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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38751

Chapter 38751 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Martens, Hans Dieter., 2004:
The earliest owl breedings in Schleswig-Holstein in the year 2003 Frueheste Eulenbruten in Schleswig-Holstein im Jahre 2003

Vigne, J.; Guilaine, J., 2004:
The earliest pets, 8500 BC? or how I ate my cat, my dog and my fox Les premiers animaux de compagnie, 8500 ans avant notre ere? ou comment jai mange mon chat, mon chien et mon renard

Massaferro, Gabriela Isabela., 2001:
The early Jurassic of cerro Cuche Patagonian range of Chubut stratigraphy and fossils El Jurasico temprano del cerro Cuche Cordillera Patagonica del Chubut estratigrafia y fosiles

Pagulayan, IF.; Cruz, BU., 1990:
The early development of Pila luzonica Reeve Gastropoda Prosobranchia Pilidae

Dyban, AP., 1988:
The early development of mammals

Kramer Lindow, B.Erik, 2005:
The early development of modern birds fossils from the Early Eocene, Denmark De moderne fugles tidlige udvikling fossiler fra tidlig Eocaen, Danmark

Klausewitz, Wolfgang., 2000:
The early efforts of Senckenberg at the Messel excavation Attempt at a historical documentation Die fruehen Bemuehungen Senckenbergs um die Grube Messel Versuch einer historischen Dokumentation

Mehl-Janussen, Dorte., 1999:
The early evolution of Porifera Phylogeny and evolutionary ecology of the Porifera from the Palaeozoic with the focus on hexactinellid-like Demospongiae Lithistids Die fruehe Evolution der Porifera Phylogenie und Evolutionsoekologie der Poriferen im Palaeozoikum mit Schwerpunkt der desmentragenden Demospongiae Lithistide

Ruckdeschel, Walter., 2001:
The early history of Munich entomofaunistics Die Fruehgeschichte der Muenchner Entomofaunistik

Spalding, DJ., 1990:
The early history of moose Alces alces distribution and relative abundance in British Columbia

Zahm, A.; Haeuser, C.L., 2003:
The early instars and breeding of Asura discocellularis Strand, 1912 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Lithosiinae Die Praeimaginalstadien und Zucht von Asura discocellularis Strand, 1912 Lepidoptera Arctiidae Lithosiinae

Gleizer, SI., 1971:
The early ontogenesis of absolute reaction in the eel Anguilla anguilla in the natural magnetic pole of the earth

Kalinina, EM.; Chmovzh, YuV., 1973:
The early ontogenesis of the Black Sea fish Gobius niger Linne

Christian, Erhard., 2003:
The early period of cave entomology in Austria Die Fruehzeit der Hoehlenentomologie in Oesterreich

Karpenko, VI., 1998:
The early sea life of Pacific salmons

Amiet, Jean-Louis., 2001:
The early stages of Cymothoe morphology and phylogenetic interest Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Les premiers etats des Cymothoe morphologie et interet phylogenique Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Amiet, Jean-Louis., 1998:
The early stages of the Catuna-like Bebearia from the Cameroon Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae Les premiers etats des Bebearia catunoides du Cameroun Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae

Adam, B., 2006:
The early warning system of MIGROMAT protects migrating eels Anguilla anguilla from injuries caused by water power plants Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarnsystem MIGROMAT Das Fruehwarn

Brandstaetter, Frank., 2001:
The early years in the Neunkirchen Zoo - a contribution to the history of Neunkirchen Zoo Die Gruenderjahre im Neunkircher Zoo - ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des Neunkircher Zoos

Bleich, Klaus E., 1998:
The earths rearrangement in relation to lime deposition and fossil composition of Bottinger Marmor Schwabische Alb, SW Germany Bodenumlagerung in Beziehung zu Kalkabscheidung und Fossilfuhrung beim Bottinger Marmor Schwabische Alb, SW-Deutschland

Zicsi, Andras., 2004:
The earthworm fauna of Chile with identification keys to the Chilota, Yagansia and Eodrilus species Oligochaeta Acanthodrilidae earthworms from South-America 40 Die Regenwurmfauna Chiles mit Bestimmungsschluesseln der Chilota-, Yagansia- und Eodrilus- Arten Oligoehaeta Acanthodrilidae Regenwuermer aus Suedamerika 40

Vsevolodova-Perel, TS., 1997:
The earthworms of the fauna of Russia cadaster and key

Matzke, Danilo., 1999:
The earwig and cockroach fauna of Leipzig and surroundings Insecta Dermaptera, Blattariae Zur Ohrwurm- und Schabenfauna in Leipzig und Umgebung Insecta Dermaptera, Blattariae

Chabrol, Laurent., 1993:
The earwig, an unappreciated helper Le perce-oreille, un auxiliaire meconnu

Matzke, D., 2005:
The earwigs and cockroaches of the Zittau Mountains Insecta Dermaptera, Blattoptera Die Ohrwuermer und Schaben des Zittauer Gebirges Insecta Dermaptera, Blattoptera

Bonavita, P.; Vigna Taglianti, A., 2005:
The eastern Alps as a transition zone of Bembidiina Coleoptera, Carabidae Le Alpi orientali come zone di transizione nel popolamento dei bembidini Coleoptera, Carabidae

Nieuwstraten, E.; Zekhuis, M., 1997:
The eastern collared pratincole in Workumerwaard and near Doniaburen Oosterse vorkstaartplevier in Workumerwaard en bij Doniaburen

Kenyeres, Z.; Bauer, N., 2001:
The eastern green bush-cricket Tettigonia caudata in the Bakony Mountains A farkos lombszocske Tettigonia caudata Charpentier, 1845 Saltatoria Tettigoniidae elofordulasa a Bakonyban

Crouzier, P.; Duquet, M.; Noel, F.; Comite d'Homologation National., 1999:
The eastern jackdaw in France Le choucas des tours Corvus monedula de la race orientale soemmerringii en France Le point apres 3 ans denquete

Bergers, Piet JM., 1993:
The eastern mudminnow fares well in conditions of pollution De Amerikaanse hondsvis vaart wel bij verontreiniging

Wirdheim, A., 2004:
The eastern red-footed falcons fantastic journey Amurfalkens maktiga resa

Mantilleri, A., 2005:
The eastern species of the genus Stereodermus Lacordaire, 1866 Coleoptera, Brentidae, Stereodermini Les especes orientales du genre Stereodermus Lacordaire, 1866 Coleoptera, Brentidae, Stereodermini

Duquet, M.; Fremont, J.-Yves., 1995:
The eastern vagrant thrushes in France Les grives orientales en France statut et identification

Stemmer, Bernd., 2002:
The eating of an arum shoot by a jay Eichelhaeher frisst Aronstab

Costa, J.; Marchon-Silva, V., 1998:
The ecdysis period and resistance to starvation in different populations of Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva, 1911 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae Periodo de intermuda e resistencia ao jejum de diferentes populacoes de Triatoma brasiliensis Neiva, 1911 Hemiptera, Reduviidae, Triatominae

Thuy, Ben., 2003:
The echinids of the Bajocian of Rumelange Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Les echinides du Bajocien de Rumelange Grand-Duche de Luxembourg

Perez-Ruzafa, A.; Entrambasaguas, L.; Bacallado, JJ., 1999:
The echinoderm fauna Echinodermata of the infralittoral rocky bottoms of the Cape Verde archipelago Fauna de equinodermos Echinodermata de los fondos rocosos infralitorales del Archipielago de Cabo Verde

Djakonov, A.M., 1950:
The echinoderm fauna of the Malayan Archipelego and its connection with the past and present forms of the Pacific

Barraza, J.E.rique; Hasbun, C.R.berto, 2005:
The echinoderms Echinodermata from El Salvador Los equinodermos Echinodermata de El Salvador

Cintra Buenrostro, C.E.; Reyes Bonilla, H.; Arizpe Covarrubias, O., 1998:
The echinoderms Echinodermata of Cabo Pulmo reef, Pacific of Mexico Los equinodermos Echinodermata del arrecife de Cabo Pulmo, Pacifico de Mexico

Moths, Herbert., 2000:
The echinoderms sea urchins, serpent stars and sea lilies of Upper Oligocene Sternberg stone from Kobrow and the Lower Oligocene of Malliss Die Echinodermen Seeigel, Schlangensterne, Seelilien des oberoligozaenen Sternberger Gesteins von Kobrow und des Unteroligozaens von Malliss

Alves, O.F.lcao de Souza.; Cerqueira, W.R.mos Pinto., 2000:
The echinoderms of Salvador beaches Bahia, Brazil Echinodermata das praias de Salvador Bahia, Brasil

Cadee, G.C., 2003:
The echinoid Echinocyamus pusillus OF Mueller Zeeboontjes Echinocyamus pusillus OF Mueller

de Castro Manso, C.L.ra; Souza-Lima, W., 2003:
The echinoid Douvillaster Lambert, 1917, in the Riachuelo Formation, Sergipe Basin, Brasil O equinoide Douvillaster Lambert, 1917 na Formacao Riachuelo, bacia de Sergipe, Brasil

Neraudeau, D.; Mazet, M.; Roman, J., 1997:
The echinoid fauna from the Lutetian of Cahaignes Eure, France La faune dechinides du Lutetien de Cahaignes Eure, France

Masrour, M.; Aoutem, M.; Atrops, F., 2004:
The echinoid faunas of the Lower Cretaceous of the Atlantic High Atlas region Morocco; systematic revision and biostratigraphical results Succession des peuplements dechinides du Cretace inferieur dans le Haut Atlas atlantique Maroc ; revision systematique et interet stratigraphique

Popiel-Barczyk, E., 1958:
The echinoid genus Conulus from the Turonian from the vicinity of Krakow, Miechow and Wolbrom

Neraudeau, D.; Borghi, E.; Roman, J., 1998:
The echinoid genus Spatangus in the Pliocene and Pleistocene localities of Emilia region northern Italy Le genre dechinide Spatangus dans les localites du Pliocene et du Pleistocene dEmilie Italie du Nord

Kroh, Andreas., 2002:
The echinoids Echinodermata from the Karpatian of the Korneuburg Basin and the Kreuzstetten Bay Lower Austria, Lower Miocene Die Echiniden Echinodermata aus dem Karpatium des Korneuburger Beckens und der Kreuzstettener Bucht Niederoesterreich, Untermiozan

de Castro Manso, C.L.ra; Souza-Lima, W., 2005:
The echinoids Pygorhynchus colombianus Cooke, 1955 e Pseudholaster altiusculus White, 1887 in the upper Albanian of the Sergipe Basin, Brazil Os equinoides Pygorhynchus colombianus Cooke, 1955 e Pseudholaster altiusculus White, 1887 no neoalbiano da bacia de Sergipe, Brasil

Vadet, A.; Slowik, D., 2001:
The echinoids of the Bajocian of Liocourt Les oursins du Bajocien de Liocourt

Quiroz-Robledo, L.N.; Valenzuela-Gonzalez, J.; Suarez-Landa, T., 2002:
The ecitonin ants Formicidae Ecitoninae of the Tropical Biology Station Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico Las hormigas ecitoninas Formicidae Ecitoninae de la Estacion de Biologia Tropical Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

Lumaret, J., 2002:
The eco-ethology, a tool for the biosystematics Leco-ethologie, un outil au service de la biosystematique

Alimov, AF., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Bivalvia

Tsalalifhin, SYa., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Nematoda

Finogenova, NP., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Amphipoda

Pankratova, VYa., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Chironomidae

Vinberg, GG., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Gastropoda

Finogenova, NP., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Mysidacea

Akatova, NA., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Ostracoda

Alimov, AF.; Finogenova, NP., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Productivity of benthos

Menshutkina, TV., 1975:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthos Trichoptera

Finogenova, NP., 1976:
The eco-faunistic characteristics of benthosOligochaeta

Maksimov, A.A., 1963:
The ecologic-epizootic connection between the muskrat and the water-rat

Petermeier, A.; Scholl, F.; Tittizer, T., 1996:
The ecological and biological development of the Elbe River A literature review Die okologische und biologische Entwicklung der deutschen Elbe Ein Literaturbericht

Thiele, V.; Berlin, A., 2002:
The ecological assessment of the protected area of the bog Grosses Moor bei Darze Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania using a new developed method on basis of zoological taxa Zur oekologischen Bewertung des Naturschutzgebietes Grosses Moor bei Darze Mecklenburg-Vorpommern mittels eines neu entwickelten Verfahrens auf der Basis zoologischer Taxa

Seilacher, Adolf., 1997:
The ecological base and consequences of the Cambrian explosion Fondement ecologique et consequences de lexplosion Cambrienne

Lamotte, M., 1995:
The ecological bases of the evolutionary mechanisms Inaugural lecture Les fondements ecologiques des mecanimses de levolution Conference inaugurale

Cholokava, AO., 1974:
The ecological character and economical significance of leaf-beetles Coleoptera, Attelabidae and Curculionidae of southern Georgia

Irmler, U.; Guerlich, S., 2004:
The ecological characterisation of ground beetles Coleoptera Carabidae in Schleswig-Holstein Die oekologische Einordnung der Laufkaefer Coleoptera Carabidae in Schleswig-Holstein

Sous, JM., 1976:
The ecological characteristics of fish parasites in lakes of the forest steppe zone of western Siberia

Nesis, KN., 1973:
The ecological classification life forms of cephalopods

Philiptchenko, A.A., 1937:
The ecological conception of parasitism and the independence of parasitology as a branch of science

Helesic, J.; Kubicek, F., 1997:
The ecological criteria for evaluation of minimum acceptable flows and impact of small hydropower plant on streams Ekologicka kriteria pro stanovovani minimalnich prutoku v vlivu malych vodnich elektraren na vodni toky

Stumpf, Thomas., 1999:
The ecological distinction of the two twin species Pterostichus nigrita Payk, 1790 and Pterostichus rhaeticus Heer, 1837 in the Rhineland Col, Carabidae Zur okologischen Trennung der beiden Zwillingsarten Pterostichus nigrita Payk, 1790 und Pterostichus rhaeticus Heer, 1837 im Rheinland Col, Carabidae

Jager, P., 1998:
The ecological evaluation of lentic waters in Austria Draft of ONORM M 6231, September 1996 Die okologische Bewertung von stehenden Gewassern in Osterreich Entwurf zur ONORM M 6231, Stand September 1996

Schmedtje, U., 1998:
The ecological evaluation of lotic waters in Bavaria Die okologische Bewertung von Fliessgewassern in Bayern

Templeton, AR.; Hollocher, H.; Lawler, S.; Johnston, JS., 1990:
The ecological genetics of abnormal abdomen in Drosophila mercatorum

Easteal, S., 1985:
The ecological genetics of introduced populations of the giant toad, bufo marinus 3 geographical patterns of variation

Kurashvili, BE.; Andguladze, VL.; Georgadze, DI.; Zhordania, LA., 1975:
The ecological helminthological study of animals of the Dzhangar Reservoir

Antoine, L.; Hassani, S.; Goujon, M.; Collet, A., 1995:
The ecological impact of fishing net catching Thunnus alalunga and dolphins in the near Atlantic Limpact ecologique du filet maillant derivant thon germon et dauphins du proche Atlantique

Wolter, Christian., 2006:
The ecological importance of river wetland meadows to fish and its consideration regarding fish based evaluation of water condition Die fischoekologische Bedeutung von Flussauen und ihre Beruecksichtigung bei der fisch-basierten Gewaesser-Zustandsbewertung

Koloss, E.I., 1958:
The ecological morphology of certain eye structures in Mus musculus L

Anonymous., 2006:
The ecological network system in Saxony Anhalt Oekologisches Verbundsystem in Sachsen-Anhalt

Schmidt, Eberhard G., 1998:
The ecological niche of Sympetrum flaveolum L, 1758 and the problem species conservation and red data books in Odonata, breeding in temporary water bodies Odonata Libellulidae Die okologische Nische von Sympetrum flaveolum L, 1758 und die Problematik von Artenschultz und Einstufung in Rote Listen bei Odonaten mit temporarer Habitat-Besiedlung Odonata Libellulidae

Stiebling, Udo., 1998:
The ecological niche of the red fox Vulpes vulpes in the Uckermark agricultural landscape Die okologische Einnischung des Rotfuchses Vulpes vulpes in der uckermarkischen Agrarlandschaft

Fontenla, Jorge L., 2001:
The ecological niche Sobre el nicho ecologico

Grandcolas, Philippe., 2000:
The ecological or ethological character in phylogenetic analysis or how systematics adapts to comparative biology Le caractere ecologique ou ethologique en analyse phylogenetique ou comment la systematique sapproprie enfin la biologie comparative

Grouzis, M.; Treca, B.; Galat-Luong, A.; Faye, E.H.dji., 1997:
The ecological path of the Mbour reserve, Senegal Le sentier ecologique de la reserve de Mbour, Senegal

Brauneis, Wolfram., 2002:
The ecological plasticity of the peregrin falcon by example of breeding localities in Hesse Die oekologische Plastizitaet des Wanderfalken am Beispiel hessischer Brutstandorte

Kirisits, T.; Grubelnik, R.; Fuehrer, E., 2000:
The ecological role of blue-stain fungi for phloem-feeding bark beetles Die oekologische Bedeutung von Blaeuepilzen fuer rindenbruetende Borenkaefer

Zadravec, A.; Winding, N., 1998:
The ecological significance of farmland structures in the Hohe Tauern National Park fences and huts as habitats for vertebrates Die okologische Bedeutung von Kulturlandschaftsbauten im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Zaune und Hutten als Lebensraume fur Wirbeltiere

Mauch, Erik., 1990:
The ecological state of the river Alb in the urban area of Karlsruhe and the consequences of introducing thermal pollution and sewage Der okologische Zustand der Alb im Stadtgebiet von Karlsruhe und die Auswirkungen der Einleitung von Kuhlwasser und Abwasser

Pinilla, L.; Alonso, M., 2001:
The ecological status of the River Ebro El estado ecologico del Rio Ebro

Bergleiter, Stefan., 1999:
The ecological structure of a Central Amazonian fish community Ethological and morphological data on resource partitioning Zur okologischen Struktur einer zentralamazonischen Fischzonose Ethologische und morphologische Befunde zur Ressourcenteilung

Mingozzi, Toni., 1991:
The ecological value of the Piedmonts alpine protected areas Italy, NW preliminary remarks for an analysis referred to bird coenoses Il valore ecologico delle aree alpine protette della regione Piemonte premesse per unanalisi basata sullo studio delle ornitocenosi

Karimova, GA.; Atakishiyeva, Y.Yu., 1976:
The ecological-faunistic characteristics of the nematodes of weed-infested vegetable crops in Apsheron

Lindeboom, HJ.; Bergman, MJN. de Gee, A., 1996:
The ecologically least vulnerable locations for exploratory drillings in the Wadden Sea and North Sea coastal area Ecologisch minst kwetsbare locaties voor exploratieboringen in de Waddenzee en Noordzee kustzone

Dubitzkii, A.M. ., 1969:
The ecologo-faunistic connection between blood-sucking mosquitoes and disease transmission in Kazakhstan

Konig, Claus., 1999:
The ecology and acoustic inventory of the buff-fronted owl Aegolius harrisii Cassin 1849 in northern Argentina Zur Okologie und zum Lautinventar des Blassstirnkauzes Aegolius harrisii Cassin 1849 in Nordargentinien

Wagner, Wolfgang., 2001:
The ecology and distribution of Eilema lutarella Lep Arctiidae on the eastern Swabian Jura Zu Oekologie und Verbreitung des Dunkelstirnigen Flechtenbaerchens Eilema lutarella Linnaeus, 1758 auf der Schwaebischen Ostalb Lepidoptera Arctiidae

Engstrom, Henri., 1998:
The ecology and effects of the great cormorant on fish and fishing Mellanskarvens ekologi och effekter pa fisk och fiske Sammanstallning av nuvarande kunskap om mellanskarven Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis

Gramentz, Dieter., 2001:
The ecology and ethology of Kinixys erosa Schweigger, 1812 in Gabon Zur Oekologie und Ethologie von Kinixys erosa Schweigger, 1812 in Gabun

Pianka, Eric R., 2005 :
The ecology and natural history of the dwarf bearded dragon Pogona minor in the Great Victoria Desert Australia Zur Oekologie und Naturgeschichte der Zwergbartagame Pogona minor in der Great Victoria Desert Australien

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The ecology and population modelling of Oncorhynchus gorbuscha around the Kuril Islands

Klemetti, T.; Wahlberg, N., 1997:
The ecology and population structure of the marsh fritillary Euphydryas aurinia in Finland Punakeltaverkkoperhosen Euphydryas aurinia ekologia ja populaatiorakenne Suomessa

Bekman, M., 1961:
The ecology and productivity of Micruropus possalskii Sow and Gmelinoides fasciatus Stebb

Mukhtarov, R.D., 1964:
The ecology and spread of the racoon in the Bosrandyk mountains

Salminen, J.; Wahlberg, N., 1998:
The ecology and taxonomic status of the northern subspecies of the heath fritillary Mellicta athalia norvegica Ratamoverkkoperhosen pohjoisen alalajin Mellicta athalia norvegica elintavat ja taksonominen asema

Esterbauer, Hans., 2005:
The ecology and terrarium care of the eastern lacertid Lacerta media israelica Peters, 1964 Zur Oekologie und Terrarienhaltung der Oestlichen Riesensmaragdeidechse, Lacerta media israelica Peters, 1964

Makkaveeva, E.B.; Neyphert, A.V., 1970:
The ecology of Anisopoda in the Black Sea

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The ecology of Caudata ontogenesis and the problem of coexistence between closely-related species

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The ecology of Citellus pigmaeus

Kydyrbaev, KhK., 1974:
The ecology of Citellus relictus in the Tersk Alatau

Negrea, S.; Negrea, A., 1975:
The ecology of Cladocera and Gastropoda populations in the Danube flood zone

Bajer, A.; Bednarska, M.; Sinski, E., 2001:
The ecology of Cryptosporidium parvum infection in small rodent populations Srodowiskowe uwarunkowania zarazen Cryptosporidium parvum w populacjach drobnych gryzoni

Saiz, F.; Giambruno, A.; Jelves, P., 2003:
The ecology of Ctenarytaina eucalypti Maskell, 1890 Hemiptera, Psyllidae, a pest of Eucalyptus globulus Labill in central Chile Ecologia de Ctenarytaina eucalypti Maskell, 1890 Hemiptera, Psyllidae, plaga de Eucalyptus globulus Labill en Chile Central

Salvidio, Sebastiano., 1996:
The ecology of European plethodontids researches on the cave salamander Speleomantes ambrosii Lecologia dei pletodontidi europei stato delle ricerche sul geotritone Speleomantes ambrosii

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The ecology of Geochelidon nilotica Gmelin in South Turkmenistan

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The ecology of Ixodes trianguliceps Bir in Moldavia

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The ecology of Lasiopodomys mandarinus Rodentia, Cricetidae in the Transbaikal area

Hammami, H.; Ayadi, A., 1999:
The ecology of Lymnaea truncatula Muller, intermediate host of Fasciola hepatica Linne in the Tozeurs microclimate Tunisia Ecologie de Lymnaea truncatula Muller, hote intermediaire de Fasciola hepatica Linne dans le microclimat de Tozeur sud-ouest de la Tunisie

Alvarez del Hierro, D.R.; Cave, R.D., 1999:
The ecology of Metamasius quadrilineatus Coleoptera Curculionidae and Admontia sp Diptera Tachinidae in three montane forests of Honduras Ecologia de Metamasius quadrilineatus Coleoptera Curculionidae y Admontia sp Diptera Tachinidae en tres bosques montanos de Honduras

Adamyan, MS.; Adamyan, MS., 1975:
The ecology of Muscicapa albicollis semitorquata

Alekperov, AM.; Sharifov, FG., 1975:
The ecology of Raddes viper Vipera xanthina Gray and its maintenance in laboratory conditions

Iskakova, KI., 1973:
The ecology of Rana ridibunda in south east Kazakhstan

Saarinen, Pekka., 1995:
The ecology of Scolitantides orion Lepidoptera Lycaenidae in a metapopulation in southern Finland 1991-92 Kalliosinisiiven Scolitantides orion ekologia ja esiintyminen Lohjalla vuosina 1991-92

Telegin, V.I., 1964:
The ecology of Sicista betulina

Prenda Marin, Jose., 1995:
The ecology of a Mediterranean stream the Guadalete River Ecologia del rio Guadalete

Harper, DM., 1990:
The ecology of a lowland sandstone river the River Perry, Shropshire

Lencioni, V.; Maiolini, B., 2002:
The ecology of an alpine aquatic ecosystem Mare valley, Stelvio National Park Lecologia di un ecosistema acquatico alpino Val de la Mare, Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio

Castano-Meneses, Gabriela., 2001:
The ecology of ants in cavernicolous environments El papel ecologico de las hormigas en ambientes cavernicolas

Verhulst, Jos., 2002:
The ecology of brackish regions On the border between freshwater and saline habitats De ecologie van brakwatergebieden Op het grensvlak van zoet en zout

Settele, J.; Reinhardt, R., 2000:
The ecology of butterflies in Germany bases and conservation aspects Oekologie der Tagfalter Deutschlands Grundlagen und Schutzaspekte

Treer, T., 1990:
The ecology of copepod Calanipeda acquae-dulcis in Vransko Lake, Yugoslavia

Pedersen, ET., 1977:
The ecology of crossbills

Ismagilov, M.I., 1954:
The ecology of dzeren in Barse-Kelmes Island

Ljungstrom, P.O., 1964:
The ecology of earthworms in the Stockholm area

Paugy, Didier., 1996:
The ecology of fishes in a temporary tropical stream Baoule, a tributary of the upper Senegal R in Mali environmental and diet adaptation Ecologie des poissons tropicaux dun cours deau temporaire Baoule, haut bassin du Senegal au Mali adaptation au milieu et plasticite du regime alimentaire

Smith, G., 1990:
The ecology of free-living stages a reappraisal

Uzenbaev, SD., 1987:
The ecology of predatory arthropods of a mesotrophic swamp

Osipova, V.B., 1977:
The ecology of reproduction in Cyprinus carpio in the Cheremshansk Straits

Idris, ABH., 1990:
The ecology of roe deer Capreolus capreolus L inhabiting farmland in north-east Scotland

Shaposhnikov, F.D. ., 1960:
The ecology of sable in north-eastern Altai

Degerman, E.; Nyberg, P.; Sers, B., 2001:
The ecology of sea-run brown troutn Havsoringens ekologi

Mikhailov, A.E., 1969:
The ecology of some Chironornidae larvae in Pskov lake