai-Reser, L., 1998:
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Monte Generoso, Ticino canton 5 - Cragno, Alpe di Pree, 960 m Lepidoptera Macroheterocera - moths Zur Macrolepidopterenfauna vom Monte Generoso, Kanton Tessin - 5 Cragno, Alpe di Pree, 960 m Lepidoptera Macroheterocera - Nachtgrossfalter

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Monte Generoso, Ticino canton 6 Scereda 2, Zoca, Bellavista 2, Muggiasca and Casima Lepidoptera Macroheterocera - moths Zur Macrolepidopterenfauna vom Monte Generoso, Kanton Tessin 6 Scereda 2, Zoca, Bellavista 2, Muggiasca und Casima Lepidoptera Macroheterocera - Nachtgrossfalter

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of Reinheim Huegelland nature area, Darmstadt-Dieburg district Die Grossschmetterlings-Fauna des Naturraumes Reinheimer Huegelland, Kreis Darmstadt-Dieburg

Wagener, P.; Sigbert., 2001:
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of an oak-birch woodland poor in species in the west of the Muensterland Die Grossschmetterlingsfauna eines artenarmen Eichen-Birken-Waldes des Westmuensterlandes

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of the North Sea island of Borkum Lepidoptera Zur Macrolepidopterenfauna der Nordseeinsel Borkum Lepidoptera

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of the Rastatter Rheinaue reserve habitat selection, flood tolerance survival strategies during flooding Die Grossschmetterlinge Makrolepidoptera der Rastatter Rheinaue Habitatwahl sowie Uberflutungstoleranz und Uberlebensstrategien bei Hochwasser

Ernst, M.; Roth, J., 1998 :
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of the Rossberg near Rossdorf, Darmstadt-Dieburg district with special consideration of the carpet moths Eupithecia denticulata Tr 1828, Eupithecia impurata Hbn 1813 and Eupithecia semigraphata Bruand 1851 Lepidoptera, Geometridae Die Macrolepidopteren-Fauna des Rossberges bei Rossdorf, Kreis Darmstadt-Dieburg unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Blutenspanner Eupithecia denticulata Tr 1828, Eupithecia impurata Hbn 1813 und Eupithecia semigraphata Bruand 1851

Ernst, M., 2002:
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of the nature reserve Altneckarlachen von Alsbach, Haehnlei and Bickenbach nature reserve as a basis for species monitoring under consideration of study results from the Gersprenz meadows Die Grossschmetterlings-Fauna des Naturschutzgebietes Altneckarlachen von Alsbach, Haehnlei und Bickenbach als Grundlage fuer ein Artenmonitoring Unter Beruecksichtigung von Untersuchungsergebnissen aus der Gersprenzaue

Ernst, Mathias., 2002:
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of the reserve Old Neckar pond area of Alsbach, Haehnlein and Bickenbach as basis for species monitoring Die Grossschmetterlings-Fauna des Naturschutzgebietes Altneckarlachen von Alsbach, Haehnlein und Bickenbach als Grundlage fuer ein Artmonitoring

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The Macrolepidoptera fauna of the south east Harz in the district of Sangerhausen Saxony-Anhalt Zur Schmetterlingsfauna Macrolepidoptera des Suedostharzes im Landkreis Sangerhausen Sachsen-Anhalt

Ortner, S.; Poell, N., 2000:
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of the western Totes Gebirge with special consideration of the Rettenbach valley of Bad Ischl Upper Austria to the Loser/Altau Lake Styria A population analysis in the planned national park Kalkalpen West Insecta Lepidoptera Die Makrolepidopterenfauna des westlichen Toten Gebirges unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung des Rettenbachtales von Bad Ischl OO bis zum Loser/Altausee Stmk Eine Bestandsaufnahme im geplanten Nationalpark Kalkalpen West Insec

Arnscheid, Wilfried R., 2000:
The Macrolepidoptera fauna of western Liguria Fiori riviera and Ligurian Alps in Upper Italy Insecta, Lepidoptera Die Macrolepidopteran-Fauna Westliguriens Riviera dei Fiori und Ligurische Alpen in Oberitalien Insecta, Lepidoptera

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The Macrolepidoptera of Havelberg and surrounding area Die Grossschmetterlinge von Havelberg und Umgebung Macrolepidoptera

Schoenborn, Christoph., 1999:
The Macrolepidoptera of Ilmaue Thuringia differential analysis of environmental factors and conclusions for an ecologically based conservation concept Die Makrolepidopteren der Ilmaue Thueringen Analyse differenzieren- der Umweltfaktoren und Schlussfolgerungen fuer eine oekologisch begruendete Sanierungskonzeption

Kleinekuhle, Jens., 2000:
The Macrolepidoptera of an intensively used agricultural landscape in Emsland southwest Lower Saxony Zur Grosschmetterlingsfauna Macrolepidoptera einer intensiv genutzten Agrarlandschaft im Emsland suedwestliches Niedersachsen

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The Macrolepidoptera of the Affen and Retz valleys Main-Spessart district Die Grossschmetterlinge Macrolepidoptera des Affentals und des Retztals Landkreis Main-Spessart

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The Macrolepidoptera of the Markgraefl Rhine meadows Die Grossschmetterlinge Macrolepidoptera der Markgraefler Rheinaue

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The Macrolepidoptera of the Nature Reserve San Rossore Pisa I Macrolepidotteri dellarea boschiva e retrodunale della Riserva di San Rossore Pisa

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The Macrophthalmus from French Polynesia Decapoda, Brachyura, Ocypodidae Les Macrophthalmus de Polynesie francaise Decapoda, Brachyura, Ocypodidae

Andriambelo, Z.; Gibon, F.-Marie., 2001:
The Macrostemum species of the forest of the Reserve naturelle integrale dAndringitra Madagascar Trichoptera, Hydropsychidae Les Macrostemum forestiers du massif de lAndringitra Trichoptera, Hydropsychidae

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The Madagascan frogs of the genus Heterixalus Die Madagassischen Riedfroesche der Gattung Heterixalus

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The Madagascan gekkonids Part II the geckos of the genus Lygodactylus Gray, 1864 Reptilia Sauria Gekkonidae Die madagassischen Gekkoniden Teil II Die Geckos der Gattung Lygodactylus Gray, 1864 Reptilia Sauria Gekkonidae

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The Madagascan hawk-moth Hyles Danneria malgassica Denso, 1944 4 Supplement to Die Schwarmer der westlichen Palaearktis Danner, Eitschberger Surholt, 1998 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae Der Madagassische Linienschwarmer Hyles Danneria malgassica Denso, 1944 4 Erganzung zu Die Schwarmer der westlichen Palaearktis Danner, Eitschberger Surholt, 1998 Lepidoptera, Sphingidae

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The Madagascan malachite kingfisher - a relative of our kingfisher Der Madagaskar-Zwergfischer - ein Verwandter unseres Eisvogels

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The Madagascan poison arrow frogs - care and breeding of Mantella Die madagassischen Pfeilgiftfroesche - Haltung und Vermehrung von Mantella

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The Madagascan rattlesnakes of genus Leioheterodon Madagaskarske uzovky rodu Leioheterodon

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The Madagascar day gecko Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis Der grosse Madagaskar-Taggecko Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis

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The Madagascar gecko Phelsuma lineata in the terrarium Gekon Phelsuma lineata v terariu

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The Madagascar gecko Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis in the terrarium Der Madagassische Taggecko Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis im Terrarium

Pagel, Theo., 2005:
The Madagascar teal - one of the rare ducks of the world Die Bernierente - eine der seltensten Entenvoegel der Welt

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The Madeira cockroach Die Madeiraschabe

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The Madeiran speckled wood Het madeira bont zandoogje

Vigne, J., 2006:
The Magdalenian dog humerus of Erralla Gipuzkoa, Spain and the Late Glacial wolf domestication in Europe Lhumerus de chien magdalenien de Erralla Gipuzkoa, Espagne et la domestication tardiglaciaire du loup en Europe

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The Magro River, quality of its waters and characterization of the macroinvertebrate communities north east Valencia, Spain El rio Magro, calidad de sus aguas y caracterizacion de las comunidades de macroinvertebrados NO de Valencia, Espana

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The Maingano Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos Le Maingano Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos

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The Mainz Quagga-Foetus Der Mainzer Quagga-Foetus

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The Maison Verreaux in the 19th century in Paris, centre of world natural history collections La Maison Verreaux au 19e siecle a Paris, plaque tournante des collections naturalistes mondiales

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The Majorcan wild goat origin, genetics, morphology, ecological notes and taxonomic implications La cabra salvaje mallorquina origen, genetica, morfologia, notas ecologicas e implicaciones taxonomicas

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The Malaise trap as an instrument for faunistic and ecological works Experiences - problems - pros and cons Die Malaise-Falle als Instrument der faunistisch-okologischen Arbeit Erfahrungen - Probleme - Fur und Wider

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The Malawi river crab Potamonautes orbitospinus Malawimeerkrab Potamonautes orbitospinus

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The Malayan halfbeak Dermogenys pusillus Halfsnavelbekje Dermogenys pusillus

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Michi, Helmut., 1996:
The Malayan hornbill Rhyticeros corrugatus rugosusBegbie, 1834 Observations on its biology and breeding in Walsrode bird park Der Malaiische Runzelhornvogel Rhyticeros corrugatus rugosus Begbie, 1834 Beobachtungen zur Biologie und Zucht im Vogelpark Walsrode

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The Malayan leaf fish

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The Malayan powder post beetle Der beschuppte Splintholzkafer

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The Maldive coral reefs continue to recover Die maledivischen Korallenriffe erholen sich weiter

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The Mallee lands A conservation perspective

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The Malm ammonites of the Franconian Alb Gamma 1 part 1 Die Malm-Ammoniten der Fraenkischen Alb Gamma 1 Teil 1

Schlampp, Victor., 2001:
The Malm ammonites of the Franconian Alb beta Die Malm-Ammoniten der Fraenkischen Alb beta

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The Malm ammonites of the Franconian Alb gamma 1 part 2 Die Malm-Ammoniten der Fraenkischen Alb gamma 1, Teil 2

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The Malm ammonites of the Franconian Alb gamma 3 and delta Die Malm-Ammoniten der Fraenkischen Alb gamma 3 und delta

Schlampp, Victor., 2003:
The Malm ammonites of the Franconian Alb Gamma 2 Die Malm-Ammoniten der Fraenkischen Alb Gamma 2

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The Malmian ammonites from the Frankish Alb Alpha 3 Die Malm-Ammoniten der Fraenkischen Alb Alpha 3

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The Mantodea collection of the Bremen Uebersee-Museum Die Mantodea-Sammlung des Uebersee-Museums Bremen

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The Manx bird report 1989

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The Maracaju biological refuge, where Dinellis doradito Pseudocolopteryx dinellianus has been recorded is a binational reserve This record is thus Brazilian as well as Paraguayan E igualmente brasileiro o registro de Pseudocolopteryx dinellianus Passeriformes Tyrannidae para o refugio biologico de Maracaju, uma reserva binacional Paragui-Brasil

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The Marais de la Troublerie An exceptional site in convalescence Le Marais de la Troublerie Un site exceptionnel en convalescence

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The Marma shooting range - a refuge for threatened insects Marma skjutfalt - en kanonlokal for insekter

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The Martorell Museum 125 years of natural sciences 1878-2003 El Museu Martorell 125 anys de ciencias naturals 1878-2003

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The Mediterranean barbel Barbus peloponnesius Valenciennes, 1842 - a species missing in Carinthia - rediscovered Der Semling Barbus peloponnesius Valenciennes, 1842 - eine verschollene Fischart in Kaernten - wiederentdeckt

Frommer, Ulrich., 2003:
The Mediterranean bee species Lithurgus chrysurus Fonscolombe, 1834, Hymenoptera Apidae is indegenous in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Die mediterrane Steinbiene Lithurgus chrysurus Fonscolombe, 1834, Hymenoptera Apidae ist bodenstaendig in Rheinland-Pfalz

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The Mediterranean coast, free port for red tuna overfishing El litoral mediterraneo, puerto franco para la esquilmacion del atun rojo

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The Mediterranean deep-shark Centroscymnus coelolepis a separate population? Lo squalo di profondita Centroscymnus coelolepis in Mediterraneo una poplazione isolata?

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The Mediterranean gecko Hemidactylus turcicus Der Europaeische Halbfingergecko Hemidactylus turcicus

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The Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus Hermann, 1779 Foca monje del mediterraneo Monachus monachus Hermann, 1779

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The Mediterranean perspective Capri Bird Observatory is 50 years old Det Mediterrana perspektivet Capri Fagelstation 50 ar

Tatin, D.; Mante, A.; Vidal, P.; Cuchet, T., 2003:
The Mediterranean shag Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii Payraudeau on Riou archipelago Marseille, France colonization and first cases of breeding Le Cormoran huppe de Mediterranee Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii Payraudeau sur Iarchipel de Riou Marseille, France colonisation et premiers cas de reproduction

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The Mediterranean subterranean termite Die Lichtscheue Bodentermite

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The Medveda Dam - a marshy pearl in the centre of Stajersk Zadrzevalnik Medvedce - mocvirni biser sredi Stajerske

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The Megamerinidae, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Pseudopomyzidae, Chyromyidae and Camillidae of Switzerland Diptera, Acalyptrata Die Megamerinidae, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Pseudopomyzidae, Chyromyidae und Camillidae der Schweiz Diptera, Acalyptrata

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