Section 39
Chapter 38,737

The biology of rock pipit Anthus petrosus petrosus Montagu in Brittany juvenile mortality La biologie du pipit maritime Anthus petrosus petrosus Montagu en Bretagne mortalite juvenile

Garoche, J.; Sohier, A.

Alauda 704: 451-459


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-4619
Accession: 038736034

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This new chapter on the biology of Rock Pipit Anthus petrosus petrosus in Brittany concentrates on the mortality of young birds between fledging and the end of their first winter. This study is based on six cohorts of chicks rung at the nest from 1193 to 1998 on the east shores of the Bay of Saint Brieuc in Brittany found a mortality of 68.57% plus or minus 5,12. It was also found that the bulk of juvenile mortality took place within the first four weeks after fledging. Following that, outside exceptional weather conditions, winter conditions did not affect significantly the size of the following spring breeding population.

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