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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38729

Chapter 38729 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barbera, C.; Rainone, N.; Tavernier, A., 1993:
The Pliocene of Montesarchio Benevento the echinids the ichnofossils Il Pliocene di Montesarchio Benevento gli echinidi e gli icnofossili

Agusti, Joan Mateu Font., 2000:
The Pliocene of Sant Vicens dels Horts El Plioce de Sant Vicens dels Horts

Barbera, C.; Cipriano, G.; Gizzi, F.T.renzio.; Tavernier, A.; Vecchione, C., 1994:
The Pliocene of Vallata-Vallesaccarda Avellino palaeoecology of the benthonic molluscs Il Pliocene di Vallata-Vallesaccarda Avellino paleoecologia dei molluschi bentonici

Taner, Guler., 1997:
The Pliocene of the eastern Dardanelle Basin, Turkey Mollusc fauna and stratigraphy Das Pliozan des ostlichen Dardanellen-Beckens, Turkei Molluskenfauna und Stratigraphie

Vera-Pelaez,; Lozano-Francisco, M.; Carmen, 2004:
The Pliocenic tusk-shells Mollusca, Scaphopoda from Museo Municipal Paleontologico of Estepona Malaga, Spain with the description of three new species La coleccion de escafopodos pliocenicos Mollusca, Scaphopoda del Museo Municipal Paleontologico de Estepona Malaga, Espana con la description de tres nuevas especies

Bareth, C.; Conde, B., 1996:
The Plusiocampa pouadensis Denis complex in the caves of the pyrenean area Le complexe de Plusiocampa pouadensis Denis dans les grottes de la region Pyreneenne

Osella, G.; Zuppa, A.M.ria; Sabatini, F., 2005:
The Po Basin and the Pre Alps faunistic and zoogeographical correlations The example of Curculionoidea, Coleoptera Pianura Padana e Prealpi correlazioni faunistiche e zoogeografiche Lesempio dei Coleotteri Curculionoidei

Bringmann, H-D.; Doering, W., 2001:
The Pogonocherus-species of Bulgaria Col, Cerambycidae Die Pogonocherus-Arten Bulgariens Col, Cerambycidae

Peters, Gunther., 1998:
The Point of no return in the process of speciation Der Point of no return im Speziationsprozess

Golubkov, I.A.; Mjatluk, E.V., 1949:
The Polanitza beds in the Eastern Carpathians

Daszkiewicz, Piotr., 2001:
The Polish mission to reclaim animals looted in Poland during World War II, in the light of documents from the archives of Professor Tadeusz Vetulani Polska zoologiczna misja rewindykacyjna w swietle dokumentow z archiwum profesora Tadeusza Vetulaniego

Czyz, Stanislaw., 1997:
The Polish morph immutabilis of the mute swan Cygnus olor in the environs of Czestochowa Polska odmiana immutabilis labedzia niemego Cygnus olor w okolicach Czestochowy

Skalski, T.; Szklarzewicz, T., 1999:
The Polish scale - history and present day Czerwiec polski - historia i dzien dzisiejszy

Daszkiewicz, Piotr., 1998:
The Polish souvenirs in the archives of George Cuvier Polonika w archiwum Georga Cuviera

Mileikovsky, S.A., 1961:
The Polychaete Nereis virens Sars in the Kola fjord

Schott, L., 2003:
The Polydrusus of the Aube department Les Polydrusus du departement de lAube

Paulmier, Gerard., 2006:
The Pontellidae and Parapontellidae Copepoda, Gymnoplea of the coastal waters of Brittany and Normandy France Les Pontellidae et les Parapontellidae Copepoda, Gymnoplea des eaux cotieres de la Bretagne et de la Normandie France

de Laubenfels, M.W., 1950:
The Porifera of the Bermuda Archipelago

Marquet, J.-Claude.; Vezian, R.; Gardeisen, A., 1998:
The Portel-West Paleoenvironment and faunal associations from the northern hedge of the ariegeoises Pyrenees during the ancient Wurm Le Portel-Ouest Associations fauniques et paleoenvironnements sur la frange septentrionnale des Pyrenees ariegeoises au Wurm ancien

Cluzel, D.; Picard, C.; Aitchison, J.C.; Laporte, C.; Meffre, S.; Parat, F., 1997:
The Poya Nappe, ex-Formation des Basaltes New Caledonia, southwest Pacific a Campanian to Upper Palaeocene oceanic plateau obducted in the Late Eocene La nappe de Poya ex-formation des Basaltes de Nouvelle-Caledonie Pacifique Sud-Ouest un plateau oceanique Campanien-Paleocene superieur obducte a lEocene superieur

Poyser, T., 1990:
The Poyser story

de Lumley, H.; Nioradze, M.; Barsky, D.; Cauche, D.; Celiberti, V.; Nioradze, G.; Notter, O.; Zvania, D.; Lordkipanidze, D., 2005:
The Pre-Oldowayen lithic industry from the beginning of the Lower Pleistocene at the Dmanissi site in Georgia Les industries lithiques preoldowayennes du debut du Pleistocene inferieur du site de Dmanissi en Georgie

Severino, Gerardo., 2001:
The Prehistoric Anthropology Museum of Monaco principality 1910-2000 Il Museo di Antropologia Preistorica del Principato di Monaco 1910-2000

Cho, T., 2006:
The Prehistoric fauna of Jungwon region in Korea and the relationship between man and animal La faune prehistorique de la region de Jungwon en Coree et la relation entre lhomme et lanimal

Schippers, E.; Drenthe, J., 2003:
The Primadomas project of the AAP welcome centre for exotic animals El proyecto Primadomus de AAP centro de acogida para animales exoticos

Thalmann, Urs., 1994:
The Primates from the Eocene Geiseltal near Halle/Saale Germany Die Primaten aus dem eozanen Geiseltal bei Halle/Saale Deutschland

Low, Rosemary., 2002:
The Princess of Wales parakeet - a world-wide success story Der Princess-of-Wales-Sittich - eine weltweite Erfolgsgeschichte

Priolo, Angelo., 1995:
The Priolo Bird Collection in the Natural History Museum of Randazzo, Catania Collezione ornitologica Priolo nel Museo Naturalistico di Randazzo Catania

Platia, G.; Schimmel, R., 1997:
The Priopus Castelnau from Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China Coleoptera, Elateridae, Melanotinae I Priopus Castelnau di Birmania, Thailandia, Laos, Cambogia, Vietnam, Cina Coleoptera, Elateridae, Melanotinae

Perrault, Gerard H., 2000:
The Probolomyrmicinae, new sub-family for the genus Probolomyrmex Hymenoptera, Formicidae Les Probolomyrmicinae, nouvelle sous-famille pour le genre Probolomyrmex Hymenoptera, Formicidae

Embacher, Gernot., 1998:
The Procridinae of Salzburg area Lepidoptera Zygaenidae, Procridinae Die Grunwidderchen des Landes Salzburg Lepidoptera Zygaenidae, Procridinae

Fernandez-Rubio, Fidel., 1996:
The Procridini Lepidoptera Zygaenidae, Procridinae of the Iberian Peninsula Los Procridini Lepidoptera Zygaenidae, Procridinae de la Peninsula Iberica

Picco, Franco., 2002:
The Project BIOMONF Digital atlas of the biodiversity of the Basso Monferrato hills Piedmont, Italy Il Progetto BIOMONF Atlante informatico della biodiversita delle colline del Basso Monferrato

Sars, G.O., 1898:
The Propagation and early Development of Euphausiidae

Stloukalova, Viera., 1993:
The Prosimulium species in Slovakia Diptera Simuliidae Die Prosimulium-Arten in der Slowakei Diptera Simuliidae

Yildirim, M.; Zeki., 1999:
The Prosobranchia Gastropoda Mollusca species of Turkey and their zoogeographic distribution 1 Fresh and brackish water Turkiye Prosobranchia Gastropoda Mollusca turleri ve zoocografik yayilislari 1 Tatli ve aci sular

Lovell, John H., 1910:
The Prosopididae of southern Maine

Lawrence, R.F., 1936:
The Prostigmatio Mites of South African Lizards

Soria, Miguel F., 2001:
The Proterotheriidae Litopterna, Mammalia, systematics, origins and phylogeny Los Proterotheriidae Litopterna, Mammalia, sistematica, origen y filogenia

Amedro, F.; Matrion, B.; Touch, R., 2000:
The Protohoplites Hemisonneratia puzosianus zone and its status in an updated Lower Albian ammonite zonation of the Anglo-Paris basin La zone dammonite a Protohoplites Hemisonneratia puzosianus et sa position dans la zonation reactualisee de lAlbien inferieur du Bassin Anglo-Parisien

Fernandez-Galiano, Dimas., 1995:
The Protozoa as natural agents of water depuration Los protozoos en los procesos de depuracion de las aguas dulces

Volf, Jiri., 2003:
The Przewalski horse - a wild or domestic animal? Przewalskipferd - ein Wild- oder ein Haustier?

Pierotti, H.; Bello, C., 1996:
The Pseudomeira of the Sardinian-Corsican fauna Coleoptera Curculionidae Polydrosinae 4 Contribution to knowledge on the Peritelini tribe Le Pseudomeira della fauna sardo-corsa Coleoptera Curculionidae Polydrosinae 4 Contributo alla conoscenza della tribu Peritelini

Krek, Salih., 1982:
The Psychodidae Diptera of north Macedonia Psychodidae Diptera sjeverne Makedonije

Glowacka, E.; Migula, P., 1996:
The Psylloidea of the Gorce Mountains Koliszki Psylloidea Gorcow

Cannon, LRG., 1986:
The Pterastericolidae parasitic turbellarians from starfish The Pterastericolidae parasitic turbellarians from starfish

Arenberger, Ernst., 1999:
The Pterophoridae from Yemen plates VI-VII Die Pterophoridae des Jemen Taf VI-VII

Arenberger, Ernst., 2002:
The Pterophoridae from the second Yemen expedition carried out in spring 1998 by A Bischof, J Bittermann, M Fibiger, H Hacker, H Peks, H-P Schreier Die Pterophoridae der 2 Jemen-Expedition durchgefuehrt im Fruehjahr 1998 von den Herren A Bischof, J Bittermann, M Fibiger, H Hacker, H Peks, H-P Schreier

Arenberger, Ernst., 1997:
The Pterophoridae of Sumatra, part 1 Die Pterophoridae Sumatras, teil 1

Stuke, J.; Reusch, H., 2006:
The Ptychopteridae Diptera Nematocera from Lower Saxony and Bremen Germany Die Ptychopteridae Diptera Nematocera Niedersachsens und Bremens

Schneider, N.; Tanson, S., 2003:
The Pulvinaria of Luxembourg Hemiptera, Coccidae Les cochenilles pulvinaires Hemiptera, Coccidae du Luxembourg

Gonzalez, O.; Tello, A.; Torres, L., 1999:
The Puna ibis Plegadis ridgwayi, from an Andean migrant to a resident of the Peruvian coast El yanavico Plegadis ridgwayi, de migratorio Andino a residente de la costa peruana

Murillo H., V.; Ruiz, V.H., 2002:
The Puye Galaxias globiceps Eigenmann 1927 Osteichthyes Galaxiidae a species in danger of extinction? El Puye Galaxias globiceps Eigenmann 1927 Osteichthyes Galaxiidae una especie en peligro de extincion?

Silvestre, Guy., 2000:
The Pycnoschema of the lacordairei Thomson group Coleoptera, Dynastidae Les Pycnoschema du groupe lacordairei Thomson Coleoptera, Dynastidae

Embacher, G., 2006:
The Pyralidae Lepidoptera of the province Salzburg, Austria Die Pyralidae Lepidoptera des Landes Salzburg, Oesterreich

Slamka, Frantisek., 1997:
The Pyraloidea from Central Europe Determination, distribution, flight, larval life habit 2nd revised edition Die Zunslerartigen Pyraloidea Mitteleuropas Bestimmen - Verbreitung - Flugstandort - Lebensweise der Raupen 2, teilweise uberarbeitete Auflage

Peslier, Serge., 2006:
The Pyraloidea of Jujols nature reserve 3rd part iconography of species of Pyrenees-Orientales Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea Les Pyrales de la Reserve Naturelle de Jujols 3e partie Iconographie des especes des Pyrenees-Orientales Lepidoptera, Pyraloidea

Granados, J.E.; Perez, JM.; Marquez, FJ.; Serrano, E.; Soriguer, RC.; Fandos, P., 2001:
The Pyrenean ibex Capra pyrenaica, Schinz 1838 La Cabra montes Capra pyrenaica, Schinz 1838

Garcia-Gonzalez, R.; Herrero, J., 1999:
The Pyrenean ibex history of an extinction El bucardo de los Pirineos historia de una extincion

Kwet, Axel., 2004:
The Pyrenean mountain salamander Euproctus asper Pyrenaeen-Gebirgsmolche, Euproctus asper

Gil Gallus, Juan Antonio., 2001:
The Pyrenees, the last refuge of the bearded vulture Los Pirineos, el ultimo refugio de los quebrantahuesos

Dendaletche, C.; Palu, P.; Villar, L., 1995:
The Pyrenees land of men high altitudes Ecography of the patrimony of natures atlas Pyrenees pays dhommes et de hautes altitudes Ecographie du patrimoine naturel atlas

Richardson, C., 1990:
The Qarnein Expedition Appendix 1 A study of the status of breeding seabirds on Qarnein Island

Anonymous., 1990:
The Qarnein Expedition Recommendations on conservation

Conuel, T., 1990:
The Quabbin deer dilemma Is it possible that white-tailed deer could affect the quality of Bostons drinking water?

Charlesworth, J.K., 1957:
The Quaternary Era, with special reference to its glaciation

Eissmann, L., 1997:
The Quaternary Ice Age in Saxony and north east Thuringia Das quartare Eiszeitalter in Sachsen und Nordostthuringen

Ouadia, M.; Aberkan, M., 1999:
The Quaternary fluvial formations of Oued Grandou and Oued M Tal Valleys Moroccan western Meseta sedimentology, origin and new chronostratigraphic data Les formations fluviatiles quaternaires des vallees de l Oued Grandou et de l Oued M Tal Meseta occidentale marocaine mise en place, origine et nouvelles donnees chronostratigraphiques

Marcov, G., 1951:
The Quaternary mammals in Bulgaria

Lindberg, G.U., 1955:
The Quaternary period viewed in the light of biogeographical facts

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The Quaternary period study methods, stratigraphy and ecology 7th All-Union conference papers volume 1

Miidel, AM.; Molod'kov, AN., 1990:
The Quaternary period study methods, stratigraphy and ecology 7th All-Union conference papers volume 2

Mead, Harvey., 2001:
The Quebec Society for Nature Conservation An annotated history LUnion quebecoise pour la conservation de la nature Une histoire commentee

Lemieux, G., 1977:
The Quebec ecological reserves program a formal approach to selective conservation68-170, illust

Ertz, Damien., 1998:
The Queen of Spain fritillary Issoria lathonia of the calamine area of east Belgium new data on the ecology, ethology and chorology of the species Thoughts on the maintenance of calamine sites and the impact of rabbits Le petit nacre Issoria lathonia sur les terrains calaminaires de lest de la Belgique donnees nouvelles sur lecologie, lethologie et la chorologie de lespece Reflexions sur la gestion des sites calaminaires et limpact des lapins

Krumbiegel, A.; Schaedler, M.; Schoenbrodt, M.; Suessmuth, T.; Meyer, F., 2002:
The Quellbusch near Zoerbig importance for nature protection and developmental perspectives of a relict habitat within the Fuhne valley District of Bitterfeld, Saxony-Anhalt Der Quellbusch bei Zoerbig - Naturschutzwert und Entwicklungsperspektiven eines Reliktstandortes in der Fuhneaue des Landkreises Bitterfeld Sachsen-Anhalt

Schmitt, G.; Achtziger, R.; Hellmeier, H.; Nigmann, U.; Richert, E.; Stickroth, H., 2001:
The R D project Concept for Monitoring Animal Species and Populations in Germany by Example of the Bird Fauna Das F E Projekt Modell fuer eine Gesamtkonzeption zum Tierartenbestandsmonitoring des Bundes am Beispiel der Vogelfauna

Ulmer, Philipp., 2006:
The REPTILIA project mouth-breeding frogs Field investigations on Rhinoderma darwinii, Darwins frog Das REPTILIA-Projekt Nasenfroesche Freilanduntersuchungen an Rhinoderma darwinii dem Darwinfrosch

Chicharo, M.; Alexandra A.; Teodosio., 1996 :
The RNA/DNA index of pilchard larvae Sardina pilchardus from specific ares of the Iberian Peninsula O indice RNA/DNA medido em larvas de Sardinha Sardina pilchardus provenientes de distintas zonas da Peninsula Iberica

Nagel, Doris., 1994:
The Rabenmauer cave, a fossil rich bear cave in the Reichraming Mountains Die Rabenmauerhohle, eine fossilefuhrende Barenhohle im Reichraminger Hintergebirge

Laub, Christine., 1994:
The Radiolarit-Rhyncholithen-Kalke of the Rosso Ammonitico in the central southern Alps Middle/Upper Jurassic, north Italy Die Radiolarit-Rhyncholithen-Kalke des Rosso Ammonitico in den mittleren Sudalpen Mittel/Oberjura, Norditalien

Valencia Rodriguez, I.Dario, 2004:
The Ramsar Convention and waterbirds in the Neotropics La convencion de Ramsar y las aves acuaticas en el neotropico

Pritchard, D., 1990:
The Ramsar Convention in the Caribbean with special emphasis on Anguilla

Lethier, H., 1997:
The Ramsar Convention on wetlands of international importance and the wise use principle La Convention de Ramsar relative aux zones humides dimportance internationale et le principe dutilisation rationnelle

Garthe, S.; Mitschke, A., 1996:
The Ramsar area Muhlenberger Loch - freshwater shallows of the Elbe estuary 30 years development of the avifauna and nature protection evaluation Das Ramsar-Gebiet Muhlenberger Loch - ein Susswasserwatt im Elbeastuar 30jahrige Entwicklung der Avifauna und Naturschutz-Bewertung

Niederbichler, Ch., 2000:
The Ramsar protected area of Lake Ammersee - current developments Ramsar-Schutzgebiet Ammersee - aktuelle Entwicklungen

Tichy, Herbert., 2004:
The Rana National Park - the last refuge of the ground squirrel in the northern Czech Republic Narodni prirodni rezervace Rana - posledni utociste syslu na severu Cech

Wirdheim, Anders., 2000:
The Rarities Committee Raritetskommitten

Kowalczyk, J.K.zysztof.; Majecki, J., 1999:
The Rawka Valley in the Bolimowski Landscape Park as a refuge for an interesting terrestrial and aquatic entomofauna Dolina Rawki w Bolimowskim Parku Krajobrazowym ostoja interesujacej entomofauny ladowej i wodnej

Pelayo, Francisco., 1998:
The Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural and the consolidation of geology, paleontology and prehistory in Spain 1900-1936 La Real Sociedad Espanola de Historia Natural y la consolidacion de la geologia, la paleontologia y la prehistoria en Espana 1900-1936

Tunoglu, Cemal., 2002:
The Recent Ostracoda association of Istanbul Strait exit, and Zonguldak and Amasra coastal areas of Black Sea Karadenizo in Istanbul Bogazi cikisi ile Zonguldak ve Amasra kiyi alanlarinda Guncel Ostrakod toplulugu

Villanueva Guimerans, P.; Sanchez Ariza, M.C., 1998:
The Recent planktonic foraminifera in the surface sediment of the northern margin of the Gulf of Cadiz Los foraminiferos planctonicos recientes en los sedimentos superficiales del margen septentrional del Golfo de Cadiz

Kovshar, A F. ., 1996:
The Red Data Book of Kazakstan Volume 1 Animals Part 1 Vertebrates Third edition Revised and updated

Machado, A.B.M. . da Fonseca, G.A.B. .; Machado, R.B. . de S.; Aguiar, L.M. .; Lins, L.V. ., 1998:
The Red Data Book of species threatened with extinction in the fauna of Minas Gerais Livro vermelho das especies amenacadas de extincao da fauna de Minas Gerais

Rodriguez, J.P.ul.; Rojas-Suarez, F., 1999:
The Red Data Book of the fauna of Venezuela Second Edition Libro rojo de la fauna Venezolana 2da edicion

Viken, A.; Kalas, J.A.le., 2007:
The Red Data List and insects Rodlista og insektene

Maes, D.; Van Dyck, H., 1996:
The Red Data List of butterflies from Flanders De Rode lijst dagvlinders van Vlaanderen

Heijerman, T.; Turin, H., 1998:
The Red Data List sense or nonsense? Rode Lijsten zinvol of vol onzin?

Kjellen, Nils., 1997:
The Red Kite Project 1996 Projekt Glada - arsrapport 1996

Kjellen, Nils., 1998:
The Red Kite Project 1997 Projekt Glada - arsrapport 1997

Bernhardt, Karl-Georg., 1995:
The Red List of Heteroptera in Liechtenstein Rote Liste der Wanzen Heteroptera im Furstentum Liechtenstein

Hanel, L.; Zeleny, J., 1999:
The Red List of Odonata in the Czech Republic - 1999 version Cerveny seznam vazek Ceske republiky - verze 1999

Ulrich, R.; Caspari, S., 1997:
The Red List of threatened butterflies Rhopalocera and Hesperiidae and burnets Zygaenidae from Saarland 3rd version 1997 Rote Liste der gefahrdeten Tagfalter Rhopalocera und Hesperiidae und Widderchen Zygaenidae des Saarlandes 3 Fassung 1997

Didion, A.; Trockur, B.; Schorr, M., 1997:
The Red List of threatened dragonfly species from Saarland 2nd version 1997 Rote Liste der im Saarland gefahrdeten Libellenarten 2 Fassung 1997

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The Red List of threatened mammals for Lower Saxony and Bremen - overview, Part 1, 111991 with a list of mammals recorded in Lower Saxony and Bremen since the beginning of recording Rote Liste der in Niedersachsen und Bremen gefahrdeten Saugetierarten - Ubersicht 1 Fassung, Stand 111991 mit Liste der in Niedersachsen und Bremen nachgewiesenen Saugetierarten seit Beginn der Zeitrechnung

Wegner, Andreas., 2001:
The Red Sea humbug Experiences with Dascyllus marginatus Der Rotmeer-Preussenfisch Erfahrungen mit Dascyllus marginatus

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The Red river report 2 Bioecology

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The Red-breasted Goose Branta ruficollis Pall in Bohemia

Morpurgo, Massimo., 2002:
The Reef Aquarium of the Natural History Museum South Tyrol in Bolzano Lacquario di barriera corallina del Museo di Scienze Naturali di Bolzano

Catalisano, A.; Fiore, M.; Iacopelli, P.; Orlando, VE.; Romano, M.; Viviano, G., 2005:
The Regional Museum of Natural History of Terrasini Palermo The naturalistic collections Il Museo Regionale di Terrasini Palermo le collezioni naturalistiche

Kappes, Heike., 2002:
The Reihenkrater Mosenberg and Horngraben und Kleine Kyll mollusk groups Mollusca Gastropoda, Bivalvia of NSG at Bettenfeld Kreis Bernkastel-Wittlich, Eifel Mollusken Mollusca Gastropoda et Bivalvia der NSG Reihenkrater Mosenberg und Horngraben und Kleine Kyll bei Bettenfeld Kreis Bernkastel-Wittlich, Eifel

Bauernfeind, Ernst., 1995:
The Reischek collection collection of skeletons Die Collection Reischek Skelettsammlung

Ghestemme, T.; Salamolard, M., 2007:
The Reunion cuckoo-shrike, Coracina newtoni, a threatened endemic species Lechenilleur de La Reunion, Coracina newtoni, espece endemique en danger

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The Reusel Moeren Inventory project 1998/1999 Reuselse Moeren Inventarisatie Project 1998/1999

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The Rev Philip Pearsall Carpenter and his collection

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The Rhacophoridae of the genera Polypedates Tschudi, 1838 and Rhacophorus Kuhl Van Hasselt, 1822 of the montane forests of Vietnam Part 1 introduction, the genus Polypedates Die Ruder- bzw Flugfrosche der Gattungen Polypedates Tschudi, 1838 und Rhacophorus Kuhl Van Hasselt, 1822 der Bergwalder Vietnams Teil 1 Einleitung, die Gattung Polypedates

Orlow, N.L.; Thu Cuc, H., 2000:
The Rhacophoridae of the genera Polypedates Tschudi, 1838 and Rhacophorus Kuhl van Hasselt, 1822 of the rainforests of Vietnam Part 2 the genus Rhacophorus Die Ruder- bzw Flugfrosche der Gattungen Polypedates Tschudi, 1838 und Rhacophorus Kuhl van Hasselt, 1822 der Bergwalder Vietnams Teil 2 die Gattung Rhacophorus

Messer, J., 2005:
The Rheinaue Walsum nature reserve - 25 years of bird counts Naturschutzgebiet Rheinaue Walsum - 25 Jahre Wasservogelzaehlung

Stumpf, Thomas., 2000:
The Rhenish species of Ampedus and Brachygonus - a revision Col, Elateridae Die Rheinischen Arten von Ampedus und Brachygonus - eine Revision Col, Elateridae

Kloetzli, F.; Capaul, U.; Hilfiker, H.; Mueller, J.P.ul.; Schlaefli, A.; Buergin, T., 2006:
The Rhine - the vein of a region Der Rhein - Lebensader einer Region

Walter, J.E., 2006:
The Rhine and its fishes Der Rhein und seine Fische

Dieckmann, R.; Ziegler, T., 2003:
The Rhine panorama of Cologne Aquarium in a new light information on Rhine fishes, conservation and drinking water supplies Das Rheinpanorama des Koelner Aquariums in neuem Licht von Rheinfischen, Naturschutz und Trinkwassergewinnung

Dorner, Ingrid., 2005:
The Rhine river as a barrier? Rheinstrom als Barriere?

Alvarez Fernandez, Esteban., 2001:
The Rhine-Rhone axis in the Late Upper Paleolithic the exemple of molluscs used as ornament objects Laxe Rhin-Rhone au Paleolithique superieur recent lexemple des mollusques utilises comme objets de parure

Uhlig, Undine., 1999:
The Rhinocerotoidea Mammalia from the Lower Oligocene fissure filling Moehren 13 near Treuchtlingen in Bavaria Die Rhinocerotoidea Mammalia aus der unteroligozaenen Spaltenfuellung Moehren 13 bei Treuchtlingen in Bayern

Lopez-Colon, Jose Ignacio., 1999:
The Rhipiphoridae Gemminger Harold, 1870 of the Iberian Peninsular and the Balearic Islands 3 Coleoptera Los Rhipiphoridae Gemminger Harold, 1870 de la fauna de la Peninsula Iberica e Islas Baleares 3 Coleoptera

Stepanek, M., 1953:
The Rhizopodes as biological indicators of the contamination of waters

Gollner-Scheiding, Ursula., 1997:
The Rhopalidae of the Afrotropical region with special reference to the fauna of the Republic of Namibia Insecta Heteroptera, Coreoidea Die Rhopalidae der afrotropischen Region unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der Fauna der Republik Namibia Insecta Heteroptera, Coreoidea

Blazquez Caselles, A.; Nieto Manzano, MA., 1999:
The Rhopalocera from Gredos spurs in Caceres Spain Lepidoptera Papilionoidea et Hesperioidea Los Ropaloceros de las estribaciones de Gredos en Caceres Espana Lepidoptera Papilionoidea et Hesperioidea

Lafranchis, Tristan., 2002:
The Rhopalocera of Lot Insecta Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Les rhopaloceres du Lot Insecta Lepidoptera Rhopalocera

Korb, S.K.; Perounov, Y.E.; Yakovlev, R.V., 2000:
The Rhopalocera of the Altai plains Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Les rhopaloceres de lAltai planitiaire Lepidoptera Rhopalocera

Perez De-Gregorio, JJ., 2003:
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