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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38762

Chapter 38762 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Woyciechowski, Michal., 1997:
The evolution of eusociality - mainly in haplodiploids Ewolucja ukladow eusocjalnych - glownie u haplodiploidow

Rivero, J.A.; Segui, D., 1996:
The evolution of frog toe pads Sobre la evolucion de los discos digitales de las ranas

Reguant i Serra, Salvador., 2006:
The evolution of historical knowledge on geological time periods Report given by the accepted academic Dr Salvador Reguant i Serra at the inaugural session of the year 2006-2007 held on 19th October 2006 Evolucio del coneixement dels temps geologis mes antics Memoria llegida per lacademic numerari Excm Sr Dr Salvador Reguant i Serra a la sessio inaugural del cus 2006-2007 celebrada el dia 19 doctubre de 2006

Ghilarov, M.S., 1966:
The evolution of insects transiting to passive dispersal and the feed-back principle in relation to phylogenetic development

Withalm, Gerhard., 2001:
The evolution of metapodials in the cave bear group Ursidae, Mammalia Die evolution der metapodien in der hoehlenbaeren-gruppe Ursidae, Mammalia

Cheverud, JM., 1990:
The evolution of morphological variation patterns

Kosolapova, LG.; Kovrov, BG., 1988:
The evolution of populations Individual mathematical modelling

Machado, V., 2005:
The evolution of resistance and transgenic plants A new phase of the arms race against insects? Evolucao da resistencia e plantas transgenicas uma nova fase da corrida ao armamento contra insetos?

Solari, Alberto J., 1997:
The evolution of sex chromosomes in mammals La evolucion de los cromosomas sexuales en los mamiferos

Vila, Emmanuelle., 2002:
The evolution of sheep in northern Mesopotamia from the fifth to the first millenium BC the facts and their causes Levolution de la taille du mouton dans le nord de la Mesopotamie du Ve au Ier millenaire avant J-C les faits et leus causes

Seegers, Lothar., 2004:
The evolution of soda cichlids in East Africa 3 The ecology and physiology of the genus Alcolapia Die Evolution der Sodacichliden in Ostafrika 3 Die Oekologie und Physiologie der Gattung Alcolapia

Seegers, Lothar., 2004:
The evolution of soda cichlids in East Africa 2 The species and forms of the Alcolapia-form group Die Evolution der Sodacichliden in Ostafrika 2 Die Arten und Formen des Alcolapia - Formenkreises

Seegers, Lothar., 2004:
The evolution of soda cichlids in east Africa 4 The species concept Die Evolution der Sodacichliden in Ostafrika 4 Der Artbegriff

Seegers, Lothar., 2004:
The evolution of soda cichlids in east Africa 5 The origins of Alcolapia species Die Evolution der Sodacichliden in Ostafrika 5 Die Entstehung der Alcolapia-Arten

Seegers, Lothar., 2004:
The evolution of soda cichlids in east Africa 6 Behaviour and breeding in the aquarium Die Evolution der Sodacichliden in Ostafrika 6 Verhalten und Nachzucht im Aquarium

Ingrisch, S., 1996:
The evolution of the Chorthippus biguttulus-group in the Alps Orthoptera, Acrididae Evolution der Chorthippus biguttulus-Gruppe in den Alpen Orthoptera, Acrididae

Trueman, A.E., 1919:
The evolution of the Liparoceralidae

Vianey-Liaud, Monique., 1998:
The evolution of the Theridomyinae Rodentia in the Lower Oligocene modalities and biochronological implications La radiation des Theridomyinae Rodentia a lOligocene inferieur modalites et implications biochronologiques

Lethiers, Francis., 1998:
The evolution of the biosphere and geological elements Evolution de la biosphere et evenements geologiques

Rozoy, J., 2003:
The evolution of the brain is still progressing Levolution du cerveau se poursuit

Pfeuffer, Eberhard., 1996:
The evolution of the butterfly fauna in Unteren Lech over 100 years Bestandsentwicklung der Tagfalterfauna am Unteren Lech seit 100 Jahren

Grasshoff, M.; Gudo, M., 1998:
The evolution of the coelenterates 2 Solitary and colonial polyps Die Evolution der Coelenteraten 2 Solitare und koloniale Polypen

Wuest, J., 2000:
The evolution of the comb in Hymenoptera Levolution du peigne chez les hymenopteres

Mamaev, B.M., 1968:
The evolution of the gall-forming insects-gall midges

Endel'man, L.G., 1963:
The evolution of the genus Conulus in the late Cretaceous epoch

Marinescu, B., 1998:
The evolution of the genus Melanopsis Ferussac during the Romanian Levolution du genre Melanopsis Ferussac pendant le Romanien

Bondaz, Federico., 2000:
The evolution of the situation about the Melolontha melolontha in Aosta Valley Evolution de la situation relative au Hanneton en Vallee dAoste

Rein, Siegfried., 2002:
The evolution of the soft body of the nautilids Zur Evolution des Weichkoerpers der Nautiliden

Genermont, Jean., 1995:
The evolution of the species concept, from Cuenot until today Levolution de la notion despece de Cuenot a nos jours

Wullimann, Mario F., 1997:
The evolution of the vertebrate brain Phylogenetic methods, brain structure and early development genes Die Evolution des Wirbeltiergehirns phylogenetische Methode, Gehirnbauplan und fruhe Entwicklungsgene

Tosini, Gianluca., 1999:
The evolution of the vertebrate circadian system Levoluzione del sistema circadiano nei vertebrati

Pecio, Anna., 2001:
The evolution of viviparity in fishes Pisces Ewolucja zyworodnosci wsrod ryb Pisces

Lazarevskaja, S.L., 1965:
The evolution-morphological analysis of the structure of Rhabditidae

Hladik, C.M.rcel; Pasquet, P., 2004:
The evolutionary background of primate taste perception Origine et evolution des perceptions gustatives chez les primates non humains et chez lhomme

Charlesworth, B., 1990:
The evolutionary genetics of adaptation

Ruiz, A.; Fontdevila, A.; Santos, M.; Seoane, M.; Torroja, E., 1986 :
The evolutionary history of drosophila buzzatii 8 evidence for endocyclic selection acting on the inversion polymorphism in a natural population

Vyas, DK.; Moritz, C.; Peccinini-Seale, D.; Wright, JW.; Brown, WM., 1990:
The evolutionary history of parthenogenetic cnemidophorus lemniscatus sauria tiidae 2 maternal origin and age inferred from mitochondrial dna analyses

Haas, Winfried., 1997:
The evolutionary history of the Decabrachia Cephalopoda, Coleoidea Der Ablauf der Entwicklungsgeschichte der Decabrachia Cephalopoda, Coleoidea

Krueger, Fritz J., 2004:
The evolutionary history of the echinoderms From the start of the Palaeozoic to the Permian event Die Stammesgeschichte der Seeigel Von der palaeozoischen Entfaltung bis zur permischen Krise

Gudo, M., 2004:
The evolutionary history of tunicates and the origin of their polymorphic generations Tunicata Die Evolutionsgeschichte der Tunikaten und die Entstehung des Generationswechsels Tunicata

Troisi, A.; Schino, G., 1998:
The evolutionary meaning of individual differences in primate behaviour variation in maternal style Il significato evolutivo delle differenze individuali nel comportamento dei primati la variabilita nello stile materno

Segarra, J.Gabriel, 2006:
The evolutionary paradox of the pink fauna La paradoja evolutiva de la fauna rosa

Gaudins, F., 1954:
The evolutionist Christian Heinrich Panders

Teshabaeya, H., 1968:
The examination of pathogenic quality of bacteria in the digestive tract of the turnip moth caterpillar

Gimenez, Pere Josep., 1999:
The example of management at the Sebes nature reserve - Flix L exemple de gestio a la reserva natural de Sebes - Flix

Sinel'shchikov, VA., 1974:
The exchange of ectoparasites in rodents and insectivorous mammals in the natural centre of tularemia infection of Intysh

Chibichenko, N.T., 1971:
The exchange of helminths between wild and domestic birds on some water reservoirs of Kirgizia

Krivobok, M.N.; Tarkovskaya, O., 1967:
The exchange of matter in male Volga-Caspian sturgeon and Caspian sturgeon

Kobelkowsky, A., 2005:
The excretory system of Astyanax fasciatus Teleostei Characidae El sistema excretor de Astyanax fasciatus Teleostei Characidae

Chitwood, B.G., 1930:
The excretory system of Rhabdias bufonis larvae of the parasitic generation

Reznik, G.K., 1963:
The excretory system of the sexually matureform of Fasciola hepatica L, 1758

Stronge, J.; Mannis, K.; Mansell, J., 1990:
The exhibit for gentoo penguins Pygoscelis papua at Belfast Zoo

Hammer, S.; Hammer, C.; Salzert, W., 2004:
The exhibit for prairie dogs at the NatureZoo Rheine Das Prariehundegehege im NaturZoo Rheine

Anonymous., 1994:
The exhibition catalogue for Nabokovs Butterflies, 26 November 1993-29 January 1994 Catalogue de lexposition Les Papillons de Nabokov, 26 novembre 1993-29 janvier 1994

Braun, Monika., 2000 :
The exhibition collections in Karlsruhe Natural History Museum Die Schausammlungen im Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe

Lanzinger, M.; Aspes, A., 2005:
The existence or non existence of scientific museums The eternal dilemma Lessere o il non essere dei musei scientifici Leterno dilemma

Vorontzov, N.N., 1956:
The existing numbers of Clethrionomys rutilus Pall