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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38743

Chapter 38743 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pellegrini, M.; Civitarese, S.; D.S.ntis, A.; D.G.ambattista, P., 1994:
The composition and distribution of the lanner falcon Falco biarmicus feldeggi in Abruzzo Consistenza e distribuzione del lanario Falco biarmicus feldeggi in Abruzzo

Pellegrini, M.; D.G.ambattista, P., 1994:
The composition and distribution of the peregrine falcon population Falco peregrinus in Abruzzo Consistenza e distribuzione del falco pellegrino Falco peregrinus in Abruzzo

Urban, C.; Kopelke, J.-Peter., 2004:
The composition and function of insect communities living in catkins of willows Salix spp Insecta Coleoptera; Diptera; Lepidoptera; Thysanoptera; Hemiptera; Hymenoptera Mikrooekosystem Weidenkaetzchen Salix spp - Struktur und Funktion einer spezialisierten Insektengemeinschaft Insecta Coleoptera; Diptera; Lepidoptera; Thysanoptera; Hemiptera; Hymenoptera

Nadolski, Jerzy., 1997:
The composition and properties of the Aculeata Hymenoptera venoms Sklad i wlasciwosci jadu zadlowek Hymenoptera, Aculeata

Moryakova, V.K., 1971:
The composition and quantitative distribution of zooplankton in the Arabian Sea during the summer monsoon period

Kurashova, E.K., 1967:
The composition and seasonal changes in the zooplankton of Lower Volga

Kurashova, E.K., 1967:
The composition and seasonal changes in the zooplankton of the lower Volga Trudy kasp nauchno-issled

Tabunkov, VD., 1974:
The composition and structure of biocenoses of the upper horizons of the sublittoral zone off the Cape of Lopatin south west Sakhalin

Echevarria, AL.; Marigliano, NL.; Chani, JM., 1998:
The composition and the annual variation of the bird biodiversity in the locality of Bosque Chaqueno Serrano Ticucho, El Cadillal, Province of Tucuman, Argentina Composicion y variaciones anuales de la diversidad de aves de una localidad de Bosque Chaqueno Serrano Ticucho, El Cadillal, Tucuman, Argentina

Juri, M.D.lores; Chani, J.M., 2005:
The composition of a bird community and its variation along an urban gradient Tucuman, Argentina Variacion en la composicion de comunidades de aves a lo largo de un gradiente urbano Tucuman, Argentina

L.Nguyen Ngat., 1997:
The composition of amphibian and reptile species living in Ngoc Linh Forest Kon Tum Thanh phan loai ech nhai va bo sat o vung nui ngoc linh - Kon Tum

Drabkina, B.M., 1967:
The composition of blood in young sturgeons in dependence to conditions of their habitat

Olbrycht, T.; Wiech, K., 2004:
The composition of carabid and rove beetle species occurring in mixed cropping of some legumes and small grains Sklad gatunkowy oraz struktura ilosciowo-jakosciowa drapieznych chrzaszczy z rodzin biegaczowatych Col, Carabidae i kusakowatych Col, Staphylinidae w uprawach Roslin straczkowych w mieszankach ze zbozami

Knuth, Detlef., 1996:
The composition of fish populations in small lakes in the south Brandenburg lakes zone Potsdam and Teupitz lake region Die Zusammensetzung der Fischpopulationen von Kleinseen in der sudbrandenburgischen Seenzone Potsdamer und Teupitzer Seenregionen

Kuran, Cemile., 1996:
The composition of honeydew and tis measurement techniques Boceklerin salgiladigi tatlimsi maddenin ozellikleri ve olcum metotlari

Reyes, P.R., 2006:
The composition of icefish catches in Scotia Sea, Antarctica summer 2004-2005 Composicion de las capturas de peces hielo en el mar de Escocia, Antartica verano 2004-2005

Mitrofanov, VP.; Dukravets, GM., 1975:
The composition of ichthyofauna of the middle course of the River Ili and its distribution in studied waters

Kizilov, V.A., 1963:
The composition of red marmot families Materiaiy nauchnoi konferentsii po prirodnoi ochagovosti i profilaktike chumy

Sterghiu, C.; Cociu, M.; Stan, M.; Maican, S., 1998:
The composition of terrestrial invertebrates fauna on the Valsan River valley and on those of its tributaries Componenta faunei de nevertebrate terestre din vaile raurilor Valsan si Bratia

Sharvashidze, VA.; Sharvashidze, VA., 1975:
The composition of the fauna of freshwater fish in Georgia, its preservation and rational exploitation

Virbitskas, Yu.; Balkuvene, G.; Barshene, Ya.; Zhilyukene, V., 1993:
The composition of the ichthyofauna in Zhuvintas Lake Sostoyanie ikhtiofauny oz Zhuvintas

Akulin, VN.; Pervuninskaya, TA., 1972:
The composition of tissue lipids in bottom-dwelling fish of the southern seas

Nikolaev, A.S.; Glotov, I.N.E.dakov, L.N.S.rgeev, V.E., 1977:
The composition of water vole populations in northern Barab in 1966-1974

Czerniakowski, Z.; Czerniakowski, Z.W., 1994:
The composition of weevils Col, Curculionidae - the pests of cultivated pulse occured on Vicia grandiflora Scop in south-eastern Poland Sklad gatunkowy ryjkowcow Col, Curculionidae - agrofagow uprawnych roslin straczkowych wystepujacych na wyce brudnozoltej Vicia grandiflora Scop w poludniowo-wschodniej Polsce

Czerniakowski, Zbigniew W., 1998:
The composition of weevils Col, Curculionidae species occurred on willow plantations in south-eastern Poland Sklad gatunkowy ryjkowcow Col, Curculionidae wystepujacych na plantacjach wikliny w poludniowo-wschodniej Polsce

Naberezhnyi, AI.; Vitovskaya, ED., 1972:
The composition, abundance and some data on the biology of Harpacticoida Crustacea, Copepoda in Kuchurgan cooling station of the Moldavian Hydroelectric station

Faucheux, M.J., 2006:
The compound eyes in male Deleproctophylla gelini, 1919, Moroccan species Neuroptera Ascalaphidae structure and function Les yeux composes des males de lAscalaphe de Gelin, Deleproctophylla gelini Navas, 1919, espece marocaineNeuroptera Ascalaphidae structure et fonction

Kevan, D.K.M.; Akbar, S.S.; Chang, Y.C., 1969:
The concealed copulatory structures of the Pyrgomorphidae Orth Acridoidea Part 2 Tribes Fijipyrjini, Verduliini, Brunniellini, Psednurini, Mitricephalini, Geloiini, Sagittacridini, Gymnohippini and Malagasphenini

Cai Fulong.; Chen Ying.; Lin Shiyong.; Huang Lingyi., 1990:
The concentration of 90Sr by prawn in several developmental stages

Smith, K., 1977:
The concentration of honey buzzards in summer in east Slane

Dmitryjuk, M.; Lopienska, E.; Zoltowska, K., 2001:
The concentration of trehalose and acitvity of trehalase from Galleria mellonella larvae infected by Steinernema afffinis , Bovien 1937 Nematoda Rhabditida Steinernematidae Zawartosc trehalozy i aktywnosc trehalazy u larw Galleria mellonella zarazonych Steinernema affinis, Bovien 1937 Nematoda Rhabditida Steinernematidae

Noetzold, Rolf., 2004:
The concept of a semi-open pasture area for a wildlife refuge project in Eider Valley Das Naturschutzkonzept halboffene Weidelandschaft im Eidertal

Baroni, Roberto., 1995:
The concept of classification and the Pliocene sixth part Il concetto di classificazione e il Pliocene sesta parte

Zunino, Mario., 2000:
The concept of distribution area some theoretical reflexions El concepto de area de distribucion algunas reflexiones teoricas

Bassler, Ulrich., 1995:
The concept of ethology in the light of neurophysiological research on stick insects Konzepte der Ethologie im Licht neurophysiologischer Forschung an Stabheuschrecken

L.Greca, Marcello., 1995:
The concept of fauna and characteristics of the Italian fauna Il concetto di fauna e le caratteristiche della fauna italiana

Larinier, M.; Travade, F.; Dartiguelongue, J., 2000:
The concept of fishway provisioning La conception des dispositifs de franchissement

Rodhain, F., 1998:
The concept of natural reservoir in arbovirology La notion de reservoir naturel en arbovirologie

Thireau, M.; Dore, J.-Christophe., 1999:
The concept of neurotaxonomy in urodele amphibians through volumes indices of their five brain parts multivariate analysis Le concept de neurotaxonomie chez les amphibiens urodeles et lanalyse multivariee des indices volumetriques des cinq etages encephaliques

Olsson, Urban., 1995:
The concept of species Between taxonomy and reality Artbegreppet Mellan taxonomi och verkelighet

Zander, C.; Dieter, 2006:
The concept of the ecological niche and its application in a zoogeographical comparison of the reef fishes of the Galapagos archipelago Das Konzept der oekologischen Nische und seine Anwendung beim zoogeografischen Vergleich der Rifffische des Galapagos-Archipels

Dathe, Falk., 1996:
The concept of the new snake farm Das Konzept der neuen Schlangenfarm

Denegri, G.Maria, 2002:
The concept of the potentiality of phenomenon of parasitism and its application to study parasite-host relationships an epistemological analysis El concepto de potencialidad del fenomeno parasitario y su aplicacion al estudio de las relaciones parasito-hospedador un analisis epistemologico

Recorbet, B.; Bonaccorsi, G., 1996:
The conception and trial of aftificial shelters for Audouins gull Larus audouinii chicks Conception et experimentation dabris artificiels pour poussins de goelands dAudouin Larus audouinii

Usher, MB.; Jefferson, RG., 1990:
The concepts of colonization and succession their role in nature reserve management

Carvalho, Ismar de Souza., 1996:
The conchostraca fauna of the Barro basin Lower Cretaceous, north east of Brazil A conchostracofauna da Bacia de Barro Cretaceo Inferior, Nordeste do Brasil

Tichai, M., 2004:
The concise report about the state of the nest population by the chosen bird species at the vicinity of Rakovnik during year 1991-2003 Strucna zprava o stavu hnizdnich populaci vybranych druhu ptaku na Rakovnicku v letech 1991-2003

Tryjanowski, P.; Kuzniak, S.; Kujawa, K.; Dombrowski, A., 1995:
The condition and threats to the Polish population of the corn bunting Miliaria calandra Stan i zagrozenia populacji potrzeszcza Miliaria calandra w Polsce

Barbieri, G.; Hartz, S.M.ria.; Verani, J.R.berto., 1996:
The condition factor and hepatosomatic index as an indicators of the spawning of Astyanax fasciatus at Lobo reservoir, Sao Paulo Osteichthyes, Characidae O fator de condicao e indice hepatossomatico como indicadores do periodo de desova de Astyanax fasciatus da represa do Lobo, Sao Paulo Osteichthyes, Characidae

Orsi Relini, L. di Natale, A.; Lanteri, L.; Mangano, A.; Palandri, G.; Garibaldi, F., 2006:
The condition index in famed tuna which relationship with wild fish? Il fattore di condizione nei tonni sottoposti ad ingrasso quale rapporto con quello naturale?

Volskis, RS., 1976:
The condition of Vimba resources and ways to their preservation

Pavlova, MN.; Orlova, GL., 1972:
The condition of neurosecretory cells of the supraoptic nucleus of the hypothalamus in mice infected by Toxoplasma gondii

Kostylev, YuV.; Polyakov, VN., 1976:
The condition of spawning stages of the Atlantic salmon of the Karelian shore of the White Sea

Mohamed, AA.; Fathy, AA., 1990:
The condition of the Nile in the years 1986-1987 at El-Minia, Egypt

Storozhenko, SS.; Tyutyunik, SN., 1973:
The condition of the gonads of herbivorous fish depending upon the conditions of their surroundings

Grauman, GB., 1971:
The conditions and results of the spawning of the Baltic sprat in the years 1968-1969

Vinogradova, NM., 1972:
The conditions determining the level of abundance and zones of damage by Eurygaster integriceps Put in the European parts of the USSR

Nadezhin, V.M., 1957:
The conditions of living for organisms in White Sea, and the ways for increasing its productivity

Kohring, R.; Sachs, O., 1997:
The conditions of preservation and diagenesis of fossil bird eggshells from Nordlinger Ries Miocene, MN 6 Erhaltungsbedingungen und Diagenese fossiler Vogeleischalen aus dem Nordlinger Ries Miozan, MN 6

Pavez, E., 2004:
The condor in the Chilean Andes El condor en los Andes chilenos

Tonni, E.P.; Noriega, J.I., 1998:
The condors Ciconiiformes Vulturidae of the pampean region of Argentina during the Late Cenozoic distribution, interactions and extinctions Los condores Ciconiiformes, Vulturidae de la region pampeana de la Argentina durante el Cenozoico tardio distribucion, interacciones y extinciones

Tormo Munoz, Jose Enrique., 1996:
The confirmation of a new noctuid for Alicante Confirmacion de un nuevo Noctuidae para Alicante

Dvorak, L.; Vermouzek, Z., 1998:
The confirmed breeding of Tengmalms owl Aegolius funereus in the Moravian Karst protected landscape area South Moravia Prokazane hnizdeni syce rousneho Aegolius funereus v CHKO Moravsky kras

Wagner, Sebastian., 2000:
The conflict between climbing and conservation from the view of the Climbing Union Das Spannungsfeld Klettern und Naturschutz aus Sicht der IG Klettern

Soler Garcia de Oteyza, E.; Jimenez i Llobera, X., 2000:
The conflict between flamingoes and rice growers of the Ebro Delta El conflicte entre els flamencs i els arrossaires al Delta de lEbre

Latini, R.; Sulla, C.; Gentile, L. di Benedetto, A., 2005:
The conflict between humans and large carnivores at the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park central Italy assessment, experiences and management perspectives Conflitto tra grandi carnivori e attivita antropiche nel Parco Nazionale dAbruzzo, Lazio e Molise entita, esperienze e prospettive di gestione

Altmoos, M., 2003:
The conflict between species protection and process protection strategy definition and conflicts analysis with habitat models and positioning in a network of priority areas Der Konflikt zwischen Artenschutz und Prozessschutz Strategiebestimmung, Konfliktanalyse mit Habitatmodellen und Loesung in einem Netzwerk von Vorrangflaechen

Wildermuth, H., 2002:
The conflicts of research and implementation in species protection - dragonflies Odonata as an example Artenschutz im Spannungsfeld zwischen Forschung und Umsetzung - Beispiel Libellen Odonata

Pospischil, Reiner., 1997:
The confused flour beetle Der Amerikanische Reismehlkafer

Baltensweiler, W.; Rubli, D., 1990:
The confusion tactics as a means to study the migration of the larch bud moth, Zeiraphera diniana Gn Lep, Tortricidae, in the Engadin Valley

Ohm, P.; Holzel, H., 1999:
The coniopterygid genus Semidalis Enderlein on the Midatlantic Islands Neuropteroidea Planipennia Coniopterygidae Die Coniopterygiden-Gattung Semidalis Enderlein auf den Mittelatlantischen Inseln Neuropteroidea Planipennia Coniopterygidae

Achmerov, A.H., 1954:
The conjugate species of a new genus of Myxosporidia

Senkevich, N.K., 1967:
The connecting activity of alkaline phosphatases in the scales of some Azov-Black Sea fish with the time and period of their growth in length

Weber, W.H.; Cuadros, T., 1997:
The connection between the coffee growers and the last Mohican-thrush La conexion cafetera y el ultimo mohicano-zorzal

Danielssen, D.S.; Gjosaeter, J.; Knutsen, J.A.le., 2001:
The connection of the biology of some ecologically and commercially important species in the Greenland Fjord and in the area of Risor in relation to environmental conditions Sammenligning av biologien til noen okologisk og fiskerimessig viktige arter i Grenlandsfjordene og i Risoromradet i relasjon til miljoforhold

Beklemishev, K.V.; Burkov, V.A., 1958:
The connexion between the distribution of plankton and the distribution of water masses in the zones of convergence in the north western part of the Pacific Ocean

Brazauskas, A., 1991:
The conodont associations in the Silurian of Lithuania Lietuvos siluro konodontu asociacijos

Stuke, Jens-Hermann., 1997:
The conopid-flies from Germany in the Uberseemuseum Bremen Diptera, Conopidae Conopidenbelege aus Deutschland im Uberseemuseum Bremen Diptera, Conopidae

L.P.nnec, M.; Aloui Bejaoui, N., 2001:
The conquest of reduced deep marine ecosystems by mytilid mussels La conquete des ecosystemes marins reducteurs profonds par les Mytilides

Burkhardt-Holm, P.; Braunbeck, T.; Storch, V., 1990:
The consequence of the Sandoz accident in November 1986 with the chemical spill into the Rhine on the ultrastructure of the eels intestines Auswirkung der beim Sandoz-Unfall im November 1986 in den Rhein gelangten Chemikalien auf die Ultrastruktur des Darms von Aalen

Michael-Wagner, Kirsten., 2004:
The consequences of a broken relationship - or what happens when soft corals undergo bleaching? Die Folgen einer abgebrochenen Beziehung-oder Was geschieht unter der Haut, wenn Weichkorallen ausbleichen?

Bacalbasa-Dobrovici, Nicolae., 1994:
The consequences of a changed hydrology and chemistry on the fish fauna Auswirkungen veranderter Hydrologie und des Chemismus auf die Fischfauna

Dal Pont Morisso, E.; Krause, L., 2001:
The consequences of management of nests of Dermochelys coriacea Linnaeus, 1766, linked to the Tamar-Ibama project, Espirito Santo, Brazil As consequencias do manejo sobre os ninhos de Dermochelys coriacea Linnaeus, 1766, junto ao Projeto Tamar-Ibama, Espirito Santo, Brasil

Thomsen, Kai-Michael., 1995 :
The consequences of modern agriculture methods for the foraging ecology of white storks Auswirkungen moderner Landbewirtschaftung auf die Nahrungsokologie des Weissstorchs

Watt, AD., 1990:
The consequences of natural, stress-induced and damage-induced differences in tree foliage on the population dynamics of the pine beauty moth

Rustige, Karl Heinz., 1995:
The consequences of salinity load on the ciliate population in running waters Auswirkungen von Salzbelastungen auf die Ciliatenbesiedlung in Fliessgewassern

Ness, Andreas., 1990:
The consequences of the Sandoz accident on the macrozoobenthos of the River Rhine Auswirkungen des Sandoz-Unfalls auf das Makrozoobenthon des Rheins

Bolz, Ralf., 1995:
The consequences of using the insecticide Dimilin 25 WP in drifts and the direct effects on non-target Saltatoria complexes Insecta Saltatoria Auswirkungen einer Insektizidbespruhung mit Dimilin 25 WP durch Abtrift und Direktbehandlung auf die Saltatorienzonose als Nicht-Zielgruppe Insecta Saltatoria

Casas-Andreu, Gustavo., 2002:
The conservacion and sustainable management of Morelets crocodile Crocodylus moreletii in Mexico Hacia la conservacion y manejo sustentable del lagarto o crocodrilo de Pantano Crocodylus moreletii en Mexico

Haupt, Rainer., 1994:
The conservation aims of the Thuringia Regional Institute for the Environment Die Aufgaben der Thuringer Landesanstalt fur Umwelt im Naturschutz

Larriera, A. .; Verdade, L.M. ., 1995:
The conservation and management of caimans and crocodiles in Latin America, Volume 1 La conservacion y el manejo de caimanes y cocodrilos de America Latina, Volumen 1

Kamal Naidu, M., 1990:
The conservation and sustainable management of Indias genetic estate ex situ conservation-wild animals

Diaz, Luiz M., 2007:
The conservation breeding of Cricosaura typica Die Erhaltungszucht von Cricosaura typica

D.C.rbo, A.R.ta.; Ferri, V., 2000:
The conservation of Bombina variegata variegata Linnaeus, 1758 in Lombardy La conservazione di Bombina variegata variegata Linnaeus, 1758 in Lombardia

Warren, MS., 1990:
The conservation of Eurodryas aurinia in the United Kingdom

Gretton, A.; Yurlov, AK., 1990:
The conservation of Numenius tenuirostris

Thomas, JA., 1990:
The conservation of adonis blue and lulworth skipper butterflies - two sides of the same coin

Rosa, H.; Crespo, E.G., 1997:
The conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Portugal La conservacion de los anfibios y reptiles en Portugal

Marquez, R., 2004:
The conservation of amphibians and reptiles in the autonomous region of Spain La conservacion de los anfibios y reptiles en la Espana de las autonomias

Delleani, Marco., 2000:
The conservation of amphibians in Torino province La conservazione degli anfibi in provincia di Torino

Lesbarreres, D.; Lode, T., 2000:
The conservation of amphibians example of motorway construction La conservation des amphibiens exemple damenagements autoroutiers

Beudels, Marie-Odile., 1996:
The conservation of bats in Belgium La conservation des chauves-souris en Belgique

Germain i Otzet, Josep., 2001:
The conservation of biological diversity in Catalonia La conservacio de la diversitat biologica a Catalunya

Martins Teixeira, Dante., 1997:
The conservation of cracids in the extreme north east of Brazil A conservacao do Cracidae no nordeste extremeo do Brasil

Magnusson, William E., 1995:
The conservation of crocodiles in Latin America A conservacao de crocodilianos na America Latina

Paquet, Brigitte., 2004:
The conservation of faunal habitats in the agricultural environment Participation of the Society of the fauna and parks of Quebec with the Commision of sustainable development of pork production La conservation des habitats fauniques en milieu agricole Participation de la Societe de la faune et des parcs du Quebec a la Commission sur le developpement durable de la production porcine

Fasola, M.; Canova, L., 2003:
The conservation of heronries in Lombardy La conservazione degli aironi coloniali nella regione Lombardia

Zandonella Necca, D.; Rosa, P.; Alieri, R.; Fasola, M., 1995:
The conservation of heronries in NW-Italy recent management actions Recenti interventi per la conservazione delle garzaie nelle riserve naturali della regione Lombardia

Secretariat of the Council of Europe., 1990:
The conservation of invertebrates in the Bern Convention

Diego, V.H.ddad.; Ferrari, S.; Mendes, F.D., 1993:
The conservation of marmosets Callithrix flaviceps on private land Coservacao do sagui-da-serra Callithrix flaviceps o papel de matas particulares

Tucker, GM.; McCulloch, MN.; Baillie, SR., 1990:
The conservation of migratory birds in the Western Palearctic-African flyway Review on the importance of losses incurred to migratory birds during migration

Reca, A.; Ubeda, C.; Grigera, D., 1994:
The conservation of tetrapod fauna 1 An evaluation index Conservacion de la fauna de tetrapodos 1 Un indice para su evaluacion

Ubeda, C.A.; Grigera, D.E.; Reca, A.R., 1994:
The conservation of tetrapod fauna 2 The state of conservation of mammals from the Nahuel Huapi National Park Conservacion de la fauna de tetrapodos 2 Estado de conservacion de los mamiferos del Parque y Reserva Nacional Nahuel Huapi

Jones, CG., 1990:
The conservation of the Mauritius kestrel

de Zulueta, Julian., 2000:
The conservation of the brown bear in Asturias La conservacion del oso pardo en Asturias

Essayan, Roland., 1998:
The conservation of the checkerspot butterfly Euphydryas maturna Linne, 1758 in Burgundy Lepidoptera Nymphalidae La preservation du damier du frene Euphydryas maturna Linne, 1758 en Bourgogne Lepidoptera Nymphalidae

Lumaret, Jean-Pierre., 1994:
The conservation of the entomofauna in protected natural areas La conservation de lentomofaune dans les aires naturelles protegees

Jimenez, J.; Lacomba, J.; Ignacio., 2002:
The conservation of the herpetofauna of Valencia La conservacion de la herpetofauna valenciana

Hiraldo, Fernando., 1995:
The conservation of the imperial eagle, a shared responsibility La conservacion del aguila imperial, una responsabilidad a compartir

de le Court, C.; Migens, E.; Rubio, J.C.rlos., 2000:
The conservation of the spoonbill in the Odiel marshes La conservacion de la espatula en las marismas del Odiel

Villemure, M.; Masse, D., 2004:
The conservation of the wolf Canis lupus in Mauricie national park La conservation du loup Canis lupus au parc national de la Mauricie

Pelaez, J.; Dominguez, JC.; Pena, FJ.; Alegre, B.; Gonzalez, C.; Garcia, MA., 2000:
The conservation of wild animals in danger of extinction the potential use of assisted reproduction techniques La conservacion de los animales salvajes en peligro de extincion utilidad potencial de las tecnicas de reproduccion asistida

Kleiman, DG.; Beck, BB.; Baker, AJ.; Ballou, JD.; Dietz, LA.; Dietz, JM., 1990:
The conservation program for the golden lion tamarin, Leontopithecus rosalia

Giovine, Giovanni., 2000:
The conservation programme for amphibians along the SP 76 Lago di Endine, Val Cavallina - Bergamo five year analysis 1992-1996 Le operazioni di salvataggio anfibi lungo la SP 76 Lago di Endine, Val Cavallina - Bergamo consuntivo quinquennale 1992-1996

Nezerkova, P.; Verner, P.H.; Antoninova, M., 2004:
The conservation programme of the western giant eland Taurotragus derbianus derbianus in Senegal - Czech Aid Development Project Program ochrany antilopy Derbyho Taurotragus derbianus derbianus v Senegalu - projekt ceske rozvojove pomoci

Eylert, J.E.; Lange, T., 2006:
The conservation programme species rich field floor - success in the field Foerderprogramm Artenreiche Feldflur - Erfolg auf dem Acker

Kierulff, C.M.rtins; Lernould, J., 2004:
The conservation project for the yellow-breasted capuchin - annual report 2003 Das Schutzprojekt fuer den Gelbbrustkapuzine - Jahresbericht 2003

Stenke, Roswitha., 2000:
The conservation project northern hairy-nosed wombat in Queensland, Australia A concluding report Artenschutzprojekt Noerdlicher Haarnasen-Wombat in Queensland, Australien Ein Abschlussbericht

Bertolero, A.; Donoyan, J., 2002:
The conservation project of Hermanns tortoise in the Ebro Delta National Park Spain Le project de conservation de la torture dHermann dans le Parc Naturel du Delta de lEbre Espagne

Sachteleben, Jens., 2000:
The conservation relevance of models of island ecology for invertebrates and vascular plants of calcareous grasslands in south Germany Naturschutzfachliche Bedeutung von Modellen der Inselokologie fur Invertebraten und Gefasspflanzen auf Kalkmagerrasen in Suddeutschland

Coulter, MC., 1990:
The conservation status of the Oriental white stork Ciconia boyciana

Jimenez, I.; Vargas, A., 2001:
The conservation status of the golden-crowned sifaka Der Schutzstatus des Goldkronen-Sifakas

Cobo, Fernando., 1999:
The conservation value and faunistic interest of the chironomid population Diptera Chironomidae in Los Monegros Zaragoza, Spain Valor de conservacion e interes faunistico del poblamiento de quironomidos Diptera Chironomidae en Los Monegros Zaragoza, Espana

Frank, Stanislav., 2002:
The conservational aspects of captive care of soft corals Ochranne chovani jezovek

Mougin, J-L.; Jouanin, C.; Roux, F.; Zino, PA.; Zino, F., 2002:
The constancy of the laying date during the breeding life in the Corys Shearwater Calonectris diomedea La constance de la date de ponte au cours de la vie reproductrice chez le puffin cendre Calonectris diomedea

Vozenilek, Petr., 2002:
The constantly admired sand viper Vipera ammodytes Linnaeus, 1758 Stale obdivovana zmije ruzkata Vipera ammodytes Linnaeus, 1758

Giacometti, M.; Bassano, B.B.; Peracino, V.; Ratti, P., 1997:
The constitution of the alpine ibex Capra i ibex L in relation to sex, age, area of origin, and season in Graubunden Switzerland and in the Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso Italy Die Konstitution des Alpensteinbockes Capra i ibex L in Abhangigkeit von Geschlecht, Alter, Herkunft und Jahreszeit in Graubunden Schweiz und im Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso Italien

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The contribution of Filippo Silvestri to the development of biological control on a global scale La contribucion de Filippo Silvestri al desarrollo de la lucha biologica a nivel mundial

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The contribution of French ostracodologists to the topic of evolution summary report outlook Lapport des ostracodologistes francais dans le theme de levolution bilan et prospective

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The contribution of Ortotteri Insecta to the knowledge on the biogeography of Anatolia the Gondwanian component Il contributo degli Ortotteri Insecta alla conoscenza della biogeografia dellAnatolia la componente gondwaniana

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The contribution of agriculture to the implementation of the ecological network system, by example of agricultural structures planning by Saale Biotope Association Der Beitrag der Landwirtschaft zur Umsetzung des OEVS am Beispiel der Agrarstrukturellen Entwicklungsplanung Biotopverbund Saale

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The contribution of archaeozoology to the study of rabbit domestication Lapport de larcheozoologie a letude de la domestication du lapin

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The contribution of carnivores to palaeoecology and biochronology study of the cave hyaena in Ardeche France Apport des carnivores a la paleoecologie et a la biochronologie etude de lhyene des cavernes en Ardeche France

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Eysel, G.; Oppermann, R.; Wiethaler, C., 2001:
The contribution of modern ecological plant breeding for the protection of diversity Der Beitrag einer modernen oekologischen Pflanzenzuechtung zum Schutz der Vielfalt

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