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The continuous bioceanic distribution of the genus Renilla Lamarck, 1816 Cnidaria Pennatulacea and its endemism along the American continent La distribucion bioceanica y continua del genero Renilla Lamarck, 1816 Cnidaria Pennatulacea y su endemismo en el continente Americano

Zamponi, M.O.

Physis. Seccion A. Los Oceanos y sus Organismos 58134-135: A7-A9


ISSN/ISBN: 0325-0342
Accession: 038742872

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The genus Renilla Lamarck, 1816 has its distribution along the American coasts, specially on the continental shelf of Argentina and Brazil. Most of the species of this genus were found on this continental shelf, while there are scarce records on the Chilean coast and only one record on each coast of United States of America. Thus, the genus Renilla should be considered an endemic genus of the American coasts and probably the genocenter of the genus Renilla are the following zoogeographical provinces: Argentinean (43/44deg. S to Cabo Frio), Magellanic (Chiloe island to 35deg. S South West Atlantic ocean) and southern Brazilian (Cabo Frio to Orinoco River Delta).

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