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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38737

Chapter 38737 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rehak, I.; Velensky, P., 1998:
The biology of monitors of the species Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis and V salvadorii in Prague Zoo Biologie varanu Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis a V salvadorii v Prazske Zoologicke Zahrade 6

Tschuch, G.; Burger, F., 1994:
The biology of mutillids Die Biologie der Mutilliden

Nilsen, Alf Jacob., 2004:
The biology of octopuses Die Biologie der Kraken

Giebing, Manfred., 2002:
The biology of our goldfinch Die Biologie unseres Stieglitzes

Braiko, V.D., 1970:
The biology of reproduction in Black Sea Bryozoa

Chukhchin, VD., 1972:
The biology of reproduction in the gastropod Patella caerulea L in the Black Sea

Ivanova, NS., 1973:
The biology of reproduction in the ruff

Garoche, J.; Sohier, A., 2002:
The biology of rock pipit Anthus petrosus petrosus Montagu in Brittany juvenile mortality La biologie du pipit maritime Anthus petrosus petrosus Montagu en Bretagne mortalite juvenile

Mikitova, LV., 1976 :
The biology of several species of weevils of genus Apion Herbst Col Curculionidae

Nel, Jacques., 2002:
The biology of some species of Microlepidoptera in southern France Lepidoptera Sur la biologie de quelques Lepidopteres dans le midi de la France Lepidoptera

Rehak, I.; Velensky, P., 1998:
The biology of species of monitors Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis and V salvadorii in Prague Zoo 7 Biologie varanu Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis a V salvadorii v Prazske Zoologicke Zahrade 7

Vives, F.; Suau, P., 1962:
The biology of the chirla Venus gallina L in the south of the month of the Ebro river

Schmidt-Rhaesa, Andreas., 1996:
The biology of the Nematomorpha The curious life of little known worms Die Biologie der Saitenwurmer Nematomorpha Ratselhaftes Leben wenig bekannter Wurmer

Rein, S., 2006:
The biology of the Ceratites of the compressus-zone - results of analyses of a population Zur Biologie der Ceratiten der compressus-Zone - Ergebnisse einer Populationsanalyse

Vinogradov, K.A., 1956:
The biology of the North-western part of Black Sea

Andreev, A.V.; Hafner, F., 1998:
The biology of the Siberian grouse Falcipennis falcipennis Zur Biologie des Sichelhuhns Falcipennis falcipennis

Mustafayev, GT., 1976:
The biology of the Talysh subspecies of jay Garrulus glandarius hyrcanus

Petrischak, Hannes., 2000:
The biology of the aquatic moth Cataclysta lemnata L, 1758 investigated at a pond in Schlewig-Holstein Lepidoptera Pyralidae Untersuchungen zur Lebensweise des Wasserschmetterlings Cataclysta lemnata L, 1758 in einem schleswig-holsteinischen Kleingewaesser Lepidoptera Pyralidae

Maldzhunaite, S.A., 1960:
The biology of the badger and its distribution in Lithuania

Shamungou Singh, K., 1990:
The biology of the brow-antlered deer, Cervus eldi eldi McClelland, 1852, at Keibul Lamjao National Park, Manipur

Ramnarine, I., 1990:
The biology of the cascadu, Hoplosternum littorale Hancock

Rein, S., 2003:
The biology of the ceratites of the spinosus-zone - results of analyses of a population, part I statistics of population, sexual-dimorphism and species concept Zur Biologie der Ceratiten der spinosus-Zone - Ergebnisse einer Populationsanalyse, Teil I Populationsstatistik, Sexual-dimorphismus und Artkonzept

Makeev, SS.; Belovolov, VF.; Nikiforov, SN., 1990:
The biology of the cherry salmon during the freshwater period of life

Roig Fernandez, J.M.nuel.; Carretero Fernandez, M.A.gel.; Llorente Cabrera, G.A.olfo., 1999:
The biology of the common lizard in the Pyrenees Biologia de la lagartija de turbera en los Pirineos

Afifi, FML.; Abd El-Whab, HM., 1990:
The biology of the cotton leaf-worm, Sopodoptera littoralis Boisd Lerpiodopttera Noctuidae, on two solanaceous winter vegetable crops

Servin, J.; Huxley, C., 1993:
The biology of the coyote Canis latrans in the nature reserve La Michilia, Durango Biologia del coyote Canis latrans en la Reserva de la Biosfera La Michilia, Durango

Larsen, Bjorn Mejdell., 1999 :
The biology of the freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera - a review Biologien til elvemusling Margaritifera margaritifera - en kunnskapsoversikt

King, G.E.; Romera, L., 2004:
The biology of the geometrids of Madrid Spain a contribution, with new data on food-plants Lepidoptera Geometridae Contribucion al estudio de la biologia de los geometridos en Madrid Espana, con datos nuevos sobre sus plantas nutricias Lepidoptera Geometridae

Robel, Detlef., 1994:
The biology of the jay Garrulus glandarius Biologie des Eichelhahers Garrulus glandarius

Diesing, Peter., 1997:
The biology of the long horned moth Adela reaumurella Linnaeus, 1758 Additional information and observations on the biology of the long horned moth Adela degerella Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Adelidae Zur Biologie der Langhornmotte Adela reaumurella Linnaeus, 1758 Nachtra sowie Beobachtungsmitteilungen zur Biologie der Lanhornmotte Adela degerella Linnaeus, 1758 Lepidoptera, Adelidae

Pavlyuk, RS., 1972:
The biology of the metacercariae of the trematode Prosotocus confusus Looss, 1894

Rehak, I.; Velensky, P., 1998:
The biology of the monitor lizards Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis and V salvadorii in Prague Zoological Gardens 9 Biologie varanu Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis a V salvadorii v Prazske Zoologicke Zahrade 9

Rehak, I.; Velensky, P., 1998:
The biology of the monitor lizards Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis and V salvadorii in the Prague Zoological Gardens 10 The Asian water monitor, Varanus salvadorii Biologie varanu Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis a V salvadorii v Prazske Zoologicke Zahrade 10 Varan salvadoriuv, Varanus salvadorii

Rehak, I.; Velensky, P., 1998:
The biology of the monitor species Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis and V salvadorii in the Prague Zoo 5 Biologie varanu Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis a V salvadorii v Prazske Zoologicke Zahrade 5

Rehak, I.; Velensky, P., 1998:
The biology of the monitors Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis and V salvadorii in Prague Zoo 8 Biologie varanu Varanus prasinus, V rudicollis a V salvadorii v Prazske Zoologicke Zahrade 8

Semenova, MK., 1972:
The biology of the nematode Contracaecum micropapillatum Stossich, 1890, Baylis 1920 Ascaridata, Anisakidae

Yelov, YeS., 1976:
The biology of the predatory bug Orius niger Wolff Heteroptera, Anthocoridae and its role in the agrobiocenosis of cotton

Giebing, Manfred., 2002:
The biology of the robin Biologie des Rotkehlchens

Gubin, Boris M., 2004:
The biology of the rufous bush robbin in Kazakhstan Zur Biologie des Heckensaengers in Kazachstan

Lipskaya, N.; Ya.; Luchinskaya, TN., 1990:
The biology of the sea gooseberry Mnemiopsis

Proyecto Ciervo Volante., 1996:
The biology of the stag horn beetle little known about it and much to learn Biologia del ciervo volante de lo poco conocido y lo mucho por conocer

Voogd, J.; Groenendijk, D., 2006:
The biology of the white prominent De tweekleurige tandvlinder

Vogels, Dieter., 1996:
The biology of the white-bellied plumed pigeon Lophophaps plumifera Gould Zur Biologie der Schopfwachteltaube Lophophaps plumifera Gould

Lopez-Vidal, JC.; Alvarez, T., 1993:
The biology of the wood rat, Neotoma mexicana, in La Michilia, Durango, Mexico Biologia de la rata montera, Neotoma mexicana, en La Michilia, Durango, Mexico

Petrosyan, F.G., 1968:
The biology of wine thrips Drepanothrips reuteri Uzel in parts of Armenia and the means of its control

Flaeschendraeger, Axel., 2000:
The biology, care and breeding of Anolis synonym Chamaelinorops barbouri Schmidt, 1919 Zur Biologie, Haltung und Nachzucht von Anolis Synonym Chamaelinorops barbouri Schmidt, 1919

Hitz, Robert., 2000:
The biology, care and breeding of Tiliqua nigrolutea Quoy Gaimard, 1824 Zur Biologie, Haltung und Vermehrung von Tiliqua nigrolutea Quoy Gaimard, 1824

Trutnau, Ludwig., 1997:
The biology, care and breeding of the cottonmouth Agkistrodon piscivorus Lacepede, 1789 Zur Biologie, Haltung und Nachzucht der Wassermokassinotter Agkistrodon piscivorus Lacepede, 1789

Bruchmann, Herbert., 2004:
The biology, care and breeding of the snake Liophis poecilogyrus reticulatus Parker, 1931 Zur Biologie, Haltung und Nachzucht von Liophis poecilogyrus reticulatus Parker, 1931, der Goldbauch-Buntnatter

Bayer, Christoph., 2001:
The biology, distribution and population dynamics of Ceutorhynchus canaliculatus Ch Brisout de Barneville, 1869 in the Berlin city area Curculionidae Ceutorhynchinae Zur Biologie, Verbreitung und Populationsdynamik von Ceutorhynchus canaliculatus, Ch Brisout de Barneville, 1869 im Berliner Stadtgebiet Curculionidae Ceutorhynchinae

Langner, Thomas J., 2004:
The biology, ecology, zoogeography and systematics of Macleays spectre Extatosoma tiaratum Macleay, 1826 Insecta Phasmatodea Phasmatidae Tropidoderinae Zur Biologie, Oekologie, Zoogeographie und Systematik der Australischen Riesengespenstschrecke Extatosoma tiaratum Macleay, 1826 Insecta Phasmatodea Phasmatidae Tropidoderinae

Bueno, J.M.guel.; Ramirez, D.; Cardona, C., 1999:
The biology, habits and food plants of the whitegrub Macrodactylus near ovaticollis Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Biologia, habitos y hospedantes de la chisa Macrodactylus cerca ovaticollis Coleoptera Scarabaeidae

Menzdorf, Arne., 1994:
The biology, rearing and keeping of peacocks Part 1 Pavo cristatus Linne 1758 Biologie, Haltung und Zucht des Pfaus Teil 1 Pavo cristatus Linne 1758

Bityukov, E.P., 1971:
The bioluminescence of Noctiluca miliaris in various environmental temperatures

Mironov, G.N., 1971:
The biomass and distribution of Aurelio aurita L considering data of trawler catches between 1949-1962 in the Black Sea

Levanidov, V.; Ya., 1977:
The biomass and structure of benthic biococnoses from Kedrova river, Trudy biol -pochvenn,

Levanidov, V.; Ya., 1977:
The biomass and structure of benthic biococnoses from Kedrova river Trudy dalnevost nauch tsentralbiol pochv

Levanidov, V.; Ya., 1977:
The biomass and structure of bottom-dwelling biocenoses of the River Kedrova Trudy dalnevost nauch tsentralbiol pochv

Sauskan, VI., 1973:
The biomass of some species of flying fish in the eastern part of the tropical Atlantic

Christian, Andreas., 1995:
The biomechanics of locomotion of quadruped reptiles emphasis on Squamata Zur Biomechanik der Lokomotion vierfussiger Reptilien besonders der Squamata

Subbotina, N.N., 1950:
The bionomic peculiarities during the accumulation of the Goryatch horizon Foraminifera

Moffitt, H.R., 1968:
The bionomics of Empoasca solana Delong on cotton in southern California

Chumakov, A K. ., 1989:
The bioresources of the meso- and bathypelagial of the open waters of the North Atlantic

Bello, J.; Melendez, G.; Perez Urresti, I.; Buil, B.; Garcia Sanz, S., 1996:
The biospecies concept in ammonites and its bearing on the systematics and biostratigraphy the subfamily Perisphinctinare Steinmann 1891 from the Middle Oxfordian of Submediterranean Province La aplicacion del concepto de especie biologica en ammonites y su interes en sistematica y bioestratigrafia la subfamilia Perisphinctinae Steinmann 1891 en el Oxfordiense medio de la Provincia Submediterranea

Lluch-Cota, D.B.; Castellanos-Vera, A.; Llinas-Contreras, J.; Ortega-Rubio, A., 1993:
The biosphere reserve El Vizcaino La reserva de la biosfera El Vizcaino

Bastian, Olaf., 2001:
The biosphere reserve Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft as an object of ecological landscape research Das Biosphaerenreservat Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft als landschaftsoekologischer Forschungsgegenstand

Brandt, T.; Juelch, C.; Wasmer, K., 2007:
The biosphere reserve of Mittelelbe in Saxony-Anhalt Das Biosphaerenreservat Mittelelbe in Sachsen-Anhalt

Papaianopol, I.; Macalet, R., 1996:
The biostratigraphical significance of species of the genus Zagrabica Gastropoda, Lymnaeidae in the Dacian basin La signification biostratigraphique des especes du genre Zagrabica Gastropoda, Lymnaeidae dans le Bassin Dacique

Mochi, E.; Plesi, G.; Villa, G., 1996:
The biostratigraphy of calcareous nannofossils from the lower section of the M Mondino succession near sections 234 and 235 and the structural evolution of the homonomous unity Biostratigrafia a nannofossili calcarei della parte basale della successione del M Modino nellarea dei fogli 234 e 235 ed evoluzione strutturale dellunita omonima

Pross, Joerg., 2001:
The biostratigraphy of organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts in the Rupelian sediments Lower Oligocene of the Mainz Basin Biostratigraphie organisch-wandiger Dinoflagellatenzysten in der Rupel-Abfolge Unter-Oligozaen des Mainzer Beckens

Zhamoida, AI., 1972:
The biostratigraphy of the Mesozoic siliceous layers of eastern Russia

Yudaev, N.B.; Druzhinina, K.V., 1956:
The biosynthesis of adrenal cortex hormones from C19 steroids

Kulliev, P.; Mamedniazov, O.N., 1967:
The biosynthesis of nucleic acid in the silk secretion of the Chinese silk-worm Part 2

Niedringhaus, R. von Lemm, R.; Janiesch, P., 1997:
The biotic potential of an intensively used agricultural area in North west Germany Evaluation of the status quo of flora and fauna Das biotische Potential einer intensiv genutzten Agrarlandschaft in Nordwestdeutschland Leitbildorientierte Bewertung des Status quo anhand der Flora und Fauna

de Andrade Costa, Ronaldo Goncalves., 2000:
The biotic potential of the wild avifauna of the plains of Rio Grande do Sul O potencial biotico da avifauna silvestre na Campanha Gaucha

Peterson, J., 2006:
The biotope network system and the European protection area system Natura 2000 Biotopverbundsystem und europaeisches Schutzgebietssystem Natura 2000

Maravalhas, Ernestino., 2003:
The biotopes of butterflies Os biotopos das borboletas

Brussa, Edsel Daniel., 1997:
The biozonation of Paraglossograptus tentaculatus Graptolithina in the Sierra de La Invernada Formation, western Precordillera, Argentina La biozona de Paraglossograptus tentaculatus Graptolithina en la Formacion Sierra de la Invernada, Precordillera Occidental, Argentina

Santi, G., 1990 :
The bipedalism in some present and extinct reptiles the case of Basiliscus basiliscus Linneo and Tridactylichnium leonardii Conti et al

Granqvist, Tage., 2002:
The birch mouse - a secret of Swedish nature Buskmusen - en doldis i svensk natur

Barreiro, J., 1998:
The bird and mammal collections of the Spanish Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC Las colecciones de aves y mamiferos del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC

Purroy, Francisco J. ., 1997:
The bird atlas of Spain 1975-1995 Atlas de las aves de Espana 1975-1995

Schulze-Hagen, Karl., 1997:
The bird collection by Otto Natorp and its history Otto Natorp und seine Vogelsammlung Schicksal und Hintergrunde

Lapini, L.; Tellini, G., 1995:
The bird collection of Carlo Beni from Stia Casentino, Tuscany as historical document of the avifauna of a territory La collezione ornitologica Carlo Beni di Stia Casentino, Toscana come documento storico dellavifauna di un territorio

Eck, S.; Toepfer, T., 2005:
The bird collection of Dresden Zoological Museum research on local series Die Vogelsammlung des Dresdner Tierkundemuseums Forschung an Lokalserien

Woog, F.; Haag, H.; Heynen, I., 2003:
The bird collection of Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History SMNS - finds from Germany with emphasis on Baden-Wuerttemberg Die Vogelsammlung des Staatlichen Museums fuer Naturkunde Stuttgart SMNS - Funde aus Deutschland mit Schwerpunkt Baden-Wuerttemberg

Biancardi, Carlo M., 1997:
The bird collection of the Museum of Natural history Carlo Vercelloni in Lecco Lombardy - Italy La collezione ornitologica del Museo di Storia Naturale Carlo Vercelloni di Lecco Lombardia, Italia

Vaarna, V.V., 1949:
The bird collections of the Lyceum of Jyvaskyla

D.Vries, P.G., 1966:
The bird colony of Coppenamepunt in Surinam

Brunner, Helwig., 2001:
The bird communities of the timber line under the influence of traditional and modern land use in the Nock area Carinthia, Styria Vogelgemeinschaften an der oberen Waldgrenze unter dem Einfluss traditioneller und moderner Landnutzung im Nockgebeit Kaernten, Steiermark

Loren, J.; Nal Subias, E.; Perez Grijalvo, R., 2006:
The bird community in a forest of river Jiloca area La comunidad de aves en un soto del rio Jiloca

Felix, K.; Felix, L., 2006:
The bird community in the municipality of Horgen canton of Zurich, Switzerland and its surroundings from 1915 to 2005 Die Vogelwelt der Gemeinde Horgen Kanton Zuerich und der naeheren Umgebung von 1915 bis 2005

Cattaneo, G.; Biddau, L., 2000:
The bird community nesting in a heathland area in NW Italy La comunita di passeriformi nidificanti in unarea campione della Vauda canavesana TO

Calvario, E.; Sarrocco, S.; Brunelli, M.; Bulgarini, F., 1999:
The bird community of Ozieri Plain central-northern Sardinia La comunita ornitica della Piana di Ozieri Sardegna centro-settentrionale

Ruggero, Alessandro., 1998:
The bird community of Riu Pisciaroni catchment basin Gallura, northern Sardinia, Italy ecological and phenological notes La communita ornitica del bacino idrografico di Riu Pisciaroni Gallura, Sardegna settentrionale, Italia note ecologiche e fenologiche

Verea, C.; Solorzano, A., 1998:
The bird community of a deciduous tropical forest understorey in Venezuela La avifauna del sotobosque de una selva decidua tropical en Venezuela

Foeger, M.; Pegoraro, K., 2002:
The bird community of lake Piburger See area Oetztal, northern Tyrol Die Vogelwelt des Piburger Sees Oetztal, Nordtirol and seiner Umgebung

Drapeau, P.; Leduc, A.; Bergeron, Y.; Gauthier, S.; Savard, J.-Pierre., 2003:
The bird community of old spruce forests of the clay area problems and solutions relating to forest management Les communautes doiseaux des vieilles forets de la pessiere a mousses de la ceinture dargile problemes et solutions face a lamenagement forestier

Corsi, I.; Bartolini, A.; Colligiani, L.; Giunti, M.; Rossi, F.; Sposimo, P., 1999:
The bird community of reed bed areas of Padule di Fucecchio Florence, Pistoia Scientific catch and ringing programme 1998 Le comunita ornitiche degli ambienti di canneto del Padule di Fucecchio Firenze, Pistoia Campagna di cattura e inanellamento scientifico 1998

Rubolini, D.; Bogliani, G.; Bontardelli, L.; Giordano, V.; Lazzarini, M.; Furlanetto, D., 2003:
The bird community of some forest areas of Ticino parks Le comunita di uccelli degli ambienti boschivi nei parchi del Ticino

Kreuziger, Josef., 1999:
The bird community of the Bensheim and Heppenheim clay pits during the wet year of 1999 Die Brutvogelgemeinschaft im NSG Tongruben von Bensheim und Heppenheim im wasserreichen Jahr 1999

Carpino, F.; Fulgione, D.; Rippa, D.; Guglielmi, S.; Valore, M.; Piano, L.; Guglielmi, R.; F.C.liendo, M.; D.F.lippo, G.; Milone, M., 2003:
The bird community of the Napoli airport area Le comunita di uccelli dellambiente aeroportuale di Napoli

Vaschetti, G.; Fasano, S.; Vaschetti, B., 1999:
The bird community of the Stork and Anatidae LIPU Racconigi Centre Cuneo La comunita ornitica del Centro Cicogne e Anatidi LIPU di Racconigi Cuneo

Clouet, M.; Barrau, C.; Goar, J.-Louis., 1995:
The bird community of the afro-alpine zone in the Bale mountains Ethiopia Le peuplement doiseaux de letage afro-alpin du massif du Bale Ethiopie

Saporetti, F.; Guenzani, W., 2004:
The bird community of the wet alluvial forest Alno-Ulmion and Salicion albae habitats an ecological study in the Varese province, northern Italy La comunita ornitica delle formazioni forestali ad Alno-Ulmion e Salicion albae analisi di alcune aree-campione in Provincia di Varese Lombardia

Belanger, L.; Lepage, C.; Sarrazin, R., 2003:
The bird conservation initiative of North America and its instigation in Quebec Linitiative de conservation des oiseaux de lAmerique du nord et sa mise en oeuvre au Quebec

Caula, S. de Nobrega, J.R.nato.; Giner, S., 2005:
The bird diversity as element of a conservation strategy of the botanical garden of Valencia city, Venezuela La diversidad de aves como elemento de una estrategia de conservacion del jardin botanico de Valencia, Venezuela

Hackethal, Sabine., 2001:
The bird drawings of Lazarus Roetig 1549-1614 in Michael Roetenbecks Theatrum Naturae, 1615 Die Vogelbilder Lazarus Roetings 1549-1614 in Michael Roetenbecks Theatrum Naturae, 1615

Newstead, R., 1910:
The bird enemies of the Tick and other bloodsucking Anthropoda of Jamaica

Spitznagel, August., 1999:
The bird fauna - distribution, dynamics and endangerment Die Vogelwelt - Verbreitung, Dynamik und Gefaehrdung

Willi, Georg., 1999:
The bird fauna along the alpine Rhine Die Vogelwelt entlang des Alpenrheins

Kinzelbach, Ragnar K., 1995:
The bird fauna and climate change of the sixteenth century New records and results of historical ornithology Vogelwelt und Klimaveranderung im 16 Jahrhundert Neue Quellen und Ergebnisse der Historischen Ornithologie

Tellini Florenzano, G.; Siemoni, N., 1999:
The bird fauna distribution along a northern Appenine stream Tuscany, central Italy Il gradiente ornitologico lungo un torrente dellAppennino settentrionale Toscana, Italia centrale

Restrepo, Manuel Pena., 1997:
The bird fauna in a zone of road building Florencia-Altamira General overview SA Ornitofauna presente en una zona de construccion carretera Florencia - Altamira Interventoria integral SA

Dittberner, Winfried., 2003:
The bird fauna in the West Norwegian fjord landscape Zur Vogelwelt in der westnorwegischen Fjordlandschaft

Velasquez S., Maria Patricia., 1992:
The bird fauna noted on the plains of Yari, Colombia Avifauna observada en los llanos del Yari, Colombia

Rettig, Klaus., 1999:
The bird fauna of Bansmeer Nature Reserve including a surrounding region of about 1 km during autumn 1998 - Spring 1999 Die Vogelwelt des NSG Bansmeer einschliesslich eines Umkreises von etwa 1 km im Zeitraum Herbst 1998 - Fruhjahr 1999

Arlettaz, R.; Posse, B.; Carron, G.; Curchod, J.; Fournier, J.; Lugon, A., 1995:
The bird fauna of Follateres and of the Valais Rhone region status and protection Lavifaune des Follateres at du coude du Rhone valaisan statut et protection

Klaus, S.; Grun, G., 1999:
The bird fauna of Hainich National Park Die Vogelwelt des Nationalparks Hainich

Ranftl, Helmut., 2003:
The bird fauna of Lake Altmuehl central Franconia Die Vogelwelt des Altmuehlsees Mittelfranken

Uhlig, R.; Uhlig, S., 1999:
The bird fauna of Madeira Zur Vogelwelt Madeiras

Contreras-Balderas, Armando Jesus., 1993:
The bird fauna of Madre lagoon, Tamaulipas Avifauna de Laguna Madre, Tamaulipas

Schelbert, B.; Fischer, J.; Gfeller, S.; Weggler, M., 1995:
The bird fauna of Reussebene The history of development during 1971-1993 Die Vogelwelt der Reussebene Eine Entwicklungsgeschichte 1971-1993

Correa Sandoval, J.; Garcia Barron, J., 1993:
The bird fauna of Ria Celestun and Ria Lagartos Avifauna de Ria Celestun y Ria Lagartos

Irsch, W.; Hahn, E., 1998:
The bird fauna of Saarbruecken airport Die Vogelwelt des Flughafens Saarbruecken

Ellestrom, Ola., 2002:
The bird fauna of Skane in 2052 Skanes fagelfauna ar 2052

Streitmaier, Dietmar., 1997:
The bird fauna of fast streams Die Vogelwelt der Fliessgewasser

Constant, P.; Eybert, M.C.ristine.; L.G.rff, B., 1997:
The bird fauna of terrestrial habitats Le point sur lavifaune terrestre

Goerner, Hans-Juergen., 2003:
The bird fauna of the Chemnitz city cemetery and urn site Die Vogelwelt vom Staedtischen Friedhof und Urnenhain Chemnitz

Anka, K.; Bommer, K.; Nothdurft, W.; Schilhansl, K., 1996:
The bird fauna of the Danube valley between Opfingen and Ulm Zur Vogelwelt des Donautales zwischen Opfingen und Ulm

Rettig, Klaus., 2001:
The bird fauna of the Grosse Meer in East Frisia in the period June 2000 - May 2001 Die Vogelwelt des Grossen Meeres in Ostfriesland im Zeitraum Juni 2000 - Mai 2001

Vondracek, Jiri., 2001 :
The bird fauna of the Lower Elbe Ptaci dolniho labe

Beres, J.; Ardelean, G., 2000:
The bird fauna of the Pietros Biosphere Reserve of the Rodnei Mountains, Romania A Radnai-havasok Pietrosz Bioszfera Rezervatumanak madarvilaga

Schmidt, Klaus., 1995:
The bird fauna of the Schergesbach-Aue nature reserve near Kieselbach Die Vogelwelt des Naturschutzgebietes Schergesbach-Aue bei Kieselbach

Velatta, F.; Montefameglio, M.; Cucchia, L., 1996:
The bird fauna of the Trasimeno-Val Nestore District Umbria Lavifauna del Comprensorio Trasimeno-Val Nestore

Kohl, Stefan., 1997:
The bird fauna of the Voslobeni Swamps Avifauna mlastinilor de la Voslobeni-Senetea

Fangarezzi, C.; Imperiale, A.; Selmi, E., 1999:
The bird fauna of the city of Modena Lavifauna nella citta di Modena

Lemke, Wilhelm., 1996:
The bird fauna of the heath in the Cuxhaven area Zur Vogelwelt der Zwergstrauchheiden im Raum Cuxhaven

Schodde, R., 1990:
The bird fauna of the mallee - its biogeography and future

Junique, Stephane., 1995:
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The black kite Milvus migrans at a roosting site of the Middle Rhine, Urmitzer Werth Schwarzmilane Milvus migrans an einem Schlafplatz am Mittelrhein, Urmitzer Werth

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