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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38732

Chapter 38732 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Heynderycx, Jozef., 2004:
The adaptive eco-insular differentiation of Trechinae in Europe Coleoptera, Carabidae La ramification adaptive eco-insulaire des Trechinae in Europe Coleoptera, Carabidae

Gilmour, THJ., 1990:
The adaptive significance of foot reversal in the Limoida

Magurran, AE., 1990:
The adaptive significance of schooling as an anti-predator defence in fish

Seaman, G.R.; O'Malley, B., 1949:
The adaptive utilization of sucrose by the ciliate, Colpidium campilum

Becker, G., 2001:
The adaptive value of various case constructions of caddisflies Trichoptera of an Erz Mountains brook Der Adaptivwert unterschiedlicher Koecherkonstruktionen bei Weidegaengern Trichoptera eines Mittelgebirgsbaches

Thomas, Britta., 2004:
The adder Vipera b berus L in the bog Totes Moor in the region of Hanover Die Keuzotter Vipera b berus L im Toten Moor in der Region Hannover

Voelkl, W.; Thiesmeier, B., 2002:
The adder - a life in a stable habitat? Die Kreuzotter ein Leben in festen Bahnen?

Bentz, G., 2002:
The adder Vipera berus at Trebeurden, Armor coasts adaptation of thermoregulation strategy to bad weather conditions La vipere peliade Vipera berus a Trebeurden, cotes dArmor adaptation de la strategie de thermoregulation aux mauvaises conditions meteorologiques

Meyer, A.; Monney, J.-Claude., 2004:
The adder, Vipera berus Linnaeus, 1758 in Switzerland Die Kreuzotter, Vipera berus Linnaeus, 1758, in der Schweiz

de Mischis, Catalina C., 1998:
The addition of segments in Aporrectodea trapezoides Duges, 1828 Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae La adicion de segmentos en Aporrectodea trapezoides Duges, 1828 Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae

Giampaolo, Bosi., 1998:
The adephagan water-beetles of the retting-pitts in the province of Ferrara Dati sul popolamento ad idroadefagi nei maceri del ferrarese Coleoptera Halipidae, Dytiscidae, Gyrinidae

Barsevskis, Arvids., 1996:
The aderids Coleoptera Aderidae in fauna of Latvia Trudvabolu dzimtas Coleoptera, Aderidae sugas Latvijas fauna

Jonsell, Mats., 2003:
The admiral A migratory butterfly Amiralen En flyttfjaril

Stoks, Robby., 2000:
The adult life of damselflies a tale of expensive egg cells and cheap sperm cells Het volwassen leven van waterjuffers een verhaal over dure eicellen en goedkope zaadcellen

Moulin, Nicolas., 2000:
The adult moult of the female of Hierodula membranacea Dictyoptera, Mantidae La mue imaginale de la femelle de Hierodula membranacea Dictyoptera, Mantidae

Coskuncu, K.S.nan; Kovanci, B., 2005:
The adult population fluctuations of Ephestia kuehniella Zeller Lepidoptera Pyralidae in flour factories in Bursa province Bursa Ili un fabrikalarinda zarar yapan Ephestia kuehniella Zeller Lepidoptera Pyralidaenin ergin populasyon dalgalanmasi

Brugge, B., 1982:
The adults of Pharongomyia picta Meigen 1824 found for the first time in the Netherlands Diptera Oestridae

Broekhuizen, S.; Muskens, G., 1994:
The advance of the stone marten where is it going? Distribution and extermination since 1800 De opmars van de steenmarter waar gaat dat heen? Verspreiding en uitroeiing sinds 1800

Nankinov, Dimitar., 2000:
The advancement of the spotless starling east of the breeding areas Das Vordringen des Einfarbstars ostlich seines Brutgebietes

Klausnitzer, Bernhard., 1994:
The advantages and disadvantages of a model group concept from an entomological view Vor- und Nachteile eines Modellgruppenkonzeptes aus entomologischer Sicht

Ulfstrand, Staffan., 2006:
The advantages of life in a colony the case of the lesser kestrel Kolonilivets fordelar fallet rodfalk

Raven, C.P., 1970:
The adventure of science and the wonder of embryonic developmentMemorial Anniversary Address On the 320th birthday of the Rijksuniversiteit of Utrecht given by the Rector magnificus Dr Chr P Raven on 12 April 1956 in the Dom Church

Sniegula, S., 2006:
The adventure with Somatochlora sahlbergi Trybom, 1889 Przygoda z Somatochlora sahlbergi Trybom, 1889

Fedorenko, A.P., 1969:
The adverse effect of certain chemical preparates on useful warm blooded animals

Lotters, S.; Kneller, M., 2000:
The advertisement call of Epipedobates azureiventris Anura Dendrobatidae from Peru compared with other poison frogs Der Anzeigeruf von Epipedobates azureiventris Anura Dendrobatidae aus Peru im Verleich mit anderen Pfeilgiftfroschen

Adloff, Andreas., 1996:
The advertising posters for Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo 7 Die Werbeplakate des Tierparks Berlin-Friedrichsfelde 7

Adloff, Andreas., 2002:
The advertising posters for Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo VIII Die Werbeplakate des Tierparks Berlin-Friedrichsfelde VIII

Adloff, Andreas., 1997:
The adverts of Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo Die Werbeblatter des Tierparks Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Gomille, Axel., 2002:
The aesculapian snake Elaphe longissima - distribution and ecology in central Europe Die Aeskulapnatter Elaphe longissima Verbreitung und Lebensweise in Mitteleuropa

Appelberg, M.; Schreiber, H.; Dahlberg, M.; Holmgren, K., 2000:
The affect of water from municipal refuse dumps on fish communities in five lakes Fisksamhallets status i fem sjoar i anslutning till avfallsdeponier

Malicky, Hans., 1999:
The affinities of Athripsodes bilineatus Linnaeus 1758 in the Aegean region trichoptera Leptoceridae Die Verwandtschaft von Athripsodes bilineatus Linnaeus 1758 im Agaisraum Trichoptera Leptoceridae

Madsen, T., 1977:
The agama species Chlamydosaurus kingii Nordisk herpet

Barts, Mirko., 2003:
The agamas of South Africa Die Agamen des Suedlichen Afrikas

Rehak, Ivan., 1995:
The agamid lizard Physignathus cf cocincinus from Tonkin Agama Physignathus cf cocincinus z Tonkinu

Dieckmann, Martin., 2005:
The agamid profile the rock agama Agama armata Peters, 1854 Das Agamenportrait Bodenagame Agama armata Peters, 1854

Barts, M.; Wilms, T., 2003:
The agamids of the world Die Agamen der Welt

Kuadze, M.I., 1950:
The age Naltchisk clays of Northern Caucasus Foraminifera

Akimets, VS., 1970:
The age and Foraminifera deposits of the sandy chalk on the territory of Byelorussia and adjacent provinces of the RSFSR

Meledina, SV., 1972:
The age and geographical distribution of Arcticoceras kochi in the Boreal region

Smirnov, A.N., 1960:
The age and growth of some species of Black Sea fishes

Greve, Karl., 2001:
The age and recovery quotas for the rook Corvus frugilegus at Braunschweig south east Lower Saxony Zum Alter und der Wiederfundquote von Saatkraehen Corvus frugilegus bei Braunschweig Suedost-Niedersachsen

Csaszar, G.; Kollanyi, K.; Lantos, M.; Lelkes, G.; Tardine Filacz, E., 2000:
The age and sedimentary environment of the Hidasivolgy Marl Formation A Hidasivolgyi Marga Formacio kora es kepzodesi kornyezete

Sisoeva, T.K., 1958:
The age and size of Hypophalmichthys molitrix Valenciennes

Kulichenko, N.I., 1958:
The age and the rate of growth of Ophiocephalus argus warpadiowskii Berg and Siniperca chua-tsi Basilewsky

Ostroumov, A.A., 1956 :
The age composition and rate of growth of bream in Ribinsk reservoir

Zhuravleva, I.T., 1951:
The age of Archaeocyathus horizons in Siberia

Lapchik, F.E., 1954:
The age of Peruvian deposits of Dnepro-Donetz depression

Vyushkov, B.P., 1952:
The age of Usheevo and Northern Dvina terrestrial vertebrates in Permian of USSR

Truyols-Massoni, M., 1999:
The age of beds with Mimosphinctes from the Devonian of the Cantabrian Cordillera NW Spain La edad de las capas con Mimosphinctes en el Devonico de la Cordillera Cantabrica NW de Espana

Zhuteev, S.A., 1953:
The age of certain beds in Sizran, Sirt, and the Trans-Ural

Iorgulescu, T., 1962:
The age of certain saline deposits in the Rumanian Republic

Velte, Frank., 2005:
The age of emperor fish in the aquarium Zum Lebensalter von Kaiserfischen im Aquarium

Kakhanova, L.P.; Korobkov, A.I., 1969:
The age of marine redcoloured Caenozoic deposits and the underlying green clays in the central and south western Kizilkum

Azizbekov, S.A., 1952:
The age of saliferous stratum of Nakhitchevan Asserbaidjan Republic

Zhuteev, S.A., 1953:
The age of strata of the Sizrau stage of Obshchiy Sirt and Transural region

Pokorny, V., 1958:
The age of the Cretaceous sediments of Pavlovsky Kopce southern Moravia, Czechoslovakia

Yadrenkina, A.G., 1970:
The age of the Dolborskov horizon of the Siberian Platform and the boundary of the Middle and Upper Ordovician

Blaszkiewitz, Bernhard., 1998:
The age of the Greater Indian rhinoceros in Berlin Zoo Zum Lebensalter Berliner Panzernashorner

Muromtzev, V.S., 1954:
The age of the Ostrog series of Kuzbass

Lapchik, F.E., 1954:
The age of the Permian deposits of the Dniepro-Donetz depression, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Bourman, RP.; Martinaitis, P.; Prescott, JR.; Belperio, AP., 1997:
The age of the Pooraka Formation and its implications, with some preliminary results from luminescence dating

Linan, E.; Garcia, E.M.rtinez., 2005:
The age of the Sotres trilobites Cambrian of the Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain and its tectonic consequences Edad de la fauna de trilobites de Sotres Cambrico de los Picos de Europa, Asturias, Espana y sus consecuencias tectonicas

Prillo, S.; Hasani, L., 1990:
The age of the deposits containing Ammonia beccarii and Cyprideis

Azizbekov, S.A., 1952:
The age of the salt deposits of Nakhitchevan Asserbaidjan Republic

Azizbekov, S.A., 1952:
The age of the salt-bearing strata of Nakhitche-van Asserbaidjan Republic

Zaspelova, V.S., 1957:
The age of the upper coal measures of the Karaganda basin as determined according to Phyllopods

Sarles, M.P., 1928:
The age resistance of the domestic cat to infections with the hookworm, Ancylo-stoma braziliense

Moravec, P.; Svatora, M.; Cihai, M.; Ruzickova, J.; Matejicek, L., 2001:
The age structure of the brown trout Salmo trutta m fario in selected localities of the Sumava National Park and Protected Landscape area Vekove slozeni populaci pstruha obecneho Salmo trutta m fario na vybranych lokalitach NP a CHKO Sumava

Apanasenko, MK., 1973:
The age-size composition of Neogobius melanostomus Pallas from various regions of the Azov and Black Sea

Mishin, A.V., 1956:
The aggression of Ixodes persulcatus and a method of its study

Kovarik, Frantisek., 1997:
The aggressive spider Haplopelma schmidti Vztekly sklipkan Haplopelma schmidti

Zamponi, M O., 2004:
The aggressivity of sea anemones Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Actiniaria relating to the marginal structures acrorhagi La agresividad de las anemonas de mar Cnidaria, Anthozoa, Actiniaria mediante las estructuras marginales denominadas acrorhagi

Lippuner, Mario., 2000:
The agile frog Rana dalmatina Bonaparte 1840 - a newly recorded faunal element of the cantons of Thurgau and Zuerich Der Springfrosch Rana dalmatina Bonaparte 1840 - ein neu festgestelltes Faunenelement der Kantone Thurgau und Zuerich

Hachtel, M.; Dalbeck, L.; Heyd, A.; Weddeling, K., 1997:
The agile frog Rana dalmatina around Bonn distribution, choice of spawning waters and common occurence with other amphibians - especially compared to the common frog Rana temporaria Der Springfrosch Rana dalmatina im Grossraum Bonn Verbreitung, Laichgewasserwahl und Vergesellschaftung insbesondere im Vergleich zum Grasfrosch Rana temporaria

Gerstner, Joachim., 1997:
The agile frog Rana dalmatina in Saarland with annotations on the distribution in Luxemburg Der Springfrosch Rana dalmatina im Saarland mit Anmerkungen zum Vorkommen in Luxemburg

Meyer, Frank., 1997:
The agile frog Rana dalmatina in Saxony-Anhalt current state of distribution and knowledge deficiency Der Springfrosch Rana dalmatina in Sachsen-Anhalt aktueller Stand der Verbreitung und Kenntnisdefizite

Rohrbach, T.; Kuhn, J., 1997:
The agile frog Rana dalmatina in the Lake Constance region distribution - populations - spawning waters in 1994-1996 Der Springfrosch Rana dalmatina im westlichen Bodenseeraum 1994-1996 Verbreitung - Bestande - Laichgewasser

Krone, A.; Kuhnel, K.-Detlef.; Berger, H., 1997:
The agile frog Rana dalmatina Ecology and population status Specialist meeting 16-17 November 1996 in the International Centre, Leipzig Der Springfrosch Rana dalmatina Okologie und Bestandssituation Fachtagung am 16 und 17 November 1996 im Umweltforschungszentrum Leipzig

Grossenbacher, Kurt., 1997:
The agile frog Rana dalmatina in Switzerland Der Springfrosch Rana dalmatina in der Schweiz

Lenten, Bert., 2000:
The agreement on the conservation of African-Eurasian migratory waterbirds AEWA and the AEWA Action Plan - contents, methods, and goals for implementation Das Afrikanisch-eurasische Wasservogelabkommen AEWA und sein Aktionsplan - Inhalte, Wege und Ziele der Umsetzung

Hallfarth, Thomas., 2001:
The agressive behaviour of the mallard Anas platyrhynchos within a family group Zum Aggressionsverhalten der Stockente Anas platyrhynchos innerhalb eines Familienverbandes

Watzke, H.; Mensch, B., 1998:
The agricultural landscape - a habitat for small mammals Die Agrarlandschaft - Lebensraum fur Kleinsauger

Berger, G.; Schonbrodt, T.; Langer, C.; Kretschmer, H., 1999:
The agricultural landscape of the region Lebusplatte as habitat for amphibians Die Agrarlandschaft der Lebusplatte als Lebensraum fur Amphibien

Matschel, Christian., 2002:
The agrimi Capra aegagrus cretica in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde Zoo Kreta-Bezoarziegen, Capra aegagrus cretica im Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde

Mocci Demartis, A.; Carta, M.; Dessole, G.; Porra, V., 1999:
The air trouble on the flamingos colony of Molentargius Cagliari Influenza degli aviogetti sulla tranquillita di una colonia di fenicotteri Phoenicopterus ruber roseus L presso Cagliari

Klein, R.; Buchheim, A., 2003:
The albatross posture of Caspian gull Larus cachinnans Die Albatrospose der Steppenmoewe Larus cachinnans

Appelqvist, T.; Gimdal, R.; Finsberg, M.; Bengtson, O., 1999:
The alcon blue Maculinea alcon in the region of Vastra Gotland - habitat selection and aspects on conservation Alkonblavingen Maculinea alcon i Vastra Gotalands lan - habitatval och naturvardsaspekter

Van der Veken, Danny., 1996:
The alcon blue butterfly Maculinea alcon Gentiaanblauwtje Maculinea alcon

Van Dyck, H.; Vanreusel, W.; Maes, D., 2001:
The alcon blue in Flanders Conservation going according to plan Het gentiaanblauwtje in Vlaanderen Beschermen volgens plan

Arnhem, Roger., 2002:
The alcyon of Ancient Times, the kingfisher of today Alcyon de lAntiquite, Martin-pecheur daujourdhui

Mehdi, Mohammed., 1997:
The algae and benthic foraminifera of the Jurassic of eastern Morocco Les algues et les foraminiferes benthiques du Jurassique du Maroc oriental

Duong Duc Tien.; Khoa., 1998:
The algae in the West lake - Hanoi Vi tao microalgae o ho Tay - Ha Noi

Guarrera, SA.; Echenique, RO., 1992:
The algae of the Limay River system Argentina II Chlorophyta 2 Volvocales and Tetrasporales Las algas del sistema del Rio Limay Republica Argentina II Chlorophyta 2 Volvocales y Tetrasporales

Garcia, J.; Merino, V.; Fernandez, M.; Hernandez-Marine, M., 1997:
The algal flora in the Olympic Calm Waters Canoeing Channel Barcelona Las algas del canal olimpico de piraguismo de aguas tranquilas Barcelona

Elmaci, A.; Obali, O., 1998:
The algal flora of the littoral region in Lake Aksehir Aksehir Golu kiyi bolgesi alg florasi

Gunzl, Hans., 1997:
The algal year in Federsee Das Algenjahr im Federsee

Moritz, G.; Schaefer, E.; Kumm, S.; Steller, A.; Tschuch, G., 2004:
The alien thrips Suocerathrips linguis - biology and behaviour Der Alien-Thrips Suocerathrips linguis - Biologie und Verhalten

Sanchez, P.A.; Sanchez, F.; Caetano, F.H.; Jaffe, K., 2000:
The alimentary canal in adults of Rhynchophorus palmarum L Coleoptera, Curculionidae morphology and ultrastructure El tubo digestivo en adultos de Rhynchophorus palmarum L Coleoptera, Curculionidae morphology and ultrastructure

Calvo, Artigas R., 2000:
The alimentary habits of Polyplacophora, gastropods and bivalves Sobre habitos alimentarios de polyplacophoros, gastropodos y bivalvos

Yakovleva, T.M., 1956:
The alkaline phosphatase in macrophages cultivated in the serums medium

Solarz, K.; Karnkowski, W., 1996:
The allergenic mites found in the raw material of herbs in relation to literature data about the Pyroglyphidae Acari Acaridida Roztocze alergogenne stwierdzone w surowcu zielarskim na tle literatury o Pyroglyphidae Acari Acaridida

Riedle, J.; Daren, 2001:
The alligator snapping turtle Macroclemys teminckii in Oklahoma La tortue alligator Macroclemys teminckii en Oklahoma

Metrailler, Sebastien., 1999:
The alligator snapping turtle La tortue alligator

Scalici, M.; Gibertini, G., 2002:
The allochthonous crayfish of Latium Italy I gamberi alloctoni nel Lazio Italia

Mizzan, Luca., 1999:
The allochthonous macrobenthic species of the Venice Lagoon a review Le specie alloctone del macrozoobenthos della Laguna di Venezia il punto della situazione

Zuev, GV., 1973:
The allometric growth of the brain in cephalopods

Kir'yanova, ES.; Ivanova, TS., 1975:
The almond cyst-forming nematode Heterodera amygdali sp nov Nematoda Heteroderidae from Tadzhikistan

Mueller, J.P.ul; Jenny, H., 2006:
The alpine Rhine - expansion route and barrier to vertebrates Der Alpenrhein- Ausbreitungslinie und Ausbreitungshindernis fuer Wirbeltiere

Clesse, Bernard., 1996:
The alpine accentor Prunella collaris at Roche a Lomme Dourbes, Namur province from 21 to 25 May 1996 Un accenteur alpin Prunella collaris a la Roche a Lomme Dourbes, province de Namur du 21 au 25 mai 1996

Jacob, Jean-Paul., 1996:
The alpine accentor, Prunella collaris, in Belgium Laccenteur alpin, Prunella collaris, en Belgique

Bauman, Peter W., 2004:
The alpine chamois a life on ridges Die Alpen-Gaemse ein Leben auf Gratwanderung

Stelzel, I.; Landmann, A., 2000:
The alpine cough Phyrrocorax graculus in the municipial area of Innsbruck, Tyrol size, seasonal dynamics, space use and social structure of winter populations Die Alpendohle Phyrrhocorax graculus im Stadtgebiet von Innsbruck, Tirol Bestandesgroessen, Bestandesdynamik, Bestandesstruktur und Raumverteilung

Darinot, F.; Martinot, J.-Pierre., 1995:
The alpine ibex Capra ibex ibex L populations of the Vanoise national park overview of thirty years of protection Les populations de bouquetins des alpes Capra ibex ibex L dans le parc national de la Vanoise bilan de trente annees de protection

Lueps, P.; Grieder, S.; Schluechter, C., 2006:
The alpine ibex Capra ibex of the Strahleggpass Biological and glacial consequences relating to a horn preserved in ice for 900 years Der Steinbock Capra ibex vom Strahleggpass Biologische Aussagen and glaziologische Folgerungen anhand eines 900 Jahre im Eis gelagerten Gehoerns

Abderhalden, W.; Buchli, C., 1999:
The alpine ibex and its movements On the distribution of an alpine ibex colony in the Albris National Park Steinboecke auf Wanderschaft Zum Verhalten der Steinboecke in der Kolonie Albris/SNP

Buchli, C.; Abderhalden, W., 1998:
The alpine ibex project Albris/Swiss National Park SNP Das Steinbockprojekt Albris/Schweizerischer Nationalpark SNP

Aistleitner, E.; Aistleitner, U., 1996:
The alpine lackey moth Malacosoma alpicolum Staudinger, 1870, in Vorarlberg western Austria and in the Principality of Liechtenstein Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae Der Alpen-Ringelspinner Malacosoma alpicolum Staudinger, 1870, in Vorarlberg Austria occ und im Furstentum Liechtenstein Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae

Bruns, U.; Haiden, A.; Suchentrunk, F., 1999:
The alpine marmot Marmota m marmota - a genetically depleted animal species? Genetic biochemical analysis of Graubunden populations gives the answer Das Alpenmurmeltier Marmota m marmota - eine genetisch verarmte Tierart? Biochemisch-genetische Analysen von Graubundner Vorkommen geben Antwort

Donat, R.; Moeckel, R., 2001:
The alpine newt Triturus alpestris in north west Niederlausitz Der Bergmolch Triturus alpestris in der nordwestlichen Niederlausitz

Pawlowska-Indyk, A.; Indyk, F., 1996:
The alpine newt Triturus alpestris Laurenti 1768 from the peatbog near Grabowno reserve Wroclaw Province Traszka gorska Triturus alpestris Laurenti 1768 z terenu rezerwatu torfowisko kolo Grabowna w woj wroclawskim

Scarvelli, D.; Laghi, P.; Pastorelli, C., 2004:
The alpine newt Triturus alpestris apuanus and the Italian frog Rana italica new for the Sassi di Roccamalatina regional park Modena Tritone alpestre Triturus alpestris apuanus e Rana appeninica Rana italica nuovi per il Parco Regionale dei Sassi di Roccamalatina Modena

Maleck, Wolfgang., 2000:
The alpine newt Is Triturus alpestris adapted to land developed by man? Der Bergmolch Ist Triturus alpestris ein Kulturfolger?

Bonato, Lucio., 2001:
The alpine salamander on the Venetian Prealps first year of an inter-museum research project La salamandra alpina Salamandra atra Laurenti, 1768 sulle Prealpi Venete primo anno di un progetto di indagine intermuseale

Locatelli, R.; Paolucci, P., 1998:
The alpine shrew Sorex alpinus Schinz, 1837 in north-eastern Italy Il toporagno alpino Sorex alpinus Schinz, 1837 nellItalia nord orientale

Lugon-Moulin, Nicolas., 1999:
The alpine shrew Sorex alpinus; Insectivora, Soricidae in Valais habitat, distribution and karyotype La musaraigne alpine Sorex alpinus; Insectivora, Soricidae, en Valais habitat, repartition et caryotype

Desbrosses, Regis., 1996:
The alpine shrew in the Jura department new observation in Risoux Forest La musaraigne alpine dans le departement du Jura nouvelle observation dans la foret du Risoux

Bouche, Michel., 2000:
The alpine shrew, Sorex alpinus, in Vanoise La musaraigne alpine, Sorex alpinus, en Vanoise

Spitzenberger, F.; Englisch, H., 1996:
The alpine wood mouse Apodemus alpicola Heinrich, 1952 in Austria Mammalia austriaca 21 Die Alpenwaldmaus Apodemus alpicola Heinrich, 1952 in Osterreich Mammalia austriaca 21

Naveso, Miguel Angel., 1998:
The alternative of BirdLife to the olive growing reform La alternativa de BirdLife a la reforma del olivar

Gavrilov, E.I.; Khrokov, VV., 1977:
The altitude of visibly migrating birds in Dzhalanashkul Vorotakh in spring 1973 Trudy biol

Vasiliu-Oromulu, Liliana., 2001:
The altitudinal distribution of species of Thysanoptera Insecta Thysanoptera of the Garbova Massif La distribution altitudinales des especes de thysanopteres Insecta Thysanoptera du Massif Garbova

Stubing, Stefan., 1995:
The altitudinal distribution of the little ringed plover Charadrius dubius in Hessen Zur Hohenverbreitung des Flussregenpfeifers Charadrius dubius in Hessen

Pontegnie, Michael., 2001:
The amazing habits of the common cuckoo Cuculus canorus Les moeurs etonnantes du coucou gris Cuculus canorus

Santana, I.; Varela, C.; Ortiz, M., 2001:
The amazing ingestion of a black sea-urchin Diadema antillarum Echinodermata Echinoidea by the sea-anemone Condylactis gigantea Cnidaria, Actiniaria, at the Cuban National Aquarium El insolito caso de la ingestion de un erizo de mar Diadema antillarum Echinodermata, Echinoidea por la anemona Condylactis gigantea Cnidaria, Actiniaria, en el Acuario Nacional

Arbizu, M.; Bernardez, E.; Penalver, E.; Prieto, MA., 1999:
The amber from Asturias Spain El ambar de Asturias Espana

Geirnaert, Eric., 1998:
The amber Lambre

Boulet, L., 2002:
The ambiguities of crayfish fishing regulation in the French department of Lozere Les ambiguites de la peche aux ecrevisses en Lozere

Emirbekov, EZ.; Abdullayev, RA., 1990:
The amino acid composition of ground squirrel brain protein fractions during hibernation

Stepanyuk, IA., 1973:
The amino-acid composition of plankton in the Black Sea

Rikhter, I.D., 1949:
The amitotic division of cells

Schulbert, C., 2001:
The ammonite fauna and stratigraphy of the Mistelgau clay pit at Bayreuth Upper Franconia Die Ammonitenfauna und Stratigraphie der Tongrube Mistelgau bei Bayreuth Oberfranken

Schairer, Gerhard., 2001:
The ammonite fauna in the test pit of Mantlach Upper Oxfordian - Lower Kimmeridgian, Southern Franconian Alb, Bavaria The ammonite fauna of bed 59 middle part of the Lower Kimmeridgian, lowest Hypselocyclum zone Die Ammonitenfauna des Schurfs von Mantlach Oberoxfordium - Unterkimmeridgium, Suedliche Frankenalb, Bayern Die Ammonitenfauna aus Bank 59 mittleres Unterkimmeridgium, unterste Hypselocyclum-Zone

Mojica, J.; Prinz-Grimm, P., 2001:
The ammonite fauna of the Late Triassic of the Chicala Member =lower part of the Saldana Formation of Payande, Tolima, Colombia La fauna de amonitas del Triasico Tardio en el Miembro Chicala =parte baja de la Formacion Saldana en Payande, Tolima, Colombia

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The ammonite fauna of the test pit near Mantlach Upper Oxfordian-Lower Kimmeridgian, Southern Franconian Alb, Bavaria A general view and the ammonite fauna from Bed 60 Die Ammonitenfauna des Schurfs von Mantlach Oberoxfordium - Unterkimmeridgium, Suedliche Frankenalb, Bayern Allgemeines und die Ammonitenfauna aus Bank 60

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The ammonite fauna renewal at the boundary middle-late Toarcian new data and consequences Le renouvellement des faunes dammonites a la limite Toarcien moyen - Toarcien superieur dans les domaines du nord-ouest de lEurope et de la Tethys occidentale

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The ammonite genera Simocosmoceras Spath and Pseudhimalayites Spath Aspidoceratidae in the Late Jurassic of southern Germany Die Ammonitengattungen Simocosmoceras Spath und Pseudhimalayites Spath Aspidoceratidae im suddeutschen Oberjura

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The ammonite genus Delphinites i North eastern Greenland and its stratigraphic and biogeographical significance Valanginian, Early Cretaceous Ammonitslaegten Delphinites i Nordost-gronland og dens stratigrafiske og biogeografiske betydning Valanginien, Tidlig Kridt

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The ammonite-dinocyst subdivisions correlation at the Oxfordian/Kimmeridgian boundary in the Bartoszyce IG 1 and Kcynia IG IV cores from northern Poland Korelacja podzialow amonitowych i dinocystowych przy granicy oksfordu i kimerydu na podstawie profilow wiercen Bartoszyce IG 1 i Kcynia IG IV

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The ammonites of the Aalenian from the Lyon region Les ammonites de lAalenien de la region lyonnaise

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The ammonites of the Hauterivian of Aube systematics and evolution Les ammonites de lHauterivien de lAube systematique et evolution

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The ammonoid fauna of the South American Hettangian basal Jurassic Part II Die Ammoniten-Fauna des suedamerikanischen Hettangium basaler Jura Teil II

von Hillebrandt, Axel., 2000 :
The ammonoid fauna of the South American Hettangian basal Jurassic Part III Die Ammoniten-Fauna des suedamerikanischen Hettangium basaler Jura Teil III

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The ammonoids of the upper part of the Cardano Formation Gildar-Monto unit, NE of the Leon province, Spain and its application to the Upper Devonian biostratigraphy Los ammonoideos de la parte superior de la Formacion Cardano unidad del Gildar-Monto, NE de la provincia de Leon, Espana y su aplicacion a la bioestratigrafia del Devonico superior

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The amphibian fauna of a floodplain forest in the prealpine region river Traun, Austria species, size and development of populations Die Amphibienfauna einer Aulandschaft im Alpenvorland Traun, Oesterreich Arten, Populationsgrossen und Bestandsentwicklung

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The amphibian fauna of the Upper Austrian Calcareous Alps national park Zur Amphibienfauna des Nationalparkes Oberoesterreiche Kalkalpen

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The amphibian fauna of the district Amberg-Sulzbach northern Bavaria - stock, trends, and syntopical occurences Amphibien im Landkreis Amberg-Sulzbach in Nordostbayern - Bestand, Trends und syntope Vorkommen

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The amphibians in the present scientific research Fertilization and development of Pleurodeles waltl urodele amphibian aboard the Mir space station Les amphibiens dans la recherche scientifique contemporaine Fecondation et developpement de Pleurodeles waltl amphibien urodele a bord de la station spatiale Mir

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The amphibians of northern Apennines Lombardy-Italy La batracofauna dellAppennino lombardo

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The amphibians of the Calabrian side of Pollino National Park Gli anfibi del versante calabrese del Parco Nazionale del Pollino

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The amphibians of the Murcia region an enigma, catalogue and distribution, rescue and conservation Los anfibios de la region de Murcia un enigma, su catalogo y distribucion, y un reto, su conservacion

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The amphibians of the Park of Seroule Verviers An estimate in the numerical evolution of populations during the years 1992-1999 Les amphibiens du Parc de Seroule Verviers Une estimation de levolution numerique des populations annees 1992-1999

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The amphibians of the Stolowe Mountains and their protection in the years 1998-2001 Plazy gor Stolowych i ich ochrona w latach 1998-2001

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The amphibians of the Tritonteich pond Investigations on the development of the amphibian fauna at the pond since its construction 1990-1999 Amphibien am Tritonwasser - Untersuchungen ueber die Entwicklung der Amphibienfauna am Tritonwasser seit der Fertigstellung des Gewaessers 1990-1999

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The amphibians of the former USSR

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The amphibians of the watershed of the Aubonne river Switzerland distribution and habitat analysis Les amphibiens du bassin de lAubonne distribution et analyse dhabitat

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The amphibians, reptiles and fish of the Kuehnau Lake Die Kriechtiere, Lurche und Fische des Kuehnauer Sees

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The amphiboreal and bipolar distribution of helminth parasites of marine mammals

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The amphipod Apherusa bispinosa Bate, 1856 as a native species in Netherlands De vlokreeft Apherusa bispinosa Bate, 1856 autochtoon in Nederland

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The amphipod Caprella mutica Schurin, 1935, an introduced and invasive species abundant in the port basins of Havre eastern Manche, France Lamphipode Caprella mutica Schurin, 1935, espece introduite et invasive, abonde dans les bassins a flot du port du Havre Manche orientale, France

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The amphipod Echinogammarus stoerensis not extinct in The Netherlands Crustacea Amphipoda Gammaridea Nieuwe vindplaatsen van het in Nederland uitgestorven gewaande vlokreeftje Echinogammarus stoerensis Crustacea Amphipoda Gammaridea

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The amphipod Hyperia galba as prey for birds De kwalvlo Hyperia galba als vogelvoedsel

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The amphipod fauna Crustacea Amphipoda of shallow waters from the northeastern coast of Venezuela La fauna de anfipodos Crustacea Amphipoda de las aguas costeras de la region oriental de Venezuela

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The amphipods Crustacea, Amphipoda of the Island of Coiba, in the Pacific Panama Los anfipodos Crustacea, Amphipoda de la Isla Coiba, en el Pacifico de Panama

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The amplitude and frequency modulation of the active electric field of the encephalon in the frog

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The analyse of the trohical spectrum of a Triturus cristatus population from Sacalasau region Dernas Hills, Bihor County, Romania Analiza spectrului trofic al unei populatii de Triturus cristatus din zona sacalasau Dealurile Dernei, Jud Bihor, Romania

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The analysis of Bufo bufo vocalizations Analisi delle vocalizzazioni di Bufo bufo

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The analysis of chemical risks associated with dredging L analyse des risques chimiques appliques aux dragages

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The analysis of growth in Bryantella smaragdus Araneae, Salticidae under laboratory conditions Analisis del crecimiento en Bryantella smaragdus Araneae, Salticidae bajo condiciones de laboratorio

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