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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38740

Chapter 38740 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Garcia, N.; Arsuaga,, 2001:
The carnivores Mammalia from the Lower and Middle Pleistocene sites of Atapuerca Spain Les carnivores Mammalia des sites du Pleistocene ancien et moyen dAtapuerca Espagne

Morlo, Michael., 1997:
The carnivores Mammalia, Carnivora from the Turolian of Dorn-Durkheim 1 Rheinhessen Part 1 Mustelida, Hyaenidae, Percrocutidae, Felidae Die Raubtiere Mammalia, Carnivora aus dem Turolium von Dorn-Durkheim 1 Rheinhessen Teil 1 Mustelida, Hyaenidae, Percrocutidae, Felidae

Roth, C.H.; Morlo, M., 1997:
The carnivores Mammalia, Carnivora from the Turolian of Dorn-Durkheim 1 Rheinhessen Part 2 Ursidae Die Raubtiere Mammalia, Carnivora aus dem Turolium von Dorn-Durkheim 1 Rheinhessen Teil 2 Ursidae

Echegaray, J.; Paniagua, D.; Illana, A., 2006:
The carnivores of Alava plain Los carnivoros de la Llanada Alavesa

Palmqvist Barrena, P.; Martinez Navarro, B.; Arribas Herrera, A.; Anton Ortuzar, M., 1999:
The carnivores of the Lower Pleistocene of Orce Carnivoros del Pleistoceno inferior de Orce

Rasolonandrasana, Bernardin., 1994:
The carnivores Les carnivores

Goldberg, RL., 1990:
The carnivorous Oleacinoidea

Gil-Sanchez, J M.; Moleon, M.; Molino, FM.; Valenzuela, G., 2001:
The carnivorous mammals distribution in the province of Granada Distribucion de los mamiferos carnivoros en la Provincia de Granada

Shaposhnikova, G.H., 1954:
The carp of the Ural river and the possibility of using them for breeding purposes in the artificial water-reservoirs of the Pre-Ural

Pospischil, Reiner., 2002:
The carpenter ants Camponotus Holzameisen Camponotus

Celary, W.; Fijal, J.; Ruszkowski, A.; Kosior, A., 1998:
The carpenter bee Xylocopa valga Gerst Anthophoridae, Apoidea - a disappearing solitary bee in Poland Zadrzechnia czarnoroga Xylocopa valga Gerst Anthophoridae, Apoidea - ginaca pszczola samotnica w Polsce

Weigt, Hans Joachim., 2003:
The carpet moths of central Europe Lepidoptera, Geometridae Eupitheciini Part 6 occurrence and distribution Die Bluetenspanner Mitteleuropas Lepidoptera, Geometridae Eupitheciini Teil 6 Vorkommen und Verbreitung

Manzii, S.F., 1952:
The carpus in some Selenodontia, its structure and function

Wirtz, Peter., 1998:
The carrying behaviour of Homolidae and Dromiidae Nepper und Schlepper Zum Trageverhalten von Bart- und Schwammkrabben

Vacchi, M.; Notarbartolo di Sciara, G., 2000:
The cartilagineous fishes in Italian seas, a resource that urges to be protected I pesci cartilaginei nei mari Italiani, una risorsa che richiede urgenti misure di tutela

Schultz, Ortwin., 1998:
The cartilaginous and bony fish fauna excluding otoliths from the Karpathian of Korneuburg Basin Lower Austria Die Knorpel- und Knochenfischfauna excl Otolithen aus dem Karpat des Korneuburger Beckens Niederosterreich

Tarrier, Michael R., 2000:
The cartography of Rhopalocera, Papilionoidea of Morocco Second part Lycaenidae continuation Cartographie des rhopaloceres Papilionoidea du Maroc Deuixieme partie Lycaenidae suite

Tarrier, Michael R., 2000:
The cartography of the Rhopalocera Papilionoidea of Morocco Third part Nymphalidae part Cartographie des rhopaloceres Papilionoidea du Maroc Troisieme partie Nymphalidae partim

Veljovic, P.; Dukic, D.; Soldatovic, B., 1990:
The caryotipe characteristics of some fish species in the ecosystem of river Zapadna Morava

Smit, CJ. van Duin, WE.; Henkens, RJHG.; Slim, PA., 2005:
The case for the Hondsbos Zeewering sea defences A reconnaissance of the ecological effects of different variations in sea defences in the area of the combined Harger and Pettemer Polders Casus Hondsbossche Zeewering Een verkenning van de ecologische effecten van verschillende kustverdedigingsvarianten in de omgeving van de Vereenigde Harger- en Pettemerpolder

Perez, C.D.niel.; Zamponi,, 1999:
The case of Renilla chilensis Philippi, 1892 Octocorallia, Pennatulacea El caso de Renilla chilensis Philippi, 1892 Octocorallia, Pennatulacea

Storkersen, Oystein R., 2001:
The case of Tautra med Svaet - can a lesson be drawn from this? Tillfellet Tautra med Svaet - kan det dras en laerdom?

Syema, AM., 1974:
The case of a collision with an aeroplane by Turdus atroregularis

Ovchinnikova, NP., 1973:
The case of anomalous singing in the wood warbler Phvlloscopus sihilatrix

Anonymous., 2002:
The case of cute critters no 10 La boite a bonnes bebetes no 10

Anonymous., 2002:
The case of cute critters no 11 La boite a bonnes bebetes no 11

Grobov, O.F., 1964:
The case of eperythrozoonosis in cattle

Garrido, Hector., 1999:
The case of the Andalusian hemipode El ocaso del torillo Andaluz

Dendaletche, Claude., 1993:
The case of the brown bear La cause de lours

Canudo, J.Ignacio, 2004:
The case of the hadrosaur dinosaur of Aren Huesca accidental or non accidental mortality? El caso del dinosaurio hadrosaurio de Aren Huesca muerte accidental o asesinato?

Nemesio, A.; Rodrigues, M., 2005:
The case of the ivory-billed woodpecker alternative hypothesis and the scientific method A redescoberta do Pica-pau-bico-de-marfim Campephilus principalis onde fica o metodo cientifico?

Kulikova, NA., 1973:
The case of trichinellosis in the wolf in the Ternopolsk Province

Blanchet, M., 2004:
The case study of the wolf Canis lupus in the Queyras Regional Natural Park a social contract for conservation and development Le cas du loup Canis lupus dans le Parc Naturel Rregional du Queyras un contrat social de conservation et de developpement

Popischil, Reiner., 2006:
The case-making clothes moth Tinea pellionella Die Pelzmotte Tinea pellionella

Karbowiak, G.; Wita, I., 2001:
The cases of infection of brown rats Rattus norvegicus with Trypanosoma lewisi Kent, 1880 Laveran i Mesnil, 1901, in the area of Warsaw agglomeration Przypadki zarazenia szczurow wedrownych Rattus norvegicus Berkenhout, 1769 swidrowcem Trypanosoma lewisi Kent, 1880 Laveran i Mesnil, 1901, na terenie aglomeracji Warszawskiej

Pequeno R., German., 1999:
The castaneta Pomacentrus jenkinsi Jordan and Evermann, 1903, in the Salas and Gomez Island, Chile Osteichthyes, Perciformes, Pomacentridae La castaneta Pomacentrus jenkinsi Jordan y Evermann, 1903, en la Isla Salas y Gomez, Chile Osteichthyes, Perciformes, Pomacentridae

Gand, Georges., 1995:
The casting of vertebrates trackways coming from the Lodeve Permian Basin France An example of Museum-University collaboration Le moulage des pistes de vertebres tetrapodes du Permien du Bassin de Lodeve France Un exemple de collaboration Musee-Universite

Heinz, B.; Braun, M., 1996:
The castle of Heidelberg SW-Germany as bat-roost Das Schloss in Heidelberg Baden-Wurttemberg als Fledermaus-Quartier

Pospischil, Reiner., 1997:
The cat flea Der Katzenfloh

Foschi, U.; Cignini, B.; Bulgarini, F.; Lipperi, M.; Melletti, M.; Pizzari, T.; Visentin, M., 1995:
The catalogation of the Arrigoni degli Oddi ornithological collection data on the Passeriformes skins Catalogazione della collezione ornitologica Arrigoni degli Oddi passeriformi in pelle

Mortera, Hugo., 1996:
The catalogue of Rhopalocera Lepidoptera from Asturias Catalogo de los lepidopteros ropaloceros de Asturias

Gonzalez Perez, Jose Antonio., 1995:
The catalogue of decapod crustaceans from the Canary Islands shrimps, lobsters, crabs Catalogo de los crustaceos decapodos de Las Islas Canarias gambas, langostas, cangrejos

Brunelli, M.; Calvario, E.; Fraticelli, F.; Sarrocco, S.; Gibertini, G., 2001:
The catalogue of the Palazzo Ruspoli ornithological collection Cerveteri-Roma Il Catalogo della collezione ornitologica del Palazzo Ruspoli di Cerveteri Roma

Sarori, Michel., 1994:
The catalogue of the collection housed in the Cantonal Zoological Museum of Lausanne The Butterflies of Nabokov Catalogue de la collection deposee au Musee cantonal de Zoologie a Lausanne Les Papillons de Nabokov

Zuffi, Marco AL., 1998:
The catalogue of the herpetological collection Amphibia, Reptilia in the Museo Cantonale di Storia Naturale of Lugano Il catalogo della collezione erpetologica Amphibia, Reptilia del Museo Cantonale di Storia Naturale di Lugano

Foschi, U.F.scolo.; Bulgarini, F.; Cignini, B.; Lipperi, M.; Melletti, M.; Pizzari, T.; Visentin, M., 1996:
The catalogue of the ornithological collection Arrigoni degli Oddi of the Museo Civico di Zoologia in Rome Catalogo della collezione ornitologica Arrigoni degli Oddi del Museo Civico di Zoologia di Roma

Rabacchi, R.; Bertarelli, C.; Tedeschi,, 2002:
The catalogues of naturalistic collections of Marano Ecology and Natural History Museum the ornithological collection Western Palearctic, status as at 1999 I cataloghi delle collezioni naturalistiche del Museo di Ecologia e Storia Naturale di Marano s/P la raccolta ornitologica Paleartico Occidentale, al 1999

Burgos-Solorio, A.; Anaya-Rosales, S., 2004:
The catarinas Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelinae of Morelo State Los crisomelinos Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Chrysomelinae del Estado de Morelos

Tyurin, P.S., 1954:
The catch of Diptychus dybowskii in lake Issik-Kul

Baranenkova, A.S., 1955:
The catch of Paralepis

Bagautdinov, II., 1975:
The catch of Sardinella by light in the Gulf of Aden

Gruber, F., 1997:
The catch tub, a new technique for the biological control of harmful mice in forestry Die Fangwanne, eine neue Moglichkeit zur biotechnischen Mausebekampfung

Sahrhage, Dietrich., 1999:
The catching and worship of fish in ancient Mesopotamia Fischfang und Fischkult im alten Mesopotamien

Hoser, Norbert., 1997:
The catchment area of the goose roosting site Windischleuba/East Thuringia Anser fabalis, A albifrons probably extends to Bohemia Einzugsgebiet des Ganseschlafplatzes Windischleuba/Ostthuringen Anser fabalis, A albifrons reicht wahrscheinlich bis Bohmen

Thiede, Walther., 2003:
The categorization of Parus pleskei records in Freiburg/Br Zur Einordnung des Parus pleskei-Nachweises in Freiburg/Br

Fentress, JC., 1990:
The categorization of behavior

Ibero, Carlos., 1996:
The caterpillar of the silk moth El gusano y la mariposa de la seda

King, Gareth., 1998:
The caterpillars of three noctuids Lepidoptera feeding on Verbascum sinuatum L Scrophulariaceae in Juslibol Zaragoza Orugas de tres noctuidos Lepidoptera halladas sobre Verbascum sinuatum L Scrophulariaceae en Juslibol Zaragoza

Majsky, Jozef., 1996:
The catfish Corydoras habrosus Panciernicek Corydoras habrosus

van den Nieuwenhuizen, Arend., 1996:
The catfish Pelteobagrus ornatus Duncker, 1904 - seldom reared Der Zwergstachelflossenwels Pelteobagrus ornatus Duncker, 1904 - selten gepflegt

Hemmann, Mike., 2002:
The catfish Rineloricaria sp Der gepfefferte Hexenwels Rineloricaria sp

Evers, H.-Georg.; Numrich, R., 2005 :
The catfish of River Madre de Dios Part 1 Die Panzerwelse des Rio Madre de Dios Teil 1

Seidel, Ingo., 2004:
The catfishes of the genus Lithoxus A rare captive dwarf in the aquarium Die Stromschnellenwelse der Gattung Lithoxus Selten im Aquarium gepflegte Zwerge

Evers, Hans-Georg., 2002:
The catfishes of the upper River Negro catchment Die Panzerwelse des oberen Rio Negro Einzuges

Blanco, Juan Carlos., 1995:
The cattle and large carnivores Ganado y grandes carvivoros

Bulidon, Georges., 2000:
The cattle egret Bubulcus ibis in Auvergne Le heron garde-boeufs Bubulcus ibis en Auvergne

Igual, Jose Manuel., 1995:
The cattle egret and its relations with cattle La garcilla bueyera y su relacion con el ganado

Fujita, K., 1990:
The caudal skeleton of teleostean fishes

Danebekov, AE.; Torybaev, HK.; Berkendiev, KK.; Dubitzkii, AM.; Seiketov, GSh., 1973:
The causative agent of microbial diseases in bloodsucking mosquitoes

Schurenkova, A.I., 1947:
The causative agents of leishroaniases Present state of knowledge

Matevosian, S.M., 1947:
The causative organism of amoebiasis

Schurenkova, AI., 1947:
The causative organisms of leishmaniases

Miera, C., 2005:
The cause of large sparrow clutches Hiddensee ringing centre no 7/2005 Zur Ursache grosser Sperlingsgelege Ringfundmitteilung der Beringungszentrale Hiddensee Nr 7/2005

Shil'krot, GS., 1975:
The causes of anthropogenic eutrophication of reservoirs

Peters, Nicolaus., 1996:
The causes of brain reduction in domestic animals Uber die Ursachen der Gehirnreduktion bei den Haustieren

Dubinina, M.N., 1950:
The causes of destrobilisation in tapeworms

Rudnev, D.F., 1969:
The causes of pest abundance

Sorokin, S.V., 1951:
The causes of the formation of the hypopi in cereal mites

Dubinin, V.B., 1952:
The causes of the lack of feather-mites in some birds

McQuinn, Ian., 2000:
The cautious approach applied to stock evaluations Lapproche de precaution appliquee a levaluation des stocks

Atanasov, N.; Stelanov, A., 1951:
The cava Seeva Dupka

Kofler, Bojan., 1998:
The cave Jama na Pucovem Kuclju, locus typicus of Anophthalmus kofleri Daffner 1996 Coleoptera Carabidae Trechinae Jama na Pucovem Kuclju, locus typicus vrste Anophthalmus kofleri Daffner 1996 Coleoptera Carabidae Trechinae

Kofler, B., 2003:
The cave Prisankova Jama and its hypogean beetle fauna Prisankova Jama in njena podzemeljska favna hroscev

Presetnik, P.; Hudolkin, A., 2005:
The cave Spodnja Klevevska jama - Important bat roost and a newly recorded site of Schreibers bat Miniopterus schreibersii in Dolenjska south-eastern Slovenia Spodnja Klevevska jama - pomembno zatocisce netopirjev in novo najdisce dolgokrilega netopirja Miniopterus schrebersii na Dolenjskem JV Slovenija

Sabol, Martin., 1998:
The cave bear Ursus spelaeus Rosenmuller et Heinroth from the Tmava skala cave Jaskynny medved Ursus spelaeus Rosenmuller et Heinroth z jaskyne Tmava skala

Zorzin, R.; Bona, F.; Accordini, M., 2005:
The cave bear from Covoli di Velo - Preliminary studies of the Ursus spelaeus population of the Grotta inferiore VR - Italia Lorso delle caverne dei Covoli di Velo - Primi studi sulla popolazione di Ursus spelaeus della Grotta inferiore VR - Italia

Rakovec, I., 1967:
The cave bear from the Mokrica Cave in the Savinja Alps Slovenia, Yugoslavia

Lamarque, Frederic., 2003:
The cave bears of the Scladina Cave Namur, Belgium attempt at explaining the disequilibrium between the preservation of teeth and bears of layer 1A Les ours speleens de la grotte de Scladina Namur, Belgique essai dexplication du desequilibre entre la conservation des dents et des os de la couche 1A

Rabeder, Gernot., 2004:
The cave bears of the Sulzfluh caves Die Hoehlenbaeren der Sulzfluh-Hoehlen

Ng, PKL.; Yussof, S., 1990:
The cave crab of Bidi, Sarawak

Perez Gonzales, Abel., 1999:
The cave fauna of Caguanes islet La espeleofauna de Cayo Caguanes

Mejia-Ortiz, L.M.; Palacios-Vargas, J.G., 2001:
The cave fauna of Sardinas Cave, Tabasco, Mexico Estigofauna de la Cueva de las Sardinas, Tabasco, Mexico

Groiss, JTh., 1996:
The cave lion Panthera tigris spelaea Goldfuss Der Hohlentiger Panthera tigris spelaea Goldfuss

Jeram, Sonja., 1997:
The cave locust Troglophilus neglectus Jamska kobilica Troglophilus neglectus

Trias, M.; Bover, P.; Alcover, J.A.toni., 2001:
The cave of Amengual-Sastre Sencelles, Majorca La cova dels Amengual-Sastre Sencelles, Mallorca

Arbizu Senosiain, M.; Arsuaga Ferreras,; Adan Alvarez, G.E., 2005:
The cave of Forno/Conde Tunon, Asturias the Middle and Upper Paleolithic of the Cantabrian coast La cueva del Forno/Conde Tunon, Asturias un yacimiento del transito del Paleolitico Medio y Superior en la Cornisa Cantabrica

Bergbauer, Matthias., 2004:
The cave salamander Proteus anguinus A rare and strange being of the underworld Der Grottenolm, Proteus anguinus Seltenes und seltsames Wesen der Unterwelt

Koponen, S., 2003:
The cave spider Meta menardi found near Turku, Finland Luolahamahakki Meta menardi loydetty Varsinais-Suomesta Araneae, Tetragnathidae

Gasparo, F.; Thaler, K., 2000:
The cave spiders of Venezia Giulia north-eastern Italy Arachnida, Araneae I ragni cavernicoli della Venezia-Giulia Italia nord-orientale Arachnida, Araneae

Groiss, Josef Th., 2001:
The cave tiger in the Franconian Alb Der Hoehlentiger in der Franken Alb

Outerelo, R.; Gamarra, P.; Salgado, J.M., 2000:
The cave-dwelling Staphylinidae Coleoptera in the northeast of the Iberian peninsula II Campaigns of 1985-96 Los Staphylinidae Coleoptera cavernicolas del noroeste de la peninsula Iberica II Campanas de 1985 a 1996

Caoduro, G.; Latella, L., 2004:
The cavernicolous fauna La fauna cavernicola

Heynderyckx, J., 1997:
The cavernicolous species of Nerja cave De grottenbewoners van de cueva de Nerja

Gracia, F.; Jaume, D.; Ramis, D.; Fornos, J.J.sep.; Bover, P.; Clamor, B.; Gual, M.A.gel.; Vadell, M., 2003:
The caves of Cala Anguila Manacor, Mallorca II Genovesa cave or Besso cave Speleogenesis, geomorphology, hydrology, sedimentology, fauna, palaeontology, archaeology and conservation Les coves de Cala Anguila Manacor, Mallorca II La cova Genovesa o cova den Besso Espeleogenesi, geomorfologia, hidrologia, sedimentologia, fauna, paleontologia, arqueologia i conservacio

Tatarinov, K.A., 1962:
The caves of Podolia and the protection of their fauna

Crespi, D.; Gracia, F.; Vicens, D.; Dot, M.A.exandre.; Vadell, M.; Barcelo, M.A.gel.; Bover, P.; Pla, V., 2001:
The caves of Serra de na Burguesa zone 4 site of Gros de Bendinat 2nd part Calvia, Mallorca Les cavitats de la Serra de na Burguesa zona 4 puig Gros de Bendinat 2a part Calvia, Mallorca

Grafitti, G.; Mucedda, M., 1996:
The caves of Tavolara island and their fauna Le grotte dellIsola di Tavolara e la loro fauna

Jordan, Bjoern., 2006:
The cavy Cavia magna A new cavy species in captivity Das Sumpfmeerschweinchen Cavia magna Eine neue Meerschweinchenart in Menschenhand

Machado, G.V.lente; Goncalves, P.R.nato; Parizzi, A.; Donin, D.G.llich, 2002:
The celiac artery and its branches in nutrias Myocastor coypus - Rodentia Mammalia A arteria celiaca e seus ramos no ratae-do-banhado Myocastor coypus - Rodentia Mammalia

Lupeti, P.; Mercati, D.; Dallai, R., 2004:
The cell junction in insect midgut a model shared by Panarthropoda and Nematoda La giunzione intercellulare del mesointestino degli insetti un modello condiviso dai Panarthropoda e dai nematoda

Chan, SY.; Phang, VPE.; Lim, TM., 1990:
The cellular basis of colour in tropical ornamental fishes

Cawthorn, RJ., 1980:
The cellular responses of migratory grasshoppers Melanoplus sanguinipes F and African desert locusts Schistocerca gregaria L to Diplotriaena tricuspis Nematoda Diplotriaenoidea

Schick, Hans., 1999:
The cellulose decomposition test - a method for the evaluation of soil as a functional habitat for soil organisms Der Celluloseabbautest - ein funktionales Testverfahren zur Beurteilung der Lebensraumfunktion des Bodens fur Bodenorganismen

Coluzzi, M.; Corbellini, G., 1998:
The centenary of malariology 1898-1998 Il centenario della malariologia 1898-1998

Nomura, Hitoshi., 2003:
The centenary of the birth of the naturalist Joao de Paiva Carvalho 1903-2003 Centenario de nascimento do naturalista Joao de Paiva Carvalho 1903-2003

Nomura, Histoshi., 2004:
The centenary of the birth of the ornithologist Ernst Mayr Centenario de nascimento do ornitologo Ernst Mayr

Podvesky, F.; Elias, J., 2002:
The centenary of the zebrafish Stolete danio pruhovane

Shelley, RM., 1990:
The centipede Theatops posticus Say Scolopendromorpha Cryptodidae in the southwestern United States and Mexico

Voigtlaender, K.; Kobel-Lamparski, A.; Lamparski, F., 2001:
The centipede fauna Myriapoda, Chilopoda in the wine-growing district Kaiserstuhl Southwest-Germany - Influence of different soil cultivation measures Die Chilopodenfauna Myriapoda im Rebgelaende des Kaiserstuhls - Einfluss verschiedener Bodenbearbeitungsverfahren

Samedov, NG.; Bababekova, LA.; Rakhmanov, RR., 1976:
The centipede fauna Myriopoda, Chilopoda and their ecological structures in the soils of Azerbaidjan

Olsen, Kjell Magne., 1996:
The centipede species Lithobius lapidicola Meinert, 1872, greenhouse stone creeper Skolopenderen Lithobius lapidicola Meinert, 1872, veksthussteinkryper

Kaczmarek, J.; Lesniewska, M., 1998:
The centipedes Chilopoda of the Roztocze Upland Pareczniki Chilopoda Roztocza

Spelda, Jorg., 1999:
The centipedes and millipedes Myriapoda of two forest reserves in Hessen central Germany Die Hundert- und Tausendfusserfauna zweier Naturwaldreservate in Hessen Myriapoda Chilopoda, Diplopoda

Thalhamer, Viola., 1998:
The centipedes of Styria in ecofaunistical sight Myriapoda, Chilopoda Die Chilopodenfauna der Steiermark in okofaunistischer Sicht Myriapoda, Chilopoda

Sadki, Driss., 1996:
The central High Atlas Mountains Morocco Stratigraphy and palaeontology of the Upper Lias and the basal Dogger Dynamics of the basin and its populations Le Haut-Atlas central Maroc Stratigraphie et paleontologie du Lias Superieur et du Dogger Inferieur Dynamique du bassin et des peuplements

Blank, Stephan M., 1998:
The central and north European Selandriinae Hymenoptera Tenthredinidae Die mittel- und nordeuropaischen Selandriinae Hymenoptera Tenthredinindae

Kinkler, Helmut., 2006 :
The central collection of Rhenish-Westphalian Lepidoptera in the Aquazoo - Lobbecke Museum, Dusseldorf 5th part Die Landessammlung rheinisch-westfaelischer Schmetterlinge im Aquazoo-Lobbecke Museum, Dusseldorf 5 Teil

Kinkler, Helmut., 2001:
The central collection of Rhenish-Westphalian Lepidoptera in the Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Duesseldorf 2 Part Die Landessammlung rheinisch-westfaelischer Schmetterlinge im Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Duesseldorf 2 Tiel

Kinkler, Helmut., 2002:
The central collection of Rhenish-Westphalian Lepidoptera in the Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Duesseldorf 3 Part Die Landessammlung rheinisch-westfaelischer Schmetterlinge im Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Duesseldorf 3 Teil

Kinkler, Helmut., 2003:
The central collection of Rhenish-Westphalian Lepidoptera in the Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Duesseldorf 4th Part Die Landessammlung rheinisch-westfaelischer Schmetterlinge im Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Dusseldorf 4 Teil

Kinkler, Helmut., 2001:
The central collection of Rhenish-Westphalian Lepidoptera in the Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Duesseldorf Die Landessammlung rheinisch-westfaelischer Schmetterlinge im Aquazoo-Loebbecke Museum, Duesseldorf

Nilsson, D.; Svendsen, P.; Fibiger, M., 2003:
The centre-barred swallow Atethmia centrago found in Denmark Efterarsuglen Atethmia centrago fundet i Danmark

Puplesis, R.; Sruoga, V.; Diskus, A.; Puplesiene, J., 1996:
The centres of autochtonous speciation of leaf-mining Lepidoptera in western Asia Minuojanciu drugiu Lepidoptera autochtonines evoliucijos centrai vakaru Azijoje

Pluot-Sigwalt, Dominique., 1997:
The cephalic glands of adult coleopterans Les glandes cephaliques des coleopteres adultes

Guerra-Magana, Celia., 1996:
The cephalic lateral line in fishes of the family Cichlidae of the Mexican Pacific slope La linea lateral cefalica en los peces de la familia Cichlidae de la vertiente del Pacifico mexicano

Luttermann, Dieter., 1997:
The cephalon of Achatella nieszkowskii from a formation in the Munsterland gravel beds Das Cephalon einer Achatella nieszkowskii aus einem Geschiebe des Munsterlander Hauptkiessandzuges

Bello, G., 1990:
The cephalopod fauna of the Adriatic

Warneke-Cremer, Cornelia., 1999:
The cephalopods Cephalopoda of the Bremen Uebersee Museum Die Tintenfische Cephalopoda des Ubersee-Museums Bremen

Rein, Siegfried., 1999:
The cephalopods of the Upper Muschelkalk Middle Triassic and Archimedes law Die Cephalopoden des Oberen Muschelkalkes Mittler Trias und das Archimedische Prinzip

Vincent, T., 2004:
The cephalopods, Sepiidae, Sepiolidae, Loliginidae, Octopidae from the harbour of Le Havre and the estuary of the river Seine Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France Les cephalopodes Sepiidae, Sepiolidae, Loliginidae, Octopidae du port du Havre et de lestuaire de la Seine Seine-Maritime, Normandie, France

Pospischil, Reiner., 1999:
The cerambycid Hesperophanes cinereus Der aschgraue Abendbockkafer

Kosior, A.; Michalik, S.; Witkowski, Z., 1999:
The cerambycid beetle Rosalia alpina Cerambycidae, Coleoptera in the Magurski National Park on the basis of its distribution in Poland Nadobnica alpejska Rosalia alpina Cerambycidae, Coleoptera w Magurskim Parku Narodowym na tle jej rozmieszczenia w Polsce

Adlbauer, Karl., 2004:
The cerambycid fauna of Malawi Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Zur Cerambycidenfauna von Malawi Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

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The cerambycids of Genova valley TN Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae Sui cerambicidi della Val di Genova TN Insecta, Coleoptera, Cerambycidae

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The cerca of the common-earwig, Forficula auricularia Insecta Dermaptera morphology of sensilla in the male Les pinces ou forceps du perce-oreille Forficula auricularia Linne Insecta Dermaptera morphologie des organes sensoriels du male

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The cereal and grass cyst nematodes Heterodera hordecalis and H bifenestra in Germany Die Getreide- und Graserzystennematoden Heterodera hordecalis und H bifenestra in Deutschland

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The cerebellum and learning processes in animals

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The cerebral serotoninergic system in vertebrates and invertebrates El sistema serotoninergico cerebral en vertebrados e invertebrados

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The cervical apocrine gland of neonatal mink the effects of in utero exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls on glandular development

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The cervids of the Lower Pleistocene locality of Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 4B Lower Austria Die Cerviden der Altpleistozaenen Fundstelle Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 4B Niederoesterreich

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The cestode Icterotaenia pyriformis Dilepididae from the Corncrake in Moldavia

Spasskaya, LP.; Shumio, RP., 1973:
The cestode Icterotaenia pyrlformis Dilepididae from the corncrake in Moldavia

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The cestode fauna of land dwelling birds of Moldavia

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The cestode fauna of non-aquatic birds in Moldavia

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The cestodes and Acanthocephala of Ralliformes in USSR

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The cestodes of Anseriformes in the lowland of Enisei and Norilsk lakes

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The cetaceans and their conservation perspectives Los cetaceos y sus perspectivas de conservacion

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The cetaceans of Antarctica Els cetacis de lAntartida

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The cetaceans of the coasts of Brittany knowledge acquired by analyses of strandings Les cetaces des cotes bretonnes connaissances acquises par lanalyse de leurs echouages

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The cetonia of Fontainebleau Forest Les cetoines de la foret de Fontainebleau

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The cetoniid from Surinam Gymnetosoma holosericea Voet, 1779 Coleoptera Scarabaeidae La cetoine soyeuse du Surinam Gymnetosoma holosericea Voet, 1779 coleoptere scarabeide

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The chaffinch - a beautiful finch Der Buchfink - ein schmucker Edelfink

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The chaffinch Fringilla coelebs in south-western France Marked population dialects Le pinson des arbres Fringilla coelebs dans le sud-ouest de la France Des dialectes marqueurs de populations?

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The chaffinch Fringilla coelebs must learn species specific song Ringing recovery No 01/2000 of the Hiddensee ornithological station Buchfink Fringilla coelebs muss arteigenen Gesang erlernen Ringfundmitteilung Nr 01/2000 der Vogelwarte Hiddensee

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The chaffinch imitates the greenish warbler Buchfink imitiert Gruenlaubsaenger

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The chairman takes the floor a Norwegian data bank - best for nature or bureaucrats? Formannen har ordet Norsk artdatabank - til beste for naturen eller byrakratene?

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The chalcidoid parasitoids of Diplolepis mayri Schld Hymenoptera Cynipidae, a pest of Rosa canina L in Sivas Province Sivasta Kusburnu Rosa caninanda zarar yapan Diplolepis mayri Schld Hymenoptera Cynipidaenin Chalcidoid parasitoitleri

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The challenges of animal biodiversity Les enjeux de la biodiversite animale

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The chamaeleon Calumma brevicornis Chameleon Calumma brevicornis

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The chamaeleon anole, Anolis Chamaeleolis chamaeleonides Dumeril Bibron, 1837 De onechte kameleon, Anolis Chamaeleolis chamaeleonides Dumeril Bibron, 1837

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The chamaeleon in Andalusia current distribution and threats to its survival El camaleon en Andalucia Distribucion actual y amenazas para su supervivencia

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The chamaeleons of the Calumna-brevicornis group Die Chamaleons der Calumna-brevicornis-Gruppe

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The chameleon in African mythology Das Chamaleon in der afrikanischen Mythologie

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The chameleons bred in the ZG Chamaeleonidae Part VII Chamaeleo Trioceros deremensis Matschie, 1892 Vorstellung der in der ZG Chamaeleonidae gezuechteten Chamaeleons Teil VII Chamaeleo Trioceros deremensis Matschie, 1892

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The chameleons bred in the breeding league Chamaeleonidae Part 5 Bradypodion thamnobates Raw, 1976 Vorstellung der in der Zuchtgemeinschaft Chamaeleonidae gezuchteten Chamaleonarten Teil 5 Bradypodion thamnobates Raw, 1976

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The chameleons bred in the breeding league Chamaeleonidae Part 6 Realizations from several years of care and breeding of, and various field observations on, the panther chameleon, Furcifer pardalis Cuvier, 1829 Vorstellung der in der Zuchtgemeinschaft Chamaeleonidae gezuchteten Chamaleons Teil 6 Erkenntnisse aus der mehrjahrigen Pflege und Zucht, sowie einige Freilandbeobachtungen am Pantherchamaleon, Furcifer pardalis Cuvier, 1829

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The chamois Rupicapra pyrenaica pyrenaica in the hunting reserve Benasque El sarrio Rupicapra pyrenaica pyrenaica en la reserva de caza de Benasque

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The chamois and bearded vultures in the Catalan Pyrenees Sarrios y quebrantahuesos en el Pirineo Catalan

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The chamois of the Ordesa valley, troublesome neighbours to the alpine ibex Los sarrios del Valle de Ordesa, unos vecinos conflictivos para el bucardo

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The change in X-ray sensitivity during fertilization in Misgurnus fossilis

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The change in adaptation in molluscs in the process of evolution during the Anthropogene era

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The change in benthic biocenoses of the Bay of Sebastopol from 1913-1973

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The change in life forms by ontogenesis in tiger and ground beetles Carabidae, Coleoptera

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The change in productivity of game areas as a result of the acclimatization and reacclimatization of game animals

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The change in red deer and chamois distribution and culling tendencies from 1983 - 1993 Die Veranderung von Rot- und Gamswildverbreitung und der Abschusstendenzen von 1983 - 1993

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The change in the number and species composition of indigenous and introduced fish in the lakes of north west USSR

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The change of butterfly fauna Lepidoptera Papilionoidea and Hesperioidea of the central water-basin of the Pilica river Zmiany fauny motyli dziennych Lepidoptera Papilionoidea i Hesperioidea srodkowego dorzecza Pilicy

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The change with age of the ovaries of some rodents and predator mammals

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The changeable fate of the king of the night Biology and conservation of the eagle owl Bubo bubo Part 1 Ein wechselvolles Schicksal des Koenigs der Nacht Biologie und Schutz des Uhus Bubo bubo Teil 1

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The changes in glycogen levels of Pimpla turionellae L Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae in the conditions of starvation, feeding, parasitism and aging Pimpla turionellae L Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae nin aclik, beslenme, parazitieme ve yaslilik durumlarinda glikojen seviyesindeki degismeler

Lopucki, R.; Mroz, I.; Prasowska, M., 2007:
The changes in rodent community in the alder forests of the Kampinoski National Park central Poland caused by lowering of groundwater level Zmiany skladu gatunkowego gryzoni na terenie olsow Kampinoskiego Parku Narodowego wywolane obnizaniem sie poziomu wod gruntowych

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The changes in the biochemical composition of plankton with depth

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The changes in the bird fauna of southwest Thuringia between the Thuringian Forest and the Rhoen in the second half of the twentieth century Zur Veraenderung der Vogelwelt Suedwest-Thueringens zwischen dem nordwestlichen Thueringer Wald und der Rhoen in der zweiten Haelfte des 20 Jahrhunderts

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The changes in the circadian rhythm of Schistosoma haematobium cercarial shedding after an experimental drying of the habitat of Planorbarius metidjensis and subsequent re-immersion under water Les perturbations du rythme circadien lors des emissions cercariennes de Schistosoma haematobium a partir de Planorbarius metidjensis soumises a un assechement et une re-immersion du milieu de vie

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The changes in the complexes of Foraminifera, molluscs and microphytoplancton at the Eocene/Oligocene boundary with reference to Georgia

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The changes in the fauna of butterflies Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea of Miedzyrzecz and its vicinity Zmiany w faunie motyli dziennych Lepidoptera Papilionoidea, Hesperioidea Miedzyrzecza i okolic

Bruspuina, I.N., 1970:
The changes in the growth of internalorgans in fish

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The changes in the numbers, names and areas of the national parks and nature reserves introduced in the year 1991 Zmiany stanu rezerwatow przyrody i parkow narodowych dokonane w 1995 r

Kalemba, Andrzej., 2001:
The changes in the numbers, names and areas of the nature reserves introduced in the 1999 and 2000 Zmiany stanu rezerwatow przyrody dokonane w 1999 i 2000 r

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The changes in the trichopteran fauna under the influence of the storage reservoir construction of Sulejow Zmiany w skladzie fauny chruscikow Trichoptera pod wplywem wybudowania Sulejowskiego zbiornika retencyjnego

Wysocki, D.; Kalisinski, M.; Czeraszkiewicz, R.; Kalisinska, E., 1997:
The changes of avifauna on the meadows of Szczecin voivodship Zmiany awifauny na wybranych lakach wojewodztwa szczecinskiego

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The changes of cell cycle in senility process of Euplotes cell

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The changes of fish species composition in the great Austrian lakes during the last 150 years Die Veraenderungen der Fischartengemeinschaften in den grossen oesterreichischen Seen waehrend der letzten 150 Jahre

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The changes of foraminiferal assemblages from chalk deposit Campanian/Maastrichtian at Mielnik on Bug as evidence of basin depth fluctuations

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The changes of the Senckenberg visitor museum 1946-1995 Der Wandel des senckenbergischen Schaumuseums 1946-1995

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The changes of the composition of bumblebee species Bombus Latr on different plant species at Pulawy and in the surrounding area during twenty years 1961-1967 Zmiany skladu gatunkowego trzmieli Bombus Latr na roznych roslinach w Pulawach i okolicy w okresie dwudziestolecia 1967-1987

Domokos, Tamas., 2002:
The changes of the existence of Cochlodina laminata closed by climate based upon observation in Bekescsaba Bekes county Cochlodina laminata Montagu, 1803 letallapotanak klima okozta valtozasairol bekescsabai Bekes megye megfigyelesek alapjan

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The changing of ecological conditions Pest species adapt themselves Veranderte okologische Bedingungen Schadlingsarten passen sich an

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The changing of the Swiss bird fauna Schweizer Vogelwelt im Wandel

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The changing position of hunting and game management in Finnish society Metsastyksen ja riistanhoidon muuttuva asema yhteiskunnassa

Kwiatkowska, Anna Justyna., 1996:
The changing pressure of herbivores as the cause of decline of heliophilous oak forest in the Bialowieza Primeval Forest Zmiana presji roslinozercow jako przyczyna regresji swietlistych dabrow w Puszczy Bialowiekiej

Kadlubowski, Roscislaw., 2003:
The chaos theory in parasitology Teoria chaosu w parazytologii

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The char in Oren Studies on the chars reproductive environment and territory in 1993-94 Rodingen i Oren Undersokning av rodingens lekmiljo och lekomrade 1993-94

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The characin Pterobrycon landoni was thought to be lost until now Der Fadenschuppensalmler Pterobrycon landoni galt bis jetzt als verschollen

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The characins Part 1 Spitzzaene, Flussschakale und Schuppenfresser 1 Teil

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The character and physiological importance of the subcuticular cells in tape-worms

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The character of fishing and distribution of the spring lobster during the winter in the western part of the lndian Ocean

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The character of musk rat and Russiandesman colonies within the boundaries of the same reservoir

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The character of the activities of Marmota baibacina on the surface of the ground Materialy nauchnoi konferentsii po prirodnoi ochagovostii i profilaklike chumy, 1963

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The characterisation of a natural nidus of tick-borne rickettsiosis in the south of Central Asia

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The characterisation of ground beetle communities in the forests of Schleswig-Holstein and their possible ecological classification Charakterisierung der Laufkaefergemeinschaften schleswig-holsteinischer Waelder und Moeglichkeiten ihrer oekologischen Bewertung

Ravikovich, A.I., 1956:
The characteristic fauna of the Upper Paleozoic of the basin of the Upper Pechora River Unya

Ravikovich, A.I., 1956:
The characteristic of the biogerm faciae of the Upper Palaeozoic in the river Unya basin upper Pechora

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The characteristic of the bottom fauna from the continental coast of Namibia in the Benguel Upwelling region 17,5S-26S according the date of the 43th cruise of R/V Akademik Kurchatov

Shen Junxian., 1990:
The characteristics and function of acoustic tracheal system in bushcricket Gampsocleis gratiosa

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The characteristics of Theragra chalcogramma from various regions of the Sea of Japan

Mischenko, AL.; Suchanova, OV., 1990:
The characteristics of a few major wetlands in the Moscow region

Gafnrova, V.L., 1970:
The characteristics of a strain from thedendrolimus biotope of the group Bac thuringensis, separated from the codling moth

Krall, E.L., 1958:
The characteristics of certain methods for the quantitative analysis of soil nematodes

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The characteristics of ectoparasites of micromammals in different forest types of the steppe zone of the south-east Ukraine

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The characteristics of ectoparasites of mouse-type rodents of forests in the central region of the Byelorussian Polesye

Poddubnaya, AV., 1975:
The characteristics of some diagnostic features of parasitic copepods of the genus Lernaea

Gafurova, V.L., 1970:
The characteristics of strains from the biotype dendrolimus in the group Bacillus thuringiensis extracted from the codling moth

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The characteristics of the Upper Devonian and Tournaisian deposits of the minor Pechor

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The characteristics of the bioherm facies of the Upper Palaeozoic in the basin of Upper Petchora River Unya

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The characteristics of the course of malarial infection caused by different lines of Plasmodium berghei yoelii Landan Killick-Kendrick 1966

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The characteristics of the fauna of moths damaging the birch in western Siberia

Konecny, Rostislav., 1998:
The checkerboard barb Capoeta oligolepis Parmicka perletova Capoeta oligolepis

Buczynski, Pawel., 1999:
The checklist and the Red list of the dragonflies Insecta Odonata of the Lublin Province Wykaz i Czerwona lista wazek Insecta Odonata wojewodztwa lubelskiego

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The checklist delle specie della fauna italiana - an assessment of the project La checklist delle specie della fauna italiana, un bilancio del progetto

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The checklist of Italian animal species La checklist delle specie animali italiane

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The checklist of Italian birds up to December 1995 Check-list degli uccelli italiani aggiornata al diciembre 1995

Danko, Stefan., 2005:
The checklist of vertebrate fauna collections from Zemplin Museum in Michalovce Katalog zoologickych zbierok stavovcov v Semplinskom Muzeu v Michalovciach

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