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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38761

Chapter 38761 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thomas, H.; Seveau, A.; Hassanin, A., 2001:
The enigmatic new Indochinese bovid, Pseudonovibos spiralis an extraordinary forgery Lenigmatique bovide indochinois, Pseudonovibos spiralis une extraordinaire imposture

Rein, S.; Ockert, W., 2000:
The enodis-/posseckeri-zone in the Upper Muschelkalk of Thuringia - formation and fossil presentation Die enodis-/posseckeri-Zone im Oberen Muschelkalk Thueringens - Ausbildung und Fossilfuehrung

Suchomel, J., 2000:
The entative results of biological regulation in Microtus arvalis by some species of Falconiformes and Strigiformes in Prostejov area Predbezne vysledky pokusu biologickeho potlacovani hrabose polniho Microtus arvalis nekterymi zastupci radu dravci Falconiformes a sovy Strigiformes v okrese Prostejov

Delplanque, A.; Augustin, S., 2001:
The entomocoenosis of poplars Lentomocenose liee aux peupliers

Krivosheina, NP.; Panov, AA., 1993:
The entomocomplexes of the riparian woodlands of the desert zone

Roig-Junent, S.; Claver, S., 1999:
The entomofauna from the monte and its conservation in natural protected areas La entomofauna del monte y su conservacion en las areas naturales protegidas

Damerdji, A.; Adjlani, M., 2000:
The entomofauna of Diss Ampelodesma mauritanicum, Graminaceae Inventory and bioecological overview of the Tlemcen region Entomofaune du Diss Ampelodesma mauritanicum, graminees Inventaire et apercu bioecologique dans la region de Tlemcen

Coelln, K., 2004:
The entomofauna of Goennersdorf A contribution to the knowledge on the biodiversity in the Eifel villages Die Entomofauna von Goennersdorf Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Biodiversitaet in den Eifeldoerfern

Perez-Garcia, A., 1997:
The entomofauna of Jalisco Coleoptera Chrysina erubescens Bates, 1889 Entomofauna de Jalisco Coleoptera Chrysina erubescens Bates, 1889

Degrange, C.; Martinot, J.-Pierre., 1996:
The entomofauna of Lac du Lait 2 180 m, Vanoise national park second part Entomofaune du Lac du Lait 2 180 m, parc national de la Vanoise seconde partie

Petit Quenivet, D.; Vincent, T., 2004:
The entomofauna of Lezarde Seine-Maritime, France Reflections on the entomological population of the river and the causes of degradation of the aquatic environment Lentomofaune de la Lezarde Seine-Maritime, France Reflexions sur le peuplement entomologique de la riviere et sur les causes de degradation du milieu aquatique

Docavo Alberti, I.; Aguilella Palasi, A.; Baixeras Almela, J.; Gonzalez Funes, P.; Jimenez Peydro, R.; Michelena Saval, J.; Oltra Moscardo, M.T.resa.; Pardo Pascual, J.; Ribes, J.; Saiz Ribera, J.; Sendra Mocholi, A.; Tormos Ferrando, J., 1987:
The entomofauna of Monte de Porta-Coeli La entomofauna del Monte de Porta-Coeli

Leclercq, Marcel., 1997:
The entomofauna of a wild boar cadaver A propos de lentomofaune dun cadavre de sanglier

Carbonnel, JP., 1998:
The entomofauna of an ancient site Nea Paphos Cyprus Lentomofaune dun site antique Nea Paphos Chypre

Chiang Lok, M.L.; Shagarodsky, T.; Cruz, B., 1999:
The entomofauna of chickpea Cicer arietinum in Cuba La entomofauna del garbanzo Cicer arietinum en Cuba

Robiche, Gerard., 2002:
The entomofauna of dead termitaries of Macrotermes description of a new species belonging to the kind Achrostus Fairmaire, 1891 Lentomofaune des termitieres mortes de Macrotermes description dune nouvelle espece appartenant au genre Achrostus Fairmaire, 1891 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Robiche, Gerard., 2002:
The entomofauna of dead termitaries of Macrotermes description of four new species of Achrostus from West-Africa Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Lentomofaune des termitieres mortes de Macrotermes description de quatre nouveaux Achrostus n spp dAfrique occidentale Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Coutin, Remi., 1998:
The entomofauna of gorse, laburnum and broom Entomofaune des ajoncs, des cytises et des genets

Antziferova, TA., 1972:
The entomofauna of the agrobiocoenosis of grain cultivations and its changes under the effect of additionally sown nectar plants

Carbonnel, JP., 1999:
The entomofauna of the black-fruited elder Sambucus nigra as a new bioindicator? L entomofaune du sureau Sambucus nigra, un nouveau bio-indicateur?

Robiche, Gerard., 2006:
The entomofauna of the dead termitaries of Macrotermes description of two new species belonging to the genus Achrostus Fairmaire, 1891 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae Lentomofaune des termitieres mortes de Macrotermes description de deux nouvelles especes appartenant au genre Achrostus Fairmaire, 1891 Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae

Desmeules, Melanie., 2006:
The entomological and taxonomic contribution of the abbot Leon Provancher La contribution entomologique et taxinomique de labbe Leon Provancher

D.Santis, Luis., 1996:
The entomological collection of Carlos Schrottky La coleccion entomologica de Carlos Schrottky

Reyes, E.E.; Hidalgo-Gato, M.M., 2004:
The entomological collection of Fermin Zanon Cervera, Ecology Systematics Institute, La Habana city, Cuba La collecion entomologica de Fermin Zanon Cervera, Instituto de Ecologia y Sistematica, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

da Silva, Rogerio Rosa., 1998:
The entomological collection of the Fritz Plaumann Museum A colecao entomologica do Museu Fritz Plaumann

Izquierdo, I.; Martin, C.; Paris, M.; Santos, C., 1998:
The entomological collection of the Spanish Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales of Madrid CSIC La coleccion de entomologia del Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales CSIC

Iwan, D.; Slipinski, S.; Adam.; Winiarska, G., 1996:
The entomological collections in the Museum and Institute of Zoology of Polish Academy of Sciences Kolekcje entomologiczne w zbiorach Muzeum i Instytutu Zoologii Polskiej Akademii Nauk

Llorente-Bousquets, J.E.rique.; Castro-Gerardino, D.J.mena., 2002:
The entomological collections kept at Latin American taxonomic institutions towards strategies for inventorying biodiversity? Colecciones entomologicas en institutiones taxonomicas de Iberoamerica Hacia estrategias para el inventario de la biodiversidad?

Tiberghien, G., 2004:
The entomological collections of Bayonne Natural History Museum Attempt at a revision and inventory 9th note Largente finds 1 Coleoptera Cerambycidae Les collections entomologiques du Museum dHistoire Naturelle de Bayonne Essai de revision et dinventaire 9eme note Fonds Largente 1 Coleopteres Cerambycides

Tiberghien, Gerard., 2002:
The entomological collections of Natural History Museum of Bayonne Revision and inventory attempt 7th note Hymenoptera Symphyta Les collections entomologiques du Museum dHistoire Naturelle de Bayonne Essai de revision et dinventaire 7eme note Hymenopteres Symphytes

Eckloff, W.; Kempas, K.; Ziegler, W., 1999:
The entomological collections of the Museum for Nature and Environment Die entomologischen Sammlungen im Museum fur Natur und Umwelt

Chevin, H.; Tiberghien, G., 1999:
The entomological collections of the Rennes-Beaulieu Science Faculty Analytical and annotated catalogue 4 Collections of E Herve 1, Hymenoptera Symphyta Les collections entomologiques de la Faculte des Sciences de Rennes-Beaulieu Catalogue raisonne et commente 4 Fonds E Herve 1, Hymenoptera Symphyta

Hevers, Juergen., 2006:
The entomological collections of the Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum in Braunschweig Germany Die entomologischen Sammlungen des Staatlichen Naturhistorischen Museums in Braunschweig

Camousseight, A., 2005:
The entomological contribution of RA Philippi between 1859 and 1875 with current status of its species La contribucion entomologica de RA Philippi entre 1859 y 1875 y el estado actual de sus especies

Koch, F.; Deckert, J.; Uhlig, M., 1995:
The entomological expeditions of the Museum of Natural History Berlin to Africa from 1992 to 1995 as a basis for the project Biodiversity of Insects in the Afrotropical Region Die entomologischen Afrika-Expeditionen des Museums fur Naturkunde Berlin von 1992 bis 1995 als Grundlage fur das Forschungsprojekt Zur Biodiversitat von Insekten in der afrotropischen Region

Monserrat, V.J.; Gamarra, P., 1995:
The entomological fauna from houses of Madrid 1 Method and general results La fauna entomologica de las viviendas de Madrid 1 Metodo y resultados generales

Coutin, Remi., 2004:
The entomological fauna of Allium Faune entomologique des Allium

Maes, Jean-Michel., 1998:
The entomological fauna of Bosawas nature reserve, Nicaragua 16 Copaxa lavendera Westwood Lepidoptera Saturniidae new to the fauna of Nicaragua Fauna entomologica de la Reserva Natural Bosawas, Nicaragua 16 Copaxa lavendera Westwood Lepidoptera Saturniidae nuevo para la fauna de Nicaragua

Coutin, Remi., 2002:
The entomological fauna of spindle trees Faune entomologique des fusains

Maes, Jean-Michel., 1998:
The entomological fauna of the Bosawas Nature Reserve, Nicaragua 15 Xylophanes belti Druce Lepidoptera Sphingidae new to the fauna of Nicaragua Fauna entomologica de la Reserva Natural Bosawas, Nicaragua 15 Xylophanes belti Druce Lepidoptera Sphingidae nuevo para la fauna de Nicaragua

Garrido Gonzalez, J.; Sainz-Cantero, C.-Elisa.; Diaz Pazos, J.A., 1996:
The entomological fauna of the Donana National Park Huelva, Spain 1 Coleoptera, Polyphaga Fauna entomologica del Parque Nacional de Donana Huelva, Espana 1 Coleoptera, Polyphaga

Coutin, Remi., 2005:
The entomological fauna of the chestnut tree La Faune entomologique du chataignier

Anonymous., 2002:
The entomological fauna of wetland areas continued La faune entomologique des milieux humides suite

Spronck, Rene., 2001:
The entomological fauna of wetland areas - Noctuidae mainly species of the Belgian fauna La faune entomologique des milieux humides - Noctuidae principalement les especes de la faune belge

Leraut, Patrice., 2003:
The entomological guide Le guide entomologique

Petit, Jacques., 1996:
The entomological interest of a fallow at Lanaye, at the foot of Saint-Pierre mountain Liege province, Belgium Sur linteret entomologique dune friche situee a Lanaye, au pied de la montagne Saint-Pierre province de Liege, Belgique

Petit, Jacques., 1999:
The entomological interest of the Belgian Nature and Ornithological Reserves of Heyoule, at Eben-Emael Liege province, Belgium Interet entomologique de la Reserve RNOB de Heyoule, a Eben-Emael province de Liege, Belgique

Troukens, W., 1976:
The entomological season 1975 on the west side of Brussels

Goffredo, M., 2004 :
The entomological surveillance of bluetongue in Italy La sorveglianza entomologica della bluetongue in Italia

Manil, Luc ., 2004:
The entomological year of 2003 in France Lannee entomologique 2003 en France

Manil, Luc., 2005:
The entomological year of 2004 in France Lannee entomologique 2004 en France

Alba-Tercedor, Javier., 1994:
The entomologist and the problems of the degradation of aquatic systems El entomologo y los problemas de degradacion de los sistemas acuaticos

Deckert, J., 2002:
The entomology collections of Berlin Natural History Museum - origins and reference for insect monitoring Die entomologischen Sammlungen des Museums fuer Naturkunde Berlin - Quelle und Referenz fuer Insekten-Monitoring

Fischer, Peter., 1996:
The entomoparasitic nematode species Steinernema feltiae Nematoda Steinernematidae as a mortality factor of the spruce webworm Cephalcia abietis Hymenoptera Pamphiliidae Die entomoparasitische Fadenwurm-Art Steinernema feltiae Nematoda Steinernematidae als -Mortalitatsfaktor der grossen Fichtengespinstblattwespe Cephalcia abietis Hymenoptera Pamphiliidae

Zimmermann, Gisbert., 1998:
The entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria brongniartii Sacc Petch and experiences in its use for biological control of the European field and forest cockchafer Der entomopathogene Pilz Beauveria brongniartii Sacc Petch und Erfahrungen bei seinem Einsatz zur biologischen Bekampfung von Feld- und Waldmaikafer

Chukanova, L.N., 1970:
The entomophages of the frit fly

Bucsa, C., 2004:
The entomophagous, saprofagous and parasite coleopterans associated to the xilophagous coleopterans of the Dumbrava Sibiului Natural Park Coleoptere entomofage, saprofage si parazite asociate coleopterelor xilofage din Parcul Natural Padurea Dumbrava Sibiului

Kurbanov, GG.; Kullev, GA., 1972:
The entomophags of Pectinophora malvella Hb in Nakhichevan ASSR

da Conceicao, E.S.; Delabie, J.H. de O.; Costa Neto, A., 2004:
The entomophily of the coconut tree in question the evaluation of pollen transportation by ants Hymenoptera Formicidae and bees Hymenoptera Apoidea in inflorescence A entomofilia do coqueiro em questdo avahaqdo do transporte de pollen por formigas e abelhas nas Inflorescencias

Webb, J., 1990:
The entry and movements of spawning fish in relation to water flow in the Girnock Burn, a tributary of the Aberdeenshire Dee

Bombace, Giovanni., 1995:
The environment, fishing and marine resources Ambiente, pesca e risorse marine

Takeda, K., 1990:
The environmental condition of ponds for wintering ducks in the central Kinki District in Japan

Borja, A., 2002:
The environmental impact of aquaculture, and its sustainability Los impactos ambientales de la acuicultura y la sostenibilidad de esta actividad

Ruiz Sanchez, F.Javier, 2005:
The environmental legislation and paleontological heritage protection in the Valencian community Spain La legislacion de medio ambiente y la proteccion del patrimonio paleontologico en la comunidad Valenciana Espana

Szito, Andras., 1998:
The environmental stage in the backwater of the River Tisza by the macrozoobentos near Cibakhaza A Cibakhaza Holt-Tisza kornyezeti allapota az uledekfauna alapjan

Zoltowska, K.; Lopienska, E.; Rokicki, J.; Dmitryjuk, M., 2001:
The enzymes of carbohydrates metabolism from Cysttidicola farionis Cystidicolidae Enzymy katabolizmu weglowodanow z Cysttidicola farionis Cystidicolidae

Arnal, I.; Calvet, F.; Marquez, L.; Marquez-Aliaga, A.; Sole de Porta, N., 2002:
The epeiric carbonate plataform Imon and Isabena Formations of the Upper Triassic from the Northeastern Iberina Peninsula La plataforma carbonatada epeirica Formaciones Imon e Isabena del Triasico superior del Noreste de la Peninsula Iberica

Moog, O.; Romer, A., 1999:
The ephemeropteran community as a long-term indicator for river restauration Die Eintagsfliegenfauna als Langzeit-Indikator von Fluss-Revitalisierungen

McCafferty, WP.; Lugo-Ortiz, CR., 1996:
The ephemeropterans Ephemeroptera of Central America Los efemeropteros Ephemeroptera de America Central

Trancischetti, C.N.; Salles, F.F.; Nessimian, J.L., 2004:
The ephemeropterofauna Insecta Ephemeroptera of the inferior ritral portion of the Campo Belo river, Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro state composition and microdistribuition A efemeropterofauna Insecta Emphemeroptera do trecho ritral inferior do Rio Campo Belo, Itatiaia, RJ composicao e mesodistribuicao

Parapar, J.; Ramil, F., 1996:
The epibiont fauna and flora of sertulariids Cnidaria; Hydrozoa from Galicia NW Iberian Peninsula Flora y fauna epibionte sobre los sertularidos Cnidaria; Hydrozoa de Galicia NW Peninsula iberica

Tchapurskaya-Bajenova, N.A.; Leitman, M.Z.; Fialkovskaya, L.P., 1936:
The epidemiology of balantidiasis, morphological and biological comparison of Balantidium coli and Balantidium suis

Malt, S.; Perner, J., 2002:
The epigaeic arthropod fauna of agriculturally used sites on the Unstrut flood-plain region Thuringia Part 1 Spiders and harvestmen Arachnida Araneae et Opiliones Zur epigaeischen Arthropodenfauna von landwirtschaftlichen Nutzflaechen der Unstrutaue im Thueringer Becken Teil 1 Webspinnen und Weberknechte Arachnida Araneae et Opiliones

Perner, J.; Malt, S., 2002:
The epigaeic arthropod fauna of agriculturally used sites on the Unstrut flood-plain region Thuringia Part 2 Beetles Insecta Coleoptera Zur epigaeischen Arthropodenfauna von landwirtschaftlichen Nutzflaechen der Unstrutaue im Thueringer Becken Teil 2 Kaefer Insecta Coleoptera

Blandenier, Gilles., 1996:
The epigean spider populations Arachnida, Araneae of a transition zone between high marsh land and pasture at Burtigniere Vaud Jura, Switzerland Les peuplements daraignees epigees Arachnida, Araneae dune zone de transition entre haut-marais et paturage aux sagnes de la Burtigniere Jura vaudois, Suisse

Pietsch, T.; Unruh, M.; Breinl, K., 2002:
The epigeic arthropod fauna of Grubengelaende Nordfeld Jaucha reserve and its surroundings Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae and Cicindelidae; Arachnida Araneae and Opiliones Die epigaische Arthropodenfauna des Naturschutzgebietes Grubengelaende Nordfeld Jaucha und seiner Umgebung Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae et Cicindelidae; Arachnida Araneae et Opiliones

Baumann, Thomas., 1997:
The epigeic opilionid fauna Arachnida Opiliones of the sandy area near Haid Forchheim district Die epigaische Weberknechtfauna Arachnida Opiliones des Sandgebietes bei Haid Landkreis Forchheim

Navas, G.R.; Moreno-Forero, S.K.; Solano, O.D.; Diaz-Pulido, G., 1998:
The epilithic reef assemblages of the coral Acropora palmata Muerto, Isla Grande, Rosario islands, Columbian Caribbean Ensamblajes arrecifales epiliticos del coral Acropora palmata Muerto, Isla Grande, Islas del Rosario, Caribe Colombiano

Montanes, M.; Angeles; Reyes, J.; Sanson, M., 2003:
The epiphytic community on Zonaria tournefortii at the north of Tenerife Canary Islands floristic analysis and comments on its epifauna La comunidad de epifitos de Zonaria tournefortii en el norte de Tenerife islas Canarias analisis floristico y comentarios sobre su epifauna

Iasi, IV.; Tkatch, MT., 1972:
The epizoology of microsporidiosis in a population of Hydraecia micacea Esp Noctuidae

Safonov, NN., 1972:
The epizootology of ligulidosis in fish of the Tsimlyansk Reservoir

Franzen, Jens Lorenz., 1995:
The equoids of the European Middle Eocene Geiseltalian Die Equoidea des europaischen Mitteleozans Geiseltalium

Stohn, Helmut., 1995:
The erection and installation of an artificial nest base for birds of prey Errichtung und Anbringung kunstlicher Horstunterlagen fur Greifvogel

Vincent, T., 2004:
The eri silkmoth Samia cynthia Drury, 1773 in France its introduction in Normandy and its presence in Le Havre Le Bombyx de lAilante Smia cynthia Drury, 1773 en France son introduction en Normandie et sa presence au Havre

Soika, G.; Labanowski, G., 1999:
The eriophyoid mites causing galls and deformations on ornamental plants Szpeciele - sprawcy wyrosli i znieksztalcen na roslinach ozdobnych

Lisitzina, N.A., 1955:
The erosion of sediments in Devonian and Carboniferous of the North-Western Kazakhstan, Russia

Flechtner, G., 2004:
The erotylid beetles Triplax lepida Faldermann, 1835 and T rufipes Fabricius, 1775 in Hesse - indicators for changed environmental conditions? Coleoptera Erotylidae Die Pilzkaefer Triplax lepida Faldermann, 1835 Und T rufipes Fabricius, 1775 in Hessen - Indikatoren fuer geaenderte Umweltbedingungen? Coleoptera Erotylidae

Dubinin, N.P., 1955:
The errors occurring in the problem of the origin of species

Werneburg, Ralf., 1997:
The eryopid Onchiodon Amphibia from the Rotliegend of the Autun Basin France Der Eryopide Onchiodon Amphibia aus dem Rotliegend des Beckens von Autun Frankreich

Roskin, G.I., 1954:
The erythro-cytes of man and mammals

Singh, LAK.; Sagar, SR., 1990:
The escape and capture of a mugger crocodile Crocodylus palustris at Ramatirtha, Orissa

Upton, B., 1953:
The escape from the cocoon of Scoloplos armiger

Lipparini, G.; Negra, O., 2004:
The escape of African snails The uncontrollable expansion of terrestrial molluscs, senselessly exported from their original distribution area Mamma mia sono scappate le acatine Lincontrollabile espansione dei Molluschi terrestri, dissennatamente esportati al di fuori del loro areale originario

Belles, Xavier., 2004:
The essay of Emil G Racovitza - a hundred years perspective Lessai dEmil G Racovitza a cent anys de distancia

Valemburg, J., 2002:
The essential role of insects in the biosphere on human phylogeny - impovrishment of biodiversity, major pollution and protection of habitats - related legislation Information and protection of Carabus auratus ssp honnoratii natio fabrei ab ventouxensis Sur le role essentiel des insectes dans la biosphere sur la phylogenie humaine - sur lappauvrissement de la biodiversite et les pollutions majeures sur la protection des habitats - la legislation afferente Connaissance et protection du Ca

Valemberg, J., 2002:
The essential role of insects in the biosphere Human phylogeny - impoverishment of biodiversity and major pollution Information on protection of habitats - related legislation Information on and protection of Carabus auratus ssp honnoratii natio fabrei ab ventouxensis Sur le role essentiel des insectes dans la biosphere Sur la phylogenie humaine Sur lappauvrissement de la biodiversite et les pollutions majeures Sur la protection des habitats - la legislation afferente Connaissance e

Valemberg, J., 2002:
The essential role of insects in the biosphere Human phylogeny Impoverishment of biodiversity and major pollution Information on protection of habitats - related legislation Information on and protection of Carabus auratus ssp honnoratii natio fabrei ab ventouxensis Sur le role essentiel des insectes dans la biosphere Sur la phylogenie humaine Sur lappauvrissement de la biodiversite et les pollutions majeures Sur la protection des habitats - la legislation afferente Connaissances e

Valemberg, J., 2002:
The essential role of insects in the biosphere Human phylogeny The impoverishment of biodiversity and major pollution Protection of habitats - related legislation Information on and protection of Carabus auratus ssp honnoratii natio fabrei ab ventouxensis Sur le role essentiel des insectes dans la biosphere Sur la phylogenie humaine- Sur lappauvrissement de la biodiversite et les pollutions majeures Sur la protection des habitats - la legislation afferente Connaissance et protectio

Boldogh, S.; Kovacs, A.; Szabo, B., 2003:
The essential structural elements of conservation management plans for terrestrial vertebrate species Szarazfoldi gerincesek fajvedelmi kezelesi terveinek tartalmi elemei

Ottvall, R.; Raberg, L., 1998:
The establishment of Carduelis flammea cabaret in Scania Den sydliga grasiskans Carduelis flammea cabaret etablering i Skane - en sammanstallning av regionala rapportkommittens material

Csaba, S.; Gyorgy, C., 1997:
The establishment of Ph robiniella in Hungary A Phyllonorycter robiniella Clemens 1859 akaclevel aknazomoly megtelepedese Magyarorszagon

Wuestemann, O.; Eichler, U., 2002:
The establishment of ecological connectivity in the Zillier brook - a contribution to the application of the Harz species and biotope protection programme Die Schaffung der oekologischen Durchgaengigkeit im Zillierbach - ein Beitrag zur Umsetzung des Arten- und Biotopschutzprogramms Harz

Waitkuwait, W-E., 1990:
The establishment of the first major crocodile breeding center in West Africa

Pokorny, Josef., 1996:
The esteemed researcher and pedagogue Eduard Stedronsky on his 85th birthday Zaslouzily vyzkumnik a pedagog Eduard Stedronsky 85lety

Kamieniarz, Robert., 2001:
The estimate of distribution and population size of black grouse Tetrao tetrix in Poland in the 1990s and principles of active protection project Bewertung der Verbreitung und Bestandgroesse der Birkhuhnpopulation Tetrao tetrix in Polen in den 90er Jahren und Voraussetzungen fuer das aktive Schutzprogramm

Ogurlu, Idris., 1997 :
The estimation of a red deer population density based on pellet counts Bir geyik populasyonunda diski sayim metodu ile yogunluk tespiti

Heltai, M.; Kozak, L., 2004:
The estimation of density of badger sets in two lowland-areas A borz kotoreksurusegenek felmerese ket alfoldi teruleten

Wilkaniec, Z.; Wyrwa, F., 1994:
The estimation of solitary bee - Osmia rufa L Apoidea, Megachilidae flight efficiency in insulating investigations on apple tree Ocena efektywnosci oblotu jabloni przez pszczole samotnicza Osmia rufa L Apoidea, Megachilidae w badaniach izolatorowych

Hardy, D.F., 1970:
The estrous cycle of the female rat Rattusnorvegicus

Auger, C.; Verrel, J.-Louis., 1998:
The estuaries of France natural and artificial change Les estuaires francais Evolution naturelle et artificielle

Camargo, M.; Isaac, V., 2002:
The estuarine fish of northern Brazil list of species and considerations on their geographical distribution Os peixes estuarinos da regiao norte do Brasil lista de especies e consideracoes sobre sua distribuicao geografica

Dondi, G.; Marchini, A.; Sconfietti, R., 2004:
The estuary as ecotonal gradient the case of the Natissa River northern Adriatic Sea, Italy La foce fluviale come gradiente decotono lesempio del Fiume Natissa nel Nord-Adriatico

Luy, J., 2005:
The ethics of animal welfare and the idea of animal protection in German laws Tierschutzethik and ethischer Tierschutz

Brandstatter, Frank., 1997:
The ethnobiology of sand snakes Ethnobiologie von Sandrennattern

Costa-Neto, Eraldo Medeiros., 1999:
The ethnocategory insect and the Entomoprojective Ambivalence Hypothesis A etnocategoria inseto e a Hipotese da Ambivalencia Entomoprojetiva

Costa Neto, E.Medeiros, 2004:
The ethnoentomological knowledge of the spider wasp Hymenoptera, Pompilidae in the County of Pedra Branca, Bahia State, Brazil O conhecimento etnoentomologico do cavalo-do-cao Hymenoptera, Pompilidae no povoado de Pedra Branca, estado da Bahia

Costa Neto, E.M.deiros.; Wanderley Marques, J.G.raldo., 2000:
The ethnotaxonomy of the ichthyofaunistic resources by the fishermen from Siribinha community, northern of the state of Bahia, Brazil A etnotaxonomia de recursos ictiofaunisticos pelos pescadores da comunidade de Siribinha, norte do estado da Bahia, Brasil

Zhevnerov, VV., 1975:
The etiology and ecology of Gazella subgutturosa during the rut on the island of Barsa-Kelmes Aral Sea

Coman, I., 2003:
The etiology of cyathostominosis in horses from northern part of Timisoara Observatii asupra hidatidozei/echinococozei la vanat in zona Rupea, jud Brasov

Koerber, Stefan., 2001:
The etymology of Austrolebias alexandri Zur Etymologie von Austrolebias alexandri

Lescure, J.; L.G.rff, B., 2006:
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The evoluition of fauna and flora during 10 years on the shore habitat of the Tassenbach Power Station reservoir with special consideration of avifauna Die Entwicklung der Flora und Fauna seit 10 Jahren in der Uferlandschaft des Kraftwerkspeichers Tassenbach mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Avifauna

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The evolution of Cichlidae Levolution des Cichlides

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The evolution of Late Neogene mammal faunas from the central Paratethys and a correlation of the Pannonian biozones and the MN-zones Faunenwandel im Obermiozan und Korrelation der MN-Zonen mit den Biozonen des Pannons der Zentralen Paratethys

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The evolution of adaptation an historical and methodological investigation

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The evolution of an evolutionist Alfred Russel Wallace and the geography of life Levoluzione di un evoluzionista Alfred Russel Wallace e la geografia della vita

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The evolution of ant-plant mutualism some elements Evolution des mutualismes plantes-fourmis - quelques elements de reflexion

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The evolution of aposematism

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The evolution of butterflies A evolucao das borboletas

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The evolution of cleptoparasitism among closely related bees and digger wasps Die Evolution von Cleptoparasitismus zwischen nahverwandten Bienen- und Grabwespengruppen Hymenoptera Apoidea Sphecidae, Apiformes

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The evolution of diapause in the killifish family rivulidae atherinomorpha, cyprinodontiformes a molecular phylogenetic and biogeographic perspective

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