The distribution and ecology of the black-veined white butterfly Aporia crataegi L, 1758 in Styria Lepidoptera, Pieridae Zur Verbreitung und Oekologie des Baum-Weisslings Aporia crataegi L, 1758 in der Steiermark Lepidoptera, Pieridae

Koschuh, A.; Gepp, J.

Joannea Zoologie 6: 175-186


Accession: 038747725

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Aporia crataegi (L., 1758) is in Europe widespread, but also a declining butterfly-species. In Styria (Austria) A. crataegi is critically endangered. Actual findings are only known from Styrian Salzkammergut and the western parts of the Oberes Ennstal, especially near mires. Causes of the spacious decline in the middle of the 70ies in Styria are discussed by literature and own knowledge about habitats and biology.